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Hult MBA Class Profile 2012
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Hult MBA Class Profile 2012


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  • 1. Accreditation & Rankings Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 20 business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world by The Economist. Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 100 business schools (up 33 places from 2010) by the Financial Times. Hult International Business School’s worldwide operations are 2012 MBA Profiles accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Hult International Business School’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Hult International Business School is recognized as efficient by the British Accreditations Council of Independent Further and Higher Education. Boston 1 Education Street Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S. Tel: +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco 1355 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S. Tel: +1 415 869 2900 London 46-47 Russell Square, Bloomsbury London WC1B 4JP, U.K. Tel: +44 207 636 5667 Dubai Ground Floor, G05, Block 11 Dubai Knowledge Village PO Box 502988, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel: +971 4 375 3088 Shanghai 1/F Jinling Hai Xin Building 666 Fu Zhou Road Huangpu District Shanghai 200001, Tel: +86 21 6133 61331 Hult International Business School 1
  • 2. 2011 MBA Profile MBA The Economist (2010) ranked Hult International Business School in the top 20 business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world. Recruiting at Hult Hult currently ranks in the Financial Times’ top 100 business schools in the world (up 33 places from 2010), and is 1st in International Experience and 5th in International Business.Regions of Origin Pre-MBA Industry 31% South Asia 19% 11% 1% Others 21% Financial Services Asia 2% Professional Services Agriculture 2% Legal/Government/Non-profit Our students rotate among Request access to Hult Job Board 19% Europe 3% our global campuses Company presentations student and alumni Are you looking to hire Energy 19% throughout the year, enabling normally last approximately resumes. Resumes are a Hult graduate with 12% 5% Technology Latin America Medical/Pharmaceutical you to access a wide range one hour, including a Q&A searchable by class year, a particular skill set or 5% of candidates at the Hult session, and are a fantastic campus, industry, or language ability? Post Telecom/Media 13% 14% 9% campus most convenient way to initiate contact keyword, making it easy to jobs on Hult’s student Middle East / Africa North America 5% Consulting for you. Interviews can be with our students. We can find the particular skill sets intranet, viewable only to Consumer Products 9% arranged on campus or via provide classroom space you are seeking to hire. Hult students and alumni. Manufacturing our state-of-the-art video and any IT equipment you Resume searches can be International students are conference facilities. need for your presentation. downloaded as an e-book fully U.S.-authorized to work or requested through email. after graduation.Professional Experience Pre-MBA Function 18% 21% Others General 31% Management Over 7 years 34% 16% 3-4 years Operations/Logistics Have Hult come to you. Sponsor an in-depth field Our unique rotation Exploratory corporate visits study, called an Action schedule means that Hult Become a mentor to Hult’s 12% 16% allow Hult students to see Project, where students students are available for most promising students, Finance/Accounting Technology/ Manufacturing your company environment address a current issue internship opportunities hand-selected for our and culture first-hand. This your company is facing. throughout the year. Based fast-track Executive Track is an effective way to show Over the 6-week project, on your qualifications and Program. Gain insight into 12% Hult’s promising talent your “crowdsource” new ideas timeframe, Hult Career and develop a meaningful 35% Consulting 5-7 years 16% business and introduce and insights from diverse Services can select a range bond with graduate-level Marketing/Sales them to your organization. international teams. of students for you to students with strong interview. management capabilities.2 Hult International Business School 3
  • 3. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Nigerian Social Sciences – Law Italian (F) Filipino (B) French (B) An experienced corporate finance legal practitioner, knowledgeable in corporate, Social Sciences – Political Science administrative, and management issues. Able to thrive in fast-paced and deadline- International, multi-lingual professional with experience in varied fields including driven environments. High analytical and problem solving skills. Gaining an MBA technology, consulting, and education. Adept at creating and implementing new and training to be a chartered accountant to further enhance skill set for a role in marketing solutions. Proven adaptability to live and work in diverse cultural contexts. actualizing the goals of an organization. Excellent presentation and communication skills along with ability to engage highest company leaders. Ability to simplify complex processes and concepts for end-users and potential clients. Spanish (F) French (B) German (B) Spanish (F) Engineering – Computer Business – Finance Entrepreneurial professional with four years of international experience in testing and Finance and Business Administration professional with five years of experience in the quality assurance. Solid reputation for simplifying, standardizing, and implementing Equity Market. Expertise in back office operations. Proven leadership in operation business processes with focus on efficiency. Improved customer satisfaction by and implementation of equity products and market regulation changes. Leader in tailoring conflicting projects. Researched, developed, and launched as well as innovation for exchanged traded fund creation unit settlement. Ability to respond well restructured procedures with successful results in start-ups. to anticipated and unanticipated challenges within the context of tight schedules and Atos short deadlines.Boston Arabic (F) Swahili (I) French (B) Business Business professional with over seven years of experience as an information management and technology portfolio consultant in the oil and gas industry. Self-motivated, excellent team player committed to business results. A quick learner with strong adaptability, cross-cultural understanding and interpersonal Spanish (F) Business – Management / Administration, Marketing Results-oriented, proactive marketing and management professional. Produced successful and effective outcomes during five years of experience in organizing commercial operations and staff performance in Residencial City Towers. Managed the commercialization and sales of real estate developments. Prepared and analyzed communication skills. sales reports directly presented to the CEO. Implemented new marketing strategies for the sales area. Spanish (B) Italian (F) Spanish (F) English (F) French (B) Engineering – Computer Engineering – Computer Consultant with varied experience in Tier 1 telecommunication firms. Experienced as Bilingual professional with over eight years of experience in customer service and project manager coordinating client teams, internal teams, and vendors. Capable of sales in the telecommunications sector. Strong technology background, with working with clients on full range of activities including long and short term strategy, special focus on mobile data services and products. Experience in supervising and product development, and process mapping and design. Skilled at developing trust- motivating staff to reach challenging objectives and work under pressure. Fluent in based relationships with clients and colleagues and at coordinating work in complex English and Spanish; lived and worked in Latin America and the United States. environments. Accenture4 Hult International Business School 5
  • 4. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Indonesian (F) Mandarin (I) Bengali (F) Hindi (F) Portuguese (F) Russian (F) Ukrainian (F) Polish (B) Spanish (B) Tamil (F) Hindi (B) Malayalam (B) Business – Management / Administration Science Social Sciences – Economics Engineering – Mechanical Professional multitasker with an international background in banking operations at an Hospitality professional with five years of international experience in training and Economist with exceptional performance in project management and information New project development professional with experimental understanding of the Indonesian bank in the USA and in marketing at exporting companies in Indonesia operations management of premium five star properties owned by large multinational technology consulting for banking industry. Specialized in developing platforms for effectiveness of human resource management and importance of organizational and China. A fast learner with excellent adaptability, interpersonal skills, and hotel groups. Seeking to leverage experience in a broader managerial role in a managing financial products and experienced in financial control of privately owned structure. Wishing to leverage expertise gained through strategy consulting for eagerness to maintain a steep learning curve and to perform beyond expectations. leading global company. companies. Skilled in cross-cultural team building, solution finding and building top managements in automotive service industry to further innovate in the field of , Tbk. (Persero) (Bahrain Institute of relationships with clients. strategy consulting. Hospitality and Retail) , Cantinho das Ideias . (Oberoi Hotels and Resorts) French (F) Bengali (F) Spanish (F) Hindi (I) Urdu (B) Portuguese (F) Spanish (B) Spanish (F) Italian (B) Business – Advertising, Industrial Relations, Management / Administration, Marketing Social Sciences – International Relations Masters in Business Engineering Business professional with outstanding 12-year experience in marketing and Professional with marketing and public relations experience in entertainment, legal, A versatile marketing and communications professional specialized in incentive Marketing professional with background in IT and more than four years of full sales. Excellent team player with nine years of personnel management and strong and media industries. Proven strengths in communications, creativity, and flexibility. marketing, market research, advertising agency relations, and corporate experience at two leading companies of the consumer goods industry. Participated communication skills. Worked in FMCG (consumer goods at Nestle), in finance Aiming to combine MBA and international education with experience and skills in communications. Skilled in business planning, project management, and change in cross functional projects; highly developed in analytical and strategy skills with (money transfer at Western Union), and telecoms (Etisalat group). Strong adaptability marketing or public relations role with an entertainment/media company. management. proven strengths in problem solving for the business and brands. Gaining an MBA to and cross-cultural skills acquired through business ventures outside native country leverage management skills. in Cameroon, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Senegal but in Diageo Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Russian German (B) Punjabi (B) Hindi (F) Spanish (F) Russian (F) Ukrainian (I) Belarusian (B) Portuguese (F) Spanish (I) MS, Engineering – Computer Business – Accounting Master’s in Business Business Consultant with over six years of experience in delivering technological solutions Led audit teams in terms of responsibilities, time, and quality of work in audit Business professional with more than six years of financial management experience in Bilingual business professional with five years of experience working for a for top companies like GE Capital. Skilled in enterprise application & database engagements of manufacture, energy, and service entities. Performed audit plans, high-growth companies in the beverage distribution, engineering, and manufacturing commercial bank and for a multinational mining company. Team player with excellent management, customer relationship development, and leading technical teams. internal control evaluations, audit procedures, and risk and fraud evaluations, sectors. Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and negotiation skills with proven ability to communication, people skills, and skills in facilitating the negotiation processes of the Envisioning applying technology to simplify complex business scenarios leading to according to international audit statements. Reviewed financial statements under build senior level business partnerships. Positive, motivated, confident, and adaptable companies. Successfully designed and implemented business processes focusing innovation and organizational growth. complex structures of consolidation and prepared internal reports for members team player with experience managing multidisciplinary teams and a track record of on growth and profitability. Ability to work under pressure and deadline-driven of the firm abroad. Participated in adoption and implementation of International taking responsibility and performing under pressure. environments. Open to new opportunities and challenges. Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in manufacturing and service entities. Spanish (N) English (F) Portuguese (B) Spanish (F) Hebrew (I) Spanish (F) English (F) French (B) American Sign Language (F) Spanish (F) Portuguese (F) French (I) Italian (I) Business – Advertising, Marketing Engineering – Industrial Social Sciences – Other Business Results-oriented bilingual sales professional with four years of international Strategy, sales, and marketing professional with over five years of experience Bilingual social worker with over six years of experience in sales and marketing. Marketing professional specializing in product/brand management and innovation with experience. Tenaciously combines strong analytical skills with creative arts to in the real estate and construction markets. Expertise in industrial services and Knowledge about international work environment and launching new products into almost seven years of experience, mainly focused in consumer goods. International constantly deliver exceptional results. A natural leader used to working under energy audits. Extensive knowledge of business processes and strategies and a market. Managerial experience with successful results and focus in developing experience, used to working in multinational environments and in team. Highly driven, pressure and adjusting to a constantly changing environment. implementation of value added projects including quality initiatives, ERP system better ways to offer a product, increase profit, and work with cost consciousness. enthusiastic and committed to results. , Country Product Manager, Chile analysis, and customer-oriented services. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong Looking to expand professional knowledge as well as contribute with my international , Education First ability to think analytically. Global citizen with local identity. background, socially responsible point of view, and experience. EF Education First6 Hult International Business School 7
  • 5. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Spanish (F) Spanish (I) French (B) Hindi (N) English (F) Bhojpuri (I) Arabic (F) French (B) Indonesian (F) Malay (F) Cantonese (I) Mandarin (I) Taiwanese (I) Humanities – Communications Engineering – Instrumentation Technology Business – Finance Engineering – Computer Human resources organizational consultant with three plus years of work Engineering and business development professional with over six years of Bilingual investment banking professional with five years of experience in executing Over seven years of international experience in IT and telecommunications. experience in the field of non-profit government organizations. Emphasis on experience in providing solutions in the field of oil and energy. Proficient in cross-border mergers and acquisitions transactions in emerging markets. Proven Consistently rated as a top performer annually, repeatedly exceeded expectations, process improvement and communication management. Fast learner with excellent engineering operations and product development process, able to perform under origination track record in both the public and private sector domains. Experience in and known for problem-solving capability. Assumed varied technical and leadership interpersonal skills and strong work ethic, oriented to achieve results through positive pressure and strict deadlines. Superb team player and leader with experience the telecommunications and agribusiness sectors in a corporate finance setting. roles (Senior Technical Consultant, Software Engineer, Support Engineer, Support leadership. managing and directing teams. Team Lead, System Engineer). Always worked in multicultural teams (Asia, America, , United States Europe). Work well with in high pressure environments. (Titan solutions Inc.) Russian Portuguese (F) Spanish (F) Catalan (I) French (B) German (F) Russian (F) English (F) Latin (B) Hindi (F) American Sign Language (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Engineering – Civil Foreign Languages, Social Sciences – Economics Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Industrial Engineer with 3 years experience in several construction projects in developing A professional with five years of diverse managerial experience in law, art sales, and Entrepreneur and business professional with experience across all functions of a Product development professional with six years’ experience in the food industry. countries. Intense professional activity in the areas of production planning and food production. Spotless reputation as a team leader and general manager, deep startup and specified functions of a multinational company. Proven strengths in Demonstrated results managing strategic projects as a Food Scientist in the US control, construction management, and computer-assisted design software. Founder knowledge of global operations and production. Extensive experience in client leadership and team building and an ability to make strong business decisions under market for a global company. Proven ability leveraging consumer insights into high and equity partner at Portuguese design and construction management company. development with in medium and large corporations. Developed and implemented intense pressure with focus on growth and profitability. Highly developed analytical, differentiated and profitable products. Superb project leadership in multicultural teams , Angola and Portugal cost-cutting methods with a hundred percent success rate. Persuasive, multilingual communications, and team-working skills with an ability to learn, adapt, and apply and entrepreneurial skills. Highly committed to securing positive business results. public speaker with strong communication and quick adaptation skills. Experienced new methodologies. with high profile clients of multinational companies, such as Christie’s Auction House. Andres Chacon Nigerian Spanish (F) Portuguese (B) English (N) Hindi (F) Urdu (I) Marathi (B) Punjabi (B) Bhojpuri (F) Hindi (F) Maithili (F) Marathi (I) Engineering Accounting Engineering – Civil, Science – Architecture Engineering – Mechanical Naval Architect with six years of experience in shipbuilding the last five specifically Finance and accounting professional with 10 years of experience in audit, finance, Highly creative, dynamic and innovative professional. Instrumental in playing key roles During 11 years of experience in the Merchant Navy, gained diverse professional in project management. Strong in technical knowledge and project development tax, and business advisory. Seven years’ experience working for a Big Four in delivering 40+ challenging, complex & fast-track mega-scale projects across India experience and moved from a subordinate level to a managerial position. Well- and committed to lean production. Able to create, lead, and motivate work groups accounting firm with experience spanning three countries. Excellent interpersonal and the Middle East. Led global teams across multi-cultural environments, blending acquainted with the psychology and mindset of various personnel in the shipping to achieve deadlines and manage them with passion through difficult and stressful and communication skills. Proven track record for leadership, technical ability, tangible techno-managerial qualification with remarkably demonstrated experience. A industry. Learned about the expectations of the top-level management in the shipping situations. Dedicated and loyal to the company. and providing solutions to unstructured business challenges. Ability to work within fast learner in knowledge implementation with healthcare architecture expertise. company by being in the managerial rank. diverse multicultural settings. Nigerian French Canadian Bengali (F) Hindi (F) Gujarati (B) Marathi (B) English (F) French (F) English (F) Engineering – Computer Science Science Social Sciences – Law Business – Marketing Business development professional with multinational experience in the hydrocarbon Banking professional with over 10 years of working experience. Successfully Manager of asset management team and investment strategy expert. Skilled in A sales professional with over five years’ experience working as an entrepreneur industries for six years. Track record of success managing strategy, marketing, pioneered the regional corporate banking model in Oceanic Bank Plc. Posses building strong relationships with clients and developing customer portfolios by and for a multinational company. Strengths in relationship building in a team-based and sales with specific expertise in process improvement to drive business results. superb selling and marketing skills. Displays excellent leadership qualities. Recipient implementing an innovative approach to business. Gained an MBA to enhance atmosphere. Earned awards for growth in new business development. An avid Excellent communication and negotiation skills; able to forge productive business of the MD/CEO Awards for operational excellence in Zenith Bank Plc. management ability and business strategy skills and to expand international problem solver, gaining an MBA in order to further develop skills for a role in management. deals and manage excellent client relations. A dedicated team player with experience , Nigeria dimensions. managing and directing teams. , Nigeria8 Hult International Business School 9
