Oriflame India Catalogue December 2013


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Oriflame India launches Latest Catalogue for the month of December 2013. This month catalogue prepares you for the year end celebration.

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Oriflame India Catalogue December 2013

  1. 1. OF W L EA 100 NDERFU S ES O PAG No 12 2013 December 01 - December 31 GIFT ID :HOFRPH WR 2ULÀDPH¶V Let’s celebrate the end of the year in
  2. 2. “I want my lashes to be prepared for any situation.” Malin Åkerman, Hollywood actress 3x layer Dramatic fullness 5x layer Bold false lash effect Customise your lashes The volume you want – whenever you want! Malin is wearing:9ROXPH %XLOG 0DVFDUD %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW (HEURZ .LW 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 3HUIHFW %OXVK *ORZLQJ 3HDFK 2 make-up
  3. 3. TAILOR-MADE VOLUME! Single-la yer mode ‡ Unlimited building possibilities ‡ Unlimited re-application ‡ Formula stays ÁH[LEOH – even after drying de NEW MEGAbrush for optimal building power LONG ROW SHORT ROW Use the long row for separation and mega-volume. Flick the brush over, and use the short row to build even bolder layers of customisable volume. ayer mo Double-l VOLUFLEX FORMULA Flexible formula for endless volume-building. Mascara VWDV ÁH[LEOH HYHQ DIWHU drying, so every new coat goes on just as fresh as the ÀUVW RQH de r mo ye le-la Trip Volume Build Mascara 26198 Black de er mo lay Five- HOW FAR WILL YOU TAKE IT? Apply and re-apply! VoluFlex formula and Megabrush lets you customise your lash look throughout the day. )RUPXOD VWDV ÁH[LEOH IURP WKH ÀUVW application to last, allowing for endless volume building with zero GUDJJLQJ FOXPSLQJ RU ÁDNLQJ Smudge-free. 8 ml. 26198 ` 429 INCREDIBLE 40% OFF! See Page 7 3
  4. 4. Dramatic as you dare Malin is wearing: 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW *HO (H /LQHU %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW :RQGHU /DVK 0DVFDUD %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW UHDP %OXVK 6RIW 3HDFK “The smooth texture makes gel eyeliner ideal for intensifying eyes.” 4 make-up 'HÀQLWLRQ For professional-looking GHÀQLWLRQ JHQWO GUDZ WKH EUXVK across the upper lash line in VPDOO VWURNHV ÀQLVKLQJ RQ WKH RXWHU FRUQHU$GG GUDPD E extending the line further. For WKH EHVW ´ZLQJµ HIIHFW HQG WKH OLQH LQ D WKLQ SUHFLVH SRLQW /DVK )LOOHU +ROG D ÀQJHU DW WKH RXWHU FRUQHU of the upper lash rim and pull gently to extend. Dot the edge of WKH DSSOLFDWRU LQ EHWZHHQ ODVK roots to create an illusion of KDYLQJ IXOOHU DQG PRUH DEXQGDQW lashes. MALIN ÅKERMAN, HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS Jonas Wramell 2ULÁDPH *OREDO %HDXW $UWLVWLF 'LUHFWRU
  5. 5. NEW Inspired and developed by JONAS WRAMELL CONFESSIONS OF A STUDIO ARTIST: “Gel eye liner gets eyes cameraready in a few strokes of silky black.” Make-up artists’ favourite product! Up to 24H wear* 26531 Black 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW *HO (H /LQHU Get the precise line of a liquid liner in a gel with this professionally developed eye liner. Long-wearing intense colour and even coverage that stays put for up to 24H. Slanted brush applicator included for flawless precision. 3 g. 26531 ` 449 Slanted brush for precise application INCREDIBLE *Consumer tested on 64 women 40% OFF! See Page 7 5
  6. 6. Get in focus with Stunning eyes 6 make-up
  7. 7. This season, what better way to bring some screen goddess style to your party look than with fabulously voluminous lashes and VWULNLQJ ZHOOGH¿QHG HHV NOW OR NEVER Get Volume Build Mascara and OB Studio Artist Gel Eye Line at 98 261 ck bla 40% R̆ ባ when you spend ` 750 in this catalogue ቢ 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW *HO (H /LQHU Professionally developed gel eye liner delivers intense colour and even coverage that stays put for up to 24H. Slanted brush applicator included for flawless precision. 3 g. 26531 ቢ ` 449 `269 ባ Volume Build Mascara VoluFlex formula and Megabrush lets you customise your lash look throughout the day. Formula stays flexible from the first application to last for endless volume building with zero dragging or clumping. Smudgefree. 8 ml. 26198 ` 429 `259 make-up 7
  8. 8. 8 fragrance
  9. 9. NEW Succumb to pure desire TRY ME! Rub the bottle and try the fragrance! As night falls, a magical elixir drenches RXU VNLQ DQG RXU VXOWU VLGH VWHSV out of the shadows. Against the backdrop of shimmering water and a PRRQOLW VKRUHOLQH RX RSHQ RXUVHOI to the possibilities of something more. Enter the sensual world of Amber Elixir Night – the night belongs WR RX Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum Seductive and warm like a lover’s caress, Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum casts its dark, sensual glow with lush oriental notes of H[RWLF LQFHQVH UHÀQHG RUULV DQG FUHDP bourbon vanilla for an unforgettable scent the speaks the language of seduction. 50 ml. ` 2299 25040 ` 1599 SPECIAL 700 INTRODUCTORY OFFER SAVE ` 9
  10. 10. Pure colour – pure value 21143 Desert Rose Why have one when you can have many? Pure Colour Lipstick opens up a world of colour at affordable prices.With prices this friendly, lips can get a makeover everyday! 21145 Warm Fuchsia only ` 21150 Rich Red 21152 Soft Cherry 169 /each* * Applies only fo r NEW shades 26268-26271 21153 Radiant Red 21157 Tempting Brown 10 make-up 26268 Sheer Rose 21153 Radiant Red 21160 Ripe Plum 26270 Blush Pink 21159 Black Cherry 21150 Rich Red 21158 Mink Brown 21160 Ripe Plum 21152 Soft Cherry 21159 Black Cherry 21157 Tempting Brown 21158 Mink Brown
  11. 11. NEW 4 FRESH SHADES NEW NEW *26270 Blush Pink *26268 Sheer Rose NEW NEW *26271 Bright Red 26 26270 Blush Pink *26269 Soft Coral 26 8S 26 27 1 Br igh tR 21145 Warm Fuchsia ed e os R er he 9 626 Soft al Cor 21143 Desert Rose 26269 Soft Coral 2 Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick Smooth, conditioning lipstick in a huge spectrum of colour. Bold shades, creamy texture. 4 g. 21143,45,50,52,53,57-60 26268-71 ` 199 ` 199 `169 make-up 11
  12. 12. 12
  14. 14. Stay luxuriously soft all over for only ` MUST HAVE Get the secret to nourished hair 409 for only ` PAGE 67 119 IN THIS CATALOGUE: 16 REV UP THE PARTY THIS HOLIDAY 24 MAKE-UP Explore the art of colour through our range of PHVPHULVLQJ VKDGHV DQG WH[WXUHV PAGE 81 34 VERY ME Lets get the party started with vibrant looks that know no limits! 40 FRAGRANCE (YHU VFHQW LV D WKULOOLQJ DQG EHDXWLIXO WUHDVXUH Find what inspires you most! 46 MEN’S CORNER 'DUH WR EH JHQXLQH DQG PDVFXOLQH 52 SKIN CARE 6NLQ EHDXW FUHDWHG WKURXJK SXUH VFLHQFH DQG QDWXUH 76 TOILETRIES We help you keep things fresh with ways to relax and pamper! 90 BEAUTY COUNTDOWN WITH HOT DISCOUNTS ABOUT ORIFLAME 2ULÁDPH LV RQH RI WKH IDVWHVW JURZLQJ GLUHFW VHOOLQJ FRPSDQLHV WRGD ‡ Over 45 years of Swedish beauty expertise ‡ Combining the wisdom of nature with the latest science ‡ :LGH VHOHFWLRQ RI DIIRUGDEOH SUHPLXP SURGXFWV ‡ Charity and education programs across the world ‡ ([FOXVLYH EXVLQHVV RSSRUWXQLW WKURXJK 2ULÁDPH 14 Q Quick buy: 17590, ` 409 Q Quick buy: 30742, ` 119 Let’s get this party rolling with another enchanting season! We want to blast this month off with yet another extravagant SDUW ¶2ULÁDPH VWOH· With an amazing line of cosmetics and beauty products to choose IURP RX·YH JRW MXVW HYHUWKLQJ RX QHHG WR JHW RX ORRNLQJ VH[ sassy and drop-dead gorgeous for the party season! $OVR WKH 1HZ HDU FRXQWGRZQ LV VRRQ RQ LWV ZD 0DNH VXUH RX GRQ·W PLVV RXW RQ WKH DPD]LQJ GHDOV DQG GLVFRXQWV ZH KDYH RQ RIIHU LQ WKLV FDWDORJXH ,W·V WKH SHUIHFW WLPH WR EX WKRVH VSHFLDO JLIWV IRU MXVW DERXW DQRQH ² RXU IDPLO your friends, your special someone, or even yourself! +DYH IXQ ZLWK 2ULÁDPH DQG KDYH DQ DPD]LQJ WLPH WKLV KROLGD VHDVRQ May your life be as enchanting as ours! Niklas Frisk Vice President Head of South Asia and Managing Director, India
  15. 15. 3 EFFECTS IN 1 STEP Contour, colour and volume in one lipstick 96 PAGE WE LOVE Whiter, younger skin like never before Save ` 500 59 PAGE Q Quick buy: 17498, ` 1190 TRIPLE CORE 3D NEW TOP 5 BEAUTY ESSENTIALS FOR AN ENCHANTING SEASON: www.oriflame.co.in *Based on average global sales 1. Oriflame Beauty Perfect Blush Make the sweetest and warmest cheeks yours with this great blush. Page 17 2. Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation Get this unique foundation that gives flawless skin and nutrients to keep your skin looking youthful. Page 31 Introducing a revolution in lip colour – the world’s 1st ever Triple Core 3D Lipstick Q Quick buy: 26575-26580, ` 335 3. Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body Glow For an all over body lotion with shimmering effect plus peachy fragrance. Page 35 4. Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette Enter a lovely world that awakens to a magical and sweet-smelling reality. Page 40 STAFF’S FAVORITE: NATCHA HANCHAISRI, SENIOR ART DIRECTOR “ The Triple Core Lipstick is my latest addiction and favourite lipstick by far! The colour and gloss is just fabulous plus it doesn’t dry my lips! Glides so smoothly... I simply enjoy just applying it! I’ve never found a reason to show off my lips until now!” 5. Milk Honey Gold Moisturizing Shower Cream Experience a touch of gold that transform your skin to feeling silky smooth and moisture rich. Page 83 15
  16. 16. I can’t help staring from time to time. I raise my long Hyper Stretch Mascara lashes and feel the flush underneath my Perfect Blush cheeks when we finally lock eyes. You make me feel beautiful and glamorous inside. 16 make-up 0RGHO LV ZHDULQJ 2(YHU/DVWLQJ )RXQGDWLRQ 3RUFHODLQ +SHU 6WUHWFK 0DVFDUD %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW (H /LQHU 6WOR 12814 Black, 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 3HUIHFW %OXVK *ORZLQJ 3HDFK 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 3RZHU 6KLQH 6DWLQ /LSVWLFN 24945 Red Lustre. Centre of attention
