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Aug. 7, 2009 - Signature

  1. 1. Vol. 26 No. 31 The Signature Online - August 7, 2009 Due to our printer taking leave to celebrate U.S. Fleet Forces celebrates change of command Ferragosto, The Signature will only be available Article by online Aug. 14 and out of production Aug. 21. MC1 Amie Gonzales, We will be back with a new issue on Aug. 28. Navy Public Affairs Support Element-East NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -- Adm. EODMU8 runs to remember John C. Harvey Jr., relieved Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert as commander fallen heroes of U.S. Fleet Forces Command dur- ing a ceremony July 24 held onboard USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75). Guest speaker, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead, said Sailors, their families and Navy civilians are among the most impor- tant things at Fleet Forces Command. "This change of command is great for our Sailors who are with us today and who are serving around the world and for their families, because these are the types of leaders that we need in our Navy," said Roughead. Greenert assumed command of U.S. Fleet Forces Command in U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Todd Frantom/Released October 2007. He led the command Adm. John C. Harvey, Jr., right, relieves Adm. Jonathan W. with a strategic focus on the new Greenert, left, as Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces, during a change maritime strategy, with an emphasis of command ceremony aboard USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) at on individual augmentee programs Naval Station Norfolk, July 24, 2009. The Chief of Naval and policies. Greenert's next assign- Operations, Adm. Gary Roughead, center, presided over the cere- ment will be as the vice chief of naval mony. As his follow-on assignment, Adm. Greenert becomes the CHANGE, continued on Navy's Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Pentagon, Washington, page 12 D.C. Pet Grooming shop opens at NAS Sigonella Article and photo by Tracie Barnthouse, The Signature Editor Is your dog feeling neglected because her teeth don’t sparkle and her fur doesn’t shine like others around Marinai? Don’t let her be the barking stalk of base, take her to Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella’s Members of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 8 Navy Exchange’s new Pet Grooming run through Naval Air Station Sigonella to honor Explosive Shop, where she can get washed, Ordnance Disposal Technician 2nd Class Tony Randolph and dried, and sent away looking spiffy. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 2nd Class Edward Koth. The Navy Exchange officially Randolph was killed while supporting Operation Enduring opened their Pet Grooming Shop, Freedom July 6, 2009 and Koth was killed July 26, 2006 while sup- located behind the NEX main store, porting Operation Iraqi Freedom. with a ribbon cutting on July 31. Article and photo by Technician (EOD) 2nd Class Tony The Pet Grooming Shop was MC3 Jonathan Idle, Randolph was killed in action July 6, NEX Services Ops Manager, Harold The Signature Staff 2009 while supporting Operation Laird’s vision. The shop started from Members of Explosive Enduring Freedom and EOD2 scratch and much research was put Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Edward Koth was killed July 26, into opening the Navy’s first and only EIGHT (EODMU8) came together 2006 while supporting Operation on base pet grooming shop. Laird NAS Sigonella Commanding Officer, Capt. Thomas J. Quinn, con- for a command run to honor the Iraqi Freedom. went to the vet on base a couple years EODMU8 began the run in ago and found out that there were tractor Christina Evans, Mondo Animale contractor Ottavio memories of two of their fallen ship- Mercuri and NEX Services Ops Manager Harold Laird cut the rib- mates July 29 at Naval Air Station front of their command and ran in 1800 dogs and 700 cats in housing. formation throughout the base while bon to open the first-ever NEX Pet Grooming Shop, located on (NAS) Sigonella. GROOMING, continued on EOD, continued on page 13 NAS I behind the NEX Main Store. Explosive Ordnance Disposal page 12 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10 August 11 August 12 August 13 Weather H:92F H:93F H:93F H:93F H:95F H:94F H:91F Traffic Numbers update L:68F L:69F L:71F L:69F L:69F L:72F L:69F Jan. 09- Jan. 08- Mosquito season is here The chief of Naval During times of change, Make sure you mark this Taormina is a beautiful August 09 August 08 once again! As you know, Operations (CNO) wel- including a change of one on your calendar! The and historic town located Top Stories mosquitoes are very comed the Navy's first command, deployment Sagra delle Pesche e delle on the northeastern part of annoying pests. They can Joint Strike Fighter, the F- preparation, or relocation, Pere (Peach and Pear Sicily. Settled the hill of Accidents 146 201 also transmit a variety of 35C Lightning II, to the we often bring our worries Festival) returns to Monte Tauro, Taormina Injuries 13 32 diseases, including the fleet in a ceremony July home with us. Children Maniace this weekend to overlooks two beautiful, Chikungunya virus. 28. pick up on our feelings, celebrate the Etna expansive bays below and DUIs 1 5 Whether at home or travel- and can tell when we are "Tabacchiera" (white pulp) on the southern side, set- ing, there are many things anxious or under stress. and “Vesuvio” (yellow tled beneath Mount Etna. Traffic you can do to reduce your pulp) peach varieties and Deaths 0 2 chances of contracting an pear industry. illness spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Please, Page 2 Page 3 Page 5 Page 7 Page 8 don’t become a statistic! Direct Line Navy News Community Calendar MWR Corner Il Mercato Inside 2 3 4 11 14
