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One        One-Year MBAGlobalEconomy.OneGlobalMBA.             1
The London Eye is the tallestFerris wheel in Europe.GetPluggedInto TheWorld2
“ Today, success in  business is as much about  understanding cultures  and globalization as it is  about understanding fi...
OurHistoryOur legacy in training global business leaderssince 1964 shapes our future as the world’s mostinternational busi...
Hult is the world’s 7th largest MBA program.2005 Hult’s one-year        2008 Hult welcomes             2009 The Financial ...
Why Hult?    Why students choose the world’s    most international business school:    Global Campus Rotation             ...
Canary Wharf is at the center of London’sthriving financial center.                     7
YourNetworkJust WentGlobal120 nationalities... 105 languages...Countless new connections hailingfrom different industries,...
BostonSan Francisco      London       Dubai    Shanghai   11
GlobalCampus RotationAn international perspective is crucial tounderstanding today’s business issues. Hult offersyou the e...
Boston                                           Hult’s Boston campus.America’s top student town                          ...
Somerville                                                                                                           Vermo...
San FranciscoHult’s downtown San Francisco campus.Epicenter of the high-tech world                                       S...
Fisherman’s                                                                                                               ...
LondonHult’s central London campus.The world’s most influential city                                     Central London at ...
Regent’s                                                                                                              Park...
DubaiHult’s Dubai campus.East meets West in Dubai                                            Dynamic city, dynamic campusM...
The GulfHult Dubai                      Programs offered               Dubai business glimpse                             ...
ShanghaiHult’s Shanghai campus.Live in the world’s fastest                                           Amazing downtown loca...
Children’s Park                                                                                                           ...
“ A life-changing opportunity  to study in 3 cities in 1 year.” Learn firsthand about               “There’s so much      ...
“London is the financial                    “Ultimately, I want to                         “My experience incapital of the...
San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.AnIntenseOne-YearMBA26
“ Hult was an experience  of a lifetime. I learned the  importance of teamwork and  gained the tools that I need  to run a...
Our hands-on approach to learning helps youbecome job-ready from day one.28
OurLEAP MethodEmployers want MBAs who are job-ready. We’vedesigned our curriculum so that you don’t just studyabstract the...
Be prepared for an intense year.                Innovative One-Year MBA Curriculum                 MBA Toolbox            ...
Join us on campus                                                                 Hult Campus Visits                      ...
Teamwork and collaboration are keyingredients to your success.32
ActionProjectsApplying classroom learning to a real business—your Action Project—gives you a powerful platformfrom which t...
“ My Action Project was a  phenomenal learning experience.” Action Projects are              Making up the future         ...
Mobile payments for                           Logical logistics                             Action Projectmobile customers...
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure
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2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure


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2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure

  1. 1. One One-Year MBAGlobalEconomy.OneGlobalMBA. 1
  2. 2. The London Eye is the tallestFerris wheel in Europe.GetPluggedInto TheWorld2
  3. 3. “ Today, success in business is as much about understanding cultures and globalization as it is about understanding finance and marketing. With our exceptional faculty, rigorous curriculum, and unique campus network, Hult International Business School is committed to educating not just leaders of business, but leaders of the world.” Bertil Hult Chairman Emeritus of Hult International Business School. Founder of EF Education First—the world’s largest private education organization—and educational philanthropist. 3
  4. 4. OurHistoryOur legacy in training global business leaderssince 1964 shapes our future as the world’s mostinternational business school.A practical The world’s 7th largestbusiness education MBA programIn 1964, the school was established as Hult’s compelling vision of a practical andAmerica’s rst corporate university, then global business education has attractedknown as the Arthur D. Little School of many students from around the world.Management (ADL). ADL focused on Today, the school has grown to becomedelivering a practical business education the world’s 7th largest MBA program,for managers. The teaching pedagogy with nearly 800 students across bothwas different from other business schools’ full-time and part-time programs. Ourbecause it emphasized “action learning”— growth demonstrates the tremendousapplying classroom theory in the real world. demand for an innovative and practicalThis methodology was honed over 40 years business education.and is central to Hult’s pioneering approachto practical business education today. The world’s largest MBA programs 1 University of Chicago, Booth 1115 2 Insead 994The world’s most 3 Northwestern, Kellogg 942international 4 Harvard 937 5 IE 869business school 6 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 862In 2003, one of Europe’s most successful 7 Hult 790*entrepreneurs, Bertil Hult, nancially 8 NYU, Stern 778supported the school to expand its teaching 9 Columbia 737methodology to not only train effective 10 UCLA, Anderson 638managers, but also prepare them to thrive Source: Annual intakes of ranked business schools from The Economist 2010 MBA rankings.on a global stage. Bertil Hult strongly *Based on Hult 2011 intake gures.believed students must experience culturaldifferences and global business practices rsthand, growing the school