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LR Collection 2009

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LR Collection 2009

  1. 1. COLLECTION www.L Rwor 2009
  4. 4. 4 OUR PRODUCT PROMISE • Quality „made in Germany“ Our products* are exclusively made in Germany. MADE IN • Innovation GERMANY Together with the scientific advisory board LR is always first in research and development • Certification More an more products are certified by independent institutions e.g. SGS INSTITUTE FRESENIUS, dermatest or the IASC. • Money back guarantee Order with no risk: money back guarantee for all products within 2 months! * Exception: Section for Make-up and Accessories
  5. 5. F R A GR AN C E | 06 Y O U N G STAR S | 36 M AKE- U P | 42 H AI R C AR E | 52 A N T I - A GE - C AR E | 56 R A CI N E AN D M O R E | 64 Dear LR Partner, In many countries in Europe we are the market leader and in those countries where we are not, we want to be the number 1. The basis of this success is the trust that you have in us. We are aware of this and will do everything to ensure that this is earned. FO O D S U PP L EM E N T | 70 It is in this context that our product assurance is particularly important. F U N C T I O NAL C AR E | 92 Our products are "Made in Germany" and comply with the highest quality standards. The large number of certificates from independent testing institutes ALO E VE R A | 102 is testimony to this. Always up to the current and setting trends, we invest in research and development. With the establishment of our new "scientific advisory board" we have more professional know-how available to us. The board will support us in product innovation, scientific analysis and clinical operations. C AR EE R | 128 We are sharing our combined success with those people who can't take their fortune by the hand. The LR Gobal Kids Fund started on 01.01.2009. With this fund we seek to help disadvantaged children in every LR country. For more information on this fund visit us under Yours sincerely, Dr. Jens M. Abend CEO Visit us on the internet under:
  6. 6. The fragrance entices memories of days past like time captured on a canvas, let your emotions come alive Women More information on our exclusive fragrances can be found on our website under www.LRworld.com4Stars
  7. 7. Intensive moment! CITRIC – FRESH Electrical, expressive, full of energy A liaison in an unknown place. The top note sprays the passions of full ripe YOU SAVE WITH SETS lemons and oranges. Slowly the Sarah Connor Perfume Set 3004 indulging bouquet of the white rose, All products (except EdT) in Set gardenia and ylang-ylang unfold in the heart note. The strong yet warm character of cedarwood, ambra and the sensual musk complete this unique composition. 01 | Perfume Shower Gel 200 ml 3002 02 | Perfume Body Lotion 200 ml 3003 03 | Perfume Deo Spray 100 ml 3001 04 | Eau de Toilette 30 ml 3005 02 03 01 04
  8. 8. F R AGR AN C E | 9 05 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 3000 05
  9. 9. As fresh as the break of dawn! YOU SAVE WITH SETS ME by Heidi Klum 3150 FLOWERY – FRUITY Inspirational, breathtaking, sensual. A fragrance like the freshness of the sunrise! The top note is delicately fruity melon and cassis. A hint of pepper awakens the day! The heart note awakens the green freshness of the lotus bloom and brings together the warm aroma of the plum. The base note unfolds the sunrise: sensual and warm – through sandalwood, vanilla and white musk. 01 | Perfume Shower Gel 200 ml 3123 02 | Perfume Body Lotion 200 ml 3124 03 | Perfume Deo Spray 100 ml 3122 02 03
  10. 10. F R AG R AN C E | 11 04 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 3121 Michael Williams/Corbis Outline Heidi Klum 04
  11. 11. My Entrance! GREEN – WOODY Extravagant, confident without compromise. Exceptional diversity. The top note 01 02 03 04 alone combines 3 fragrant directions: citrus bergamont, juicy mandarian and green geranium. YOU SAVE WITH SETS The grand heart note doesnot let Heidi Klum Perfume Set 2897 All products in Set you wait: white blooms of iris and jasmine cultivate with a breath of nutmeg. The base is a confident mix of patchouli, vetiver and brown tonka bean. 01 | Heidi Klum Eau de Perfume 50 ml 2890 02 | Perfume Shower Gel 200 ml 2893 03 | Perfume Body Lotion 200 ml 2894 Photograph: Mathew McCabe 04 | Perfume Deo Spray 50 ml 2892 Heidi Klum
  12. 12. F R AG R AN C E | 13 dreams by My Dream! 50 ml 3300 ORIENTAL – SWEET Sensual, feminine, fascinating. Dream fascinate and draw together opposites! In the top note combines the tenderness of the iris and wild plum with the spice from the heady hawthorn. An invitation to dream: the innocence of the lillies of the valley binds itself with the stength of the green freesia and heliotrope. A elegant finish: vetiver – the king of wood – with warm musk.
