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An appraisal of options available for IT professionals embarking upon cloud application or infrastructure development.

An appraisal of options available for IT professionals embarking upon cloud application or infrastructure development.

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  • Nokia 5160 My first mobile phone Given to me by the ISP I worked for when I was a student Made me feel very important
  • This is the traditional "full handshaking" null modem cable.
  • enforcing code coverage
  • Cons - not cheap for the enterprise license - generic and easy to learn the programming language however it is not transportable
  • 10 requests per minute = 800msec response 200 requests per minute = sub 200msec response cons - not suitable for long transactions - Python app engine is great, however Java code needs to be written with careful consideration if you want to migrate - can use appscale to migrate but again not easy - data in and out has to happen via http - you cant really do anything else
  • cons - newer player - rails and github centric ... know what they are and what they do? - gartner calls them a cool vendor - 
  • dangerous to assume its anything like normal infrastructure dangerous to assume it will be cheaper for you - do the math - know the resources you use, run a prototype
  • again make no assumptions here but it is easier to know the upcoming costs for conventional IT managers


  • 1. cloud computing a post hype appraisal by Abhinav Keswani
  • 2. Who am I?
    • Indian born global citizen with personal and professional ties with numerous cultures and countries.
    • Some broad titles?
      • System Engineer
      • Software Developer
      • Architect
      • Consultant
  • 4. How about this?
  • 5. Why am I so hooked?
    • My focus is to build robust applications so... 
    • Should I concern myself with
      • non-functional requirements like security and performance when I can buy this reliably and cheaply?
    • Should I just assume security for my code and users (and everything in between)?
  • 6.
    • Should I concern myself with
      • repetitively building apps with similar data models and functions?
    • Most businesses have similar problems and needs.  As a development manager, can I not buy into the 80/20 starting point?
  • 7.
    • Should I concern myself with
      • scalability and the fact that I may never really know how much resource my application will need?
    • Should I just write some code, throw it at the cloud and assume that all will be well if I just keep adding more resources?
  • 8. Beyond the hype then ... 
    • What makes a successful/useful cloud application?
      • Quality code that is stress tested to ensure it uses minimal resource ... (but who ever has time and money to do this)?
      • Distributed development. Get the best people into a virtual team, use distributed source code control and iteratively deploy to a cloud infrastructure.
      • Change the way you think.  Just ... forget ... about infrastructure.
  • 9. You've gotta be kidding me ... who does he think he is?! Forget about infrastructure...???
  • 10. The CRM +
      • a pre-built and powerful starting point
      • ISO 27001 and SysTrust Audit certified security
      • enforces quality - minimum requirement of 75% code coverage prior to going live
      • no need for infrastructure
      • extensible and customisable
      • out of the box API for integration, so you can incrementally go there...
      • get your data out any time you want to leave
      • regular and seamless feature releases and upgrades
  • 11. The Google App Engine
      • it's all about HTTP
      • there is just one BIG TABLE
      • everything is FREE ... until you breach a threshold
      • nothing in your app runs for longer than 30 seconds, 0.5 second warning and then death
      • the more traffic you generate the more power you get
      • multiple layers of performance enhancement (memcache)
      • no application is larger than 150M
      • you break the rules you get the boot
  • 12. Heroku
      • Want to build a prototype, real fast?
      • Want to get a distributed team together to build it?
      • Want to deploy it without worrying about infrastructure?
      • Want it to scale if things start going well?
      • Want to be able to move onto something else at any point in time?
  • 13. I still don't buy it ... what about the infrastructure?? What about the apps I run in-house and for which I buy more resource every X years...?
  • 14. Amazon EC2, EBS and S3
      • Elastic ... how? resizable...
      • Elastic data persistence? Elastic Block Storage.
      • Elastic locations? Geographically distributed!
      • Storage ... what? 15c per GB? 0.01c per 1000 requests?
      • API driven infrastructure? Light goes on...light goes off...
      • Snapshot backups, cloning and redeployment
      • Diverse software and OS options
    • ...finally...extend your existing infrastructure into a virtual private cloud.
  • 15. Rackspace
      • More conventional
      • Easy to build, deploy and back up your infrastructure
      • Cheap but not the cheapest
      • Managed hosting
      • Managed services (Email, Storage...)
      • Virtual private clouds for internal IT ...
  • 16. In a nutshell
    • There are mature and maturing options out there.
    • A lot of hurdles have been met and surpassed.
    • Make no assumptions and definitely be diligent and do the maths - will it work for you?
    • Not all solutions work the same way - they each have a flavour, strengths and weaknesses.  
    • Choose wisely.
  • 17. Thanks! Questions...