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  • 1. Print Form COMMA REFERENCE SHEET Rule #1 separates two independent clauses connected by coordinated conjunctions. Example Jim can usually pass the tests, but he failed the last on. Rule #2 Seperates elements in a list or a series. Example At baseball practice we ran, slid, and played catch. Rule #3 separate introductory phrases and clauses from the independent clause. Example In the year 1994, Kory Minner was born. Rule #4 separates the series of adjectives. Example The fluffy, white cat sat in the blue, fur covered chair. Rule #5 uses commas to set off an appositive. Example Fluffy, my cat, has very many fur balls. Rule #6 Use a comma when words or phrases interrupt the sentence, and they could be removed and the sentence still makes sense. Example We, too, had to go eat dinner. Rule #7 To set off non-essential which, who, whom, or that clauses. Example Mr. Rogers, who lives in the basement, is our butler. Rule #8 To set off or around quoted elements. Do not add a comma if the quote ends in a question mark or an exclamation point. Example She said, "Did you see the game last night." "Where should we go?" Jim asked. Rule #9 To separate city and state. Example We live in Union City, Pensylvania. Rule #10 Between date and year. Example I was born June 29, 1994. Rule #11 After a greeting or closing in a letter Example Dear Uncle Fred, we saw the Grand Canyon. When a dependent clause follows anMISUSE #1 Do not separate subject from the verb. MISUSE #3 independent clause. Do not separate verb or verb phrases in a Do not add a comma if the quote ends in aMISUSE #2 MISUSE #4 compound predicate. question mark or exclamation point.