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Swamiji sri selvam siddhar commander selvam karma magazine


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Vedic Astrology / Janmakshar / Kundli / Jathagam / Vasthu / Spiritual Counseling &
Holy solution for problems with Marriage, Divorce, Children, In-Laws, Health, Relationship, Business, Partnership, Blockage in Success, Court Cases, Black Magic, Kala Jadoo, Bad Dreams, Sleepless Nights, Depression And Much More . . .

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Swamiji sri selvam siddhar commander selvam karma magazine

  1. 1. Karma 2
  2. 2. Karma 3 Special Sections Editor & Vice President Ilavarasan Editor Pundit Madhu Manikandan Reporter & Art Director Priest Kumar Contributing Writers Legal Advisors Nirmala Sujatha Reddy Deepika Raina Sheetal Pooja Sushma pattel Shama z A.P. Jayachandran, Esq The nation’s largest full color monthly spiritual and metaphysi- cal magazine. Submission & Dis- claimers : We accept articles, pho- tography, and art work that is in keeping with our mission. We do not endorse any particular opinion, program, or advertisement. We re- serve the right to edit or reject any material we receive. We will do our best to honor the integrity of our readership. It is merely our sin- cere hope that we help our readers to achieve success in their lives. Post Masters: Send address changes to Shiva Vishnu Temple of Texas 7600, Bayway Dr, Baytown TX -77520 Note: Karma does not accept any responsibility for products or services advertised. The publisher has the right to deny any advertising at its sole discretion. Contact Information Publisher Editor Advertising & Marketing Subscription& Postage Telephone 1-888-808-1418 web Content......... Karma Empowering Self & Community Black Magic/ Kal Jadoo Remedy & Healing and Immediate Result 4 VedicAstrology &Astronomy 8 Stars & Hindu Vedas 10 Black Magic? Kala Jadoo/ Pilli Soonyam Problems? 15 Tantra Sex 18 Respect 26 Do you or your children has Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha ? 32 Palmistry 39 Dakshina Kali / Dhyan Mantra 56 Letter to our Swamiji Sri Selvam “siddhar” 69 Shakta Thantra 78
  3. 3. Karma 4 Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Swelvam Siddhar is considered to be a living God to millions of his followers. He has changed countless number of peoples’ lives in this universe. PLEASE NOTE THAT GURU MAHARAJ SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR IS THE “ ONLY” ATHARVA VEDIC SCHOLAR AND SWAMIJI WHO PRACTICES ATHARVA VEDA OF HINDUISM IN THE ENTIRE US AND ALSO WESTERN COUTRIES. There is no other person existing in the United States and western countries who knows or practices Hindu Atharva Veda. (There are 4 vedas and Atharva Veda is the 4th Vedic Science of billions of Hindus) The consultation and help from Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is highly confidential. The following benefited people by our Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s help have consented to release their information and help they have received from Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. Their intention is to suggest to everyone to approach Swamiji Selvam Siddhar to come out of various difficulties in their life. Appreciation letters and testimonials from some of the Swamiji’s followers: Moss F Christopher, Houston, Texas, USA I met with High Priest- Swamji Selvam- Dr Commander Selvam in my quest for knowledge. I got to know I was under some serious Black Magic. High Priest Selvam helped heal the effect ;at least put a stop from future attacks using combinations of healing methods. I have searched high and low for guidance, and spent vast amounts of money looking for a good teacher. The one thing I can say boldly about him is he knows what he is doing. Any man whom cares about the affairs of the human race more than money, in my books, has the true knowledge of command spirits like in the days of the old. Another thing about him is he does not do what some may consider Black Magic, so don’t even ask. This man is the real deal when it comes to healing you from wicked Magic. Mohd. Azhar Uddin (Former Indian Cricket Capt.) I take this opportunity, like I have in the past as a cricketer, that enthusiasm and expert guidance alone can reap benefits in a personal and professional bond. Similarly, my coming into contact with Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar enabled me to surmount the darkest chapter of my life. He has powers and talent that
  4. 4. Karma 5 can effect change and infuse a new and evolved life. My finest good wishes to Swamiji always. Catherine Newnan, California, USA Swamiji is the real deal. A very gifted man who helped me heal from a very dark problem. He is caring and accurate. I recommend him highly.” Irrfan Khan, Actor (India) I have been consulting Guruji Sri Selvam Siddhar for many years regarding projects, property and relationships. many times I wasn’t kicked about certain projects and I was advised to take up those projects because it’s going to be fruitful, and it turned out that way and vice versa. I could continue this association because it seemed more personal as if your alter ego is conversing, arguing, suggesting and warning you, rather than a third person looking at your life and predicting things for you. Nilu Gupta, Edison, New Jersey Dr Selvam( Swamiji) has been a great help to me and my family when life seemed to not be going anywhere. Now I approach every situation with boldness and positivity. Swamiji has also helped me understand spirituality better. I particularly like the way he uses humor to diffuse difficult situations. I will always keep in touch with him and I feel he is my true friend. Anshumaan Swami, Film Producer (India) To be able to reason out our being here on this planet, to be able to figure out our rights and wrongs is not possible in one life time. Thankfully I met Swamiji life’s understandings and doings have become much simpler and smoother. God bless him… Manoj Kumar, Actor & producer, India Guruji, You are too accurate, you are gifted with powers use it for society welfare. All the best Dinesh Jain, Dubai, UAE Firstly I would like to thank Guruji Selvam Siddhar for changing my life since the day I met him, during my search to fight against black magic which had ruined my life for almost 2 years… Black magic is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life till date…I had consulted many Aalims for cure, but everything went in vain…only with Guruji I have got a complete cure within 11 days of ritual…the best thing is the
  5. 5. Karma 6 simple procedure he does… within 3 months of consulting with Guruji ,I got to know the hidden world of jealousness of our relatives who had done black magic on my entire family…until know he has cured 9 of my family members… and moreover I have identified the culprits who were responsible for such a cruel act by Imran’s readings… on behalf of my entire family I would thank occult mystery team, who has changed lives of all my family members and handed us again to our destiny Malini Shah, Queens, NY, USA Guruji Selvam is my Living God. He has dome miracles in my life. I have never seen the God but I would say Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is my living God and I will give my whole life to him. Arvind Patel,, Sugarland, Tx, USA I turned to Swamiji coincidentally while I was deriving from my matrimonial path. I felt I was being dragged by forces unexplainable to me. However I was amazed at how he helped me get back on the right track and I am and will always be grateful for how he helped me save myself and the future of my kids. I since, (back in 1998) always consult Swamiji , for any relationship matters that I have and he always been helpful aand has assisted me in any way that he could. I found Guru Maharaj Selvam Ji on the internet when I needed answers to some life situations which were really bothering me. I was very touched by the quick response and help I got when I contacted him and even recommended him to my sister. Guruji is a lifelong friend and a genuinely gifted man who is very passionate about what he does. Thank you for making a positive impact in my life; I see life differently now. Santhanam, Actor, India I am amazed with the insight given by Swamiji someone can predict future so precisely, he asked me not to do journey on a particular day, and my car was crashed badly resulting in the death of my driver …. its like a new life to me.Swamij has made my 1st production as a grand sucess and I should thank my frirend cum co actor “ Sethu” who is related to Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Swamiji for making my film “ Laddu Thinna Asaya” as a grand success. Your Atharva rituals really worked and You and I know that film field industry is a place to believe in good and bad luck always
  6. 6. Karma 7 Priya Venkatesh, Actress, India Since I met him through my friends and the internet, I can say that my life has been completely transformed, notably on a psychological level. He has opened the path towards that which I waited for and what I was looking for. Abdul Reed, aka (Olgun Aziz) I am Muslim and do not follow the predictive sciences, but am really surprised when he recounted my past life so accurate , like I was reading my own diary.. thank you Swamiji viji Krishna, Actress, India Swamiji is a miracle star and he is my living God. He has helped me and my family very much Mano Chitra, - Actress ,Alwarpaet, Chennai. India I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude for the help and advice you have given me. I first contacted him, it was a little bit just by chance and by curiosity. But the most amazing was the accuracy of the dates he gave me, today I am very happy indeed, his guidance enhanced my movie and modelling career a lot …. For more help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Please reach him at the toll free number: 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji at Please note we are Anti-Black Magic, and work against people who are into “Black Magic” and never practice any evil rituals.
