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5 Ways to Improve Marketing Performance with the Human Touch
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5 Ways to Improve Marketing Performance with the Human Touch


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • To tell you a little bit about Manticore Technology: Manticore Technology is an end-to-end marketing automation platform that enables companies to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Our platform includes functionality such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing pages, your email designer and web tracking capabilities enabling you to communicate with leads in a personal and effective way throughout their entire buying cycle. We serve SMB and Enterprise customers all over the world in a variety of industries. And I’m Emily Mayfield, Director of Marketing here at Manticore Technology,  and am responsible for all marketing initiatives. I’m also our marketing automation power user, and like to share my experience and best practices on marketing automation campaign execution, managing the marketing funnel and demand generation techniques so I can hopefully help other B2B marketers become more effective users of their platforms.
  • Winn Technology Group is a privately–held marketing solutions company headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. Exclusively providing marketing support to the technology industry since 1990, Winn has provided leading firms with B2B marketing solutions, conducting thousands of initiatives to:• Generate qualified leads and appointments,• Capture attendees for live events and webinars,• Nurture, cultivate, and qualify actionable leads,• Collect and analyze valuable business intelligence,• Build brand awareness and name recognition.Geoffrey Swallow, President Winn Technology Group. Geoff has over 32 years of experience in B2B marketing for the technology industry. Prior to founding Winn, Geoff held senior management positions with Focus Research Systems, Dun & Bradstreet, and DataQuest.
  • Em Slide…Before we delve into the 5 Ways the Human Touch can impact marketing performance. I wanted to touch on the buying process and why progression is so important. I’m sure many of you have seen this slide before from Ardath Albee’s eMarketingstratetgies for the Complex Sale. She uses it to discuss content but today I’m going to talk about it in relation to integrating human touchpoints into it.In a complex sale, the process is typically longer. But the buying dynamic has also shifted. In the past, marketing was mainly focused on lead gen and then handed leads to sales when they did anything. Downloading a white paper was cause to hand off to sales. Throwing your business card into a fish bowl at a trade show earned you a sales call as well. And then marketing would step out of the process. Then in recent years, there was a shift in thinking and with the rapid adoption of marketing automation and other marketing technology, the philosophy became, let marketing get leads 70% of the way thru the buying process before a sales reps ever gets on the phone or gets involved. That might be fine if the buying process was linear and worked exactly like this all the time. However, b2b marketing research firm DemandGen Report, 77% of buyers do not follow a traditional buying path. Meaning their online actions may not properly indicate where they are in the buying process. For that reason, once a prospect becomes a known lead, you should integrate human touch points into your lead-to-close process. So Sales should not just show up at the end of the process but rather be an integral part of the entire process. At the end of the day, people buy from people. Technology just helps facilitate it.
  • Em Slide….Marketing Automation allows you to communicate with your buyer more effectively based on the information you’ve collected through tracking their online activity, information gathered and reported on by your sales reps and their demographic characteristics that you’ve captured via a landing page or some other sources. It’s all about building relationships with your buyer online and enabling your sales rep to build a better relationship by offering them more insight into their leads interests and pain points.However, the way to get prospects attention is to address their pain points, and provide them with content that they find valuable at that time. Therefore, it’s important to have correct information about them and know where they are in the buying cycle so that you can use your marketing automation platform to nurture them appropriately. Your ability to do this will improve drastically if you have human touch integrated into that process.
  • The way to accomplish this through triggers. Marketing automation gives you the ability to let your sales reps or telemarketing team know when an action has been taken… this could be website activity, social sharing, a content download or the attendance of a virtual event. Regardless of where your lead is in the buying cycle, you will increase your overall effectiveness if you use these triggers as signals to integration the human touch. Statistics show that 90% of buyers want their sales person to be more of resource, so it doesn’t mean that your sales person should try and sell to them or control the buying process and move them along… this is building a relationship and it’s a discovery process. As we’re going to discuss today, just as marketing automation helps sales people have better conversations with their prospects, human touch points enables marketers to be more effective marketers and create content that resonates with buyers.
  • Decision makers / influencersIdentified Central vs. decentralized purchasing decisions competitive intelligence Solution in place – contract renewal datesOpt-in email databaseFiscal yearAdditionalLead opportunities outside of primary scope were also surfaced during
  • Transcript

    • 1. 5 Ways to Improve Marketing Performance
      With the Human Touch
      Marketing Automation and the Live Touch
      July 14, 2011
      Manticore Technology, Inc. Confidential – Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
    • 2. Agenda
      • Speaker Introduction & Company Overview
      • 3. B2B Buying Process
      • 4. The Role of Marketing Automation
      • 5. 5 Ways the Human Touch Improves Marketing Performance
      • 6. Summary
      • 7. Q&A
    • 8. Background
      Manticore Technology is an end-to-end marketing automation platform that enables companies to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time increasing marketing and sales effectiveness.
      Emily Mayfield
      Director of Marketing
      Manticore Technology
    • 9. Background
      Winn Technology Groups provides integrated demand generation services on a global scale. Since 1990, Winn has supported hundreds of technology firms with thousands of demand generation solutions.