  • 6. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic German (F) Russian (I) Spanish (B) Bengali (F) Hindi (F) German (B) Spanish (B) Spanish (F) Spanish (F) Portuguese (B) Business Engineering Engineering – Mechanical Business – Finance, Social Sciences – Economics Self-starting business professional with background in finance and operations. Experienced professional with a diverse experience of over three years in more than Bilingual project manager with over five years of experience, skilled in implementing Finance professional with over five years of international experience. Leader in Proven leader who morphed group’s attitude toward management from hostile to one domain and the ability to manage and lead teams. Experience in dealing and strategies that support and promote sustainability. Ability to thrive in fast-paced and managing cross company team efforts through effective and motivating mentoring cooperative and resolved process challenges, resulting in more timely completion of negotiating business with clients as well as quality assurance and business solutions. deadline-driven environments. Super innovative solutions generator. strategies. Recognized for being ethical and approachable with a focus on the big work. Improved managers’ operational control and financial performance through Skilled in market research and supply chain market expansion. (Government) picture. Strong hands-on approach, can manage diverse projects simultaneously. cost variance analysis. Strong ability to communicate decisions for buy-in; analytical, , Colombia creative, and rapidly adaptable. Russian Italian (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Russian (F) American Sign Language (I) American Sign Language (F) Spanish (F) Spanish (F) Business Business – Management / Administration, Social Sciences – Economics Business- Accounting, Advertising, Finance, Industrial Relations, Management / Business – Accounting, Advertising, Industrial Relations, Management / International business developer with over five 5 years of experience and solid Business professional with more than eight years of experience developing small Administration, Marketing, Operations Management, Other Administration, Marketing, Operations Management management of profit and loss on international base. Promoter of increased business in Russia. Detailed, well organized and thrives in a challenging environment. Business professional with over three years of experience in the fields of investment Goal-oriented sales and marketing professional with over six years of international sales throughout Europe by establishing the optimal price policy for each market. Diverse knowledge in different spheres of business. Skilled at organizing and banking and corporate finance. Worked as a full time analyst in Altium Capital doing experience. Successfully worked in cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. Strong Coordinator of a team of five European key account representatives. Repeated ability effectively managing work product in a group setting. financial valuation modeling, making information memorandums and investing leadership skills intended to implement business processes with a focus on growth to respond well to customers’ expectations and needs. Proven ability to regularly opportunities presentations. Able to perform under pressure and strict deadlines, and profitability. Ability to meet deadlines and reach objectives. increase volumes and margin by retaining loyal customers and acquiring new ones. work within team environments and utilize excellent interpersonal skills. Banco Santander Chinese Argentinian American Sign Language (F) Mandarin (F) Cantonese (B) French (F) German (B) Italian (F) Arabic (B) Spanish (B) Spanish (N) English (F) Portuguese (B) Engineering – Computer Business – Accounting, Finance, Management / Administration, Marketing, MS Engineering – Industrial BA in Labor Relations Human Resources professional with over 6 years’ multinational corporate Operations Management, Social Sciences – Economics Engineering, operations, industrial product and project management professional Human Resources professional with experience in the strategic consulting industry. experience in the transportation and logistics industries. Successfully drove Bilingual finance professional with over five years of work experience in the fields with over five years of experience in the energy, manufacturing, transport and Experienced in local and international recruiting, in organizational culture and training organizational performance and effectiveness through business partnership. of audit and oil & gas. Successfully built and motivated teams, developed and telecommunication industries. Proven ability to perform under pressure and meet and development. Proactively recommended new HR initiatives. Strong ability to thrive in fast-paced improved finance processes with a focus on finance control, audit and business challenging deadlines. Expertise in providing business and technology consulting for and results-oriented environments as well as superb consulting and interpersonal models. Strong ability to thrive under pressure and in constantly changing domestic and international customers. Pragmatic leader with experience managing communication skills. environments. Great business partnering and leadership skills. international teams. Excellent interpersonal skills and proactive approach. Appreciated responsibilities in risk management and business process redesign. Dutch Dutch (F) German (F) Spanish (I) French (B) Hebrew (F) Spanish (F) Hungarian (B) Tamil (F) French (B) Hindi (B) Kannada (B) Korean (B) Spanish (F) Portuguese (I) Science – Physics Business Engineering – Computer Engineering – Computer Process development engineer and business development manager with over five Business and Economics professional with experience in project management and Technical specialist with five years of international experience. Capable of working years’ experience in product development, marketing, customer relations, and commercial strategy in the airlines industry and university/non-profit organizations. independently as well as in groups. Managed teams in administering different Bilingual entrepreneur and senior business professional with over seven years of supply chain management. Proven skills in creating and maintaining customer Natural leader with strong initiative, sense of responsibility, and solid ability to think versions of Oracle databases on varied platforms. Excellent client handling skills experience across all areas of launching and developing businesses, including relations with nuclear-related medical and industrial customers. Strong analytical, analytically. Superb interpersonal skills and excellent public speaking. Outstanding and significant on-site project implementation exposure. Proven ability to initiate high-level leadership and management. Passionate about mobile technologies and international team player. Gaining an MBA to obtain broader set of business skills. sensitivity to consumers’ needs, media communications, and product selection. appropriate action, comply with instructions, and execute tasks in an efficient manner. consumer and business apps and focused on innovation. Proactive and results Promoter of change, driver of innovative projects, and team builder. oriented, seeking to combine MBA with significant management experience in a commercial or strategy role in the IT/Software industry.10 Hult International Business School 11
  • 7. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Lesly Gonzalez – Mexico Nigerian Spanish (F) French (B) German (F) French (B) English (F) Korean (F) Mandarin (F) Japanese (B) MS Engineering – Computer Engineering – Chemical Science Social Sciences – Economics Expert in product development and management, with six years of experience in A versatile and results-oriented biotechnology engineer with three years experiences An excellent customer service professional experienced in dealing with clients directly Marketing professional with 10 years of extensive and diversified supervisory and telecom industry. Technical knowledge in telecommunication services and specialized in business development, customer relationship management, and marketing. or via telephone and email to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Skilled in managerial experience in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. Demonstrated ability in product life cycle, including market research, design, project evaluation, project Well-marked knowledge of scientific and regulatory issues related to new inventions sharing knowledge and encouraging development by others to achieve specific team to motivate employees, manage projects, increase productivity and capacity, and management, and implementation. Gaining an MBA to improve financial and of combination devices in the healthcare market. An authentic and self-consistent goals. Superb leadership and organizational skills that balance work, team support, oversee client/customer relationships. Excellent interpersonal skills. Gained reputation management knowledge to pursue a position in a leading technology company. communicator with excellent leadership and cross functional team skills. and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner. for honesty and placed in positions of trust. Leukocare AG , Abuja, Nigeria , Lagos, Nigeria French Armenian (F) Catalan (F) Spanish (F) French (F) Spanish (B) Japanese (F) Armenian (F) Korean (F) Business Business MS Science Business – Management / Administration Four years of experience as tax advisor in a professional services multinational firm Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience across all areas of starting up and Consultant of environmental risk management for a variety of industries. Skilled in A finance professional with over seven years of experience at Standard Chartered (Deloitte with a strong focus in the Corporate Tax Department. Solid background developing businesses. Used to solving complex issues requiring management, building strong relationships with clients and creating new services regarding new Bank in Korea. Participated and completed CEO initiatives every year from 2008. As in accounting, finance and tax advising for international companies. Team work analytical, and technical skills. Seeking high-level and global challenges to focus my environmental concerns. Proven strengths in problem solving ,coordination, logical a key player within team, showed excellent capability, extensive understanding and and cooperation with other departments were part of every developed project. commitment and energy. Passionate about technology and innovation (supported and analytical investigation. Gaining an MBA to pursue environmental consultation to deep knowledge related to consumer banking. Dedicated, responsible and more Diligent worker with great ability to make a success of unexpected challenges by a French microelectronic engineering degree). Seeking to combine MBA with develop highly strategic and profitable solutions. importantly, supremely capable within organizations; also able to perform under with tight schedules and short deadlines. Received the maximum grade in annual significant management experience in a commercial / strategy role within a leading pressure and within short deadlines. performance evaluations. technology company. Standard Charted Bank, South Korea , Intern Canadian Gujarati (F) Hindi (F) German (B) Japanese (N) English (F) Spanish (I) English (N) Hindi (I) Punjabi (I) Spanish (B) Urdu (I) Arabic (B) Bengali (B) Hindi (F) Oriya (F) Telugu (I) Engineering – Computer Engineering – Computer Business Engineering – Electrical Business analyst with six years of work experience in telecom industry. Extensive Detail-oriented and enthusiastic professional with over seven years of engineering An experienced financial services professional with nine years’ background An Information Technology professional with over four years’ experience in the field experience working with cross-functional teams in an international environment. experience. Solid analytical, communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills. in International Business Development, Account Management, Operations of high-end system administration focusing mainly on server, storage and backup Seeking to leverage industry experience combined with educational background and Ability to improve performance, solve problems, and develop products in result- Management, Market Research and Regulatory Compliance Analysis. Established administration. Excellent communication skills. A very goal-driven individual with the current MBA program and build a career in business/management consulting. driven environments. Effective leadership and team working capability. strong business relationship with business associates in over 30 countries in a ability to perform under extreme pressure. multinational environment through brand acknowledgment and generating stronger business growth. Certified in Canadian Securities Course and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. Do not require sponsorship to work in U.S. Hindi (F) German (I) Catalan (F) Spanish (F) Tamil (F) German (B) Hindi (B) Hindi (F) Malayalam (F) Tamil (F) Telugu (F) Kannada (B) Punjabi (B) Engineering – Mechanical Science – Chemistry Engineering – Electrical MS Engineering – Electrical Bilingual mechanical engineer with three years of international experience and Professional with five years’ experience in pharmaceutical companies dealing A client focused individual with over three years of experience in software Experienced program manager with a proven 11-year track record of successfully substantial knowledge in the field of design from working on live projects. with patents and intellectual property, competitive intelligence and knowledge development, testing, and integration in telecom and e-commerce domains. Proven developing and launching market-driven and customer-focused products. Detailed Successfully handled project execution and client interactions. Ability to thrive management. Seeking a position as a General or Business Development Manager. ability to innovate and implement new ideas, deliver outstanding service, improve knowledge of product life cycle, as well as strong understanding of manufacturing in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments with good team building and Great ability to work within multinational environments and in different countries. efficiency, and exceed targets. Seeking an opportunity in a reputable organization processes. Experience in using statistical process control tools to analyze and ensure communication skills. Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills with strong commitment to deadlines and where my refreshing attitude towards management can blend with my technical skills. robust design with maximum performance and high quality. Professional strengths business results. include excellent analytical and debugging skills, strong technical background, , Bangalore, India creative problem solving skills, and exceptional ability to manage global cross- functional teams from inception to release.12 Hult International Business School 13
  • 8. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Hindi (B) Bengali (F) Hindi (F) Vietnamese (F) English F Business – Finance & Marketing Engineering – Electrical Business – Marketing, Engineering – Computer Business Credit Analyst with Lloyds Banking Group for over five years. Developed credit Business professional with three years’ experience in project management More than four years’ experience in project management and service development Accomplished professional with international experience and 15 years of diverse proposals for corporate customers with turnover exceeding $1 billion. Won as Executive Marketing and Project Manager in the metals sector. Extensive in mobile phone industry, including value-added services, marketing solutions, experience in Risk Advisory, Business Process Control Design, Implementation and recognition for numerous initiatives manifested in exceeding targets, minimizing risk experiences in cost, time, and quality management, risk management, claim brand activation, advertising campaign and customer relation management. Skilled Assessment, and Management Consulting. Strong ability to engage at executive and maximizing growth. management and client management through both project execution and at inspiring others, innovating and creative thinking. A quick learner, with strong levels. Conscientious, resilient, and results-oriented individual with superior human acquisition. Strong team player and leader with experience in directing teams from adaptability and a commitment to business results. capital capabilities, who sets very high standards for himself and the teams that different domains, able to perform under pressure. Interested in building a brand and he leads. Developed ability to make meaningful connections between the various marketing strategy for a company. aspects of business and to bring to bear strategies that assist companies in meeting their strategic objectives. Lebanese Argentinian Arabic (F) French (B) Spanish (F) German (B) Latin (B) Spanish (F) Japanese (I) Portuguese (B) French (F) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Telugu (F) Healthcare professional with expertise in clinical and community setting. Worked in MS; Social Sciences – Psychology / Organizational Behavior Business – Management / Administration Engineering – Computer clinical settings to provide best patient care to patients with optimal cost and quality 10 years’ experience inspiring business people in achieving their goals, with a diverse Six Sigma qualified and tri-lingual professional with extensive experience in global Award winning technology consultant with nearly four years of experience in open- of life. Worked in parallel to medical doctors on medication use utilization and drug background in management consulting, health care and sales. Critical thinker able to markets focusing on analysis, planning, and budgeting. Highly numerate and source-based multi-tier enterprise application development and management in two formularies. Managed class A pharmacy as the Chief Pharmacist in charge and convert strategy into clear, actionable tactics. Entrepreneurial attitude, passionate and detailed, with strong technical skills and excellent interpersonal skills. Accustomed multi-billion dollar corporations. established leadership roles concerning all aspects of patient care, service providing, proven ability to diagnose and resolve problems. Excellent influencing, negotiation and to working to tight deadlines in pressurized environments and collaborating within a Three years’ experience in the telecommunications domain and eight months’ experience budgeting, purchasing, and strategic planning. team leader skills, with capacity to build strong business relationships. team. Adapts quickly to change, demonstrated through living and working in multiple in the supply chain management domain. Core competencies include software geographic locations worldwide. requirement collection and analysis from client, design, development, product delivery Accenture management, testing, application maintenance, and software project management. Argensun Manhattan Associates German (F) Polish (F) Russian (B) Spanish (B) Spanish (F) English (F) Spanish (F) American Sign Language (F) Bengali (F) Hindi (F) Armenian (I) Humanities – Foreign Languages Engineering – Industrial Business Management Engineering – Computer Multilingual Master’s graduate educated in Linguistics and International Relations, Bilingual marketing professional with four years of experience in consumer goods Business manager experience in commercial banking for five years in a leading Bilingual professional with over three years of IT experience developing application for currently pursuing an MBA degree. Four years of professional experience in the industry. Successful contribution leading important new products launches with Peruvian bank. Experience managing a US $42M portfolio of local companies. BFSI sector. Knowledge of financial services and business development. Developed field of international import/export, buying, marketing, and education. Passionate for complex competitive environments in emerging markets. Expertise in communication Developed trade and financial relations with companies with sales exceeding more and secured new business for the company amounting to 15% of the total company languages and international work environments. Very well organized, efficient and and in teamwork, with strong interpersonal skills. Creative and attentive to detail, than $20M on average. 80 percent of these clients were related to the logistic chain revenue for 2010-11 and received company wide recognition. Managed a team of 10 goal-oriented team player and individual. Able to work under time pressure and in a skilled at problem solving, able to work in a fast-paced environment. and the rest related to construction and retail. both on site as well as off shore. Increased repeat business to the organization and challenging environment. Flexible but focused. SC Johnson & Son developed a substantial database of satisfied clients. , Poland Georgian Russian Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Bengali (B) Marathi (B) Punjabi (B) Spanish (F) French (I) American Sign Language (F) Georgian (F) German (I) Russian (I) Russian (F) Business & Engineering Business – Management / Administration Business – Management / Administration Business – Management / Administration, Social Sciences – Economics Sales, Strategic Marketing and Product Manager in the luxury retail Industry with Business Administrator with 10-years experience in commercial areas (marketing, Business professional with over five years of experience in the fields of banking, Nine years’ experience in Project Management in ERP-system implementation cross functional experience in management of retail and corporate sales and trade marketing and sales) of transnational consumer products and services project management, consulting, and consumer goods. A solid team player with very and system integration for big oil & gas and construction companies. Business marketing functions. companies, such as Procter & Gamble and Clorox, operating in an emerging strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Quick learner, with demonstrated leadership, development experience in consulting with focus on negotiating new contracts with market (South America). Managed own venture in jewelry manufacturing and abilities to think out of the box and overcome challenges thoroughly, and confidence new and current clients. Excellent international-minded team player with proven commercialization. Experienced in leading groups and working at managerial level in meeting tight deadlines. leadership abilities and interpersonal skills. Strong ability to think analytically, used with cross-functional teams. Enthusiastic and dynamic, with excellent teamwork, to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines. Certified Project Management leadership, and interpersonal skills; able to adapt to challenging environments. Professional (PMP).14 Hult International Business School 15
  • 9. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Argentinian Spanish (N) English (I) Thai (F) Japanese (B) Mandarin (B) Hindi (F) Bengali (I) Oriya (I) Spanish (F) French (B) Bachelors in Business Economics MS Engineering – Industrial Engineering – Computer, Electrical Business – Management / Administration Marketing professional with approximately four years of experience in various industries A professional with three years of experience in environmental consulting focused in Expertise in IT consulting and management with experience over four years with Bilingual business manager with three years of cross-functional experience in financial such as Entertainment, FMCG, and Pharmaceuticals. Effectively translated brand the fields of carbon-footprinting, green building rating systems, and energy efficiency. global telecom giants and leading technology companies such as AT&T, British analysis, sales, and customer relationship management. Successfully achieved sales and product initiatives into business growth, generating synergy with sales functions. Detail and result oriented with strong data analysis skills and high level of creativity. Telecom and Alcatel-Lucent. Highly proficient in carrying out product evaluation, and profitability goals through customer-oriented strategies and interpersonal skills. Strong ability to creatively develop innovative solutions in highly regulated markets. Bilingual with conversational in Japanese and Chinese with strong cross-culture process consulting, quality checks, and business development. Responsible for Interested in developing a career in marketing and advertising. Outstanding flexibility to readjust goals in rapidly changing environments. understanding. recruiting and mentoring new candidates. Proven strengths in strategic thinking and problem solving with innovative and breakthrough solutions. Goal-oriented individual – Aircraft Tire Operations – Asia Pacific driven to deliver positive results. British Hindi (F) Marathi (F) Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) English (F) Telugu (B) English (N) Engineering – Computer Social Sciences – Economics Engineering – Mechanical Business – Accounting, Social Sciences – Economics Business professional with over five years of consulting experience in the fields Professional with over seven years of international experience in consulting. Business Development Manager with over four years of experience in automobile Chartered Accountant with over five years of financial management and control of business analytics. Excellent analytical skills and proven ability to provide Successful in building and motivating teams as well as designing and implementing sales and marketing with proven record of devising highly efficient sales strategy. experience. Highly skilled in analyzing data, business partnering, and building strong innovative solutions in challenging environment and to work as a strong team player. strategies to improve business operations. Proven strengths in problem solving with Experience in sales event management including conducting auctions, exchange relationships. Successfully improved business processes impacting on profitability. Specialized in business process modeling with a focus on long-term stakeholder strong ability to learn and adapt. sales, and other events as well as leading innovative market research and training the Seeking to capitalize on professional finance experience and obtain an MBA to further value maximization. Skilled in strategic analysis of business and building strong dealer staff with the required sales acumen to meet targets. Excellent interpersonal develop the skill set necessary to pursue a strategy role within a global company. analytics solutions for global customers. skills and a proven record of public speaking, analytical, and presentation skills with a penchant for sales and marketing. Moroccan Arabic (F) French (F) English (F) Hindi (F) Punjabi (F) English (F) French (B) Swahili (F) American Sign Language (F) MS Engineering – Computer Science MA Social Sciences – Sociology Business – Accounting Business professional with approximately five years in sales operations Senior business professional with over eight years’ work experience across Sub- Marketing professional with more than seven years of experience in education/ A business professional with four years of financial accounting and three years of and management in three different industries, automotive, real estate, and Saharan Africa in both the consumer goods and telecommunications industries in publishing industries. Worked with a top company as well as a start-up. Innovative sales experience. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong ability to think analytically. telecommunications, as well as an educational background in IT. Exhibited strong the areas of supply chain management, marketing, and finance. Expertise in demand team player with a positive attitude and persistent leadership record. Highly Superb team player and leader with experience managing and directing teams. Proven leadership and interpersonal skills throughout the varied work experiences. Self- forecasting, process creation, and management and strong skills in analysis, developed analytical and communication skills. Pursuing MBA in digital marketing performance record and adept at identifying synergies to increase year to year. motivated, dynamic, hard working and eager to exceed objectives. Highly adaptive collaboration, and leadership. from a top business school to further hone skills. to any environment, respectful of others’ opinions and strongly attached to Toyota way principles such as teamwork, continuous improvement, and challenge. Nigerian Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Malayalam (I) English (F) English (F) Social Sciences – Economics Engineering – Computer, Electrical, Other Business Business – Accounting, Management / Administration Business professional with experience in business development and strategic Accomplished Business Analyst with four years of experience and a verifiable track Professional with seven years of managerial experience in the hospitality industry, Chartered Accountant with over five years of financial management and control planning. Strong ability to think tactically, understand business needs, and detect record of working in complex banking and IT projects. Extensive experience in including time spent as part of the opening managerial team for both a restaurant experience. Highly skilled in analyzing data, business partnering and building strong business opportunities. Superb ability to work in multicultural and cross-functional credit cards domain and designing process and system improvements to increase and a hotel. Supervised managers and established a leadership pipeline. Developed relationships. Successfully improved business processes impacting on profitability. teams. Proven experience in various industries. productivity and reduce costs. Practiced in clarifying business requirements and highly people management and customer relations skills that resulted in global and local adept at diplomatically facilitating discussions and negotiations with stakeholders, with recognition within the world-renowned InterContinental hotel brand. Works well strong interpersonal skills. Core competencies include refining business requirement, autonomously and as part of a team. Assertive and analytical in thought and decision negotiations, design & development, and application maintenance. making, accompanied by superb interpersonal communication skills. Southern Sun16 Hult International Business School 17