  17. 17. Inspired and developed by JONAS WRAMELL 21649 Fresh Pink ቤ ቢ 21650 Classic Rose ባ 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW Loose Powder 21651 Glowing Peach ቦ Ultra-fine loose powder in a translucent formula to fit every skin-tone. Sets make-up, keeping complexion shine-free and flawless. Contains light-reflecting Illuma Flair™ complex for a natural and luminous result in any light. 7 g. ` 649 24079 ባ Professional Length: 18 cm. 24150 24306 Black ቢ ` 549 Powder Brush ብ ` 279 21649 Fresh Pink ቤ Blush Brush The perfect blush brush. Goat hair bristles with wooden handle. 180 mm. 23255 ` 279 ` 249 ብ Oriflame Beauty Perfect Blush The delicately soft texture sculpts your face and cheeks are left in a state of pure radiance - suited to all skin tones. 4 g. ` 529 ` 369 ቦ Hyper Stretch Mascara Our latest innovation – instant maximal length with stimulating Pro-Long Complex™ that complements your lashes natural growth cycle. Stretch lashes potential – everyday. 8 ml. 24306 ` 429 30% ALL THE FUN FOR LESS! Up to R̆ 17
  18. 18. 0RGHO LV ZHDULQJ (YHU/DVWLQJ )RXQGDWLRQ /LJKW ,YRU 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW 3UHVVHG 3RZGHU 0HGLXP +SHU 6WUHWFK 0DVFDUD %ODFN .RKO 3HQFLO %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 3HUIHFW %OXVK ODVVLF 5RVH 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW /LSVWLFN 1XGH 6XHGH Ladies Night This is our night girls! So fine, so chic, we all look so divine! I’ve got my party-perfect make-up on – skin is gleaming with high-performance EverLasting Foundation and my smoky eyes can’t get any more dramatic than with creamy Kohl Pencil… I know I’m going to look gorgeous as we party ‘till sunrise! make-up
  19. 19. 23831 Eternal Pink ቢ 23831 Eternal Pink 23832 Supreme Pink 23833 Absolute Coral 23834 Timeless Red 23835 Divine Berry Eternal Gloss 23859 Nude Our longest lasting lip gloss ever. In one sweep, lips are lacquered in intense high-voltage colour resistant to fade. Enjoy a shiny finish and high coverage for up to 7 hours. Flocked doe-foot applicator for a precise touch. 5 ml. ` 449 24916 Porcelain ባ Oriflame Beauty Wonder Balm Protective and moisturising lip balm containing soothing Aloe Vera extract coupled with Vitamin A and E. Infused with pearls for a shimmering appearance. 4 g. ` 249 23099 23858 Black 24916 Porcelain Pencil Sharpener Materials: polystyrene and PP. 24383 ` 99 ` 89 ቢ Kohl Pencil Enhance and define your eyes with creamy, colourrich eyeliner. Nude shade act as an eye opener, black liner adds dramatic definition. Perfect for sensitive eyes. 1.3 g. ` 249 24922 Light Ivory ባ EverLasting Foundation High-performance foundation for long-lasting flawless wear. With Patented Skincare Technology Velvety-smooth finish and comfortable fit. Medium to high coverage. 30 ml. ` 790 `690 ALL THE FUN FOR LESS! SAVE UP TO ` 100 19
  20. 20. 0RGHO LV ZHDULQJ (YHU/DVWLQJ )RXQGDWLRQ /LJKW ,YRU 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW 3UHVVHG 3RZGHU 0HGLXP 2ULÁDPH %HDXW RORXU 3UR (H 6KDGRZ 7ULR 6PRN %URZQ +SHU 6WUHWFK 0DVFDUD %ODFN .RKO 3HQFLO %ODFN 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 3HUIHFW %OXVK ODVVLF 5RVH 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW /LSVWLFN +RW 3LQN Boudoir privy session Some things you just can’t do with guys around… Dress straps adjusted. Hair strands in place. Lipstick retouched with favourite Studio Artist Lipstick shade. Face freshened up with light-diffusing Studio Artist Pressed Powder. Now a quick date update with my girls and we’re ready to get back on the dance floor! make-up
  21. 21. 26569 Vibrant Almond Inspired and developed by JONAS WRAMELL 26570ac t p Pink Im 2 6 5 69 o n d A lm Vibrant ባ 26571 ose R Strik ing 26572 ed R E le ct ric 26573rr y e Deep B ቢ 26574 err y Ch Inte nse Lip Impact Crayon The smooth texture glides onto lips giving truly intense colour in only one stroke. Super-comfortable, silky feel and moisturising formula to help prevent lips from drying. High coverage, medium shine. Long wear without colour bleed. 3.9 g. 23056 Light ` 329 ` 289 Professional Fan Powder Brush Size: 170 mm. 24149 ` 229 23056 Light 23057 Medium 23058 Dark ቢ Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder ባ Perfect for setting your make-up or touching up during the day. Light diffusing pigments blur imperfections and its ultra fine texture flawlessly blends with your skin for a natural look, without caking or settling into fine lines. 8 g. A satin-smooth texture in warm, flattering shades for perfectly luscious lips with a flawless finish. Specially designed bullet shape for precise application. 4 g. Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick ` 599 ` 479 ` 399 20% ALL THE FUN FOR LESS! Up to R̆ 21
  22. 22. Model is wearing: Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow 20529 Light, Very Me Click It Concealer 21661 Pink, Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow 24956 Soft Brown, Very Me Clickit Eyeliner 20437 Black, Very Me Clickit Mascara 20435 Black, Very Me Cherry My Cheeks 24351 Sweet Coral, Very Me Lip Crayon 24606 Nougat. Sister act The stunner that she is, my sister Angela knows how to work her magic at a party. She’s young, she’s fun, and she’s my best friend! But underneath all that glitter, there’s a real girl who’s cool and trendy. Her customisable and dual-ended Very Me Clickit Eyeliner, Lip Gloss and Mascara all play up her best features, and best of all, fit perfectly in her tiny clutch. Smart. 22 very me
  23. 23. ᕡ Very Me Clickit Lip Gloss Give your lips kissable shine with shimmering lip gloss. Combine with clickit lip stain for LQWHQVLÀHG FRORXU PO ` ` 169 Ultra Glam Eau de Toilette 20 3 Ba ink P by 990 lac 7B 43 20 k ac 20 43 5 k ᕢ Bl ` ³ 52 Let the rhythm take control with WKH VHGXFWLYH RULHQWDO YDQLOOLF IUXLW QRWHV RI 8OWUD *ODP PO 23614 189 20 0B 44 Very Me Clickit Connector ` 20418 lue OLFN WRJHWKHU RXU PXVWKDYH FOLFNLW SURGXFWV ZLWK WKH FOLFNLW FRQQHFWRU DQG RX·UH UHDG WR JR 79 ᕣ ` 59 44 20 ᕢ Very Me Clickit Mascara /HQJWKHQLQJ DQG GHÀQLQJ PDVFDUD for fuller, thicker lashes. Click with your favourite eyeliner or lip SURGXFW PO 1G n ree Very Me Clickit Concealer (DV WR DSSO OLTXLG FRQFHDOHU JOLGHV RQ VPRRWKO ,GHDO IRU sensitive areas of your face. Complements existing Clickit SURGXFWV PO ` 21661 Pink LAST TIME 21662 *ROG ` 179 189 ` 169 189 Last time in this catalogue ` 169 ` ᕣ Very Me Clickit Eyeliner Give your eyes electrifying allure with high-gloss eyeliner. Combine with clickit mascara for ultra JODPRXU PO ` 189 25% ALL THE FUN FOR LESS! Up to R̆ 23
  24. 24. ink ed nt R 54 ese 3D 23 55 2M ia Rad 23 There are plenty of ways to change your make-up look for the festive season. Try a smokey eye look, be bold with a JDOODQW OLSVWLFN RU ZRZ HYHURQH ZLWK VXSHU ÀDZOHVV VNLQ Experiment with something new every time! Bro wn 2355 4 Rip e Plu m PARTY ON! 48 235 Get Your R rt e os Create your own perfect look! Try on hairstyles, colours make-up at our virtual make-up studio. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVPDNHXSJXLGH 23543 Desert Rose 23544 Warm Fuchsia 23547 Rich Red 23548 Radiant Red 23551 Tempting Brown 23552 Mink Brown 23553 Black Cherry 23554 Ripe Plum Bold, daring irresistible Pure Colour Intense Lipstick High coverage lipstick in the most popular shades. Concentrated colour for great pay-off. Comfortable, moisturizing formula for a smooth lip feel. 2.5 g. 24808 Nude Grey ` 149 24809 Sand Green 24810 Midnight Pink 9 2480 Make your eyes stand out Pure Colour Eye Shadow Palette A world of colour, incredible value! Eye shadow palette bursting of wearable shades in gorgeous colour combinations. Combine or use your favourite on its own. Applicator included. 4.8 g. ` 529 24 make-up 24810 Midnight Pink Sand een Gr
  25. 25. MAKE-UP ENHANCE YOUR LOOKS Q PAGE 24-33 Celebrate beauty with perfect coverage Create a long-lasting look this holiday season with the perfect product for the perfect complexion! 23208 Light 23209 Light/Medium Pure Colour Oriflame Pure Colour Pressed Powder Touch yourself up with this ultra-fine powder and give you a natural complextion. Its lightweight formulation contains the mineral zeolite to help smooth the skin. For combination/oily skin. 20 g. 23208 Light 26654 Lovely Lilac ` 198 make-up 25
  26. 26. 23160 Baby Pink 2316 Baby 0 Pink 1 2316 Haze er Clov 23161 Clover Haze 2 k 16 Pin 23 de u N 23162 Nude Pink 23163 Intense Pink Great colour – great price! 231 Cora 68 l Red 23168 Coral Red 23171 Dark Brown 23163 ink P Intense Only ` 149 /each 24423 Pastel Pink 26 make-up Lave 24424 nder Shim m 24425 Glossy Taupe 24425 upe Glossy Ta 3 k 42 in 24 tel P s Pa er 24424 Lavender Shimmer
  27. 27. 2626 0 Ber ry Int 26258 Red Classic ense by Pink 26259 Ru 26261 D eep Plum NEW 5NEW SHADES CLASSIC 26257 Sheer Cream 26258 Red Classic 26260 Berry Intense 262 57 S hee r Cr eam 2ULÁDPH 3XUH RORXU 1DLO 3ROLVK Glossy, high shine nail polish in a wide range of H[FLWLQJ VKDGHV *RUJHRXV ÀQLVK IDQWDVWLF FRORXUV – and what’s more, it’s unbelievable value! Why not try them all?! 8 ml. ` 179 00% SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER OFF 26259 Ruby Pink 26261 Deep Plum PDNHXS 27
  28. 28. 14 ml. Inspired and developed by JONAS WRAMELL ` 329 Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Foundation 30 ml. 25312 Melon 17473 Black 25312 Melon Marcel Marongiu Lip Gloss Professional Eyebrow Brush Double sided perfecting brush for lash and brows. Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium, Wood. Size: 170 mm. 25313 Apricot ` 598 22907 Porcelain 25314 25315 Strawberry Raspberry LAST TIME 25316 Cherry Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eye Liner Last time in this catalogue 2.5 g. 22908 Fair Nude ` 349 17473 Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer 1.6 g. ` 399 24940 Nude Lustre 24942 Satin Clover 24945 Red Lustre 24946 Satin Mauve 12814 Black 24944 Ultra Pink 24947 Brown Sheen 12814 Black 22910 Natural Beige Power Shine Satin Lipstick 24944 Ultra Pink 22909 Olive Beige 10 ml. ` 279 A high-quality tapered brush that delivers a smooth and flawless application. Material: Nylon, Aluminium, Wood. Dimensions: 180 mm. 12815 Brown 24148 Precision applicator delivers lasting colour that dries in seconds. Refreshing, no smudge formula. 1.6 g. ` 429 23052 Medium 23053 Dark Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Cream Blush 20 ml. 12807 Light/ Medium 8 g. 26533 Soft Peach 26533 Soft Peach 26534 Pink Glow 26535 Sheer Berry 28 make-up 12809 Porcelain 12810 Natural Ivory Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation 30 ml. ` 449 15027 Black ` 479 ` 329 Eyelash Curler Easy-to-use lash curler made of nickel-free alloy with burgundy rubber handles. 11 x 4 cm. 9315 12808 Medium/ Dark Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Pressed Powder ` 549 Professional Foundation Brush Oriflame Beauty Eye Liner Stylo 23051 Light 12807 Light/ Medium ` 149 24145 Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara High lash drama in any conditions, this 100% waterproof mascara leaves lashes colour-rich and conditioned. With Silica. 8 ml. 15027 ` 429 ` 199 Oriflame Beauty Professional Powder Puff White, circular fluffy powderpuff with ribbon. Diameter: 64 mm x Depth: 10 mm. 15895 ` 99
