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Jeter travis ted_evaluation Jeter travis ted_evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • Amory B. Lovins is an American Physicist, and CoFounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute where he is also Chairman and Chief Scientist.Monday, January 21, 13
  • A 40 Year Plan for EnergyMonday, January 21, 13
  • Monday, January 21, 13
  • He engages his audience by introducing suggestions on ways for them to be more environmentally responsible.Monday, January 21, 13
  • Monday, January 21, 13
  • Mr. Lovins maintains the engagement of his audience, by painting a picture of the ways and means by which we as a society can subvert the longterm effects of pollution to our planet. He supports this with the facts recorded data on the the subject.Monday, January 21, 13
  • Monday, January 21, 13
  • Amory Lovins closely follows TED Commandment 2, by sharing the one dream that we all have in common, and giving examples for us showing that it is not very far out of reach.Monday, January 21, 13
  • Monday, January 21, 13
  • In terms of dynamism I rate him at a 1, this is because his presentation lacks any real feeling it’s somewhat lifeless. He could inject more humor into his presentation to develop a more dynamic delivery to make his presentations better.Monday, January 21, 13
  • Monday, January 21, 13
  • Mr. Lovins uses 3 tips from Duarte’s 5 Rules for Presentations Rule2: Spread Ideas and Move People Rule3: Help Them See What You’re Saying Rule 4: Practice Design Not DecorationMonday, January 21, 13
  • What I have learned from my presenter is that no matter how profound your message, if you have no life, no dynamism in your presentation you will utterly fail at getting your point across!Monday, January 21, 13
  • In comparison between these two speakers Sir Ken Robinson is bar far the more dynamic speaker. Though his message is of a lighter subject matter he conveys his points in a clear very and precise way. Though Mr. Lovins’ message is one that concerns humanity as a whole, presentation is very dry and lacks any real conviction and this is where he loses his audience.Monday, January 21, 13
  • When making a presentation your delivery is what will ultimately determine how well received you message will be.You should try to deliver your message with full conviction. This will convey to the audience you level of passion about what it is your speaking about.Monday, January 21, 13
  •, January 21, 13