Recruiting at HultA Wealth of International Business Talent                                            www.hult.edu1      ...
Welcome to Hult A Long History of Excellence 1964 Arthur D. Little Inc., the world’s oldest management consulting firm, es...
“Today, success in business is as                much about understanding cultures                and globalization as it ...
What Makes Us Different?For over 40 years, we have attracted top international studentsto our unique MBA and Master degree...
“Hult has taught me so many practicalthings that I now use at my current job at alarge bank—from trend analysis of financi...
Why Hire Hult Graduates?At Hult, we judge our success by how well employers regard ourgraduates. Our mission is to provide...
MBA Class Profile*                             Master Class Profile*                     Executive MBA Class Profile*Regio...
The Hult MBA has given me the                                                                                             ...
I am part of the Marketing Leadership                                              The education and career training that ...
Hult’s Innovative LEAP Method The Hult LEAP Method is a hands-on approach to learning that is at the heart of our curricul...
“Microsoft is proud to collaborate with Hult                                                                         Inter...
Sponsor a Hult Action Project By applying classroom learning to actual business situations, Hult students gain a powerful ...
“The Action Project continues                                         to be a source of creative and                      ...
Recruiting at Hult Our Corporate Development team assists you in finding the right format for you to meet Hult’s exception...
“Our professors are all experts in theirrespective fields. They challenge us dailyto think critically and work effectively...
Promote Your Company at Hult Our Corporate Development Team arranges for additional events throughout the year to provide ... 17
Who Hires Hult Graduates?                                          What companies say about Hult                          ...
“I was very impressed by the maturity and entrepreneurial attitude      “Schneider Electric has been a partner of Hult Int...
Accreditation & Rankings                                                                        Hult International Busines... 21
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How to Recruit at the MBA school ranked #1 for International Experience


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How to Recruit at the MBA school ranked #1 for International Experience

  1. 1. Recruiting at HultA Wealth of International Business Talent www.hult.edu1
  2. 2. Welcome to Hult A Long History of Excellence 1964 Arthur D. Little Inc., the world’s oldest management consulting firm, establishes its School of Management. Modeled after top business programs, the school attracts some of the world’s most successful business leaders. 1965 Swedish entrepreneur Bertil Hult founds EF Education First, today the world’s largest privately held education organization, with 31,000 staff and teachers and 400 schools and offices in more than 50 countries. 1976 The business school is officially accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the regional accrediting body for all academic institutions in the northeastern U.S. 1998 Forbes identifies our Action Learning curriculum as “highly distinctive,” ranking it in the top Boston five MBA programs in the U.S. 2002 The Economist ranks the school the third best London Our new downtown business school in Massachusetts, after Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of San Francisco Technology (MIT). campus 2003 The school is renamed Hult International Business School, honoring benefactor Bertil Hult’s personal vision and commitment to educating international business leaders. The school moves to its own dedicated facility near downtown Boston. 2005 Hult earns accreditation of the Association of MBAs (AMBA), making Hult the first business school in the U.S. to be recognized by this prestigious international accrediting body. 2007 Hult launches an elective module at its study abroad campus in Shanghai as a key component of the Hult global experience. 2008 Hult welcomes the first class of students to the MBA program in Dubai. Hult is the first U.S. academic institute to be licensed in the U.A.E. 2009 The Financial Times adds Hult International Business School to its prestigious Top 100 Global MBA rankings. Hult’s London campus welcomes undergraduates and graduates. Present The business school expands its portfolio of Master degrees to include a Master of International Business, Master of Finance, and Master of Digital Marketing. Hult opens its fifth campus, in San Francisco. Content What Makes Us Different? 4 Why Hire Hult Graduates? 6 Success Stories 8 Hult’s Innovative LEAP Method 10 Sponsor a Hult Action Project 12 Recruiting at Hult 14 Promote Your Company at Hult 16 Who Hires Hult Graduates? 18 Hult International Business School Inc. is an independent not-for-profit institution2affiliated with the EF Education First Group. Hult International Business School