  29. 29. Hollywood colour, fairytale gloss In the deep forest or in the city, you’ll love dazzling, ultra-rich colour that lasts! 25082 Tea Rose ቢ 25083 Daring Brown ባ ቤ 2508 8 H olly wood Red 25084 Black Red 25086 Forbidden Burgundy Beauty Nail Polish Remover 25088 Hollywood Red ቢ NAILS ቢ Oriflame 75 ml. ` 229 18937 ed ` 199 ck R ` 229 18935 Bla Beauty Nail Shield 84 ቤ Oriflame 7 ml. ባ 2 50 ` 199 LIPS Beauty Nail Food 25086 Forbidden Burgundy ባ Oriflame 7 ml. 25074 HollywoodRed ` 329 18939 ` 229 7 ml. 18927 ` 219 25076 Coral Red 25079 Cherry Delight 7 ml. Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base Top Coat 25074 Hollywood Red 25078 Pink Drama Oriflame Beauty Nail Whitener 24696 25089 Pink Drama ቢ More by Demi Lipstick Dare to be bold with our most glamorous lipstick ever. Blended with our choicest moisturisers and intense pigments for ultra-rich colour that glides on smoothly and delivers the perfect Hollywood finish. 4 g. ` 699 ባ More by Demi Nail Polish Lavish your nails in bold, rich colour. High-gloss nail polish delivers dazzling colour intensity in 6 glamorous shades, built to resist colour fade, that capture the seductive allure of iconic Hollywood glamour. 7 ml. 25081 Daring Brown ` 399 make-up 29
  30. 30. 30 make-up
  31. 31. Our favourite anti aging foundation: Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation WE LOVE Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation An unmistakably younger appearance - a timeless classic returns enriched with rare White Truffle extract for improved age defying qualities. Its creamy texture combines a smooth, even finish and hydrating qualities with SPF 8 to help keep your skin looking immaculate. 30 ml. ` 990 ` 690 21621 Porcelain 21622 Light Ivory Why you should try it: Because its special formulation of luxurious white truffle extracts with its anti-oxidant properties plus protection from the sun give you not just a soft, even and smooth finish, but it also helps keep your face younger-looking as you use it. PRODUCT RATING* “It’s the perfect foundation for me because not only do I need it as a make-up base, it has anti-aging properties and sun protection so using LW LV TXLWH EHQHÀFLDOµ *Based on global average of consumer ratings. TRY IT NOW YOU’LL LOVE IT TOO 30% OFF make-up 31
  32. 32. Giordani Gold Age Defying Pressed Powder 7 g. ` 999 26516 Light 26517 Natural 26516 Light Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 25 g. ` 990 21633 Natural Bronze 23763 Natural Peach 21633 Natural Bronze 21632 Natural Radiance Giordani Gold Powder Brush 12 cm long. ` 399 23258 21720 Shiny Black Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner 7 ml. ` 549 21720 22744 Dusky Nude 22744 Dusky Nude 22747 Mauve Dream 22748 Rose Blossom 22749 Cerise Pink 22750 Plum Desire 22751 Eternal Red 22753 Honey Chestnut Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick 4 g. ` 649 32 make-up Love She captures his gaze as she walks by. The smouldering passion in his eyes says it all. Model is wearing: Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 21633 Natural Bronze, Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation 21621 Porcelain, Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara 24097 Black, Giordani Gold Volume Delight Mascara 22743 Black, Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick 21688 Tender Nude.
  33. 33. 2 4 0 97 9 OUT OF 10 WOMEN B lack VD LW YLVLEO GHÀQHV DQG separates lashes.* * Consumer tested on 97 women Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara Gorgeously long, defined lashes are yours. Revolutionary new brush and ultra-defining Lisciophere formulation deliver lengthier lashes and amazing one-coat coverage. 8 ml. 24097 ` 549 24097 Black make-up 33
  34. 34. The sheer pleasure of soft, GLOWING SKIN Your prettiest and healthiest skin awaits you this festive season! Get ready to be the life of the party with the most natural-looking glowing skin with the sweet scent of peaches! Create your own perfect look! Try on hairstyles, colours make-up at our virtual make-up studio. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVPDNHXSJXLGH 20529 Light 20530 Dark Heavenly glow Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted gel moisturiser brings out the best in you. Lightly tinted for sheer coverage and a peachy, natural glow. 30 ml. ` 34 very me 329
  35. 35. VERY ME FOR THE YOUNG AND HIP Q PAGE 34-39 The sheer pleasure of soft, glowing skin Your prettiest and healthiest skin awaits you this festive season! Get ready to be the life of the party with the most natural-looking glowing skin with the sweet scent of peaches! Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body Glow Fabulous lightly shimmering body cream with a fresh peach fragrance. Moisturises, softens and illuminates. 150 ml. 24267 26654 Lovely Lilac ` 349 very me 35
  36. 36. Model is wearing: Very Me Smoothie Foundation 20386 Porcelain, Very Me Incredibalm 20396,Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow 24957 Black sky, Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils 20425 Electric Purple. 36
  37. 37. ᕡ Very Me Sponges Velvet-soft sponges for smooth and even foundation application. Set of 2 sponges. Materials: Natural Rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber. 4 x 4 x 0.5 cm. · 24350 Pretty Pink ` 23265 Very Me Cherry My Cheeks Accentuate those gorgeous cheeks with powder blush in fresh shades. Goes on smooth and soft for perfectly rosy cheeks. 2 g. ` 89 ` 75 24351 Sweet Coral ᕢ Very Me Smoothie Foundation Nourishing foundation with berry and yogurt H[WUDFWV JLYHV RX Á DZOHVV SLFWXUHSHUIHFW skin. 30 ml. 20387 Ivory ᕢ 329 ` 329 ` 279 20386 Porcelain PRODUCT RATING* “My absolute face make-up essentials before it’s time to hit the town – my all-in-one Very Me Smoothie Foundation for a smooth and QRXULVKLQJ ÀQLVK WRSSHG RII ZLWK D SUHWWLQSLQN cheek blush care of Very Me Cherry Me Cheeks!” ³ * Based on global average of consumer ratings. 20386 Porcelain GET THAT PARTYPERFECT LOOK OFF 15% 37
  38. 38. Very Me Pencil Sharpener Materials: Polystyrene, Stainless Steel. 3.6 x 3.1 x 2.6 cm. 24956 Soft Brown 20345 Pretty Green LAST TIME 24957 Black sky 21254 Red Vibe 24957 Black sky Last time in this catalogue 21260 Pink Kiss 21261 Rock Star Pink 21263 Mocha Dream LAST TIME 229 Last time in this catalogue 279 20421 Night Glow Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils Turn up the heat with double the colour in one pencil for the hottest looks. Perfect for lining your inner lash line . Five new colour combos for ultra dazzle. 1.38 g. ` 20424 Blue Lagoon 20422 Mocha Loca 20425 Electric Purple Very Me Lip Crayon Creamy, glossy, medium coverage lip pencil in shades to coordinate with Lipmania Lipstick. 0.8 g. ` 20423 Goddess Green 179 249 rple 24604 Nude 24605 Coral 24607 Pink ectric Pu 20425 El 38 21254 Red Vibe Very Me Lipmania ` Release your inner artist! Lustrous Eye Envy Eye Shadow duos in all the shades of who you are. 1.9 g. ` 21257 Sweet Plum 4 g. 24955 Frosty Blue Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow 21256 Flirty Pink 21258 21259 Pink Smoothie Vibrant Peach 20392 Cocoa Glaze 20392 Cocoa Glaze 21255 Pink Blush 24608 Fuchsia 24606 Nougat 24604 Nude 24955 Frosty Blue 99 21262 Hot Berry ` 23268
  39. 39. Rock Angel Eau de Toilette Set the world on edge with the sassy insouciance of Rock Angel Eau de Toilette. Sweet, innocent pear and gardenia spin a web of romance before audacious cedarwood winks and reveals your mischievous side. 30 ml. 22953 ` 890 ROCK ANGEL MOBILE CHARM Customise your phone with trendy Rock Angel charm. Just remove the charm from your Rock Angel bottle and attach it to your phone to add a little spice to your life. Materials: Polyester, Copper, Iron, Zinc Alloy, Rhodium Plating. Nickel Free. Size: pendant 1.2 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (W); strap length: 6 cm. 39
  40. 40. SCENTS of the season The festive season is an excuse to add beautifully shaped bottles to your dresser and create the impression you want. Get into the holiday mood by giving yourself or that special someone the JLIW RI VFHQW WR ¿W HYHU PRRG DQG RFFDVLRQ Discover your scent and express your personality with our portfolio of sweet-smelling fragrances. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVIUDJUDQFHJXLGHIUDJUDQFHJXLGH L I V E Y O U R L I F E B E A U T I F U L LY Intensely feminine Paradise Eau de Parfum Embrace a life extraordinary with Paradise Eau de Parfum and its delicately sensual notes of rosé pepper, jasmine petals and musk. 50 ml. 23853 Irresistibly seductive Love Potion Eau de Parfum Green, fresh opulent Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette Surround yourself in the delicious beauty of Lovely Garden. Charming hints of rhubarb, hot milk accord and vanilla orchid will lead you astray. 50 ml. 23838 40 fragrance ` 1690 Explore the pleasures of love with Love Potion’s aphrodisiacal alchemy of spicy ginger, cocoa blossom and enticing chocolate. 50 ml. 22442 ` 1890 ` 2490
  41. 41. FRAGRANCE EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE Q PAGE 40-45 A tender fantasy awaits you Cool, airy and ethereal; be enchanted by the magical scent of spring meadows on your skin. ቢ ባ GREEN LEAVES,VIOLET, MUSK ቢ Muse Eau de Toilette Green leaves mingle with dewy violet and white musk, spinning a delightful web of daydreams in Muse Eau de Toilette. 50 ml. 21671 ` 1890 ባ Muse Body Spray Fall into a blossoming dream with Muse Body Spray and its gorgeous notes of green leaves, dewy violet and white musk. 75 ml. 26654 Lovely Lilac 25042 ` 198 fragrance 41