  2. 2. Page 2 August 7, 2009 Direct Line The fall Physical Fitness Assessment is right NASSIG Commanding Officer, Capt. Thomas J. Quinn The NMCPHC states that individuals who exercise green and yellow around the corner and everyone should be fine tun- regularly are more likely to maintain a healthy body flag conditions. ing their workouts as the scheduled day approaches. weight, increase energy levels, decrease fatigue, Only individuals Regular exercise should be a part of everyone’s rou- improve mood, improve ability to focus and concen- who have been on tines and not just something that is thought about trate, and ultimately reduce and counter the effects station greater twice of year around the biannual PFA. of stress on the body. than 12 weeks and The advantages to incorporating regular exer- Considering the constant and high operations are fully acclimat- cise into your weekly routine extend beyond just tempo all the services are now maintaining and the ed to the tempera- passing the PFA, and can include some surprising constant need to become more efficient and do more ture should con- benefits. According to the Navy and Marine Corps with less, job-related stress is a part of the military sider exercising Public Health Center (NMCPHC), individuals who life. Utilizing the fitness programs and equipment during red flag exercise regularly are less likely to develop certain available to service members and their dependants is conditions and no diseases including heart disease, diabetes, high an excellent way to lower your stress level and one should be blood pressure and high cholesterol. Lowering the improve your quality of life. exercising during risk for these diseases translates to lowering your If you choose to exercise outside remember to black flag condi- future health care costs, insurance costs and improv- always consider how the temperature will affect tions. Following these guidelines will limit your ing and extending your life into your later years. your body and your performance. Stay hydrated and risk to heat exhaustion and heat stroke and allow Furthermore, there are some immediate advan- pay attention to the flag conditions that are indicat- you to get the most out of your workout. tages that make it worth the extra effort each day. ed around base. The best times to exercise are in NASSIG Worship Services Chapel Offices: NAS I 095-56-3975, NAS II 095-86-9049 ROMAN CATHOLIC PROTESTANT Sunday Sunday 0830 Catholic Mass (NAS I Chapel) 0900 General Protestant 1100 Catholic Mass (Mineo Community Center) (Mineo Community Center) 1000 Traditional Protestant (NAS I Chapel) Protect your family from mosquitoes 1600 Catholic Mass (NAS II Chapel) 1130 Contemporary Protestant (NAS I Chapel) Article provided by Remove standing water that Monday - Thursday Naval Hospital Sigonella CHURCH OF CHRIST LAY SERVICE may accumulate near your house 1130 Catholic Mass (NAS II Chapel) Sunday 1530 NAS I Chapel Rooms 3 & 4 (Call Public Affairs Office (lawn ornaments, flower pots, old Mosquito season is here once 624-5128 or 335-841-8069) tires, and buckets). again! As you know, mosquitoes are Empty and change the water in JEWISH SERVICES: Please call 095-86-1205 very annoying pests. They can also birdbaths, fountains, pet dishes, and transmit a variety of diseases, includ- potted plant trays twice a week. OTHER SERVICES/ACTIVITIES POINTS OF CONTACT ing the Chikungunya virus. A couple Clean rain gutters so they drain Latter-day Saints: Please email or call 624-1314 or 349-1977-116 years ago, Northern Italy experienced properly. Remove standing water an outbreak of this mosquito-borne AA Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 1900, NAS II Chapel, 346-840-7745 under or around structures or on flat illness. Whether at home or traveling, roofs. Check around faucets and air there are many things you can do to reduce your chances of contracting conditioner units and repair leaks or Suicide: You can make a difference! puddles that remain for several days. Article by Chaplain Russell Wilson moment the only way they may see an illness spread by the bite of infect- Turn over wheelbarrows, wad- ed mosquitoes. A few articles ago I talked about awareness as a out of their emotional state is suicide. ing pools, canoes, and pails. Ensure community when it comes to suicide. I began by It is up to you to take action and help Avoid unnecessary outdoor garbage cans have tight fitting lids. activities at dusk and dawn when encouraging you to talk about it in order to provide a this individual. Keep swimming pools treated suicide safer community. A suicide safer community is So, what do you do? Well, it is mosquitoes are most active, but be and circulating. If covered, make wary during the day as some mosqui- one that is equipped to discuss the situation when it simple; you ask the question. It may sure water does not collect on the arises and has a plan for helping people with suicidal sound difficult and weird, but you ask to types are day biters. cover. Empty wading pools immedi- If you go outdoors while mos- thoughts. In my last article we talked about listening to people who are hav- the individual directly about their ately after use. ing suicidal thoughts and paying attention to the invitations they give us. By thoughts of suicide. You should ask quitoes are biting, wear long, loose, Adult mosquitoes rest on light-colored clothing and use a mos- being aware of these invitations and being comfortable with talking about them if they are considering acting on weeds and other vegetation. Reduce dying and living we can be a suicide safer community. their thoughts. This is a crucial step in quito repellant. the areas where adult mosquitoes rest Repellant products containing Today I want us to continue to look at how we can be a part of a group the helping process. If you have by removing brushy areas around of people who are standing ready to help an individual who is contemplating heard the invitations and you are gen- DEET or picaridin typically provide structures. Keep the lawn mowed. longer lasting protection rather than suicide. You might be the one individual who is asked to help someone with uinely concerned you should ask the Make sure window screens are suicidal thoughts. What do you do when you have found yourself in a conver- individual if they are considering sui- herbal products. DEET is the most “bug tight” and replace outdoor lights studied repellent and travelers (mili- sation in which you hear the invitations? You now feel confident that the indi- cide. It can sound something like this: with yellow “bug” lights which tend vidual you are talking too is having suicidal thoughts. The next thing you have “Are you considering suicide?” or tary and civilian) have had the most