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Read this to learn more about Hult\'s top-ranked international MBA program.

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Hult MBA Brochure 2010

  1. 1. Top-ranked one-year MBA Boston San Francisco London Dubai Shanghai 2010/2011
  2. 2. “Today, success in business is as Welcome much about understanding cultures Contents Boston San Francisco Message from Bertil Hult 3 and globalization as it is about Become a Global Leader 4 understanding finance and marketing. What Makes Us Different? 6 One Global MBA, Five Locations Hult Boston 10 Hult San Francisco Hult London 12 14 With our exceptional faculty, rigorous Hult Dubai 16 Hult Shanghai 18 Action Learning curriculum, and unique campus Our Action Learning Curriculum 22 An Intense One-year MBA Faculty & Students 24 network, Hult International Business Our Distinguished Faculty 28 A Global Student Body 31 School is committed to educating not Your Future just leaders of businesses, but leaders Beyond the MBA, Your Career Prospects 34 Global Alumni Network 37 Other Programs Part-time MBA Master of International Business 40 42 of the world.” Master of Arts in International Relations 44 Master of Finance 47 MBA Honors 48 London Dubai Intensive English MBA 50 Shanghai Financial Aid 53 Application Information 54 Bertil Hult Chairman Emeritus of Hult International Business School Founder of EF Education First—the world’s largest private education organization— and educational philanthropist 2 Hult International Business School 3
  3. 3. Become a Global Leader Hult's unique heritage Formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of Board of Directors Management, Hult International Business School has been at the forefront of Philip Hult educating global business leaders since 1964. We are dedicated to breaking down Chairman Hult International Business School barriers of geography, language, and culture, and to providing a unique one-year Dr. Stephen Hodges MBA program to the most diverse student body of any business school in the world. President We also offer Master programs in International Business, International Relations, and Hult International Business School Finance. HH Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum Chairman, Dubai International Holding Company Dr. Christopher Ahlberg Accelerate your career Our programs are designed to significantly enhance your Executive Vice President, TIBCO career prospects by strengthening your ability to contribute meaningfully to your Chief Executive Officer, Spotfire Inc. business and community. To this end, we seek individuals who are ready to be Raja Assili Finance Director actively engaged in the global economy both professionally and personally. Whether Mawarid Overseas Group, U.K. you have ten years of work experience or just a few months, we have the right Nicholas Barber, CBE Master program for you. Chairman, The Ashmolean Chairman, Bolero International Former Governor, London Business School Get plugged into the world Our students have the opportunity to experience the world firsthand. With our Global Rotation Program, Hult MBAs can choose to study in Dr. David Collis Professor of Business Administration Boston, San Francisco, London, or Dubai, with the option to take an elective module Harvard Business School in Shanghai. It is clear that success in business is no longer confined to one location. Tim Penasack That is why we help our students get plugged into the world. Director, Global Strategy and Planning Cisco Systems, Inc. I look forward to personally welcoming you to Hult. James L. Sintros, Esq. International Education and Business Consultant Winnie To Member of Chongqing People’s Political Consultation Committee Former CEO & Executive Director, MPI International Holdings Inc. Dean Richard Joseph Hult International Business School A Long 1964 1965 1976 1998 2002 2003 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 History of Arthur D. Little Inc., the world’s oldest Swedish entrepreneur Bertil Hult founds EF The business school is officially accredited Forbes identifies our Action Learning The Economist ranks the school the third The school is renamed Hult International Hult’s one-year MBA program earns the Hult launches an elective module at its Hult welcomes the first class of students to Hult’s London campus welcomes undergraduates The business school expands its portfolio management consulting Education First, today by the New England Program as “highly best business school in Business School, accreditation of the study abroad campus the MBA program in and graduates. Our MBA of Master degrees to Excellence firm, establishes the Management Education the world’s largest privately held education Association of Schools and Colleges distinctive”, ranking it in the top five MBA Massachusetts, after Harvard honoring benefactor Bertil Hult’s personal Association of MBAs (AMBA), making Hult in Shanghai as a key component of the Hult Dubai. Hult is the first U.S. academic institute students can choose to study in one of four include a Master of Finance program. Hult Institute. Modeled after top organization, with (NEASC), the governing programs in the Business School and vision and commitment the first business global MBA experience. to be licensed in the locations: London, Boston, opens its fifth campus business programs, the 29,000 teachers and accreditation body United States. Massachusetts Institute to educating international school in the United U.A.E. Dubai, or Shanghai. in San Francisco. school attracts some of the staff, and offices in 50 of the top business of Technology (MIT). business leaders. The States to be recognized The Financial Times world’s most successful countries. programs in the school moves to its own by this prestigious adds Hult International business leaders. northeastern dedicated facility near international accrediting Business School to its United States. downtown Boston. body. prestigious Top 100 4 Hult International Business School Global MBA ranking. 5 4 5