  43. 43. GET THE ENCHANTING SCENT SAVE Escape to an exotic paradise ቢ Imagine a world of silky breezes and riches beyond your wildest dreams. 300 ቢ Felicity Deodorising Body Spray Deodorising body spray infused with Felicity’s sensual notes of cinnamon, jasmine and vanilla. Enhances your fragrance. For use all over body. 75 ml. 21674 ` 198 ባ Felicity Eau de Toilette Escape to an exotic land scented with the heat of cinnamon, ethereal jasmine and gourmand vanilla with seductive Felicity Eau de Toilette. 50 ml. 21673 ` 1790 ` 1490 ባ fragrance 43
  44. 44. The golden hour Amber Elixir Body Spray More by Demi Eau de Parfum Embody Hollywood magic with More by Demi Eau de Parfum. Tahitian ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac and sandalwood capture the glamour and sophistication of Demi Moore. 50 ml. ` 2690 23624 Sensual tranquillity awaits you with the warm mandarin, sweet almond and musk aura of Amber Elixir Body Deodorising Body Spray. 75 ml. Soon the sun will set on the Eternal City but for now the VN LV ÀOOHG ZLWK D ZDUP RFKUH light that casts golden shadows and kisses her skin. ` 198 23558 More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray Sensual body spray infused with the oriental floral notes of More by Demi. Perfect for misting all over your body. 75 ml. ` 198 24457 Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum Introducing a new interpretation of Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum. Radiant notes of mandarin, Madonna lily and patchouli exude pure radiance and splendour. 50 ml. Seductive Musk Eau de Toilette Turn heads with the sensual appeal of Seductive Musk Eau de Toilette and its irresistible notes of rose, musk and cashmeran. 50 ml. 24169 ` 1199 25447 ` 1890 Shake before use. Precious Moments Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold Deodorising Body Spray Precious Moments Eau de Parfum blossoms with succulent fruit notes and a white floral heart. Warm precious woods soften the delicious, glittering drydown. 50 ml. Sensual, delicately perfumed body spray imbued with the luminous notes of Giordani Gold. Perfect for misting all over your body. 75 ml. ` 1990 18957 Delicacy Eau de Toilette Surrender to the sweet pleasure of Delicacy Eau de Toilette, a floral fruity fragrance created by French master chef, Christophe Michalak, and inspired by his signature dessert, the Power Flower. 50 ml. Delicacy Hand Cream Open the door to a world of mystery with the passionate elemi, rose and vetiver notes of Mirage Body Spray. 75 ml. 23560 44 fragrance ` 198 ` 198 ` 1890 22446 Mirage Body Spray 24170 Treat your skin to this lusciously rich hand cream beautifully fragranced with the floral fruity scent of Delicacy. 75 ml. 22799 ` 298 Giordani Gold Antiperspirant 24H Deodorant Effective anti-perspirant roll-on deodorant fragranced with the gorgeous scent of Giordani Gold. 50 ml. 24171 ` 179
  45. 45. ባ ቢ Giordani Gold Body Cream Luxurious body cream beautifully scented with Giordani Gold nourishes and hydrates your skin. 250 ml. ` 498 24172 ባ Giordani Gold Fragranced Body Talc Silky body talc infused with the radiant notes of Giordani Gold. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 100 g. 24173 ` 99 ቢ fragrance 45
  46. 46. GET ON THE LIST! Wear the fragrance that awakens lust and envy in others DQG UHÀHFWV WKH VWOH DQG DWWLWXGH RI 9,3V RQ WKH HOLWH party guest list! Discover your scent and express your personality with our portfolio of sweet-smelling fragrances. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVIUDJUDQFHJXLGH For the distinguished elegant traveller Signature Heritage Eau De Toilette Let Signature Heritage Eau de Toilette take you on an elegant journey with resonantly rich paprika, black coffee and the mystique of incense curls. Perfect for the cultivated man who always travels in style. 75 ml. ` 1890 23837 For the smart self-assured cosmopolitan Espionage Eau de Toilette For the man of mystery there is only one scent – Espionage Eau de Toilette. From its evocative, aromatic clary sage tones and marine breeze accord heart, Espionage sets the scene for covert operations. Later it slides into an urbane amber finish for the perfect mission accomplished. 75 ml. 23629 46 men’s corner ` 1890 For the heart soul of a champion Rival Eau de Toilette Powerful and full of bravado like a heavyweight contender, Rival Eau de Toilette packs a punch with exhilarating notes of black coffee and stimulating vu-huong accord around the subtle refinement of violet leaves for a dynamic contrast of the driven champion and sexy sophisticate. 75 ml. 25488 ` 1299
  47. 47. MEN’S CORNER THE BEST SELECTION FOR EVERY MAN Q PAGE 46-51 Ensures an easy glide refreshing feeling Multiple strokes are never a problem when you’ve got a non-foaming shaving gel that lubricates and protects your skin whilst leaving a cooling effect. extreme care for every man. North For Men – Normal Skin Shaving Gel Ultra-rich men’s shaving gel with Glide-Tech technology, for a smoother shave and less irritation. 60 ml. 21477 ` 129 26654 Lovely Lilac ` 119 men’s corner 47
  48. 48. Soap to help brighten skin tone ቢ North For Men Cleansing Fairness Soap Bar Fairness soap with Polar White Complex to help brighten skin tone. Energising formula developed specially for men’s skin. 100 g. ` 99 18297 Brightening face wash ባ North For Men Active Fairness Face Wash Invigorating face wash for a lighter, cleansed complexion, with protective Arctic ProDefence and Polar White Complex. 150 ml. ` 398 20159 Moisturises and helps make your skin fairer ቤ North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion Fast-absorbing face lotion with Polar White Complex and moisturising agents makes skin visibly fairer. UV-filters prevent darkening of the skin. 50 ml. ` 279 16560 ባ ቤ SKIN-BRIGHTENING EFFECT. FRESH AFTER-FEEL. NEW Fairness Shower Gel with refreshing and skin-brightening action is here to bring out your confidence and assure your success! ቢ 48 men’s corner With Mulberry extract – a skin brightener. Targets pigmentation for brighter skin and more even complexion.
  49. 49. YOUR NEW SKIN BRIGHTENING ROUTINE ብ extreme care for every man. 1.Shower Take a refreshing shower with our NEW Fairness Shower Gel. Skin brightening shower gel 2.Face Wash Continue with your brightening cleanser – Fairness Face Wash or Fairness Soap Bar. 3. Face Moisturiser Last step – Moisturising Fairness Lotion that helps brighten, hydrate and sun-shield your skin. ብ North For Men Fairness Shower Gel An invigorating kick to start your day with! This effective moisturising and refreshing shower gel is formulated with Polar White Complex to naturally lighten your skin tone and keep you fresh all day. 200 ml. 25183 ` 379 `299 20% SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER OFF 49
  50. 50. Rebel Body Spray 75 ml. 8048 ` 198 Signature Fragranced Body Talc 100 g. ` 99 22150 Eikon Eau de Toilette Eclat for Men Body Spray 75 ml. 75 ml. 23564 ` 198 22916 ` 1990 Power Musk Eau de Toilette Manly, spicy and with a dash of sophistication, 3RZHU 0XVN (DX GH 7RLOHWWH SHUVRQLÀHV WKH heart and soul of the passionate man. With sexy musk, oud wood and nutmeg he’ll always be on top. 50 ml. 25472 ` 1199 Native Force Eau de Toilette Glacier Body Spray 75 ml. 75 ml. 23562 ` 198 Ascendant Fragranced Body Spray Sparkling blue hemlock fuses with sequoia wood and tobacco to form the complex vision of Architect Eau de Toilette. 75 ml. 21559 50 men’s corner ` 198 Ascendant Fragranced Body Talc Architect Eau de Toilette ` 1990 Smooth, absorbent body talc for him with the robust scent of Ascendant. 100 g. 22151 ` 1590 Voyager Eau de Toilette 75 ml. 23563 23828 ` 99 75 ml. 21707 ` 1690 Voyager Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant 50 ml. 23173 ` 179
  51. 51. New cologne for men CHARACTER NEW SENSUALITY LET NATURE CAPTIVATE YOU Cardamom brings strength and character to the fragrance, while vetiver incorporates warmth and sensuality. Aromatic cardamom adds a spicy yet fresh IDFHW WR UHÀQHG vetiver to create an elegant and very masculine scent. Renowned for its masculine character, vetiver is the quintessential ingredient in men’s fragrances for evoking sophistication and sensuality. Elegant and modern, this fragrance is an expression of Fresh Nature by Oriflame Cardamom and Vetiver Eau de Cologne for men 400 ml. ` 899 23049 `699 contemporary sophistication with a delicate touch of freshness. SPECIAL 200 INTRODUCTORY OFFER SAVE ` 51
  52. 52. CELEBRATE PURE GLAMOROUS SKIN Optimise your skin’s appearance with the power of genuine diamond powder and premium Eternal Beauty Complex. A truly innovative range in skin beauty, get illuminated, even, smooth, and visibly younger-looking skin all year round – for the rest of your life! ባ Restore skin brilliance with diamonds Rejuvenate your skin while you sleep ቢ Diamond ቤ Diamond Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream Cellular Night Restorative Treatment 50 ml. 13659 30 ml. ` 2290 Exfoliate your skin to perfection ባ Diamond 150 ml. 24199 LAST TIME Cellular Exfoliator ` 1090 18437 ` 2390 ቤ Leave your skin pristinely clean ብ Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser 200 ml. 21339 Last time in this catalogue 52 skin care ብ ` 1090 ቢ
  53. 53. SKIN CARE GREAT SKIN IS YOURS! Q PAGE 52-75 For eyes that shine bright like diamonds It’s the ultimate eye treatment with unique White Diamond Elixir™ and Eternal Youth Complex to smoothen skin and bring out the luminosity of younger-looking eyes. WITH UNIQUE GENUINE DIAMOND MICRO POWDER FOR ALL SKIN TYPES 40+ Diamond Cellular Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment High performance eye care for youthful looking eyes. Reduces dark circles and puffiness, corrects winkles and fine lines, and intensively hydrates skin in the eye area. 15 ml. 22419 ` 1190 skin care 53
  54. 54. For Beautifully For a complete routine to nourish and replenish skin use all Milk Honey Gold Skincare products. Firm and smooth eyes! ባ Cleansing Milk Intensely Mouisturising Night Cream Pamper your eyes with this rich cream developed specially for the delicate eye contour. Organically Sourced Milk Honey offer your eye area incredibly intense hydration, nourishment and radiance! ቢ ORGANICALLY SOURCED Milk is rich in nutrients, which are proven to hydrate dry skin. ቢ Milk ባ Milk Honey Gold Night Cream Honey Gold Cleansing Milk 50 ml. 24732 54 skin care 200 ml. ` 498 24733 ` 398 Honey contains vitamins and minerals that help revitalise skin.