to attract less mosquitoes than experience with it. Follow product to realize is that you are now the person who can help this individual. You have “Are you thinking of killing your- MOSQUITOES, continued on to make a choice. You either have to ask the question or ignore it an walk away. self?” However you word it, it should instructions. page 12 What would you do if someone you knew was walking out into the street be direct and to the point. into oncoming traffic? I am sure most of us would act in You may be concerned that the Commanding Officer Stampa Generale S.r.l., of the products or serv- some way to try and divert them from being hurt. When we person might get mad if you ask. The Capt. Thomas J. Quinn ices advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for pur- are faced with someone who is having suicidal thoughts it is DIFFERENCE, continued on Public Affairs Officer chase, use or patronage without regard to race, the same. They are in danger, they are hurting, and at that page 12 Lt. Matt Knight color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or Deputy Public Affairs Officer any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user Emergency Management Office Dott. Alberto Lunetta or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of Editor this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser will result in the refusal to print advertising Be prepared to be on your own for at Tracie Barnthouse from that source until the violation is corrected. The Signature is published weekly by Stampa least three days. Seven is better! The Staff Writers/ Photographers Generale S.r.l., Sig. Bruno Brandi, Publisher, MC2 Jason Poplin MC3 Jonathan Idle Naval Support Activity, Capodichino (Naples), Italy - Tel. 081-568-7884, Fax 081-568-7887. BASIC FIVE: Water, Food, Heat, Cash, The Signature editorial office is located at: E-mail: Editorial sub- missions are welcomed from all Naval Air Radio; Family Communications Plan: Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily Station Sigonella departments, divisions and PSC 812 Box 3020 tenant commands. Editorial submissions should Phone Numbers & Rally Points; Public FPO, AE 09627 be sent to the Public Affairs Office via Telephone: 095-86-5440: DSN 624-5440, guard mail stop #68 or hand-delivered to our office no later than the Protection Strategies: Evacuation and This civilian enterprise (CE) newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the mili- close of business on the Friday proceeding the expected publication date. All articles submitted Shelter-in-Place; Web info:; tary services overseas. Contents of The by non-staff members will be considered con- Signature are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the tributing writers. The Signature will not publish any anonymous articles. All advertisements in Emergency info: AFN 106.0 FM; Department of Defense (DoD), or the U.S. Navy. The appearance of advertising in this this publication are the property of Stampa Generale S.r.l. Any reproduction of advertise- Questions? Call the EM Office at 624- newspaper, including inserts or supplements, ments in The Signature is unauthorized without does not constitute endorsement by the DoD or the written consent of the publisher. 2630, 8265 or 2621.
  3. 3. August 7, 2009 Page 3 Navy rolls out joint strike fighter stealth fighter and enables the Navy top anything that comes its way. It strike fighter needs. here." Article by MC2 (SW) Rebekah Blowers, to decrease the time from threat to will give our Sailors and pilots the "It is most exciting for me to The F-35C is on schedule to Chief of Naval Operations Public response at sea. The aircraft possess- tactical and technical advantage in think about the young men and meet the Navy's initial operational Affairs es uncompromised carrier suitability the skies and it will relieve our air- women who look to this uniform, capability in 2015, and combines and low-maintenance stealth materi- craft as they age out," Roughead said. who look to naval aviation and see a stealth with supersonic speed and FORT WORTH, Texas (NNS) -- als designed for long-term durability CNO said the pace of opera- fulfillment in their lives and an high agility. The Lightning II The chief of Naval Operations in the carrier environment. tions has not been easy on Sailors, excitement in their lives that is employs the most powerful and com- (CNO) welcomed the Navy's first Adm. Gary Roughead, CNO, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines, nor unmatched in any other profession in prehensive sensor package ever Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35C said this aircraft adds tremendous on the ships and aircraft they rely on. the world," Roughead said. "I thank incorporated into a fighter. Lightning II, to the fleet in a ceremo- capability to the fleet. He said the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter you for what you have done and For more news from Chief of ny July 28. "Our Sailors will never be in a is essential to addressing the Navy, thank you for what you are going to Naval Operations, visit The F-35C is the Navy's first fair fight because this airplane will and more importantly the nation's, do. It is indeed a great honor to be Photo from the fleet Check in weekly to find out what our fellow shipmates are doing around the fleet. U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Tiffini Jones Vanderwyst/Released Adm. Gary Roughead delivers remarks during the rollout ceremo- ny for the F-35C Lightning II, the Navy's first-ever stealth fighter. The aircraft will enable the Navy to possess 5th generation fighter capabilities at sea, extending America's reach and reducing the timeline from threat to response. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Barker U.S. Navy sailors serving as gunners mates aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain fire a .50 caliber machine gun during a live-fire exercise in the Pacific Ocean, July 25, 2009. The Lake Champlain is on a scheduled deploy- ment as part of the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group in the U.S. 3rd Fleet area of responsibility. Calvary Monika Volcano