  4. 4. What Makes Us Different? For over 40 years, we have attracted top international students to our unique one-year MBA. Our campuses around the world help train global business leaders. What makes us so successful? Top-ranked one-year U.S. MBA Ranked by The Economist and the Financial Times Hult develops global business leaders. Earn a valuable degree in one year instead of the traditional two years. Hult’s MBA is among the world’s top 1% Hult’s Global Rotation Program provides an Hult’s one-year payback—comparison with Pioneers in Action Learning A truly international student body best business schools extraordinary opportunity to study in the other MBA schools Action Learning integrates classroom teaching For over 40 years we have been training leaders Formerly known as the world’s fastest growing economies Hult’s MBA program has been ranked in the Hult’s MBA pays for itself in half the time of other with real-life situations. At Hult, we focus on from all over the world—from Spain to South Arthur D. Little School of top 25 business schools in the U.S. and top An international perspective is crucial to programs, representing a very smart investment. “learning by doing”, not simply sitting in a Africa, Iceland to India, and China to Chile. Our Management 50 in the world by The Economist (2009), understanding today’s business issues. Hult’s Furthermore, our students command classroom, but actually going into the real current student body is made up of experienced and currently ranks in the Financial Times’ Global Rotation Program allows students to gain competitive starting salaries when equipped with world and applying the tools and concepts to professionals from over 80 different countries with critical insights into the world’s key economies. Hult International top 100 business schools in the world. This a Hult MBA. In combination with the fact that real business situations. Theory is taught in an average age of 30, and with an average of You can opt to pursue your MBA in Boston, Business School was ranking recognizes our uniquely international our one-year MBA costs less and gets students the classroom through lectures and required seven years of work experience. The breadth of San Francisco, London, or Dubai. No matter formerly known as the focus, the quality of our program and faculty, back to the workforce sooner, our graduates readings. The theory is put to the test in real-life experience, insight, and cultural perspectives that which home campus you choose, you will Arthur D. Little School of and our exceptional student body and alumni are, on average, able to recoup their investment situations through case studies of actual business our students bring to the classroom creates an receive the same fully accredited one-year MBA Management. Arthur D. network. Our students’ ability to find employment in just over a year. This is far quicker than problems and business simulations. An integral extraordinary learning experience. education of identical quality, using an identical Little Inc., the world’s first and increase their earning power, as well as traditional two-year U.S. MBA programs or more part of our curriculum is the Action Learning curriculum. Students will spend nine months management consulting firm, established the diversity of the industries they enter after expensive one-year European MBA programs. Project, which gives you the chance to apply at their home campus (Boston, San Francisco, Our world-class faculty possesses the school in 1964 to train global business completion, are key factors in this ranking. This means that a Hult MBA not only amplifies the skills you have learned in the classroom and London, or Dubai) for the core courses. When real-world business experience leaders. your earning power, but also maximizes your work as part of a small team focused on solving a Hult International Business School is a fully students move on to their elective modules, they time and resources. Please see the chart below current business problem for a real company. Our global faculty has outstanding academic Arthur Dehon Little (1863-1935) was an accredited member of the New England will be given an option to study at Hult’s other for a comparison with other programs. credentials combined with real-life experience MIT-educated chemist who is known as the Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) campuses. Shanghai’s study abroad campus is running and managing successful businesses. father of the consulting industry. and is also accredited by the Association of available during the first elective module. Hult professors are seasoned professionals with Dr. Little started his company in 1886 in MBAs (AMBA). Hult is the first U.S. program ever expertise in teaching international managers—80 Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the first to be accredited by AMBA. percent have extensive international experience to see the need for a professional organi- and many are citizens of countries other than zation to provide systematic research and Top-ranked the U.S. A substantial portion of our faculty are development and sage advice to industry, Payback Comparison* Hult 1.2 years one-year MBA practitioners and are actively engaged as directors Dr. Little began the original consulting A Hult MBA pays for itself IMD 2.1 practice that spawned successors like The Economist (2009) of corporations, consultants, or managers of in half the time of other McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Monitor. For ranked Hult International Harvard 3.3 growth companies. MBA programs. 