  13. 13. 14 Just like Paradise! FLOWERY – FRUITY Exotic, captivating, sensual. A walk in the world of intoxicating senses. From the tree hangs ripe coconuts, round peaches and firm mandarians. The fragrance of the summer bloom drifts by and surrounds the senses: peonies, lilies and white roses make this fragrance irresistible. Cederwood and sandalwood give sensuality and strength 01 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 3137 02 | Body Fragrance 100 ml 3138 03 | Perfume Shower Gel 200 ml 3139 02 01 03 04 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Carmen Electra Perfume Set 3142 04 | Perfume Body Lotion all products in Set 200 ml 3140
  14. 14. F R AG R AN C E | 15 EXCLUSIVE BY LR from zero to one hundred! FLOWERY – FRUITY Appealing, breathtaking, enchanting! A fragranc e like a young star – full of enthusiasm and passion. The top note begins innocently with a soft fruity note of mandarian, sweet pineapple and deep red cassis. White blooms in the heart note like rose and jasmine create youthfullness with a hint of seductive sensuality. The strength and warmth from amber and vanilla break all boundaries. Licenced through MM MerchandisingMedia GmbH © ProSieben 2008 Eau de Parfum 50 ml 3310
  15. 15. YOU SAVE WITH SETS Iris Berben Perfume Set 2860 All products (except EdT) in Set 01 | Perfume Shower Gel 02 | Perfume Body Cream 03 | Perfume Deo Spray 04 | Eau de Toilette 200 ml 200 ml 100 ml 30 ml 2863 2864 2862 2865
  16. 16. F R AGR AN C E | 17 licensed by Iris Berben A class for you Foto: KAPPUS + KOBER ORIENTAL – SWEET Extrodinary, elegant, stylish. This fragrance imparts your entrance as extra class! The mixture of the orange blossoms, sweet honey and fresh bergamont build an all round 01 | Eau de Parfum Perfumed Shower & Perfumed Body Lotion Perfumed Deo Spray Eau de Perfume glamourous feel. The unique extravagance comes in the heart note: binding 50 ml Bathing Gel 200 ml 100 ml 50 ml 20 200 ml the rose with cinnamon for a sensual composition and a hint of basil to 22 21 2861 23 21,95 € The timeless and noble combination of vanilla and reach its‘ peak. 11,95 € 13,95 € 10,95 € sandalwood in the base note leaves a particularly alluring accent! (5,98 € pro 100 ml) (5,48 € pro 100 ml)
  17. 17. 18 the art of seduction! ORIENTAL – SWEET Passionate, powerful, magic. The magic of the allure arises from the 02 04 captivating composition of sweet and herb 01 03 notes. It al begins with the innocence but YOU SAVE WITH SETS tempting sweetness from chocolate, Harem Perfume Set 181 caramel and warm mandarian. All products in Set The heart note meets with the unpredicable sensuality of patchouli and jasmine and the diverse lotus bloom. The strength of the finish: vanilla with musk and rounded off with amber. 01 | Eau de Perfume 02 | Perfume Deo 03 | Perfume Shower 04 | Perfume Body 50 ml Spray and Bathing Gel Lotion 10 100 ml 200 ml 200 ml 11 13 12
  18. 18. F R AGR AN C E | 19 Between the Worlds! FLOWERY – FRUITY Tender, sure, mysterious. Every woman has her own mystery. The essence of the gragrance is immediately transparent: the strength of the peach is softened through the exotic scent of the lychees and juicy lemons. The romantic flower composition of the water lillies, violets and jasmine is the heart of the fragrance while the end lingers with the scent of precious wood sandalwood. 01 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 20 02 | Perfume Shower & Bathing Gel 200 ml 23 03 | Perfume Body Lotion 200 ml 22 01 02 03 04 YOU SAVE WITH SETS 04 | Perfume Deo Spray Pseudonym Perfume Set 183 100 ml All products (except Deo Roll-on) in Set 21
  19. 19. 20 LR CLASSICS FOR WOMEN Eau de Parfum LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties MARBELLA MARTINIQUE HAWAII Charming, Seductive – Glamorous. Mysterious. The longing for pure irresistible and carefree Goddess sensuality! ENCHANTING | MODERN | OPULENT | APPEALING | SENTIMENTAL | STYLISH EXTRAVAGANT SPOILT | TIMELESS Head Note: bergamont, Head Note: bergamont, Head Note: bergamont, marine notes voilets, sweet plums cinnamon, spicy cloves Middle Note: white rose, Middle Note: orchids, lillies Middle Note: jasmine, jasmine of the vallez, rose heliotrope, sandalwood Base Note: vanilla, fine Base Note: musk, amber, Base Note: musk, tonka musk sandalwood beans, vanilla 100 ml | 3200-12 100 ml | 3200-13 100 ml | 3200-06 30 ml | 3205-12 30 ml | 3205-13 30 ml | 3205-06 (no picture) (no picture) (no picture)
  20. 20. F R AGR AN C E | 21 LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties ANTIGUA CASSIS BARBADOS CAPRI Moments of Love No Limits! Like a flower in Magnetic Attraction the wind! BREATH-TAKING | PROVOCATIVE | MODERN | REDUCED | VIBRANT | LIVELY | CRAZY | PRICELESS EROTIC | SENSUAL STRONG SEDUCTIVE Top Note: bergamont, fresh Head Note: cardamon, Head Note: iris, Head Note: bergamont, mild spicy cloves, peaches mrine notes blood-orange cassis Middle Note: sword lily, Middle Note: peach, Middle Note: ylang ylang, Middle Note: yellow iris, voilets, lillies of the valley jasmine rose, jasmine jasmine, voilets Base Note: musk, tonka Base Note: cedarwood, Base Note: sandalwood, Base Note: fine musk, vanilla beans, vanilla sandalwood, amber musk, vanilla 100 ml | 3200-05 100 ml | 3200-16 100 ml | 3200-15 100 ml | 3200-14 30 ml | 3205-05 30 ml | 3205-16 30 ml | 3205-15 30 ml | 3205-14 (no picture) (no picture) (no picture) (no picture)
  21. 21. A fragrance must be a memory of the best moments in life Men More information on our exclusive fragrances can be found on our website under www.LRworld.com4Stars
  22. 22. 24 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Michael Schumacher Man I Perfume Set 3132 All products (except EdT) in Set An absolute fighter CITRIC – AQUATIC Energetic, strong, extravagant. The essence of extravagance! The strong mixture unfolds itself immedicately: black pepper and cardamon are softened with the calming scent of the mandarine. The middle note opens up to fine woods and iris giving a hing of spice. Tonka beans and amber make for pure masculinaty. 03 05 01 02 04 01 | Eau de Perfume 02 | After Shave 03 | Perfume Deo 04 | Hair & Body 05 | Eau de Toilette 50 ml 100 ml Spray Shampoo 30 ml 3127 3129 100 ml 200 ml 3128 3130 3131