  • 10. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Nigerian English (F) Spanish (F) Thai (N) English (F) American Sign Language (F) Portuguese (F) Spanish (I) German (B) Science – Biological Science MS Business Engineering – Computer Engineering – Chemical An experienced financial services expert with four years of experience in retail Bilingual business administrator with specialty in marketing. Relevant experience Four years’ professional experience in diverse IT functions in banking industry and Competent engineer with over five years of experience in the fields of innovation and banking and operations in a captive environment (Zenith Bank Plc). Skilled in building in marketing research for local and international companies, managing FMCG (fast in lending from both products and system perspectives. Excellent analytical skills trading operations. Skilled and passionate in motivating teams and designing and strong relationships with clients, motivating teams, and designing and implementing moving consumer goods) and services accounts. Negotiation ability and knowledge coupled with interpersonal communication skills. Extensive understanding and implementing diverse innovative business processes with an emphasis on profit. business processes with a focus on achieving growth and profitability. Ability to thrive of mass consumption market categories. Understanding of consumer profiles and appreciation of business processes related to the banking industry. A quick learner, Ability to thrive in high pressure environments where fast results and structured in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments. Superb business partnering and behaviors and how to transform information into real strategies focused on growth with strong adaptability and commitment to business results. decisions are needed. Seeking to combine MBA with significant tools to thrive in new leadership skills. Gaining an MBA and a CFA certification to further develop skills and and profitability. Excellent at people relations and teamwork, highly committed, and career challenges. to pursue career opportunities in a multinational financial services institution. skilled at learning new concepts quickly. Nigerian Nigerian English (F) French (I) Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Tamil (B) Telugu (B) Engineering – Civil Science – Earth Science MA Business Engineering – Computer, Electrical Seven years’ experience in retail banking as a business development manager. Business professional with an oil and gas background spanning eight years of Bilingual professional who has been working for over 12 years in finance and A business professional with over three years of experience as an SAP Architect and Excellent relationship management skills and strong ability to think analytically. international experience managing end-to-end telecoms and IT business. Proven administration. Able to focus on objectives while identifying and implementing new Consultant. Worked with an international team for strategy planning, which involved Superb team player and leader and a quick learner. Strong sales and presentation sales and business partnering abilities with technical understanding of Prepaid, policies, procedures, and best practices to fit needs of the business through its End-to-End management of SAP. Worked as an effective leader by distributing ability, and result oriented focus. Postpaid, and Value Added Systems(VAS), as well as business support systems growth cycle. Skilled at managing the accounting, finance and administrative staff work efficiently, solving problems, maintaining morale, and organizing team-building including business intelligence, revenue assurance, fraud management, call center to support new goal-driven and enhanced procedures, strengthen internal control, activities. Expertise in taking initiative to improve the quality and value of service by operation, settlements, and enterprise solutions. Skilled at planning, solutions, and and safeguard company assets. Executes timely monthly closes, financial reports, taking personal ownership of delivery, quality, timeline, and estimate. business design. performance analysis, and compliance requirements. EF Education First Nigerian English (F) French (B) Italian (F) German (I) Spanish (B) Hindi (F) Tamil (F) MD/MBBS Science – Medicine Other Business Master’s; Humanities – Communications Humanities – Communications Engineering – Computer Medical doctor (MD/MBBS) with over two years’ experience in preventative Business professional with over six years of experience in innovation and project Dedicated, hard-working, and analytical professional with a forthcoming MBA and a Extremely efficient and intensely driven consultant with three years of experience in medicine, grants management in resource-poor countries for alleviation of management. Superb team player with experience in facilitating and moderating background in team leadership, analysis, stock trading, and solutions development. the functional, technical, and managerial aspects of retail and IT domains. Passionate preventable illnesses/diseases, and health services policy and administration. multicultural teams. A quick learner, flexible and able to respond to difficulties. Reputation of growing businesses through targeted research and marketing. communicator who has worked with more than 20 clients all over the world. Creative Pursuing an MBA degree to further develop capacity-building skills in healthcare Entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership and communication skills, strong abstract thinker with proven aptitude for logical reasoning and problem solving. Multi-talented consulting and overall management of health and health-related institutions. thinking, and excellent abilities to empower visions and innovation scenarios. achiever with a drive to constantly find scopes for improvement and analyze solutions. ; Program Officer for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/ , India AIDS (PMTCT) ; Community In Action (CIA) USG Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Assistant Grants Coordinator (affl. of University of Maryland) Nicaraguan Filipino (F) English (F) Spanish (F) German (B) French (B) Spanish (F) French (I) German (B) Business – Management / Administration, Other, Social Sciences – Economics Business – Finance, Management / Administration, Other Business – Finance, Social Sciences – Economics Business An experienced distribution professional working with large consumer packaged Bilingual finance and marketing professional with over six years of experience Business professional with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. An experienced sales manager with over four years’ experience developing various goods companies. Excellent interpersonal and analytical skills. Gained admiration in managerial positions. Successfully built and motivated teams, designed and In-depth knowledge of operations management, securities processing, and equity businesses in the consumer product industry. Proven strengths in problem solving, both as a team player and as a leader. Extensive experience managing distributors implemented marketing and communication strategies with a focus on market share trading. Excellent analytical skills coupled with proven communication skills, negotiating, simplifying, and creating marketing strategies. Seeking to combine MBA and key accounts. Tremendous ability to understand and develop backroom growth and branding positioning, and effectively managed marketing intelligence leadership qualities, and ability to work in high-stress situations. Acquired the with significant management experience in a multinational company. distributor process improvements. Has worked with firms in developing go -to and customer services areas. Ability to thrive in fast-paced and deadline-driven necessary NASD licenses, series 7, 63 and 55. market strategies that improve their competitive advantage, thus bringing their environments. Strong financial, analytical, and leadership skills. products or services to market more effectively.18 Hult International Business School 19
  • 11. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Portuguese (F)French (I) Spanish (B) American Sign Language (F) German (F) Spanish (F) Spanish (F) Dutch (B) French (B) German (B) French (B) Engineering – Civil Engineering – Civil MS Engineering – Electrical Social Sciences Project and construction manager with background in real estate. Excellent manager Trilingual Latin American executive with over seven years of experience in business Senior IT professional with more than six years of engineering experience in top Commercially savvy professional with vast experience in the area of sales and and results-oriented achiever. and management. Successfully implemented projects in diverse areas, analyzing and market technology companies (Motorola and Arris) across several technical areas business strategy gained from working for a leading multinational telecommunications optimizing business and operation processes. Ability to take ownership of projects in cable TV and telephone networks. Passionate about technology and innovation company. Diverse skills in sales, marketing, insurance underwriting, and claims. and drive them to successful completion. Welcomes new challenges and takes and highly skilled in building strong relationship with clients and working on teams. Results-driven with proven leadership skills and ability to deliver results through the advantage of opportunities to exceed expectations. Highly ethical, results-oriented Seeking to leverage experience and skills in a business development / project development and motivation of teams. person whose only goal is to add value to a company and foster a positive work leadership role within a leading technology company. environment. Arris Hindi (F) Marathi (F) French (B) Spanish (F) French (I) Hindi (F) Tamil (F) Bhojpuri (B) German (B) Gujarati (B) Malayalam (B) Indonesian (F) Malay (I) Master’s Science Engineering – Chemical Engineering – Computer, Electrical Business – Accounting Marketing professional with more than four years of experience in brand Results-oriented financial professional with over three years of experience in control A software professional with three years of experience with strong knowledge in Business professional with diverse experience in the energy sector, including supply management in the pharmaceutical industry. Successfully built and managed global and staff performance. Proven ability to produce successful results. Skilled in testing frameworks and exceptional analytical skills. Proven track record exceeding chain and human resources. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills and pharmaceutical brands in India, one of the most challenging markets in the world. leading and managing teams. Extremely effective in working under pressure, with targets as a Senior Mortgage Underwriter in diverse roles and responsibilities. analytical thinking. Strong ability to work within teams. Former parliament aide to Designed and implemented strategic brand plans with a focus on accelerating excellent analytical skills. Experienced trainer and quality analyst with extensive global experience in client energy commission. growth. Capable of pinpointing growth opportunities and counter-competitive management. threats, with a keen eye towards maximizing return on investment and managing customer relationships. Pursuing an MBA to further develop skill set to build an international career. Spanish (F) American Sign Language (I) Filipino (F) Tagalog (F) English (F) Hindi (F) Punjabi (I) Marathi (I) Bhojpuri (B) Gujarati (B) American Sign Language (F) Hindi (F) Business Business Business – Accounting, Finance Engineering – Civil Banking professional with seven years of experience at Banco de Credito, the Business development and product manager with nine years of consumer loan Business professional with over three years of experience in media sales and Engineering and operations professional with three years of experience in real estate leading bank in Peru. Gained significant experience in the past few years and honed banking experience specializing in developing and launching credit cards, debit marketing. Expertise in providing branding solutions in print and electronic media. projects. Self-motivated, eager to meet challenges, and with a strong focus on abilities to communicate, achieve goals, handle conflicts, lead, and motivate others. cards, personal loans, mortgage loans, and auto loans. Launched profitable co- Proven success in managing media sales and creating new media properties along success. An international minded team-player able to work effectively under pressure Banco de Credito branded credit card products by effectively leading cross-functional teams. Top with expertise in event management. Superb communication and negotiation skills. and deadlines, build strong teams, and develop new skills. Creative and versatile notch at P&L modeling, analytical, leadership, and business partnering skills with an Able to perform under pressure and strict deadlines and to forge productive business multitasker with excellent interpersonal skills. Inclined to be the part of a continuous ability to launch products ahead of schedule. partnerships. A team player with strong interpersonal skills and cross-cultural learning process, to contribute knowledge, and to play an effective role in the EastWest Bank understanding. execution and management of projects assigned. , Noida,India Spanish (F) American Sign Language (F) Indonesian (F) Malay (I) Javanese (B) Mandarin (B) Gujarati (F) Hindi (F) Spanish (I) Swahili (I) Urdu (B) French (B) Punjabi (B) Hindi (F) Bhojpuri (I) Farsi (B) Marathi (B) Urdu (B) Engineering – Computer Business – Accounting, Finance, Management / Administration Business – Management / Administration, Marketing Science – Mathematics, Social Sciences – Economics IT professional with over five years in the industry. Extensive experience working with Audit and retail professional with over four years’ experience at a Big 4 public accounting Business professional with four years of entrepreneurial, marketing, and consulting Bilingual finance professional with over 10 years of international experience. international teams on a day-to-day basis. Proactive leader, excellent team player, firm and world’s leading retail company. Expert in strategic planning, operation experience. A global-minded team player with a proven history of leading and Successfully built and motivated teams and designed and implemented business always looking for ways to improve the performance of my team. Known for thinking controlling, financial management, and marketing campaigns. Extensive experience in managing teams to success during times of high pressure and short deadlines. A processes with a focus on growth and profitability. Able to thrive in fast-paced and fast, helping others, and able to develop innovative solutions. audit project management, team management, and building professional relationships strategic thinker and quick learner with excellent public speaking and interpersonal deadline-driven environments. Proven business partnering and leadership skills. with clients. Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills. Goal- and detail-oriented, communication skills. able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Gaining an MBA to develop skill sets in strategy, merger and acquisition, and investment banking.20 Hult International Business School 21
  • 12. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic American Sign Language (F) Korean (F) Hindi (F) Marathi (I) Tamil (I) Hindi (F) Punjabi (I) Armenian (F) Mandarin (F) Science – Biological Science Engineering – Computer Master’s Science – Biological Science, Chemistry MA Social Sciences – Psychology / Organizational Behavior, Sociology Sales and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in the healthcare Software professional with over four years of experience in software development Business professional with over 18 years of proven experience in sales and marketing Successful advertising professional with over three years of international experience industry. Specific expertise in process improvement to design and drive business and business processes. Successfully built and motivated teams, designed and management, business development, and operations management, with excellent from immersion in Asian markets. Managed and coordinated entire advertising team growth and profitability. Superb team leader with experience managing and directing implemented business processes with a focus on innovation. Superb analytical and knowledge of emerging market consumers. Consistent track record of achievement as well as other agency partners to implement business processes, with a focus on teams. Winner of many reputable awards such as the Asia-Pacific Best Employee leadership skills. Expertise in CMMI Level 5 compliance practices and in directing in multinational corporations as well as startups in India and Nigeria. Proven ability efficiency, synergy, growth, and profitability. Excellent interpersonal relations, project Award at Becton, Dickinson and Company for three consecutive years from 2007 various projects to comply with level 5 standards. to successfully build, lead, mentor, and motivate results-oriented teams from various execution, and strategic analysis capabilities. Hard-working and skilled at time to 2009. business cultures. Strong reputation for translating innovation and creativity into success. management. Chinese Mandarin (F) American Sign Language (I) Spanish (B) Oriya (F) Hindi (F) Maithili (I) Marathi (I) Punjabi (B) Bengali (B) Bhojpuri (B) Kurdish (B) Mandarin (F) Taiwanese (F) Cantonese (B) Hakka (B) Japanese (B) Bilingual professional consultant with banking, utility, and manufacturing experience. Social Sciences – Government / History, Sociology Engineering – Other Engineering – Mechanical Successful at leading and motivating teams. Strong technology and management Strategic marketing professional with nine years’ experience managing global Project Management professional with over nine years of international experience. 10 years’ work experience in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; managed consulting skills, proficient at business strategy, operation management, and training. marketing programs. Ability to develop high-impact, worldwide campaigns with Successfully built and motivated teams, designed and implemented business the entire setup process of a company branch from inception to finish. Completed Consulted for large state-owned enterprises on high-tech park planning, strategy, multiple alliance partners – all within budget. Charismatic manager and contributor; processes with a focus on growth. Thorough understanding of lifecycle, exploration, multifunctional tasks including leading projects, searching for possible company marketing research, and internal training. Able to absorb and retain knowledge in motivates teams to improve performance. Drawn to technology and innovation and production of hydrocarbon in petroleum business. Expert in consulting and investments in the media and technology industries, developing and presenting various industries quickly and thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. because of its lightning-fast pace and diverse nature. Passionate about consistently management in petroleum exploration & production industry, digital oil field mapping, joint venture business proposals, and preparing investment budgets. A strong delivering above and beyond expectations. Seeking to combine MBA with petroleum data management, IT services, gas pipeline infrastructure, and offshore communicator and quick, adaptable learner, committed to business results. international marketing experience in a strategic marketing, business development, communications. or consulting role. Nigerian Hindi (F) Gujarati (I) Marathi (B) Punjabi (B) Telugu (F) Hindi (I) American Sign Language (B) Swahili (B) Spanish (F) French (B) English (F) Business – Management / Administration Engineering – Computer Engineering – Chemical Humanities – English / Literature Young, energetic, and creative event management professional with entrepreneurial Engineering and operations professional with over four years of overseas experience Natural team player, results-driven and people-oriented leader, and highly creative, Seasoned business executive well versed in syndicated international financial spirit and an affinity for marketing and finance. Over three years of experience in in the telecom industry. Experienced in setting up a company. Proven skills in motivated professional. Strong verbal and quantitative skills acquired from work transactions and project management. Proven leadership skills. Excellent client servicing, events planning, and new business development. Successfully supervising several teams simultaneously and managing multiple positions. experience and solid chemical engineering major. Accurate and efficient problem communicator with in-depth negotiation skills. Self-motivated, proactive, and managed and monitored sync between different functions and the client on large- Successfully designed and deployed ISP networks in three countries. Designed and solver with an ability to adapt to new situations. Adept at decision making and exceptional at social and business networking. scale national events, utilizing solid interpersonal and communication skills and implemented marketing and sales strategies for the company. Good leadership skills achieving individual and team goals. Diverse background including supply chain, proven leadership quality. and proven ability to move a startup company towards success. logistics, management, agribusiness, and insurance in national and multinational companies. Serbian Chinese Russian Bosnian (F) Croatian (F) Serbo-Croatian (F) Albanian (I) Slovene (I) American Sign Language (F) Cantonese (F) Mandarin (F) Taiwanese (F) Russian (F) Ukrainian (B) Science – Physics Business – Accounting Social Sciences – Economics Business Multilingual purchasing and sales professional with over six years of international 11 years of experience in finance department in joint venture. Professional expertise Well-trained buyer and logistic specialist with four years of experience in electronics Information Technology professional and experienced high-level manager in experience. Successfully provided sales results, implemented business processes, in finance reporting, cost accounting and control, tax related issues, internal company. Experienced in organizing commercial exhibitions in photonics industry, telecommunications and TV media, with thorough marketing and financial accounting built and motivated teams, and developed brand awareness. Able to produce control, and banking. Led a team of 26 finance staff, demonstrating excellent team with high potential in leadership, execution, and adaptation. Seeking to achieve background. Successful operational structure builder for start-ups, with a systematic results in fast-paced, highly competitive, and multinational environments. Well- management and coordinating ability. Strong team player with excellent adaptability career aspirations with a strategic marketing position in alternative energy, fashion, or approach and strong focus on cost efficiency. Strong entrepreneurial skills and developed negotiation and communication skills, with leadership potential. Career- in multi-cultural environments. cosmetics industries. outstanding expertise in emerging markets of Russia and CIS (post-USSR). driven, motivated to learn, and able to quickly adopt new business methods.22 Hult International Business School 23