from itssingle Boston location to a global networkof campuses including London, Dubai,Shanghai, and San Francisco under thename Hult International Business School.1964 Arthur D. Little 1976 The 1998 Forbes identifies 2002 The Economist 2003 The schoolInc., the world’s oldest business school is the school’s Action ranks the school the third is renamed Hultmanagement consulting officially accredited by the Learning curriculum best business school International Businessfirm, establishes the New England Association as “highly distinctive,” in Massachusetts, School, honoringManagement Education of Schools and Colleges ranking it in the top five after Harvard Business benefactor Bertil Hult’sInstitute, which develops (NEASC), the regional MBA programs in the U.S. School and the personal vision andan innovative, accelerated accrediting body for all Massachusetts Institute commitment toone-year Master degree academic institutions in of Technology (MIT). educating internationalprogram to train the northeastern U.S. business leaders.4
  5. 5. Hult is the world’s 7th largest MBA program.2005 Hult’s one-year 2008 Hult welcomes 2009 The Financial 2010 Hult is ranked #1 Present Hult’sMBA program earns its first class of students Times adds Hult in International Experience flagship campus in Chinathe accreditation of the to the MBA program in International Business by the Financial Times. The opens in the heart ofAssociation of MBAs Dubai. Hult is the first School to its prestigious school’s fifth campus in Shanghai. Former U.S.(AMBA), making Hult U.S. academic institution Top 100 Global MBA downtown San Francisco President Bill Clintonthe first business to be licensed in the U.A.E. rankings. Hult’s London is opened. The first Hult awards Hult’s USD1school in the U.S. to campus welcomes Global Case Challenge is million prize to Water.orgbe recognized by this undergraduates launched, revolutionizing at the Hult Global Caseprestigious international and graduates. the business of giving and Challenge in New York.accrediting body. benefiting One Laptop per Child. 5
  6. 6. Why Hult? Why students choose the world’s most international business school: Global Campus Rotation Top-ranked MBA A U.S.- Hult offers students a unique Hult continues its rapid ascent in accredited degree opportunity to see the world while business school ratings, currently American-style graduate they study. As an MBA student, you ranking in the top 1% of business programs have long been the can start anywhere and go anywhere. schools. Hult is ranked #1 for premier standard in business On Global Campus Rotation, you can International Experience and #5 education. Hult International Business pick your home campus and then for International Business by the School is accredited by the New spend up to three months studying Financial Times, as well as #17 for England Association of Schools and at two others. Students could begin best business school in the U.S. and Colleges (NEASC) and Association of in Boston, then travel to Shanghai #27 in the world by The Economist. MBAs (AMBA). That means that no via London or San Francisco via matter where you decide to pursue Dubai. You’ll get an inside look at the your MBA, you will graduate with a world’s fastest growing economies U.S.-accredited degree. and examine international business practices close-up. Almost 90% of our students choose Hult because they are interested in this option, and over Fastest return Thought- half of our students spend time in more on investment leading education than one campus. Hult is on the cutting edge of Our 12-month intensive program results in the fastest return on business education in several key investment compared to higher areas: emerging markets, digital Hands-on priced two-year MBA programs. marketing, social entrepreneurship, business experience Equipping yourself with a Hult and crowdsourcing. The school degree in 12 months results in lower launched the rst dedicated Master Unlike other business schools that degree covering digital marketing, cost, less time away from work, are research-oriented, 80% of Hult’s search engine technology, and the and quicker re-entry—with an MBA faculty have real-world experience. impact of social media. The school salary. Hult currently ranks #1 in Many have worked for companies also organizes the world’s largest post-graduation salary increase by like P&G, Motorola, and Credit business school competition—the The Economist and our students, Suisse, while others have run their Hult Global Case Challenge—that on average, are able to recoup their own businesses or created their own crowdsources ideas from students investment in a little over a year.* patents. Hult empowers students to all over the world to help a leading develop their own real-world skills non-pro t organization tackle a major by completing a six-week Action Payback Comparison social challenge. Project consulting for a Fortune 500 Hult 1.2 years company like Levi’s, Philips, Xerox, IMD 3.8 or IBM. This reinforces our mission to Cambridge, Judge 4.9 prepare job-ready graduates who can Oxford, Saïd 4.9 deliver results from day one. MIT 5.4 Insead 5.7 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 6.2 Harvard 7.1 Thunderbird 7.2 LBS 7.6 *Source: Economist Intelligence Unit Ranking 20106
  7. 7. Canary Wharf is at the center of London’sthriving financial center. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. YourNetworkJust WentGlobal120 nationalities... 105 languages...Countless new connections hailingfrom different industries, cultures, andbackgrounds... all united by one goal—to get plugged into the world. HultInternational Business School givesyou an astoundingly diverse networkof professional and personal contacts.The breadth of experience, insight, andperspective that your classmates have willmake your network a lot more interesting.Snapshot of 2011 MBA class:Regions of origin Pre-MBA industry31% South Asia 21% Financial Services19% Europe 19% Technology14% North America 9% Consulting13% Middle East / Africa 9% Manufacturing12% Latin America 5% Consumer Products11% Asia 5% Telecom/Media 5% Medical/PharmaceuticalProfessional experience 3% Energy34% 3-4 years 2% Legal/Government/Non-profit35% 5-7 years 2% Agriculture31% Over 7 years 1% Professional Services* Average of 7 years 19% OtherAge of Hult MBA students Pre-MBA function5% Under 25 21% General Management57% 25-29 16% Technology/Manufacturing24% 30-34 16% Marketing/Sales9% 35-39 12% Consulting5% Over 40 12% Finance/Accounting* Average age of 30 5% Operations/Logistics 18% OtherMore Hult student photos at 9