  23. 23. F R AGR AN C E | 25 Undeniable the No. 1! ORIENTAL – SPICY Convincing, smart, successful. A man of few words but the goal is always within sight! The true elegance shows through the whole composition. Warm fresh fine woods in combination with spices, orange, cardomon and basil starts the race whilst jasmine successful manovers the first turns. The finish is a surprise of amber with vanilla and musk. YOU SAVE WITH SETS Michael Schumacher World Champion Duftset 2907 01 02 03 04 05 01 | Eau de Perfume 02 | After Shave 03 | Perfume Deo 04 | Perfume Hair & 05 | Eau de Toilette 50 ml 100 ml Spray Body Shampoo 30 ml 2912 2913 100 ml 200 ml 2918 2916 2914
  24. 24. 26 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Boris Becker Man I Perfume Set 3173 All Products (except EdT) in Set 01 02 03 04 01 | Deo Stick 02 | Hair & Body Wash 03 | After Shave 04 | Eau de Toilette 75 ml 200 ml Cooling Gel 30 ml 3169 3170 150 ml 3172 3171
  25. 25. F R AG R AN C E | 27 Naticaul attraction CITRIC – AQUATIC Sophisticated. Honest. Generous A fragrance like a seductive summer evening! Everything begins innocently – like the best moments in life! A refreshing summer cocktail opens the middle note of oranges, mandarines and fresh lemons! Lavender lingers in unity with thyme and transparent marine notes. A glance over the sea! Real masculinaty eludes sandalwood and patchouli. 05 05 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 3168
  26. 26. Strong, Carefree, Sight fixed on the goal AROMATIC – GREEN YOU SAVE WITH SETS Ralf Moeller Perfume Set 3181 Risetaker, charismatic, individual all products (except EdT) in Set A fragrance full of strength and masculinaty, whilst still warm and kind! The strong essence of the fragrance stems from the composition of hyainathin with violets and rhubharb. The middle note stems from the soft petals of the rose and strength of the lavender. The finish emphasises its‘ masculinaty and fineness with cedarwood. 01 | Perfume Deo Stick 75 ml 3177 02 | Perfume Hair & Body Wash 200 ml 3179 03 | After Shave Cooling Gel 200 ml 3178 04 | Eau de Toilette 100 ml 3176 02 01 03 04
  27. 27. F R AGR AN C E | 29 05 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 3175 05
  28. 28. ORIENTAL – SPICY A run through the wilderness! Free, wild, adventureous When the day is nearly finished then the hunt begins. Get out the shower gel and stip into the next zone. The stillness break through the aromatic scent of the green mint, the intensive bergamont and the spicy fineness of the rue. The next experience gives the hint of white lavender, cardamon and the spice of carnations. The underlying scent of sandalwood, tonka beans and a touch of vanilla. This is freedom! 01 03 02 01 | Perfume Shower & 02 | Perfume Deo Spray 03 | After Shave Bathing Gel 100 ml 100 ml 200 ml 79 80 82
  29. 29. F R AGR AN C E | 31 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Jungle Man Perfume Set 2191 all products (except Perfume Deo Stick) in Set 04 04 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 78
  30. 30. The absolute ladykiller! AROMATIC – GREEN Distinctive, mysterious, without compromise For men who love women. The initial contact builds a fresh feeling of bergamont and a touch of caramon. The mixture is further refined with eucalyptus and marine notes. Invisible and mysterious is the finish: fine wood and cedarwood are the perfect lingering scent. A magical moment. For men. 01 02 03 04 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Terminator Terminator Perfume Set 1188 All Product in Set 119,00 01 | Eau de Perfume 02 | After Shave 03 | Perfume Deo Spray 04 | Perfume Shower 50 ml 100 ml 100 ml and Bathing Gel 72 74 73 200 ml 76
  31. 31. F R AGR AN C E | 33 The freedom of space CITRIC – AQUATIC Lively, fresh, crystal clear. The fragrance of your favourite island. Awaken memories of those intensive feelings and moments! It begins with the sharpness of apple and the freshness of ginger. The middle note reflects the exotic nature of far away lands: the soft-fruity scent of the sunshine of melons. Memories stay with you of the sea breeze and the scent of cedarwood and patchouli. 01 | Eau de Perfume 50 ml 1550 02 | Hair & Body Wash 200 ml 1552 03 | After Shave Spray 100 ml 1551 02 01 03 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Ocean‘Sky Perfume Set 1553 Alle Produkte
  32. 32. 34 LR CLASSICS FOR MEN Eau de Parfum STAR-BOX LR Classic Varieties NIAGARA The Star Box – the smallest perfumery in Unstoppable, forceful, powerful the world – try all our fragrances now! Ask your LR Partner! REFRESHING | TANGY | MASCULINE Head Note: Mandarin, Bergamont, Lemons Middle Note: Jasmine, Geranium, Mint. Base Note: Sandalwood, Balsamic Notes 100 ml | 3200-52 30 ml | 3205-52 (no picture)
  33. 33. F R AG R AN C E | 35 LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties LR Classic Varieties MILANO BOSTON SINGAPORE Timeless elegance. Confident and sentimental. pure masculinity Simply perfect Define your success! CLASSICAL | ELEGANT | MODERN | APPEALING | PASSIONATE | IRRESISTABLE DIVERSITY CONFIDENT | MASCULINE Top Note Bergamont, Orange, Top Note Apple, Lemon, Top Note Lemon, Cinnamon, Cardamon Orange Orange Middle note Cloves, Nutmeg, Middle note Jasmine, Rose, Middle note Sandalwood, Lavendar, Geranium Lily of the Valley Jasmine Base Note Cedarwood, Base Note Musk, Amber, Base Note Balsam of Peru, Resin, Sandalwood Cedarwood Musk 100 ml | 3200-56 100 ml | 3200-58 100 ml | 3200-51 30 ml | 3205-56 30 ml | 3205-58 30 ml | 3205-51 (no picture) (no picture) (no picture)
  34. 34. 36 YOUR PERSONAL FRAGRANCE The licence to seduce The fragrant composition from Agent XX and XY by LR harmonises perfectly with the perfume scent from the styling products „Style Agents“. It is pure fragrance for the skin and hair! AGENT XY by LR FOR HIM AGENT XX by LR FOR HER Superior, dangerous, secretive. Eau de Parfum Confidence, seductive, trendy a 50 ml Your mission: seduction! This begins with an dangerous secret weapon! Agent XY by LR overwhelming aroma from green mint and fresh 3316 The temptation of the red apple together with Agent XX by LR the passion of the sweet peach underline youw apples. The spicy nutmet finishes with an 3315 infatuating and spectacular finish of jasmine. Fine womenhood. The sensuality of the white each woods together with ambers and vanilla are blossom mixed with iris and rose provide an guaranteed to „take your breath away“ erotic sensation between you and him. A fragrant experience that gets under your skin.