120 years, the company and the ideas Business School in the Thunderbird 3.3 that Arthur D. Little conceived have helped top 25 business schools London Business School (LBS) 3.6 industry and governments manage change in the U.S. and top 50 in induced by technological, economic, and the world. Hult currently Cambridge 3.7 social forces. Today, Arthur D. Little is part ranks in the Financial *Payback in years calculated as MBA Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 4.4 of an international network of more than Times’ top 100 business tuition fee + forgone salary (opportunity costs) divided by net increase in salary (pre/ 18,000 professionals in over 30 countries schools in the world. post MBA) Wharton 4.4 around the world. Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2009 INSEAD 6.0 6 Hult International Business School 7
  5. 5. “Hult helped me a lot in learning how to be successful. My MBA training gave me the knowledge and additional confidence I needed to contribute at an executive level in different functions in our company, not just in the U.S. but also around the world.” Marc Fichtner Director, Strategic Projects DHL Express (U.S.) Germany, Class of 2007 One Global MBA Five Locations 8 Hult International Business School 9
  6. 6. Hult Boston Steeped in history and charm, Boston is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities. Considered one of America’s best student towns, Boston is an ideal place to live and study. Our campus has stunning views of downtown and the Charles River. America’s top student city Boston is home to over 70 universities and Hult’s Global Rotation Program For those who would like to take advantage Study in America’s colleges and is one of the most attractive, historic, and academic cities in the U.S. Hult of our Global Rotation Program, you can start your MBA on our Boston campus and choose Make lifelong friends and valuable contacts. premier academic International Business School is within three to study your electives at up to two of our other city—Boston. kilometers of downtown Boston, Harvard campuses: San Francisco, London, Dubai, or Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Shanghai. This unique Global Rotation Program Technology (MIT), historic landmarks, museums, gives you maximum exposure to both American and several of the world’s leading healthcare, and international business practices. technology, consulting, insurance, and financial services companies. Strong school spirit Our intensive one-year MBA program fosters I came to Hult to accelerate my Gorgeous views and excellent location a strong sense of school spirit. Partners, Set on the banks of the Charles River with spouses, and families are readily integrated into professional maturity and make a views of downtown Boston visible from your the Hult community with international nights, career transition. My background classroom, Hult Boston is in a prime location. alumni gatherings, and distinguished speaker in Engineering and Supply Chain Within walking distance from Beacon Hill and events. Hult Student Services actively organizes directly across the street from the Museum of functions, parties, and excursions to make Premier academic institutions, such as Management taught me the Science, our campus has been designed by the most of your time in Boston. Harvard University, are just a few miles away. processes, procedures, and renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell. This internationally acclaimed building has psychology behind customer Explore the East Coast excellent facilities, including amphitheater-style expectations. Then, building on classrooms, a fully equipped computer center, As the leading city in New England, Boston also student breakout rooms, lounges, and an on-site offers a fantastic base from which to explore my background, Hult gave me restaurant with a bar and outdoor patio. the U.S. New York City is a four-hour drive the technical skills in finance and All of our classrooms, meeting rooms, lounge, from Boston, and Washington D.C. is an easy and downstairs restaurant have wireless commute by plane or train. The ski slopes of strategy that every global manager internet access. Vermont, charming resort villages of Nantucket needs to succeed and that I needed and Martha’s Vineyard, and golf courses of Massachusetts offer plenty of options in order to make a career change. for excursions. Hult provided me with the integrated thinking and flexibility to adapt to Other degree programs offered Enjoy spectacular views of downtown the changing business world. In addition to our MBA, Hult’s Boston campus Boston and the Charles River from offers other degree programs: your classroom. Somerville Master of International Business—for recent Jocelle Fernandez Vermont East university graduates with zero to three years’ Manager, Business Development Charlestown Boston Boston Naval work experience who are interested in fields Imaginatik Ltd., (Boston) Cambridge Shipyard related to international business. Mexico, Class of 2008 Hult International Harvard University Business School Master of Finance—for MBA graduates who are M.I.T. Financial District Boston Inner Harbour interested in extending their learning for six more Charles Boston months for an additional academic credential River Back Bay that can help secure a career in international Boston University finance. Northeastern See pp. 42 and 47 for more details. University South Boston Boston University Medical Campus New York Hult Boston has been designed by an internationally acclaimed Boston, United States Swedish architect. 10 Hult International Business School 11