  10. 10. OneGlobalEconomy.OneGlobalMBA.10
  11. 11. BostonSan Francisco London Dubai Shanghai 11
  12. 12. 1212
  13. 13. GlobalCampus RotationAn international perspective is crucial tounderstanding today’s business issues. Hult offersyou the extraordinary opportunity to live and study inBoston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai.Immerse yourself in Seamless experience, A closer look atthe world’s most from Hult to Hult international businessinfluential cities Our Global Campus Rotation is fully By learning international businessHult’s Global Campus Rotation integrated into our MBA curriculum. in a global setting, you’ll be ablegives you the chance to study at In contrast to most business schools to put complex issues into contextup to three of our ve campuses. that offer their students study abroad and gain new market insights. StudyThis provides you with a unique opportunities through exchange nance on our Dubai campus andopportunity to experience rsthand programs with other schools, Hult compare your ideas to what regionalthe emerging markets of the Middle prides itself on being the full provider thought leaders will do. Discuss aEast, the powerhouse economy of of the Global Campus Rotation. case study about the manufacturingChina, or to develop a broad network industry in China and then go on No matter which Hult campusof corporate contacts across a tour of the world’s largest textile you are on, you will use the samemultiple continents. factory. Nothing can replace the electronic library, the same Course experience of getting an on-the-Once you start your MBA on your Management System, and will be ground understanding of what ishome campus, you can decide familiar with the way our Career happening in different parts of thewhere to take elective courses. Services and Student Services work. world—international business cannotChoose to stay on your home You’ll mingle with classmates from just be taught in a classroom.campus for the full year or spend other campuses during your Globalup to 12 weeks on one or two other Campus Rotation and build valuablecampuses. Imagine starting your contacts as you study alongsideMBA program in London and then new faces and learn from differentspending time in Shanghai before faculty on our campuses. Our globalgraduating in Boston. It’s a truly life- network ensures that your MBAchanging experience that only Hult experience is uninterrupted andcan deliver. hassle-free. hul .edu u e 13 13
  14. 14. Boston Hult’s Boston campus.America’s top student town Strong school spiritSet on the banks of the Charles River with great views of downtown Our intensive one-year MBA program fosters a strong sense ofBoston from your classroom, Hult Boston is in a prime location, school spirit. At any given time you may listen to guest speakersdown the street from the great universities of MIT and Harvard. Within like Steven Forbes, publisher of Forbes magazine, or Michaelwalking distance from historic Beacon Hill, our campus was designed Dukakis, former U.S. Presidential candidate and former Governorby renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell. This internationally- of Massachusetts. Join any number of Hult’s student-run clubs:acclaimed building has excellent facilities that include an on-site the Hult Student Association, Asian Business Club, Latin Americanrestaurant with a bar and outdoor patio. The birthplace of the Club, Consulting Club, Marketing Club, or Entrepreneurshipmanagement consulting eld, Boston also serves as headquarters to Club. Hult Boston is always buzzing with events, from alumnibiotech, fund management, and a host of other key industries. This is gatherings, networking receptions, and distinguished speakera great place to build business contacts, as our campus is a magnet talks to Celtics basketball and Red Sox baseball outings, familyfor an impressive array of speakers. barbeques, and drinks at Lingo—the list goes on. Families and partners are readily integrated into the student community and are always welcome to join activities.14
  15. 15. Somerville Vermont East Charlestown Boston Boston Naval Shipyard Cambridge HarvardHult Boston Programs offered Boston business glimpse University Boston MIT Financial District Inner Harbor1 Education Street MBA Headquarters of consultingCambridge, Massachusetts giants Bain, BCG, and Monitor Charles Boston Master of River02141 U.S. Top of Innovation Cities International Business Global Index Knowledge- Back Boston based economy stems from University region’s educational excellence: Harvard and MIT are close by Northeastern Financial services center— University South global headquarters for Fidelity Boston Boston University and State Street Strong Medical Campus reputation for venture capital Prestigious healthcare industry New York with 17 renowned hospitals “Rotation is a challenging but remarkable experience. On rotation, I worked with incredible individuals and had the chance to really explore the cities. These experiences truly allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person. With over 120 nationalities in the school, it doesn’t matter where you go after your MBA—you will have classmates from that country who can share local knowledge and help you make connections quickly.” Audrius Leipus Lithuania, Class of 2011 Interiors designed by renowned architect Thomas Sandell. Boston campus life, snapshot of past events Visits to Fortune 500 companies TJX and Philips Healthcare LinkedIn training session with president of headhunting firm Dubin & Lee Tour of Federal Reserve Bank Hult Entrepreneurship Club’s Democamp Charity fashion show for Hosted President of Coca-Cola Central and Southern Europe, Nikolaos Koumettis Hult Energy Conference Women’s Executive Luncheon hosted by Kathrin Winkler, EMC Chief Sustainability Officer 15