  35. 35. Y O U N G S TAR S | 37 Agent Styling and Agent Fragrance: Cool Mission for the Young Stars TREND STYLING IN FRAGRANT HARMONY
  36. 36. 38 style in sight – smooth hair, distinctive shine 03 04 05 01 | Smoothing Gel "Get Flat" 03 | Paddle Brush • For smooth, silky, shiny hair • With hair protecting knot ends • With a perfect harmonious fragrance • 13 rows of synthetic bristle • With heat protection • clean with running water • Hold 3 size: approx. 24.5 cm x 8 cm Apply to wet hair and stand by strand 4569 straighten using either a straightening iron or hair dryer. 150 ml 3332 04 + 05 | Professional Hair Brush • Faster hair drying by allowing the warm air to spread evenly throughout and by maintaining the warm air with the alu brush 02 | Hair Lacquer "Stay Strong" base • For that extra strong hold • Ergonomic rubber grip with a • Plus shimmering shine effect pointed end for separating hair • With a harmonious fragrance and cleaning. • Hold 5 Hold approximately 30cm from hair and 04 | Thermal Round Brush 50 spray all over or alternatively spray each diameter 50 mm strand into place. size: approx. 27 cm x 7 cm 150 ml 4568 3333 05 | Thermal Round Brush 33 diameter 33 mm size approx. 26 cm x 5 cm 4567 01 02
  37. 37. Y O U N G STAR S | 39 • Trendy perfect looks for longlasting, optimal results • Unique-attractive: hairstyling and Agent- Perfume in unity – harmonious fragrance • With advanced supplements – An advantage for every product Your Look: Loads of Volume, Spectacular Curls 06 | Volume & Curl Mousse "Lift It" 07 | HairSpray "Size Up" • For lots of volume and spectacular • For strong hold and curls longlasting swing • With a harmonious fragrance • With harmonious fragrance • Plus heat protection • Moisture resistant • Hold 4 • Hold 4 Apply mousse evenly throughout Hold approx 20cm from hair damp hair. and spray For more voloume: blow dry the 200 ml whole head then stand for strand 3331 For defining curls: scrunch, air dry or with blow dry with a diffusor. 200 ml 3330 06 07
  38. 38. 40 For Special Events: : Mould, structure, free styling Wax Cream – Hold 3 – Smooth 001 Mould: run in the han d and distribute evenly though hair 002 Accentuate: with long 03 er hair use your fingers to dist ribute throughout hair and sha pe Matt Paste – Hold 4 – Matt Effect 001 Smooth effect: rub in your and in one direction smo hands oth over the hair. 002 Wild Effect: rub in you r hands and style from the roots to the ends as desired. HELPFUL TIP: For mo re volume apply only to the roots Massive Gel – Hold 5 – No Stickiness 001 02 Freaky Styles – distribu te around 1-2 walnut sized mousse or gel in your hands and either app ly to the roots or all over. 002 Wet-Look: distribute around 1-2 walnut sized mousse or gel in your hands and apply directly to wet hair. 01 01 | Wax-Cream „Model it“ 02 | Matt-Paste „Go wilder“ 03 | Massiv-Gel „Freak out“ 75 ml 75 ml 150 ml 3334 3335 3336
  39. 39. Y O U N G S TAR S | 41 SENSATIONAL: SAVE YOUR HAIRSTYLE IN SECONDS First thing in the mornin g for care and moisturising – without washing your hair spray Re- Styler in wet hair, combth rough or blow dry you hair, finish ed! For a quick fresh look after sport spray Re-Styler in dry hair, blow dry. Finished Before, in and after the Disco for a new hold and fragran ce-kick spray Re-Styler through out your hair – looks great and a fabulous scent! Save you hair style: Fresh boost, hold & care Re-Styler "Help Now" • Fresh hair and style all the time • Ideal for after sport, on the go, in the Disco YOU SAVE WITH SETS • Give more hold and care with ProVitamin B5 • With a harmonious fragrance Profi-Trendstyling Set 3338 • Great fresh boost Volume & Curl Mousse • Hold 3 HairSpray Spray in to either dry or damp hair Smoothing Gel New Styling: Blow Dry Hair Lacquer Freshen Up: leave to dry naturally Wax-Cream 150 ml Matt-Paste 3337 Massiv-Gel Re-Styler HELPFUL TIP: Ideal as a „bad hair“ day and styling for those in between days
  40. 40. 42 COOLER COLOUR TYPES Eye Colour: dark brown, grey, blue, bluegray Hair Colour: black brown, ashbrown or blond Complexion: porcellian, rosey Symbol for cooler colours Visit our Make-up Studio on the internet under: www.LRworld.com4Beauty4Make-up
  41. 41. MAKE - U P | 43 WARMER COLOUR TYPES Eye Colour: green, hazelnut brown Hair Colour: gold-blond, copper, dark or chestnut brown Complexion: peach colour, beige Mixed Colour Types have a combination of cooler and warmer characteristics and can Symbol for warmer colours use either cooler or warmer colours.