  4. 4. Page 4 August 7, 2009 Friday Saturday Sunday 7 August 8 9 Alcoholics Anonymous Nearly New Shop Open NAS II Chapel NMCRS 7 p.m. 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 346-840-7745 x4212 Shelter-in-Place Info Booth Marinai Community Community Calendar Center 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. x4900 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Alcoholics Anonymous Tobacco Cessation Budget for Baby Ombudsman Assembly Alcoholics Anonymous NMCRS NAS II Chapel 7 p.m. Flight Line Clinic 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. FFSC 9 a.m. -11 a.m. NAS II Chapel 7 p.m. Ferragosto 346-840-7745 x4710 x4212 x4291 346-840-7745 Basic Rider Course Volunteer Orientation Experienced Rider Credit Management Firehouse Bldg. 406 NMCRS Course FFSC 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 10:30 a.m. Range 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. x5630 x4212 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. x4291 x5630 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Alcoholics Anonymous Tobacco Cessation Budget for Baby in Weight Management Car Buying Strategies Nearly New Shop Open NAS II Chapel Flight Line Clinic Mineo Support Group FFSC NMCRS 7 p.m. 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. NMCRS NAS II Flight Line Clinic 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 346-840-7745 x4710 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. x4291 x4212 x4212 x4950 Resume Writing Survive & Thrive AAA DIP Driver’s Workshop FFSC Improvement FFSC 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. BETD Blg. 407 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. x4291 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. x4291 x5630 Motta Maricru Did you know that . . . Registered Nurses are available at no cost to the service member or family members to make home, clinic or hospital visits to Navy and Marine Corps per- sonnel and/or their family members? They provide health educa- tion and resource infor- mation and promote Funny Island Angolo di continuity between patient, doctors and military or community dodo resources. They can address questions about newborn care; post-sur- gical follow-up care; ongoing medical condi- tions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory conditions; child development, par- enting issues or normal childhood illnesses; medications and nutri- tion and more. NMCRS: A Helping Hand!
  5. 5. August 7, 2009 Page 5 Cold Noses warm hearts A reminder to the community that feeding feral or wild animals on the installation is prohibited. Sigonella’s Stray Animal Facility (SAWS) has many cats and dogs looking for a warm home Fleet and Family Support Center Monday-Friday 0730-1630 and someone to love. Each week, Administration Building 319 DSN 624-4291 The Signature NAS I Commercial 095-56-4291 will feature animals in need of adoption. Connecting with your child during times of change ED (below) is very playful and would really complement an Article provided by active family. Military One Source During times of change, includ- continue to be there to care and pro- important to ask questions if they ing a change of command, deploy- vide for them and that you love them. have them.. Then listen carefully ment preparation, or relocation, we Find ways to be close and to when your children speak. (Don't often bring our worries home with us. show your love. Hugs, cuddling, and answer the phone while you're talk- Children pick up on our feelings, and reading aloud together are all ways to ing to them, and don't talk with oth- can tell when we are anxious or under show your love and to offer children ers.) stress. Connecting with your child reassurance. Remember that questions and during times like these can help Offer opportunities to talk. Let concerns may come up at unexpected reduce stress at home. Your child will your children know that it's OK to moments. Children have a way of feel better, and you will, too. talk about what's happening. You asking questions at unplanned times - Ways for you to connect with might say, "I've been worried lately - when you are least expecting it. If your child about some things, but there is noth- you are not prepared to answer at that Make time to be with your chil- ing you need to do about that. It's my moment, try to offer a brief reply and BOBBY (above) has grown so dren. Be open to their questions, and job to take care of problems." And then resume your conversation at much in the time that he has maintain family routines. This can then ask your child, "Have you been another time when you have thought been with us. He loves to play help keep stress at home to a mini- worried?" The more you let your through the question or concern. with his toys as well as other mum. child know that it's OK to talk with Present only what is specific dogs. Bobby is extremely Reassure your children. Let you and to ask questions, the better and what you know about the situa- sportive and would be the them know that even though there equipped your child will be to handle tion. Although we want to be honest perfect addition to any active may be change and uncertainty about the situation. and open with children, we also want family. your military work situation, you will Let your children know that it's to limit undue anxiety or fears. Share only those changes that will affect For more Marchi your child's routine. Provide simple, accurate information. Do not ramble on with detail. While it is OK to have children take on a role of caretaker information, contact the Stray Animal Facility at 624-3936 or a SAWS representative at 345-502-2266. for a brief time, it is unhealthy to bur- den a child with adult worries. Make to shut your child out, don't be afraid from family members and close sure that you seek support from adult to say that you need some time to friends as well. family members and friends, and, if yourself to think and plan. Try not to let the worry or strain needed, seek professional assistance Maintain routines at home. Play you feel affect the kind of parent you to handle extremely stressful times. together, read together, attend school are. Unintentionally, you may direct Plan what you are going to say activities -- make it clear that just your feelings, frustrations, and criti- if you have important news to share because things are changing in the cism toward your child. This happens about upcoming changes. If you will military