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Selvam siddhar karma magazine the only spiritual free magazine for hindus from texas usa

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  2. 2. Karma 1 Special Sections Editor & Vice President Ilavarasan Editor Pundit Madhu Manikandan Reporter & Art Director C.T.Kumar Contributing Writers Legal Advisors Nirmala Sujatha Reddy Deepika Raina Sheetal Pooja A.P. Jayachandran, Esq The nation’s largest full color monthly spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Submission & Disclaimers: Weacceptarticles,photography,and art work that is in keeping with our mission. We do not endorse any particular opinion, program, or advertisement. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material we receive. We will do our best to honor the integrity of our readership. It is merely our sincere hope that we help our readers to achieve success in their lives. Post Masters: Send address changes to Vanadurga Mandir Suite: 7777 34 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio. 45402. Note: Karma does not accept any responsibility for products or services advertised. The publisher has the right to deny any advertising at its sole discretion. Contact Information Publisher : Editor : Advertising & Marketing : Subscription & Postage : Telephone : 1-888-808-1418 web : Cancer- Anti Cancer Herbs 2 Marriage , Love, Boy Friend, Girl Friend , Divorce Problems ? 3 Is Saturn / Shani Your Friend Or Enemy ? 5 Aachi’s Kitchen 6 Food as (is)a Medicine 14 Atharva Vedic Astrology 16 Fruit Astrology 21 Turmeric- A gift from the Gods 34 Hyper tension and Alternative Healing technics 38 kid’s stories 41 The Fifteen Nityas (Part of Atharva Thantra) 55 Content......... Karma Empowering Self & Community
  3. 3. Karma 2 There are dozens of herbs that are said to have anticancer properties, but clinical studies on their effectiveness is limited. Speak to your physician if you are thinking of adding herbs to your daily intake to treat or prevent cancer; this is especially important if you are on medication for any condition. Herbs have a powerful impact on, and interaction with, prescription medications. Saffron Saffron is probably better known as a spice than as a medicinal herb, but it has been found to have anticancer properties. A report from “Experimental Biology And Medicine” states that saffron has the ability to prevent the development of, and slow the growth of, cancerous cells and tumors. When applied topically, saffron is able to help prevent the development of skin cancers. Prostate Cancer Treatment Groundbreaking Protocol in Atlanta Survival Data on Over 14,000 Oldenlandia:- Oldenlandia diffusa is an herb that is native to Asia, and has been used for thousands of years as a snake bite remedy. It is now regarded as an anticancer herb. One of the best scientific studies on oldenlandia’s affect on cancer is published in the 2004 issue of the “Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy”. This study reports that oldenlandia was tested against eight different cancer cell types, and it showed that it was able to stop the growth of these cancer cells. Not only did it stop the growth of the cancer, it also promoted the death of the cancer cells. Researchers conclude that oldenlandia may be a powerful anticancer herb. Artemisia Artemisia is also known as “sweet wormwood” and it has been used for years to treat a number of ailments, from fever, to headaches, to malaria. Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center in New York reports that it also is used as an anticancer treatment. It contains a compound called artemisinin, which has been found to stop the spread of thyroid cancer cells, and promote cell death in lung cancer. Scutellaria Scutellaria is an herb that is native to China and Korea. A study published in the February 2007 issue of “Phytotherapy Research” reports that scutellaria takes an active role against cancer no matter which stage the cancer is in. It prevents the development of cancer cells, and prevents new cancer cells from forming or developing off an existing tumor. This study states that scutellaria is particularly effective against gynecological cancers. Curcumin Curcumin is from the turmeric herb and is another herb that is better known as a spice than as an anticancer treatment. However, a study in the JanuaryFebruary issue of “Anticancer Research” shows that like scutellaria, curcumin is effective in treating the different stages of cancer. It is found to stop the development of tumors, as well as tumor growth, and the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. The study also reports that curcumin was given to human subjects in a dose of up to 10g per day with no evidence of toxic effects.
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  5. 5. Karma 4 - Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Symptoms of Black Magic: Black magic puts a block on a person’s wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. The person or persons might do something or go through many actions and cannot give reason why they have done what they did. There is no reasoning behind their actions. They will get angry without reason or justifications with people they love and care for. These people on whom the black magic spell is put will feel that they are not getting their due and can achieve much more. They will feel suffocated & restless in all circumstances. They are never at peace and they will remain depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life. Symptoms of Black Magic: Beginning Phase Feeling like you have hit a brick wall; as if life stopped at a certain point in the recent past Sudden illness fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, can’t get out of bed/too sick or too tired Intense Depression, sudden (disinterest in those things that make you happy/family, hobbies, etc.) Hopelessness about moving forward in life, as if you can’t physically continue because you don’t have the strength. Fear and Panic. Increase of irritation and Anger, if not typically a part of your personality. Hazy thinking, forgetfulness. Feeling generally imbalanced, not feeling “yourself”. General malaise, unwellness, fatigue. Extra stress in your body, tightness in certain areas, neck and shoulders is common. Chills and goosebumps. Sleep is interrupted, unrestful. No recollection of dreams/occasional nightmares. Thirst at night. People reacting to you in a strange way; your good intentions become misunderstood. Things stop going as you expect them to; they turn sour. Sudden minor accidents within a short period of time. You sense other people may not want to be around you. Conflicts and confrontations arise unexpectedly, people seem to be acting strange toward you. Career problems, including a block in the influx of money. As humans throughout our lifetime we will without a doubt experience problems/difficulties in all aspects of life. It is very important that before one jumps to the assumption that they are affected by black magic, he/she must look at their own karma Remove, Solve All Your Problems in Life / Solve All Black Magic Problems in Your Life. This Help Is For All People of The World Irrespective of Any Religion They Belong. Every One Are Invited. Are You Worried, Troubled, Confused. This Is Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Can Help You. He Can Reunite You With Your Lost Love; He Can Rebuild Your Broken Relationship. If You Are Suffering With Some of Life’s Invariable Problems Such As Love, Money, Job And Family Matters, Then Swamiji can Help You Through The Blessings Of “ Yaksha; Yakshini”. This Will Give You A New Positive Beginning. Black magic is real and its effects do have an impact without a shadow of doubt. The effects will progress and get worse unless treated. If you have any (Solve Black Magic / Remove Black Magic / Kala Jadu se Chutkara/ Jadoo Tona se chutkara) bandish on your peace & happiness, family or business or people are jealous of your prosperity which you or your family members may feel sometime or If you have any type of problems like work problems, engagement problems, marriage problems, family problems, business problems, child problems, etc If You Ever Want To Have Istikhara To Be Done then Please Call Me. All the prayers help you to protect you from black magic (Jadu), Enemies and Solves all the problems full feels all your hearty desires. Inform your near & dear ones, friends, relatives, anyone about this information & help them all. Immediate Result Is Just A Phone Call Away... Call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll free @ 1-888-808-1418
  6. 6. - His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar The location of Saturn in First house : Saturn acts as a benefic planet for people born with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants. Similarly it acts as a malefic planet for Cancer, Virgo and Pisces ascendants. The result of the placement of Saturn in the first house in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants. # For Aries ascendant: The good placement of Saturn is favourable for fulfilling desires, enjoying happiness on account of elder siblings, deriving benefit from friends as well as earning satisfactory income. # For Taurus ascendant: Its good placement and strength are favourable for attaining success in career especially in technical fields. # For Gemini ascendant: The good placement of Saturn is favourable for enjoying paternal bliss, undertaking distant journeys, timely settlement in life as well as for developing religious interests. # For Leo ascendant: Its good placement and strength are favourable for undertaking distant journeys, enjoying long lasting partnerships, intimate relationships as well as a happy and prosperous marital life. # For Libra ascendant: Its good placement and strength are favourable for upgrading knowledge, earning gains from speculative ventures, enjoying intimate relationships as well as happiness on account of children. # For Scorpio ascendant: The good placement and strength of Saturn are favourable for attaining smooth education, enjoying parental bliss, peaceful domestic life as well as for the purpose of acquiring properties and assets. # For Sagittarius ascendant: A favorably placed Saturn is beneficial for enjoying happiness on account of younger siblings, excellent expression power, praiseworthy communication skills as well as suitable rewards of efforts. # For Capricorn ascendant: The good placement and strength of Saturn are favourable for building up capital, enjoying good health, happy family life as well as success and recognition in career. # For Aquarius ascendant: Its good placement and strength blesses the native with good health, good aura as well as satisfactory social standing. On the contrary for the people born with Cancer, Virgo and Pisces ascendant, Saturn being a malefic planet causes lack or loss of inheritance, obstructions in attaining aims, humiliation, sufferings on account of health, and difficulties in enjoying marital bliss, lack of efforts, ups and downs in career or struggles in attaining success in life. For more understanding about this article or any spiritual help and to come out of your problems immediately, please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 678 234 6885 or 408 829 7780 or Toll Free 1-888-808-1418 Is Saturn / Shani Your Friend Or Enemy ?