  3. 3. “Today, success in business is as much about understanding cultures and globalization as it is about understanding finance and marketing. With our exceptional faculty, rigorousSan FranciscoShanghai curriculum, and unique campus network, Hult International Business School is committed to educating not just leaders of businesses, but leaders of the world.” Bertil Hult Chairman Emeritus of Hult International Business School Founder of EF Education First—the world’s largest private education organization— and educational philanthropistDubai Board of Directors Philip Hult Nicholas Barber, CBE Chairman Chairman, The Ashmolean at Oxford University Hult International Business School Chairman, Bolero International Former Governor, London Business School Dr. Stephen Hodges President Dr. David Collis Hult International Business School Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School HH Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum Chairman Tim Penasack Director of Corporate Development and Strategy Dubai International Holding Company RSA, division of EMC Dr. Christopher Ahlberg James L. Sintros, Esq. Founder & Chief Executive Officer International Education and Business Consultant Recorded Future Inc. Winnie To Raja Assili Member of Chongqing People’s Political Finance Director Consultation Committee Mawarid Overseas Group, U.K. Former CEO & Executive Director, MPI International Holdings Inc. 3
  4. 4. What Makes Us Different?For over 40 years, we have attracted top international studentsto our unique MBA and Master degree programs. Our campusesaround the world help train global business leaders who have realinternational experience. The first corporate university in the United States Real industry experience Hult International Business School was founded in 1964 Hult is the pioneer of action learning, integrating classroom and was formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of teaching with real-life situations. This is because business Management. A part of Arthur D. Little Inc., the world’s can only be learned by doing. Our curriculum is based first management consulting firm, the school was created on three components: “Learn,” “Experience,” and “Action to provide a thorough, practical management education Project”—Hult’s LEAP Method. LEAP requires all students to for the middle managers of the firm’s clientele. This need go into the real world and apply the tools and concepts they arose because clients felt that traditional business schools have learned in the classroom to real business situations. were too theoretical and did not adequately tackle the All Hult programs incorporate a seven-week project with a practical complexities of running a business. Hult faculty Fortune 500 company that culminates in a presentation to are outstanding teachers who combine the theoretical the management team. Companies that have worked with knowledge of their subject area with in-depth industry Hult graduates include: Duracell, Xerox, IBM, EMC, Verizon, experience. The quality of this education enabled Hult to Financial Times, Pfizer, and Phillips. become the first fully accredited corporate university in the United States. Our emphasis from day one has been to impart practical skills that enable graduates to “hit the Wide range of international talent ground running.” Hult offers a range of postgraduate programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business, Master of Finance, and Master of Digital Marketing, as well A truly international student body as an Executive MBA. As a result, the school can deliver From its inception, Hult has focused on teaching students a range of international business talent, from finance and from around the world. Today, the school enrolls 1,000 marketing experts to experienced general managers. postgraduate students per year of over 80 different nationalities. This makes Hult the tenth largest postgraduate business school in the world and a leading provider of international business talent. Typically, a Hult graduate Top-Ranked Business School speaks three to four different languages. The breadth of experience, insight, and cultural perspectives that our The Economist (2010) ranked Hult International students bring to the classroom creates an extraordinary Business School in the top 20 business schools learning environment. This diversity of students ensures that in the U.S. and top 30 in the world. Hult currently no matter where your company operates, Hult will have ranks in the Financial Times’ top 100 business students with the business expertise, language skills, and schools in the world and #6 in International understanding of the local business environment to help Business. These rankings recognize our uniquely you succeed. international focus, the quality of our program and faculty, and our exceptional student body and alumni network. Our students’ ability to find One school, five global locations employment and increase their earning power, as Recognizing the need for today’s business graduates to have well as the diversity of the industries they enter after an on-the-ground understanding of the realities of emerging completion, are key factors in this ranking. markets and an appreciation for different business practices around the world, Hult has established a global network, with campuses in Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and San Francisco. Participants can start their program on any of these campuses and rotate to up to two other locations during their program. Each campus offers the same high- quality educational experience and covers an identical core curriculum. However, electives are tailored to the local industries and expertise; students can study Islamic Finance in Dubai and can learn about Supply Chain Management in Shanghai. Over half of the Hult student body takes advantage of this unique rotation option.4 Hult International Business School