  42. 42. 44 Volume & Lengthening Mascara Volume 10 ml 1865-1 Black Illusion 1865-2 Fantastic Brown 1865-3 Magic Blue Waterproof Waterproof Mascara 9 ml 1864-1 Black Illusion 1864-2 Fantastic Brown Sensitive Sensitive Mascara Ultimate formula for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers. 7 ml Eye Shimmer Pencil Want some eye catching shine under the edge of 1866-1 Black Illusion the brow? For those great moments, apply this velvety eye shimmer pencil. 1866-2 Fantastic Brown The model is wearing eyeshadow 1869-2 Nature Story, Kajal 1872-3 Brown 1874 Shimmer Star Boogie, Waterproof Mascara1864-1 Black Illusion and the Eye shimmer Pencil 1874 Lash Balm Lash Balm Mascara's best friend. Eyelash enhancement for thick and voluminous lashes. Apply lash balm. Let it dry. Apply mascara. Eyebrow Powder 7 ml Brush Set 1871 Brown Duett 1868 7 pieces Brush Set consisting of: Powder and Blush Brush, Eye Brow Brush, Eye Shadow Applicator and Brush, Lip and Eyelid Brush. With this professional tool you can set perfect accents anytime. 1805 Glitter Glitter Mascara 7 ml Ask you LR Partner about the practical double sharpener for using on the eye shimmer pencil, kajal and the lip liner pencil 1867 Glitter Star
  43. 43. MAKE - U P | 45 1873-2 1873-1 EYES 1873-3 radiant – open – attractive 1869-2 Liquid Eyeliner 2,5 ml 1869-1 1873-1 Black Illusion 1873-2 Fantastic Brown 1873-3 Magic Blue 1872-3 1872-4 1872-2 1872-5 1869-3 1872-1 1872-6 The model is wearing Eye- shadow 1869-5 Blue Legend and Liquid Eyeliner 1873-1 Black Illusion Pencil Eye Liner 1869-4 1872-1 White Attraction 1872-2 Black Velvet 1872-3 Brown Boogie 1872-4 Blue Light 1872-5 Grey Glamour 1872-6 Green Smile 1869-5 Eye Shadow Silky soft, high quality. Long lasting, satin finish. Make your eyes shine. Select from Eye Shadow Base 'Secret weapon to your these amazing colours. make-up collection.' No smudging and no creasing! 1869-1 Brown Surprise The Eye Shadow Base also 1869-2 Nature Story intensifies the colours. 15 ml 1869-3 Magic Rose 1869-4 Ever Green 1869-6 1870 1869-5 Blue Legend 1869-6 Purple Passion
  44. 44. 46 1878-1 1878-2 1878-3 Lip Gloss • leaves a light silky feeling 1878-4 on your lips • easy application. 4,5 ml 1878-1 Crystal Passion 1878-2 Fruity Rose 1878-5 1878-3 Coral Ice 1878-4 Sweet Berry 1878-5 Glitter Punch Anti Aging 1876-1 1876-2 Anti Aging Lipstick Four flattering colour nuances with Coenzyme Q10 care for fresh and cared lips. 4,5 g 1876-3 1876-1 Silky Peach 1876-2 Silky Fuchsia 1876-3 Silky Chocolate 1876-4 Silky Burgundy 1876-4 The model is wearing Lipgloss 1878-3 Coral Ice
  45. 45. MAKE - U P | 47 1877-2 1877-3 1877-4 1877-5 LIPS 1877-1 1877-6 silky – shiny – colourful Lipliner Shape and define your lips. 1875-1 The new formulation makes lip contouring easy. 1877-1 Juicy Rose 1877-2 Sparkling Coral 1877-3 Sweet Amber 1877-4 Mocca Surprise 1875-2 1877-5 Sugar Plum 1877-6 Red Diva The model is wearing Lipliner 1877-6 Red Diva and Lipstick 1875-6 Red 1875-3 Diva 1875-4 Lipstick Soft creamy texture for smooth lips. 1875-5 Simply apply. 4,5 g 1875-1 Juicy Rose 1875-2 Sparkling Coral 1875-3 Sweet Amber 1875-4 Mocca Surprise 1875-5 Sugar Plum 1875-6 1875-6 Red Diva
  46. 46. 48 1862-2 1863-2 1862-1 1863-1 1863-3 Concealer Cover Stick Covers little shadows under the Cover green covers redness. eyes, small imperfections and Cover Caramel and Cover Light fine lines. Always apply under covers impurities. Covers and foundation. Very good cover lasts. strength. 6,5 g 7 ml 1863-1 Cover Light 1862-1 Magic Porcelaine 1863-2 Cover Caramel 1862-2 Magic Beige 1863-3 Cover Green FACE radiant – conceal – optimal Anti Aging Bronzing Powder Bronzing Pearls Age Spot Eraser Light natural bronzing for The pearls easily allow the exact To reduce age spots and a summer complexion or amount of powder required! pigmentation spots. to refresh your holiday 15 g The plant extract Citrus Unshui look. 2174 lightens spots. The model is wearing longlasting The substance albatin prefents fluid Make-up 1855-2 Welcome 9g building of new spots. Beige, Compact Powder 1858-2 1849 Bronzing Wonder 5,5 ml Beige Illusion and Rouge 1860-3 1888 Brown Cookie