  7. 7. Karma 6 Aachi’s Kitchen-By Vishal Kalyani Beetroot Soup It is a very simple and yummy recipe. :Cuisine : South Indian dish Preparation time : 5 mins: Cooking time : 20 mins:Course : Appetizer Ingredients : Beetroot 2 cubbed: Tomato 1 chopped : Garlic 1 pod :Salt as req :Pepper as req Preparation : Pressure cook with Beetroot and tomato.Then keep it aside to cool down and then grind it. In a pan add some butter and then the crushed garlic and pour the mix to it. Now add pepper and salt. Serve with a Bread. Serving per recipe : 2. Approximate Calories per serving : 50 Pattani Sundal This May be prepared for as “ prasad- Holy offering” to the God or as simply as a snack. Cuisine : Indian: Preparation time : 20 mins: Cooking time : 10 mins Ingredients : Green peas 2 cups :Coconut shredded 2 tbsp ;Red chili 2: Salt to taste Curry leaves :Seasoning 1 tbsp :Kayam Preparation : Soak green peas overnite and cook in pressure cooker. Or you can use the store bought frozen green peas. Now in a kadai, add little oil and add the seasoning t it. With little kayam and curry leaves. When the mustard and urud dal splatter add chili. Saute well. Now add the cooked green peas with out water. Add salt. Let it be in low for few more minutes. Now take it out of heat and add coconut. Serve it hot as a snack. You can add little Mango chunks too.-Serving per recipe : 4 Ennai Kathrikai Kzambu( gravy) It is very spicy and hot kulambhu. :Cuisine : South Indian Preparation time : 20 mins: Cooking time 30 mins :Course : Main Main Ingredients : Kathrikai, Oil Ingredients : Kathrikai 4 to 5 :Malli seed 2 tbsp : Jeera 1 tbsp :Black pepper 2 tbsp :Red chili 1/4 cup Tamarind paste 2 tbsp :Tomato 1 cup chopped :Onion 1 cup chopped :Curry leaves few Coconut grated 1/2 cup: Turmeric 1 tbsp :Sesame oil 1/2 cup :Salt to taste Preparation : In a kadai, add malli seed black pepper red chilli jeera. Dry roast. Make a fine powder Now in the kadai add enough oil, add seasoning and add kathrikai with stuffed powder. Let it cook for 5 to ten minutes. Now take the cooked kathrikai, add tomato, onion, curry leaves and saute well. Add tamarind paste with little water to it. Let it boil. Add turmeric and remaining ground powder. Now add salt as need and drop the kathrikai to it. Add the coconut gratings to it. Close it with a lid, With a low heat. After 10 mins, the oil will be separated then you can take and serve. Serve it hot with Rice. Serving per recipe : 4
  8. 8. Vastu Sastra For your Happy Life - Made Simple -Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Vastu Shastra is an inspiring explanation of a person’s surrounding and its concurrent influence on his or her life. The factual meaning of Vastu is ‘house’ or ‘dwelling place’. The principles of Vastu are established to create a harmony between the natural elements of Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the atmosphere. The knowledge and judgment of Vastu mitigates the depressing functioning of our environment thus increasing the beneficial consequences on our life and living. It not only takes into consideration the physical or corporeal success but also calmness & tranquility of mind. Be it a home or office, factory or a commercial block, Vastu has been known to reward the follower with benefits and protection from ill effects of life and unpredictable effects of nature. We live in, and are surrounded by, various types of energy fields which operate freely in open space. When we place a structure in our establishment, the equilibrium is affected. Vastu helps in so designing the structure that it ensures a harmonious flow of energy in the building and restoration of that equilibrium. Though Vastu is similar to Feng Shui in concept, it differs in the details and directions. Vastu And Directions As indicated by Vastu, a building must be located in such a way that it receives the maximum benefit from the solar and cosmic energies. Its structural orientation attains a vital part if constructed as per the positive specifications. The various directions are: North, South, East, West, NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast and SouthWest.The North East corner is stated to receive the cosmic energy, which is a combination of energy from different planets apart from sun, in abundance. And from there it moves in the opposite direction i.e. to the Southwest. Vastu Tips Vastu guidelines are adopted for the contemporary Western lifestyle by offering a reliable system to help determine one’s specific needs and preferences. It is an integrated science based on energy emanating from various sources. Since energy pervades nature and our life depends on it, energy rules every form of life on earth. This energy can be either positive or negative. Incorrect Vastu can create negative energy. Vastu corrections can be done by neutralizing this negative energy by implementing or following strong positive energy radiating devices. Vastu Tips For Health And Well being: A proper relationship between Human being and environment is an essential law of Scientific Vastu. Vastu can fruitfully be applied to correct placement of man in such a manner so as to get the maximum benefits of the energy emanated by natural and manmade environment. Here are some vital tips 1. Being in a room that is constantly lit by such light can cause headaches, eyestrain, loss of energy and nausea. 2. Fluorescent tubes can interfere with vibrations of the human body, causing people to be hyperactive and irritable. 3. Full spectrum lights are very healthy as they resemble the spectral light found in natural daylight, and working under them improves mood and performance. 4. Blue light is soothing and cooling but should not be used for reading. 5. Green light helps to relax and unwind. It is also a healing light, speeding up the body’s own healing mechanism. 6. Orange light is used to combat depression and lift mood. It creates a friendly and a communicative atmosphere. 7. Pink light is useful where a loving and nurturing environment is needed. It also has musclerelaxing qualities. 8. Red light is physically warming and emotionally arousing. It keep the person charged up and active. 9. Violet light is used in mental institutions to help people with obsessive behavior patterns and neuroses. It harmonizes mental and emotional state. 10. Tulsi should be placed in the north to develop fortitude and awareness. 11. Eucalyptus stimulates clear thinking. 12. Bamboo symbolizes longevity, durability and endurance. Grow bamboo on the left side of your house or at the back. 13. Chrysanthemums symbolize purity and honesty. 14. The jade or Chinese money plant attracts abundance and prosperity. It should be small, about 15 cm, and never exceed 3 ft. 15. Keeping hibiscus in the bedroom promotes sexual compatibility. 16. The sunflower helps in creating opportunities and brings in positive energy. 17. The jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac as well as an antidepressant. It is also said to bestow divine hope and grace. 18. Prickly plants like cacti and spiky leafed plants like the spider, fern and palm are to be avoided indoors because they generate negativity. 19. Bonsai are the most inauspicious for wealth or luck as it symbolizes that stunted growth and energy.
  9. 9. Karma 8 Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life Vastu implementations can lead to a happy married life which every couple dream of. While life can be really joyous and peaceful due to compatibility of spouses, Vastu defects can cause non compatibility with life partner. Take care of following Vastu tips for a blissful and idyllic married life 1. Keep bedroom in the southwest of the house. 2. Avoid bedroom in southeast as this is a fire place. It may lead to the clashes between the couple. 3. Place bed in the southwest portion of the bedroom. 4.Avoid placing bed in northern and eastern zone of the bedroom as it may cause mental stress and financial instability. 5. Keep headside of the bed in south direction. 6. Use wooden bed instead of metal bed. 7. Always build square or rectangle bedrooms to bring peace and love in life. 8. Paint walls in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink. 9. Avoid red color in bedroom. 10. Place kitchen appliances/objects like gas and sink that represents fire and water respectively properly. 11. Keep money in northern or eastern area of the house as it is an important part of the life. 12. Do not use Northeast bedroom in case you are newly wed couple. 13. Never place the bed under a beam as it may cause bad effects on health. 14. Avoid mirror in married couple’s bedroom. It may lead to quarrels between the couple. 15. Avoid Computer and T.V in bedroom as they will reflect like a mirror. 16. If you place T.V and Computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night. 17. Ensure that the under ground water tank is not in the southwest direction. 18. Avoid paintings that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life. Vastu for Student Vastu can be beneficial for enhancing the education luck and concentration in students. Vastu solutions can be utilized to enable your children to score well and concentrate on their studies. 1. The study room should be located in the East, the North or the North East of the house. 2. Sit for studying and learning in the East as it aids concentration 3. Make sure that the study does not have a toilet on the floor above or below and that your children are not studying sitting under a beam. If they are, either shift them or install an up lighter there. 4. Make sure that there is no mirror reflecting their books while they study. This can double their workload hence creating a lot of pressure on them. 5. Since pillars, columns, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc act as obstructions and deterrents to good concentration, make sure that the children are not getting affected by any of these. Place the study table facing East or North to ensure that while studying the child is facing either of these directions. 6. Do not keep the study table against a wall. 7. There should be open space in front of the child to encourage fresh ideas and approach. The child should have a solid wall behind him/her, as it signifies support. 8. Place a painting or poster of a mountain behind to add support whose peaks are not spiked or pointed. Place the bookshelves on the sides and not above the study table. 9. Ensure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books piled on it. The table and chair should also be neat and clean. 10. A revolving chair is not a good idea, a four legged wooden chair is best. The study room should be bright and well lit as dingy and dimly lit rooms are depressing and not conducive to a child’s education. 11.Adequate amount of sunlight or natural light is a must. While studying the shadow of the child should not fall on the books. 12. A study lamp should be used to energize luck in education and focus on studies. 13. The light should be bright but not too harsh on the eyes. 14. Children’s room should be vibrant and cheerful, avoid too much of black in this room. Playing inspirational and soothing music in the children’s room is very effective as studies and music goes together. 15. Play Gayatri chants early morning to energize living spaces. 16. Ensure that your child sleeps with his/her head towards the East. Place an inspirational picture in the child’s room. The picture could be that of a galloping horse, a rising Sun or of the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. 17. Place an energized Saraswati Yantra near your child’s bedside or study table. 18. Hang framed certificates or display trophies etc won by the child on the South wall. To stimulate memory, children can be encouraged to do deep breathing exercises for 1015 minutes, wash their face, hands and feet and chant “Om Aaing” eleven times before beginning their studies. Vastu for Office 1. Avoid offices that are in the deadend of a street/road. 2. Do not have two parallel sliding doors into the main office space. 3. Do not sit in such a way that your back faces your boss. Either get a small wooden partition to block the view, or change your seat position. 4. Keep round or oval shaped tables in the conference room. This is will promote good understanding between workers and management. 5. Never have your subordinates working at a higher ground level than you. The ground level too should follow the hierarchy for all practical purposes. 6. The office of the key person/head honcho should be in the southwest corner of the office. 7. There should be no toilet door facing your office cubicle/ room. 8. Do not place the workstations in such a way that they have to turn around to talk to each other.
