Toyota Prius Radio Ad


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Toyota Prius Radio Ad

  1. 1. Eric Floresca (300507114)<br />Primary Prospect Profile<br />Demographics<br />Our Prius buyer is female and she is 28 years old. This is her second time buying or leasing a car. She is a professional who works in an office setting. She is single and is career oriented at this point. She is independent minded University educated and makes $40K-$45K a year. She wanted to get married by the time she is 30 years old or in her early thirties. <br />Our secondary market is named Bob and he is 33 years old and looking for the next latest and greatest. He is university educated and urban. He makes at least $50K a year. He is in a committed relationship or recently married and cares about the environment. He wants to make a difference because he feels like it is the only way to help prevent further decline. While he may be a different age than our primary target he is at a similar life stage and about to make the transition from single life to married life.<br />Psychographics<br />She is a very social person; she is constantly on the go and tries to keep her life balanced. She is always looking for things that make her day easier. She relies on the opinions of her friends to help her make up her mind. She watches a few hours of TV after work while she is talking to friends and surfing the Internet. She never does one thing and is always multitasking. She reads a few magazines and sneaks in a tabloid or two when she can. She reads the paper almost daily but not as in detail as she wishes she could. She listens to the radio to and from work for the news, the weather and the music. <br />He loves to go out and have fun. He is always looking at what is coming and is very technologically savvy. He is very busy and watches TV in the evening and spends a lot of time listening to the radio to and from work. He follows hockey all season and reads Sports Illustrated, Motor Trend and Macleans magazine. <br />Consumer Characteristics<br />For her she has always tried to be as healthy as possible and she wants the same thing for the environment. She began slowly by recycling and buying organic products for herself. Then she decided to do more and replaced the bulbs in her home with ones that were more energy efficient. Now however she has decided that she wanted to take a bigger step and as she looks for a new car she is considering getting a hybrid. She is concerned with everything she has heard about it because it is a new technology but with the tax incentives in place she is thinking about taking the jump. She doesn’t know much about the technology and is concerned that it is still too expensive and even with incentives might not make sense. Also she is concerned with the lack of choice in options.<br />He was not always green but he wants to be progressive and forward thinking. He wants to have something can save some gas money and that is on the leading edge. He does his research before he purchases a car. He is as interested in the looks as he is in the performance. He will not be making up this decision alone and his girlfriend will have a huge influence on what he buys. <br />Centennial College<br />Eric Floresca<br />Copywriting<br />Radio-30 sec.<br />MAN: I want to suck your blood! BWAHHHH!!<br />WOMAN: What is this Halloween?<br />MAN: No this is Toyota Prius ad.<br />WOMAN: Then what does blood have to do with it?<br />MAN: Well if you got a car or SUV they suck gas like Dracula.<br />WOMAN: And a Prius doesn’t?<br />MAN: Nope Toyota’s 2010 Prius Hybrid sips it while the others drink it with its improved gas electric engine.<br />WOMAN: So I guess it is more eco green than blood red?<br />MAN: Yeah now what do hear my Frankenstein impression?<br />WOMAN: Ummm let’s not.<br />ANNOUNCER: The Toyota Prius making things better.<br />