Automating JEE Deployment process

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  • 1. Automating JEE Deployment Process Vikas Hazrati
  • 2. Challenges Of Deployment Are Getting Tough Everyday
  • 3. Enterprises and System Administrators are Juggling with Deployment Challenges
  • 4. On Average Enterprise is Spending $852,187 Per Year for Deployments
  • 5. Bringing Down This Cost is an Achievable Goal
  • 6. Automating the Deployment Process is the Key
  • 7. ===== Act II, Scene 1
  • 8. Earlier Those were the days
  • 9. Enterprise JEE Deployment is a Complex Task
  • 10. For Each Application There are Multiple Deployment Categories
  • 11. Configuring the Deployment Categories is an Involved Process Installing the Application Configuring Resources Configuring Middleware Repeating the same Components Steps across environments Starting / Stopping Components Maintaining the Order
  • 12. Support for Multiple Deployment Categories Report on the status of each category
  • 13. Amount of Infrastructure Increases as Business Grows
  • 14. Data Centers are Around the World
  • 15. Manual Deployment or Home Grown Scripts Often Fall Short
  • 16. Suggest Deployment steps based on different Easy to write / plugin deployment scripts Deployment categories Suggest Deployment steps based on different Deployment categories Standard deployment steps should be overridable
  • 17. Workload Associated with Managing Applications is Growing
  • 18. Reasons for Increase in Workload Complexity is Little or no Tooling is Often Automation limited ignored
  • 19. ===== Act II, Scene 2
  • 20. Enterprise JEE Deployment is Expensive
  • 21. Large Number of Specialized Staff Required for Deployment and Script Writing
  • 22. AD Can Help by Reducing the Cost
  • 23. Time Spent on Configuration Issues is High
  • 24. Should have the capability to use separate configuration files for DTAP environments
  • 25. Downtime Leads to Lost Money
  • 26. ===== Act II, Scene 3
  • 27. Enterprise JEE Deployment is Unpredictable
  • 28. Too Much Dependent on People
  • 29. Configuration Drift
  • 30. Should show the current state of the deployment Preview of changes Should maintain a history of deployment changes Log all changes
  • 31. Should show the current state of the deployment Version the configuration changes in source control Transaction Boundries and Rollback ???
  • 32. Possible Solution
  • 33. ===== Act III
  • 34. Enterprise Deployments are Marred With Challenges and High Costs
  • 35. Deployment Automation is the Key to IT's Future
  • 36. Start With One of the Products and Take One Bite at a Time
  • 37. Automating Deployment – Makes You Feel Better
  • 38. References & Credits
  • 39. For More Details