  10. 10. Karma 9
  11. 11. Karma 10 9. The Marketing/sales department (which facilitates cash flow into the office) should have lots of open space to move around. 10. There should be lots of light and breeze flowing into the rooms. 11. Keep the entrance of your office free from any obstacle. 12. Money and valuables should be kept in an almirah or safe facing north. 13. If north is blocked it can be cured with the help of regulators. 14. If north of any house is blocked it blocks prosperity. 15. A boring or tube well in south is very harmful for finance. 16. A pit or under ground tank in south is also very harmful for finance. Certain pictures of god goddess and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains in the house. 17. Water flowing from north to east is very good. 18. A water fountain in the north east part of the house or factory is very good. 19. An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner of the house or factory is very good. Vastu for Home Vaastu for House We all care about our homes where we spend our maximum time, effort and money. We are in constant effort to make it a comfortable place as it is our biggest investment. Negative architecture of homes can damage our health, the air we breathe and the water we drink, without our conscience knowledge. Here are certain tips to keep it full of positive energy and optimism 1. Room for prayer and meditation is recommended to be in the northeast corner of the house. 2. Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. 3. Staircases should be located in Southern or southwestern portions of the building. 4. Do not design staircase of a building in the northeast portion. 5. The steps should climb from east to west or from north to south. 6. If there are landings or turnings in a staircase, it should wind up in the clockwise direction. 7. The number of steps in a staircase should be an odd number so that if you start climbing the steps with the right foot, you will reach the higher floor on the right foot itself. 8. Columns in a building should be in even numbers and columns in the northeast corner should not be circular. 9. When columns are exposed for architectural purposes, the number of exposed columns also should be even. 10. The room in NorthWest direction is suitable for guests and girls. 11. The Chief of the house should have his room in SouthWest direction. 12. No bedroom should be situated in NorthEast direction. 13. No bedroom should be located in SouthEast direction. For inhabitants of this bedroom, there is no sound sleep and people have much anger. 14. Bathroom should be in the West and South directions and the flow of its drains should be towards NorthEast. 15. Commode should be South or West facing. 16. Geysers should be SouthEast since it is ‘Fire & Heat’corner. 17. Toilets and Bathroom should be situated separately. These days these are built attached with each other within the house. The following points need special attention for such construction Never builds toilets in the direction of eastern corner. These should be constructed mainly towards South or West. The face should be towards south or West while discharging stool. 18. Balcony should be constructed in the NorthEast to achieve good health and wealth. 19. Children’s Room should be constructed in the NorthWest corner but the bathroom should be arranged in prescribed direction only. 20. The doors should be in the North and East. Some painting or window should be opposite each door. 21. It should be in NorthWest, South or west direction. The furniture should be kept in South and West directions. As far as possible the open space should be maximum in North and East directions. 22. The dining table should be kept in SouthEast. 23. Garages should be in the SouthEast or NorthWest corner. Load on North and East Walls be kept at the minimum. 24. The kitchen must be situated in fire angle, i.e. in SouthEast. The face of the cook should be towards the East. The water tap in kitchen should be in the NorthEast direction. It is better if the stone, on which food is cooked, is of red color. 25. The junction of electric cables of the house should be in the SouthEast corner along with the main switch. 26. The main gate is dependent upon the direction on which the plot lies. Both, East and West directions are considered best for the main gate of the house. 27. In every plot more open space should be kept in North, East and NorthEast than in South and West. 28. It is best to keep patient’s room in SouthWest or NorthWest corner. If the head of the patient is kept in the South, he recovers early. 29. Place of Worship is the place from where good ideas flow. If it is in the NorthEast and the face of the idol is towards North or East then the property of the house is assured. 30. Servant Quarters should be in the NorthWest corner. 31. The NorthEast corner is best for a study room. If the study room and place of worship room are adjacent then it is considered most beneficial. 32. Petty cash for daily expenses should be kept in the North. Jewelry and other valuables should be kept inside a safe in the South. This adds to prosperity. 33. Terrace should be in the NorthEast. 34. Trees should not be in North and East but in South and West only. 35. Verandah should be in the East as this is also a form of open space. 36. WaterTank is best to keep it in the NorthWest, but could be kept in West also. 37. Windows should be opposite to the doors so that both the positive and negative cycles could be completed. This provides happiness and progress to the family. For more understanding about this article or any other spiritual help and to come out of your problems immediately, please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 678 234 6885 or 408 829 7780 or Toll Free 1-888-808-1418
  12. 12. -Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Note: This article is written on a general basis only. For more understanding about this article or any other spiritual help and to come out of your problems immediately, please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 678 234 6885 or 408 829 7780 or Toll Free 1-888-808- 1418 White Men who like white color are very loyal and trustworthy towards their partner. They seldom lose their temper even in critical situations. They are also very finicky towards hygiene matters and tolerate not even a speck of dust around them. They exude lot of generosity towards others and hence are very popular. They prefer spending their free time outdoors amidst pristine beauty of nature. Those women, who like white color over other colors, are very pure and pristine at heart. They lead a virtuous life and believe in treating every individual with selfless dedication. They are very gentle in their demeanor and possess a kind attitude towards life. They do not mingle easily with others. They make limited and ever lasting. Their dealings with their professional associates are very fair and justified. Purple Men preferring purple shade believe in leading royal lifestyle. Their choice of food, clothes, hobbies and other things are always full of aristocracy. They nurture innate desire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that is full of exotic foods, designer dresses, luxurious vacations and many other loud gestures.Although these people are capable of performing to their optimum but often become lethargic in their activities. Their introvert attitude towards others makes them not so very popular. These men are also likely to get into heavy debts because of their inactive attitude. Women who like to adorn purple color in one way or the other are believed to be great lovers of luxurious and lavish lifestyle. They want to live always in cushy luxury and be in the positions and situations of power. They always draw others attention towards them and then enjoy the glory. These women are very ambitious and can go to any level in order to achieve what they want. Green Men who like green hue are very restless and impatient in their attitude. They often act irresponsibly and prefer newest things around them always. Nature wise, they are large hearted and very generous. They do not worry about minor nuances of life and keep a balanced attitude. They believe in bearing their own weight and avoid being dependent on others. Women who love green color often act brilliantly during demanding situations. They possess a gift of gab and often spend hours and hours talking to their friends on phone. They have a quick and agile mind that helps them in taking prompt decision. They take deft decisions and believe in acting expediently. Although these women are brilliant and sharp in their grasping power but often get lazy at the time of real activity. They also have a negative trait of back biting. Blue Blue shade lovers are often unable to maintain a consistent and a recurring routine. But once they get inspired and encouraged they can even deliver a masterpiece in their area of expertise. They are very active but often their activeness reaches the extent of their impatience. These men also love to encounter change in their lives and seek variety. Inspite of lack of stamina, they often show a great zeal of being good strugglers. Women who love blue color are emotional to the core of their hearts. They are great thinkers and very moody also. They feel elated and happy one minute and the very next moment they get disheartened. They also feel edgy during the times of crises and get intimated during demanding times. They have a fine and a balanced heart that loves one and all. Yellow Men preferring yellow color are basically very shy and timid by nature. They have an innate desire to be close to nature and natural surroundings. They want people to appreciate them in whatever task they accomplish. They often overstress themselves needlessly and get trapped in mental turmoil. They want to interact often but their introvert nature hinders their socializing. Women who like yellow color love to gossipy within their peer group. They love discussing the life of others but hide their lives secretly. They love to interact with influential people and maintain an impressive social circle. They spend money with lots of deliberations and are helpful towards all. They helpful nature keeps them popular amongst close acquaintances’ circle. -Atharva Vedic Astrology
