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The Five Rules Of Closing A Sale
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The Five Rules Of Closing A Sale


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a quick outline on a course in closing a sale

a quick outline on a course in closing a sale

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The five rules of Closing a Sale
    • What is closing a sale?
    • And end and a beginning:
    • *Customer ends the search
    • *You begin a new customer relationship
  • 2. The end of the customer's search
    • Customer experiences
    • Relief
    • Satisfaction
    • Joy of use
  • 3. You being a new customer relationship
    • Now you can show your stuff
    • Now you can work on making a new friend
    • Now you can build your business
  • 4. Closing is so misunderstood
    • It sounds a bit rough
    • Could someone get hurt?
    • Does it have to be done harshly?
    • Is it something you do to the prospect?
    • Is it nice to do?
  • 5. Closing should be a collaboration
    • You and the prospect work together to use your service to solve the person’s problem.
    • The Close happens when the prospect becomes the customer.
  • 6. Closing Rule number 1:
    • You can’t sell anybody anything!
    • …but you can help people talk themselves into buying just about anything at all.
    • Your job is to help the prospect make a decision.
  • 7. Closing Rule number 2:
    • It is not about you…
    • … it is about the prospect!
    • What does the prospect want to talk about?
  • 8. Closing Rule number 3:
    • Assume the sale!
    • Believe you offer the best solution in the area.
    • Believe you talk to buyers and not shoppers.
  • 9. Closing Rule number 4:
    • Close on the minor points
    • If you and the prospect agree on all the minor points, there is nothing left to do but sigh the paperwork.
  • 10. Closing Rule number 5:
    • “No” only means “not yet”
    • If you assume the sale, then a “No” just means you missed something…get back to work asking good questions.
  • 11. Follow the Five Rule of Closing
    • 1. You can’t sell anybody anything
    • 2. It’s not about you
    • 3. Assume the Sale
    • 4. Close on the minor points
    • 5. No only means Not Yet
  • 12. Thank you!
    • Tron Jordheim
    • [email_address]