  5. 5. “Hult has taught me so many practicalthings that I now use at my current job at alarge bank—from trend analysis of financialstatements to negotiating win-win situationsfor my clients. My MBA has been an enrich-ing experience.”Prateek MathurManager, Business BankingICICI Bank (U.S.)India, MBA Class of 2006 5
  6. 6. Why Hire Hult Graduates?At Hult, we judge our success by how well employers regard ourgraduates. Our mission is to provide a useful and enduring educationthat trains global business leaders who are ready to make an impactfrom day one. Our graduates understand how to manage and runorganizations like yours. Why hire a Hult graduate? More experience than the average MBA Making an impact from day one The average Hult MBA student is 30 years old and has At Hult, our curriculum has been designed to equip an average of seven years of work experience. Many graduates with relevant and practical skills so that they speak three or more languages and all have a vision for can add value to their organizations or enterprise from day their future. The result is a student body with a wealth of one. Hult students have a hands-on approach to learning experience to contribute and share with future employers. with action projects, business simulations, and case study discussions. Extensive cross-cultural skills Hult’s program attracts professionals of diverse nationalities Knowledge about international business and industries. With classmates hailing from over 80 Hult’s unique Campus Rotation Program allows students countries, our program emphasizes working in groups to study on up to three of our international campuses across cultures and backgrounds. As a result, our in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, or Shanghai. graduates are able to easily negotiate, integrate, and work This gives them invaluable exposure to how international in today’s global economy. business is conducted, as well as provides crucial cultural understanding and soft skills needed to thrive in the global marketplace. Ability to thrive under pressure To succeed in our accelerated one-year MBA and Master programs, Hult students must be focused, organized, and able to work under tight deadlines. Upon graduation, they are ready to use their finely honed management skills to excel in the fast-paced business world. Career Placement Statistics (Class of 2009) • Average starting salary: USD108,451* • 77% of graduates were employed within three months of graduation* Post-MBA Region Post-MBA Function 5% 9% 24% 6% Sales & Business Africa IT/Engineering/ Other 10% Development 36% Asia Telecommunications North America 4% 10% Research Europe 7% 13% Consulting India 14% 8% General Finance Management 15% 11% 11% Middle East Latin America Operations/ 17% Project Management Marketing * Based on reported figures from Class of 2009, adjusted for cost of living. Average starting salary non-adjusted for cost of living is USD90,118.6 Hult International Business School
  7. 7. MBA Class Profile* Master Class Profile* Executive MBA Class Profile*Regions of origin Regions of origin Regions of origin Asia 33% Europe 31% Middle East 41% Latin America 22% Asia 22% India 37% Europe 18% North America 18% Europe 10% Middle East/Africa 15% Middle East/Africa 17% North America 10% North America 12% Latin America 12% Latin America 2%Professional experience Student age Professional experience 2 years or less 4% 20 years old and under 1% 2 years or less 1% 3-4 years 31% 21-23 years old 46% 3-4 years 20% 5-7 years 27% 24-28 years old 46% 5-7 years 29% Over 7 years 38% 29 years old plus 7% Over 7 years 50% The average student has 7 years of work Major or speciality before The average student has 10 years of experience. Master program work experience.Average age of Hult students Accounting 4% Average age of Hult students Under 25 years old 5% Communications 1% Under 25 years old 6% 25-29 years old 55% Computer Science 5% 25-29 years old 36% 30-34 years old 30% Economics 9% 30-34 years old 24% 35-39 years old 6% Engineering 12% 35-39 years old 21% Over 40 years old 4% Finance 10% Over 40 years old 13% The average student is 30 years old. Hospitality Management 2% The average student is 33 years old.Pre-MBA industry International Business 32% Pre-MBA industry Financial Services 26% International Relations 4% Financial Services 13% Professional Services 11% Languages 2% Telecom/Media 12% Technology 10% Law 2% Technology 10% Manufacturing 9% Marketing 7% Manufacturing 10% Consumer Products 8% Medicine 1% Real Estate/Construction 9% Medical/Pharmaceutical 6% Political Science 1% Medical/Pharmaceutical 6% Energy 5% Science 2% Professional Services 5% Legal/Government/Non-profit 4% Others 6% Consumer Products 4% Telecom/Media 3% (Architecture/Education/Fashion/ Energy 4% Education 3% Journalism/HR/Management/ Education 4% Trade 2% Sports Management/Zoology) Legal/Government/Non-profit 3% Agriculture 1% * Based on Class of 2011 Trade 2% Others 12% Others 18%Pre-MBA function Pre-MBA function General Management/HR 29% General Management/HR 27% Finance/Accounting 18% Marketing/Sales 24% Technology/Manufacturing 12% Project Management 12% Marketing/Sales 11% Finance/Accounting 10% Operations/Logistics 10% Business Development 7% Consulting 4% Operations/Logistics 4% Others 16% Others 16%* Based on Class of 2010 * Based on Dubai Class of 2011 7