  47. 47. MAKE - U P | 49 1857-2 1855-2 1857-3 1856-2 1856-3 1855-3 1857-1 1857-4 1856-4 1855-1 1856-1 1855-4 Anti Aging Lifting Fluid Foundation True Touch Fluid Long Lasting Fluid Foundation • Fine lines are minimised Foundation Fluid, long lasting Make-up with • With CoEnzyme Q10 Absolutely smooth. New middle to strong cover strength. • With Vitamin E texture, with soft to middle 30 ml 30 ml cover strength. 30 ml 1855-1 Champagne Lounge 1857-1 Lift Champagne 1855-2 Welcome Beige 1857-2 Lift Beige 1856-1 Champagne Lounge 1855-3 Happy Honey 1857-3 Lift Honey 1856-2 Welcome Beige 1855-4 Toffee Flip 1857-4 Lift Toffee 1856-3 Happy Honey 1856-4 Toffee Flip 1858-2 1858-3 1860-3 1860-2 1860-1 1858-1 Loose Powder Compact Powder Powder Blush 1860-4 15 g Silky and soft with micro Colour for cheeks. Beautiful 1859 Loose Fantasy fine matting particles. For silky texture with good toning a soft, smooth elegant effects. Apply to sculpt facial finish. features and enhance cheek 9g bones. 4g 1858-1 Sandy Spotlight 1858-2 Beige Illusion 1860-1 Pink Sorbet 1858-3 Toffee Dream 1860-2 Rose Cream 1860-3 Brown Cookie 1860-4 Caramel Passion
  48. 48. 50 The model is wearing Nail Polish 1879-2 Juicy Rose SHAPE Nail shine polish Natural shine for your fingernails. Also for the polish of painted nails. 823 Professional file Also suitable for artificial nails. 4526 CORRECTION CARE Nail Polish Nail Polish Remover Box Nail Polish Corrector Nail & Cuticle Care Cuticle Softener Remover The practical solution to Nail Polish Corrector allows you Nail care pen with Simply push back cuticles Nail Polish Remover removing nail polish: Place to have perfectly polished nails calcium for a great gently after using softener. with comfortable your finger into the box, turn easily. Glide the pen across protection for nail and With almond and avocado scent it a couple of times until the the area and watch the excess cuticle. oil. 100 ml nail polish is removed. polish disappear. 3 ml 3 ml 1886 100 ml 3 ml 1883 1884 1885 1882
  49. 49. M AKE- U P | 51 FRENCH MANICURE NAILS care – polish – shine 1879-1 1879-2 1879-3 Step 1 Step 2 Nail Whitener French Manicure Lacquer 1879-4 Nail whitener in liquid form for 7 ml elegant nail tips. 4 ml 1895 1881-1 Rose Candy 1881-2 Beige Candy 1879-5 1879-6 Nail Polish 7 ml 1879-1 Clear Pleasure 1879-7 1879-2 Juicy Rose 1879-3 Show Lilac 1879-4 Sparkling Coral 1879-5 Mocca Surprise 1879-6 Sugar Plum 1879-7 Red Diva
  50. 50. 52 Hairdresser-Quality, that makes you a star Udo Walz grants you your wish: Hollywood glamour for the red carpet and at home. The soloution: Hair Care for silkiness, volume, health My hair is like straw and uncontrollable. Although I It doesn‘t matter what seldom blow dry or do styling product or care any extreme styling to my I don‘t want to cut my hair product I use: after a few hair. short, but from consistent hours my hair lacks any colouring my ends are volume. Udo Walz recommends: split and dull. The reason for dry hair is it is poorly cared for. For more Udo Walz recommends: Udo Walz recommends: Don‘ worry about your hair silkiness the hair needs Coloured, bleached or needlessly. All you need is a intensive moisturising. The streaked hair needs extra special shampoo for hair must be conditioned special attention for the strength. The Rule: Only after every wash. Your hair health of the hair right to the condition as needed will be absolutely silky with ends. The hairs‘ natural however after every wash the Silky & Shine protection is damaged and you must use Volume and Treatment. the hair needs 100% Shine Spray for dream like rebuilding of protein. volume. Therefore always use Repair & Shine Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. As quoted by Udo Walz: Don‘t compromise. Your hair should always look Tipps and Tricks on the Internet under: natural and beautiful. www.LRworld.com4Beauty4Pflege4Haarpflege
  51. 51. H AI R C AR E | 53 styling VOLUME-MOUSSE – extra strong hold • For hold and volume with Push-up Effect • More volume for long loose hair GLOSS MOULDING GEL – shine and hold • For extra stong hold and a shimmering gloss • Particularly good for the „wet look“ HAIR SPRAY – performance strong • For flexible hold and non-stickiness • Holds both loose hair and styled hair Choose your styling for the perfect results 01 | Volume Styling Mousse 03 | Finishing Hair Spray 200 ml 300 ml 2581 2582 02 | Pearl Styling Gel 100 ml 2585 YOU SAVE WITH SETS Udo Walz Styling Set 2588 Volume Styling Mousse · 200 ml Pearl Styling Gel · 100 ml Finishing Hair Spray · 300 ml 02 01 03