  7. 7. Karma 8 Vedanga Jyotishya is a 3400-year- old explicit Vedic astronomical observation/estimation handbook for practicing Vedic priests. Two versions, one attached a Rig Veda- Arca-Jyotisham and other to Yajur Veda, Yajusha- Jyotisham are available. The priest’s handbook was an almanac to perform Vedic Yajna’s at correct times relative to seasons based on Sun-Moon motions. The luni-solar handbook provided algorithms to estimate linear astronomical dates with corrections every five years, based on observation of solstices. Jyothishya shastra evolved from this foundation and always has been in use amongst followers of Jyotishya as the calendar. However, from a European viewpoint, Capt Jarvis, Weber and others were the first to note existence of an astronomical significance of Vedanga Jyotishya in the 19th century. Evidently they did not fully comprehend all the algorithms. In the late 19th century, traditional Indian scholars Barhaspatya (Chotelal), Bal Gangadhar Tilak and others were also active in the study of intricate algorithms in Vedanga Jyotishya. A continuing study by others, the latest being by T S Kuppanna Sastry appears to have provided a broad understanding of the algorithms in Vedanga Jyotishya, despite corruptions, and omissions in the many versions of the Vedanga Jyotishya available in original form. Perhaps there is more work to be done. This article is a presentation of significance of Vedanga Jyotishya, with some modern astronomical graphic tools. Vedanga Jyotishya provides a five year time-linear mathematical model sun-moon movement in time covering nakshatra, Thiti, Parva, masa, Ritu, Ayana (equinoxes, solstices), year ending with a five year unit called Yuga, which is eternally cyclic. The Yuga model is a 5-year unit of 1830 days starting when Winter solstice coincides with sun and moon being in conjunction at Shravishta nakshatra, with provision for correction. Rest of the units mentioned above is related to Yuga based time units. Vedanga Jyotishya provides algorithms to calculate the current circumstance like nakshatra, Thiti etc based on keeping track number of days past from beginning of Yuga, which would be visually observed The aim of this article is to provide a graphic view of work done by all in understanding the Vedanga Jyotishya., inspired by TS Kuppanna Sastry’s work. The Nagari script texts are provided in the end for those who wish to look at the original text. In the following, specific inferences that can be drawn from Vedanga Jyotishya text are provided.. The material in Vedanga Jyotishya is attributed to Lagadha Mahatma. The text refers (RVJ-2, RVJ-29, YVJ-42A) to Lagadha in third person as the source of knowledge, and hence was probably recorded by his disciples and carried down in time. For More Help call our Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar #@ 408 829 7780 in USA or email him to avtemple@
  8. 8. Karma 9 Psychosymbology is to control your own destiny. Psychosymbology teaches you how to contact that part of your brain which contains all the secrets of the ages – past, present and future- secrets which will send you soaring to heights of bliss, peace, and personal power. It is the language of brain, is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to develop the greatest source of human psychic power ever discovered by man. Biologically the left side of the human brain is conscious and rational and the right side of brain is unconscious and irrational. The right part of brain is a vast and boundless sea of knowledge, wisdom, potential. It remains unused, untapped because people try to communicate with it through the use of words. But the Unconscious does not understand words.The very fact that you are reading this page implies that you are the type of person who wants to be in conscious and responsible control of invisible psychic forces and unknown potential. Practicing this science, no matter what you want, desire or need– a wife, a sex partner, wealth, power, house, whatever it can be yours through the great vastness and magic of your sub-conscious mind…. the right brain. Practicing Psychosymbology is easy, you have to concentrate of a specific symbol according to your need. Tape the symbol on a wall and focus your attention upon it every night before going to sleep. During concentration on the symbol, leave the entire work for your right brain, simply gazing at the symbol. By gazing at the symbol you are permitting your sub-conscious mind (right brain) to respond to that stimulus in its own way, without dictating your desire, need or wish, you left everything for the higher forces. The Unconscious knows what we need. There are ten planet symbols which you can also use in Psychosymbology practices, each of which can evoke wonderful properties of your right brain. Your sub-conscious will react to these symbols as well and bring surprising results into your daily life. The symbol of Sun gives authority. The Moon, psychic ability. Mercury, insight knowledge. Venus, love and beauty. Mars, strength and power. Jupiter, wealth and expansion. Saturn, economy and prudence. Uranus, revolution and transmutation. Neptune, imagination and extra sensory perception. And Pluto, occult powers and invisible aid. There are also colors in Psychosymbology to brighten lives. You have to choose the right color and then gaze the color with the thoughts you are going while you flash the color to your right brain. Here I am mentioning colors with a few of their possible meanings. Violet,Purple,Blue,Green,Yellow,Oran ge,Red The list of few symbols are given as follows, take the print out or draw the symbol on a white sheet of paper, follow the rules carefully and meditate with patience. In case a symbol according to your wish is not given here, you can email me for a symbol of your need. Paste the symbol on the wall at the level of your eyes, in sitting position. Draw the symbol on a white paper with black ink, unless specified for a particular color. Concentrate on the picture, using only your right brain. Let the picture transmit to your unseen twin, the right brain….The symbol alone can contact your dormant and sleeping Unseen twin and arouse him into vigorous action field, like oil bubbling beneath the surface of the earth, your Unseen Twin awaits your call. Magic, Love, Power, Personality, Charisma, Dynamism, Strength, all of these things and more reside latent in your right brain. Symbols put you in touch with that little known side of yourself, and from Unseen Twin will emerge the joys and gifts you desire.
  9. 9. Karma 10 Aclear night sky with bright stars is and has always been an object of fascination for mankind. One can probably see about 10,000 stars though millions exist. In this computer era, humans have lost the awe of the objects in the sky due to astonishing advances in science through modern astronomy, human visits to Moon, remote robotic visions of Mars, and views of galaxies through the Hubble telescope. Humans feel a sense of control and omnipotence about their future. However astronomical events listed below makes one wonder. 1. The Shoemaker-Levy comet’s earth size impact on Jupiter in 1994 2. The Siberian comet impact of 1908’s. 3. The alleged comet impact on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico resulting in extinction of Dinosaurs. The helplessness and insignificance of human power in the face of even minor cosmic events becomes apparent. These events put in to perspective the historical respect and reverence past human societies have had for possible devastation from the sky. Observation of precise cyclic movement of bodies in the skies formed the basis for calendars and almanacs throughout human history. Relation of apparent motion of Sun, Moon, planets and stars observed from earth, to the solar year with its different seasons controlling weather and agriculture was well known to most older societies (Ref-9). Many societies independently fitted the observed heavenly body motion in to different almanacs with major religious and cultural components in the past. Some are known and certainly many are lost. Even today, such almanacs exist and are used for religious and cultural identity. These almanacs are solar pointer, lunar pointer or a combination of these types. Amongst these, the European Julian solar calendar system modified by Rome’s pope Gregory in October 1582 AD, has displaced all other almanacs and is in universal use throughout the world presently. The Gregorian calendar has no lunar components whatsoever. In the vedic literature, Bharateeya’s have the oldest continuing culture running for thousands of years. Pre-vedicculture understood the motions of the bodies in skiesandevolvedamoonpointercalendar, moon pointing to daily stars in the skies. Various stars in the moon path and a few others were given proper names many thousand years ago. Some notable proper names from veda’s assigned to stars are the 27 or 28 daily starsAshwini to Revati, the saptarishis (Ursa major for Rishis Ma richi,Vasishta,Angirasa,Atri,Puslastya, Pulaha,Karatu or Gautama, Bhardwaja,
  10. 10. Karma 11 Vishvamitra, Kashyapa, Jamdagni, Vasishtha and Atri), Dhruva (Polaris) and Arundhati.Chandramana or Moon pointer almanac has been extensively used during and since Vedic period. The thousands of year old lunar almanac system is an integral part of traditional Bharateeya’s, who probably have a birth horoscope where in an important parameter is the birth Nakshatra and birth Rashi. While manyBharateeya’s know that nakshatra’s refer to objects in the sky, not many can point to the night sky and identify these Nakshatra’s by their names. This article aims identify the Nakshatra’s referred to by Bharateeya vedic culture, and to provide present day alternate names from other cultures, including modern astronomical identities from star catalogs. Though the lunar time between two successive full moons is 29.53059 solar days, the time taken for the moon to go around the earth (sidereal month) is 27.32166 days. The moon also has an oscillatory motion crossing the ecliptic. The moon anomalistic motion and nodal motion have periods are 27.55545 and 27.21222 days for a revolution around earth. The reason for time between full moons being higher than sidereal months is because, the moon has to go around the earth by more than a revolution (nearly 390 degrees) to keep with earth which moves forward in its trajectory around sun. The Chandramaana lunar calendar system keeps a natural cyclic count of days using two Moon based properties described below. The first property is that the moon functions as an astronomical day count clock in which Moon is the pointer and the stars are numerals in the sky pointed to by moon each day of the lunar month. The astronomers of Vedic period identified this approximate 13 degree movement of the moon between successive days and named the 27/28 stars pointed to by moon on a daily basis over a rotation as 27/28 nakshatra’s, corresponding to little less than a lunar month. Thus a Nakshatra shift corresponds to moon traverse over approximately one solar day. The second property is the size of fractional moon exposure to sun can indicate a day count and is defined as a moon day or thiti.Thirty thiti’s are defined in a lunar month, each thiti being smaller than a solar day. Fifteen are identified as Shukla paksha or ascending fortnight and next fifteen are called krishna paksha or descending fortnight. This system of day count calendar keeping, is traceable to Veda’s. Veda’s, which are perhaps the oldest original
  11. 11. Karma 12 documentation of knowledge anywhere in the world, still in their original shape and language. A study of theVeda’s, Brahmana’s, and Aaranyaka’s point exclusive use of a lunar pointer as the primary calendar in the Vedicperiods. Pournamsya, a time at which earth, sun, moon are aligned is a time of singularity used for religious purposes and formed the unit of half a month and is used in Rigveda. The Vedas also refer to solar events such as Aayanas, and Vishuwat- Sankramana’s as solar singular events. Ayana means Solstices when apparent North-South movement of Sun reverses, usually occurring on June 21 and Dec 22. Vishuwat means equal or the spring and fall equinox’s when daytime is equal to nighttime, usually occurring on March 21 and Sep 21. There are vedic references to solar singularities with corresponding solar/lunar pointed star locations. The six-season definition is unique to vedic system and is not found in any other recorded culture or system. These seasons are, Vasanta, Geeshma, Varsha, Sharad, Himavanta and Shishira each season being about two moon cycles. It is in Taittareeya Samhita (Krishna Yajurveda) and in Atharva samhita 19th kaanda /7th Sootrathat an explicit first definition and identification of the twenty- seven(28) Nakshatra’s is available (Refs, 1 and 2). It should be noted that the concept of Zodiac/Raashi is not even hinted in any vedic texts of the old period. The table below provides a list of the twenty-seven stars from Taittareeya Samhita and Krishna Yajurveda 4thKaanda 4th Prashna of Andhra School. Similar list is referred to in Atharvaveda, 19th kaanda/7th Sookta. It differs from the Yajurveda list in that twenty eight stars are listed. In 19th Kaanda/8th sooktha twenty eight(ashtha vimshaani) nakshatras are declared. The nakshatra not explicitly used in Jyotishya and in yajurvedais named Abhijit. The taiaareeya brahmana (third Ashtaka) derived from yajurveda again lists 28 nakshatrasincluding Abhijit. It is referred to in Athrvana veda. The author or Drashtaara of Atharva veda sookta is Gaargya Rishi. The confusion about 27/28 Nakshatras can be analyzed as follows. The 27.3 days taken by moon for visiting the same star can be rounded to either 27 or 28. Each of these integers represents a nakshatra or a daily star. It is possible that initially 28 nakshatras were proposed and defined to represent every day. This is evident fromGargya’s Nakshtara sooktha. Subsequently many years later when Jyotishya was taking a more formal and mathematical shape, 27 integer identities were perhaps found to be more reasonable and accurate. Hence one of the original 28 nakshatras had to be deleted. This could not be done easily as the vedas are considered to be ‘apourusheya’ and no liberties were allowed. Hence perhaps Abhijit, was declared to be an imaginary nakshatrameant only for phala.(ref 10). The Table below lists names of Nakshatras, the deity to which Nakshatra is dedicated to, and alternate names. Ashwini and Bharani are listed as last two Nakshatras. Note that the list starts from Krittika and not fromAshwini as is currently used in Jyotishya Shaastra (Ref 3). The time at which Rishi gargya documented the list of nakshatra’s in Atharvana Veda is at least circa 2400 BC, as analyzed in appendix I. The appendix also dates the Jyotishya Shaastra as having been brought in to the present form around circa 400 BC.