  8. 8. The Hult MBA has given me the Consultants work extensively in teams.opportunity to learn from the most I received so much experience fromdiverse lines of thought, only possible Hult to draw upon as a consultant atfrom a program with students McKinsey and Telefonica.coming from so many differentcountries. Thanks to Hult, I was able Verena Stoppto differentiate myself from others Strategy Specialistin a highly competitive business Telefonica Europeenvironment. Class of 2006Camilo GiraldoSecuritized Products GroupJ.P. MorganClass of 2010 When you tell an employer this is a one-year MBA program, they are impressed. Twice the work in half the time demonstrates your ability to produce results under pressure. Max Malaret Senior Business Consultant Liberty Mutual Venezuela, Class of 2007Hult has great campus locations and I came to Hult to accelerate myprovides tremendous opportunities professional maturity and make afor professionals from all areas from career transition. Then, building onconsulting to finance to general my background, Hult gave me themanagement. technical skills in finance and strategy that every global manager needsDmitri Plotnikov to have to succeed, skills that wereAssociate also integral for my career change.McKinsey & Co. My time at Hult provided me with theRussia, Class of 2006 integrated thinking and flexibility to adapt to the changing business world. Jocelle Fernandez Senior Consultant, Strategy & Operations Deloitte Mexico, Class of 2008 The Action Project was a key dimension Not only does Hult’s curriculum bring to our learning in the MBA program. an extensive set of management and We designed and developed a partner analytical tools to perform and deliver channel strategy for a software firm, in demanding organizations, but the which was eagerly implemented by international atmosphere creates the client. To see our efforts being a dynamic multicultural learning transformed into useful results for such environment. a large company was really an exciting and fulfilling achievement. Gustavo Olano International Marketing Manager Dhruv Gupta Honeywell Project Manager Venezuela, Class of 2000 Wireless Generation India, Class of 2004 8 Hult International Business School
  9. 9. I am part of the Marketing Leadership The education and career training that Program here working on projects I received at Hult was crucial to my such as global expansion and new success in securing my dream job product development. It is a very after graduation. I am excited to apply challenging job and I am loving it. the skills and concepts I learned in a I truly think that the education and real business setting. experience that I got from Hult has helped me grow in my personal and Jaye Jacqueline Matriano professional life. Senior Manager Ahold Elio Hernandez The Philippines, Class of 2005 Industry Manager for Latin America W.R. Grace & Co. Mexico, Class of 2006 I found that the career advice sessions and resume review workshops that we received at Hult were very helpful— they helped me to land a job at one of Boston’s best financial companies. Chaya Keshavamurthy State Street Bank India, Class of 2006 Hult’s international outlook helped me Hult was an experience of a lifetime. to find the job and cultural exposure I learned the importance of teamwork, I was looking for. Thanks to Hult, I how to manage a business team, was able to demonstrate to my new and how to innovate. I also gained employer, MasterCard Advisors, that the tools that I needed to run and I had the capabilities to understand sustain a profitable business. I highly different cultures, and address recommend Hult to anyone who the needs of a global client. Hult is looking for a strong business represented my bridge between feeling education among experienced local and being truly international. managers and exceptional faculty. Michele Tucci Andre Carvalho Managing Consultant Business Development Manager MasterCard International Bunge Italy, Class of 2008 Brazil, Class of 2009Hult offered me a curriculum focusedon immediate practical application whileteaching me about doing business indifferent cultural settings. Be it throughthe highly international student body,the campuses in today’s economichotspots, or its faculty of accomplishedpractitioners versus academics—Hult got me ready for a career ininternational business. I received thekind of hands-on, real-world educationthat one usually only gets after years ata multinational company.Kay WitteKnauf Group 9Germany, Class of 2008