  16. 16. San FranciscoHult’s downtown San Francisco campus.Epicenter of the high-tech world Study in the heart of San FranciscoSan Francisco’s Bay Area is the epicenter of the world’s high- Hult’s San Francisco campus is located in Levi’s Plaza, adjacenttech industry. Silicon Valley, just south of the city, is home to an to historic Telegraph Hill. The entire city of San Francisco and theextraordinary array of breakthrough companies including Google, surrounding Bay Area are easily accessible: the campus is walkingApple, and eBay. The city’s entrepreneurial culture, breathtaking distance from the financial district and Fisherman’s Wharf andscenery, and economic clout make it a remarkable place to live close to the city’s vibrant cultural and shopping venues. Coveringand study. San Francisco affords a wide range of networking and 45,000 square feet over three floors, Hult San Francisco offersleisure opportunities, like the Venture Capital Summit, which was a vibrant, contemporary studying experience—fitting for a cityhosted on campus this year, featuring Silicon Valley’s movers that leads the world’s high-tech industry. Formerly a dot-comand shakers in the VC world. Join the Entrepreneurship Club, headquarters, Hult San Francisco’s spacious and modern campusConsulting Club, the Innovation Club, or establish your own boasts four amphitheater-style classrooms, a video conferencingstudent club to show your commitment to a eld. station, a fully equipped computer center, student breakout rooms, and stylish student lounges, all with high-speed wireless access.16
  17. 17. Fisherman’s San Francisco Wharf Bay North Beach Financial San Francisco- Chinatown District Oakland Nob Hill Bay BridgeHult San Francisco Programs offered San Francisco business glimpse1355 Sansome Street MBASan Francisco, California San Francisco Bay Area Union Master of Pacific Square94111 U.S. center of social media Heights International Business revolution Home to Google, Master of Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco International Marketing Intel, Twitter Consumer industries in retailing, clothing, Master of and wine—beloved American Davies Social Entrepreneurship Symphony brands like Levi’s, Pottery Hall San Francisco Barn, and The Gap were born Haight-Ashbury International San Jose here Hub for new global Mission Airport green technology industry Silicon Valley “I learned about international business both in the classroom and from my classmates. The one-year intensive program provided an environment that enabled us to establish solid connections and true friendships. San Francisco itself is awesome— with Silicon Valley close by, it’s relatively easy to access international, inspirational high-tech companies.” Kenji Yamamura Japan, Class of 2011 Enjoy our newly refurbished and contemporary school. San Francisco campus life, snapshot of past events Venture Capital Summit featuring Guy Kawasaki, top Silicon Valley VC blogger and investor Career fair with leading employers on campus for recruiting San Francisco Giants baseball game at 3M Stadium Hult fitness boot camp along the Embarcadero U.S. Culture Quest American 4th of July Celebration Tech trek tour of Silicon Valley Intramural football match in Golden Gate Park Dim sum in Chinatown 17
  18. 18. LondonHult’s central London campus.The world’s most influential city Central London at your doorstepLive and study in the world’s economic hub—London. The British Located in the center of London, Hult’s campus is a newlycapital is home to 100 of Europe’s top 500 companies, with one refurbished landmark building that overlooks Gray’s Inn Gardenof the most diverse populations of any city on the planet. With so in the famous literary and academic district of Bloomsbury. Asmany leading companies headquartered in London, our campus a Hult student, you will bene t from what economists call theis the perfect launch pad for a successful career in international “cluster effect”: the added value of studying in London wherebusiness. Student-led clubs like the Consulting Club, Creative the close concentration of so many top academic institutionsIndustries Club, Finance Club, Hult Global News Online, Model creates learning and networking opportunities. You are withinUN, and more keep the campus buzzing with fun activities and striking distance of the best that London has to offer: world-classtop guest speakers from companies like Facebook, Real Madrid museums and parks, Oxford Street’s shops, Covent Garden’sFootball, and Accenture. theaters, Marylebone’s boutiques, and Soho’s exciting nightlife, all at your doorstep.18
  19. 19. Regent’s Park Senate Russell Library Square Barbican Museum of London OxfordHult London Programs offered London business glimpse Circus Covent37-38 John Street MBA Home to 100 of Europe’s Garden St Paul’sLondon, U.K. top 500 companies Top of Cathedral Master ofWC1N 2BJ Global Financial Centers Index International Business Most visited city in the Trafalgar Master of Biggest economy in Europe, Square Southbank International Marketing generating more than USD400 Centre billion a year Destination of Green St James’s Master of Finance the 2012 Olympic Summer Park Waterloo Park Master of Games Global leader in Big Ben Social Entrepreneurship wealth management, private banking, hedge funds, and Executive MBA financial planning Victoria “Hult was a great opportunity for me to realign my career and learn new skills. The diverse culture in London encouraged me to reach out of my comfort zone and to do things I’d always wanted to do. I got to meet amazing people from all over the world and to travel the globe. Hult has changed my life.” Inger Stapleton U.S., Class of 2011 Relax in our comfortable student lounges. London campus life, snapshot of past events John Sculley, former head of PepsiCo and Apple, spoke about game-changing innovation Young Global Entrepreneur and founder of Teach a Man to Fish, Nik Kafka, talked about social enterprise Faculty vs. student football tournament in Hyde Park Mid-module drinks at the Gherkin “Trooping the Colour” at the Queen’s birthday Parade Celebrated European Food Festival and Eurovision Excursions to Paris, Brighton, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-Avon 19
  20. 20. DubaiHult’s Dubai campus.East meets West in Dubai Dynamic city, dynamic campusModern, fascinating, and safe, Dubai is an important gateway Hult’s Dubai campus is located in the Dubai Internationalfor trade ow between the East and West. As one of the most Academic City (DIAC), an exclusive cluster of universities andcompelling cities in the Middle East, Dubai has also been institutes. Our secure, modern student accommodation isreinventing itself as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan—it is located ve minutes from Mirdif City Center, one of Dubai’sthe region’s center for nance, logistics, shipping, and aviation. largest commercial outlets and shopping malls. Designed byHome to more than 150 nationalities, with over 80 percent of internationally renowned architects, Hult’s futuristic campus isthe population hailing from outside the United Arab Emirates, bathed in natural light and is a beehive for activities. From terri cDubai is the preferred regional headquarters for many of the speakers to networking events with top executives (the campusworld’s multinationals operating in the Middle East. Hult Dubai’s hosted over 50 guest speakers last year), our campus is aimpressive contact list means that our students get to meet with gathering point for international talent.experts in industries from logistics to nance, all year round, atcompany visits and on campus.20