  13. 13. Karma 12 Pink Men who like pink hue have very strong and sturdy mind, even stronger than their physique. They have very soft and sensitive heart that is sans any aggressiveness. In other words, these men can be called as timorous. They have a soft voice and always speak in a polite style. They often get nervous and jittery in demanding situations and want continuous reassurance. Women liking pink color remain happy and gay always. They are of good and helping nature without any traces of any kind of unhappiness. These women show high level of responsibility and take accountability of every action or decision they take. They never speak loud or shout in front of others. They can be certainly called timid or shy but never as depressed individuals. Grey Those men who love grey hue are basically very sharp in their mind and possess high intellect. They are very hardworking, sharp in their perception and ambitious too. They love to take up and solve brain raking puzzles and other tough riddles. They have diverse knowledge and often can deliver a lengthy discourse on almost any topic. They have a sharp inclination towards intellectual topics but are not keen to take part are in any sport or physical activity. Women who like grey shade remain quite and somber in their normal stance. They do not like any kind of nonsense attitude and are always deft and efficient in disposing their duties. They laugh less and give cold vibes towards those whom they dislike. They like to lead a simple life and never act ostentatious in their nature. They remain mentally agile and are steadfast in whatever they do. Black Men who like black color have a strict and a stern outlook. They never tolerate their defeat and always believe they are always right. They follow the stance of cynical mindset towards life and are very rigid in their decision making. They do not live amidst life’s luxury and spend most of their time in frugality. They have a set and a pre decided notions and can be termed as dogmatic. They have a highly religious mind. Women who have preference for black color are not very happy with the proceedings of their lives. They remain within their own mindsets and are very reserved. They show severe mood swings and are not cordial towards their surroundings. They hardly socialize with others and is very unreceptive towards the concept of making friends or friendship. Red Men who like red color are very brave and daring. No danger can intimidate them. They often take rash decisions without giving a serious contemplation. They are known as daredevil amongst their family and friends. So fearless is their demeanor that no hindrance makes them affected. Their impatience and edginess often causes trouble for these individuals. Their performances are never methodical or systematic. Women loving red color are very fun loving and vivacious. They always remain happy and laugh a lot. Apart from happygolucky personalities, these women are also short tempered with volatile manners. They always exude positive energy around them and love to lead their lives queen size. They are also great fighters and do not give up easily. Orange Men who love orange color always remain happy and good humored. Even if sometime they are not feeling in happy, they never lose their temper and always remain courteous towards others. These men are very fond of children and kids. They avoid getting indulged in frivolous quarrels or arguments. They friend circle is not very vast but whatever friends they have, they are steadfast and committed. Women loving orange tinge are very warm and pleasant on their nature. They are amiable and friendly towards one and all. They maintain cordial relations within their family as well as friends circle. They have limited number of friends but every friend of them is very loyal. They are fond of making an exhibition of their assets but do not go far in that. They always play a fair game and never try to take someone else’s right Brown Those men who love brown shade over other colors are steadfast and very strong in their decision making ability. Although they make their decision deftly and quickly, there is lack of originality in their enterprise. These men do not prefer to speak loud about themselves as they believe in leading a quiet and a simple life. They do not spend recklessly and are money savers up to the extent of being miser. They revere their sovereignty and self esteem. Women who like brown hue are very bland and uncreative in their thinking. Although they accomplish their work in an uninspired manner but still are very efficient in delivering the results. They have tendency to lose their temper and cannot tolerate injustice or lousy manners. They accomplish their work with great honesty and truthfulness. They are religious minded and have a soft heart.
  14. 14. Karma 13
  15. 15. Karma 14 -Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Traditional Remedies : Garlic Garlic is an effective traditional remedy for numerous disorders. The garlic possesses ambrosial as well as infernal properties. When taken in raw form with water, it eliminates gas from within the body and makes digestive system feel better. Garlic reduces cholesterol level in the human body, regulates the blood pressure, balances the blood sugar level, fights cancer and fungus in human body, soothes bronchitis & cold curer and helps the entire immune system of human body. Traditional Remedies : Onion Onion promotes kapha and cures vata depending on their variants. The red onions produce more pitta and cooked onions are more kapha promoting. They also stimulate the heart, reduce blood sugar and provide relief in intestinal colic. Fresh onion juice when given with honey is an excellent heart tonic. Onion juice can be administered in nose for blocked or bleeding nose; and in ears for earache. Paste of onions can be rubbed over feet soles to get relief from headache. Crushed onions can be smelled in case of intense vomiting or nausea. Traditional Remedies : Ginger InAyurveda, ginger is aptly known as universal homeremedy. It is pungent, sweet, hot, sweet and a digestive food item. It balances the three doshas within human body. Fresh ginger must not be consumed in excess through food during bleeding disorders, skin ailments, and fever in summers. Dried and powdered ginger, taken with rock salt, is very digestively active, enhances appetite and refreshes throat and tongue. Powdered ginger also prevents motion sickness and treats chronic diarrhea. Ginger added with lime juice, salt or sugar is an effective remedy for sunstroke. Ginger also promotes blood circulation, gives warmth during winters, relieves muscular pains and absolves headaches. Dry ginger mixed turmeric in hot milk gives relief to congested respiratory tract. Fresh ginger mixed with mint & lemon juice along with honey renders relief in dry cough. Traditional Remedies : Lime Lime is sour, astringent and cool in propensity. The nominal and judicious usage of lemon and its juice can be applied on skin externally to get relief from mosquito or insect bite. It renders benefit also over ant bites, skin eruptions or on scalp having serious dandruff problem. It also sorts out digestive disorders, diarrhea, dysentery and improves appetite. Lemon can be consumed for beneficial results during fever, constipation, liver disorders, diabetes, arthritis, poisoning and even cataract. Traditional Remedies : Bay Leaf Bayleafissweetandpungentintastealongwithhotpropensity. While both vata and kapha get reduced of its effect, the pitta gets enhanced. When consumed along with cinnamon and/or cardamom it gives great relief in respiratory congestion. Traditional Remedies : Turmeric Turmeric acts as a wonderful blood purifier when eaten raw. Its paste is also applied over skin to remove skin blemishes and acne. It is bitter in taste with astringent and hot propensity. It regulates body’s doshas and is a proven purifier. It has antiseptic properties and works wonders over cuts, wounds, bites and stings. It is beneficial as eye drops during conjunctivitis. Turmeric can also be administered during fainting bouts, asthma and hiccups. It is a natural antibiotic that regulates the production of bile. It also controls diabetes and prevents skin disease.
  16. 16. Traditional Remedies : Banana Banana fruit promotes fertility and its leaves are considered auspicious for any happy occasion. People in the western and southern India use fresh banana leaves as plates for their meals as they are believed to possess digestive powers. The flowers of banana are used to treat dysentery and excessive menstrual bleeding. The banana fruit also contains aphrodisiac properties. It also calms mental disturbances hysterical outbursts. Banana is equally beneficial in diarrhea as well as constipation. Traditional Remedies : Yogurt Yoghurt is an excellent appetizer. It also stimulates digestive system and has aphrodisiac properties. It provides cure from vata and raises the level of pitta & kapha. Yoghurt can be consumed to treat diarrhea, fever, urinary ailments, and loss of appetite. Yoghurt should not be eaten cold and at night time as it causes water retention in tissues. Yoghurt consumed with ghee, sugar, or honey is best for health. Traditional Remedies : Guava Guava when eaten without the rind causes constipation. It controls diarrhea very effectively. Grape leaves are stewed and prepared as a decoction to render relief to swollen gums and oral ulcers. Poultices made from guava leaves are helpful in treating anal prolepses in children. Traditional Remedies : Honey Honey is a dry and an astringent element that applies wonder to burns and wounds. It is also an aphrodisiac agent that strengthens the desires and wants. It penetrates at a fast speed and gets fast absorbed to the deepest cells and tissues. It is suggested to always consume honey in its raw form and not in cooked form. Traditional Remedies : Sugarcane Sugar cane facilitates free flow of urine and helps in healthy reproduction. The juice of sugar cane has high aphrodisiac properties. It is cool, nourishing and a good laxative. The jaggery made out of sugar cane improves the quality and consistency of blood, bone marrow, and fat Traditional Remedies : Ghee Ghee is an excellent of all dairy products that can cure vata as well as pitta. Cow’s ghee is cool in nature and enhances memory and intelligence. It throws out the toxic elements out of body and gives relief in case of insane behavior and chronic fever. It is believed that consumption of cow’s ghee also brings in prosperity. Alcoholism and even epilepsy can be treated by consuming aged ghee. Traditional Remedies : Fenu Greek Fenugreek is fed to cows and horses as its odor has capacity to repel insects. Fenugreek also improves the digestive, nervous and respiratory systems. It regulates monthly period in women and keeps their skin glowing. Brew made u of fenugreek is an excellent decongestant and works wonders in arthritis. It also renders relief in depression, and insomnia. The fenugreek sprouts give strength to liver. Its seeds are brewed and given to women after childbirth for milk production. This brew can also be applied to hair to prevent untimely hair loss. Traditional Remedies : Pomegranate The rind of the pomegranate fruit has astringent properties. The fruit itself is sweet, cool and digestive. It regulates tendencies of vata and pitta. The juice of the pomegranate is rejuvenating and beneficial in diarrhea. The powdered seeds have digestive power. The rind of pomegranate fruit is good in treating leucorrhoea and is also applied as a paste over wounds and ulcers.