  10. 10. Hult’s Innovative LEAP Method The Hult LEAP Method is a hands-on approach to learning that is at the heart of our curriculum. Designed to equip each Hult graduate with a distinctively global perspective and real management skills, our LEAP Method ensures that learning never is too theoretical but is applicable and relevant to how businesses really operate. The importance of a practical degree MBA and Master students to undertake a consulting project The major complaint from employers regarding recent with a real company as part of their graduation requirements. graduates is their inability to put the theory they have learned We have methodically improved this approach to where it is in the classroom into practice. Employers say that they need today—the Hult LEAP Method: Learn, Experience, to often provide significant additional training to help new Action Project. hires become effective business executives—an unsurprising concern, given that most business schools don’t offer Learn from faculty who have real their students the opportunity to practice the techniques business experience they have studied before they graduate. Hult believes that Unlike other research-oriented business schools, Hult’s you learn by doing and only outside the classroom is your talented pool of faculty are academics who also possess knowledge truly put to the test. in-the-field business knowledge. Over 80 percent of our faculty have had real-world professional experience, Hult’s innovative curriculum has been forged by the working for companies like Procter & Gamble, Motorola, demands of employers and realities of business Credit Suisse, and Monitor Group—others have started Hult International Business School, born from the world’s successful ventures themselves. Our faculty’s wealth first management consulting firm Arthur D. Little Inc. over of knowledge and practical experience is an essential 40 years ago, has always had a different perspective component of the Hult LEAP Method, helping to ensure on standard business education practices. The school that all facets of LEAP are seamlessly integrated to provide pioneered the concept of “Action Learning,” requiring all an exceptional and original learning curriculum. What is LEAP and how does it work? We believe that no other MBA curriculum graduates better business leaders than Hult. We have developed the LEAP Method by carefully refining the action learning component based on the feedback of both participating companies and students. Requiring a new level of integration between traditional faculty, career services, and corporate executives, our curriculum is divided into three distinct stages: LEARN EXPERIENCE ACTION PROJECT 1 Students start by learning theory and business 2 Through discussions with industry experts and company 3 Participate in a real-world project for a major company. fundamentals in the classroom. Like visits, the realities of executing With a small team of classmates and most top business schools, Hult classroom theory are brought to a mentor (typically a management faculty extensively employs the case life. Meaningful dialogue with active consultant or senior industry study methodology to help students business leaders helps students executive), students compete against understand the theory in the context appreciate how real-world executives other teams to develop a growth of a business problem. Professors make decisions in a fast-moving, plan for a Fortune 500 company. encourage thought-provoking competitive environment with Over a period of six weeks, each debate, giving students the chance imperfect information. In the past, team works with the company to benefit from the wealth of a senior executive of the Real to develop an idea and business experience and perspectives that Madrid Football Club explained the case. Recommendations are then diverse classmates bring. However, economics of running one of the presented to the senior leadership unlike other top business schools, world’s largest sports franchises, and of that company (typically a C-level the learning continues into the the co-founder of Apple discussed executive, often including board practical realm. how to maintain innovation in a members). No other school offers corporate environment. such senior-level access to the world’s leading companies.10 Hult International Business School
  11. 11. “Microsoft is proud to collaborate with Hult International Business School and others in hosting competitive events like this that drive business students to be responsible strategists for the global greater good.” Steve Resnick Chief Technology Officer U.S. Microsoft Technology CenterHult’s Global Case Challenge awards The Hult Global Case Challenge is the world’s most Last year’s sponsors included:USD1 million to charity in international prestigious business school competition, offering a USD1 million prize. Spearheaded by the Hult Consulting Club,student competition the event is run simultaneously across all of the Hult campuses, and brings together teams from the world’s top business schools. These teams tackle a case challenge set in conjunction with a leading social cause. In keeping with the school’s focus on practical education, the USD1 million prize money is donated to the charity to help implement the winning idea. Last year saw over 300 business school students from Hult, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, INSEAD, Columbia, and other renowned schools present their strategies to help One Laptop per Child redefine the way the poorest children in the world learn. This annual competition is a fantastic showcase for Hult student talent, and provides a platform for business school students to meaningfully address a major social problem. 11