  21. 21. The GulfHult Dubai Programs offered Dubai business glimpse Burj Al Arab Burj Khalifa7 Floor, Block 10 th MBA Middle Easts leading city forDubai International international business, founded Dubai Investment Master of Park Dubai AirportAcademic City on reputation for cultural International BusinessDubai, U.A.E. tolerance More than 80% Master of of the population are expats, International Marketing most of them MBA-age Major retail center with biggest Dubai Silicon Oasis Executive MBA mall in the world Regional Saudi Arabia hub for financial services Growing Islamic finance Dubai Outsource Zone industry One of the world’s busiest international airports Dubailand Oman India “The Global Campus Rotation is unique and exciting. I rotated to Dubai in order to be exposed to the Middle East—it was a great experience. The MBA is intensive and sometimes you forget what a full night’s sleep feels like, but in the end, it’s all worth it. My Hult MBA has given me the con dence and skills to take my career to the next level.” Jessica Burroughs U.S., Class of 2011 Hult Dubai’s ultra-modern school. Dubai campus life, snapshot of past events Kayaking around the man-made Palm Jumeirah island Desert safari on camels and sand dune buggies Company visits to Emirates Flight Catering, Cisco, and the Tourism Development Investment Corporation Arabic lessons at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding Larry Hochman, Customer Relationship Expert, hosted workshop on Customer and Brand Value in the 5 6 Digital Age PADI diving certificate courses 21
  22. 22. ShanghaiHult’s Shanghai campus.Live in the world’s fastest Amazing downtown locationgrowing economy Hult’s downtown People’s Square campus sits in the heart of theShanghai is a city of breathtaking transformations—towering city’s commercial, nancial, retail, and social scene. Footstepsskyscrapers springing up next to ancient lane houses, away are Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road,sophisticated boutiques emerging out of open-air markets. The and the extraordinary Shanghai Museum. Our school recently wonascendancy of China as an economic superpower centers around rst place in an architectural interior design competition for itsShanghai. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” Shanghai boasts state-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, and studentunrivaled cultural status in China as the birthplace of new trends lounges. Feel the incredible energy behind the world’s mostand life-changing ideas. With nearly 23 million residents, Shanghai populous nation at our centrally-located People’s Square one of the world’s largest cities and is considered China’s most Convenient subway and public transportation access makecosmopolitan metropolis. Hult puts you in the center of one of the exploring the city easy, while residential accommodations are amost transformative cities on earth. short commute away.22
  23. 23. Children’s Park Huzhou Assembly Hall Beijing Shanghai Railway Museum Jiaotong Park Hanzhong SquareHult Shanghai Programs offered* Shanghai business glimpse Huangpu River Huangpu4th Floor, Jinling Haixin Building MBA Biggest city in the world’s The Bund Oriental Pearl666 Fu Zhou Road largest emerging economy Nanjing Road Master of Television TowerHuangpu District Center of China’s growing People’s Square International BusinessShanghai 200001 affluent middle class Home to Municipal Library Shanghai Grand Theatre Jinmao TowerChina Master of Finance China’s largest stock exchange World’s busiest container Shanghai Executive MBA Pudong port Growing pharmaceutical Yuyuan Garden *Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus hotspot Capital of China’s are not available for China nationals. We Huaihai Park encourage Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s fashion scene Host of 2010 other campuses in Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai World Expo, the Xintiandi London, and Dubai. best-attended trade fair in Fuxing Park Pudong world history International Airport “Hult’s rotation was a truly memorable experience. By working with professionals from around the world, I gained priceless experience about opportunities and challenges in different markets around the globe. The connections and friendships that I have created are not only additions to my network, but are impacting my career choices and global movements moving forward.” J. Alex Mason Canada, Class of 2011 Experience China firsthand at Hult Shanghai. Shanghai campus life, snapshot of past events Company visits to Chinese factories of Giant, Tyco Electronics, Alibaba, Ferrotec, Baosteel, Wahaha Roster of C-level speakers on doing business in China Toured World Expo China Pavilion Chinese acupuncture demonstration Mandarin lessons Kung fu sessions Toured ancient water town Huangpu river cruise Talk on special careers and Chinese leadership styles by a partner at headhunting 5 6 giant Korn Ferry Excursions to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, and Beijing 23