  7. 7. Hult San Francisco San Francisco’s Bay area is the epicenter of the world’s hi-tech industry. Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco, is home to an extraordinary array of innovative companies including Google, Apple, and Cisco. The city’s entrepreneurial culture, breathtaking scenery, and economic clout make it a remarkable place to live and study. Study in the heart of San Francisco Hult’s campus is located on the San Francisco Hult’s Global Rotation Program For those who would like to take advantage of Immerse yourself in the waterfront at the foot of Telegraph Hill, opposite from the world-famous retailer Levi Strauss & our Global Rotation Program, you can start your MBA on our San Francisco campus and choose Learn from Hult’s world-class faculty and meet business professionals from the world’s most innovative Co. The campus, the former headquarters of a to study your electives at up to two of our other hi-tech, financial, and biomed industries. city, San Francisco. dot com company, is modern and spacious. The campuses: Boston, London, Dubai, or Shanghai. entire city of San Francisco and the surrounding This unique Global Rotation Program gives Bay area is easily accessible. The campus is you maximum exposure to both American and walking distance from the financial district and international business practices. Fisherman’s Wharf, affording students easy access to public transport and the city’s vibrant A city rich in American culture cultural and shopping facilities. San Francisco is well known for its diverse, Hult provided me with invaluable inventive, creative culture. During your MBA The West Coast’s business capital studies, you can take advantage of all that San opportunities to learn about all The Bay Area is the West Coast’s center Francisco has to offer. Enjoy the city’s Little Italy aspects of business. During for banking, information technology, venture in North Beach, gaze at the moneyed mansions the MBA program, I improved capital, healthcare, retail, and biotechnology. in Pacific Heights—the neighborhood of the Many of America’s leading corporations are business elite—or stroll down Chinatown’s Experience America’s West Coast, laid- my skills in finance, accounting, crowded streets. Indulge in authentic Mexican back, creative culture firsthand. headquartered near the Hult campus, including business strategy, management, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, Gap, Charles Schwab, enchiladas in Mission, or meander the streets of VISA, and McKesson Corporation. Haight-Ashbury, the birthplace of 1960s flower pricing, communication, and power and counterculture. Take a ride on the sales. Moreover, Hult’s diverse historic cable car to the top of Nob Hill and down to Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, where you culture and unique Action Learning can enjoy a theatrical performance or watch sea curriculum gave me the tools and lions bask in the sun. For art and music, take advantage of Davies Symphony Hall, the Opera training to be a much more well- House, Museum of Modern Art, and the Asian rounded professional. Art Museum. Other degree program offered Unver Sahlin Manager, Energy Division In addition to our MBA, Hult’s San Francisco General Electric campus offers another degree program: Take advantage of all of San Francisco’s Turkey, Class of 2009 Master of International Business—for recent many outdoor offerings. university graduates with zero to three years’ work experience who are interested in fields San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Hult International related to international business. Bay Business School North Beach See pp. 42 for more details. San Francisco- Hult International Chinatown Financial District Oakland Business School Bay Bridge Nob Hill Union Pacific Square Heights Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco Haight-Ashbury International San Jose Mission Airport Silicon The campus is surrounded by residential Valley areas, boutiques, shops, and cafes. Boston, United States San Francisco, United States 12 Hult International Business School 13
  8. 8. Hult London Live and study in the world’s most global economy— London. As the center of international finance and commerce, London is an excellent place to launch your career. Our campus is in the city’s center and has one of the most desirable addresses on Russell Square. The best location With a premier location within central London, Launch your career from London With 100 of Europe’s 500 biggest companies Live in the global Hult’s campus overlooks beautiful Russell Square in the city’s famous literary and academic district headquartered in London, we help you take advantage of your proximity to the world’s A financial powerhouse that is home Europe’s largest companies, London is economy’s most of Bloomsbury. World-class libraries, museums, financial and business hub. Our Career Services the perfect place to launch your career. influential city—London. and universities are a two-minute walk away. The department arranges networking functions with campus is housed in two Georgian buildings, senior executives, job recruitment fairs, as well the historic exterior of which masks completely as a Distinguished Speakers Series. renovated