workplace it doesn't mean even to the best parents. Make an be changing positions, relocating, or they have to change significantly at effort not to be overly critical, if you will be deploying, you may h o m e . demanding, or impatient with your want to plan a special time to sit Demonstrate parental strength and child. down with your child to talk or hold a leadership. Show that you have some Be realistic about finances. If family meeting. degree of control over your future. any upcoming changes may affect Avoid false assurances such as, With older children, share your ideas your family's financial situation, Medusa "Everything will be just fine." and plans; with younger children, assure your children that they will Children are better served when they remain in charge and stick to daily have what they need even though all are made aware of a family challenge routines. family members may have to be more and encouraged to participate, in an Inform teachers and caregivers careful about spending money for a age-appropriate way, in dealing with that changes are occurring, and ask while. Talk together as a family about it. for their help if you feel you need it. creative ways to do things more eco- Acknowledge your own feel- If they know what's going on, they nomically. ings in an appropriate way. For exam- may be able to offer guidance and Keep talking together as a fam- ple, don't deny that you're feeling support, and work with you to help ily. Provide opportunities for your uncertain or insecure. You might your child adjust to the situation. If child to bring his questions and con- want to say, "I'm having a hard time you are a single parent and you share cerns to you. preparing for some of these changes, custody, be sure to alert your former Plan special times together as a but I'm trying my best to figure out spouse to the changes that are going what to do." While it's important not CHANGE, continued on on in your life. Seek help and support page 12 Sushi Mondo Animale
  6. 6. Page 6 August 7, 2009 Alberto Lunetta The Signature Staff Motta Medieval Festival brings to life the spirit of the Middle Ages If you ask Mottesi (Motta resi- dents) where they are from, they will first tell you that they are from one of the three rioni or districts. The Motta Sant’Anastasia town plan is divided into three neighborhoods hosting three citizens’ associations: “Vecchia Matrice”, “Giovani Maestri” and “Panzera.” Each district, which is overlooked by the magnificent medieval castle, is a world apart, just like it happens in the medieval town of Siena. Mottesi are very proud of their belonging to the rione and are very competitive, especially when it comes to organizing the annual Feste Medievali or medieval festivals which will take place this year from Aug. 13 through Aug. 22. If you have an Italian friend from Motta taking you around during those festivities, you’ll end up eating your “medieval” dinner in his/her district and, of course, you will be told that the food Photo by Alberto Lunetta you are sampling is the best in town. Every summer, Motta is turned into a medieval village to honor a century-old tradition celebrating its past. Attractions due to take place The festival blends religious and Aug. 13 - 22 include medieval cooking, craft displays, music, jousting, jesters, minstrels and other street entertainers. Bring the entire pagan traditions. “It all started as a family to be transported back in time to the days of medieval Sicily! complement to the religious celebra- tions honoring Sant’Anastasia the Age town by staging flag throwers shows and medieval food,” noted Volvo beloved town’s patron saint, whose festival, which falls on August 25, Rino Pugliesi, the Presidente of has been celebrated since the 17 cen- Rione Panzera. Medieval food is tury when the relics of the saints were another highlight of the festivals. brought to Motta. The confraternities Strolling throughout the cobblestone which used to organize the festival streets of the historic center you can were the predecessors of today’s rioni sample medieval specialties prepared associations,” said Arturo Tinnirello, according to ancient recipes at the the Presidente of the Rione Maestri. Taberne, the food stands which will The Presidente is an elected club dot the festival area. leader who is highly reputed in his This year’s festival will be rione. kicked off by the Vecchia Matrice Preparation for the annual Rione on August 13. Three days later, medieval celebrations is actually an the other two will follow along with ongoing activity because every four their celebrations through Aug. 22. years it’s “Festa Ranni” or grand fes- Every night, festival grounds will tival. The three festivals preceding open at 8 p.m. with entertainment and the big celebration are typically food displays. lower-key, but still exciting, events if On Sunday, Aug. 16, the Rione compared to the Festa Ranni which Maestri will host at 8 p.m. in viale features a spectacular historic re- Carmine Caruso the traditional Palio enactment. dei Martini, a must-see, nail biting Craftsmen and tailors from the medieval mounted skill-at-arms com- three rioni are very busy throughout petition featuring competitors from the year to create wonderful period all the Sicilian towns that hold costumes and artifacts. medieval festivals. Each town will be Since their young age, all represented by one knight; this is the Mottesi are expected to devote part of only time when the three Motta rioni their time to contribute to the festi- join forces to win this exciting val’s organization and to support the medieval re-enactment. “As we live Sbandieratori (flag throwers) teams’ in a globalized world, it’s important activity. The art of flag throwing is to protect our unique cultural tradi- another serious business in Motta. tions. That is why we keep alive the The town boasts a “Scuola della history of the Spanish kings of Bandiera” a 40-year old school which Aragon who ruled Sicily at the end of trained performers since they were the 14th century by organizing the children. There are three teams that annual Palio that is based on a joust hold independent acrobatic shows on horses held in Catania on Nov. 1, throughout Italy and abroad (Europe, 1425,” Tinnirello said. the United States and even the United The festa will also feature Arab Emirates). jesters, jugglers, minstrels, medieval “We’ve been organizing the music, stilt walkers, flag throwers, patron saint festival and the historic children activities, crafts and games re-enactments for thirteen years. We and other street entertainers. For are committed to keeping alive the more information and detailed sched- Norman heritage, especially the tradi- ules contact the Motta Pro Loco tional Discesa delle Quatine banners Tourist Office at 095-308161. parade” said Franco Guarnera, the Presidente of Rione Vecchia Matrice. “As we did last year we will recreate the atmosphere of a Middle