  24. 24. “ A life-changing opportunity to study in 3 cities in 1 year.” Learn firsthand about “There’s so much “San Francisco is the international business happening in Boston. center of technology. during your Global All kinds of sports, from marathon Silicon Valley offers loads of Campus Rotation. Study running to kayaking, not to mention the opportunities. People do business academic pursuits—everything combined differently here—they’re pioneers. at up to three of Hult’s creates an amazing overall experience. There are brilliant people open to new campuses in Boston, San Boston offers a great combination of ideas and constantly generating amazing Francisco, London, Dubai, academics and a thriving social life. stuff. Not to mention, the weather is or Shanghai. There’s an expression that ‘the business of great, too!” America is business,’ and it’s very true.” Rashmitha Matta Arun Varma India, Class of 2010 India, Class of 2010 San Francisco Global Campus Boston Global Campus Rotation highlights Rotation highlights • Visit to Napa Valley to investigate the • Visit to Philips Healthcare, division economics of the wine industry and headquarters for one of the world’s running a vineyard biggest electronics companies • Tech trek to Silicon Valley, to Sandhill • First annual Hult Energy Conference Road, Palo Alto, and Mountain View on campus, including guest speakers, • Sciences industry career workshop led exhibitions from clean-tech companies, by Dr. Toby Beth Freedman, President and industry networking session and Founder of Synapse Search • American cultural immersion with trips • Company visit to Autodesk, the leading to Red Sox baseball games, Cape company in 3D design, engineering, Cod beach, and amphibious tours and entertainment software of Boston • San Francisco Giants baseball game • Social get-togethers including karaoke, at 3M Stadium BBQs, and outings for students, families, and alumni • Spectacular fireworks display on the Charles River on Independence Day Your classroom overlooks downtown Boston and the Charles River. 24
  25. 25. “London is the financial “Ultimately, I want to “My experience incapital of the world. work in Dubai. I wanted to Shanghai changedFor one thing, there are very few placeswhere you can have a conversation about see how business functions in a different context. There are different ways of my life. My Global Rotation there empowered me to understand how Iwhat’s happening in Russia, the Middle doing business around the world—how would be able to do business in ChinaEast, and Asia on the way to the snack can you approach global management and develop my career there. Everymachine and back.” if you haven’t seen it in a different way? class I took in Shanghai was taught byJoshua Boone Wilcoxson In Dubai, it’s all about your relationships. phenomenal professors with extensiveU.S., Class of 2010 People communicate more to reach a international experience and I loved our decision. It’s a very friendly culture.” factory visits and field trips. There is Heather Kanabe probably no better place to experienceLondon Global Campus Canada, Class of 2011 the value and impact of globalization inRotation highlights business than China.”• Welcome boat party on the River Thames Dubai Global Campus Jenny Liu Rotation highlights U.S., Class of 2011• Wide range of speakers on campus— from former CEO of Apple to head of • A desert safari, indoor skiing trips, and sustainability at a Fortune 500 company a diving and snorkeling trip to Dibba Shanghai Global Campus• Experienced the best of Britain, from • Impressive range of speakers from a Rotation highlights West End plays, Wimbledon tennis managing director of HSBC to a best- • Company tours of: Giant, China’s tournament, and the London food selling Middle Eastern business author largest bicycle manufacturer; the Tyco festival, to Olympic Walking Tours and • Panel discussion on Supply Chain Electronics factory; Baosteel, the Royal parades Management and Logistics, led by world’s largest steel company; the• Networking events with executives from Sean Bradley, Managing Director of data monitoring center of Alibaba, the Nokia and Grapple Mobile and one- Barloworld Logistics largest e-commerce group in China; on-one career service sessions with • Workshop on Customer and Brand and the solar power panel plant of personalized job advice Value in the Digital Age by guest Ferrotec, a Japanese-listed company• Social activities, including football speaker, Larry Hochman, former • CEO of Sapa Group, COO of Tally- tournaments, drinks at the Gherkin, Director of British Airways and Weijl, and Founder of Qingyu trading wine tastings, and the Hult’s Got European Business Speaker of the company speak and offer advice on Talent Show Year (2011) doing business in China and strategy • All students received Arabic lessons sessions on winning the Asian consumer markets • Business networking opportunities with senior executives in Shanghai • All students received Mandarin lessons 25
  26. 26. San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.AnIntenseOne-YearMBA26
  27. 27. “ Hult was an experience of a lifetime. I learned the importance of teamwork and gained the tools that I need to run a profitable business. I highly recommend Hult to anyone who is looking for a strong business education among experienced managers and exceptional faculty.” Andre Carvalho Business Development Manager, Bunge Brazil, Class of 2009 27
  28. 28. Our hands-on approach to learning helps youbecome job-ready from day one.28
  29. 29. OurLEAP MethodEmployers want MBAs who are job-ready. We’vedesigned our curriculum so that you don’t just studyabstract theory—you also get hands-on experience.Our innovative curriculum is based on three compo-nents, “Learn, Experience, Action Projects”: LEAP.1. Learn 2. Experience 3. Action ProjectHult’s LEAP method is an integrated Experience is a critical component Participate in a real-world projectapproach to learning that enables of our LEAP method. Your year for a major company. Advised byyou to be able to put classroom will include panel discussions a mentor (typically an experiencedtheory into practice. with industry experts, company management consultant), small visits, and exclusive networking teams of students compete withStart your MBA by learning theory opportunities. These features will one another to develop a businessand business fundamentals in the give you an opportunity to relate strategy for a Fortune 500 company.classroom. Like most top business theory to practice.schools, Hult faculty employ the No other business school offerscase study method to illustrate how Meaningful dialogue with prominent such access to key decision-makersbusiness principles are applied in business leaders will offer valuable of the world’s leading companies.practice. Professors encourage insights into how executives Over a period of six weeks, eachthought-provoking class discussion make decisions in a fast-moving, team will consult with companyto facilitate the exchange of ideas competitive environment with managers to make a businessand the sharing of experiences. Hult imperfect information. case for the development of aprovides you with the theory, tools, novel idea. Each team will present Past classroom speakers include aterminology, and trends to give you its recommendations to a senior senior executive of the Real Madrida broad perspective on business. company leader (typically a C-level Football Club, who explained theHowever, unlike other top business executive or board member). economics of running one of theschools, Hult goes beyond the world’s largest sports franchises; Hult’s Action Projects are designedtheoretical to the practical. the co-founder of Apple Computer, to emphasize innovation and growth. who discussed how to maintain Though the scope of Action Projects innovation in a changing business varies, most projects focus on environment; and the head of a the paramount challenge facing a major Silicon Valley venture capital company: identifying new pathways rm, who advised students on for growth. how to evaluate potential venture capital opportunities. 29