  • 13. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Nigerian Telugu (F) Hindi (I) Japanese (B) American Sign Language (F) Portuguese (F) Spanish (I) English (F) Arabic (F) French (I) Engineering – Mechanical Masters Business – Finance, Management / Administration Business Business – Finance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant with over three years of international Bilingual finance professional with a broad experience acquired over eight years. Business professional with over 10 years of experience in the fields of investment An experienced senior external auditor with four years of expertise in providing experience in implementing and managing Oracle Apps projects. Worked with Worked in a variety of departments such as accounting, sales, marketing control, promotion and management. Strong track record of leadership, work ethic, and financial services at a Big Four firm. Experienced in evaluating and executing stand- diverse international teams and consistently provided solutions that reduced the corporate finance and finance supply chain / operations. Results-oriented, and integrity. In-depth knowledge of identifying opportunities and developing new strategies alone and consolidated financial reports in the banking, private equity, retail, and implementation time period. Strong ability to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze skilled at teamwork, detailed analysis, and business partnering. Seeking to work in for investments in Africa. An international-minded team player with excellent interpersonal hospitality industries. Highly-developed analytical, communication, team working and complex issues and adapt quickly to challenging environments. strategic consulting and financial industry. skills. Absolutely committed to meeting targets and achieving business results. leadership skills. Proven strengths in building long-term relations with professionals Johnson & Johnson and negotiations with key decision makers. Gaining an MBA to further develop skill set to pursue career opportunities with a major consulting firm. Ernst and Young Canadian French (B) Spanish (F) French (B) French (F) Armenian (I) Engineering Business Business – Management / Administration, Marketing Business – Management / Administration, Operations Management Engineering-educated Canadian professional with four years’ experience in supply Product manager with five years of experience in an international retail company, Bilingual business professional with four years of account management experience in Logistics professional with extensive management experience. Organized and chain and operations. Specialized in investigative analysis for issues affecting supply demonstrating leadership skills during difficult situations. Proven to be effective under consumer packaged goods industry. Skilled in building strong customer relationships managed many projects by building and motivating team members. Focused on chain. Highly efficient, extremely fast at learning and skilled in analysis, problem intense pressure. Skilled in building relationships that enhance the image brand. with clients. Highly developed leadership, communication, and team work skills. profitability by investigating and improving business structures through analysis and solving, communication, and team coordination. Recently proved leadership skills as Possesses strong sales ability with a commitment to business results. Gaining MBA implementation of appropriate changes. Exceptional at mathematics and statistics. Supply Chain Analytics Supervisor. Seeking MBA to build finance and strategy skills. to further develop skill set to pursue career opportunities at a Fortune 500 company. Russian China Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Telugu (F) French (B) Gujarati (B) Tamil (B) Russian (F) German (I) Italian (B) Spanish (B) Ukrainian (B) Swahili (F) French (B) American Sign Language (F) Mandarin (F) Engineering – Computer, Other Business Humanities – Communications, Social Sciences – Economics MS Engineering – Computer Self-starter with a flair for product development and consulting. Conceptualized and Entrepreneur with two years of retail experience and five years of international Seven years’ experience in logistics, international trade, and diplomatic institutions, Expert in software engineering with nine years’ experience ranging from product implemented a web portal that was listed amongst the top 1000 business concepts marketing and sales experience. A goal-oriented leader with a strong ability to work managing the commercial pipeline, fostering global partnerships, and providing design, presale technical support, customer engagement, and partner relationship of India. Set up processes for real estate, production and training companies. within team environments. Proven track record of implementing innovative solutions supply chain expertise. Notable success in increasing operating margin, cutting management. Passionate about technology and innovation. Gaining an MBA to Worked with State Police Department in India to better manage information systems that increase sales, lower costs, and increase efficiency. Excellent analytical, unjustified costs, building sustainable business solutions, and growing client base and further develop skill set to seek a product manager/business development manager and assumed roles of Manager, Senior Executive, Consultant, and Product Developer. communication, and multinational negotiations skills. satisfaction. Achieved performance-based promotions in fast-paced, results-oriented role in an IT company. multicultural environments with minimum supervision. Exemplified integrity, foresight, and passion as well as analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Austrian French (F) Spanish (F) German (I) Bosnian (F) Croatian (F) French (F) German (F) Serbo-Croatian (F) Spanish (F) Thai (F) Japanese (F) Humanities – Foreign Languages Arabic (B) Portuguese (B) Slovak (B) Engineering – Computer Engineering – Architecture Versatile professional with four years’ experience in the luxury goods sector as sales MA Business SAP analyst with expertise in sales & distribution; experienced in material Professional with over 10 years of experience in management consulting for local representative and event organizer, used to performing under pressure with strict Polyglot financial services professional with three years of consulting experience management, finance, and full project life-cycle implementation. Web developer and and multinational leading clients in Japan, leading several projects as a manager. deadlines and dealing with clients and providers from all over the world. Excellent and 13 years of diverse international business experience. Pioneering spirit and expert in Java. Specialized in analyzing, designing, building, and testing business Supported companies in a range of industries, focusing on retail and apparel public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. Track record of strong sales charismatic leader with strong teambuilding capacities. Forward thinker skilled at applications. Highly developed in problem solving and coordination. industries. Engaged in projects covering business, brand, and finance strategy, ability, innovation, cross-cultural understanding and utmost confidentiality. anticipating market trends and positioning organizations to capitalize on opportunities. as well as business diligence, and operation improvement. Extensive experience Win-win negotiator equipped with strong communication skills used to interact working with clients in order to develop and implement strategies to realize their goals. successfully with diverse audiences. Exceptional social and cross-cultural competencies. , Mendoza24 Hult International Business School 25
  • 14. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Chinese Mandarin (F) Professional with diverse experience in media, banking, and entertainment. Highly skilled in building strong relationships with clients and developing business by creating strong brand image for companies. Strong at team work and a quick learner, able to adapt and apply new methodologies. Repeatedly demonstrated solid reputation for innovation and ability to respond to anticipated and unanticipated challenges under pressure and strict deadlines. American Sign Language (F) Azerbaijani (F) Russian (F) Turkish (F) Economics, International Relations Senior auditor with four years’ experience in a Big 4 firm. Experience in execution of audit engagements for international and local companies operating in oil, gas, and private equity industries. Thorough knowledge of US GAAP and IFRS reporting, consolidated financial statements, and production sharing agreements. Highly developed analytical skills and team work.26 Hult International Business School 27
  • 15. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Azerbaijani (N) Kazakh (F) Russian (F) Turkish (F) Arabic (B) English (N) French (C) Bachelor Finance ,International relationships and law Bachelor of Business – Management / Administration A highly skilled manager with eight years of experience in the mining sector. Expertise Excellent cross cultural literacy skills. Extensive international experience. Solid in risk management, relationship development with government entities and managing understanding of retail, finance and IT hardware, software, technical troubleshooting in the administrative sphere of the company. Strong interest in management and finance. and training. A passion for working in emerging markets. WageWorks Nigerian English (F) Hausa (I) Yoruba (I) Ibo (B) Bengali (N) Hindi (F) German (B) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics &Communication Project Management expertise with over six years experience in Telecommunication Accomplished IT professional with over 10 years of experience in application software and Information Technology projects; in supply chain environment. Skilled in development, maintenance, and testing with over 7 years on verifying and validating a directing, managing and providing leadership to culturally diverse project teams. wide range of end-to-end trading solutions for the capital market. Proven track record Proven strength in planning, problem solving, and coordination, with ability to learn, in heading up projects and leading teams. Skilled at managing problem solving and adapt and apply new methodologies. Seeking to leverage experience in project conflict resolution processes to deliver work outcomes to tight time schedules. management in either Power, Information Technology, Telecommunication or Oil and Gas fieldDubai Portuguese (N) Norwegian Basic French (B) Norwegian (B) Spanish (C) Bachelor of Economics A result orientated consultant with six years experience with a large multinational company and more recently, as a Strategic Planning Consultant in the Chemical industry sector. Experienced and competent analyst with new investment projects and businesses with exceptional communication and negotiation Canadian French (N) English (F) Romanian (F) Spanish (B) Italian (B) Bachelor in Business Accounting and Finance 5 years’ experience as an accountant. Specialist skills in auditing & tax diverse industries. Proven experience in financial reporting in the financial services & insurance industry. English (F) French (B) Hindi (B) Punjabi (B) Portuguese (N) Spanish (C) Bachelor Business Finance Economics Bachelor of Science in International Business Finance and customer relations professional with 6 years work experience. A A former professional athlete with experiences in national and international tenacious individual with a strong desire to learn; exhibits integrity and strong competition. Also, has a background in the financial industry and international trade. leadership characteristics. Extremely motivated and thrives on challenges that involve Has co-founded a sports agency that manages athlete’s careers. Skilled in building constant change and adaptation to changes. strong relationships, developing interpersonal skills, and managing the team. Strong interest in working in the financial industry.28 Hult International Business School 29
  • 16. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Arabic (F) English (F) Turkish (N) American sign Language(F) German (B) Hindi (N) Gujarati (I) Malayalam (F) Hindi (I) Bachelor of Mass Communication Bachelor in Business Information Management Business Administration Electronics & Communication 4 years’ experience in marketing communication to create an understanding and Experienced in managing corporate accounts in the telecommunication industry. An experienced financial professional with 3 years experience as a financial analyst in An Electronics & Communications Engineer with over 4 years of experience working awareness of the brand, ensuring it is represented accurately and appropriately. This Thrives on working on complex projects, customer issues and human management. leading financial service companies in U.A.E. A strong understanding and knowledge with a major UK-based communications provider with a successful track record of has enabled me to learn different aspects in the field, developing strong business skills. Strong interest in business communications, problem solving, project management of the financial sector developed further by completing a Certified Management delivering effective and quality driven solutions to an organization, in direct support of and administration.Turkcell GSM Operator Accountancy Course their business objectives. Persian (N) Farsi (F) English( N) Farsi (B) Italian B) Persian (B) Spanish B) Thai (C) Kazakh (F) Russian (F) Uzbek – (B) English (N) German (B) Spanish (B) Expert IT project manager and consultant with deep technical knowledge and Political Science Financial and Business Economics Economics and Business vast business experience. More than 8 years of work experience in providing and A high-energy, driven sales and marketing professional with extensive experience Financial Analyst with 3 years experience in private equity CIS markets. Proven An operations manager with 5 years of experience in the utilities industry. Skilled in maintaining 24x7 services. Passionate about technology and innovation with strong in channel planning and management. Recognized to have a strong and natural experience in fund-raising and client relations carrying out complex projects in building client relationships as well as developing business growth. Proven strengths communication skills and leadership talent. Eager to make a difference and influence ability to create meaningful and lasting relationships with clients leading to increase dynamic environments. Excellent analytical and communication skills. in coordination and problem solving. Highly motivated to utilize management skills in the society to make the world a better place to live. customer retention, revenues and overall market share. Excels in fast-paced l the energy industry. (VanaElectric) environments and has the ability to solve business challenges individually and collaboratively. Spanish (N) English (F) Farsi (F) English (F) Hindi – (N) Punjabi (B) Urdu (B) Hindi (N) English (F) Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Industrial Engineering Microelectronics Technology Business developing manager and entrepreneurship expert with 15+ years of 8 years work experience as an Industrial Engineer in Information Technology, A dynamic professional with 6+ years of rich experience in the semiconductor An IT consultant with total of seven years of experience overall (five years of IT experience. Out of a strong science and R&D backgrounds have sprung a passion planning and systems fields and financial projects. Strong and proven skills industry including the field of computer hardware repair and maintenance. experience and 2 years of marketing experience). Skilled in building strong client for the creation of new ventures. Well experienced in working in environments with in relationship management, project control and management, development Comprehensive knowledge of computer microprocessors, memories, ICs’ from relationship by providing technical and business solutions. Seeking to leverage high degrees of uncertainty and ambiguity. Great people skills and the ability to of strategic plans, financial statement analysis, evaluating feasibility studies, scratch to tape-out as well as knowledge of networking, computer hardware & experience in finance sector. develop and maintain alliances. Hult MBA is a step to unify and structure empirically performances appraisal, evaluating investment opportunities, extended experience in troubleshooting. Strong problem solving & technical skills coupled with confident gained skills. Seeking technology-driven business development opportunities with the design of websites and advertising programs. decision making for enabling effective solutions leading to high customer satisfaction innovative firms and timely deliverables. Russian (N) English (F) Hindi (N) American Sign Language (F) Hindi (F) Albanian (F) Bhojpuri (B) Hindi (N) English (F) Punjabi (B) Gujarati (C) Masters in Management and International Economic Relations Electrical Engineering Engineering - Mechanical Chemical Engineering BSc in Management 5 years of work experience in the IT industry. Experienced with HCL technologies Expert in IT & Management Consulting Services. Specializing in investigative Three years of industrial experience in exploring various techno-economic options 7 years’ experience in the finance, marketing and real estate industry. Enthusiastic as a business analyst for global clients in the retail and health-care domain. analysis, designing and implementing business processes with a focus on growth for cost minimization. Adept in planning, focus, event management, communication and motivated person with a strong interest in business development. A goal orientated professional who has advised and supported international and effectiveness. Proven strengths in problem solving and coordination, with ability through leadership and emergency handling. Highly motivated to utilize skills in companies in the telecom domain. Expertise in the areas of pre-project planning to learn, adapt and applying new methodologies. supply chain management or financial services. and management, product life cycle management, operations and fulfillment ITIL services. Highly skilled business acumen, analytical and problem solving skills.30 Hult International Business School 31
  • 17. Arabic (N) French (F) English (F) Russian (N) French (F) English (F) Hindi (N) Armenian (F) English (F) Bhojpuri (B) German (B) Hindi (N) Malayalam (F) English (F) Arabic (B) Business and Management Economics Engineering Engineering A senior tax controller with seven years of experience in the public sector. Expert Banking specialist with three and half years of experience. Skilled in building strong A technocrat with over fourteen years of overall industry experience with a Experienced IT professional and social entrepreneur with over three years of in fiscal audit and financial analysis. Demonstrated excellent analytical and team relationships with clients and public firms-partners of the bank. Meeting objectives major in IT in various functional domains, such as finance-investment, banking, programming and leadership experience across various technologies. Displayed working skills. Seeking to combine MBA with financial expertise to transfer within the and targets of the bank, supporting its brand image. Looking for a position in an risk management, and supply chain. Highly effective and proven management strong analytical, people managing and team working skills. Ability to thrive in high diverse banking industry. esteemed banking organization where I can put my exceptional skills in increasing capabilities with building and motivating teams. Skilled in developing relationship with pressure and deadline driven environment. Expects to strengthen managerial skills profits and extending customer base. clients and facilitating strong brand image for companies. Keen interest in strategy, and widen professional network through MBA. portfolio management and program management within technology areas. . Twi(N) English (F) Hindi (I) Hindi (N) English (F) Serbo-Croatian (N) English (F) Spanish (B) Arabic (B) French (C) English (N) Arabic (I) Business Administration Science Science Arts Public relations practitioner and marketer with over 16 years of experience and Seasoned HR professional with an extensive experience in start-ups. Proven A seasoned sales and operations executive with effective tools and experience An adaptable, persistent, and emerging leader with over five years of global strengths that border on working closely with the media. A professional known strengths in recruiting teams, oral communication and developing businesses. Ability in building and managing new divisions from the ground up. Expert at creating/ experience responding to humanitarian disasters and implementing development for being innovative and delivering results within tight deadlines. Poses excellent to learn, adapt and develop new teams. Passionate about training and developing building on relationships while negotiating best possible terms. Places emphasis on programs. Displays strong team management, analytical and problem-solving skills budget, media planning and IT skills. Adventurous and able to adapt to all types human resources. Accomplished leadership skills and outstanding ability to perform increasing the communication between the cross functional areas of the organization in challenging and culturally diverse situations. Extremely motivated to manage of environment and has special interest in traveling, communication, brand under pressure. to create a competitive advantage, and allow for a better customer experience. growing businesses in their operations. management and events. Group leader with strong general management skills. Medair Durango Foods Ocean Records English (F) Hindi (N) Kannada (F) English (F) German (B) Telugu (B) Hindi (N) English (F) Bhojpuri (B) Arabic (N) Commerce Science Science Science A software professional working for five years with IBM India Pvt. Ltd. with an Customer-focused professional with four years of consulting and business An experienced program manager in software services industry. Certified project Marketing and sales professional with over eight years’ experience in pharmaceutical overall experience of 10 years. Experienced as an Oracle DBA handling the development experience delivering and devising strategies that boost profitability. management professional with extensive experience in software development for industries. Successful sales planning with over 100% consistent achievement. project management for the client. Intend to learn and grow in the core business Strength in building effective partnerships with colleagues and clients with superior e-commerce, HR outsourcing and US taxation business domain. Strong interest in Attracts new customers foundation and convert them to long term loyal customers. functionalities of a company utilizing existing knowledge and gained skills. time bound management skills. A natural leader with proven capabilities and results engineering and product management. Ability to identify new markets opportunity with creative approaching methods. in motivating and managing teams. Adept at understanding complex, dynamic problems and identifying unique solutions and opportunities. English (N) Arabic (B) Tamil (N) English (F) Hindi (N) English (F) Arabic (N) French (C) American Sign language (F) International Relations Engineering Engineering Applied Arts Customer relations specialist with eight years of experience providing support to An information technology professional with four years of expertise in testing and Business developer with six and half years’ experience in financial service, IT Bilingual commercial and sales manager with more than six years managerial national account clients in the retail industry. Seeking to combine MBA with proven deploying software modules in project based environments. Experienced at business development and Infrastructure. Worked extensively in business developer, SAP experience. Successfully built, develop and motivate teams, implement and manage relationship building and problem solving skills in a management consulting role and process analysis as well as leading teams in cross cultural settings. Results customer relationship management quality engineer and functional system analyst sales plans to achieve targeted increase of revenue and profitability. Ability to meet within a leading consulting services organization. orientated, open minded problem solving attitude with a strong interest in marketing. roles. Strong interest in strategic management. deadlines. Outstanding team work spirit and leadership skills Estee Lauder32 Hult International Business School 33