  7. 7. August 7, 2009 Page 7 Peach and Pear Festival this weekend in Maniace Make sure you mark this one on Swordfish Festival your calendar! The Sagra delle Pesche e delle Pere (Peach and Pear Festival) kicks off in Acitrezza returns to Maniace this weekend to cel- ebrate the Etna "Tabacchiera" (white pulp) and “Vesuvio” (yellow pulp) peach varieties and pear industry. Festival attractions also include a rifle shooting competition (Aug. 8 - 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. / Aug. 9 - 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.), as well as arts and crafts and activities taking place in the town his- toric center through August 9. The fes- tival will open every morning at 10 a.m. In the evening, there will be live concerts at 9 p.m . The highlight of the festival is the traditional free sampling of the huge peach and pear pie weigh- ing over 1,300 pounds (Sunday, Aug. 9 - 7 p.m.). Before leaving the festival, check the Nelson Castle (the Sicilian estate of the legendary Admiral Lord Nelson) which is located in the town surroundings (information & tickets: For more information and detailed schedules call phone 095-690018. Maniace Tourist Office at 095/690823. Trecastagni Summer Music Festival to begin this weekend Bring the entire family Photo by Angelo Fragalà swordfish which were served The lineup for the 2009 edition Catania-born pianist Ms in Sicily, Europe and the United for a weekend of fish delica- to 4,000 festival goers. The of the Trecastagni Music Festival, Sangiorgio began studying the piano States. which is organized by the town’s at age eight and completed her stud- The festival schedule is as fol- cies and entertainment! The festival is part of the annual Assessorato alla Cultura (Culture ies at the prestigious Rome’s “Santa lows: Concerts to be held at Largo 3rd edition of the Acitrezza celebrations honoring the Department), was recently Cecilia” Conservatory. In 1991 she Abate Ferrara at 9 p.m. : Aug. 7 - Sagra del pesce spada (sword- Madonna della Buona Nuova, announced. The festival which will made her debut with the Greenville Nancy Calà (soprano) and Elda Laro fish festival) begins tonight at the town’s co-patron, that will be held at Largo Abate Ferrara (his- Symphony Orchestra, South (piano); Aug. 8 - Salvo Di Salvo 8 p.m. at the Alaggio slip on take place from Sept. 2 toric center, via Vittorio Emanuele) Carolina. (baritone), Lyudmyla Porvatova the town waterfront of this through 6. For more informa- and Gaglianesi district (southern In 1992, she was a recipient of (soprano) and Alessandro Riggi enchanting fishermen village. tion contact the festival press part of the town) will feature famous a two-year scholarship award from (Piano); Aug 11 - Vincenzo Pavone Last year, local chefs cooked officer at 339-8406880 or 347- international opera and classical the Peabody Conservatory of Music (piano); Aug. 12 Piera Grifasi more than 1,000 pounds of 4355678. music artists. The festival’s main (Baltimore, USA) where she studied (soprano), Diego Cristofaro (piano) program consists of a schedule of under the guidance of Lilian and Andrea Siragusa (tenor); nine events which will be held from Aug. 7 through Sept. 4. Heading the lineup will be internationally acclaimed pianist Giuseppina Maria Freundlich as well as a prize for best Bach performance from the Klavierhaus of New York City. In 1993, Ms Sangiorgio performed as Concerts to be held at the Gaglianesi District at 8:30 p.m.: Aug. 25 Ensemble Enjouèe - Aug. 26 - Angelo Lo Nigro (classic guitar) ; Kartodromo Sangiorgio, who will perform on soloist at the World Bank in Aug. 28 Deodato, Genovese Duo Friday, August 14 at Largo Abate Washington D.C., USA, playing (vocals and classic guitar); Sept. 4 - Ferrara. The concert program will music by Scarlatti, Beethoven, ERSU Symphonic Orchestra (con- feature Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 10 Chopin and Rachmaninoff. cert to be held in piazza A. Moro). No 3 in D major, Liszt’s Petrarca During her career, she has Admission to the concerts is free; Sonnets ( No. 47, 104 and 123), recorded Chopin music for RAI however, there is a one Euro charge Chopin’ Sonata in B Flat Minor, Op. Corporation-Steinway Hall, (New for the seat. 35, "Funeral March," Waltzes op. York City) and “SGM record.” Ms For more information and 69 no 1 and 2 and Ballade Op.23 n.1 Sangiorgio teaches music and per- detailed schedules call the Town in G minor. forms regularly at important venues Tourist Office 095-7020008. Morobishi Alphio
  8. 8. Page 8 August 7, 2009 Taormina Article and photos by Lt. Matt Knight NASSIG Public Affairs Officer expansive bays below and on the southern side, settled beneath Mount Taormina is a beautiful and his- Etna. toric town located on the northeastern Taormina's original residents part of Sicily. include the Sicels, Greeks, Romans, Settled the hill of Monte Tauro, Byzantines, Saracens, Arabs, Taormina overlooks two beautiful, Normans and Spaniards who chose it Review Summary Site: Do you have a passion for writing or are Gelso Bianco Family Friendly: you looking for a little experience in journalism? The Signature is seeking volunteers to help cover base wide Accessibility: events as well as feature stories. If this sounds like an opportunity for you please call the Public Affairs Office at 624-5440. Oxidiana Travel Time: These ratings are out of five stars, and are the opinion of the Signature staff and in no way constitute a profes- sional travel review. If you have comments or ques- tions on this review con- tact:
  9. 9. August 7, 2009 Page 9 as their residential site thanks to its strollers. However, the town itself is excellent position, mild climate and very accessible and easy to traverse News delightful atmosphere. with plenty of restaurants with rest- Site: Taormina earns a full room facilities and places to sit and Briefs five- star rating for a combination of enjoy the view. beautiful sites to see, excellent his- Accessibility: Taormina gets a Job Opportunities toric structures to visit, plenty of food five-star rating for the ease in which MWR is looking for a driv- and clothing vendors as well as a full it can be reached from NAS I or II er for the Weekend Liberty spectrum of entertainment options and the fact that ITT regularly offers Shuttle. This is a contract- available. The site is virtually vehi- trips there. To reach Taormina in a ed position. Vehicle is pro- cle free because the only vehicles that personal vehicle, simply get on A19 vided. Driver’s License are allowed in the town itself are Autostrada toward Catania. Follow and/or Italian translation motorcycles, scooters and taxi's. The signs to Catania/Messina and exit on are required. Open to U.S. only caveat is that environment is A18. Take the exit for Taormina Sud and Italian citizens. Call very much centered on tourism, and for the beach areas, or Taormina Nord 624-0405 for more infor- therefore the prices are higher than for the Greek Amphitheater and the mation or email would be found on average in Sicily. town. A18 is a toll road so remember However, this should not limit those to bring along a couple euro for each who want to have a wonderful after- leg of the trip. There is plenty of FISC Department, noon excursion. Considering the parking available just below the town Sigonella, is soliciting for amount of things to see and do, from itself that charges roughly 1.50 euros one “full-time” or two the ancient Greek amphitheater to the an hour and offers a free shuttle to up “part-time” REGISTERED golf, beachfront activities and shop- to the town above. A note on the NURSE, personalized serv- ping, this site is truly a pleasure to parking garage; if driving a vehicle ice contracts, for the visit. that is larger than a small SUV, chose Flight Line Clinic, NAS II. Family Friendly: Taormina the "Bus or Minibus" parking. The FISC Department, Sigonella gets a four-star rating for family car parking is only accessible via a is also soliciting for one friendliness. The one-star loss is due spiral ramp that a long or wide vehi- “full-time” or two “part- to the fact that it is primarily a walk- cle won't fit in. time” REGISTERED NURSE ing town, and to get between the Travel Time: Taormina rates and CERTIFIED MEDICAL garages and the town there are free four stars for travel time because the ASSISTANT, personalized public shuttles that can be a challenge overall trip is approximately one hour service contracts, for the to on and off load wheelchairs or from NAS I. Clinic at the U.S. Naval Hospital, NAS II. Closing date is 07 August 2009. Sources must be eligible The Church of San Giuseppe located down Corso Umberto makes for US employment. a striking background to the piazza which has an amazing view of Solicitation packages will the bay. be available at the FISC Department, NAS II. Point of contacts are Mr. LaColla, at 095-865727 (DSN 624-5727) or Ms. Randazzo, at 095-563792 (DSN 624-3792). Military Education Benefit Seminar Tired of deciphering NAVADMINS, PowerPoint’s, and trickled information on education benefits available to you? Want to know all your education benefits avail- able while on active duty, your G.I. Bill and Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits and transferability of benefits? Come receive first hand information from our NAS Sigonella Ombudsman Program trusted Navy College Our Mission: Personnel and Veterans -Primary liasion between families and the command Affair Representative. -To be an advocate for families and single sailors Midtown Theater on -To dissiminate information regarding command policies, August 26 at 12:30 p.m. services available, deployments, and Individual Augmentee (IA) Contact Petty Officer support Antczak at 624-9407 for Magnolia -To be the primary POC for families and single sailors and to refer them to the appropriate agency for questions, concerns, help, or intervention Our Commitment: more information. Navy College - We are committed to representing and supporting the com- Office mand as well as the families and single sailors Sigonella Education Fair -We are committed to presenting accurate and up-to-date infor- Wednesday, August 12 at NAS II (in front of Galley) mation for referrals from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. -We are committed to COMPASSIONATE and CONFIDEN- NCO Staff and the TIAL advocacy within the guidelines of OPNAVINST 1750.1F Representatives from -We are committed to being available 24/7. Please keep calls Central Texas College, between 0900-2000 unless you are experiencing an emergency. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Call us at 624-4291 or 24/7 at 335-580-1269 for more information. University, University of Maryland University Agip College and University of Phoenix will be waiting for you! For more info: 624-4514/4516
  10. 10. Page 10 August 7, 2009 Go Green Sigonella! Air conditioning Lunch: Cream of Potato Soup, Beef with Broccoli, Baked Fish, Tempura Fish, Penne Ala Norma, Tossed Green Rice, energy saving tips 7 Seasoned Mix Vegetables, Summer Squash, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Speed Line: Grilled Hamburger/ Cheeseburger, Turkey burger, French Fried Potatoes, Baked Beans. Article courtesy Dinner: French Onion Soup, Oriental Pepper Steak, Grilled Chicken Breast, Tuna Salad on Wheat Bread, Potato Chips, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Cauliflower Polonaise, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Reducing Summer Power Bills s t o v e s Without Spending Money f o r Breakfast: Farina, Grilled Ham Slices, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Buttermilk A key to reducing air conditioning c o o k - 8 Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Crumb Cake. costs during hot summer days is to ing. Brunch: Breakfast Items, Beef Barley Soup, Swedish Meatballs, Chicken Caesar Roll Up, Buttered Pasta, Brown Gravy, Sprouts Superba, Fried Cabbage w/ Bacon, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. limit the amount of heat generated * Dinner: Pepper Pot Soup, Baked