      Geoff Swallow
      President & CEO
      Winn Technology Group
    • 10. B2B Buying Process
      Figure 5.1 from eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale
    • 11. Role of Marketing Automation
      Marketing Automation
    • 12. Live Touch /Marketing AutomationIntegration
      Collaborative Triggers
      Marketing Automation
      Lead Nurturing
      Suspect Nurturing
      Live Touch
    • 13. Live Touch
      The live touch plays key roles in the lead life cycle directly impacting marketing performance:
      Prospect Qualification
      Relationship Development
      Business Intelligence
      Ensuring Optimal Coverage
      Data Quality
      “Lead Nurturing can help convert 29% more leads.”
      “ Teleprospecting is a key pivot role that is often overlooked and misunderstood.”
      Sirius Decisions
    • 14. Live Touch – Prospect Qualification
    • 15. Qualification – Case1
      A Fortune 100 hardware and software vendor’s objective: Qualification of leads generated through their marketing automation system. 5000 prospects were initially targeted. 478 leads were provided to Winn for further qualification resulting from digital behavior.
      43 actionable leads were identified
      22 additional referrals generated during prospecting effort
      239 (50%) were identified as non-sales ready status
      196 (41%) were not resolved following multi-call round
      BI and relevant data impacting lead score for non-sales ready leads and unresolved prospects updated into MA for nurturing
    • 16. Live Touch - Relationship Build
    • 17. Relationship – Case1
      A leading software solution provider’s objective: Conduct synchronized lead qualification and call centric nurturing to leads generated through their marketing automation system. The following is a snapshot of progress after the first 5 months of the program.
      • 8800 prospectstargeted
      • 18. 158 actionable sales opportunities
      • 19. 429 active nurturing leads identified
      • 20. Daily feeds of Business Intelligence gained from live touch uploaded to MA system
      • 21. Sales feedback on identified opportunities in pipeline ($1.4 million)
    • 22. Relationship – Case2
      Leading email archive solution provider’s objective:
      Qualify and nurture leads driven through their marketing automation platform.
      The following represents a snapshot after 4 months:
      741 leads qualified via live touch
      256 (35%) actionable sales ready leads identified
      485 (65%) non-sales ready leads identified
      After 4 months, 24% of the non-actionable leads converted to sales ready leads through call centric nurturing program combined with Marketing Automation
    • 23. Live Touch - Business Intelligence
    • 24. Business Intelligence - Case
      Fortune 100 technology firm’s objective:
      In-depth profiling of 300 enterprise “strategic” accounts via
      data mapping and internet research. Conduct Demand generation program followed by a call centric lead nurturing initiative over 5 months.
      • 1600 business units (4,200 contacts) appended
      • 25. Business intelligence
      • 26. Initially, 33 qualified sales opportunities identified for core solution
      • 27. Additional actionable leads generated for other product lines
      • 28. 157 nurturing leads identified
      • 29. Within 5 months a 42% increase in actionable leads resulted from the call centric nurturing program
      • 30. $1.2 million dollars in sales pipeline
      • 31. All related BI integrated into client SFA and MA tool for integrated nurturing program
    • Live Touch - Optimal Reach
    • 32. Optimal Reach - Case
      Global technology firm objective: To develop named account program.
      Conducted demand generation / lead nurturing initiative to 525 target accounts. Integrated scoring model to measure suspect value and lead status.
      Enhanced business intelligence prior to campaign launch via data mapping and internet research. Launched demand generation initiative followed by 9 month lead nurturing program.
      Developed corporate profile intelligence prior to program launch which enhanced messaging, targeting and prospect stratification
      BI integrated into MA tool for on-going nurturing.
      Developed opt-in email database to 30% of targeted prospects
      Identification of 1600 related entities linked to target accounts
      Identified 19 actionable lead opportunities
      Identified 75 active nurturing leads
      Corporate relationship profiles assisted with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
    • 33. Live Touch – Data Quality
    • 34. Optimal Reach - Case
      Winn ran internal analysis on prospect database for email coverage and validity.
      We ran records through an advanced email verification software.
      Launched an email campaign promoting solution. Any hard / soft bounce backs were re-validated by phone. Click throughs and opens were updated to the MA tool. Winn drew a random sample of valid emails with no response / action for verification via phone.
      15% of emails (grey area) were no longer employed
      Not all of your target email data is active (especially with some third party providers)
    • 35. Integration Benefits
      “Focusing on new technologies and processes alone is not enough to overcome the challenge of producing quality leads.”
      Jonathon Block - Sirius Decisions
    • 36. Touch Integration
      No Plans
      White Paper
      Case Studies
      Web Hits
      Peer/Market Influence
      Peer/Market Influence
    • 37. Contact Information
      Geoffrey Swallow
      @ winntechnology 
      Emily Mayfield
    • 38. Q&A
      Please type your question in the Q&A section of the meeting window.
      (Found under “Tools” menu)