  17. 17. Karma 16 Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar This is the universal fact that nobody on this universe can stop the rain from falling. However one can carry an umbrella during the rainy days. However it is solely the discretion of a person whether he wishes to use the umbrella to save him/her from the rainy water or not. Similarly according to the depth of his knowledge an astrologer can analyze a birth chart and may predict the good and bad phases in the life of a person. It is said that one should work hard during favourable periods and should observe certain precautions during the unfavourable periods. In order to minimize the sufferings of a person some remedial measures are also prescribed. As a matter of fact these remedial measures act as an umbrella in the rain. Thus it is believed that the sufferings of a person may be minimized if he performs the relevant remedial measures on routine basis. Practically this has been observed that a person who is not going to get any sort of relief on account of his sufferings generally does not perform the remedial measures. As a matter of fact the preventive remedial measures provide relief to a person from his sufferings on account of affliction/s in his/her birth chart. We always emphasise to strengthen the benefic planets in a birth chart. On the contrary simple remedial measures are being prescribed to minimize the evil influence of the malefic planets. I would like to mention that a person suffers in his/her life on account of natal planetary weaknesses in his/her birth chart. For example a person born with weak Mercury is likely to suffer from indecisiveness, uncertainties or forgetfulness. If Mercury is a benefic planet in his birth chart in that case one should strengthen it. Wearing of Kavach (a shield made of silver and engraved with mystical numbers of benefic planets) as well as the Gemstones of the relevant planets may strengthen the natal weak planets. In some cases remedial measures such as performance of meditation and spiritual practices, color therapy as well as performing particular pujas and yagnas are also suggested. In short, after analysing the birth chart an astrologer advises the person concerned to strengthen the natal weak planets and perform the preventive remedial measures to minimize the influences of the evil planets. As a matter of fact people born with Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn ascendants usually experience lot of sufferings in life compared to others. The reason being the number of malefic planets is more in their birth charts. Therefore such people need to perform remedial measures patiently and sincerely in order to enjoy favourable results. In Indian astrology there are 12 Zodiac Signs and each Zodiac Sign has Functional Benefic and Malefic Planets. Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets for all Zodiac Signs. Least number of malefic planets are for Gemini Ascendant. Most number of malefic planets are for Taurus, Virgo and Pisces ascendant. Whenever in the nativity benefic planets are weak due to
  18. 18. Karma 17
  19. 19. Karma 18 strength, placement, affliction, they tend to cause delay, denial, difficulties, dissatisfaction, obstructions, emotional setbacks, etc. And whenever in the nativity benefic planets are well placed, strong, unafflicted they tend to provide happiness, gains, success, fulfillment of desire in life and early settlement in life. In addition to that whenever malefic planets are afflicting and afflicted they tend to cause obstructions, accidents, miseries, humiliation, serious setbacks, death like situation. The Benefic and Malefic planets are categorized as per list below. FUNCTIONAL MALEFIC PLANETS AS PER ASCENDANT Aries: Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Taurus: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. Gemini: Rahu and Ketu. Cancer: Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Leo: The Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Virgo: Saturn, Mars, the Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Libra: Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Scorpio: Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. Sagittarius: The Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Capricorn: The Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Aquarius: The Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Pisces: The Sun, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. FUNCTIONAL BENEFIC PLANETS AS PER ASCENDANT Aries: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Taurus: The Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Gemini: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Cancer: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. Leo: The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Virgo: The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Libra: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Scorpio: The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Sagittarius: The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Capricorn: The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Aquarius: The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Pisces: The Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Impact of the 12 Astrology Houses In Indian Vedic Astrology there are 12 houses which gives lot of reference in predicting the event of the life of an individual or nation. These houses rules different significances and gives result accordingly and their results also depend upon the strength, placement and functional nature of the lord of that particular house in a horoscope. The placement of houses are fixed but their ascendant lord varies according to the date, time and place of birth of the native in a horoscope. The first house is always the house of an ascendant and rest of the houses follow in an anti clockwise direction. The numbers written in houses represent the number of the Zodiac signs of Astrology which are 12 in total. The number mentioned in first house denotes the rising sign of the ascendant. For e.g. if the first house contains the number of 5, then it is representing the Leo ascendant/ horoscope (Lagna), similarly if the first house contains the number of 7, then it is representing the Libra ascendant/ horoscope. FIRST HOUSE OF HOROSCOPE First house is called an ascendant, it represents self, vitality, nature, personality, appearance and decision. It also rules head, cranium, brain, health, recognition and longevity. When in the nativity the first house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. SECOND HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Second House represents status in life, recognition, family affairs, spouse, continuation of family life, male child, speech, right eye, gullet, teeth, neck, throat, possession of precious stones and accumulated wealth. Second House also rules the strength of the currency in a nation’s chart. When in the nativity the second house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. THIRD HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Third House represents initiate, courage, new venture, learning, memory, communication, younger brother, shoulder and right ear. When in the nativity the third house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters.
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  21. 21. Karma 20 FOURTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Fourth House represents the assets, preliminary studies, domestic peace, vehicle, chest, heart, lungs, mother, resources and conduct of an individual. When in the nativity the fourth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. FIFTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Fifth House represents intellect, inclination, higher studies, emotions, children, speculation, stomach, pancreas, spleen and liver. It also represents past karma. When in the nativity the fifth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. SIXTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Sixth House represents health, financial stability, dispute, debts, employees, large intestines, kidneys and maternal uncle. When in the nativity the sixth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. SEVENTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Seventh House represents spouse, partner, pleasure, distant & foreign travel, lumber region and uterus. When in the nativity the seventh house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. EIGHTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Eighth House represents marital tie, inheritance, death, accidents and genitals. When in the nativity the eighth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. NINTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Ninth House represents father, future, fortune, settlement of life, religion, distant travel, thighs and hips. When in the nativity the ninth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. TENTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Tenth House represents profession, karma, character, international recognition, joints and knees. When in the nativity the tenth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. ELEVENTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Eleventh House represents gains, income, friends, fulfillment of desires, elder brother, left ear and shanks. When in the nativity the eleventh house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. TWELFTH HOUSE in a HOROSCOPE Twelfth House represents overseas, expenses, losses, hospitalization, imprisonment, bed comforts, feet and left eye. When in the nativity the twelfth house or its lord is well placed and unafflicted in a horoscope, it gives results according to its strength, transit influence and operating periods. If it is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets then it gives obstruction, denial and delay in above matters. For more understanding about this article or any other spiritual help and to come out of your problems immediately, please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 678 234 6885 or 408 829 7780 or Toll Free 1-888-808-1418