  30. 30. Be prepared for an intense year. Innovative One-Year MBA Curriculum MBA Toolbox Module A Module B Module C Module D Foundations Fundamentals Advancement Mastery Global Application September October—December January—February March—April May—June When Acquire the prerequisite skills Build your financial and Design strategies for posi- Learn how to communicate, Hult’s Global Campus and basic knowledge that analytical knowledge, and tioning a business in the execute, and advise corporate Rotation: Learn about are essential for successfully gain the functional skills global marketplace. Learn clients. Prepare yourself for business practices in one Focus completing Hult’s intensive, that all managers need to how to sustain a healthy the capstone Action Project part of the world by taking one-year program. lead a high-performance business and to maintain a through teamwork in a global electives at one of our five organization. competitive edge during peri- simulation of a start-up global campuses. ods of unexpected change. business. • Introduction to the • Financial Management • Corporate Finance • Consulting Methods* Sample Module D and MBA Program • International Accounting • Strategy • Technology Management* E electives: • Accounting and Finance • International Marketing • Operations • Business Execution “Boot Camp” • Managerial Economics • Global Management* • Management • Applied International • Introduction to Career • Lifetime Career • Lifetime Career Communications* Derivatives Strategy and Tactics Management Management • Corporate Social • Islamic Banking (continues through Responsibility* • Financial Statement Modules A, B, and C) • Lifetime Career Analysis • Introduction to Management • Financial Modeling and Case Analysis Valuation • Leadership and Team • Investment Banking Building • Capital Markets Subject • Quantitative Analysis • Digital Marketing • Global Strategic Valuation • Cooperative Strategy • Management Consulting • International Negotiations • Leadership in the Global Village • Entrepreneurship • Doing Business in the Middle East • Solutions Marketing • New Product Development • Self-Discovery Project • Executive Seminars • Executive Seminars • Guest Lectures • Executive Seminars Projects • Team-Building Exercises • Career Skills Practice • Career Skills Practice • Company Visits • Networking Events • Leadership Training Credit Toolbox: 4 credits 14 credits 12 credits 12 credits 9 credits * Courses may be offered out of sequence.30
  31. 31. Join us on campus Hult Campus Visits Prospective students and applicants are welcome to visit any one of Hult’s ve campuses to take a tour, meet with current students, staff and faculty, or sit in on a class. For more details, please visit E Executive TrackAction Learning Special Admission RequiredJuly—August Hult’s Executive Track is an innovative training program within the MBA curriculum for exceptional candidatesHult’s LEAP Action Project: with outstanding academicSolve a “real-world” problem qualifications, leadershipfor a corporate client while potential, and professionaltaking advantage of the experience.opportunity to take electivesat another of our five global Each Executive Track MBAcampuses. student is paired with a professional mentor who shares industry insights, current hiring practices, and career advice.• Managing People: The program includes Business, Government, exclusive events and access Social Policies, and to alumni, recruiters, and Trends executives, as well as• Growth Through invitations to represent Hult Innovation at career fairs and events,• Doing Business in China plus advanced seminars• Applied Positioning covering personal branding, Strategy effective leadership, and• Pricing Policy/Strategy high-impact presentations.• Consumer Behavior• Mergers and Acquisitions To be considered for our• Project Management Executive Track, you• Principles and Certification must meet minimum work Review experience and GMAT• Management Practices: requirements. Qualified From Attitude to Strategy applicants are invited to• International Marketing one of our global campuses Communications for an intensive one-day• Management Information evaluation prior to the start Systems of their MBA program. A small group of the highest caliber students will be selected for each campus.• Action Project To apply for this program, speak to your recruiter after applying for the MBA program at7 credits 31
  32. 32. Teamwork and collaboration are keyingredients to your success.32
  33. 33. ActionProjectsApplying classroom learning to a real business—your Action Project—gives you a powerful platformfrom which to develop strategic thinking aboutinnovation and growth.How your Innovation and Growth Participating Companies (2008 to 2011)Action Project works Recognizing that innovation isWe place you in small teams and key to sustaining competitiveassign each team to a leading advantage and driving growth,business or company to help solve Hult has launched projects baseda real business problem. Each team on the theme of “Innovation andis led by a faculty advisor. At each Growth.” This program targetsof Hult’s international campuses, the most important and difficultwe have created partnerships with problem facing every company:Fortune 500 companies and leading identifying new pathways forbusiness executives. Within each of growth. Students work towardthese companies, ve student teams solving this problem by drawingwork intimately with a high-level on a curriculum that