interiors that include the most modern technology and amenities, as well as a Hult’s Global Rotation Program brand new speakers’ hall and student lounge. All students have access to the University of For students who would like to take advantage London library and sports facilities. of our Global Rotation Program, you can start London is the multicultural capital your MBA in London and choose to take your electives in up to two of our other campuses: of the world. I love living here. Central London—thousands of things to do Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, or Shanghai. You can’t beat Hult’s location within minutes of your doorstep This unique Global Rotation Program gives you right in the heart of the city. The As one of the world’s most influential and maximum exposure to international business important cities, London has been called the practices. Situated on Russell Square, Hult London transportation links are excellent “Knowledge Capital of the World”. Located is an ideal, central city location. and you are just a short walk away across the street from one of London’s largest and most beautifully landscaped gardens on Other degree programs offered from so many things to see and In addition to our MBA, Hult’s London campus Russell Square, our campus is footsteps from offers three other degree programs: do in the city. But my favorite part world-class universities, museums, and libraries. On top of this, Oxford Street’s shops and Master of International Business—for recent of my experience has been to boutiques, Covent Garden’s theaters, and Soho’s university graduates with zero to three years’ learn alongside students from all exclusive restaurants and exciting nightlife are all work experience who are interested in fields within walking distance of our school. related to international business. over the world—they taught me Master of Arts in International Relations—for to look at international business university graduates who seek to explore the from different perspectives political dynamics of the international system and prospects for meaningful change. and feel comfortable working Master of Finance—for MBA graduates who are with people from many different interested in extending their learning for six more Relax in the park or on Hult’s patio in backgrounds. months for an additional academic credential between classes. that can help secure a career in international finance. Regent’s Park Laura Serafini See pp. 42-47 for more details. Sales Executive Senate Russell Square Library Hult International Barbican The Financial Times (U.K.) Business School Museum of London Brazil, Class of 2008 Oxford Circus Covent CGarden St. Paul’s Cathedral Trafalgar Square Southbank Centre Green St. James’s Park Waterloo Park Big Ben Victoria Make valuable business contacts during your studies in London. London, United Kingdom 14 Hult International Business School 15
  9. 9. Hult Dubai Modern, prosperous, and safe, Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the gateway for trade flow between the East and the West. Hult’s ultra modern campus provides an innovative and engaging learning experience. One of the world’s most dynamic cities Dubai is one of the most compelling cities in Comfortable residence Comfortable student accommodation is an Experience one of the the Middle East and has been reinventing itself as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. approximate 20-minute shuttle ride from our campus. The accommodation is close to the Our beautifully landscaped campus is self-contained in Dubai’s International world’s most dynamic Home to more than 150 nationalities, Dubai city’s large malls, clinics, nurseries, and schools. Academic City. cities, Dubai. is also one of the most international with 94 The residence is also only ten minutes from Deira percent of the population hailing from outside of City Centre, 15 minutes from Festival City, and the United Arab Emirates. Hult’s Dubai campus ten minutes from Dubai International Airport. In is located in the Dubai International Academic addition, you have access to the residence’s City (DIAC), an exclusive cluster of universities, outdoor pools, sports hall, and gym. colleges, and institutions of higher learning. Dubai’s famous landmark, Burj Dubai (the tallest skyscraper in the world), is just a short drive from Hult’s Global Rotation Program Hult’s Dubai campus is a great For students who would like to take advantage our campus. of our Global Rotation Program, you can start place to experience the Middle your MBA in Dubai and choose to study your East. Dubai’s balance between A thoroughly modern campus electives in up to two of our other campuses: the cultures of the East and West, Our school has been designed by a team of Boston, San Francisco, London, or Shanghai. international architects in a futuristic style. This unique Global Rotation Program gives you Dubai is one of the most modern and coupled with the many different fastest-growing cities in the world. Equipped with excellent, contemporary maximum exposure to international business nationalities you’ll find among amenities, you will find wireless internet access practices. throughout the facility, as well as amphitheater- your classmates, means that all style classrooms, a computer center, numerous Other degree programs offered students find their own niche and student breakout rooms, and a business lounge. The surrounding campus also has a full In addition to our MBA, Hult’s Dubai campus will have the opportunity range of on-site conveniences including Western, offers other graduate degree programs: to thrive. Asian, and