North West Turtles
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North West Turtles

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A day on north west island

A day on north west island

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  • Very nice shots, Troypark. I especially like number 4 with the sunset.
    Ed in Pittsburgh
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  • 1. North West Island my favourite place in the world. Off the coast of Gladstone, on the Barrier Reef
  • 2. What a beautiful sunset with the birds flying in from fishing, to nest for the night.
  • 3. Do not make a noise, this turtle is laying eggs we do not want to disturb her. They only come up the beach at night.
  • 4. A beautiful sunrise this time.
  • 5. Turtle on it’s way down the beach after laying its eggs at North West Island. He is running a little late all the rest have gone, there is nothing to see but their tracks.
  • 6. No, that isn’t tyre tracks from a tractor, that’s the turtles track back down to the water after laying its eggs .
  • 7. A long journey ahead for this little fellow
  • 8. Here is a little guy heading as quick as he can to the water unfortunately for him there are lots of turtle munching sea gulls around and it is low tide. Good luck little fellow.
  • 9. Take off, once they hit the water they show their speed, don’t need to worry about the sea-gulls too much any more but look out for those big cod waiting at the drop off.
  • 10. What is that?
  • 11. The Sun is setting again it is time to head back to the tents to prepare for another day