  12. 12. Sponsor a Hult Action Project By applying classroom learning to actual business situations, Hult students gain a powerful and practical business education that helps them think strategically about innovation and growth, while companies enjoy access to fresh ideas and approaches to their business. We invite your company to sponsor an Action Project. How Action Projects work mobile device) is a rapidly growing niche both in developed At each of Hult’s international campuses, we have created and emerging markets. At the same time, it is a very crowded partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and leading business and rapidly changing space, with new applications and new executives. Within each of these companies, five student players emerging constantly. teams work intimately with a high-level executive in charge of Question: What business opportunities exist in this space for growing the company. Student teams are further motivated to Xerox? work at high standards by competing with each other. Over six Client: Chief Technology Officer weeks, these teams meet with the company executive(s) four times while facing the task of coming up with a full-fledged plan to grow the company. Simultaneously, they are aided through Duracell, a part of Procter & Gamble, is the world’s leading the process by one of Hult’s world-class consulting coaches. manufacturer and marketer of high-performance alkaline At the end, they present their findings to the boardroom of batteries. the corporation. During this distinctive project, each team will Problem: With the proliferation of non-traditional distribution develop insights about the particular industry and business, channels as well as the expansion of Duracell products from identify breakthrough ideas, and develop a business plan to batteries to a variety of personal power solutions, additional present to senior executives and CEOs. business models incorporating a direct-to-consumer solution are emerging. Snapshot of our 2010 Action Projects Question: What are the best personal power direct-to- consumer business models for Duracell? Presenting to the senior management of a Fortune 500 company is an exciting end to a life-changing year. The project Client: Director, Global Business Unit gives students the opportunity to develop real solutions to the pressing challenges of leading multinational organizations. Financial Times (FT) is an international business newspaper Companies benefit from the ability to “crowdsource” new ideas providing extensive news, commentary, and analysis. The and insights from diverse international teams with students from newspaper has a daily circulation of over 400,000 and a over 80 countries. Highlights of this year’s program include: readership of 1.3 million people worldwide., the definitive home for business intelligence on the web, has over Verizon Communications is a Fortune 13 company with 2 million registered users and 125,000 digital subscribers. over USD90 billion in annual revenues. Verizon Wireless Problem: The current commercial model for digital media is a is America’s largest cellular provider, serving more than combination of subscriptions and advertising. This combined 91 million subscribers, while Verizon Business has more model has ensured FT profitability during a turbulent time for than 71,000 enterprise customers worldwide and 190,000 the economy. However, FT now seeks to achieve growth of medium business customers in the U.S. 100 percent in digital revenues by 2012. Problem: Traditional “products” of Verizon suffer from the Question: What should the digital future look like for FT? economic equivalent of the “Moore’s Law” problem. That is, Client: Managing Director the prices for a long-distance call for a voice minute, for a megabyte of data, or for a specific connectivity product like a “T1” line, all decline exponentially over time. Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with posted annual sales in excess of USD60 billion, and a Question: How should Verizon Business leverage its position market capitalization of USD68 billion. and assets to create or dominate one or more markets that can bring substantial new, long-term revenue growth? Problem: Pfizer faces a massive challenge—its primary blockbuster drug, Lipitor, reaches patent expiration in 2011. Client: Chief Technology Officer In the absence of patent exclusivity, Lipitor’s dominance in the market will be tested by a number of generic products. Xerox Corporation is a Fortune 500 document management Pfizer is looking to expand its presence into the emerging company. It manufactures and sells a range of printers, BRIC economies as part of its strategy to offset this decline photocopiers, and digital production printing presses, and in revenues. provides related consulting services and supplies. It is the Question: What countries, or regions, offer the most world’s leading solution provider for business process and profitable and sustainable growth opportunities for Pfizer? document management. Client: Senior Director, Healthcare Informatics Problem: Mobile solutions and services (printing from your12 Hult International Business School