  12. 12. Karma 13 The lunar calendar was in universal and secular use in ancient Bhaarata. Historical events used the lunar calendar for dating all events. It is well known that Gautama Buddha was born, achieved his enlightenment and died on full moon day with the full moon pointing to Vishakha Nakshatra. The twelve months were named after the stars at which full moon occurs and these are Chaitra, Vaishakha, Jyeshta, Ashaada, Sharavna, Bhadrapda, Ashwija, Kaartika, Margashira, Pushya, Maagha, Phalguna. Typically alternate stars with some skips refer to month names and hence accommodate 27 stars corresponding to nearly 360 degrees motion of Sun in a solar year.The first question that arises is whether a ‘Nakshatra’ corresponds to one single star entity or a group of stars in the sky. Bharateeya Jyotishya shaastra states that each Nakshatra name Nakshatra No. of stars Alternate name Dedicated to Krittika 6 Agni Rohini 5 Prajaapati Mrigasheerisham 3 Soma Aardharaa 1 Rudra Punarvasu 2-4 Aditi Tishya 3 Pushya Brihaspati Aaslesha 1 Ashresha Sarpa Maghaa 5 Pitru Poorva Phalguni 2 Pubba Bhaga Uttara Phalguni 2 Uttara Hastaa 3 Savitru Chitra 1 Chitta Indra Swati 1 Vaayu Vishaaka 2 Indraagni Anooradha 4 Mitra Jyeshta 3 Indra Vichruta 11 Moola Pitru Aashada 2 Purvashada Aapah Aashada(Abhijit) 3 Uttarashada Vishvedeva Shrona 3 Shravana Vishnu Shravishta 4 Dhanishta Vasu ShathaBhishaja 100 Indra Proshtapada 2 Purvabhadra Proshtapada 2 Uttarabhadra Ahirbadhni Revathi 32 Pausha Ashwini 3 Ashwini Bharani 3 Yama
  13. 13. Karma 14 corresponds to a group of stars called star mansions or Asterisms. The concept is that Chandra or Moon visits these mansions in his trajectory around earth. It is very possible that at the inception of daily star concept during the early vedic period, a Nakshatra may have been a specific single star. Nakshatra positions may have been rationalized in later days to mansions or groups of stars for purposes of mathematical averaging to be exactly 13.333 degrees apart required in Jyotishya. The table above also shows the number of stars, accepted by Jyotishya shaastra, constituting the specific Nakshatra. The Vedas and other older texts do not refer to weekdays named after Graha’s or Planets or to Raashis. TheGrahas referred to in Veda’s are Surya, Chandra, Brihaspati, Shukra, Budha, shani, Kuja, Rahu, Ketu. They extensively refer to Nakshatra month names and moon pointing at different Nakshatra’s for various purposes. Therefore it appears likely that the Bharateeya cosmological system interacted with the European solar calendar and gradually the Jyotishya shaastra was modified to the present form, as we know now. Sun based concepts ofRashi, weekdays were invoked in to Jyotishya. This could have occurred, perhaps through contact with Yavanas (Greek’s) as there is considerable evidence of Greek and Bharateeya interaction during period before Chandra Gupta. Appendix provides astronomical time markers which confirm the origins of Jyotishya Shaastra in present form to circa 400 BC. Without acceptance of this interaction, it is difficult to explain why the twelve Zodiacs of the European star system are translations of the Nakshatra- Rashi defined in Jyotishya. It is worth while looking at the some Bharateeya astronomers of a more recent time of 300-500 AD. They areAryabhata, Varaha Mihira, Brahma Gupta. These astronomers were aware of the vedic astronomy and made new and unique contributions. Specifically Aryabhata madecontributionstoSphericalgeometry, apartofunderstandingtheearthasaglobe. Varaha Mihira’s contributions include pesently used Soorya Siddhanta, (He refers to nine types of time keeping and calenders) and the fact that he proposed Prime Meridian through Ujjainin Madhya Pradesh. He knew of Earth’s Precession and called it as ayanaamsha. Brahma Gupta made contributions to Arcsin in Trigonometry. Aryabhata had estimated the beginning of kaliyuga as 3102 BC. He stated that when he was 26, sixty of the 60-year cycles were completed after start of kaliyuga. Varahmihiramade an estimate of 2526 before start of Shaka varsha for Mahabharata’s Yudhishtira. Texts from that period likeYavana Jataka, Romaka Siddahnta provide evidence of understanding of European astronomical works. The Chandramaana Lunar scale has 27 daily and twelve month name definitions. While amalgamating the solar calibrations of zodiacs in to Lunar calibrations of Nakshatra’s, the issue of translating 27 Nakshatras in a revolution to 12 Rashis was solved in Jyotishya Shaastra by treating 1/4 of a Nakshatra as a unit making Nine quarters of Nakshatra as one Raashi. For More Help call our Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar #@ 408 829 7780 in USA . Or email him to avtemple@
  14. 14. Karma 15 -His Holiness Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Note: In case anybody feels that he/ she is a victim of Black Magic/ Witch craft, Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar who is living in the USA will cure the person, by his Atharva Thantra Rituals/our healing methods. Everything in life happens for a reason. A wonderful new beginning could be in store for you. Once you open your mind to the occult powers of black magic. You could find the spiritual guidance you seek for your life. For years, Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar has created an original and unique style of healing techniques to come out of black magic spells. He has combined the ancient and traditional knowledge of the black magic. He has helped many people around the world and has given them spiritual guidance to resolve different types of problems caused by Black Magic/ Kala Jadoo/ Voodoo. His help will NOT give you bad karma or any other unwanted side- effects. The difficulties that you know now could change. The spells are customized for each client’s particular needs, and for that reason you need to contact Swamiji first to see if you can get help and how . All the works of Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for you will be highly confidential. Here are some of the basic harms that are inflicted upon people using black magic: Blockedincome,Destroyingsomeone’s career, Bad luck, Bad dreams, Breaking a relationship or destroying someone’s marriage , causing to separate or divorce: Controlling someone’s mind for sex, Making the victim indulge in vices like alcohol, substance abuse, violence and unhealthy sex: Causing accidents, Making people sick, Anger &amp, emotional imbalance, Fear, Not allowing the victim to sleep Depression, Making the victim commit suicide, Blocking a woman’s monthly periods, Blocking a woman’s ability to conceive, Rape of women in dreams by the spirits, where the orgasm is real, Paranormal activity is experienced by the victims of black magic, this is done to terrorize weak minded humans, Kill people by giving them a heart attack,
  15. 15. Karma 16 kidney failure and activating cancer in the victim’s body; There is a whole lot that can be inflicted upon people using black magic and the spirit world and it all depends upon the power of the black magicians Black Magic Many systems have been developed over the years to help us control our thoughts. A great amount of dogma has been kicked around in an attempt to make us into better people. Magic, the occult kind, is one of the oldest and most general of these systems. Magic is the study and application of psychic forces. It uses mental training, concentration, and a system of symbols to program the mind. The purpose of magic is to alter the self and the environment according to the will. Using magic to forcefully control another person’s will is, in a sense, black magic. There are also some people on the occult fringe who claim to be, possibly even think they are, ‘Satanists’, devil worshipers, or black magicians. These people are most likely charlatans, hoaxers, dabblers, or merely misinformed. They may be attracted by the ‘art’ of black magic, or even by the ‘glamour’ of doing something against the ‘rules’. But a real black magician is very dangerous. Because he has dedicated his life to evil. Any magic act is likely to produce side effects regardless of whether or not the desired result is achieved. Such side effects are no problem for constructive magic, since they are beneficial as well. However, aversive magic can produce aversive side effects which may even harm the magician — aversive magic is dangerous! Most of the magic we see today comes to us from ancient Egypt and Chaldea. The Chinese, Hindus, and Tibetans developed their own unique types of magic. Western magic was locked up by the Egyptian priests for thousands of years and then suppressed by the rise of Christianity. It was not until medieval Europe that magical knowledge was rediscovered by the alchemists and Cabalists. Only during the past hundred years or so has western culture been open minded enough to permit widespread investigation of the subject. Only since the start of the twentieth century has science shown much interest in it al all. What Magic can Do………. Magic encompasses many things - science and art, philosophy and metaphysics, psychology and comparative religion. Magic is an
  16. 16. Karma 17 adventure at the borderlands of the unknown. It can fit the pieces of the puzzle of life into a meaningful whole. Magic is fun and interesting. Use magic to help raise consciousness without drugs. Gain new experiences. Fantasy can come alive through magic. Psychic phenomena can be controlled and be fun and helpful. Magic is beneficial. It can help you to have excellent health, and bring you good luck. With magic life runs smoothly; life is good. Magic can also be used for personality improvement, to control bad habits and to develop new motivations.Magic is powerful. Never underestimate the tremendous power of magic. Use magic to alter events and to achieve your goals. Exert an influence over people and phenomena. But power for its own sake is self-defeating. The power which magic can give you should not be your primary reason for studying it. Magic and Witchcraft…… Anumber of other occult disciplines are prevalent today besides magic. There are many cults and sects which profess their own views, but there are really few differences between them. One popular area in the occult today is witchcraft. This is far removed from the cliché of devil worship. Real witchcraft is a nature religion (pagan). Witchcraft has much in common with magic. Alchemy also has much in common with magic. It’s heritage comes from the middle ages. Alchemy fathered chemistry and the physical sciences. But the avowed purpose of alchemy, turning lead into gold, is too limiting to be called magic. Sometimes the goal of alchemy is interpreted in another way, as the transformation of man into a spiritual being. Then there are the numerous modern day seers or ‘psychics’, as they like to be called, who operate within their own somewhat unique systems. Although many of these people are deluded frauds, some are very powerful occultists indeed. Healing and Banishing Psychic or spiritual healing is a human potential we all possess. Some people are especially good at this. It is probably easier to heal someone else by occult means than yourself. In addition to healing in the presence of the person, there is ‘absent healing’ in which the healing occurs at a distance. Note that there are some who maintain that influence on another person without his specific knowledge and permission (yes, even in healing and helping) is black magic. (After all, everybody is living according to his own true will, so that healing or helping someone without permission is affecting his will) For more help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Please reach him at the toll free number: 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji at Please note we are Anti-Black Magic, and work against people who are into “Black Magic” and never practice any evil rituals.