  52. 52. 54 care „You hair is your natural jewel. Without the correct care you can lose this fascination. My recommendation: care, care and once more care“ 01 | Silky & Shine Shampoo SILKY & SHINE 04 | Repair & Shine Shampoo For shiny hair with every hair • easy to comb through wet or dry To repair the hair structure with wash. every hair wash. 150 ml hair 150 ml 2565 • hair is especially soft and smooth 2595 through softening agents • for attractive, silky, shiny hair 02 | Silky & Shine Conditioner • ideal styling addition: Pearl 05 | Repair & Shine Conditioner For smooth hair structure with Styling Gel Detangles and smoothes, whilst every hair wash. reinforcing and protecting your 150 ml hair with every hair wash. 2566 150 ml 2596 03 | Silky & Shine Cure For an optimum care result, 06 | Repair & Shine Cure use 2-3 times weekly. For an optimum healthy result, 100 ml use 2-3 times weekly. 2567 100 ml 2597 YOU SAVE YOU SAVE WITH SETS WITH SETS Udo Walz Udo Walz Premium Line Silky & Shine 2564 Premium Line Repair & Shine 2598 Silky & Shine Shampoo · 150 ml Repair & Shine Shampoo · 150 ml Silky & Shine Conditioner · 150 ml Repair & Shine Conditioner · 150 ml Silky & Shine Cure · 100 ml Repair & Shine Cure · 100 ml 01 02 03
  53. 53. H AI R C AR E | 55 care HEALTH & SHINE 07 | Volume & Shine Shampoo VOLUME & SHINE For more volume after every • natural building-protein hair wash. • fantastic long lasting hair repair 150 ml volume 2575 • for a healthy, smooth hair • more strength from the start structure • gentle care, without adding • rich carsaddition: Finishing weight Spray 08 | Volume & Shine • ideal styling addition: Styling Conditioner Mousse For a soft care boost, use when required. 150 ml 2576 09 | Volume & Shine Spray A must after every hair wash: for fantastic volume at the roots and for strong hold. 150 ml 2577 YOU SAVE WITH SETS 06 Udo Walz Premium Line Volume & Shine 2578 Volume & Shine Shampoo · 150 ml Volume & Shine Conditioner · 150 ml Volume & Shine Spray · 100 ml 04 07 09 05 08
  54. 54. 56 Your Anti-Age Care from LR YOUR AGE: 30+ 40+ 50+ YOUR NEEDS: POWER LIFT: Immediate vitalisation for tired dull hair pg. 57 NANOGOLD: Reduce the first signs of wrinkles pg. 58/59 SEROX by LR: Visible smoother skin on facial expressions pg. 60/61 IRIS BERBEN: tighten mature skin pg. 62/63
  55. 55. A NT I - AG E- C AR E | 57 An immediate energy boost for tired dull skin! PowerLift Face Cream Lifting Effect through hyaluronic acid, protein and herbal extracts. Anti- aging effect through protein, vitamin A, E and lecithin. 30 ml 3991 CONFIRMED EFFECTIVENESS • Immediate energy with a tightening- Those persons tested: effect and anti-ageing effect • Use before and after each party for a 83 % confirmed that their skin felt immediately tighter* dazzling look • For mornings and evening and also 80 % confirmed that small lines were immediately less noticeable* ideal for when you are on the go confirmed that their skin was immediately stimulated and • Reviatilise mens‘ skin for that 70 % appeared vitalised* immediate energy kick *Face cream was tested on 30 Women between the ages 34 to45 years of age through the • The perfect addition: Aloe Vera Dermatest GmbH during a 2 week period in October 2007. Cleanser (see pg 109)
  56. 56. 58 Gold and Silk – for the first signs of skin ageing! • Day cream provides up to 100% protection against UVA rays which are responsible for light influenced premature aging • Night cream helps firm and reduce first lines • With Nano technology for a profound effect • No colourants and no side effects 01 | Cleansing Cream Use morning and evenings to help prepare the skin for Nanogold treatment. Gold and Silk are optimally distributed. 150 ml 2680 02 | Face Toner Particularly rich face toner. Light rose colour, as Nanogold particles reflect voilet. 150 ml 2681 03 | Day Cream Uvinul A Plus* acts as a protective barrier against the first UVA rays on the skin. Aglycal® helps reduce the production of free radicals. • UVA Absorption • Prevention and protection 50 ml 2682 04 | Night Cream Substance SYN®-COLL** supports the regeneration of elasticity and resilience. • build up collagen • prevention and regeneration 50 ml 2683 * Trademark der BASF AG ** made by PENTAPHARM Ltd.