  • 18. Armenian (N) Russian (F) German (B) French (B) Linguistics & Pedagogy Psychology A PR professional with over five years leadership experience in the International NGO and over three years in the PR services company. Successfully designed and managed challenging projects in fundraising, public relations and brand management. Strong negotiation, client relations building and nurturing skills. Ability to motivate the team to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. Hausa (N) Efik (F) English (F) Spanish (B) French (C) Science An experienced financial services expert with eight years’ experience in finance process audit reports and database management as well as supply chain management procedures. Well skilled in aiding prompt business solutions through the provision of relevant managerial information to enable informed judgment. Seeking to leverage experience and skill within a business processes compliance or research role. Hindi (N) English (F) Engineering An expert in IT services with five years of experience in IT infrastructure and operations. Passionate about technology and innovation. Thrives on challenges and change with a need to work on diverse projects. Highly developed analytical, communication, and team handling skills.34 Hult International Business School 35
  • 19. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Spanish (N) English (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Industrial Engineering Finance / Management Administration Bachelor of Industrial Engineering with over 7 years of experience in Marketing, Trade Green Belt Six Sigma with more than three years of experience in financial Marketing and Sales. Solid experience in consumer products companies. Proven and strategic project management. Proven ability to work within international leadership managing sales and marketing teams, as well as developing multifunctional and interdisciplinary teams. Skilled in presenting reports and ideas to C-level projects. Responsible, organized, proactive, committed, and results oriented. management. Excellent interpersonal relationships, high level of commitment plus an effective team player. Seeking to combine MBA with international experience English (N) Portuguese (I) Spanish (N) English (F) German (I) Italian (I) Business Engineering – Civil Certified management consultant with 6 years of human resources experience in a Alejandro is a sustainability consultant & supervisor with over 9 years’ experience multinational oil & gas major. Skilled at identifying the essential elements involved in in infrastructure development with an accomplished track record leading projects a business situation, as well as analyzing them (both logically and quantitatively) to in highly demanding, multi-cultural environments. He has hands-on experience arrive at a decision. Highly analytical and can integrate diverse perspectives to arrive cultivating client relationships, building cohesive teams and leading projects. He is at pragmatic solutions. Bilingual and good at working with and through other people. a team player that brings added strength to project teams through strong analytical Experienced in organization design, change management, leadership development and organizational skills. His experience involves infrastructure development, regional and compensation management. Seeking a career in general management consulting. planning, risk and environmental assessment & permitting for mining industry in Peru.London English (N) French (F) Spanish (B) Italian (B) Norwegian (B) Business Bi-lingual trans-media film producer, restaurateur and aggregator of digital distribution. Successfully built and managed a restaurant and media company focused on marketing digital entertainment for viral syndication. Ability to thrive in fast-paced environments and excellent at leadership skills, business partnerships and French (F) Spanish (I) Engineering – Civil French Highly-accomplished Construction Project Manager with deep technical and strategy analysis expertise in the Real Estate industry. Respected and proven experience in motivating teams to achieve corporate objectives within tight budget and deadline constraints. Strong organizational, analytical and communication skills with successful media branding. record in project planning, gain profits and execution. High level of commitment in achieving corporate critical mission goals. Particularly interested in joining the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) unit of an Investment Bank. English (F) Tamil (F) Hindi (I) Telugu (B) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Engineering – Chemical Engineering – Mechanical Certified Project management professional and business software implementation Accomplished project management professional with a diverse background in consultant, with prior experience in Process operations in Petrochemical complex; IT, Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility. Analyzed business data and built Specialized in business process mapping, design and implementation of business diagnostic reports for teams to gain insight of critical issues, which supported key software solutions. Further developing skill sets through an MBA to pursue a decision making. Worked with senior management to developed strategies that brought consulting career in sustainable practices. key changes in company’s policies and work culture. Introduced wide range of initiatives, and successfully led teams to execute plan meticulously. Seeking opportunities to leverage experience and MBA, for career in business strategy & Consulting.36 Hult International Business School 37
  • 20. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Canadian British Hindi (F) Oriya (F) Norwegian (B) French (B) French (F) Arabic (F) American Sign Language (F) French (I) Spanish (B) Science – Earth Science Engineering – Civil Engineering – Mechanical Accounting & Finance Highly accomplished researcher with a comprehensive scholastic and professional My passion is in entrepreneurship. In 2010 I started two companies – one with An Engineer graduate with 3 years of solid experience in the Private Equity field Banker experienced in understanding a wide range of companies and industries background in Industrial Dynamics, Innovation and Policy Research. Proven success two partners and the other was a solo venture. The first is a called King Oak – a within the Middle East and North Africa Region. Took charge of writing the Investors through extensive review and analysis of various business models and strategies. in directing and participating multi disciplinary teams to deliver consulting projects social venture whose mission is to contribute to Toronto’s grassroots arts community quarertly newsletter, assisted in fund admin work and carried out post aquisition Skilled in subordinated debt investing and restructuring with abilities readily for many governments & preeminent development agencies. Well recognized for by providing a multi-channel platform where young artists can collaborate and business plans for portfolio companies of various sectors. I am a fluent English and transferable to areas such as strategic planning and corporate development. deploying superior research design and project management skills in Strategy showcase their talents through clothing and live events. The second is an online Arabic speaker with a strong network list within the Middle East Region. Recognised for building effective and profitable relationships, thorough planning and Policy development together with comprehensive knowledge of Government marketing business based on search engine optimization and pay-per-click leading to flawless execution and high personal drive. Uniquely combines this Relation, Sustainability & Geographic Information System. advertising. business acumen with creativity and both innovative and unconventional thinking. British French (B) Italian (F) French (B) English (F) Spanish (I) Science – Urban Sciences Business – Marketing Business – Management / Administration Business – Finance Entrepreneur and senior business professional with significant experience working at Consultant with three years of experience in the implementation and management Detail oriented and process driven business professional with experience in A financial services specialist with four years of experience in the directors high level in government, providing strategic advice, running large scale programmes of business intelligence solutions with focus on effectiveness and flexibility. Skilled recruitment and in facilitating and leading process/service improvement projects in and officers insurance industry. Transferable skill sets include building business and providing policy advice on areas such as Green Energy and business in building relationship with clients. Demonstrated project management, consulting, the healthcare industry. Proven strengths in project leadership and facilitation; data relationships with brokers and clients and assessing financial and litigation risk of a development in the political arena. Passionate about current affairs and innovation, team working, analytical, problem-solving, and leadership skills working in multi- analysis; relationship building and communication. company in order to profitably manage a book of business. thrives on challenges and change, with a need to work on diverse projects. Looking functional teams. Passionate about marketing and innovation seeking to combine to combine MBA with MA in International Politics and significant management international MBA with consulting experience to pursue a marketing/strategy role experience in a strategy role in an International Governmental Organisation. British Spanish (I) English (F) Japanese (B) English (F) Business – Marketing Business Mathematics Social Sciences – Economics Accomplished sales consultant with 7 years of outside sales success. Has practical Senior Underwriter with over four years experience at a global insurance provider. Nine years successfully trading financial derivatives in Asia and Europe for leading Result-oriented and driven investment advisor with over six years experience experience in specialty pharmaceutical marketing and brand development in the Focused on financial analysis of publicly traded companies, consultative sales, in investment banking, with four at a senior/supervisory level. Skilled delivery of investment banks. Role included modelling, developing and implementing pricing and midst of changing regulations. Adept at building and managing relationships, marketing and managing a book of business of over $4 million for the entire investment presentations to large audiences paralleled by a unique ability to cultivate risk management systems in addition to trading and managing risk. Experience in the unveiling the needs of clients, providing valuable strategic solutions, and motivating Southeast region of the United States. Strong communication and team working and develop lasting relationships with individual clients. Proven record in sales management of projects and teams across business areas and time zones. Highly cohesive partnerships in execution. Has proven ability to lead projects on behalf of skills, combined with a natural ability to build relationships with brokers and clients. combined with expert level analysis, knowledge and research of markets. Significantly numerate with proven strength in analytical risk decisions, problem solving and managing multiple stakeholders. Recognized as a self-starter who will challenge conventional increased funds managed through tailored investment products. Seeking to utilize and rolling-out international projects. Seeking to leverage both my experience to date and expertise and MBA experience in sales and trading position with a top ranked wisdom when appropriate. skills acquired during my MBA to utilise my skill set in other fields and industries. investment banking firm. Hindi (I) French (B) Thai (F) Spanish (F) French (F) German (I) Science Business Accounting & Finance Science – Biological Science From an IT, HR and Marketing background, I’ve spent the last 5.5 years developing Competence in business administration for 7 years experience. Design and Corporate Executive with 6 years of experience in financial accounting, corporate Molecular biologist with several years of work experience in a biopharmaceutical and implementing projects on both a large and a medium scale. I’ve had the chance customize business strategy with a focus on development and profitability. Specialize finance, and project management, focused in consumer goods and automotive company as the head of Intellectual Property. Strong knowledge of the to work very closely with a diverse set of clients, often working on the strategic in problem-solving with immediate solution. Ability to cope with complex situation by sectors. Challenge-Oriented individual with proven strengths in analytical, problem pharmaceutical industry and drug development. Team player with cross-function, deployment of businesses and ventures. using logical and systematized thinking. solving and team working skills. Seeking to assess the impact of marketing decisions cross-department work experience. and strategies on the company’s bottom line. Accenture, India38 Hult International Business School 39
  • 21. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Russian English (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Russian (N) English (F) Engineering – Computer Business Engineering – Mechanical Applied Mathematics and Physics Italian (F) American Sign Language (F) Latin (I) French (B) Spanish (B) I have spent the last 3 years working as a management consultant in primarily the Bilingual Mechanical Engineer with over 3 years of international experience in the Successfully implemented and later managed a number of IT projects. Strong Strategy and functional consultant with more than 5 years of experience in automotive energy sector. I am planning on working in the UK when i finish my degree and want marketing and management area, in the Material Handling (MH) and in the Oil & Gas experience in client management, serving as a contact point for clients’ information sector. Specialized in processes re-design and optimization, business planning, to work for a top management consultancy (O&G) industry; working with leading brands, with the primary focus on exceeding security matters and providing them with tailor-made information security projects. organizational change support. Participated and coordinated in international teams expectations for customer service delivery while ensuring optimum brand impact. CISSP certified which allowed me to build a global system of security standards and in a significant number of cross border projects. Highly developed analytical, Enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating and training, a successful procedures within the company. Seeking a position in strategic planning, product communication, project & team management skills. Gaining a MBA to pursue career Web Fund and productive team, and thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working development or project management areas in manufacturing industry. opportunities as business developer in leading companies. environments. (HONG KONG) Ltd., Hong Kong GECOLSA (Caterpillar Dealer in Colombia) , Moscow Accenture Finnish Canadian Finnish (F) Spanish (F) Swedish (B) French (B) French (F) Spanish (B) Portuguese (F) American Sign Language (F) French (I) Spanish (I) French (B) Business – Marketing Engineering Engineering – Civil Business – Finance At 3M Finland I have worked in Consumer and Office Business with two significant Bilingual telecommunications professional with strong technical and commerical Civil Engineer with 6 years of experience in Site Management within Europe and Experienced and successful FX trader with a record of achievement establishing strategic brands (Post-it, Scotch). In my job there, I have for example coordinated backgrounds. Skilled negotiator, expert knowledge of network architectures and Africa. Skilled in getting teams working together and earning the trust of customers and developing firms that have improved the reliability and profitability of FX trading channel marketing activities, designed the catalogue pages for 3M’s main customers design, excellent skills in vendor relationship management and a proven track and other business stakeholders. An attentive listener comfortable making important for more than 500 commercial and institutional clients as well as large corporations based on Category Management, and planned and created different marketing record in identifying and adapting commercial and technical strategies to overcome decisions. Following the MBA career goal is the leadership of a department or an and funds. Cofounder of the amazing Guiness World Record setting MKride, the materials for different media, dealers and internal use. Before going back to school obstacles. Superb leadership and project management skills to deliver international international branch of a large multinational company. documentary film and book about two brothers’ 65-day adventure o two BMW to do my Bachelor Degree, I worked in retail store business for 4 years. projects on time and within budget. , Engenharia e Construções SA motorcycles circumnavigating China. British French (B) German (B) Spanish (F) French (I) Social Sciences – Economics Bulgarian (F) American Sign Language (F) Russian (I) Science Social Sciences – Economics Finance Professional with extensive customer service and leadership skills. Business Experienced research scientist with 7 years of Pharmaceutical experience. Background in Economics and Marketing with more than six years of experience in Exceptional problem-solving skills with the ability to quickly assess inefficiencies while Finance professional with over 6 years of professional experience. Currently managing Transitioned from laboratory based role into project management, controlling directing marketing and sales areas for specific products. Effective in building and providing solutions that help to increase productivity. Thrives in fast-paced, deadline- and monitoring the EU funded projects in South East Region of Bulgaria. With departmental resource and displaying innovation and excellent problem solving skills. managing special projects with a high sense of responsibility, commitment and team oriented work environments. Adept at prioritizing and managing multiple tasks while experience of building and operating start up company. Gaining an MBA to seek opportunities in business development and consultancy in work. Open to new challenges and skillful in decision making. Fluent in Spanish, having the ability to see the big picture as well as focus on important details. the Research and Development sector. English and French. EF Education First Hungarian (F) German (I) Russian (B) Spanish (I) Portuguese (F) Spanish (F) Dutch (B) Italian (B) German (F) Russian (F) Business Humanities – Communications Social Sciences – Law Science Entrepreneur and co-founder of a consulting and market research company, Experienced corporate communications/public relations professional with International consultant with five years’ experience at the World Bank, International IT and Information Systems Manager with over 10 years of work experience focusing providing expertise in business development in the technology and entrepreneurial background, specializing in high-tech and hospitality industries on Finance Corporation and Inter-American Development Bank. Experience in managing on laboratory automation, application integration, testing and IT security across telecommunication industries. Having ten years’ work experience and a natural an international level. Exemplary leadership skills, passionate about technology and and modeling strategic plans for public-private partnerships projects in South Asia, diverse industries and in international environments. Expert in requirements analysis, sense of detecting synergies, with the ability to learn and adapt. Seeking to combine social media management and thrives on challenging, multi-dimensional projects. Latin America and the Middle East. Coordinated several teams to design corporate software design and testing strategies. Proven ability to drive projects and assure MBA with significant leadership background and management experience in a Fluent in Spanish and highly skilled in fostering strong relationships with clients and development initiatives and knowledge management products. Proven strengths in quality standards of systems. Experienced leader of software development teams business development or strategy role within a leading technology company. building strong brand image of the company. Seeking to combine MBA with highly leading teams and showing results to key stakeholders. implementing interdisciplinary projects in the United States and Germany. developed communication and team working skills to pursue a leadership role within the hospitality and/or technology industries.40 Hult International Business School 41
  • 22. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Russian Russian (F) French (F) German (F) Italian (F) Latin (B) Spanish (B) Swedish (B) Hindi (F) Mandarin (I) German (B) Accounting & Finance Humanities – Communications Engineering – Computer Business Bilingual finance professional with over 10 years of experience in Russian oil and An experienced communications management expert with more than 10 years of Software Professional with over 3 years of experience in Information Technology Bilingual professional experienced with international production process and gas industry. Successful organization of M&A projects and projects financing for the international experience in corporate communications, public and press relations Industry.Successfully created Knowledge Management System to handle different collaboration with major international licencees. Seeking to leverage organization and development of oil and gas fields. Management of business processes, which were and event management. Highly developped communication skills across cultural portfolios which reduced the team effort by 30%.Excellent customer servicing skills communication skills to transition into a business development role. aimed at growth of capitalization and profitability of companies. Teamwork with the and political boundaries and effective in building strong relationships with clients which rose the customer satisfaction from 70% to 85% in my portfolio in a short span largest international investment banks and audit firms. Strong analytical and strategic and internal stakeholders. Seeking to leverage experience and skills within a of one year.Sound technical knowledge with expertise in .NET technology. decision making skills and ability to make difficult leadership decisions. communications strategy management or consulting role. Finnish Japanese (F) Armenian (F) Spanish (I) Finnish (F) Swedish (F) German (B) German (F) French (I) Italian (B) Business, Humanities – Modern Languages Business Social Sciences – Psychology / Organizational Behavior Highly organized self-starter with proven aptitude to analyze and translate complex Determined professional with 4 years of professional experience and a broad HR consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset and six years experience in Executive requirements and business problems to architect solutions. Excellent interpersonal knowledge of administrative work and a deep insight into how a company group Recruitment, Executive Assessment, and Executive Development Processes skills while interacting effectively with clients and in-house colleagues. operates, especially in strategic work followed by the annual budget. Ability to thrive for internationally operating companies across various sectors. Specialized in in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments. Excellent in team motivating and to conducting personality appraisals on C-level. Proven strengths in building sustainable getting people to commit fully to their tasks in a project. relationships with clients, project management, and client portfolio management. Seeking to combine MBA with proven leadership background in business and the military to further expand tailor-made HR consulting services globally. Canadian British Russian (F) French (B) German (B) Spanish (F) Spanish (F) French (I) Malay (B) Business – Marketing Business Business Brand Manager with 4 year track record of delivering results while managing global Spanish management consultant with four years work experience at Accenture. Entrepreneur and business professional with experience in starting up and developing consumer packaged goods brands. Experienced in product design, brand marketing Experience in mergers and acquisitions in the francophone market and between businesses. Passionate about relationship building, especially across different cultures plans development, partner relationships, operations, integrated business planning, Brazil and Portugal, as a result of my job I have developed strong team working and nationalities. With strong sales and influencing skills, and a proven track record multi-million dollar budgets, and P&L responsibility. Possess strong international and communication skills. I also work for Asmoa, a business advisory and investor, for always over acheiving, gaining an MBA to take career to the next level, ideally business acumen and a passion for consumers and customers across the world. incubator of emerging companies, headquarter in Spain, where I give strategic looking for a relationship management or consulting role. Looking to leverage experience and skills in an international management role. advice on raising funds. Accenture Bulgarian (F) Spanish (F) German (B) German (F) Economics & International Relations Engineering – Industrial Engineering – Computer Participated in every step of a transaction process, going beyond merely the Seven years intensive experience in multinational companies, both in consumer IT-Specialist with over 4 years of experience in software-development for a mayor financial matters, as a financial analyst in the M&A industry. Actively involved in the goods and pharmaceutical industry. Positive results combining analytical, strategic IT-company. Experienced in global delivery projects with India for the public sector. structuring, coordination and implementation of complex /cross border M&A and and innovative capabilities in the sales and trade marketing areas. Extensive Proven strengths in coordination of international delivery-teams and building strong investment transactions in SEE. Primary functions as a financial analyst included understanding of developing countries developing and executing sales strategies. relationships with customers. High standards regarding quality, dependable and financial analysis and valuation on the status and development prospects of a Mead Johnson Nutrition accurate but always with regard to the big picture. Gaining MBA to complement IT- relevant company or sector. skills and move into IT-consulting or project management.42 Hult International Business School 43