  13. 13. “The Action Project continues to be a source of creative and innovative ideas from which BAE Systems will develop future business opportunities. There are few opportunities in which sponsors and students can gain so much mutual experience and benefit.”Participating Companies (2008 to 2010) Larrie Cable Vice President Innovation and Growth BAE Systems Hult’s Dubai campus. 13
  14. 14. Recruiting at Hult Our Corporate Development team assists you in finding the right format for you to meet Hult’s exceptional international talent. Hult provides a number of recruiting opportunities for companies seeking to connect with our students. Our worldwide campuses in the U.S., U.K., Middle East, and Asia offer you the ease of promoting your company at the location most convenient for you. Popular recruiting options include: Recruiting on Campus Company Presentations Resume Search Post a Position on Hult’s Our students rotate among on Campus Request access to Hult Job Board our global campuses Company presentations student and alumni Are you looking to hire throughout the year, normally last approximately resumes. Resumes are a Hult graduate with enabling you to access a one hour, including a Q&A searchable by class year, a particular skill set or wide range of candidates session, and are a fantastic campus, industry, or language ability? Post at the Hult campus way to initiate contact keyword, making it easy jobs on Hult’s student most convenient for you. with our students. We can to find the particular skill, intranet, viewable only to On-campus recruiting provide classroom space software competency, Hult students and alumni. usually consists of a one- and any IT equipment you or level of expertise International students are hour presentation followed need for your presentation. you are seeking to hire. fully U.S.-authorized to by a networking cocktail Resume searches can be work after graduation. reception, with interviews downloaded as an e-book held at a later date. or requested through email. Interviews can be arranged on campus or via our state-of-the-art video conference facilities. Corporate Visit Program Sponsor an Action Offer an Internship Join our Executive Track Have Hult come to you. Project Hult students are eager Mentor Program Exploratory corporate Sponsor an in-depth field to show off their practical Become a mentor to visits allow Hult students study, called an Action skills. Our unique rotation Hult’s most promising to see your company Project, where students schedule means that Hult participants who have environment and culture address a current issue students are available for been hand selected for our first-hand. Recent corporate your company is facing. internship opportunities fast-track Executive Track visits have included Over the 6-week project, throughout the year, not Program. As a mentor, product demonstrations at “crowdsource” new ideas just during the summer. you’ll gain insight into and Microsoft and Cisco. This and insights from diverse Based on your qualifications can develop a meaningful is an effective way to show international teams. Your and timeframe, Hult Career bond with graduate-level Hult’s promising talent your company will not only Services can pool a select students who have strong business and introduce benefit by having bright range of students for you management capabilities. them to your organization. minds working on an to interview. Hult’s Excecutive Track important issue or business is only open to the most challenge, but will also gain academically qualified access to Hult’s world-class students, so you will be professors who serve as paired with some of our advisors to each Action school’s brightest minds. Project.14 Hult International Business School
  15. 15. “Our professors are all experts in theirrespective fields. They challenge us dailyto think critically and work effectivelywithin a team. A degree from Hult not onlyhas provided me with insights into today’sbusiness world, but it has also challengedme to make a significant impact on howbusiness is conducted today and how itwill be conducted in the future.”Alexandre LemilleChannel Sales ManagerCisco (U.A.E.)France, Class of 2011 15
  16. 16. Promote Your Company at Hult Our Corporate Development Team arranges for additional events throughout the year to provide participants with insights into certain sectors or industries. These events enable you to promote your company to business talent from a wide range of backgrounds. Become an Executive Speaker Career fairs Share knowledge and spread awareness of your company Build your company’s brand with future business leaders to MBAs from all over the world with our Executive Speaker from all over the world. Hult students come from some of the Series. Hult has featured a wide range of speakers from world’s fastest growing economics, where many businesses different backgrounds who come to campus and present are looking to expand. Participate in a Hult Career Fair for the latest trends of their industry as well as personal the opportunity to build your company’s reputation with Hult professional experiences. students, prescreen resumes for select openings at your company, and conduct on-campus interviews. Previous speakers