  17. 17. Karma 18 His Holiness Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Tantra is a Sanskrit word means ‘woven together’. In some places the sexual union of male and female is worshipped either in principle or in human practice. It has also come to be applied to sex- based religious practices developed in other religions, including Bon, Tibetan , Judaism, Taoism, Christianity, Buddhism and Transcendentalism. In Hindu religion there is worship of yoni (Yoni puja), a ceremony honoring the vulva — either of a statue or a living woman. Depending this puja (prayer) may involve making offerings of food and liquids while chanting prayers or it may involve the deliberate sexual arousal of a woman who is believed to embody or personify the deity. Another worship, the worship of the god Siva, has at its center linga puja, a ceremony honoring the penis, often in the form of a natural upright stone. Similar objects of worship have been found among the archaeological remains of many Neolithic people around the world. It’s a practices that make use of our natural sexuality as a means to achieve higher consciousness and energy. The secrets have to do with the ways we can transmute the life energies of the lower chakras into the spiritual realizations of the higher spiritual centers. What is Tantra Sex For doing this we do not have to become sadhus, monks, nuns, or saints. We have to continue the normal process of — sleeping, dreaming, bathing, dressing, dining, dancing, and making wonderful love. We have only to change our outlook concerning them. Tantra Sex is also a procedure where one can emit or receive energy through sex. These procedures are not very hard to follow. There is also a myth that highly spiritual people are sexless. It’s wrong, spiritualism is everywhere, all you have to do is to discover it with right path, right way.The concept of sacred sex, Divine sex, Tantra sex whatever you call, is to find spiritual union through a sexual act, is slowly gaining ground all overtheworld.Ourpsychesarecertainly ripe for it. As a society we are obsessed
  18. 18. Karma 20 with sex. In part it is a lustily healthful obsession, a celebratory dance of life’s great force, but much of it flounders in darkness and neurosis – sex for power, sex for profit, sex for oblivion. You have to slowly learn the rituals and process of Tantra Sex to move all wild sexual energy around inside you, whole body orgasm, through eyes, elbows or toes, becomes a real possibility, not just involving your genitals. While learning to withhold ejaculation is part of the process there is also a more relaxed, more fluid perspective that allows for personal preference and ability. It will take some time to learn the delights that come with delaying or eliminating ejaculation as you explore the many other ingredients of tantrik sex practice – emotional and mental as well as physical.The Tantra sex goes far beyond the bedroom, helping partners open fully to each other in trust and love through all facets of their relationship. Your relationship itself helps for spiritual growth and personal awareness. As you learn to open to yourself, to your own inner lover, you naturally open to others around you. You begin to understand that surrender does not mean submission or loss of self, but rather a loving expansion to something that is much greater than you are. Sacred sex teaches a discipline of the mind and body. As a celebration of life, sacred sex teaches the importance of conscious awareness, of being totally into your actions. By focusing attention on your body and your mind, and what you are doing with them, you become all around healthier. Your emotions become more stable and more real. Your mental capacity increases. Your physical health improves as you discover that your body is indeed the temple of your soul and as you begin to honor it that way.During the practice of Tantra Sex you have to view sexual energy as a divine, all encompassing life force that sleeps within the individual, permeates the universe, and affects everything you do from birth to death. As sexual beings, we have the ability to raise that energy within ourselves and use it to directly experience alternate or mystical states of consciousness. In effect, we become gods and goddesses, our bodies transformed into temples of male and female divinity. Now The Time to Start Tantra Sex Ritual The place should be peaceful, undisturbed, clean and with fresh air. No high intensity lights, not very dark. It should be only RED-colored light. You should be wearing only white soft cloths. Before starting the ritual you must be in your cloths, which you remove slowly during the entire process. Lit a fresh candle near you (if there is no fan) the color of the candle must be red. No fancy candles are allowed during the ritual. Keep in mind that you are a slave to your genital need. Relax your belly and chest so your breath can flow unobstructed, with full force and great ease. Relax your jaw, face, and eyes, so the whole front of your body is soft, round, alive, and vibrant, not stiff or tight
  19. 19. Karma 21 Male partner has to inhale deeply down the front of his body, as if drawing energy from his head, down to your face, through throat and chest, into belly, and down to the genitals. Then contract the floor of your pelvis so it becomes like a trampoline. As the energy comes down to front you bounce it off to pelvic floor with an upward intention and muscular contraction of your anus, genitals, and perineal area. Exhaling, shoot the energy back from your genitals and upward along the spine. As the orgasm energy glides up your spine, make your eyes turn up and great blesses rush in an upward direction through your body, through the head, and up, up, up, as if into a great space of light .Do whatever brings you almost to orgasm. This can be masturbation or sexual activity with a supportive partner. Remember to relax and breathe into your orgasmic state. Take your time. Bring yourself almost to orgasm, backing off just before the point-of- no-return, several or more times. What you’re doing here is charging up the sexual battery. It’s easier for women to do this process because orgasm is usually not an energy drain for them . Women are able to climax multiple times gaining tremendous energy from it. So, to my female readers, I encourage you to relax, breathe, and have fun. It’s also very helpful to strengthen your PC/ vaginal muscle and get in touch with your G/Sacred Spot. When you have almost reached orgasm, after coming close several times and you’re ready to let go, recall from your mind the reality you want to create and energize it with focused intention. Make it vivid, exciting, big and beautiful. When you orgasm, keep focused on the picture/creation and deliberately channel the orgasm into it. Just let it flow into the reality you want to create. Remember to keep breathing during the orgasm and breathe your orgasmic energy into your creation/ goal/ dream/ reality. Stay focused and hold the picture. Your body will do the rest. You can repeat the process if you want to come to another orgasmic energy. For more clarification call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ 408 829 7780 in USA
  20. 20. Karma 22 FREE . . . . . . Vedic Astrology advice FREE . . . . . . “Vedic Astrolgy / Janmakshar / Kundli FREE “ VedicAstrolgy/ Janmakshar/ Kundli CONSULTATION WITH GURU MAHARAJ SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR on Every Saturday @ the Shiva Vishnu Temple of Texas Every Saturday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to discuss about any of your problems with “ 100% confidentiality” and with the “ only “ Atharva vedic scholar in the USA. 1. Only face- to- face consultation is available on this day. You need to come to the Shiva Vishnu Temple of Texas personally. It is located on 7600 Bayway Drive, Baytown, TX- 77520, USA 2.No walk-ins . Prior appointment needed . Call the Temple at 678 234 6885 to make an appointment Meditate With a Partner - Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Doing it with a partner will make you have a better experience in your meditation and relationship. This is how: # Find a partner. If you’re in a group, a class or just with friends, you need to have a partner to do the [[Meditate meditation]]. You will have to be a pair, so find only one partner, and build up trust so you can enjoy the experience more. # Start the session. Lay down on the floor or on a bed, back-to-back and hold hands. Make sure you have everyone taking it seriously so you will not get disturbed. It’s also important to feel comfortable with your partner. # Light. Turn off the light, and light up some candles so that you are in a dim light together. Practice some [[Breathe Deeply|deep breathing]]. # Be creative about the session. You will have to do things together, or think together about something that bring you closer. An example: #*Picture yourselves in somewhere where you consider yourselves happy and hold hands through the whole process. #*Have something ruin your happy place. Something realistic. Imagine your partner making it better again. # Waking up. Lay in that position for another few minutes then slowly wake up, getting out of the meditation state. Sit a little together, then stand up slowly and turn on the real lights. # Repeat. Repeat this often since it makes you feel better and closer to your partner.