  55. 55. NEW ALL FOR DRY TO VERY DRY SKIN AGES Intense Hydration Eye Cream Milk Honey Gold Eye Cream This luxurious, rich textured eye cream developed specifically for eye contour improves skin tone and hydration. Leaves eye area looking firmer and smoother while skin looks instantly moisturised and glowing. Ophthalmological tested. 15 ml. 25134 ` 349 `279 20% SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER OFF 55
  56. 56. WHITENING ANTI-WRINKLE CARE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES 35+ FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ብ 35+ ቦ ባ ባ ቢ ቢ ቤ ቢ (FROODJHQ '@ :KLWHQLQJ $QWL:ULQNOH (H UHDP 15 g. ` 899 23765 ባ (FROODJHQ '@ :KLWHQLQJ $QWL:ULQNOH 3URWHFWLYH )OXLG 63) 40 ml. 24134 ` 1590 ቤ (FROODJHQ '@ :KLWHQLQJ $QWL:ULQNOH 'D UHDP 63) ቢ (FROODJHQ '@ 'HHS :ULQNOH RUUHFWLYH DUH Correct deep wrinkles, plumping from within to smoothen and rejuvenate. With Tri-Boosting Complex to boost collagen production, cell renewal, and hydration. 50 ml. 24135 ` 1490 50 ml. 17533 ` 1590 ብ (FROODJHQ '@ :KLWHQLQJ 5HVXUIDFLQJ ([IROLDQW 75 ml. 22406 ` 990 ቦ (FROODJHQ '@ :KLWHQLQJ ,QWHQVLYH 0DVN 56 skin care '@ 'HHS :ULQNOH RUUHFWLYH (H DUH Diminish deep wrinkles, smooth crow’s feet and give a more youthful appearance. With Tri-Boosting Complex to boost collagen production, hydration, and cell renewal. Specially created for sensitive eye area. 15 ml. 24339 75 ml. 22408 ባ (FROODJHQ ` 990 ` 890 Tri-Peptide Complex 2ULÁDPH·V SDWHQWHG FROODJHQ ERRVWLQJ WHFKQRORJ Hyaluronic acid 6XSHULRU VNLQ KGUDWRU DQG UHSOXPSLQJ DJHQW
  57. 57. “My skin is left feeling clean, soft and fresh, without it drying out!” 100 Yours For An Enchanting Price SAVE ` ባ ብ ቨ ቦ ቤ ቢ ቧ FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ቢ Ecollagen Effectively cleanses without drying skin 35+ [3D+] Energising Cocktail 30 ml. 19893 [3D+] Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Mask 75 ml. ቤ Ecollagen ` 990 20213 Eye Care ` 1590 ቧ Ecollagen [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15 50 ml. 20196 [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle ` 1490 ቨ Ecollagen 15 ml. 20224 [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50 ml. ` 1590 ባ Ecollagen 22822 ቦ Ecollagen ` 749 [3D+]Transforming Anti-Ageing Cleanser ብ Ecollagen Transforming gel-oil-milk cleanser that leaves skin clean and soft, and helps relax fine lines. Use daily. 150 ml. 200 ml. 20246 [3D+] Revitalising Anti-Ageing Toner 20273 ` 890 ` 890 ` 790 skin care 57
  58. 58. WHITENING ANTI-WRINKLE CARE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES 35+ “This cream worked very well in improving my ** complexion.” ** Based on an unprompted user comment. 58 skin care
  59. 59. Our favourite whitening night treatment: Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Night Restorative Essence Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Night Restorative Essence Concentrated formulation to help restore the skin’s evenness and promote uniform skin tone while you sleep. Infused with Hyaluronic acid and Tri-Peptide Complex to reduce wrinkles. Apply to the face and neck in the evening after cleansing. 30 ml. 17498 ` 1690 ` 1190 VISIBLE REDUCTION OF DARK SPOTS AFTER 12 WEEKS WE LOVE Why you should try it: Because it acts while you sleep with its new SMART Whitening Technology that reduces melanin production and 100% natural Tri-Peptide collagen-boosting complex and Hyaluronic Acid that plump up wrinkles from within. PRODUCT RATING* Week 0 Week 12 Representation of clinically-measured results “I’m 35 years old and this night formulation ZRUNV HIÀFLHQWO LQ ZKLWHQLQJ DV ZHOO DV improving my skin complexion. Works perfectly in combination with my daily anti-ageing routine.” *Based on global average of consumer ratings. TRY IT NOW YOU’LL LOVE IT TOO ` OFF 500 SAVE skin care 59
  60. 60. SKIN-FIRMING MAGNIFICENCE ባ ቢ ቤ ቢ Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream 15 ml. ` 690 22815 ባ Royal 50 ml. Velvet Repairing Night Cream ` 1290 22814 ቤ Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF 15 50 ml. 22424 ` 1190 MONICA BELLUCCI World famous actress 60 skin care
  61. 61. 15% A precious secret to ¿UPHU VNLQ Yours For An Enchanting Price OFF Black Iris Infusion $ SRZHUIXO IXVLRQ RI ,ULV ÁRZHU LVRÁDYRQHV DQG SUHFLRXV PHWHRULWH PLQHUDOV WKLV PRGHUQ PLUDFOH UHLQIRUFHV WKH VNLQ·V UHVLOLHQFH DQG UHVWRUHV ERXQFH FOR ALL SKIN TYPES *HQWO FOHDQVHV WKH VNLQ 40+ 5HYHDO D EULJKWHU FRPSOH[LRQ ብ 5RDO 9HOYHW 8OWUD )LUPLQJ DSVXOHV Light, deep nourishing blend of 5 precious oils and Black Iris Infusion leaves your skin immediately smoothened and velvet soft with fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. 28 capsules to be used in 4 weeks. 28 pcs. 24547 ቦ ` 1690 )LQH OLQHV ZULQNOHV PLQLPLVHG ቦ 5RDO 9HOYHW 5DGLDQFH 3RZGHU 6FUXE Precious micro-fine exfoliating particles dissolve in contact with water to transform into gentle, yet effective skin polisher that deeply cleanses and rejuvenates. Enriched with the Black Iris Infusion for firmer, more resilient, younger looking skin. Use 1-2 times a week. 40 g. 23823 ቧ ` 690 ` 589 ብ ቧ 5RDO 9HOYHW UHDP OHDQVLQJ 0LON New light-textured formula that spreads beautifully over the skin to remove impurities. 200 ml. 22421 ` 690 ` 589 VNLQ FDUH 61
  62. 62. to SERIOUS SOLUTIONS SERIOUS SKIN PROBLEMS SKIN PROBLEM DARK SPOTS Bioclinic Fade Away Active Essence Night 30 ml. 24191 SKIN PROBLEM ` 1890 EYE DARK CIRCLES Bioclinic Circulation Eye Power Accelerator Day/Night 15 ml. 23381 ` 1099 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day 30 ml. 21353 ` 1790 Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night 30 ml. 21356 62 skin care ` 1890
  63. 63. 500 Yours For An Enchanting Price SAVE Target acne prone skin. Fade away blemish scars. ` 'RFXPHQWHG OLQLFDO (IÀFDF 6LJQLÀFDQW UHGXFWLRQ LQ WKH YLVLELOLW of adult blemishes after 1 month* BEFORE AFTER No-Spot™ Technology Clears Pores And Targets Acne Prone Skin Acne in adults is often caused by stress DQG KRUPRQDO ÁXFWXDWLRQ %LRFOLQLF Adult Skin Anti-Breakout featuring Centella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid reduces white/blackheads, targets pimples, and fades away post-blemish VFDUV Reduces visibility of adult blemishes SKIN PROBLEM ADULT BREAKOUTS 40+ Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night Potent anti-breakout day/night treatment in a hygienic pump bottle. Centella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid clear pores, targets breakouts, and fade away post-blemish scars. Apply morning and evening to cleansed face, concentrating on spot prone areas. Non-comedogenic to suit any skin type. 30 ml. 23770 ` 1890 ` 1390 *Clinical assessment on 27 panellists skin care 63
  65. 65. Replenish Skin Plumpness. 5HJDLQHG RQ¿GHQFH IRU 9HU 0DWXUH 6NLQ 300 Yours For An Enchanting Price SAVE ` ቢ FOR VERY MATURE SKIN Plumps up, FRQWRXUV UHGHQVLÀHV skin /LIWV ÀUPV brightens skin RQ HHOLGV 55+ ባ ቢ Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Eye Cream Improves all signs of ageing around the eyes in postmenopausal period. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex, proven to plump up deep wrinkles, redefine eye contour and restore the skin density in the eye area. 15 ml. 24667 ` 999 ባ Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Night Cream The ultimate age-defying solution engineered to target all aspects of post-menopausal skin. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex, proven to plump up deep wrinkles, improve facial contours and re-densify skin. 50 ml. 24188 Replenishes all GHÀFLHQFLHV RI very mature skin ` 1899 ` 1599 ቤ Time ቤ Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Day Cream SPF 15 Extra-pure encapsulated GenisteinSOY acts on the skin’s Beauty Genes™ to help maintain plump skin that radiates youthfulness. Unique Amino+ complex helps improve facial contours and visibly reduce wrinkles. 50 ml. 24185 ` 1799 ` 1499 VNLQ FDUH 65
  66. 66. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES Perfect skin sustained by Nature ባ ቢ ቤ ቢ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Day Cream 50 ml. 23404 ` 1290 ባ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Eye Cream 15 ml. 23407 ` 690 ECOBEAUTY skincare contains nourishing Fairtrade Organic coconut oil and Fairtrade Shea Butter.Through Fairtrade we contribute to local communities in India and Africa to help them build a better future for themselves and their families. To learn more about the difference Ecobeauty and Fairtrade make, go to ZZZRULÁDPHFRPHFREHDXW 1DWXUDO RVPHWLF FHUWLÀHG E (FRFHUW *UHHQOLIH DFFRUGLQJ WR (FRFHUW 6WDQGDUG DYDLODEOH DW http://cosmetics.ecocert.com ቤ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Night Cream 50 ml. 23406 66 skin care ` 1390 WITH NATURAL PRO-BLEND™ Multi-action, anti-oxidant Ecobeauty skincare, with Natural Pro-Blend™ technology, works in perfect synergy to strengthen, protect and be kind to your skin.