Parmesan Fish, El Rancho Stew, Mediterranean Brown Rice, O’Brien Potatoes, Peas within the home or apartment during Use w/ Celery, Okra Melange, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. the afternoon, when temperatures are Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Grilled Minute Steak, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, at their highest. awnings, curtains, or blinds to keep * Keep lights off when rooms are out direct sunlight. This will keep 9 French Toast Puff, Asstd Doughnuts, Italian Croissant. Brunch: Breakfast items, Chicken Gumbo Soup, Beef & Turkey Sandwich, Chili Macaroni, Stir Fry Vegetable, Lima not in use. Lights generate heat that your house cooler. Beans, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. makes your air conditioner run more. * Eliminate activities in the after- Dinner: Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Ginger Pot Roast, Paprika Buttered Potatoes, Pork Fried * Try to wash and dry clothes, iron noon that require a great deal of in Rice, Normandy Carrots, Cream Style Corn, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. and cook in the morning or later in and out through the doors of your Lunch: Creole Soup, Turkey Curry, Baked Fish Filet, Vegetable Lasagna, Steamed Rice, Savory Style Beans, the evening. Use microwave ovens, home. This allows cool air to escape 10 Cauliflower, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. which produce much less heat than and hot air to enter the home. Speed line: Sub Sandwich, Pasta Primavera. Dinner: Tomato Bouillon Soup, Baked Stuff Pork Chops, Grilled Chicken Breast, Steamed Rice, Brown Gravy, Green Beans Nicoise, Carrot Slices, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. Electrical Consumption at NASSIG Breakfast: Farina, Oven Fried Bacon, Baked Sausage Patties, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, The following graph charts the last four weeks of energy con- 11 Asstd Doughnuts, Bran Muffins. Lunch: Spanish Soup, Beef and Fish Tacos, Burritos, Chicken Fajitas, Penne Arrabiata, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, sumption on both NAS I and NAS 2 in comparison to the same Calico Corn, Herbed Broccoli, Jalapeno Cornbread, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. week last year, as well as our target usage for the week. Speed line: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Onion Rings, Macaroni and Cheese. *Dinner: Navy Bean Soup, Barbecued Beef Cubes, Roast Turkey, Steamed Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Seasoned Asparagus, Honey Dijon Vegetables, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Creamed Ground Beef, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, 12 Blueberry Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. Lunch: Puree Mongole Soup, Fish Amandine, Country Fried Steak w/ Gravy, Potatoes Au Gratin, Steamed Rice, Collard Greens, Peas w/ Carrots, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cookies, Tapioca Pudding. Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. Dinner: Beef Barley Soup, Shrimp Curry, Sicilian Submarine, Steamed Rice, Savory Squash, Club Spinach, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding. Breakfast: Hominy Grits, Corned Beef Hash, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, 13 French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. Lunch: Velvet Corn Soup, Shrimp Jambalaya, Braised Beef and Onions, Rigatoni Zuchine and Eggplant, Oriental Rice, Oven Browned Potatoes, Steamed Cabbage, Cauliflower AuGratin, Easy Chocolate Cake, Crisp Drop Cookies. Speed line: Assorted Pizza, Baked Potatoes, Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions. Dinner: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Chicken Tetrazzini, Baked Italian Sausage, Ratatouille Eggplant, Lyonnaise Rice, Mustard Greens, Easy Chocolate, Crisp Drop Cookies. Help save a life Chiechio Register for the 2009 DoD bone marrow drive Article by least one volunteer to serve as their of finding a match. Statistically for Lt. Leslie R. Councilor, Bone Marrow Drive Coordinator every 300 who register one will be a U.S. Navy Hospital Sigonella who will register and collect samples match. If you are active duty, reservist, from their respective commands. Flight crews and pilots can reg- Coast Guard, civil service, contractor More than one volunteer is highly ister to become possible donors. If between the ages 18-60, you are eli- encouraged. selected as a match you will be off gible to register for the 2009 To register, the Bone Marrow flight status from between 15 to 30 Department of Defense Bone Drive Coordinator will ask each per- days. Marrow Drive. son to take four cotton swabs from You only have to register once. There are over 500 DoD active the inside of their cheek and complete Your information is stored in a confi- duty and family members afflicted the registration by filling out two dential national registry, never to be with life-threatening diseases that can sheets of paperwork. The entire reg- disclosed to the recipient. Stampa be cured from a bone marrow trans- istration process can be completed in Training for all tenant Bone plant. Because of technology, there is five to ten minutes. Marrow Drive Coordinators will be virtually little pain associated with Each Tenant Command will be held at the Base Theater on 4 August being a donor. The screening process responsible for collecting specimens 2009 at 0900. The training is only is just a simple cheek swab. The actu- from their commands with a finale one hour and supplies will be distrib- al bone marrow collection process drive to be held at the Navy uted to the Coordinators at that time. takes about two hours and is equiva- Exchange on 14 August 2009. For more information about the lent to a blood or platelet donation. If you are chosen to become a 2009 DoD Bone Marrow From August 4-14, U.S. Naval donor, you and a spouse or friend will Registration Drive please contact Hospital Sigonella is sponsoring the have an all-expenses paid trip to Lieutenant Leslie R. Councilor at 2009 DoD Bone Marrow Program Washington D.C. for five days. or at Registration Drive. All NASSIG ten- We need as many people as pos- DSN 624-4672 or 4671. ant commands are asked to provide at sible to register, to increase the odds Ad