  21. 21. Karma 23 - Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Mantra Meditation” consists of two parts: mantra and meditation itself. Mantra means pure God’s consciousness and meditation means giving due respect to the God. The technique taught here is that of the Vaishnava tradition of Bengal, India. 1. Don’t sleep too much or too little. People who always go to sleep with sunset and get up with the sunrise have an easier time meditating. Ideally sleep must become meditation but never the opposite. Get up in brahma-muhurta. This period starts before sunrise. This is time of predominant sattva (goodness) which is roughly from 3am to 6 am. This helps to go even further and touch with the transcendental world full of bliss, knowledge and eternity, which, is still not formless. Set God (Krishna) as your object of meditation Our eternal position is a servant of God. Thus meditation 24 hours a day is best. If person meets death in meditation he has more chances to get out of circle of birth and death. Still, even if one is doing meditation nonstop, but knots within his heart are still not eliminated, he is probable to fall down and get low birth like animal in next life. Thus one must be very sincere and serious. God is your best friend and well-wisher. 2. Take bath in a holy river. If you live in a city without a holy river, go outside to the closest water-source for pure water. Never use water from water tap as it brings dangerous karma related with animal-slaughter. Go to the holy place of God and saints past times. If you live in a place which is not figuring in list of Holy places, go to the best temple around. Alternatively you must have God’s room with altar at home and do your mantra meditation only there - it helps in concentration on eternal purpose on precious human life. Never chant mantras in your bedroom or at least clean your bedroom after sleeping. 3. Be ready to do yama/niyama/hatha- yoga/pranayama/pratyahara. You must follow non-violence, perfect behavior, keep your body flexible, have clear breathing and control your body from wanting to do something different from meditation. Only then can you concentrate and meditate - dharana and dyana stages. The result would be samadhi - coming back home to Godhead in the spiritual world. 4. Utilize music instruments and singing. Senses are always distracted from service to God. Thus the only way is to utilize them all in service - nice dress, nice music, nice songs. God is not satisfied if you are afraid of His power - He is your best friend and well-wisher. ( “yoga-kṣemaḿ vahāmy aham” - God will preserve whatever you have and will give you whatever you lack) Still, if you don’t have all these, you can simply chant or sing the mantras. But slowly God will support. (“ śaśvac-chāntiḿ nigacchati “- you will attain supreme happiness without doubt!) 5. Use clean chanting beads (a.k.a., japa- mala)In Bengali Vaishnavism, Tulsi (a.k.a., Tulasi) beads are preferable,
  22. 22. Karma 24 due to their connection with Krishna. If these are not preferred, other beads, such as Buddhist beads, Rosaries, Rudraksha beads, or even the crease-lines and finger tips of your hands (counting them with the tips of your thumbs, you can chant 16 mantras on one hand, and count sets of 16 by engaging the other hand) can be used. If you wish to make your own beads, the traditional method is to use 109 beads, including one larger bead (the head bead, which marks the ‘rounds’ or full sets). Further, it is good to make a knot between each bead to hold them in place, so that if a bead breaks off, it will be detected as missing. The head bead lets you know how many mantras you have chanted. Bengali Vaishnavas generally chant between 16 and 64 rounds a day. This can take from 1 1/2 hours to 8 hours! But whatever your level, try to keep to a minimum, even if it is only one or two rounds a day. You can always increase later as you feel necessary or ready. Count from the first bead 108 mantras listen attentively. A.C. Bhakti vedanta, one of the world’s leading exponents of mantra meditation, says, “chanting is thinking”. Hearing the sound with submissive aural reception will produce the desired effect. 6. Gently bring your mind back to the sound of the mantra. Do not be surprised or discouraged if your mind wanders. Training the mind is hard work, but will deliver palpable results if you possess determination, enthusiasm, and patience. Have a wonderful time performing this early meditation; it helps set one’s mind and focus, and can enable one to achieve more in six hours than most people achieve in twelve hours. 7. Repeat . The very best meditators are steady in their practice, and do it every day without exception. Consider yourself in training for the mental olympics. If you manage to do this every day for three months, you will already be on the track to a steady, focused life of increased possibilities. 8. Seek out peers and mentors in the process . Regular mantra meditation becomes much easier when you are engaging in the process in a socially reinforced environment. *Pay submissive attention to the sounds. Proper submissive reception to the sounds will cause rapid revelation of their transcendental character. Be patient if it doesn’t happen right away. Break the mind of its learned habits of wandering, and teach it to focus. If you are determined, enthusiastic, and patient, results will almost automatically follow. *Remember, meditation is never a wasted endeavor. Even if you cannot practice according to the ideal conditions, the endeavor itself will help you to refine your life-style in favorable ways. Eventually, you will find a completely favorable situation if you just keep at it without losing hope. *There are a multitude of good mantras to chant. Some of the most effective: ** “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”. Sometimes referred to as the “Hare-Krishna Maha-mantra”, this is considered by Bengali Vaishavas, to be the supreme mantra of all mantras. This is spoken in the Vocative, so one is calling out to the names of Vishnu
  23. 23. Karma 25 or Radha-Krishna (the all-attractive Supreme Divine Couple) Hare is the vocative of Haraa, the feminine divine or supreme energy/possibilities, whilst “Krishna” and “Rama” are vocative of the masculine divine or the very form of supreme existence, wisdom, and bliss. A web image search for images of Radha-Krishna, or Rama, turns up many blissful, divine icons to help in meditation, though in mantra meditation, it is generally considered best to just listen rather than look. ** “Haum Mani-Padme Om” This is a popular Buddhist mantra. It can be taken as asking the Buddha (the divine) for favorable life conditions or enlightenment, i.e., the extirpation of material desires. ** “Jay Shree Krishna Chaitanya, Prabhu Nityaananda, Shree Adwaita, Gadaadhar, Shreevasaadi Gaura- bhakta-vrinda”: This mantra invokes the compassion of God in five forms, and is good for developing a devotional attitude toward the personalities of Godhead. In Bengali Vaishnavism, this is chanted once at the beginning of each 108 mantras (and does not count toward the total number of mantras chanted) in order to evoke auspicious conditions for the mantra chanting. It is like chanting for the sake of good chanting. ** “Kyrie Eleison”. This is a popular Russian Orthodox mantra, also used by Catholic monks. It means “Lord Have Mercy”, and can be quite a purifying chant. image search for images of Radha- Krishna, or Rama, turns up many blissful, divine icons to help in meditation, though in mantra meditation, it is generally considered best to just listen rather than look.
  24. 24. Karma 26 H.H. Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar In a nutshell, respect is earned through respecting both yourself and others. Wealth, clothing, or physical attractiveness are not requirements. The way others perceive you isn’t necessarily based on your level of education, what schools you may have attended or the crowd with whom you are acquainted. Respect is accorded to those who conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with dignity. If you set an example by respecting yourself, appreciating your own good qualities and highlighting the positive in other people’s lives, you will earn the respect of others. Steps Presentation 1. Present yourself well. Practice good grooming and dress neatly. Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be laundered and in good repair, showing that you care about this aspect of yourself. Take care of your health and your teeth. Your smile will show to others that you enjoy your own company, and theirs too. 2. Greet people in proper and friendly manner. Open, warm and acknowledging greetings are appreciated and returned by others. A positive and uplifting greeting makes each person feel wonderful and if you can also manage to make a compliment, it personalizes your attention and makes them feel special. Charisma is in large part acknowledging the worth of another person and helping them to feel good about themselves. If someone does not reciprocate or acknowledge your greeting, give that person the benefit of the doubt. Be polite. It is possible that they may be deeply absorbed in thought or worried about something, and as a result failed to acknowledge you. The same goes for a lukewarm response to you––don’t take it personally. Many people are shy, poorly trained in good manners or even overawed. Give them the space to thaw; most will come round when they realize you don’t hold anything against them. Respecting Yourself 1.Have confidence. Many people will test you, and poke your insecurities. No matter what they say, if you have confidence in yourself and your worth, their disrespectful behavior will go away because they realize that they cannot intimidate you. And even if their disrespectful attitude doesn’t stop,
  25. 25. Karma 27 you will at least be able to ignore it and maintainyourinnerpeace.Rememberthat you do not need the acknowledgement of other people to prove yourself worth; only you can do that. 2. Try to be optimistic. It is easy to point out the downside of a situation, but if you make the effort to overcome your obstacles through constructive thinking, taking decisive action and facing the problems head on, you can lead happier lives and be an encouragement to others. Find ways to assist people who need help and your own troubles will seem less overwhelming, and you’ll feel better for doing it! Volunteering is one possibility. But so is dropping in on a lonely neighbor, calling a long lost relative or helping your children build something in the backyard. 3. Respect yourself and others around you. Keep your home and surroundings clean and well kept. Your neighbors will respect you and the neighborhood will be a better place for everyone. Treating others with respect is the most important thing to do; if you treat someone with respect, they’ll treat you with respect. 4. State your boundaries. Clearly communicate what you are willing to accept and what the consequences for trespassing of these boundaries are. Do what you announced to do (or not to do) every time the trespassing happens. Example: If you want to go out to meet friends with your partner, inform them of the time and that you will leave at this time; whether they are ready or not. If your partner is not ready to go, leave the house without them. Do not let them call you back or change your plans in any way. Do not try to justify your actions, and refuse to accept blame. If at all, tell them that you informed them of the consequences and they are only suffering consequences that could have easily be avoided if they had played by the rules. Building Your Worldliness 1. Be aware of the world around you. Notice the events happening around you and also the events happening around the world, be they in the field of movies, entertainment, sports or something else. This way, you will be comfortable when people talk about the current trending issues. Having a good knowledge of the subject matter will attract others attention. Even if you don’t like certain topics that are pervasive in society, such as politics, religion or sports, try to keep a very general awareness that allows you to ask the opinions of others who do follow such