  • 23. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic French (F) American Sign Language (I) Arabic (B) German (B) Spanish (I) Mandarin (B) MS; Engineering – Chemical, Computer, Industrial; Science – Earth Science, Social Sciences – Psychology / Organizational Behavior Mathematics, Physics Professional with experience in process management, branding, strategic planning, Results-oriented master-level professional with significant experience delivering market analysis, research methods, and managerial decision-making. Proven track high service quality and generating revenue over $2M every month. Exceptional record for organizational leadership in fundraising and leveraging strategic networking problem-solver and decision-maker with diverse experience in analysis, management, and advanced communications skills across multiple media. reporting, inventory, and information systems. Strong leader with unsurpassed interpersonal skills and experience managing Schlumberger Base and CNR Base operations. Big-picture visionary with ability to understand how daily operations shape goals and results. Hindi (F) Marathi (F) Italian (F) Mandarin (I) German (B) Spanish (B) Engineering – Computer Other Business Master’s; Business – Finance, Management / Administration IT professional with over 12 years of international work experience across diverse Business professional and analyst with 5 years’ experience spread across M&A, cultures and geographic areas. Proven track record in solution finding and business venture capital, corporate banking, strategy consulting, and project management. development. Extensive experience in storage, security and medical devices Solid economics and business background. Working experience in different countries and healthcare-IT software product development. Strong interpersonal skills with such as Italy, UK, and China within both small investment boutiques and multinational experience working in cross-functional teams. Passionate for technology, innovation firms. Highly developed leadership and interpersonal skills, with strong ability to work and product management. within multicultural teams. ., now iGATE PatniShanghai ., now Oracle Financial Services Canadian English (N) Spanish (B) English (F) Business Bachelor of Commerce Innovative manager with over 5 years of international experience in sales, marketing, Over 10 years of managerial and operational experience with international luxury business operations, and management. Proven ability to maximize revenues and products, specializing in customer and supplier relationships, leadership, and problem profitability through product management and promotional efforts. Established and resolution in fast-paced, constantly evolving environments. In-depth knowledge enhanced relationships and strategic partnerships to penetrate new markets and and hands-on experience in wine industry, pertaining to logistics, marketing, and accounts. Expertise in training, evaluating, motivating, and leading teams of sales regulations. Ambition to complement a diverse range of business & volunteer and support employees. Strong communication, presentation, and negotiation skills experience with an MBA to further expand expertise in global markets and gain a role at all levels. with a growing, progressive company. Portuguese (F) Spanish (I) French (B) Mandarin (B) Hindi (F) Malayalam (I) Tamil (I) French (B) Mandarin (B) Engineering – Electrical Business International-minded business professional with over 6 years of experience in the A media professional with over five years of experience across India. Interacted fields of telecom, technology, and mobile advertisement. Excellent communication with and written about numerous entrepreneurs and trends in the technology and negotiation skills and ability to source new customers, forge productive business space, while based out of Mumbai and New Delhi. Worked on the launch of five partnerships, and develop new markets. Proven track record of implementing media products—a business daily, business website, magazine for entrepreneurs, successful growth strategies for international businesses in more than 20 countries magazine for videogamers, and newsletter for adventure sports enthusiasts. Working in Africa and Latin America. Solid sales skills and adaptability to new challenges in knowledge on the major forms of information delivery. emerging markets. Extensive understanding and appreciation of Asian suppliers. Logistor44 Hult International Business School 45
  • 24. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Filipino (F) Swahili (I) Mandarin (B) Spanish (B) Hindi (F) Marathi (F) Spanish (I) Mandarin (B) Italian (F) French (B) Malay (B) Humanities – Communications Humanities – Communications Business – Accounting MS; Engineering – Electrical, Other A determined and creative professional with over four years of experience in retail PMP-certified professional with 8 years of demonstrated ability to excel in austere A multi-national business professional with a flair for strong leadership, initiative, Experienced aerospace manager with engineering background and a reputation marketing. Highly knowledgeable about the fashion industry, with intensive training environments and a talent for identifying, scrutinizing, and streamlining complex work and interpersonal skills fused with over 6 years of corporate accounting and for successfully directing and managing international cross-functional teams. Quick in fashion marketing for an international brand. Aims to think outside of the box to processes. Proven ability to manage more than 10 simultaneous projects worth finance experience. Exerted expertise for large multi-national companies in oil & gas learner with a proven track record in product development and in delivering corporate deliver successful marketing initiatives. Excellent team player with an international more than $1 million per year collectively. industries, banking, Big 4, and domestic, privately-held ventures. Well-versed in change programs. Able to influence senior decision makers while performing under mindset who strives to motivate colleagues. global relations, having worked on four continents, with a strong ability to adapt to pressure. Excellent analytical mind with a strong sensitivity to different cultures and change. Created a company servicing over 30 Fortune 500 companies. Excellent clear leadership abilities in global settings. Primary area of interest is technology and analytical skills and ability to improve workflow process and create efficiencies. innovation management. Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom. Austrian Romanian (F) Spanish (F) French (I) German (B) Hindi (F) Marathi (F) Mandarin (B) Arabic (F) French (F) German (F) Italian (I) Latin (B) Mandarin (B) Gujarati (F) Hindi (F) French (B) Mandarin (B) Business Business – Marketing MA, Other; Social Sciences – Law Science – Medicine Multilingual manager and skilled Internet-savvy professional with more than 10 years Logistics professional with 7 years’ experience in the shipping and supply chain Trilingual expert in legal and financial services and media with over 6 years A business professional with over 4 years of diverse experience in construction of experience. Ability to work with new information and communication technologies management industry. Diverse experience in business development and client of experience in international advocacy and communications work within the project management as well as in education industry as a mentor and manager. and manage strategies of online contents dissemination. Accustomed to working servicing across India and the Middle East. Specialized in macro level inventory financial services sector. Excellent analytical and negotiation skills and expertise in Successful track record of handling multimillion-dollar projects. Excellent leadership, with multicultural teams and international clients. management and distribution functions as a part of door-to-door solution offered to accompanying financial institutions through the crisis and international regulatory intellectual and interpersonal skills, and cross culture understanding. Able to perform clients. Pursuing an MBA to polish management skills required to target reputed third reforms. Successfully built and motivated teams, chaired working groups, and under pressure and strict deadlines; rapid learner with a strong ability to think party logistics and manufacturing companies in leading air and sea port cities. monitored international and cross-cultural projects. Strong team builder with excellent analytically and a keen interest in technology and innovation. leadership skills. Highly efficient in deadline driven environments. Spanish (F) Portuguese (B) Mandarin (F) Cantonese (F) American Sign Language (I) Mandarin (I) Taiwanese (I) Hindi (F) Bhojpuri (I) Bengali (B) Gujarati (B) Kannada (B) Mandarin (B) Oriya (B) Engineering – Industrial Science – Statistics, Social Sciences – Economics Engineering – Computer Punjabi (B) Urdu (B) Industrial engineer with over 6 years of work experience, mostly in marketing Entrepreneur and business development professional with over 2 years of Certified Project Management Professional with over 6 years of experience in the Engineering – Other positions with point of sale focus. Solid understanding of manufacturing process international experience. Highly developed problem solving ability and a keen eye fields of IT and electronic manufacturing. Expertise in resources management to drive Information Technology professional in finance domain with over 7 years of and expertise in events planning, management, and marketing fundamentals. for innovation. Skilled at creating marketing strategies to maximize company profit projects development within budget and on time, strong communication skills to work multinational corporate experience. Successfully analyzed, designed, and Proven ability to lead teams with a result-driven focus even in changing and adverse potential. Attaining an MBA to further enhance business understanding to pursue cross-departments and excellent supplier management abilities. Able to perform implemented business requirements and processes, leading teams from different situations and chaotic environments. marketing opportunities with major multinational companies. under high pressure and strict deadlines. countries and cultures. Excellent adaptability, business communication, and (Venceramica) leadership skills. Career Orient Spanish (I) Korean (I) Mandarin (B) Indonesian (F) Malay (F) Mandarin (I) Taiwanese (I) Hindi (F) Punjabi (I) Urdu (B) Hindi (F) Punjabi (I) Urdu (I) Humanities – Philosophy / Religion, Social Sciences – Political Science Education background: Other Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Computer, Electrical Multilingual English education market specialist and education NGO overseas Engineering and computer science professional with four years of experience in IT Proactive, result-oriented professional with more than 7 years of insightful experience 13 years of work experience in strategic marketing and sales, driving B2C & B2B coordinator with extensive international experience. Successfully trained and industry. Expertise in software design and maintenance with in-depth knowledge in sales & marketing, system entrenchment, channeling & distribution, and business business across IT industry in Indian and Canadian markets. A seasoned marketing instructed international workers in inter-cultural relations and Asian workplace in programming and system administration. Excellent reputation for leadership, development in highly competitive Indian automobile market. Proven track record strategist with deep understanding of brand dynamics and proven track record of environment, created successful revenue models for highly competitive overseas creativity, and ability to overcome challenges under extreme pressure and tight of augmenting business growth, increasing market share, streamlining work flow, identifying business levers and consumer insights to develop high-impact business English education market. Ability to train, mentor, and lead employees in international deadlines. Strong analytical and interpersonal skills and cross-cultural understanding. and creating team work environment. A keen planner with expertise in strategically plans. business environment. Excellent team building and communication skills. Certified as IBM Certified System Expert. managing sales operation and tracking competitor activities. ., Korea46 Hult International Business School 47
  • 25. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Cantonese (F) Mandarin (F) Social Sciences – Government / History Indonesian (F) Cantonese (I) Malay (I) Mandarin (I) Taiwanese (I) Javanese (B) Other, French (B) Social Sciences – Economics Experienced branding and business development professional with over 6 years of MA in Architecture BS in Hospitality & Tourism Management (with Honors) Seven years of financial advisor and analyst experience. Achieved high level of experience in the fields of retail merchandising, entrepreneurship, and healthcare Creative business leader with innovative approach to outperform and deliver Highly motivated, team-oriented, management professional with 8 years’ experience success by understanding customer needs and identifying opportunities to grow marketing. Strengths include excellent written and verbal communication skills, creative maximum results within time and budget. Multilingual, internationally recognized in marketing, PR, sales management, and training in the luxury real estate and business. Excellent at setting personal objectives relevant to the business unit. thinking and problem solving, and the ability to organize across multiple projects. A speaker, trainer, and certified mentor to large audiences of up to 800 participants financial services industries. Strong ability to plan and coordinate, lead teams, Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to multi-task. quick learner, equally successful with large cross-functional teams or on solo projects. from diverse cultural and social economic backgrounds. International award-winning communicate with stakeholders, manage expectations, and oversee the successful Independent and proactive at dealing with issues. Effective team player with marketing communicator and event manager with reliable media network who completion of processes and programs. Holds a professional real estate license, with developed leadership and interpersonal aptitudes. Exceptional problem-solving skills delivers successful branding, events, and public relations campaign worldwide. professional experience throughout the UK, US, and the Caribbean. and critical thinking abilities. , Intuitive Intelligence, QANTAS Spanish (F) Mandarin (F) Japanese (B) Spanish (B) Spanish (F) French (B) Italian (B) Spanish (I) Science – Biological Science Science – Biological Science MA; Business, Humanities, Social Sciences – International Relations Business Environmental technician and consultant for five years. Broad experience in both Extensive consulting experience with clients in order to validate products in Business professional with over 10 years of experience in the banking sector learning Excellent analytical skills coupled with proven communication skills, both verbal office environments and in the field. Focused on environmental protection by compliance with the US FDA for lot release. Responsible for three analysts the bases of lending, investment products, finance law, taxation, and insurance. Solid and written. Strong ability to work within team environments and to build trust designing measures to minimize the impact from projects and other human activities and all projects under the validations team. Performed in-house qualification reputation for leadership, ability to work within team environments, and excellent with managers and employees. Ability to follow through and deliver concrete and by carefully handling endangered species. and validations, served as project manager for the Monocyte Activation Test, public speaking and interpersonal communications skills. Strong ability to think results. Quality-focused, dynamic, and resourceful with a passion for continuous (GEACAM), Spain ordered supplies, and dealt with log-in discrepancies. Additional experience in a analytically. improvement. Ability to work on own initiative with minimum supervision and effective hospital setting as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and as a volunteer at the judgment and decision making skills. Huntsman Cancer Institute. , Inc. French Swedish (N) American Sign Language (F) Danish (I) French (I) Norwegian (I) French (F) German (B) Other, Shona (F) Hindi (F) Bengali (I) Punjabi (B) Urdu (B) Engineering – Industrial, Mechanical Other Business Master’s; Business Business – Finance Education: other Consultant with six years of international experience in strategic and operational 16 years’ experience in European pharmaceutical business, with in-depth knowledge A corporate finance professional with over 5 years’ experience in the areas of mergers Varied experience in IT, management, customer service, and hospitality. Strong consulting for clients, mainly within manufacturing, financial services, and health care of marketing, sales management, communication, and incentives systems. Strong and acquisitions, capital raising, restructuring, disposals, company regulatory issues, communication, exceptional customer service skills, and excellent knowledge industries. Thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of Lean business model. ability to manage both teams and stakeholders, well-developed leadership and and detailed financial valuation models. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong ability background. Committed, sincere, and reliable. Awarded Best Employee for the year Extensive project management skills from leading large projects, e.g. IT development influencing skills, and excellent public speaking abilities. Resilience and adaptability to think analytically. Reliable team player with strong motivation skills. 2008 and honored with Apex International FLOW Ambassador Award 2009. and post-merger integration, with budgets exceeding 10m US$. Possesses strong to new environments, with a focus on business and results. analytical, communication, and team work skills. Canadian Korean (F) Mandarin (B) Mandarin (N) English (N) Hindi (F) Malayalam (F) Mandarin (I) French (B) Engineering – Computer, Electrical, Other BA in Criminology, Law, and Society; BS in Public Health Sciences; Management Engineering – Other Science – Biological Science, Earth Science Bilingual contents distribution and marketing executive with over 8 years of and Development Program at USC IT professional with 10 years of experience working for domestic and international Recognized for exemplary customer handling and attaining superb results in fee international business experience. Successfully launched international content for a Bilingual professional with expertise in recruitment, selection of best-fit solutions, clients. Extensive experience in working from clients’ premises in the UK and profitability on an individual basis for the company; aided in training and development multinational distribution company in South Korea and managed direct distribution and training. Proven ability to evaluate current needs of the market to design Netherlands. Excellent knowledge of ITIL-based project and team management. of new personnel, as well as assisting existing agents who require support and arm in North America for Korean films. Specialized in developing creative strategies and implement an innovative product and to place clients as forward-thinking Certified by organizations such as Microsoft, Novell and EXIN. Self-driven, highly retraining. Hard-working, fast at learning, and quick to rise within company to take on for businesses, acquisitions, and negotiations, and built strong relationships in organizations while increasing revenue and profitability. Excels in fast-paced motivated, and excellent at communication. Ability to understand business and management roles and responsibilities. entertainment business. Extensive experience in legal consultations. environments and adapts very well to change. handle people and situations with ease. (Former CJ Entertainment Inc.)48 Hult International Business School 49
  • 26. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic British Spanish (F) English (F) Portuguese (I) French (B) Spanish (B) BA in Business Management Business – Finance, Management / Administration Bilingual business professional with 4 years of sales experience of enterprise Business professional with over three years’ experience within project management, software applications. Strong teamwork skills and an ability to learn and adapt business development, and trading, with a focus on sustainability. Proven ability quickly. Able to serve as a trusted advisor to customers from diverse cultures and to adapt and succeed within various roles. Demonstrated strong interpersonal, backgrounds. Solid customer focus and excellent interpersonal skills. Strong sales communicative, public speaking, and cross-cultural skills. ability with excellent adaptability and commitment to business results. Spanish (F) Spanish (F) German (I) Mandarin (B) Engineering – Other Business Five years of experience in the telecommunication sector related to project Business professional with over 9 years of experience in the fields of accountancy, management and strategic planning. Track record of benchmarking and corporative sales, and financing. Solid reputation for leadership, strong capacity to think innovation processes implementations. Goal-oriented professional with a splendid analytically, and repeatedly proven ability to respond well to anticipated and ability to combine analytical and creative thinking. Seeking to combine MBA unanticipated challenges within the context of tight schedules and short deadlines. with management experience in a strategy role within a leading and innovative Superb team player and adaptable leader with experience managing and directing telecommunication company. teams. Excellent public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. German (F) American Sign Language (I) French (B) Mandarin (B) Business – Management / Administration Business professional with 7 years of experience in the fields of internal reporting and process improvement. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong ability to think analytically. In-depth knowledge of creating, evaluating, and analyzing data with management information systems. Skilled at making recommendations to the board American Sign Language (F) Spanish (F) Portuguese (I) French (B) Business – Management / Administration Senior business professional with over 8 years of international experience in the fields of telecommunications, manufacturing, and consulting. Work experience across all areas of starting up and developing businesses, including high-level leadership. Boasts skills and competencies to work efficiently in commercial areas. Focused San Francisco as well as customer relationship management and sales reporting. on growth and profitability. Aims to combine MBA with significant management Enthusiastic team player with strong adaptability and commitment to business results. experience in a commercial/strategy role within a leading multinational company. Portuguese (F) Mandarin (I) Romanian (B) Business Qualified corporate finance advisory and investor relations expert, with proven experience at a Big 4 firm as well as at the world’s largest independent global investor relations consulting firm. Skilled as advisor on structuring process of financing alternatives and elaborating financial valuation models. Highly developed client-focused attitude and strong corporate and financial communications ability.50 Hult International Business School 51