Middle Eastern dining (cafe and food Master of International Business—for recent court) options and a convenience store. These university graduates with zero to three years’ amenities make campus life self-contained. work experience who are interested in fields Aya Fisher related to international business. Hult MBA Degree Candidate Master of Finance—for MBA graduates who are United States, Class of 2010 interested in extending their learning for six more months for an additional academic credential that can help secure a career in international finance. Bathed in natural light, Hult Dubai offers the ultimate in modern MBA Honors—for professionals or executives learning environments. who already possess an MBA but wish to enhance their skills, update their knowledge, The Gulf or prove to potential employers that they take a rigorous approach to their personal Burj Al Arab development. Burj Dubai Part-time MBA—for busy professionials who Dubai Investment Park Dubai Airport would like to pursue their MBA studies while continuing to work. See pp. 40-49 for more details. Dubai Silicon Oasis Saudi Arabia Hult International Business School Dubai Outsource Zone Dubailand Oman India Hult’s faculty in Dubai hail from the U.S. and Europe. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 16 Hult International Business School 17
  10. 10. Hult Shanghai Shanghai is a city of breathtaking transformations—modern skyscrapers juxtaposed next to ancient lane houses, and sophisticated shops neighboring open-air markets. You can take elective courses at our study abroad campus in the heart of this remarkable city-on-the-move. The “Pearl of the Orient” The ascendancy of China as an economic Hult’s Global Rotation Program—study in Shanghai for your electives Understand firsthand superpower is centered in Shanghai. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, Shanghai has been Hult’s Shanghai study abroad campus is available during the first elective module. During Shanghai is the epicenter of China’s phenomenal growth. how China is changing compared to New York or Paris in sophistication this module (6 to 8 weeks) in Shanghai, special the world. and trend-setting power. With nearly 17 million extracurricular activities will be arranged to residents, Shanghai is one of the world’s enrich the learning experience and provide largest cities and is considered China’s most students with the opportunity to develop cosmopolitan metropolis. excellent knowledge of the city and culture. Besides gaining a better understanding of the practicalities of doing business in Asia, students Amazing downtown location will also have opportunities to visit companies Hult’s downtown campus sits in the heart of and network with senior executives and business I consider myself fortunate for this dynamic and fast-paced city, and is located in the city’s commercial, financial, retail, and leaders in the region. having had the opportunity to social center. Footsteps away are Shanghai’s take the Hult MBA. One year that most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road, Enriching excursions, speakers, and cultural activities changed the way I experience the and the extraordinary Shanghai Museum. Our school recently won first place in an architectural Led by Hult professors and accompanied Study in our award-winning Shanghai world and accept the richness interior design competition for its state-of-the-art by native Chinese administrative staff, our satellite campus and mingle with local Chinese professionals. of diversity. The time I spent in classrooms, computer laboratories, comfortable MBA courses dive deep into international student lounges, and distinctive furnishings. business practices, the Asian marketplace, Shanghai was the crowning point Convenient subway and public transportation and management across cultures. We organize of my multicultural experience. access make it easy for you to explore the company visits to local and multinational city. Residential accommodations are a short businesses based in Shanghai, as well as One thing is to read or hear about commute away. excursions to the fascinating and booming cities China, another very different is to of Hangzhou and Suzhou. You will take factory tours to learn about operations and production, experience it. as well as speak with senior executives who are actively running businesses in China. Students enjoy a wide range of extracurricular cultural Fernando Cabral activities such as martial arts, acupuncture, and Executive VP calligraphy. IDEIA para a cidadania, Portugal Portugal, Class of 2008 Electives courses, taught by Hult professors, challenge you to think globally. Children’s Park Huzhou Assembly Hall Beijing Shanghai Railway Museum Jiaotong Park Hanzhong Square Huangpu River Huangpu Hangpu Park Hult International Oriental Pearl THE BUND Television Tower Business School Century Square Municipal Library Jinmao Mansion People’s Square Kunming Shanghai Museum PUDONG Yuyuan Garden Huaihai Park Shanghai Xintiandi Fuxing Park Pudong International Experience China’s fascinating culture. Airport Shanghai, China 18 Hult International Business School 19
  11. 11. “I would have never met my business partner or developed the skills I needed to run a successful business if I didn’t go to Hult. My Hult MBA helped me build the skills, contacts, and confidence I needed to start my own business.” Dianne Oliphant Director of Operations BioHub Inc. (Canada) Canada, Class of 2009 Action Learning 20 Hult International Business School 21