  22. 22. - Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Apple Those who like apple most out of other fruits are believed to be very impulsive and quick to temper. They spend extravagantly and very frank and outspoken while even talking to a stranger. Apple lovers are excellent organizers and handle all situations deftly where they are told to lead and organize the things. Whatever the situation be, such people always look at the positive aspect and believe in always taking themselves upwards. They also are able to take deft and prompt decisions even in the emergency situations. They love to be outdoors and spend most of their time in traveling. The friends and acquaintances of apple lovers fund them charming and amiable. They lead their lives with great enthusiasm and with lots of positive feelings. Cherry Those who have cherry as their favorite fruit often complain that their life is not a bed of roses for them. They often experience plenty of hassles in their day to day life. Even there are many instances of professional ups & downs that cheery lovers face in their life. Often it has been seen that these people find great difficulty in finding professional success easily. They try their best to earn big bulk of money but often land up earning small amount of money only. These people also have great potential of hidden creativity and wonderful imaginative nature. Their imagination and creativity make them stand apart even in crowd. These natives also prove themselves to be very loyal and sincere in their relationships. Although they do not express their thoughts and feelings easily but still are very loyal to their partners. They are very close to their families and love to spend their time within the comforts of their homes. Mango Those individuals who love to enjoy eating the fruit of mango have strong and sturdy nature. These individuals are not very easy to be influenced or convinced. Once they decide over any of the opinion it is really difficult to steer them away from that point of view. It can be said in other words that Mango lovers are quite revolutionary and staunch in their ideas and opinions. They also possess inherent traits of leadership and always want to lead the group as their commands. They also love to solve tricky puzzles and jargons that require a great deal of mental skill. They love to rake their brains by indulging in twisty and mentally challenging issues. Inspite of these traits, they are very submissive and very loving when they spend their private moments with their partners. They remain strong willed and even obstinate at times for the outer world, but are very loving and giving for their family and friends. Peach The fans of peach fruit have great bohemian attitude towards their life. They enjoy life just like a lark and take every situation in a positive stride. Since they themselves are good at heart they see all the goodness around them. They are very friendly and pleasant in their demeanor. They are also very quick to reply and retort back. They do not believe in keeping their thoughts and opinions hidden from the world. They are also very charming and ever smiling. Their charm further gets heightened by their quick wit and excellent sense of humor. They also have a big heart and do not keep any malicious thoughts in their hearts for very long. They not just forget easily but forgive also quickly. They value their friends and their friendship upto a great deal and keep their friends in a high esteem. They want to be always independent and not be burden over any one. They ambition is a propeller for them that takes them far ahead Banana If you are the ones who love to gorge on bananas, you must be a soft hearted and very sensitive at heart. Your loving nature, gentle demeanor and sympathizing nature certainly keeps your well liked amongst your friends and family members. People who like the banana fruit are not good decision makers and often take a back seat when they are asked to take some decision. In other words they are very apprehensive and hesitant when asked to decide over some thing. Banana lovers must stay aware of such mean and selfish persons who often take advantage of the timid ness and shy nature Coconut Those who love to eat coconut fruits have a serious and a thoughtful demeanor. They always take their decisions after great considerations and meticulous thinking. They never accomplish any work of theirs without contemplating it to its greatest details. They love to socialize and interact with people around them but are extremely choosy about the kind of company that they would prefer to keep. During certain situations they often behave with great stubborn ness and do not give in easily. Although the lovers of Coconut fruit often behave obstinately but they are certainly not reckless or hasty. They are also jovial by nature and always remain alert and agile. Their aspirations are pretty high and they always want to be at the top in any of the situation, more preferably in their professional. Such people
  23. 23. Karma 22 love to interact with people that are like them and think like them over same lines and thoughts. They always look for such people who would gel with them wonderfully especially with those who relate with you on intellectual level. Orange The individuals who are great lovers of Orange fruit are gifted with unique traits of extreme will power as well as lots of patience. They take up all kinds of challenges with patience and accomplish all the tasks due to the dint of their will power. If orange is your favorite fruit; it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. They do all kind of allocated work to them at slow and steady pace and do not waver from their focus. They are not at all work shirkers and love to take new challenges always. They basic nature is quite introvert and at the same time very trustworthy. They prove out themselves to be reliable person in any kind of associations. They love to implore their creativity and possess aesthetic inclination of mind. In terms of relationships, these individuals prefer long lasting and dedicated associations with their partners. They avoid any kind of conflict and prefer to lead a peaceful life Pear The individuals who love to gorge of Pear have great enthusiasm indeed but they are not able to sustain it for a lo nger and later period of time. They start their work with upbeat state of mind but often loose the enthusiastic steam gradually. This fickle minded attitude of these individuals makes them drift far away from their goal. This also results in incomplete task by the time it comes to its later stage. These individuals also love to keep themselves busy in intelligent and mind rattling discussions. The intellectual inspiration keeps them mentally agile and active. There are slight traces of restlessness and impatience in them thus making them volatile and excitable very often. Keeping true to their restless traits, these individuals also find great difficulty in maintaining their friendship for longer duration. They do make friends and socialize with them often but are unable to upkeep their friendship for very long. Black Grapes Those who love to devour Black Grapes are very polite and courteous persons. But often they are also known for their sudden outburst of temper that not just gains momentum suddenly but also settles down as quickly too.They revere beayty and beautiful things in all their forms. They are very popular and well loved amidst any kind of company. People of all age and groups love to talk and interact with them. Their gregarious nature keeps them popular amidst large gathering and get together. The lovers of Black grapes believe in enjoying their lives to the hilt and lead a wonderful and a zestful life that gets highlighted through their life style and every day preferences. The people around them always enjoy due to the zeal and excitement that gets exuded by them. Custard Apple Those individuals who love to devour Custard Apple are basically unpretentious and conservative by nature. At times they become over sensitive and get affected by even a slightest issue. These individual put in great deal of thoughtfulness and meticulous consideration and never take up any things or issue in a haste. They are never seen in great rush or hurry. They are quite ambitious and strive to scale greater heights. They love to do intricate calculations and are very good at; and are good at mathematicalproblems.IndividualwholovetoeatCustardApple also are finicky about slight detailing and sometimes create fuss by finding menial faults. They consider the intelligence and a mental ingenuity more important than mere looks or appearance of the person. These persons are quite shy by nature and remain reserved. They are not at all comfortable when they are expected to exhibit their feelings and emotions Papaya The individuals who have papaya as their favorite fruit are basically brave, fearless and undaunted in their attitude towards life. They remain pretty comfortable towards whatever situation life shows them. They accept every situation and circumstances happily in their stride. They undertake their every responsibility with cool mind and strong commitment. Plenty of considerations are poured into every project taken up by Papaya lovers. These individuals remain ever popular amidst their family and friends for their innate humor as well as because of their liberal nature. They also perform very well in their careers and professions thus staying in good books of their bosses. They are also good achievers and keep on striving hard to meet success in every situation. They follow the mantra of being at right place on the right time. They also exude plenty of charm thus resulting in plenty of sparks towards opposite genders. Pineapple Those who love to eat Pineapple fruit are very agile personalities, both mentally as well as physically. They take no more than a jiffy to come to any kind of decision. Furthermore, they waste no time in taking the relevant action over their decisions. They are brave and take bold decisions where their life is concerned. They do not shy away from any kind of changes however drastic it may be. They consider all the aspect of any of the situation and then try to steer it towards their own benefit. They also possess remarkable ability to organize things and be a manager of great abilities. They want to always remain independent and self reliant without being a cause of concern to someone else. Their every dealing is very honest and candid to the core. The friends and the friendship for these individuals are matters of life time and for ever. They have enduring relationships with their friends that remain unswerving throughout their life. Note: This article is written on a general basis only. For more understanding about this article or any other spiritual help and to come out of your problems immediately, please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 678 234 6885 or 408 829 7780 or Toll Free 1-888- 808-1418
  24. 24. Karma 23 In Vedic astrology, the full Moon is considered to be much more favorable than the new Moon. Certain full Moons are highlighted in the Indian calendar as they are linked to special holidays or festivals. Today marks the very auspicious full Moon of Guru Purnima. Many of the Vedic months are named according to the nakshatra (or lunar constellation) in which the full Moon falls within that month. This is the month of Ashadha. Today, the full Moon falls in the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha in the sign of Sagittarius in Vedic astrology. Guru Purnima marks the day which devoted to honoring the Gurus, or sacred teachers, in our lives. The prefix Gu means darkness and the suffix ru means light. Thus, a Guru is one who leads us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of selfawareness. It is widely thought that the Gods incarnate in human form as Gurus to instruct humans and lead them to the path of knowledge. Guru Purnima is also known as Vyas Purmina. Veda Vyasa was the great Indian rishi or sage who is said to have compiled the four Vedas, the ancient books of Vedic knowledge. Vyasa also wrote the 18 volumes of the revered spiritual texts the Puranas the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavad Gita. Additionally, Veda Vyasa instructed Dattatreya, who thought to be the Guru of Gurus. As the story goes, Veda Vyasa’s disciples were so full of gratitude for all that they had received from him that they asked him how they could repay him for all the profound knowledge that he had imparted. Vyasa told his disciples to choose one day of the year in which to pay homage to him. This way, their prayers and offerings could reach their Guru. The disciples chose the full Moon of the month of Ashadha to honor their Guru, as it was the fullest and most luminous Moon of the year. They named this day Guru Purnima. On Guru Purnima, students honor their teachers by spending time with their living teachers. Disciples also remember their teachers (both past and present), chant their name, and offer gifts (known as dakshina) to thank their teachers for the grace that has been bestowed in their lives. Om Gum Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Gurave Namah:!!!