  67. 67. 4 weeks to brighter, visibly lighter skin WHITE ቧ Optimals White is a powerful skin whitening range. Enriched with Whitening complex and Liquorice extract, this full range helps visibly brighten and lighten skin. Skin complexion appears perfectly even, visibly lighter! FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES ባ ብ ቢ Optimals White Night Cream Rich, hydrating night cream lightens skin throughout the night. 50 ml. 12551 ባ Optimals ቦ ` 590 White Clarifying Toner This gentle toner lightens, refreshes and tones skin. 200 ml. 12554 LAST TIME ` 449 Last time in this catalogue ቤ Optimals White Serum Rich, soothing capsules to help lighten and immediately smoothen the skin. Silky formulation with Liquorice extract and Whitening Complex. Convenient capsules for daily use. 28 capsules. 22813 ብ Optimals ` 1090 White Foaming Cleanser Lightening foaming cleanser that removes impurities. 200 ml. 12553 ` 449 ቢ ቦ Optimals ቤ White Day Fluid ቧ Optimals White Body SPF 15 Lotion Powerful, quick-absorbing moisturiser that significantly decreases skin pigmentation while providing SPF 15 sun protection. Enriched with liposomes to help lighten skin, and anti-oxidant vitamin E. 75 ml. Non-greasy moisturising body lotion enriched with botanical Whitening Complex and Liquorice Extract naturally lightens skin tone day by day. UV filters help to reduce future pigmentation. 200 ml. 12552 ` 549 17590 ` 549 ` 409 25% Yours For An Enchanting Price OFF skin care 67
  68. 68. MATTE TOUCHTM FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN ALL EVEN OUT TM FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AGES ALL AGES Optimals Mattifying Toner Optimals Even Out™ Day Cream SPF 20 200 ml. 50 ml. ` 449 19969 Optimals Matte Touch™ Day Gel-Cream 50 ml. ` 549 Optimals Mattifying Foaming Gel 150 ml. ` 449 19946 ` 790 Optimals Even Out™ Night Cream 50 ml. 19899 18826 22457 ` 890 Optimals Even Out™ Dark Spot Fading Concentrate 10 ml. 50% 18977 ` 649 OFF SEEING IS BELIEVING Optimals Matte Touch™ Night Gel-Cream FOR ALL SKIN TYPES For perfectly matte, fresh-looking skin without shiny areas. Dry areas are moisturised and smooth. 50 ml. 20277 LAST TIME `289 Last time for the whole range in this catalogue 68 skin care ` 590 ALL AGES Optimals Seeing is Believing Multi benefits Eye Cream 15 ml. 10796 ` 549
  69. 69. BIO MAXIMUM+™ Restore your skin’s natural elasticity! Have your skin lost its bounce and vitality? Give it some extra support with rejuvenating micro-elastin (soy proteins) and active micro-collagen that LPSURYHV VNLQ HODVWLFLW DQG ÀJKWV wrinkles! FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ቢ Optimals OFF Anti-wrinkle Day Cream Eye cream reduces crow’s feet 40+ 30% Yours For An Enchanting Price ቢ BioMaximum+™ Eye Cream Improves firmness, suppleness and elasticity of skin around the eye, and helps prevent wrinkles. 15 ml. 22472 ቤ ` 549 `379 ባ Optimals Bio Maximum+™ Night Cream Restoring and ÀUPLQJ 1LJKW Cream Powerful formula with collagen and elastin boosters gives the skin incredible strength and firmness for a visibly younger look. Apply before sleep to cleansed face and neck in light upward movements. 50 ml. 16978 ቤ Optimals ` 1090 `749 Bio Maximum+™ ባ Day Cream Micro-Collagen and Micro-Elastin from soy protein boost collagen and elastin production. Proven results: wrinkles appear reduced, skin’s elasticity is improved. 50 ml. 16977 LAST TIME ` 990 `790 Last time for the whole range in this catalogue skin care 69
  70. 70. FORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE. FORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE. Give lightness to your skin every day Unveil a fairer, matte complexion Moisture boost for thirsty skin ባ ባ ቤ ቢ ቢ ቤ ባ ቢ FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL FOR OILY SKIN AGES ቢ Essentials Fairness 5-in-1 Face Cream Lightens, hydrates, nurtures, protects and smoothens your skin with 5 vitamins and Mulberry extract. 75 ml. 26530 ` 299 ባ Essentials Fairness 5-in-1 Gel Wash Lighten, cleanse, nourish, and soften. Soap free with skin lightening complex and vitamin E. For all skin types. 125 ml. 23754 ` 279 ALL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AGES ቢ Essentials Fairness Balancing Toner Refreshing alcohol-free skin toner to clarify and mattify your complexion. Recommended for oily skin. 100 ml. ` 279 24139 ባ Essentials Fairness Balancing Cleanser A gentle soap-free solution to promote lighter complexion, mattify and refresh. Recommended for oily skin. 125 ml. 24109 24110 70 skin care ቢ Essentials Eye Contour Gel Soothe, nourish, moisturise, and cool. Special formulation for eye area with multi-vitamin complex. All skin types. 15 ml. 23749 ` 119 ` 198 ባ Essentials Moisturising Day Cream Hydrate, nourish, protect. Light formula with multi-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 75 ml. 23747 ` 279 ቤ Essentials Fairness Gel Lotion Ultra lightweight moisturising gel lotion with oil absorbing ingredients leaves your skin perfectly matte and naturally lightened. With Vitamin E and UV filters. Recommended for oily skin. 50 ml. ALL AGES ` 298 ቤ Essentials Nourishing Night Cream Richer formulation for overnight hydration with multi-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 75 ml. 23745 ` 379
  71. 71. Tender Care for your skin! FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Beeswax Olive oil ALL AGES Echium oil Beeswax and Olive oil: 5HOLHYHV GUQHVV DQG UHVWRUHV VNLQ VRIWQHVV DQG VXSSOHQHVV FOR ELBOWS ‡ as a moisturiser on dry and roughened skin areas FOR EYE ‡ )RU GU RU irritated skin around the eyes FOR KNEES ‡ DV D FXWLFOH cream FOR HANDS ‡ 7UHDW VRUH RU roughened skin Tender Care Relieves dryness and restores skin softness and suppleness. A special formula with beeswax and vegetable oils, suitable for lips, face, cuticles or any area that is dry, rough or sore. 15 ml. 1276 ` 229 skin care 71
  72. 72. Gently soothing Aloe Vera Arnica ALL Botanical extracts, natural beauty FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Face masks with lovingly selected ingredients ባ AGES ባ Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Toner ቤ 150 ml. FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN ALL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AGES 18919 ` 298 ቤ Pure ብ ቢ ቢ Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Face Wash ባ 150 ml. 18918 ` 298 Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Face Cream ብ Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Cleansing Pads 75 ml. 25 pcs. ቢ Pure ` 329 18920 20162 ` 129 Run wild and free with purifying skincare ቤ FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN ALL AGES ባ Pure ቢ ቢ Pure Nature Organic Burdock Extract Purifying Clay Mask Moisturising gel mask with white tea extract for all skin types. 50 ml. ባ 100 g. ባ Pure Purifying clay mask with burdock extract for normal to oily skin. 50 ml. Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Soap Bar Nature Organic White Tea Extract Moisturising Gel Mask 23468 ` 298 16356 ` 298 Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Oil ቤ Pure 10 ml. 16358 ቢ Pure 14 ml. 21352 72 skin care ` 99 ` 479 Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Blemish Solver 21347 ` 349
  73. 73. Quick and easy answer to blackheads FOR PROBLEM TO OILY SKIN How To Use: Apply to cleansed skin, avoiding eye area. /HDYH RQ IRU ÀYH minutes, rinse off with warm water, pat dry. Do not rub. Use 1-2 times weekly. 15+ ቨ ብ ቤ ቦ ቧ ቢ ባ Blackhead clearing mask ቢ Pure Skin 1 Clarifying Scrub 2 Purifying Mask 2 x 6 ml sachets. ባ Pure 15 ml. 20164 ብ Pure 150 ml. 20166 ` 429 20194 ቧ Pure 50 ml. Skin Hide Treat Skin Shine Control Cream ` 298 20167 ` 379 20176 ቤ Pure 150 ml. Skin Scrub Face Wash Deep Action 150 ml. ` 89 22418 ቦ Pure ቨ Pure Skin Blackhead Clearing Mask Deep Action Mask with antimicrobial Salicylic acid and Detect Technology to reduce and prevent blackheads and spots. Purifies and tightens pores, controls shine. Use 1-2 times per week. 50 ml. Skin Face Wash Skin Blackhead Toner Deep Action 24202 ` 449 ` 479 ` 329 ` 279 15% Yours For An Enchanting Price OFF skin care 73
  74. 74. The future of your new body FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Win your anti-cellulite attack! ALL AGES ቢ Perfect Body Firming Bust Décolleté Gel ባ An innovative formulation to firm and lift your bust. Advanced multi action 3D complex stimulates that has been proven to firm and tone the skin. Day after day your breasts are more toned and lifted. 50 ml. 18436 )LUPV tightens tones tummy area ` 1190 ባ Perfect Body Tight Tummy Toning Gel Helps refine and reshape your silhouette. Slackened skin on your tummy feels firmer, tighter and appears more toned. For better results massage into the skin after shower with gentle circular motions every morning and evening. 125 ml. 18426 74 skin care ` 1190 )LUPLQJ lifting bust gel CAROLINE WOZNIACKI World top tennis player: ቢ “To Be The Best You Have To Use The Best!” “Achieving my dream to become a top world tennis player has taken a huge amount of passion and determination. By working ZLWK 2ULÁDPH , KRSH , FDQ LQVSLUH RWKHU women to do the same – to perform at WKHLU EHVW LQ ZKDWHYHU WKH GR $V D ZRPDQ , ORYH WR IHHO JRRG DERXW P ERG DQG , ZDQW WR ORRN JUHDW7KLV LV ZK 2ULÁDPH·V Perfect body range and me are a perfect match!”