  12. 12. Our Action Learning Curriculum “The Action Learning Project was a key dimension of our learning in the MBA program. We designed and developed a partner channel strategy for a software firm, which was eagerly implemented by the client. To see our efforts being transformed into useful results for such a large company was really an exciting and fulfilling achievement!” Action Learning is a hands-on approach to learning and is Dhruv Gupta the cornerstone of our curriculum. By applying classroom Project Manager learning to actual business situations, Hult students gain a Wireless Generation (U.S.) powerful and practical business education that helps them India, Class of 2004 think strategically about innovation and growth. Our Action Learning is forged by the During this distinctive project, your team will: Distinguished speakers and company visits realities of business to educate useful and develop insights about the particular industry provide exposure to current business reality global business leaders and business; identify breakthrough ideas; Hult’s Distinguished Speakers Series brings Our Action Learning curriculum has been develop a business concept; and build an guests from a wide range of industries to shaped by the real-world needs of today’s best implementation plan to present to senior campus to speak to students on a monthly companies. No other MBA program offers executives and CEOs. basis. A number of well-known international anything like it. We’ve reached out to leading business leaders have shared their insights on companies and executives and they’ve told strategic business issues, including: Joel Litman, Action Learning “Innovation and Growth” us what they need: the management and Director, Credit-Suisse; Ronald Jonash, Head of Projects leadership skills required for success as a global Innovation, Monitor Group; Mark Turrell, CEO, manager. This curriculum assures that Hult’s MBA Recognizing that innovation is key to sustaining Imaginatik; Dave Balter, Founder and CEO, graduates will have already practiced the skills competitive advantage and driving growth, Hult BzzAgent; Jonathan Rowe, COO, GeneExpress; they need to help businesses grow in the new has launched Action Learning projects based David Contrada, Partner, Palladium; Ulrich economy. on the theme of “Innovation and Growth”. Nielsen, CTO, Merrimack Pharmaceutical; Dr. This program gives you cutting-edge business Makaranda Chipalkatti, CIO, Osram-Sylvania; experience that is unique. Action Learning Hannah Grove, SVP, Head of Global Marketing, How our Action Learning program works targets the most important and difficult problem State Street Bank; Anil Kapur, formerly of Our Action Learning program begins by using facing every company: identifying new pathways the World Bank, Citigroup and McKinsey & the Harvard Business School case method of for growth. The solution lies in business Company; Stan Slap, former Patagonia board instruction to teach you the latest business innovation—which includes some combination member; Tekla Back, Associate Principal, practices in class. Then, we place students in of new customer experiences, new delivery McKinsey & Company; Bhasker Natarajan, Vice small teams led by a faculty advisor and assign methods, new offerings, new methods for President, Liberty Mutual; and Scott Anthony, each team to a leading business or company to production, new partners and networks, or new President, Innosight LLC. business models. "We hired a recent Hult graduate to join our sourcing help solve a real business problem. group and she has been terrific! Her analytical At each of Hult’s international campuses, You work towards solving that problem by using a curriculum that emphasizes both theory and skills are outstanding and she has an international the Action Learning program has created practice. You also can take advantage of some perspective that is so valuable as we look to expand partnerships with the best companies in the local area. In Boston, this includes leading firms of the distinct strengths of Hult: global presence, our sourcing opportunities. Hult MBA students are such as Pfizer, EMC, Philips Healthcare, and a widely diverse student body, and world-class high on our recruiting list." Sherman Williams. While in Dubai, students leaders in the field of innovation. can work with premier organizations such as Emerson Foster Emirates NBD Bank as well as Dubai Ports, Director of Talent Acquisition Action Learning Projects have included: which manages the largest seaport in the world. Stop & Shop/Ahold, U.S. • Developing business plans for new product Within each of these companies, five student segments for the world’s oldest lighting teams work intimately with a high-level executive manufacturer, Osram Sylvania who is in charge of growing the company. Student teams are further motivated to work • Helping directors at BAE Systems, the global at high standards by competing with each defense and aerospace company, to leverage other. Over six weeks, these teams meet with their existing state-of-the-art competencies the company executive(s) four times while they and technologies in sensors face the task of coming up with a fully-fledged • Identifying new applications and customers plan to grow the company. Simultaneously, they for the Director of IBM’s Human Ability and are aided through the process by one of Hult’s Accessibility Center world-class consulting coaches. At the end, they • Generating credible new growth options present their findings to an Executive Team in for the CEO of Imaginatik, a recently IPOed the boardroom of the corporation. enterprise software company, that could be implemented in a six to 12-month window 22 Hult International Business School 23