  26. 26. Karma 28 things with passion. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to talk their talk, you’ll learn more about them. You may never agree but you can listen and acknowledge the other person’s interests. Basic Common Courtesy 1. Keep your language clean and respectable. Say positive things about others whenever possible, but be sincere - people can recognize the difference between true interest and forced flattery. 2. Never bully others or take advantage of their weaknesses. Bullies are not respected because they don’t show respect. Allow people to keep their dignity. Bullies are incapable of showing respect because they typically do not even respect themselves, and/or may not know the definition of respect. And intimidating others to get what you want from life is a fast road to loneliness and being ostracized. Don’t tease people. While it may seem like fun and while you don’t mean it, people can really feel offended by teasing that pokes at the heart of something they care about or stand for. It soon turns into disrespect, especially if you insist you’re just joking when they ask you to stop, and you don’t.[1] In turn, deal with bullies in a respectful manner, so as to disarm them of the one thing they really want––your weaknesses revealed. If they take something from you, start to tease you, or try to treat you like less than dirt, say something like: “Can I have that back? And by the way, that’s a cool bike”. Staying polite and not getting flustered will easily throw a bully off guard. Don’t shower them with compliments, as once you lose your unpredictability, they will take advantage of that. Simply keep it a short, nice phrase and then be on your way or back to your work. 3. Give everyone a chance. Don’t prejudge people, and be pleasant to everyone. Even if you realize someone is a jerk, remain civil and have class; you don’t need to stoop to their demoralizing level and play their game. People around you will respect your ability to stay above it all more than bad mouthing or confronting them in a mean way. 4. Live up to your promises. Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep, or you are unsure you’ll be able to keep. It is much more respectable (and more difficult) to just say “No, I can’t do that,” or even “I don’t want to do that.” This is where you have to respect yourself and
  27. 27. Karma 30 your own will, and make it clear to others in a polite and assertive way. And when you do make a promise, keep it. Toning Down Opinionated Interactions 1. Keep your cool and be prepared to see other people’s side of the story. If you’re strident, always presenting your point of view loudly and refuting anyone else’s version of events and life in general, you’ll be viewed as a boor. Few people can stand the person who hogs the limelight constantly and refuses to acknowledge that other people have a say too. Stay cool and if something does fire your passion, share this by all means but acknowledge that your point of view is but one of many. Having had a hard life is not an excuse to abuse or take advantage of other people. Bear in mind that most people you meet have faced battles of one sort of other in their own lives and may well be experiencing problems right now too. Seek help for emotional hurt that is eating you up so that you can lead your life as you want it to be, and not according to a past you’re still trying to defeat. 2.Don’t act like a know-it-all. People do not appreciate it when you act superior to them. Once again, listen and respect their opinions, even though these may be different from your own. And remind yourself that the wisest people in the world are those who acknowledge how little they really do know, for there is so much yet to discover. If you do catch yourself acting like a know-it-all, use humor to make light of it, and say something simple like: “Sorry, I seem to have gotten a bit too passionate about this topic. Obviously I care about it but I’ve been rude talking so much. Sorry! Please let me know what you think of this matter. I am a good listener you know!” Setting a Good Example 1. Be a good role model. Set an example e that others would like to follow. When another person imitates you, it is a sign of respect. If someone else has set a good example, let them know how much you appreciate it by your own actions (and words too). Be a good role model at home, work and in social situations. Wherever you are, there is always an opportunity to show others how to live with self-respect and how to honor the dignity of others. 2. Be yourself. Don’t just join in with the latest craze just because others may be following the popular style. Respect yourself by making your own choice, this will bring respect from others. If you’re unsure of what to do or what you value, and you’re looking for someone with authority to guide you, always remember who you are, and always ask yourself if youagree with what this person says and does. Sometimes, it is easier said than done: sometimes you feel lost and are not sure what you want or what you believe. It’s okay to make mistakes; everybody makes them. However, you should still
  28. 28. Karma 31 remember that you are the final judge of everything that you say and do, and be ready to face up to your mistakes, learn from them and move on. 3. Don’t be overly materialistic. Stay focused on people rather than objects that may be lost or destroyed; people are so much more important and our true value is not what we have, it is the person we are inside that others will respect. But in the same vein, pay attention to the fact that while materialism is not all of life, it is part of it. We all need things to survive, and while we always must remember that things are not everything and others aren’t to be judged just on what they have, we must also keep track of our things and take care of them, conserve them and expect respect for our things from others. Just don’t get it in your head that things are everything. 4. Don’t procrastinate. Always act with a purpose. When you set your mind on doing something, think about it, plan it as best as you can, and then just do it. Don’t wait forever, don’t let other people do your job for you, and don’t get yourself into a loop of endless planning and worrying about it. People respect action, and equally don’t respect procrastination. Be very careful when dealing with two individuals with different core philosophies, as if you please one of them, the other might lose respect for you. This conundrum can often be side- stepped by being true to yourself and respectful of both opinions. You don’t need to agree with other opinions; rather, just make it clear that you’re willing to listen. Remember that people notice the example your children are following. If you treat your children lovingly and teach them to have respect for yourself and others, you will be treated with respect also. Try to find what you’re good at, and use it. If you’re a good singer, be in a school or community musical, sing for events, etc. People will recognize you and your talents. Bring beauty to your surroundings by giving your neighbors a pleasant view of your home and your personality. Invite the people in your neighborhood to draw near with genuine interest and friendliness. They will want to care about you, too. Be circumspect about how much you reveal about yourself to others. It grows harder to respect someone who fails to acknowledge the boundaries between enough information to know someone and too much information, especially in workplace and social contexts. Don’t lose yourself in socially promoted “virtues” or “requirements” that give an allure of “respectability”; this confuses respect earned for the person you are with outward signs of amassing things or doing something to fit in, be it having five Ferraris in the garage or murdering someone to fit into a gang. Neither of these will earn you respect––notoriety or envy maybe–– but never respect.
  29. 29. Karma 32 -H.H Param pujya Swamiji “ Sri Selvam Siddhar” Maharaj What is Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha ? The name Manglik dosha means a Dosha or a defect caused by the effect of planet Mars. Manglik Dosha is found in the kundli or Birth Chart of the Native. A comparative analysis of the Birth Chart, the Moon Chart & the Navamsha is done to conclude whether a person is Manglik or not. Manglik Dosha is also known as Kuja dosh. How is Mangalik Dosha formed in the kundli/ Jathakam ? Mangalik Dosha is formed when Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house from the ascendant (lagna), Chandra lagna (moon sign) in lagna horoscope, Chandra horoscope or navmansha horoscope. The highest degree of this Manglik dosh is formed when mars is placed in ascendant or the seventh house. These two placements form two most severe manglik dosh out of which placement in seventh is the most severe of all. Next in severity in decreasing order come the mars in eighth house, then forth and then twelfth house. In addition to mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and ketu’s placement in the houses mentioned above also forms partial Manglik dosh. Why Mars causes this Dosh ? Mars is considered the most malefic planet as far as marriage of a person is considered. Mars is a fierce planet and its placement in certain houses results in Mangalik dosha. Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious ceremony. In Hindi the word Manglik denotes auspiciousness. Hence a manglik dosha makes the even inauspicious or causes problems in this event. What are the effects of Manglik Dosha ? The most common effect of Manglik dosha is - Delay in Marriage. Manglik dosha causes the marriage to be solemnized as late as at the age of 34 years, 38 years and even in 40s.Apart from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents have been witnessed by many couples which lead to death, permanent disability of the non- manglik spouse.
  30. 30. Karma 33 Manglik dosh formed by mars is believed to cause following effects 1. Delay in getting married . 2. Difficulties in marital life. 3. Continuous fight between couple. 4. Divorce. 5. Death of the spouse: Manglik dosh formed by other malefic planets. Manglik dosh causes excessive delay in the marriage. There are so many Boys/ girls who are afflicted by this dosha and because of this, there are going through a bad phase of life whether it is due to delay in marriage, fight between couples or divorce. Hence, it is advisable that a Manglik boy or girl must always be married to a manglik partner only. Some experts have the opinion that the Manglik Dosh is neutralized when the native reaches his late 30s in life. I personally, disagree on this point because in my experience of more than 45 years I have come across many such mishaps caused because of this belief. It is a further belief, that a manglik girl will have problems in marriage till her Manglik dosh is NOT solemnized. What are the remedies for Manglik dosh ? At some places you will observe a list of remedial measures mentioned to solemnize the manglik or kuja dosha. kuja dosha CANNOT be solemnized by following some common remedies by all. To suggest a remedy for the manglik dosha it is necessary that a thorough analysis of the birth chart is done by a well learned Atharva Vedic Scholar like Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar .On the negative side of Mars/ Kuja in our Janmakshar , the same aggression brings about competition, argument and conflict - which, if unchecked can lead to domination, violence, injury and disaster. For more help call Swamiji immediately @ 408 829 7780. Toll free 1-888-808- 1418. Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is the “ only” Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA who has helped millions of people in USA. He is NOT a travelling Swamiji or a pundit to USA and Run away. Swamiji has established 13 Hindu Temples in USA and considered to be the living God to his followers. Swamiji has recently built the biggest Shiva Vishnu Temple in all over Texas , near Houston Texas. Swamiji has pledged $ 108 Million donation to various charities this month.
  31. 31. Karma 34 His Holiness Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar What is a Paranormal Body? A paranormal body or ghost or spirit or apparition is the energy, soul or personality of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next. Some knows and some does not know that they are dead. Mostly they have died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional circumstances. Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell (fragrances and odors), touch and sometimes they can just be sensed.An earthbound spirit or paranormal body can be a human spirit that has not properly passed over. They have not gone onto the next level, the light, heaven, whatever we can call it. They remain behind, here on earth, and the place they live we call haunted. Sometimes there reason to stay behind is to take care of unfinished business, their love for their children. Often these earthbound spirits do not remain here for long, once they can complete their desire, they normally pass over. How do ghosts (paranormal body) possess a person? The act of possession can happen in a few seconds or over a period of few months. It primarily depends how vulnerable is the person. Here vulnerability means at a physical or mental level. Ghost or paranormal body weakened the possible victim by creating a vulnerable atmosphere, like they cause sleeplessness. Sometimes if they have the power to create voices, they make sounds to create a fearful atmosphere. They take advantage of the resultant vulnerability to create an entry point. They take advantage of personality disorders such as anger, fear, over-emotional nature etc. They aggravate these personality defects adding more vulnerability. Addition to that they put negative thoughts, creating self doubts, instigating depression, causing fights between couples. The incorrect thoughts planted in a person by the ghost make the person misbehave. Their normal behavior changes to a larger extent. Ghosts destabilize a person’s mental balance and thereby create vulnerability. And then they take over.