  25. 25. Karma 24 - Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar The word yoga means union. When we typically use the word, we mean yoga asanas, or poses. Asana is one of the limbs of Ashtanga (ashta = eight and anga = limbs) yoga, as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The word sutra means thread, that which ties everything together. We know that everything in the universe is interconnected. The ancient seers, or rishis, of India cognized the Vedas, the world’s oldest recorded texts: the Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Rg Veda and Atharva Veda. Then there are the Upavedas, which expound on the information found in the Vedas, and the vedangasthe limbs of the Vedas; jyotish (“Vedic” astrology) is a vedanga. The ocean of information from the Vedic sciences is vast but closely woven together. Just as we cannot separate our physical and mental bodies from each other, we cannot separate the interconnected aspects of our lives. Our health is linked to our home lives. Both are part of the karmic pattern indicated in our astrological charts. Our health is also linked to how we take our seat (or asana) in the world. Do we hold a steady pose or do we waver? Can we get back into position if we lose our balance? Can we truly surrender in child’s pose, or do we hold back a part of ourselves? Ayurveda is the sister science or healing modality that is most closely used with yoga in the East. It is widely accepted in India that an adept ayurvedic physician is knowledgeable of Sanskrit (in which the ancient texts are written), yoga, jyotish, hastha samudrika shastra (palmistry) and vastu shastra (the ancient art of harmonious placement of objects, or Vedic architecture). Feng shui is the Chinese outgrowth of vastu shastra. A skilled ayurvedic practitioner uses pulse diagnosis to assess an individual’s health and then recommends dietary changes, prescribes a mixture of herbs specific to the individual’s condition, suggests healing yoga poses for the person’s constitution and counsels the individual based on what his or her astrological chart and palm indicate. An astrological chart is a road map of a person’s karma. The word karma means action. Every actionpast, present or futureleaves an imprint and creates an impact. For example, we can take action by going to a yoga studio and engaging in regular practices with a qualified instructor, and that can lead to good health and increased vitality. In contrast, we can push ourselves into holding asanas beyond our capacity to the point that we exhaust ourselves; such action may adversely impact our health. Karma is not something that we are the passive recipient of; it is a twoway street. There are indications of health in our chart. The ascendant, or first house, gives a description of the person’s overall vitality and personality. There are also houses in one’s chart that are correlated to health. The chart describes one’s regimens, routines, exercise patterns, chronic health ailments and acute health issues. In jyotish, we experience planetary cycles from birth to death. Each of us experiences the same set of cycles, but which ones and when depend on where our moon is placed natally. There are also harmonic, or divisional, charts that relate to health and vitality. All of these in combination with an ayurvedic diagnosis and one’s health history can be the guideposts to a healthy life. There are static indications of health in a person’s life shown by the natal placement of the planets in a chart. Then we also have dynamic indications, which are an interplay of the planetary cycles that a person experiences and the transit of the planets through the 12 houses of the zodiac. (Houses of the zodiac are key areas of a person’s life, such as personality, money, love, partnerships, career and other categories.) For instance, if we are undergoing a Saturn period, then we want to see where Saturn is transiting (Saturn’s current position) as well as where it was placed natally (when the person was born). In Vedic astrology, the house that Saturn occupies natally can represent an area of challenge for the individual, as well as where the greatest lessons are to be learned. If Saturn is transiting one’s ascendant (first house), the person may undergo radical changes in his or her appearance or exercise patterns and may move to a new location. Then, after taking all this into consideration, recommendations can be made accordingly for diet, herbs, yoga asanas as well as astrological remedies. Remedies may take the form of Sanskrit mantras. Mantras have healing effects on the organs as well as on the subtle bodies. Because each sound in Sanskrit has a particular vibration, it is crucial that the mantra be pronounced correctly. Incorrectly pronounced syllables or words will produce another outcome. Many sounds in Sanskrit are not part of the English dialect, so it is best to learn from a native speaker whenever possible. Even the word mantra is often mispronounced. It is man (as in Monday or mundane) and tra (as in truck). Other astrological remedies may include wearing gemstones at specifically recommended times, performing charitable acts, fasting on certain days, wearing auspicious colors on a particular day and reading a particular scriptural text. Remedies are often prescribed for periods when there may be challenging indications found in a chart. There are also times when an astrological chart may indicate a good time to commence certain healthpromoting activities. Both the astrological chart and the lines and shape on the palm indicate dietary preferences. The ayurvedic practitioner knows rules of food combining, the importance of eating for one’s constitution as well as according to the season and how to cook a variety of meals using healing spices. We look not only at what our bodies ingest, but also at the environment in which we live. Incorrect placements of doorways, windows, furniture and objects in and around our homes can have disharmonious effects. This can be conflict in our relationships, diminished prosperity or ill health. This is another feature that the counselor needs to take into consideration. The links are all connected like pieces of a puzzle. Seeing where all the parts fit into the whole helps us keep perspective in our lives. It helps us maintain that state of union that we all seek. This is yoga
  26. 26. Mars After spending an unprecedented eight months in the fiery sign of Leo in Vedic astrology, sizzling Mars has moved into earthy Virgo today. Mars joins a retrograde Saturn in this sign. This makes for a potent combination. Mars and Saturn are the two great “natural malefics” in Vedic astrology, or those planets which deliver experiences which we render as undesirable. When they come together, the astrological pot is stirred. Mars is the celestial warrior, braced for war at any time. It is the planet of action, courage, aggression, and conflict. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, very cautious, responsible, and strategic. It can bring delays, obstacles, and burdens to teach us our greatest life lessons. This pair of opposites create a pushpull dynamic. Mars is hot; Saturn is cold. Mars loves risk; Saturn is riskaverse. It’s like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake simultaneously. This combination promotes a dynamic akin to the reluctant warrior. It makes people break out of a slump and choose a new modality. Mars and Saturn promote industriousness and hard work. It can lead to discipline in action by pushing us beyond our limitations and our restricted thinking. Those in a Mars or Saturn planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) in Vedic astrology will be most impacted by this transit. In Vedic astrology, the pairing occurs in Virgo, the sixth sign of the natural zodiac. Mars is less comfortable in Virgo, since it is not as friendly with landlord Mercury as is Saturn. Virgo is very diligent, methodical, and plans out activities after analyzing the details and making precise calculations. Virgo also is a house related to health, so this time can be utilized to create healthpromoting routines. Saturn The sixth house is also connoted with employees or subordinates,sotherecanbeconflictbetweensupervisors and those reporting to them. Also be cautious about getting involved in legal conflicts and double check all angles before entering binding agreements. Additionally, the nakshatras or constellations in which the Mars and Saturn fall come into play here. Mars has to be careful of getting involved with the wrong person romantically. They can also accumulate more than they need. People may continually seek you out to help them in some way. Saturn will be very serious, requiring order in all situations. It will be very concerned with proper administration of matters. Even if it gets involved with artistic endeavors, Saturn will not be engaging in these activities for fun, but for precision. The great benefic planet, Jupiter, is also aspecting (influencing) Virgo at this time, so this friction is somewhat softened. The potential for good wisdom to come on board exists. Fortunately, Saturn and Mars don’t intersect this time in Virgo, as Saturn is returning to Libra on August 2. 2012
  27. 27. Karma 26 - Param Pujya , His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Astrologers worldwide are discussing what this Venus transit may bring. While there are a wide range of opinions regarding its implications, all are in agreement that it’s a very powerful event. Let’s take a historical glance back to what’s happened relatively close to the other Venus transits over the face of the Sun. We obviously cannot provide scientific evidence to prove what events were caused by the (then upcoming or past) Venus transit. Yet, it may be interesting to see where linkages may lie and ponder the significance of such events. December 6, 1631– Venus transit December 16 Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupted, destroying 6 villages & killing 4,000 people. While the exact date is unknown, construction on the Taj Mahal began in 1631 and took twentytwo years to complete. The Taj Mahal was designed by Shah Jahan as the final resting place for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Venus is the planet of love and romance and it signifies the spouse or romantic partner. November 24, 1639– Venus transit: November 5 – the first post office in the colonies is established in Massachusetts. Venus is known to be a very “social” planet. December 3 – the first annulment by court decree was granted. Venus represents marriage, yet its capacity can be diminished when it is so close to the Sun. June 6, 1761– Venus transit: June 8 – British fleet occupied the French island of Belle Isle for two years, during the Seven Years War. July 17 – the Bridgewater Canal is opened is in northwest England, which allowed for the transportation of coal from local mines to Manchester. Venus represents modes of transportation. The tune to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was first published in Francein 1761. The exact date is unknown. Venus signifies the arts.June 4, 1769– Venus transit: (Also in Taurus) Five hours later, a total solar eclipse takes place. This was the shortest such interval in history to date. June 6 – Daniel Boone began his exploration of the state of Kentucky. Fall, 1769 – drought plagued the Indian state of Bengal and a famine ensued. An estimated 10 million people died as a result. December 9, 1874– Venus transit: November 17 – a ship caught fire and sunk off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand November 24 – Joseph Glidden patented barbed wire. December 8 Jesse James and his gang took control of a train in Kansas. December 18 – the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was organized in Cleveland. (A powerful step for women). December 6, 1882 Venus transit: December 11 – the first American playhouse that was lit exclusively by electricity showcases its first performance. December 22 the first string of Christmas tree lights was created by Thomas Edison. June 8, 2004– Venus transit: June 6 – Tamil was established as a Classical language in India. Venus rules Taurus, which represents speech. June 11th Ronald Reagan’s funeral is held.