on campus include: • Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple Inc. • Michael Dukakis, former U.S. Presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Contact Hult Corporate Development Services • Ronald Jonash, Head of Innovation, Monitor • Ulrich Nielsen, CTO, Merrimack Pharmaceutical • Tonya Olpin, President, National Association of Women MBAs • Dave Balter, Founder and CEO, BuzzAgent • Jonathan Rowe, COO, GeneExpress • David Contrada, Partner, Palladium • Anil Kapur, formerly of the World Bank, Citigroup, and Boston San Francisco McKinsey & Co. 1 Education Street 1355 Sansome Street • Dr. Omar Fisher, Chairman, Mathaq Takaful Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S. San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S. Tel: +1 617 746 1990 Tel: +1 415 869 2900 • Robert Garden, Managing Director, RBS Middle East • Claire Duce, Assurance Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers • Declan Hegarty, Managing Director, HSBC Middle East • Sharon Ditchburn, Managing Partner, Capital Advantage Industry forums Industry forums are panel discussions on careers and trends in specific industries. Each year, we welcome three to four industry experts in strategy, talent acquisition, and London Dubai 46-47 Russell Square, Ground Floor, G05, Block 11 human resources to share their expertise with both Hult Bloomsbury Dubai Knowledge Village students and alumni. Our forum panels are followed by London WC1B 4JP, U.K. PO Box 502988, Dubai, U.A.E. functional breakout sessions and network receptions. Tel: +44 207 341 8555 Tel: +971 4 375 3088 Student business organizations Our students have created a variety of sector-specific and region-specifc clubs, including the Hult Consulting Club and clubs covering Private Equity, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Responsibility, as well as the Asian Business Club, Latin American Club, Middle Shanghai East Club, and European Club. Working with the clubs 1/F Jinling Hai Xin Building on their various events and participating in club-organized 666 Fu Zhou Road Huangpu District activities enables you to target and network with groups of Shanghai 200001, China motivated students very efficiently. Tel: +86 21 6133 6133 Email: Hult International Business School
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  18. 18. Who Hires Hult Graduates? What companies say about Hult “Over the years, we have found the school to be a veritable goldmine of international candidates. Graduates of the program are competent in all the functional areas of business and have uniquely developed cross-cultural skills.” J.R. Michael Longua Director, Worldwide Recruiting and Personal Development Johnson & Johnson Inc.18 Hult International Business School
  19. 19. “I was very impressed by the maturity and entrepreneurial attitude “Schneider Electric has been a partner of Hult International Businessof the Hult MBA candidates and by the professionalism of the Hult School from 2008 and we have engaged with the students with regardsmentoring program. Mentoring an MBA candidate at Hult is an excellent to mentoring, participating in their career fairs and find great studentopportunity to experience career counseling and get a fresh view diversity and rich experience in their students. We look forward toon your day-to-day business. I was very lucky to have an excellent working with them in future.”candidate as mentee.” Cedric DurthBénédicte Hennebo Human Resources DirectorMarketing Director, Middle East Schneider ElectricBT U.A.E. 19
  20. 20. Accreditation & Rankings Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 20 business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world by The Economist. Hult International Business School is currently ranked in the top 100 business schools by the Financial Times. Hult International Business School’s worldwide operations are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Hult International Business School’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Hult International Business School is recognized as efficient by the British Accreditations Council of Independent Further and Higher Education. Boston 1 Education Street Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S. Tel: +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco 1355 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S. Tel: +1 415 869 2900 London 46-47 Russell Square, Bloomsbury London WC1B 4JP, U.K. Tel: +44 207 341 8555Hult International Business Schoolis a global institution that transforms Dubailives by providing an exceptionally Ground Floor, G05, Block 11 Dubai Knowledge Villageuseful and enduring education that PO Box 502988, Dubai, U.A.E.brings together people, cultures, Tel: +971 4 375 3088and ideas from all around the world. ShanghaiThe school encourages personal 1/F Jinling Hai Xin Buildinggrowth, intellectual integrity, global 666 Fu Zhou Roadsensitivity, local engagement, Huangpu District Shanghai 200001, Chinaand civic values so that students Tel: +86 21 6133 6133are able to succeed in the global Email: and are empowered Our Boston campus overlooksto contribute meaningfully to their downtown Boston and thebusiness and community.20 Hult International Business School Charles River.
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