  57. 57. A NT I - AG E- C AR E | 59 CONFIRMED EFFECTIVENESS Those persons tested: confirmed, that after using the Day Cream their skin felt cared for 97 % and moisturised* confirmed, that after using the Night Cream their skin had more 89 % elastisty* confirmed, that after using the Day Cream fine wrinkles appeared 76 % milder* confirmed, that the combination of Day and Night Cream gave 76 % the appearance of younger looking skin* * Nanogold Day and Night Cream was tested on 30 women between the ages 29 to 43 years of age through the Dermatest GmbH over a period of 4 weeks in June 2008 EXCLUSIVE BY LR YOU SAVE WITH SETS Nanogold & Silk Care Set 2684 Day Cream · 50 ml Night Cream · 50 ml 01 Cleansing Cream · 150 ml 02 04 Face Toner · 150 ml 03
  58. 58. 60 WHAT EXACTLY ARE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS? Facial lines develop as a result of individual expressions around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. those persons tested stated that 69 % deep wrinkles on the forehead appeared less noticeable.* those persons tested stated that 76 % deep lines around the eyes appeared less noticeable* those persons tested stated that 69 % deep lines around the mouth appeared less noticeable.* *Serox by LR Serum and Cream was tested on 30 women between 45 and 54 years of age through the Dermatest GmbH during a 4 week period in June 2008 INNOVATIVE SUBSTANCE- COMBINATION Argireline reduces expression lines by up to 30% in 30 days* Ameliox prevents the cause of lines and wrinkles Hyaluronic Filling Spheres opticallz fills in wrinkles Bio-Polymer smooth out the the face contour Before use After use
  59. 59. A NT I - AG E- C AR E | 61 For visably smoother skin and expression lines! CONFIRMED EFFECTIVENESS Those persons tested: confirmed, that with the Serum their skin 93 % appeared fresher and younger* confirmed that with the Serum their skin 89 % appeared smoother and tighter* confirmed, that with the Cream their 86 % skin was optimally cared for, felt firmer and tighter* confirmed, that the combination of the 86 % Serum and the Cream gave their skin the appearance of smoother younger looking skin* *Serox by LR Serum and Cream was tested on 30 women between 45 and 54 years of age through the Dermatest GmbH during a 4 week period in June 2008 01 Intensive Result Cream 02 | Instant Result Serum Immediate results against wrinkles A cocktail of highly effective with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres®. The ingredients. Directly cares for the innovative substance combination of skin with Argireline® and Ameliox®. Argireline® and Ameliox® visible reduce Use daily mornings and evenings YOU SAVE WITH SETS the appearance of facial expressions after cleansing. within 30 days. Use twice daily over the 38 ml Serox by LR Set 1433 Serum. 1430 Intensive Result Cream · 48 ml 48 ml Instant Result Serum · 38 ml 1431
  60. 60. 62 licensed by Iris Berben Effective Lifting Care with high doses of ingredients for a firmer skin appearance • Iris Berben Anti-Ageing-Care exclusive only by LR • Her Intensive-Lifting for difficult skin • Tightens slack face contours • Firms the skin, intensive regeneration • Modern substance,s luxurious texture Photo Michael Bernhard / defd „I will age later. Discover my beauty secrets“ Your 01 02 03 04 05 ADDITIONAL CARE SYSTEM CARE 01 | Face Lift Ultra Care 02 | Cleavage 03 | Face Lift Serum 04 | Refining Cleansing Milk 05 | Firming Skin Toner Rich intensive cream with Lift Extra Care Smoothing face-lift serum Care formula with multi Natural ingredients ensure lifting effect, reduces and Apply daily a thin layer – for all dry and demanding fruit acid complex for extra lasting epidermal moisture. smoothens lines. mornings and evenings skin types. Skin instantly mild cleansing of dry and Spray-on. 30 ml after cleansing and toning appears fresher, more demanding skin. 200 ml 1979 your neck and cleavage. relaxed, giving a radiant 200 ml 1972 Massage in gently. glow. 1971 50 ml 30 ml 1980 1975
  61. 61. A NT I - AG E- C AR E | 63 Stop the Clock: Lifting for difficult skin CONFIRMED EFFECTIVENESS Those persons tested: confirmed that after using Lifting their skin felt better and fine 87 % lines appeared less noticable* 93 % confirmed, that their skin felt regenerated* confirmed, that the combination of both products gave their 87 % skin a firmer appearance* * Day and Night Cream was tested on 30 women between the ages 46- 60 years of age through the Dermatest GmbH during a 2 week period in October 2007 08 07 06 SYSTEM CARE 06 | Face Lift Day Care 07 | Face Lift Night Care 08 | Lifting Eye Care The highly effective Pamper skin with this blend A blend of specially selected lipopeptide Matrixyl™ stimulates skin collagen of precious natural oils, active biological and natural active substances and the lipopeptide Matrixyl™ YOU SAVE WITH SETS synthesis to smoothen fine skin-lifting substances. promotes the visible lines. smoothing of fine lines. Beauty Skin Lifting Set 1970 50 ml 50 ml 30 ml Refining Cleansing Milk · 200 ml 1974 1973 1976 Firming Skin Toner · 200 ml Face Lift Day Care · 50 ml Face Lift Night Care · 50 ml Face Lift Serum · 30 ml Cosmetic Bag valued at
  62. 62. 64 01 | Cream Soap Mild Cream Soap with a silky texture for soft hands 200 ml 2770-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2770-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2770-3 Camomile/Rosemary 02 | Bath Foam Scented bath foam with natural herbal extracts 500 ml 2769-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2769-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2769-3 Camomile/Rosemary 03 + 04 | Body Cream Soft body cream which absorbs quickly. For a silky skin feel. 200 ml 2763-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2763-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2763-3 Camomile/Rosemary 500 ml 2768-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2768-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2768-3 Camomile/Rosemary 05 + 06 | Shampoo Mild Shampoo with natural herbal extracts. 200 ml 2765-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2765-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2765-3 Camomile/Rosemary 500 ml 2766-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2766-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2766-3 Camomile/Rosemary 07 + 08 | Shower Gel Intensive scented shower gel with natural herbal extracts. 200 ml 2764-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2764-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2764-3 Camomile/Rosemary 500 ml Mild Family Care, great price – 2767-1 Enzian/Edelweiss 2767-2 Cucumber/Grapefruit 2767-3 Camomile/Rosemary for more fun in the bath.