  32. 32. Karma 35 Ghosts can possess easily when the sheath of the physical body is separated from the mental sheath, e.g. in dream state, state of despair etc. In some cases this can happen even in a meditative state. Only a higher level ghost can take advantage of the subtle body being separated from the physical body during meditation. What times the paranormal bodies are most active? Paranormal bodies are most active during the transitory times like the twilight zone between day and night, the new moon day (dark moon) and full moon day between the waxing and waning phases of moon, eclipses, etc. These are periods with highest likelihood of people being possessed. They are also most active between 12.00 to 3.00 a.m. How a person get possessed? A ghost takes possession or control of a person through black energy. Black energy is a spiritual negative and harmful type of energy. The ghost infuses black energy into the vulnerable person and make a centre. And then onwards the ghost goes on to progressively transmit black energy, and make the body his home.The possessing ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) covers the sheath of the physical body of the possessed person with its own mental and causal (intellect) body sheaths. By this process the mental and causal body sheaths of the possessed person become non-functional. The person then begins to talk, walk, think and behave according to the new mental body sheaths of the ghost. In a way the possessed person’s subconscious mind is now in the control of that particular paranormal body. Most people suffer in silence, there are people who have no idea that they are possessed and lead a normal life. What are the signs of possession? A change in character, taste, life-style, few changes that appear suddenly like a person may begin to express cravings he never had before like for specific food, alcohol, drugs, sex or anything else, a person’s behavior may change drastically , a complete change in interest, change of voice and behavior. The person may also have wild mood swings.Sometimes the possessed person has an idea that something is wrong or different is happening, sometime other’s point out about the changes. The most common environments where possessions occur are hospitals, graveyards, funeral homes, wells, battle-fields etc. Why they trouble? They want to enter in a person’s body or cause trouble due to unfulfilled desires and due to the inability to move on in the afterlife and attain a higher positive region or sub-region.The manifestations of distress due to ghosts or negative energies are varied, and can be from a person displaying uncharacteristic behavior to erratic violent behavior, addictions, various physical and psychological illnesses, family problems, business problems etc. Also in case of possession by powerful spirits, the voice and mannerism of person entirely change. Do ghosts have a gender i.e. are they male or female? They do not have a physical body. Hence in this perspective there is no gender. But on the basis of the appearance of their subtle form and psychological characteristics, and what they were in the past, they have genders. When ghosts materialize the apparent form is most influenced by the appearance and sex of their immediate prior birth. That is, if the ghost were a female in the human form,
  33. 33. Karma 36 it would materialize as a female. Higher order ghosts like sorcerers have the ability to assume a form as per their liking. Sorcerers (Maantriks) are ghosts with very high spiritual power comparable to the spiritual powers of Saints. In order to acquire such levels of spiritual powers, a sorcerer needs to perform intense spiritual practice. What is the lifespan of a ghost (paranormal body, demon, devil, negative energy, etc.)? In case of humans, the term ‘lifespan’ means the period between their birth and death. In the case of ghosts, this would signify the period between the subtle bodies becoming ghosts to their eventual rebirth on Earth or going back to the light or heaven. Thus the lifespan of ghosts is varied. In the case of inferior order ghosts, it could be anywhere around 40-400 years. Ghosts that have been relegated to the deeper rungs of Hell and who have lot of powers are instrumental in doing wide-scale harm to humanity can remain as ghosts for thousands of years. Can paranormal bodies exist or survive in the earth, water or fire? Yes, all such paranormal bodies can exist or survive in all these areas. This is because ghosts being subtle bodies, i.e. without physical bodies, are unaffected by earth, water or fire. However ghosts of a lower order like the common ghost or those who have just entered the ghost order fear water or fire, based on the lingering impressions from their human life. This soon passes away as other ghosts educate them about their new status. What can a paranormal body cause in my life? Ghosts can be responsible for many type of illnesses, mostly mental and sometimes physical illnesses. They mostly are responsible for strong negative emotions, poor interpersonal relationships, life breakdowns on different levels: mental, financial, sexual, health etc. It can manifest itself in many ways which depends on the personality of the person possessed, one’s conscious and subconscious mind, needs, emotions, lifestyle etc. Can ghosts persuade one to commit a suicide? Yes, this is their first desire and motive, they do this very often. Ghost is an entity who passed through the death for various reasons. Very often they are resigned and have only little energy. As they are dead they wish the possessed person also join their world. Is it possible that a ghost who has been removed off enters someone else’s body? Yes, it is possible. after removed by force or leaving by choice they look for another person to possess. Like we have a free will , same they also have. Are there good ghosts around? There are both kinds of ghost, but mostly they are evil, and in principle dangerous for the living human beings, because they need to steal our energy in order to survive. Very often they also want to steal our body to find a vehicle to fulfill their own desires like sex, power etc. Is possible to talk to a paranormal body? Can they hear us? It is very much possible to talk to ghosts, but it is very dangerous, Talking to ghosts is equal to summoning them, which is very dangerous even if the ghost is someone very close to you. When you call them you are invoking their desire to
  34. 34. Karma 38 live in this world, they hear what you say. In a way you are disturbing their peace. This is not a good practice and one should avoid it. There are many other adventure sports to try. What are the symptoms of a possessed (haunted) house ? If the house is possessed or we say haunted, there are noises in your home, waking in the middle of the night, banging, knocking, objects moving or falling, being touched, being raped, the sensation of cold, the sensation of invisible attacks, being manipulated, humiliated and oppressed, if bruises of unknown provenance appear on your body, scratches, wounds, then it’s very likely that you are not alone in the house. In such houses the dreams become intense nightmares. Sleep is constantly disturbed. Constant headaches. Negative emotions- Fear, Hate are intensified. Person might talk aloud to the spirits. Person hears spirit voices that confuse thinking patterns and hinder concentration needed for school, work and normal life. Fear that the person can’t control or stop the spirit. Thoughts of suicide are frequent and uncontrolled. Who is more prone, male or female? Females are are more prone to becoming a victim of the spirit world compared to men. They are more vulnerable during their monthly cycles, if during that time period she goes near the graveyard or a river or lake or under trees, uses perfumes, drinks alcohol or take drugs, keeps herself dirty, open hairs with perfumed oil she is inviting trouble as spirits are everywhere and can take charge of the female body anytime the circumstances are right. On the other hand in men the possibility arise when they take alcohol in open area, urinate in open areas or under tree, involve with women who are possessed or are unhygienic. In both men and women when the aura weakens the possibility increases. In case anybody feel that he/she is a victim of paranormal Body, Swamiji will cure the person, by his Atharva Vedic healing method. For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to Swamiji is the “ only” person can remove any Evil spirits from any one and can destroy to make sure that, it will not come back to you. Doing or getting help from india for your problems WILL NOT work at all if you live in USA. Do not trust the so called pundits who and claim to help you , they are nothing but con artist and will defraud you. The person should have a complete knowledge iin Atharva Veda and this time Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar who is living in USA and a citizen in USAis the only human can help you. Call Swamiji in the Toll Free No. @ 1-888- 808-1418 IMMEDIATELY
  35. 35. Karma 39 Palmistry His Holiness Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Palmistry or Hand Reading is the art of disclosing, by means of the Hand, its form, texture, fingers, mounts, lines etc., the secrets of the brain together with its quality and quantity and its action with its subsequent results upon the character, career and life of the individual. The hand is the direct representation of the brain and mind. In order to prove this statement and fix relation between brain and the hand, and in order to say that hand plays a most important role in a man’s life, following are some observations and proofs. On examining the texture of a of the hand of a cultured person, it is often found to be elastic or fine as comparable with his fine speech and reasonable action and conduct; on the other hand , the texture of vulgar or laborer’s hand will be found rough and coarse, same his speech and actions are. When the thumb and its behaviors is observed, in case of an infant up to 6 months old, the thumb is always seen closed in his palm, the infant during that age has not any will power at all, similarly the thumb of an Idiot appears always to be small and weak. It is further observed that his whole hand is small and the thumb dropped or bent towards the palm. This adult idiot , also has no will power. In another example there are signs in Hand for centuries past these have been held as warnings of sudden death. The signs are: · The line of life ceasing abruptly, with deep, black spots on it. · The line of heart beginning suddenly (without ramifications) under the mount of Saturn · In both hands the line of heart joined to the line of Mentality under the mount of Jupiter or Saturn. · One short line traced in each phalanx of each finger. This science is de-famed by a number of fraudulent practices indulged in the reading of hands for money, the first and essential fraud being that the so-called palmist or chiromant has no real knowledge of the science he or she supposed to thoroughly conversant with. The so-called palmist is generally ignorant to a degree and trades shamelessly on public credulity. These people only spread bad name to them and to this science also. The special significance of the human hand was recognized at least as far back as the stone age hand prints made in red ochre and black pigment have been discovered in European caves, with some particularly fine examples to be seen in the famous Altamira caves, at Santillana del Mar, Spain. Dermatoglyphics is the name of the empirical study and classification of the skin-ridge patters found on the palms of the hand soles of the feet. This science is somewhat related to Palmistry, some palmists use it also while analyzing the Hand. It is currently being used in America and Germany to pre-diagnose and treat latent mental and physical ill health. If you want your Hand-Reading analysis, predictions…. You can send your hand image to us, along with your queries… we will reply with the desired predictions. Email: Phone: 408 829 7780
  36. 36. Karma 40 - Swamij Sri Selvam Siddhar Overcome Unconscious and Hidden Biases Buried prejudice and biases are surprisingly influential underpinnings to all the decisions we make, affecting our feelings and consequently actions. And there are times when not recognizing this influence on your choices and decision making can do more harm than good. Primarily it is very important to understand biases in order to overcome it and this tutorial contains a few methods to try out to overcome your unconscious and hidden biases. Understanding Bias # Biases affect us all in ways we seldom fully realize, even when we have one we are aware of and would like to deal with. We may see ordinary, happy people living their day-to-day life in all kinds of environments, but they all have a bias of some kind which is directing their intentions. Biases can be positive or negative aspects of human nature; they all influence how we act and interact with other people and events. It’s important to compare our biases, because the way we create biases in our minds is the same process for both mild biases and severe ones. Some aspects to consider include: #* People from their personal identity based on a wide scope of aspects, but one of the most pervasive is bias. We often hold onto our biases because we feel they make us what we are. However, this is ultimately deceptive, as a bias is not what or who we are. Indeed, our biases change often. It is equally proportionate to the difficulty it is to let go of a bias in relation to how precious it is to us. #* People of similar thinking often pool together, like raindrops that form a lake. There is nothing wrong with this, but hanging around the like-minded can influence you quite strongly, as a form of peer pressure. People select their partners, friends and associates according to personal biases and actually often train each other to adopt personal biases without realizing. This is largely because we want our friends to be like us. It can also happen exactly in the reverse, in that we want to be like our friends and so we adopt the same biases. We are highly susceptible to influence from others