emphasizesexecutive in charge of the company’s both theory and practice. Studentsgrowth and development. Student can take advantage of some of theteams are further motivated to work distinct strengths of Hult: our globalat high standards by competing with presence, a widely diverse studenteach other. body, and world-class leaders in the field of innovation.Over six weeks, these teams meetwith the company executive(s)four times while facing the task of Gain board-levelcoming up with a full- edged planfor growth. Simultaneously, they exposureare aided through the process by Presenting to the seniorone of Hult’s world-class consulting management of a Fortune 500coaches. At the end, they present company is an exciting conclusiontheir proposal to an executive to a life-changing year. The projectteam of the corporation. During gives students the opportunity tothis distinctive project, each team develop solutions to the pressingwill develop insights about the challenges of leading multinationalparticular industry and business, organizations. Companies bene tidentify breakthrough ideas, develop from the ability to crowdsource newa business concept, and build an ideas and insights from diverseimplementation plan to present to international teams with studentssenior executives and CEOs. from over 120 countries. 33
  34. 34. “ My Action Project was a phenomenal learning experience.” Action Projects are Making up the future Fashioning the future a cornerstone of our Boston campus: San Francisco campus: innovative curriculum, Online buying in cosmetics Social media in retail which help you get job- Cosmetics companies are furiously trying Social media is a key tool in the to find the answer to a billion-dollar puzzle: marketing of the future, as consumers ready from day one. how much of their market can they move spend increasing amounts of their time Every year, each Hult online, in a sector where customers like to on Facebook, Twitter, and other social campus offers distinct try before they buy? Hult Boston students networks. A leading U.S. clothing and examined how to make online cosmetics fashion brand gave Hult San Francisco projects for major feasible and fun, presenting their findings students the challenge of thinking companies. to the Director of Innovation and Research beyond existing social media to the next and Development at a major Brazilian generation of virtual pathways essential cosmetics company. to marketing its products. Students were asked to focus specifically on exciting growth opportunities in emerging Flexible thinking in a markets. They reported their findings to mobile market the Head of Global Marketing. Boston campus: New markets for a Fortune 500 Creativity in credit cards A Fortune 500 company sells printers, Dubai campus: Payment methods photocopiers, and digital printing presses, and it wants to maximize Wanted—clever, dedicated, and business opportunities in the rapidly imaginative young people to explore growing niche of printing from mobile futuristic and innovative ideas that devices. But this is a tough market to go beyond conventional credit cards. understand—competitors have to draw Students at Hult Dubai were tasked by a up business plans in a sector where new Middle Eastern banking giant with looking technology and new competitors are into how consumers are going to pay for rapidly appearing. Hult Boston students goods and services in the future. They had identified business opportunities in mobile to think up solutions that met a challenging printing, putting the case forward to the double set of criteria: convenient and Chief Technology Officer. To do so, they attractive to customers and commercially Scan this barcode with deliverable for Hult’s financial services your mobile phone to had to reject short-term trends and threats in order to look at the longer-term future of client. Hult Action Project teams proposed learn more about Action Projects. the mobile sector. their solutions to the Head of Leadership and Management Development. 34 4
  35. 35. Mobile payments for Logical logistics Action Projectmobile customers Shanghai campus: students and clients say:London campus: Business travel Logistics in online B2BA global travel company specializing in Small businesses are increasingly keen “During our Action Project, my team andbusiness clients wants to know about the to use online services to purchase vital I had to solve real-time problems that anfuture of mobile payments—a fast and equipment—they can choose from an organization faced. We had to dig downconvenient method for this ultra busy amazingly wide range of products, and and use the tools and techniques weclient segment. Hult London students can buy cheaply and efficiently. But learned in class and got to interact withassessed the technology, developed an how can the intermediaries that operate very senior executives. There is no otherunderstanding of customer needs, and the purchasing platforms keep the business school that lets students learnpresented their workable and long-term transaction costs as low as possible— at this level.”business plan to the Innovation Manager and make delivery as rapid as possible Rochak Vermafor Corporate Strategy. at the same time? Hult Shanghai Action India, MBA Class of 2011 Project teams looked at the future of logistics, working with the world’s largestDoubling digital revenue online B2B trading platform for small “The teams seem to grasp the fineLondon campus: News media businesses. They reported to the Director details of creating a medical data pricing of Payments and Logistics for Small- model as well as the necessary ‘win-win’One of the world’s leading international Order Global Trading at one of China’s environment that could sustain such anbusiness newspapers wants to double most robust e-commerce websites. operation. They did a great job.”its digital revenue to remain profitable inthe 21st century. Across the news media Dr. Eric Silfenand a range of other industries, the Chief Medical Officerfuture is digital—but it is extremely hard Philips Healthcareto monetize digital content. Hult Londonstudents analyzed the newspaper’s “For us, harnessing innovative andopportunities in this medium and creative ideas from student teams frompresented their findings to its senior all corners of the globe is a powerfulexecutive team. source of fresh business insights and opportunities.” Michael Perman Senior Director, Global Marketing Levi’s hu t.e ul 35 35