  • 27. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Norwegian (F) Swedish (F) Danish (I) German (B) Hindi (F) Kannada (C) Spanish (C) Portuguese (F) Spanish (C) Multilingual Project Manager for oil and gas industries with outstanding execution Senior Software Engineer in Accenture with five years of experience in developing Proven strategic business development manager with small, medium, and large I started my professional path in Ernst&Young as an auditor for the retail industry. I and communication skills through interaction with customers and team. Led business solutions for Insurance clients including Aon, Affinity US and QBE European influential accounts; developing businesses that promote, network, and influence later joined Hitachi Consulting in 2008 and currently am Senior Consultant involved operations of multinational teams and contractors. . Thorough understanding of operations. Led application development team for QBE operations from offshore. the market towards my products with creative solutions to myriad of business in projects in diverse Baking Areas such as: Risk (Basel), Treasury, Regulatory contracts. Positive attitude with energy and drive. International experience working Received 5/5 rating from Client. Consistently met project deadlines and quality audits. opportunities. Skilled at the activation, the motivation, and the collaboration of Reporting, Information systems and Commercial Bank. My main responsibilities as in China, Nigeria and Norway. Part of complete SDLC project from requirement gathering to post deployment group dynamics to achieve strong business leadership. Pursuing an MBA to further a senior consultant are to manage teams, define business requirements, manage support. Coached all new joiners in project. Received Achievers award. Represented strengthen and broaden my business acumen. clients relations and manage the project timeline, quality and deliverables. project for Delivery Excellence Rapid Appraisal and received recognition. Accenture, India Ernst&Young Canadian Arabic (F) Hindi (F) Malayalam (F) Tamil (F) Japanese (B) Kannada (C) Marathi (C) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Gujarati (B) Mandarin (F) Taiwanese (F) Japanese (C) Cantonese (B) Business Analyst with five years experience for the second largest oil field service Professional with over nine years of experience in IT management, augmented with Team Lead with three years of experience in the Healthcare IT domain at a leading Ambitious professional with experience in consulting, event coordination, education, company worldwide managing the account of the world’s biggest oil company. four years of successful entrepreneurial initiative in hospitality sector. A focused, healthcare services provider company. Experience in mining and streamlining new retail, and business start-ups. Successfully directed a cross-functional team of Skilled at formulating 360 periodic reports to visualize the company’s performance. diligent and driven leader with excellent interpersonal and motivational skills. Seeking processes. Participated in Six Sigma implementations for streamlining. Highly seven departments in non-profit organization. Exceptional leadership, customer Extensive knowledge of CRM and experience in corporate event management. to leverage technological and innovative competence with MBA aimed at acuminating developed people management, team collaboration and analytical skills. management, and organizational talents. Proven strength to thrive in deadline-driven International professional history in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Professional Certificate skills essential to securing strategic role in managing multinational enterprise. environments with precision. Pursuing global MBA degree for career advancement in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing in UK. Intellectually and Cognato opportunities in international corporation. professionally curious. Accenture Russian Hindi (F) Marathi (F) ASL (F) Russian (F) Armenian (B) Arabic (F) French (F) Mandarin (F) Taiwanese (F) Experienced team leader in IT services working in various techno-functional roles As a professional in the mobile industry for more than seven years, I have worked at With five years experience leading IT projects for renowned global customers, I Expert in project management with four years of experience in manufacturing field. managing and supporting projects across globe for banking sector. Specialized in a variety of companies, including the small Swedish startup TrustLink, a medium- have developed the stamina and energy to work under pressure and the mental Ability to organize and analyze large amounts of information, design and implement investigative, analysis, design, implementation and supporting business process sized German company Paragon Software Group, and a large Russian corporation agility to quickly gather information needed for making decisions. Proven strength in business processes within different departments. Proven strengths in problem solving, with proven strength in leading teams, adapting to new methodologies, problem Yandex, which operates the most popular search engine in Russia. I have been building strong relationships with clients, problem solving and working in international coordinating and team working, with ability to learn, adapt and work under pressure. solving and coordination. Obtaining MBA to develop advanced skill set to pursue creating business opportunities and developing exceptional software with a team environment. Currently, I am enrolled in a top tier MBA program in order to add to my Passionate about innovation and challenge with superb communication skills. opportunities in Finance sector. of professional marketers and engineers working on software for smartphones skill set to become in my international career as a business manager. (Symbian OS, Android OS, iOS). I bring extensive experience in business development and full product lifecycle development lifecycle. Logica Spanish (F) Romanian (F) Swedish (F) Italian (F) French (C) Spanish (C) Hebrew (F) Operational and Risk Control Executive with twelve years of experience in a I have five year’s experience in financial analysis and one year in account Management consultant with experience in organizational design and change Highly self-motivated and goal orientated individual with international business development bank that mobilizes resources from international markets to Latin management in which I excelled in building Lenovo’s brand. I worked diligently to management in a “Big 5 firm”. Deep focus on strategic international projects. experience. Strong team player with keen sense of finance. Demonstrates sharp America and the Caribbean in order to provide multiple banking services. Part of make the products more competitive on the Swedish Market place by building brand Eni analytical and problem solving skills, with ability to lead projects from inception to a multinational task force that interacted in a multicultural environment. Applied awareness. I am self-motivated and creative person who surpasses expectations completion with proven ability to take responsibility. Experienced in VC industry, understanding of multilateral banking and economic development and insights into the in order to achieve results. Colleagues and managers consider me to be extremely both from the side of the company seeking capital and from the investment side national financial systems and business practices in Latin American countries. Highly reliable, communicative and solution oriented. (Most deals were multi-national). Well developed interpersonal skills and ability to developed leadership, analytical, communication, and team collaboration skills. consistently interact with all tiers of management (in-house and client side). (Private Equity Funds)52 Hult International Business School 53
  • 28. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic French German (F) Spanish (B) French (B) Armenian (F) Hindi (F) French (F) French (B) Spanish (F) Bilingual finance professional with four years of corporate finance experience Leading growth oriented educational firm by working on entire administration Ability to translate sophisticated technical concepts into valuable solutions and Five year professional experience in International Labor Administration department, advising multinational clients on a variety of transactions ranging from M&A to and operations of city. Managing training of new hires. Oversee counseling and business interests. Capacity to lead innovative programs and measure the business managing legal and labor issues of different companies of Europe, North Africa, equity offerings. In-depth knowledge of financial and valuation modeling to develop admission process of foreign potential MS and MBA students. Plan, develop opportunity. Able to establish strong and long-term relationships with partners and South America and India. analysis across multiple industries. Effective at multi-tasking while maintaining high and implement foreign education awareness programs to encourage student’s clients (technical team and Executive levels) standard of work. Able to excel under pressure amid demanding deadlines. Excellent participation and give seminars in educational institutions. Dictao, France interpersonal skills and proven ability working effectively with diverse groups at all organizational levels to achieve common objectives British Hindi (F) German (F) French (B) Spanish (B) Hindi (F) Spanish (C) Change Manager for British Telecom platform. Finance and Resource Manager for Graduated from an apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman obtaining Ambitious, high caliber graduate with experience in managing and leading teams Experienced project manager at top Web hosting company with six years 20 person team. knowledge on how to construct ideas, draft plans and monitor construction in FMCG sector. Utilizes natural enthusiasm and passion, plus ability to relate to experience. Specialized in billing and financial projects which helped company sites. Worked for Zurich Airport for over two years enjoying the international flair, people to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues from all backgrounds generate and save. Adaptable team leader and team player. Securing MBA to communicating with passengers and enabling an efficient flow of passengers to inspire those around him. Looking to leverage natural to problem solving and enhance current management skills to gain role in product development. through the terminals. Worked in teams, to obtain leadership skills and aid new teamworking skills through an MBA, in order to forge new career in management employees with my English and technical skills. consultancy, focusing on strategy. American Sign Language (F) Catalan (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Mandarin (B) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Swahili (F) Kannada (B) Telugu (F) I am an enthusiastic and enterprising graduate in Business Administration with Business Analyst with over six years experience in multiple domains (Supply Chain, I have been working in the financial service industry for the last seven years at the Software and IT professional with over 14 years of product development experience. experience in managerial roles, information systems management, international Healthcare and Gaming Industry) in three top branded MNCs. Specialized in Bank of America, after graduating from California State University Long Beach with Expertise in product requirements analysis, estimates and scheduling. Successfully business, supply chain management, sales, business consultancy, auditing and analytical and communication skills with in-depth data analysis and six sigma quality a Bachelor degree in finance, real- estate & pre-law with a minor in international design and implement technology solutions with focus on customer requirements, financial analysis. Self motivated, hard-working, dedicated I am able to work under my training. Eager to develop entrepreneurship skills involved in making creative ideas Business. My last position was in the consumer banking sector of Bank Of America growth and profitability. Ability to manage and motivate distributed teams, thrive in own initiative. I am able to prioritize workloads in order to meet deadlines, either as part into successful business ventures. as a Senior Personal Banker. The MBA program at Hult international Business fast-paced and deadline-driven environments. Exposure in Software Consulting, of a team or independently thus also demonstrating strong communication skills. School will help me to continue to develop my expertise as a financial service Requirements Analysis, Software Product Development, Quality Assurance fields. professional so that I can pursue my career as an executive in financial services. Lebanese Arabic (F) French (F) French (B) German (F) French (C) Catalan (F) Spanish (F) Spanish (F) Trilingual, results oriented professional with four years of experience in leading Bilingual engineering professional with three years work experience. International Enthusiastic and accomplished pharmacist with experience in pharmaceutical Self-motivated professional with extensive experience in engineering and multinational Information and Communication Technology firm. Successfully project educational and professional background spanning across the U.K., Canada, and commercial industries. Utilizes experience in creating and managing high management in retail business as Manager of Control Management and managed various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in Middle East with Germany and U.S.A. The development of business, teamworking and facilitating performance teams. Areas of expertise include: Leadership; Team Building Administration: – General Management and Administration – Corporate Finance, focus on job creation, private sector revival, and improving access to healthcare. skills and the concepts of global business culture as a part of the 2012 Hult Investment management and Investor Relations – Mergers & Acquisitions – IT Experience in technology, microfinance and healthcare industries as well as creativity International Business School MBA program prepares the way for a future as a systems and administration – supply chain and logistic. and entrepreneurship sectors. Flexibly operate in global environment and across successful Business Development Manager in technology sector. functional teams. Ability to interact with top-level executives, gain their confidence and influence decisions.54 Hult International Business School 55
  • 29. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Sudanese Spanish (F) French (C) Portuguese (B) Arabic (F) English (F) Hindi (F) Tamil (F) Telugu (F) My international experience lies in market research, direct marketing and consulting Experienced medical representative for pharmaceutical products with three years of Audit and general business professional with four years of internal audit experience Nine years of international experience as senior business analyst/project manager in for: professional services, food/beverage, manufacturing, lumber, energy, health experience in promoting and selling brand pharmaceuticals in highly competitive and at Big 4 firm and one year of business experience predominantly in securities and tax various domains; insurance, banking, retail and aerospace. Extensive experience in & beauty and nonprofit organizations. Highly developed skills in market analysis, price sensitive market. Skilled in selling and management of large accounts. Excel environments. Successfully built and motivated teams though high-level emotional client relationship management, business development, strategic initiatives, project strategic development and building and maintaining strong client relationships. with communication skills that enable me to build outstanding relationships with intelligence and commitment. Ability to comprehensively plan work-flows to ensure proposals, consulting, vendor systems integration, product management, latest Passionate about challenge and change, proven ability to learn, adapt and thrive healthcare providers. projects are realistically priced and target dates are met. Seeking to leverage skills technologies, ERP, point of sale retail systems, processes and quality. MBA with in different countries. Currently pursuing MBA to learn, network and gain highly AstraZeneca with broad managerial experience. specialization in finance, marketing and strategy. marketable skills to obtain global career opportunities in business development and – Consultant marketing consulting. – Risk and Control Advisor Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Urdu (F) Arabic (C) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) French (B) Bilingual professional with over six years of international experience. Successful in Expert in developing automations using Mainframes Technology for top Fortune 500 Multilingual Engineering professional with over six years international experience in Worked with Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited, Health Care Industry, Revenue collaborating with international non-profit organizations. Ability to thrive in fast-paced companies. Specialized in analyzing business requirements, designing applications India, UK and Germany in Railway bogie design. Excellent team player collaborating Cycle Operations, Extended Business Office Solutions as QA Lead- Asst Manager and deadline-driven environments. Superb leadership skills. and implementing them with focus on business growth. Highly developed analytical, in multi-cultural teams to execute various critical projects by meeting delivery (A5). More than six years in diverse business environments with extensive work in US communication and team working skills. Seeking to combine MBA with significant IT schedules and high quality standards. Claims Management, HIPAA, Health Insurance concepts, Team Management, and experience and knowledge in leading organization to bring business improvements. Counseling. Superior ability to achieve immediate and long-term goals. Computer proficient with MS Office. Ability to execute large number of projects simultaneously and handle teams. Effective written and oral communication skills. French (B) Arabic (F) Spanish (B) Arabic (F) American Sign Language (F) Korean (F) An APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional ( CSCP) with three years of solid Jeremy has over nine years of experience building relationships and managing risk in Solutions oriented Engineering Professional within telecommunications industry. Over 12 years dynamic track record in sales and marketing, engineering team experience in supply chain management and logistics operations in multinational the for-profit and non-profit sectors, at organizations including Nationwide Insurance, Offering outstanding analytical and solid technical background along with management, new business project management at both multinational companies 3PL ( Third Party Logistics) and energy companies. Passionate about supply chain FBL Financial Group Inc., State Farm, and Habitat for Humanity, where he served on proven leadership and project management expertise. Strong negotiator and such as GE, SABIC and local company, Daewon semconductor. Remarkable sales optimization, analyzing difficult situations and bringing out-of-box solutions which the Financial Partners Committee to assist Habitat families in danger of losing their communicator with fluency in Arabic and English. Interacts effectively in multi- achievements and growth record based on in-depth knowledge in polymer engineering reduce supply chain costs and generate more revenue. homes. His private sector experience spans a variety of marketing and business cultural environments with individuals across all levels, working both independently and chemical industries experienced as both sales marketing and engineering development roles for some of the nations largest financial services companies. as well as part of team. Acquiring MBA to enhance knowledge and pursue career manager. Highly confident, creative, positive thinking and enthusiastic individual. Jeremy has a BS in management from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. opportunities in financial services. (fomer GE Plastic) French Canadian American Sign Language (F) French (F) Spanish (C) Dutch (C) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Urdu (F) Tamil (C) Japanese (B) Mandarin (F) Taiwanese (F) Proven 3D concept engineer, design office project manager and quality contract Program Manager with significant experience, working for Fortune 100 company, Expert in consulting and managing within IT services particularly in Banking and Bilingual financial services expert with five years of experience in retail banking and manager for the aerospace industry. Also experienced in innovative start-up leading diverse international teams to deliver product development into highly Financial Services industry. Specialized in project management, risk mitigation, service sector. Entrepreneur passionate about money management, economic development and fundraising. Dedicated worker, natural team player, motivated by visible engineering projects. Seeking to leverage Physics Ph.D., over seven years application transition, investigative analysis, infrastructure management and research and securities analysis. Specialized in relationship building, financial challenge and focused on innovation and patents. global industrial experience and MBA into commercial / strategy role within leading facilitating customer satisfaction improvement. Proven ability to successfully planning and portfolio management. Independent thinker and action-taker, with technology company. manage and deliver projects involving mission critical applications that generate proven ability in team leadership. Gaining MBA to develop skill set to pursue career EADS , Home and Business Solutions high revenues for clients thereby fostering strong relationships. Upon successful opportunities with ambitious venture capitals and private equities firms. completion of MBA, seeking Business Relationship Manager position.56 Hult International Business School 57