  37. 37. Karma 41 (current and historical life has shown we also commit suicide, murder and even war due to the power of influence.) And for an example many people can relate to––many employers look for employees with similar thoughts and feelings. #* Bias and prejudice may often have been something someone has told you, or that you heard as a third party. As such, they’re not always your own original opinion but one you have adopted. It may have been adopted recently, or a long time ago, and the older it is, the more tricky it may be to overcome its influence. #*Sometimes the bias reappears in the mind on impulse, such as seeing or hearing of something related to the object of your bias. It can also expand by being made aware of something that is similar to your original bias. Very often there is an emotion behind your prejudice, such as greed (wanting something to be, something to happen), hatred (rejecting or wanting something to go away etc), or just ignorance of the object itself. # Explore the dynamic of biases. Meditation is a good way to investigate your bias as well as how your mind acts in relation to them, as well as how they get created. Another good method is to discuss it with a friend, counselor, or a psychologist #* Bias is often a complex aspect, it mostly because our minds rely and uses measurement as a central way to process data. Every interaction and experience we encounter is measured by the mind in order to analyse and determine it. This determination can be a bias on its own (either a new one, or reinforcing an old one), but this determination depends on pre-existing biases and assumptions as well as experiences that you have developed over your lifetime. #* The process of measurement is almost exclusively related to the past, specifically information we have heard or been influenced towards by other people, or our own experiences. If a mind is free from such bias and assumptions, it will typically approach the event with a clean slate, but with the clear intention of determining what it is. Recognizing this dependence on the past, or that the reflection of the past we measure against is not actually the thing we experience right now is a very useful way to overcome bias. #* People consequently seldom like those who “sit on the fence”, who are secretive about their feelings or are neutral. The reason for this is that they cannot easily categorize, predict or rely on such people to be manipulable to suit their own agenda. Being able to rely on another person is an important aspect, but while a person may be reliable, without trust people would still be hesitant to rely on that person. Trust is often built on finding common biases and prejudice as a way to identify with a person (and for probability calculating). #*The flipside is the case when a person sees someone with skillful, beneficial or admirable qualities and feels inclined to adopt and practice these same positive qualities. This is usually called positive influence but it works in the same way as its opposite case (when someone adopts harmful or unskillful biases from negative influences). We model our good behavior from qualities we all have, but only from seeing others do them in a normal environment. Adopting biases is a way to be accepted by others, be it for
  38. 38. Karma 42 better or worse, but can also be a way to improve oneself if the biases are of the positive kind. Working on the Bias # Recognize that the specific bias exists. This is the beginning stage to enable you to overcome it. If you can, this means admitting there is a bias, as in really admitting it, not just thinking there is a bias. Often this is very difficult for most people to do honestly, as it is somewhat of a humbling act. But doing this will help you to explore it more in depth, as you are prepared to be more open. By recognizing your bias and what it relies on to stay in the mind, then you are one step closer to getting rid of it. # Consider why it is usually so difficult to remove biases. There are often three main problems at play: #*1. You often feel distant and uncomfortable with the fact that the object of the bias simply exists. This can be because you don’t actually know anything about the focus of your bias. You might have heard plenty of negative stories about what you have a bias of, but how much of that is true or relevant? #*2. Asyouidentifywithyourprejudices, it can feel like you are surrendering part of yourself up, or betraying your cultural identity for someone else you don’t know. These issues are often the main cause why many are reluctant to overcome their bias. Of these problems, the exact same question has to be asked as that of the bias––is it causing you more harm than good? #*3. You may feel you have a bias but have not really come to a conclusion that it should be abandoned. Consequently, many parts of your mind will struggle against overcoming them as the bias is still attractive to certain parts of the mind. # Ask yourself questions. This is an effective way to not only gain an insight but to lessen the grip the bias has on you. Whenever the thought or bias arises, you can ask yourself: “Is this bias of mine fair, relevant or even worthy of having?”; or, “does this prejudice own me?”; or, “does this help anyone?”; or, “OK, it’s a prejudice, but what is this prejudice, how did I get it, why is it so powerful, why do I find it important?”. This can help you understand as well as let go of the thought as it no longer seems attractive. #* Many philosophers have also pointed out the benefits of being unbiased, in that you are virtually nonstick. Not only in a way that mud doesn’t stick to you, even though life will always throw it at you, but also that as you wade through life, you can avoid it sticking to you and getting swamped. This means you can avoid getting snarled in pointless arguments, as you have transcended a powerful bait and trap system and you can be more happy, healthy and wise.
  39. 39. Karma 43 # Meet the object of your bias head on with an open mind. The most effective (and hardest) way to get around it is to meet it face to face. Say you have a bias against a certain religion or nationality. Find out if their society or embassy is holding an open day and then go and meet people of that group. Your bias might be unjustified and you might meet some new friends at the same time #* Look for the humanity in the object of your prejudice. Everyone is human and has feelings, thoughts, wishes and dreams. It’s just that everyone identifies with their own culture and at some time in history, their culture was isolated from yours and developed differences. #* Use movements of time to your advantage. Biases have their roots in time, which means they are subject to change as well as modification. With each passing month or year, or a special date such as a birthday, you can use these measurements of time to choose and commit to leave the past behind and look at the future with a clean slate. # Ultimately take things a step at a time. It becomes easier the more you want to let go of the bias. The whole process of overcoming a bias is to understand what a bias is and how you got them, whether they are for your benefit and well-being or will make you cold-hearted and cruel. Finally check your own feelings about subjects regularly. Doing this can allow you to start to build practice and skills in letting go of the bias, able to overcome it through investigation and attention. *If you have ever meditated before, try looking into [[Practice Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)|goodwill]] meditation. This is where you wish yourself, your loved ones, friends and acquaintances all the way down to strangers and people in other lands to be happy, healthy and successful. This is very helpful to overcomeanyillwillinyourbiases as eventually you build strength to be able to wish those you have prejudice against the exact same happiness and health. This does take some time to develop however as it requires a strong foundation of understanding.
  40. 40. Karma 44 -Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Part:-1 Saying goodbye to friends Parting ways with people (and other beings) is part of the natural order of life, teaching you to grow as a human being and helping you to come to terms with life and its foibles. Through a small shift in perspective, you can open up a new way of seeing separation that takes you beyond your own sorrow. Within many a sad goodbye is often the reality of more positive things, such as release, freedom, joy or even new opportunities. 1.Plan an appropriate time to talk before the departure. Choose an enjoyable occasion––maybe over dinner, strolling down by your favorite waterfront or spending time together doing something both of you have always enjoyed. Remember that this is about making beautiful last memories for both of you to hold onto. 2. Talk about the good times you’ve had. Recount your funniest stories. Dig deep into your past: the things you’ve done together, the things that happened while you were friends, the time you have spent together, how you met. 3. Tell your friend how much he or she means to you. Our friends tend to hold some of our most special relationships, they are the ones with whom we share our thoughts and feelings and enjoy similar interests together. Our friends make life more pleasant. 4. Make plans to stay in touch. Try to commit to something concrete so that communication doesn’t slip away. For example, you can commit to doing one Skype chat a week to catch up. 5. Make your goodbye personal. Stay with your friend for as long as you can. Before you leave, and when you leave, give them a hug, and say “It’s not goodbye, it’s just... farewell until we meet again”. You’ll hopefully see each other again someday. Part Two: Saying goodbye to a family member. Saying goodbye to someone who’s been with you all of your life, raised you, or has been kind to you, takes its toll. We tend to have a different relationship with our family than we do with other people in our lives, for they have not only known us our whole lives, but are often the people around whom we can truly be ourselves.
  41. 41. Karma 45 1. Spend as much time as you can with your family member. If it’s a set date at when they’re leaving, invite them to do fun stuff with you, look at a photo memory book, or just be together. They won’t mind if you cry a bit––if anything, they’ll know you’ll miss them. It may also give them an opportunity to release their own emotions, knowing it’s safe to do so around you. If they do Skype, arrange it so that you can chat with them when they’re away. If they don’t Skype, set up an account and show them how to use it. 2. Be kind to yourself. Feeling sad and crying is a natural way to release and express your emotions. Only a person who has truly come to terms with the event and transcended their feelings is able to wish goodbye in the face of the sorrows of life. Releasing your emotions helps you get over your feelings and it may help to know it’s all done with and now you can move on. If you’re feeling angry, or if it’s just how you get over things, express yourself constructively. It’ll help get your anger out and the bad stuff inside of you can get out. They’ll always be in your memory, and keep the thought that they’ll probably be back. Time goes faster than you expect. Part Three: Saying goodbye to a dying person. 1.Accept it, forgive it and let it go. Know that it’s life, just like anything else–– being born, and living––death is part of that, it’s a reflection of the nature of life. 2.Spend as much time with your loved one as possible. Be with him or her and support them. If the being you’re saying goodbye to is a pet, give it a comfortable place next to you, and be with it. 3.Recognize and relinquish feelings of inadequacy. Often, people feel that they have failed when they cannot save or keep those they love. Sometimes they may feel rage or despair that no matter what they have tried, it made no difference and that life once again, has taken things away. 4.Say goodbye when it’s time. As sad as it is, many people don’t get to even say goodbye to a loved one before they pass. Where it is possible, be with the departing person, comfort them and give your last regards and best wishes. One of the kindest gifts the living can give to the dying is the blessing to take the next journey. Be reassuring and tell them it’s okay and simply be there for them. Part Four: Saying goodbye to a co- worker. 1.Buy a card. Ask the whole staff sign it with their best wishes. Encourage personalization. 2.Be open and friendly. It’s important to let a departing co-worker know where you stand. If you want to keep in contact,
  42. 42. Karma 46
  43. 43. Karma 47