  75. 75. Professional sun protection for your skin Nourish moisturising sun cream ባ ቢ FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES About Sun Protection Your skin´s pigment, also known as melanin, is produced as a natural self-defence to protect against UV rays. Unfortunately, pigment does not provide an effective barrier to these rays that can lead to sunburn and premature skin ageing. Light, waterproof sun protection ቢ Sun Care Lotion SPF 10 Light, silky, moisturising lotion with photostable protection. Quickly absorbed. Contains Vitamin E to protect skin against free radicals and Sunflower Oil to keep the skin supple. Water resistant. 50 ml. 1814 ` 279 ባ Sun Care Cream SPF 20 Moisturising cream with UVA and UVB filters. Contains Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to delay the signs of ageing. Water resistant. 50 ml. 1815 ` 349 skin care 75
  76. 76. READY TO TURN HEADS AT THE PARTY? :LWK WKH +DLU; UDQJH RI H̆HFWLYH KDLU FDUH VROXWLRQV RX FDQ EH VXUH RXU FURZQLQJ JORU ZLOO KDYH DOO HHV RQ RX :KHWKHU it’s battling frizzy or damaged strands to boosting your hair’s VKLQH JRUJHRXV DQG OXVWURXV ORFNV FDQ EH RXUV WR KDYH 30% OFF ብ ባ ቢ ቤ Shampoo to tame frizzy hair ቢ HairX 250 ml. 20617 Frizz Free Shampoo ` 298 ` 209 Conditioner to smooth rebellious hairlook Cleanses to reveal shine Nourishes for glossier hair ባ HairX 250 ml. ቤ HairX 250 ml. ብ HairX 250 ml. 20618 76 toiletries Frizz Free Conditioner ` 298 ` 209 23700 Shine Boost Shampoo ` 279 23701 Shine Boost Conditioner ` 279
  77. 77. TOILETRIES FAMILY PAMPERS FROM HEAD TO TOE Q PAGE 76-88 ባ Has frequent styling damaged your hair? Give your hair the treatment it needs with HairX Repair Therapy, an intensive repairing and conditioning hair care routine with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to repair weak spots and defend against stresses. ቢ Our Expertise – Your Beautiful Hair ቢ HairX Repair Therapy Shampoo Repairing shampoo to strengthen, nourish and give shine to damaged hair. 250 ml. 14710 ባ HairX Repair Therapy Conditioner Repair, strengthen, and detangle damaged hair with this rich, nourishing conditioner. 250 ml. 14711 ` 279 toiletries 77
  78. 78. 24h ቢ ባ ቤ ቢ +DSS 6NLQ FDULQJ ERG ORWLRQ VHQVLWLYH VNLQ 400 ml. ` 490 23729 ባ +DSS 6NLQ KGUDWLQJ ERG ORWLRQ QRUPDO GU VNLQ 400 ml. ` 490 23730 ቤ +DSS 6NLQ QRXULVKLQJ ERG PLON H[WUD GU VNLQ 400 ml. 23733 ` 490 HOW TO CHOOSE MY MOISTURISER? YOUR SKIN CONDITION YOUR VISUAL APPEARANCE YOUR SOLUTION SENSITIVE SKIN dryness and feeling of discomfort Caring Body Lotion with Linseed Oil to help soothe DQG SURWHFW VNLQ NORMAL DRY SKIN URXJK WLJKW DQG ÁDN VNLQ Hydrating Body Lotion with Sesame Oil to help PRLVWXULVH DQG VRIWHQ VNLQ EXTRA DRY SKIN constant roughness, scaling FUDFNOLQJ RI WKH VNLQ Nourishing Body Milk or Cream with Pumpkin Seed Oil to help restore and condition skin 78 toiletries
  79. 79. ባ NEW LIMITED EDITION NOURISHING FAMILY FRIENDLY ቢ EVERYDAY HAPPY HANDS HAPPY YOU Because hands are exposed to daily wear-and-tear we have formulated these long-lasting PRLVWXULVHUV VSHFLÀFDOO IRU them… giving you something to be happy about! WHAT: A rich hand cream that offers intensive nourishment for extra dry skin, up to 24h*. Convenient 100 ml. size! HOW: HYDRATING WHAT: A light hand cream that hydrates normal to dry skin up to 24h*. Convenient 100 ml. size! HOW: With hydrating Sesame Oil and Coconut Oil, giving hands an instant burst of hydration ቢ Happy Skin Hydrating Hand Cream 100 ml. 24886 *Instrumental test ` 199 With Nourishing Pumpkin Seed Oil and Vitamin E, to help care for dry hands and brittle nails ባ Happy Skin Nourishing Hand Nail Cream 100 ml. 24887 ` 199 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER ONLY ` 179 79
  80. 80. – the bliss of simplicity – ቢ ባ ብ ቤ ቮ ቯ ቭ ቪ ቧ ተ ቱ ቩ ቨ ቦ TALC JOJOBA MANGO ቢ Nature ቦ Nature Secrets Talc Cooling Breeze Secrets Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango 400 g. 25445 75 g. ` 169 ባ Nature 22672 Secrets Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango 400 g. ` 169 75 ml. 23401 ቤ Nature Secrets Talc Floral Bouquet ቪ Nature Secrets Shower Cream with Hydrating Basil Peach ቯ Nature 250 ml. 250 ml. ` 379 25178 ቫ Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Hydrating Basil Peach 75 g. ` 198 ` 79 25179 NETTLE LEMON Secrets Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat Coconut ` 229 21860 ተ Nature Secrets Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat Coconut 250 ml. ` 229 Secrets Hot Oil for Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat Coconut 250 ml. 15 ml. 400 g. ` 169 ቭ Nature 22701 ቨ 22669 ` 159 ቩ Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Energising Mint Raspberry 22668 ` 79 ` 229 ` 69 22698 ቮ Nature NATURE 250 ml. Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil Secrets Conditioner for Greasy Hair Nettle Lemon 22702 75 g. ቱ Nature Secrets Shampoo for Greasy Hair Nettle Lemon Nature Secrets Antiperspirant Deodorant with Energising Mint Raspberry 50 ml. ` 169 Secrets Talc Forest Glade 80 toiletries WHEAT COCONUT 21862 ብ Nature 23710 BASIL PEACH MINT RASPBERRY 400 g. 25441 ` 79 ቧ Nature Secrets Talc Tropical Burst 25443 ቫ ` 229 100 ml. 21712 ` 149
  81. 81. SOFTNESS AND STRENGTH FOR DRY, DAMAGED HAIR! For hair that’s dry and damaged, give some loving care with protective Wheat Protein and nourishing Coconut Oil Shampoo – for soft and shiny hair! It’s the perfect blend to care for and help strengthen your hair! Protects WHEAT Wheat’s golden grains contain proteins that penetrate the hair surface to strengthen and protect. MUST HAVE Protects and strengthens! NEW Because frequent colouring, blow drying, straightening and curling can stress your hair strands and rob them of moisture, you need to repair and protect them from further damage with a special shampoo formulated with natural ingredients! Nature Secrets Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat Coconut Gently cleansing, fragrant shampoo with protecting Wheat proteins and strengthening Coconut Oil helps combat dryness and damage, and prevent breakage. 100 ml. ` 139 30742 Strengthens COCONUT Coconut oil contains antioxidant Vitamin E that nourishes, conditions, and moisturises hair. A REAL STEAL AT ONLY ` 119 toiletries 81
  82. 82. ቦ ቤ ቧ ቢ ባ ብ ቢ Milk Honey Gold Hair Mask 250 ml. 24734 ` 398 ብ Milk Honey Gold Nourishing Hand Body Cream 250 ml. 15570 ባ Milk Honey Gold Liquid Hand Soap ቦ Milk 300 ml. ` 479 200 ml. 15578 ` 298 Honey Gold Conditioner 22625 ቤ Milk Honey Gold Shampoo ቧ Milk 200 ml. ` 229 100 g. 22624 82 toiletries ` 229 Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar 18953 ` 55
  83. 83. Indulge in the purest luxury 0LON DQG +RQH H[WUDFWV DUH FHUWLÀHG organic, produced under strict regulations, to provide a natural and ecological way to achieve beauty. ቢ ባ ቢ Milk Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub Exfoliate and reveal softer skin with this rich scrub with organic Milk Honey extract to soften and condition. 200 ml. 17556 ` 449 ባ Milk Honey Gold Moisturising Shower Cream Your shower becomes an oasis of luxury as you cleanse and condition your skin with this sumptuous shower cream. 200 ml. 15579 ` 398 toiletries 83
  84. 84. White Mulberry extract reduces skin pigmentation and whitens the skin Gentle, pH balanced, soap-free formulation Dermatologically gynecologically tested Cherry Blossom fragrantly helps bring the out skin’s natural glow with women in mind With extra vitamins **Effectiveness based on self-assessment under gynecological control Silk Beauty White Glow Hand Cream 100% 100 % COMFORTABLE with soothing White Peony Flower Extract** FRESH with refreshing Lotus Flower Extract** Nourishing ingredients leave hands hydrated with a beautiful, glowing, white complexion. 75 ml. 26436 ` 229 ቢ ባ Silk Beauty White Glow Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant Antiperspirant Deodorant with Silk Proteins and White Mulberry extract naturally moisturise your skin whilst Cherry Blossom provides a sensual fragrance. Alcohol free. 50 ml. 22714 Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar ቢ Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash ባ Feminelle An intimate wash with extra vitamins, Peony Flowers and Sweet Almond Oil, for lasting soothing comfort. 300 ml. A refreshing wash for your intimate area formulated with cooling Lotus Flower Extract and extra vitamins. 300 ml. 24891 84 toiletries Refreshing Intimate Wash ` 379 24889 ` 179 ` 379 Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar enriched with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and White Mulberry to naturally moisturise, soften and lighten your skin. 100 g. 22715 ` 99
  85. 85. Beautiful you… …beautiful planet Nurture with Nature ቢ Improves Skin Feel After Shower ባ Noticeably Softer Hands ECOBEAUTY products are vegan friendly and bear The Vegan Society™.Through The Vegan Society™, we guarantee all raw PDWHULDOV DQG ÀQDO SURGXFWV DUH IUHH IURP DQLPDO WHVWLQJ DQLPDO IDW gelatin or any ingredients derived from animals.To learn more about WKH GLIIHUHQFH (FREHDXW DQG9HJDQ PDNH JR WR ZZZRULÁDPHFRPHFREHDXW 1DWXUDO RVPHWLF FHUWLÀHG E Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com ቢ Oriflame Ecobeauty Hand Cream ባ Oriflame A hand cream that offers immediate nourishment with Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil and Fairtrade 6KHD %XWWHU KHOSLQJ WR VRIWHQ VNLQ and protect against the effects of environmental stressors. Contains moisturising Organic Glycerin and mineral UV filters. 75 ml. Moisturising soap-free shower gel developed with mild surfactants GHULYHG IURP SODQWV VRIWHQV VNLQ 2UJDQLF *OFHULQ 2UJDQLF )DLUWUDGH Coconut Oil and Fairtrade Sugar combine with a natural and light scent leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. 200 ml. 24276 Ecobeauty Shower Gel ` 329 24278 ` 398 toiletries 85
  86. 86. A Sensational Journey (̆HFWLYH SURWHFWLRQ IRU FRQ¿GHQFH Discover the Spirit of Aloha Discover Hawaii Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible Spray 150 ml. 23727 ` 249 ቢ ባ ቤ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible ROD 50 ml. 23725 ` 169 Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Pure Care 150 ml. 23719 ቢ Discover Hawaii Aloha Beach Body Scrub ባ Discover Hawaii Aloha Beach Shower Gel ቤ Discover 200 ml. 250 ml. 24880 24879 86 toiletries ` 379 24878 ` 299 Hawaii Aloha Beach Soap Bar 100 g. ` 89 ` 249 Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Pure Care 50 ml. 23718 ` 169
  87. 87. Purify, soften and hydrate worn-out feet We’ve improved your FOOTCARE favourites by adding an EXTRA NATURAL INGREDIENT to help you take better care of your feet. Make Feet Up your routine! Happy Feet from toes to heels ባ ቢ ብ ቤ ቧ ቨ ቦ ቢ Foot Care Pumice Brush Effective 2-in-1 foot tool smoothes down calluses and cleans feet. 16.5 x 3 x 3.5 cm. 9587 ` 199 ቤ Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream ቦ Feet 75 ml. 50 ml. 21889 ` 329 Up Anti-perspirant Foot Cream 20557 ባ Feet Up Advanced 2 in 1 Deep Action Foot Scrub ብ Feet Up Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream 75 ml. 9588 ` 149 ቧ Feet 100 ml. ` 279 ቨ Foot File Handy turquoise foot file effectively removes dead skin cells from feet. 19 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm. 75 ml. 23277 ` 329 20554 Up Soothing Foot Cream ` 249 20548 ` 279 toiletries 87