  • 30. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic American Sign Language (F) Taiwanese (F) Italian (F) French (C) German (B) Latin (B) American Sign Language (F) Hindi (F) Oriya (F) Bengali (C) Gujarati (B) Bengali (F) Hindi (F) Arabic (B) Urdu (I) Research and development professional with three years experiences of designing Current MBA student with five years of professional experience. Developed leadership Successful Field Technical Consultant and Maintenance Engineer with over three Multifunctional construction engineering and management professional with power diodes. Successfully plan and lead projects, design and implement skills in motivating and organizing teams in auditing projects for industrial clients. years of experience in on-field operations in major upstream Oil and Gas Service over four years of domestic and international experience with key strengths experiment processes with focus on innovation and feasibility. Ability to solve Proven ability in managing fast-paced and deadline-driven projects. Aiming to broaden provider company of US, based in India. Led team of five and managed projects and including: construction planning and management; manpower planning, pricing complex questions and provide appropriate suggestions. Perceptive thinking skills. skills and knowledge in order to operate in new international business environment. service specific jobs with major oil and gas clients in India with Service efficiency of and management; construction material planning, ordering and management; 95%, Safety index of 97% and customer satisfaction of 68% throughout year. Able construction equipment and machinery planning, budgeting and management; to provide effective and motivating mentoring strategies and skills. Deep interest in planning and executing millions of dollars’ worth of construction projects. Financial and Operational activities of Energy industries. Danish Catalan (F) Spanish (F) Danish (F) Armenian (F) Hindi (F) Hindi (F) Telugu (F) Gujarati (B) Marathi (B) Business Banking Account Manager with seven years of work experience in I have worked as financial and business controller for the last 10 years. I have Four years of full time experience as Business Analyst specializing in customization Four years of experience in Technology Consulting industry under Banking and international Spanish and German bank groups, managing client portfolios been involved in the following tasks: Financial reporting, forecasting & budgeting, and implementation of Oracle retails store solutions. Responsibilities included: Financial Services domain in software development using various languages and composed by small and mid-caps. Strong communication and analytical skills, with management reporting, performing business analysis, involvement in company discovery, inception, elaboration. Worked extensively on Oracle Retail Suite of tools, business analysis and knowledge transfer, client and onsite communication, focus on increasing portfolio´s existing clients profitability, contacting new prospects divestment and acquisition. Strengths: analytical skills, goal seeking, structured, products- Oracle Retail Point of Sale Oracle Back Office – Oracle Central Office – documentation of business requirements (Functional Specs, Design Specs), Software to increase portfolio´s volume, and analyzing financial statements for granting credit independent and also able to do teamwork. Oracle Returns Management. Employment history includes Best Buy (Mexico, China development life cycle (requirement gathering, development, testing cycles etc.) lines. Ability to manage business relationships with private and business clients & Turkey); Kaiser Permanente; Land Mark Group; Sunrider; DFS speaking Spanish, Catalan and English. Interested in banking, sales, consultancy and project management. Deutsche Bank Banco Santander Greek Russian French (B) Spanish (B) French (B) American Sign Language (F) Greek (F) American Sign Language (I) Spanish (B) Russian (F) Entrepreneur with own business in the tourism and hospitality sector. Excels in As a HR Consultant I was responsible for recruiting, hiring, monitoring, evaluating Burgeoning business analyst with over three years of experience in sales trends, Goal orientated dependable professional with extensive customer service and advertising and growth in a saturated market. Seeking to expand knowledge in order and compensating employees. As a Senior HR Consultant I am actively involved finance, supply chain logistics, and inventory management at largest independently process optimization experience in international trade and emerging markets. Skilled to grow own business. in the labor relations’ services. Leading the orientation process of new hires I owned office supply company in the United States. Skilled at analyzing current at managing teams and demonstrates track record of driving productivity with present an overview of the company as well as their rights and obligations towards situations, implementing change, and streamlining processes across the spectrum sustainable results. Currently earning MBA and seeking career opportunities within company’s policies. During manpower employment organizations, social insurance in distribution trends and sales and order management. Demonstrates ability to learn logistics and customer relationship management. institutes, occupational safety and health services companies and labor inspection and adapt in face paced environment. Seeking to gain more knowledge through departments, I effectively communicate company’s objectives. Johnson&Johnson MBA and use current and new skills in analyst or research role. Dannon -Technical & Business Solutions Hindi (F) Sindhi (F) Sindhi (C) Hindi (C) French (B) Hindi (B) Sindhi (B) Dutch (F) French (F) Italian (C) Tamil (F) Hindi (I) Telugu (I) American Sign Language (B) Czech (F) French (I) Expert Project and Account Management professional from Tata Consultancy I’ve been working with KPMG in Belgium for more than three years, in the Tax and Results oriented management professional with expertise in email and event Multi-lingual Sales and Marketing Specialist with broad business skill set, as well Services Ltd (TCS) with over ten years of global experience at McKinsey & Company Legal practice. I am looking for an industry change and hope to make a move marketing for small to mid-sized industries. Individual aligned with organizational as international success in working with corporate clients and high-level decision NY, GE Consumer Finance UK, ABN Amro Amsterdam, Nielsen Media Research FL, towards a more financial and advisory function in the consulting arena. strategies on emerging markets. Thrives in creative environment and comfortable makers in legal services, finance and government sectors. Skilled in designing and Target Corporation MN, Allianz Life MN, ING Direct France/NL and ICICI Bank India. – Brussels, Belgium handling multiple roles (Marketing, Mid-Level Management) and projects across executing client-focused solutions that achieve customer business objectives and Successfully build and motivate teams, design and implement business processes all phases of project and varied industry domains. Effective in communicating with strengthen competitive market position. Gaining MBA to further develop skill set to with a focus on growth and profitability. Ability to thrive in fast-paced and deadline- diverse teams and senior management. Innovative individual with leadership and pursue career opportunities in U.S. based multinational company. driven environments. Superb business partnering and leadership skills. business acumen. Ambassador to new hire community.58 Hult International Business School 59
  • 31. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic American Sign Language (F) Latin (F) Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Punjabi (B) Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Experienced corporate lawyer specialized in banking and finance, project finance, Expert in managing online deliverables related to branding and advertising. Skilled Highly motivated SAP Consultant supporting large scale government and financial Leading professional with five years of international experience in IT Services and mergers and acquisitions and corporate law. Advised numerous transnational in handling team and building strong relationship with clients across globe. Proven services projects with Financial Markets Analyst background. Effective leadership expertise in Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence operations and management. companies based primarily in United States, Europe and Latin America. Skilled in strengths in business analysis, problem solving and creating effective business plans. qualities and communication skills proved while working with variety of international Skilled in leading teams with emphasis on quality of delivery and Specialized in building strong relationship with clients and proven strengths in problem solving Seeking career opportunity with dynamic and innovative company. teams. Excellent analytical skills resulting in high problem solving ability. Gaining MBA analysis, design review and implementation of effective processes with focus and working under high pressure. Seeking to leverage experience and skills within to further develop skill set to pursue career opportunities in managerial position. on growth and operational efficiency. Proven strengths in problem solving, financial market. WSS communication, coordination and ability to learn, adapt and apply new processes. Seeking to combine skills acquired during MBA with experience in providing business strategies in technology management. French (F) Spanish (F) Italian (B) Kannada (F) Hindi (C) Marathi (B) Tamil (B) Telugu (B) Portuguese (F) Spanish (F) French (B) Spanish (F) Trilingual law professional with over four years of working experience. Astute and Quality assurance engineer with five years of product development experience Expert in consulting and management in IT services, infrastructure and utilities Transformational leader, passionate about innovation and use of technology. Strong enhances teamwork successfully. Superb business savvy and innate leadership in data management and storage domain. Passionate about technology and sectors. Specialized in investigative analysis, designing and implementing business decision making skills, expert in business processes analysis and implementation of attributes, create and implement new strategies focusing on fast-growth and swift innovation, thrives on challenges and embrace changes with desire to work on processes with focus on growth and effectiveness. Proven strengths in problem new systems. Experience in cost saving solutions, strategic planning and preparation profitability. Seeking challenging professional experience. diverse projects. Proven strengths in investigative analysis, exploratory testing, and solving, with ability to learn, adapt and apply new methodologies of business models. Strong team working skills and passionate about continuous problem solving with highly developed analytical, communication, team working, Accenture improvement culture. Eager to participate in international affairs and global strategic and leadership skills. Combining significant technical experience and gaining MBA to planning. purse career opportunities in product management / marketing & strategy role within leading technology company. Indonesian (F) Mandarin (B) Hindi (F) Marathi (F) Gujarati (B) Punjabi (B) Sindhi (B) Arabic (F) Russian (F) Hindi (I) Tamil (I) Sales, marketing, and management experience with real estate and non-profit Entrepreneur and business professional with experience across all areas of start- Sixteen years of diverse banking experience, holding managerial positions and Award winning executive and serial entrepreneur with more than decade of background. Passionate about developing teams and building and sustaining up and developing businesses including high-level leadership. Passionate about project management experience with international banking groups in Egypt in bank successful experience in advertising, publishing, marketing, public relations and growth. Proven teamwork, motivational, and teaching skills. Seeking to leverage technology and innovation, thrives on challenge and change with desire to work restructuring and merger environments. Managed loan portfolios in bank restructuring online communications. these skills in leadership role within dynamic international organization. on diverse projects. Seeking to combine MBA with significant management and context and implemented Basel 2 program and management of internal controls consulting experience in business development and consulting role within leading on bank-wide basis. Proven strengths in project management, team building, technology company. organization, communication and analytical skills. Seeking to combine MBA and extensive managerial experience into continued role with major financial institution. (affiliate of Societe Generale Group) Canadian Portuguese (C) French (B) Spanish (B) Spanish (F) Italian (I) Portuguese (B) Italian (B) Spanish (B) Hindi (F) Arabic (B) Supply Chain Manager with four years’ experience in demand forecasting and During the last five years I have held tasks of team management and project With six years experience in Finance, professional thrives in dynamic environments Marketing professional with four years of international experience in brand and supplier management in technology sector. Strong analytical, communicative, and development related with mobile technologies for international companies such as requiring adaptability, quick comprehension, and strong decision making. Her product management, marketing campaign planning and implementation, supplier relationship building skills, both internal and external. Experience in working with Telefonica or Vodafone, working in firms such asEricsson or HyC. I combined this experience in consulting refined her technical skills through actuarial modeling and management, and budgets. Ability to thrive in fast-paced and deadline-driven cross-functional teams to deliver internal change initiatives. Seeking MBA to develop job with my teaching duties at the University, related to technology and computing complex data analysis. Applicant later excelled at complex estimation, project environments. Excellent creative, analytical, and leadership skills. skill set and acquire more comprehensive business knowledge. subjects. All these jobs were based in Spain, traveling often to different European management, business strategy and international negotiation. She continues locations. My professional career started shortly before as a trainee in the European to refine her business acumen through extra-curricular mentoring, national case Space Agency in Italy, and previously I held jobs of computing tools management competitions, and advising for University of Washington Business Economic and technological courses teaching. Development Center. Ericsson60 Hult International Business School 61
  • 32. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic American Sign Language (F) Portuguese (F) Spanish (I) Hindi (F) Punjabi (I) Hindi (F) Marathi (B) Italian (B) Spanish (B) Results oriented business professional with three years of experience in financial Human Resource professional with progressive hands on experience in diverse As a consultant with Ernst & Young (E&Y) for five years, I have developed a solid Experienced software engineer with specialized knowledge in regulatory procedures services. Successfully manage several bank accounts and build strong relationship organizations based in U.S., UK, Tokyo in three industries; BFSI, Telecom, and foundation in teamwork, analytical and problem solving skills. My primary focus was for medical product development. Proven strengths in project management, with clients being as personal financial planner. Provide sales training for colleagues Legal services for different global teams across regions. Worked in India and UK to review, define and improve business processes in diverse industries. At E&Y, I was complex system design, problem solving and logistical operations with extensive with focus on high-quality customer service. Passionate about technology and with Lehman Brothers. Certifications include: NLP, PMP, and additional certifications independently managing the Process and Manpower review for a leading Mumbai global and multi-cultural business experience. Passionate about cutting edge innovation with experience in IT services. from Mortgage Banking Association, Info Mapping, and Bombay Stock Exchange. hospital. The experience helped me develop into an integral consultant for the innovation in technology and sustainable development fields. Seeking to leverage Specializations in behavioral and leadership coaching to senior management hospital sector at E&Y. strong technical skills with MBA in business development role in technology startup Rede Bahia Ltda employees, content development, people management , project management, and or entrepreneurial opportunity. knowledge migration. , 246ft (80m) German (F) Spanish (I) Hindi (F) English (F) Hindi (F) Telugu (I) Hindi (I) Hindi (B) Telugu (B) Talented professional with over four years of solid operations and project Business professional with over six years experience in IT consulting and implementation. Software Engineer with three years of work experience with Alcatel-Lucent as I have worked with IBM India Pvt Ltd for over three years as a Senior Rational Asset management experience within energy industry. Natural leader with highly developed Key competencies in pre-sales, project management and project accounting systems. system testing engineer (Telecom Sector). Completed Bachelors Of Information Manager(RAM) Consultant and represented IBM to the reputed Client, SHELL- analytical, coordination, and communication skills. Self-starter with ability to inspire Proven ability to successfully lead teams and manage projects of strategic importance Systems in 2004 and Masters of Computer Applications (Software Engineering) Chemicals and Petroleum. My work arena was Shell’s Knowledge Management team. Proven track record of profitable negotiations. Extremely adaptable to new to achieve critical results and creative solutions. In-depth knowledge of managing cross- in 2007. Participated in international teams and worked closely to meet stringent which included all types of Application Assets running across the globe for the environments and comfortable under pressure. cultural teams across geographies (APAC & North America). quality standards and timely delivery. Excellent team building, leadership and company. I received two prestigious Awards from the Company during my tenure, motivational skills. Intend to combine MBA with technical skills in order to thrive in aTHANKS Award in 2009 in Appreciation for Out of the ordinary assistance and a today’s competitive business world. SHELL STAR Award in 2010 in Recognition of An Outstanding Performance. Austrian Hindi (F) Tamil (F) French (B) Hindi (F) Kannada (B) Urdu (B) Hindi (F) Russian (F) French (I) Arabic (F) German (F) Target driven operations management professional with track record of consistent Business Development professional with over three years of professional experience I have almost four 4 years experience in manufacturing with special focus on new Management consultant and project manager with extensive experience and proven growth. Able to quickly learn and adapt to produce best results in any environment. in Middle Eastern and Indian markets. Successfully constructed and executed business development and vendor development. I have strong interpersonal, ability to successfully lead major initiatives. Analyzes business requirements and Developed and implemented multiple best practices to meet and exceed operational sales strategies, while conducting research for service improvement and product problem-solving, and team-working skills. I also have nine months experience priorities, developing new approaches that maximize efficiency while minimizing cost goals. Excellent leadership skills with experience in building and mentoring teams. development of customer relations. Initiated, designed and executed successful in advertising as a copywriter and successfully launched a radio ad released and time requirements. Uses exceptional communication skills and leadership qualities Creative thinker who aims to exceed expectations consistently. campaigns and developed associations to grow company’s brand in Arab world. nationwide. I am fluent in four languages and always eager and comfortable in to build consensus and direct cross- functional teams. Excellent track record of WNS Ability to lead teams and groups to meet deadlines and goals. acquired new skills and knowledge. identifying growth opportunities, developing turn-around solutions, and driving financial results. Delivers multimillion-dollar projects on time and under budget. N Fusion , The Largest Telecom Operator in Egypt Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Telugu (F) French (B) Japanese (B) Hindi (F) Hindi (F) Punjabi (F) Punjabi (I) Hindi (I) Punjabi (B) Hindi (B) Malayalam (I) Tamil (I) Hindi (B) Japanese (B) Malayalam (B) Spanish (B) Tamil (B) Computer engineer with more than four years of experience in leading IT services I worked at Punj Lloyd India ( engineering construction company) for three years as a More than ten years of multi-functional Consumer Banking experience across Telugu (B) firm. Worked closely for Swedish telecom giant in roles ranging from IT consultant Planning and Maintenance Engineer. I then started my own bakery business. As co- various banks. Created and led fairly large highly motivated teams and thrived in Highly motivated professional with over seven years’ experience in Business to product line coordinator to project leader. Possess a wide experience of working owner and founder I manage most functions included procurement, sales, marketing startup environments. Managed sales and marketing functions at a variety of MNC Development. Core competencies include ability to raise morale, think “outside with clients from Europe and China. Known for result driven attitude and excellent and customer relations. and Indian banks. the box” to counter obstacles when more conventional methods fail, and conduct coordination. Received multiple appreciations for refining processes and thereby international and cross-cultural business with finesse. Multilingual. Special interests reducing the project costs significantly. lie in merchandise development and brand management.62 Hult International Business School 63
  • 33. (N) Native (F) Fluent (I) Intermediate (B) Basic Dutch (F) French (I) German (I) Italian (B) Latin (B) Spanish (F) Hindi (F) Punjabi (F) Gujarati (B) Urdu (B) Advanced experience in project management and large engineering projects related Industrial Engineer with eight years of experience in development of high profile projects Expert in technical and operational management of merchant ships. Specialized in to R&D and purchase and implementation of new machinery and technology to enhance growth of leading retail and food and beverage companies in South America. investigative analysis and implementing operational processes with focus on growth in automotive industry. Proven track as certified green belt in Six Sigma Lean Skilled in the conceptualization of solutions through IT and management tools to create and effectiveness. Proven strengths in problem identification and solving with ability methodology by optimizing production processes. Strong communication skills integral process focused in creation of value to every stakeholder. to learn, adapt and apply new methodologies. developed through intensive team work and contacts with international customers and (Denmark) suppliers in Dutch, English and French language. MBA education will enhance existing (U.K.) skills to allow growth to higher management level such as operations manager. Chinese Malayalam (F) Hindi (I) Arabic (B) Urdu (B) Mandarin (F) Business Professional experienced in many facets of small business ranging Ambitious and creative Sales Director with more than seven years of experience in from front end Sales to Management . Passionate about technology , innovation, sales industry. Quick-thinking with strong logical and analytical abilities. Thorough developing businesses, meeting challenges and finding feasible solutions to real knowledge of IT, creative problem solver and dedicated leader. world problems. Looking to combine MBA with previous experience to add primarily to commercial and strategy oriented role within leading MNC. Spanish (F) French (B) German (B) English (F) I have developed my professional career in the consulting industry as a part of Danielle Wegenstein worked as the Partner Program Manager for Sprout. Her the Supply Chain Practice at Accenture Mexico City’s office. I became part of the responsibilities included PM, Operations, BD and Sales. She oversaw project Accenture team as an analyst and within a year and a half received a promotion as a estimations, development and tracking of integrated project plans, and established consultant. I have been able to participate in variety of projects on diverse topics and processes to manage scope throughout the project lifecycles. Point person for industries (commercial strategies, PMO implementation, process assessment and contract finalization and invoicing, led Sprout’s Performance Reviews and was point redesign). I have participated as both project manager and team manager. person for HR needs. She also works for the Global Girls in Tech team as Director Accenture of BD, contributing to the development and refinement of the vision and strategy, to develop yearly goals. Catalan (F) Spanish (F) English (F) Italian (C) American Sign Language (F) Hindi (F) Kannada (F) Telugu (F) Degree in Administration and Management of Business at the University of Seven years of IT experience with expertise in Application Delivery Management and Barcelona, degree in Law at the Open University of Catalonia, and doing an MBA at Consulting in IT Services, Telecommunications and Insurance sectors. Specialized Hult International Business School (San Francisco, USA). Work experience in audit, in handling the software application deliveries from end to end perspective mainly controlling, and corporate finance; after my MBA at Hult I would like to focus on in agile methodologies. Possess strong leadership, analytical and problem solving asset management. I speak four languages (Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan). skills. Ability to learn and adapt new technologies. Willing to work in competitive One year of university in Italy with a scholarship. environments and seeing challenging tasks. ,India ,India64 Hult International Business School 65
  • 34. Who Hires Hult Graduates?Boston Dubai London San Francisco ShanghaiLaura Johanson Caroline Hayes Sunil Baby Paula Quinton-Jones Christina Fox Stella LuDirector, Corporate Relations— Career Services Manager—Boston Director, Corporate Relations— Director, Career Services—Europe Director, Career Services—San Francisco Director, Career Services &U.S.A. & Latin America +1 617 619 2149 Middle East & Africa +44 (0) 20 7299 3264 +1 415 869 2918 Corporate Relations—Asia+1 617 619 1394 +971 4433 2650 + 8621 6133 Katarina Brud Ghazaleh Hasemi Morrison Kelli Dienhoff Corporate Relations Manager—Europe Manager – Corporate RelationsDirector, Career Services—Boston Corporate Relations Manager—Dubai +44 (0) 20 7636 5667 +1 415 869 2928+1 617 619 1169 +971 4369 0933 kelli.dienhoff@hult.edu66 Hult International Business School 67