  28. 28. The Monkey and the Crocodile Once upon a time, a clever monkey lived in a tree that bore juicy, red rose apples. He was very happy. One fine day, a crocodile swam up to that tree and told the monkey that he had traveled a long distance and was in search of food as he was very hungry. The kind monkey offered him a few rose apples. The crocodile enjoyed them very much and asked the monkey whether he could come again for some more fruit. The generous monkey happily agreed. The crocodile returned the next day. And the next. And the next one after that. Soon the two became very good friends. They discussed their lives, their friends and family, like all friends do. The crocodile told the monkey that he had a wife and that they lived on the other side of the river. So the kind monkey offered him some extra rose apples to take home to his wife. The crocodile’s wife loved the rose apples and made her husband promise to get her some every day. Meanwhile, the friendship between the monkey and the crocodile deepened as they spent more and more time together. The crocodile’s wife started getting jealous. She wanted to put an end to this friendship. So she pretended that she could not believe that her husband could be friends with a monkey. Her husband tried to convince her that he and the monkey shared a true friendship. The crocodile’s wife thought to herself that if the monkey lived on a diet of rose monkeys, his flesh would be very sweet. So she asked the crocodile to invite the monkey to their house. The crocodile was not happy about this. He tried to make the excuse that it would be difficult to get the monkey across the river. But his wife was determined to eat the monkey’s flesh. So she thought of a plan. One day, she pretended to be very ill and told the crocodile that the doctor said that she would only recover if she ate a monkey’s heart. If her husband wanted to save her life, he must bring her his friend’s heart. The crocodile was aghast. He was in a dilemma. On the one hand, he loved his friend. On the other, he could not possibly let his wife die. The crocodile’s wife threatened him saying that if he did not get her the monkey’s heart, she would surely die. So the crocodile went to the rose apple tree and invited the monkey to come home to meet his wife. He told the monkey that he could ride across the river on the crocodile’s back. The monkey happily agreed. As they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile began to sink. The frightened monkey asked him why he was doing that. The crocodile explained that he would have to kill the monkey to save his wife’s life. The clever monkey told him that he would gladly give up his heart to save the life of the crocodile’s wife, but he had left his heart behind in the rose apple tree. He asked the crocodile to make haste and turn back so that the monkey could go get his heart from the apple tree. The silly crocodile quickly swam back to the rose apple tree. The monkey scampered up the tree to safety. He told the crocodile to tell his wicked wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world. The Stork and the Crab Once upon a time, there was a stork that caught the fish in a particular tank. The stork always had a full meal. As the years went by, the stork grew older and weaker. His ability to catch fish diminished. At times he would even starve. He knew he had to do something to survive. One day he stood by the side of the tank with a very forlorn look on his face. The frogs, fish and crabs wondered why he was not trying to catch any food. A big crab asked him what the matter was. The stork answered that he was sad because all the fish in the tank were going to die and he would have to starve. He said that he had heard that people were going to fill the tank with mud and grow crops over it. The fish were very worried and asked the stork to help them. The stork offered to take all of them to a bigger tank some distance away. But he said that he needed to rest between trips because of his age. He would only be able to carry a few fish at a time. The stork took a beakful of fish on his first trip. He flew to a big rock and had a good meal. He rested awhile, and when he was hungry again, he took a second trip. In this manner, he took a trip each time that he was hungry. The big crab in the tank also wanted to save himself and he requested the stork to take him too. The stork thought it was a good idea to try a new dish. He agreed to take the crab on his next trip. After the stork flew up with him, the crab looked down to see what his new surrounding would be like. All he could see was dry land. He questioned the stork about this. The stork laughed wickedly and pointed to the rock below where the crab saw a heap of fish bones. The crab realized that he was to be the stork’s next meal. So the crab dug his claws into the stork’s neck and June 12 – the first case of a meteorite striking a private home is reported inNew Zealand. It created a great deal of damage, but no injuries. June 17 – the first same sex marriage in Massachusetts. June 21 – the Governor of Maine issues an executive order requiring that businesses that contract with the state may not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation . June 23 – a Federal judge allows a class action lawsuit claiming sexual discrimination by an unprecedented 1.6 million women against Walmart. June 24 – the U.S. abandons its attempts to provide its soldiers immunity from prosecution for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. June 24 – capital punishment is declared unconstitutional in New York. June 28 – the 17th NATO Summit starts in Istanbul. June 28 Sovereign power is handed to the interim government of Iraq, ending the United States’ rule of Iraq. June 28 Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia join the European Exchange Rate mechanism. June 30, 2004 the Spanish Congress provisionally approved legislation to extend the right of marriage to samesex couples. It was legalized in 2005. July 1 – in the U.K., the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which allows transsexual people to change their legal gender is given royal approval. It went into effect in 2005. February 12 to March 11, 2004 – San Francisco issued marriage licenses to approximately 4,000 samesex couples. Couples traveled from all over the U.S. as well other countries to get married. Interestingly, the June, 2004 Venus transit also took place in Taurus in Vedic Astrology. It happened in the constellation of Mrigashrisha, which is considered to be the most auspicious asterism for marriage. Mrigashirsha also relates to investigating the state of marital union. We are also aware that President Barack Obama recently announced his support of samesex unions and their having the same rights as heterosexual unions. On June 5 (the day of the Venus transit), Congress is also set to vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which “strengthens the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform substantially equal work.” Venus Transit 2012: A Recap of Notable Events Much of the clamor over the recent Venus Transit on June 5th and 6th has died down. Before we let Venus dance on its merry way into history, I thought it would be interesting to see what newsworthy happened on the days of the Venus 2012 transit and what correlated events have transpired since them. In my previous blog, I provided a chronology of what events had occurred in proximity with past Venus transits. The significant events are colored by the sign of the zodiac in which the transit occurred as well as the constellation or nakshatra in Vedic Astrology in which it happens. The Venus 2012 transit took place in the sign of Taurus in Vedic Astrology. Taurus is the second sign in the natural zodiac. It rules spoken communication, the face, food, family, movable possessions, and money from investments or secondary sources of income. The Venus 2012 transit happened in the nakshatra of Rohini or Aldeberan, known as “the eye of the bull”. InVedicastrology,Venusisthepersonificationofthearchetypical feminine characteristics. She is the significator of the romantic partner, love, beauty, fine attire, and luxury. Who better exemplifies the extreme opulent and feminine qualities that Venus represents than the Queen herself? On June 5, the Queen gave a rare tv appearance thanking everyone who participated in her diamond jubilee celebrations. Every planet has an associated gemstone, and for Venus, the gem is diamonds. On June 3, Miss Rhode Island won the Miss USA crown after declaring her support for transgender beauty queens. On June 6, Miss Pennsylvania resigned her crown, saying that the Miss USA competition was fixed. Donald Trump is now suing her for defamation of his pageants. (Mythologically, Rohini was the favorite of the Moon’s 27 wives and the others were jealous of her). Congress voted on the Paycheck Fairness Act on June 5. It
  29. 29. Karma 28 would have ensured that women were paid the same wages as men for similar work. This failed to pass. (Venus was very close to the Sun – which represents authority figures or government. Although Venus passed over the face of the Sun, it was just a dot. The Sun is still much brighter). On June 4, a Vatican office denounced a book written by a nun. The Vatican said that the book, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” by Sister Margaret Farley, was “not consistent with authentic Catholic theology,” and declared that the book should not be used by Roman Catholics. The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, representing 80% of U.S. Catholic nuns, met with Vatican officials on June 5 to discuss a critique that led to a Vatican decision to overhaul their organization. The Vatican had deemed the group to be too feminist. A Kennedale, Texas, woman began camping on a church rooftop on June 5 as a means to raise awareness for hunger. She intends to remain there until her community donates 50,000 pounds of food to local pantries. (Fixed sign Taurus rules the 2nd house of food). Jury selection began in the child molestation trial of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky on June 5. It was also revealed that he wrote “love letters” to some of his victims. (Mythologically, in Rohini, there is a debate over morals and ethics regarding relationships.) There was also news on the political front: Financial leaders from the G7 meeting put pressure on Europe on June 5 to be more aggressive in handling their growing debt crisis. (Taurus is the house of finances). On June 5, a U.S. envoy challenged Iranian officials to disprove suspicions that they have been covertly working on a nuclear arms program. The envoy asked Iran to open up a military site to a probe by U.N. inspectors. A White House spokesperson announced on June 5 that the No. 2 man in al Qaeda was dead. He was killed by a CIA drone strike in Pakistan. (Since Aldebaran is such a bright star, there’s a myth that the desert people looked at it for victory in war). It was reported in early June that since many of the drug lords in Mexico have been killed, several new cartel bosses are their surviving female family members. As with the previous Venus transit in 2004 in Taurus, the issue of gay marriage arose. In Vedic astrology, the 27 nakshatras encapsulate a story of creation and weave a thread from one nakshatra to the next. While Rohini is a passionate nakshatra, there is no mention of marriage mythologically. Rohini can represent unfulfilled desire. On June 5, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against rehearing arguments over a California ballot measure banning gay marriage, after previously upholding a district court’s rejection of the law. The case most likely moves to the U.S. Supreme Court next. Washington state voters received sufficient signatures to put an antigay marriage referendum back on the November 2012 ballot. The Governor had signed a law in February legalizing gay marriage. A St. Paul, MN pastor made headlines on CNN on June 5. His support of gay rights has cost his more than 2/3 of his congregation. If he doesn’t raise $200,000 by the end of the month, the church will have to close. On June 3, there was a protest outside a church in Indiana where a young boy had previously sung an antigay song during a congregation. (Taurus is the house of speech). How this transit will shape the face of future events will continue to unfold. Individually, the Venus Transit 2012 seems to have brought up deepseated desires and aspirations as well as the impulse to create a future as bright as the star of Rohini.