  88. 88. Soothe and Smooth for cuddly soft skin Great Skin Starts Early… 6PLOH ZLWK FRQÀGHQFH Keep you smiling! ‡ +HOSV SUHYHQW FDYLWLHV DQG SURWHFW ‡ +HOSV VWUHQJWKHQ WRRWK HQDPHO ‡ )RUPXODWHG IRU PLON WHHWK ባ ቤ ቢ ቦ 2SWLIUHVK .LGV )OXRULGH Toothpaste 50 ml. ` 85 24050 ‡ +HOSV SUHYHQW FDYLWLHV ‡ +HOSV SUHYHQW SODTXH ‡ +HOSV NHHS IUHVK EUHDWK ‡ +HOSV SUHYHQW EDG EUHDWK ‡ +HOSV PDLQWDLQ KHDOWK JXPV ብ 2SWLIUHVK )OXRULGH 7RRWKSDVWH Cavity Protection ቢ Baby Moisturising Cream Daily moisturiser formulated to help protect and care for baby’s delicate skin. pH balanced. 150 ml. 25284 ` 299 ባ Baby Oil Help prevent skin from drying out with this gentle oil formulated with Sunflower Seed Oil. 150 ml. 25283 ` 329 ቤ %DE +DLU %RG :DVK pH balanced wash that gently cleanses and cares for baby skin and hair. Tear free. 300 ml. 25282 88 toiletries ` 399 ብ Baby Soap Bar Mild soap bar made from natural vegetable oils, Glycerin, emollients and softening talc. 75 g. 25286 20538 ` 89 ` 89 ቦ Baby Talc Keep your little one fresh, dry and comfortable with this gentle baby powder. 75 g. 25285 75 ml. ` 129 ‡ +HOSV EULJKWHQ ZKLWHQ WHHWK ‡ +HOSV SUHYHQW FDYLWLHV ‡ +HOSV PDLQWDLQ KHDOWK JXPV ‡ +HOSV ÀJKW SODTXH DQG WDUWDU EXLOG XS 2SWLIUHVK )OXRULGH 7RRWKSDVWH :KLWHQLQJ 75 ml. 20539 ` 99
  89. 89. Meet our champion for change! We are proud to announce that world top tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, DV RXU RIÀFLDO DPEDVVDGRU RI WKH 2ULÁDPH KDULW As a role model to countless aspiring tennis SODHUV DUROLQH DOVR VKDUHV 2ULÁDPH·V commitment to empowerment. We are extremely proud to welcome her onto the winning team that is striving to make change happen worldwide. More good news is, you too can join the cause, ZLWK WKH 2ULÁDPH KDULW %UDFHOHW7KDQNV WR WKH awareness being created by celebrities like Caroline, these exclusive fashion accessories are worn by people who care, all over the world. 7KH 2ULÁDPH KDULW RIIHUV PXFKQHHGHG KHOS WR children and young women through a wide range RI HGXFDWLRQDO LQLWLDWLYHV7KH JRDO LV VLPSOH empower them to change their lives and turn their GUHDPV LQWR UHDOLW7R DFKLHYH WKLV PRVW HIIHFWLYHO we work hand in hand with local charitable organisations right around the globe. 285 3$571(5 ,1 ,1',$ 2ULÁDPH ,QGLD LV DQ DFWLYH SDUWQHU ZLWK 'HHSDODD D ORFDO QRQSURÀW RUJDQL]DWLRQ WKDW SURYLGHV HGXFDWLRQ to girls from underprivileged family backgrounds. 7KHLU PDLQ JRDO LV WR HPSRZHU RXQJ JLUOV VR WKDW WKH FDQ JHW D ÁLQJ VWDUW LQ OLIH )25 025( ,1)250$7,21 3/($6( 9,6,7 In India all proceeds from every bracelet sold go to Deepalaya, so this is your chance to make a real difference. Order yours today and join Caroline Wozniacki as a champion for change! www.oriflame.com/charity LAST TIME 25186 %ODFN /DVW WLPH in this catalogue 23527 %URZQ 25187 White Caroline Wozniacki ,Q DUROLQH :R]QLDFNL ZRQ :7$ 1HZFRPHU RI WKH HDU 7ZR HDUV ODWHU ² DW WKH WHQGHU DJH RI ² VKH URFNHWHG WR WKH WRS RI WKH :7$ VLQJOHV UDQNLQJV 7KLV JOREDO VSRUWV VWDU LV WKH SHUIHFW example that anything can be achieved when you have the right tools and a winning mentality. 2ULIODPH )RXQGDWLRQ %UDFHOHW Caroline Wozniacki Oriflame Charity ambassador and tennis ace 8QLTXH EHLJH EUDFHOHW ZLWK VLOYHU FRORXUHG FODVS EHDULQJ WKH 2ULIODPH )RXQGDWLRQ ORJR 3URFHHGV JR WR KHOSLQJ FKLOGUHQ DQG RXQJ ZRPHQ LQ QHHG 0DWHULDOV 38 ]LQF DOOR EUDVV 6L]H FP FP H[WHQVLRQ FKDLQ RORXU %URZQ:KLWH%ODFN ` 249 89
  90. 90. Countdown to the New Year with the Botanical extracts, natural beauty FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN HOTTEST DEALS! ALL AGES ቢ ቢ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Wash Tone Gel 2-in-1 gel with pure tea tree and rosemary oil. Lathers to gently remove impurities and excess sebum, while naturally helping to clear blemishes. 150 ml. ` 349 21350 ` 329 ባ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Oil Purifying Face Cream Light, non-greasy day and night moisturiser with Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils. Softens and helps to re-balance oily skin, fighting blemishes. Leaving skin looking healthy, hydrated and purified. 75 ml. ` 379 23675 ` 339 GET MORE FOR LESS! 599 BUY SET AT ` 90 ባ
  91. 91. – the bliss of simplicity – ቤ ቤ Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energising Mint Raspberry ብ Fragrant Shower Gel with stimulating Mint and Raspberry extracts and exfoliating grains. Re-energise as you shower and smooth away dead skin cells. 250 ml. 22667 ` 379 ` 339 ብ Nature Secrets Shower Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango Creamy Gel with soothing Jojoba and Mango to help comfort sensitive skin. 250 ml. 22671 ` 379 ` 339 GET MORE FOR LESS! 599 BUY SET AT ` 91
  92. 92. Countdown to the New Year with the HOTTEST FORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE. ባ ALL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AGES ቢ ቢ Essentials Moisture Concentrate Intensive triple action moisturiser with Multi-Vitamin complex; hydrates, nourishes, protects. Use anytime. 75 ml. ` 349 23748 ` 315 ባ Essentials Gentle 3-in-1 Cleanser Cleanse, nourish, and help moisturise. Soap free formula with multi-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 150 ml. 23753 ` 279 ` 249 GET MORE FOR LESS! 499 BUY SET AT ` 92 DEALS!
  93. 93. ብ ቤ ቤ Silk Beauty White Glow Body Lotion Infused with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and the whitening effect of White Mulberry, this moisturising lotion beautifies your skin tone and leaving skin smoother and more radiant. 200 ml. 23555 ` 429 ` 409 ብ Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash Enriched with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and White Mulberry Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash naturally moisturises and lightens your skin. 200 ml. 22713 ` 379 ` 359 GET MORE FOR LESS! BUY SET AT 679 ` 93
  94. 94. Countdown to the New Year with the HOTTEST Set of Tycoon Eau de Toilette Tycoon Anti-Perspirant Deodorant DEALS! `1858 ቢ ቢ Tycoon Eau de Toilette Confident, self-assured Tycoon Eau de Toilette speaks to the man who sets his sights high. The fresh, salty hint of the ocean, fiery notes of sun breeze and elusive black amber evoke the essence of a man born to lead. 75 ml. 25048 ` 1999 ` 1899 ባ Tycoon Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Get the confidence protection you want with the enigmatic scent of Tycoon. This effective roll-on deodorant keeps you feeling fresh so you can focus on sealing the deal. 50 ml. 25049 ` 179 ` 169 ባ GET MORE FOR LESS! 15% BUY SET AT OFF 94
  95. 95. L I V E YO U R L I F E B E A U T I F U L LY Set of Paradise Body Cream Paradise Deodorising Body Spray `539 ብ ቤ ቤ Paradise Body Cream Moisturising body cream that conditions and fragrances your skin with the longlasting, opulent scent of Paradise. Leaves skin smooth and soft. 250 ml. ` 498 24352 ` 425 ብ Paradise Deodorising Body Spray Sumptuously scented body spray infused with the chic vibrancy of Paradise. A perfect blend of bold luxury with contrasting notes of rosé pepper, jasmine petals and musk. For use all over body. 75 ml. ` 198 24353 ` 195 GET MORE FOR LESS! 20% BUY SET AT OFF 95
  96. 96. 3 EFFECTS IN 1 STEP Contour, colour and volume in one lipstick 26575 Nude Peach 26576 Coral Pink 26577 Red Coral 26578 Fuchsia Candy 26579 Berry Pink 26580 Purple Rose 96 make-up
  97. 97. Innovative lipstick technology combining three different colours to create the optical illusion of fuller lips. Result – eye catching 3D volume! 26578 Fuchsia Candy 3 SHADES FOR 3D EFFECT Three expertly chosen shades work together to create lip volume WKDW SRSV 26579 Berry Pink TRIPLE CORE 3D Turning heads has never been easier NEW Darker shade //the outer core// Contour effect to make lips appear more voluminous. //the middle core// Illuminate and optically plump your lips. 26577 Red Coral 26576 Coral Pink 26575 Nude Peach Silver shade Lighter shade //the inner core// 7KH ÀQLVKLQJ WRXFK RQWUDVWLQJ FRORXU gives stunning volume. Triple Core 3D Lipstick Lipstick using unique triple core technology for an eye-catching 3D effect. The contrast of three shades in every lipstick means creating an illusion of fullness, shapeliness and amazing YROXPH 6KLPPHULQJ PXOWLGLPHQVLRQDO ÀQLVK 4 g. ` 479 ` 335 30% SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER OFF 97
  98. 98. 98 make-up
  99. 99. NEW Intense Eyes – intense value Bold black colour with a soft non-smudging ÀQLVK$OO LQ RQH VPRRWK VWURNH Pure Colour Kajal Long lasting, blacker than black kajal for intensely sultry eyes. Light, nongreasy formula with a wonderfully soft, velvety feel. 3 g. 30791 ` 129 30791 Black SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER ONLY ` 99 99
  100. 100. Whitening routine perfect for a bright holiday IT’S YOURS FOR ONLY ` 99 EACH Such is the belief in our quality that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with product performance you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. *Conditions apply. ባ *Please visit www.oriflame.co.in for details regarding policy on money back guarantee. Oriflame is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Association, reflecting our commitment to practising the highest level of business ethics. FORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE. ቢ )25 $// 6.,1 73(6 We have never tested our products on animals and never will. We adopted this policy when we launched in 1967 and, to this day, all ingredients in our cosmetic products are animal friendly. ALL AGES Through our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, we strive to ensure that all the paper in our catalogues originates from well managed forests. Our ongoing charity initiatives support children and young women through a diverse range of education programs. ቢ Essentials Fairness Lotion Ultra-light fast absorbing formula to hydrate and help to brighten skin tone. With skin lightening complex and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types. 50 ml. 23764 ባ Essentials SPF 8 ` 119 Fairness Cream Moisturises, brightens, and prevents UV-induced pigmentation. Rich formula with skin lightening complex, vitamin E and SPF 8. Suitable for all skin types. 50 ml. 23760 ` 129 ZZZIDFHERRNFRPRULÁDPHLQ WZLWWHUFRPRULÁDPHBLQGLD Head Office: Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Corporate One, Plot No 5, NHCC, Jasola New Delhi -110076, INDIA Tel. +91 114 054 9500 Email: query@oriflame.co.in www.oriflame.co.in YOUR BEAUTY CONSULTANT No 01 2014 January 01 - January 31 New Year SALE inside! ‡ Refresh your lips this New Year with irresistible lip gloss ‡ Take it or leave the 50% Grand New Year sale The “it” product to welcoming the New Year… NEW Dream Skin BB CREAM see Page 2 NEW YEAR NEW DREAM NEW YOU Coming in January, 2014 © 2013 Oriflame Cosmetics SA ` 25