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TV Ad Arm And Hammer AD

  1. 1. Primary Prospect Profile<br />Demographics<br />Jill is 35 years old and married with 2 kids a dog named Rocky. Her youngest is 3 years old and her oldest is 11 years old. She just went back to work a year and a half ago after being off for a year after the birth of her last child. She works in an office as a junior manager of the management team responsible for ensuring the team stays motivated and is on task. She has a University education with psychology as her major she is making $55k a year and lives in the suburbs. They have two cars and she takes her youngest to daycare and her husband drives their oldest to school. Her husband works in a trade where his skills are in demand and he has experience working in construction where he manages teams for the company on site. They own a nice modest home close to a park in a good middle class neighbourhood. Her husband is 3 years older making $60k a year. <br />Psychographics<br />She has a dog and is often worried about the house smelling like dog. She is very aware of that fact but is very careful about what she buys because she doesn’t want something that would be harmful to the dog or her kids. She works 5 days a week and is the centre of the home. She and her husband take turns at certain tasks but she focuses on trying to keep a semblance of cleanliness and organization to the house. She is always multitasking and doing more than two things at once, her job requires her to take some work home with her to keep things on the level. Her time is precious to her but manages to keep some of it for herself with the help of her husband. She wants to exercise but feels that running after two kids is more than enough. Her husband has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys camping and running around with the dog and kids. She listens to her iPod and usually the radio at the start of driving just to know what the weather and traffic is like. She reads the paper but usually skims it unless she has time. She does read one or two magazines Chatelaine and Macleans which her husband reads as well. She spends at least half an hour on her notebook a night when not at work and is usually watching TV at the same time. She has about 3 or 4 shows she tries to follow but they usually end up tvioed so she can watch it when she has time. <br />Consumer Characteristics<br />She looks for products that are family friendly and are as green as possible. She is a practical person and any product that can do more than one thing is something that she would consider. Her husband like her is very busy often working odd hours, he has just started to do some of the grocery shopping and help out with certain things around the house. He tries to keep things clean but just can’t seem to get his wife’s system. How it works just constantly eludes his sensibilities but he often has fun with her by putting things in the wrong place. She doesn’t like having multiple cleaning products and tries to keep it simple; she has tried everything to get rid of odour and just wants something that works. She wants to be more environmentally friendly but practicality rules all and if it isn’t practical or price friendly it is out the window<br />Creative Brief<br />Objective<br />To raise awareness of the Arm & Hammer Carpet and Room Deodorizer so they buy it over other air freshener or similar products. <br />Target Audience<br />Our target audience is a mother who has children and a pet. She is in her mid thirties and is time starved. She is married and both parents work full time trying to juggle home and work constantly. She is time starved and is looking for simple solutions to her everyday problems. She multitasks watching TV and being online at the same time. She reads the paper but not as in-depth as she would like. <br />Benefit <br />Any time, any smell, anywhere Arm & Hammer will send a fresh breeze into every room of the house.<br />Support<br />This is a product with history and that has been shown to be flexible for many uses from in the fridge to your shoe. It is something that your parents have used and their parents have used and it continues to work while being safe for use around the home.<br />Brand Personality<br />It is a strong, clean and classic look and feel. The logo has a traditional sense that centres on the history of the product. It should be uncluttered and the focus on its odor cleaning properties. <br />Mandatories<br />The Arm & Hammer logo and name of the specific product<br />Colours of orange in association with the logo or packaging to strengthen the brand identity <br />The tag line on the logo must be shown.<br /><ul><li>VIDEOAUDIOOPEN ON A LS TO A HOUSE THAT IS COLOURED GREY AND WAVY COMPARED TO EVERYTHING ELSE WHICH IS GREENSFX SOUNDS OF THE NEIGHBOURHOODCUT TO A MS OF THE BEDROOM WE SEE A LADY JUST FINISHED GETTING DRESSED GRAB HER HUSBAND’S CLOTHES AROUND THE ROOMMUSIC: PLAYFUL AND LIGHTF: Honey are you almost doneM: Sorry for the mess dear but it is fineA CLOSE UP AS SHE TAKES THE SHIRT BUTS IT TOO HER NOSE AND THEN PUSHES IT AWAYF: You could of cleaned it up where is the arm & hammer room and carpet deodorizerM: it is fine I don’t smell a thingA MS SHE LOOKS TOWARDS THE WASHROOM WHERE SHE CAN SEE STEAM THROUGH THE CRACKF: Of course you wouldn’t but we have to live here to unless you want the kids to smell the a locker roomM: The Arm & Hammer room and carpet deodorizer is by the dresser but does it even workMUSIC: SHOULD HAVE A HINT OF STRESSA CU SHE MOVES TO THE MIRROR AND IS PUTTING ON HER EARNINGSA ECU SHE STARES AT THE CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER AND LOOKS AT THE BATHROOM DOOR.A MS GRABS A PACKAGE OF ARM & HAMMER ROOM AND CARPET DEODORANT AND PUTS IT ON THE CARPET AND AROUND THE ROOM AND COLOUR RISES AND REPLACES THE GREYF: Of course it is Arm & Hammer it always works, I got itSFX: HEAR HER FOOTSTEPS AS SHE WALKS THROUGH THE HOSUEA SHE PUTS IT ALL AROUND THE HOUSE AND A WAVE OF COLOUR RISE FROM WHERE SHE HAS PUT IT AND AS SHE MOVES PAST THE COLOUR SPREADSVO: To bring the smell of colour back into your home Arm & Hammer Room and Carpet Deodorizer all you need to bring fresh homeMUSIC: REACHES APEXA LS OF THE HOUSE FROM ABOVE AS THE GREAY IS COLOURED IN WITH COLOURF: See doesn’t that just smell betterM: Your right A MS SHOT AS SHE REENTERS THE BEDROOM AND HER HUSBAND IS PUTTING ON A TIEA CU AS SHE TAKES A BREATH AND SMILES A BS OF THE PACKAGE WITH THE DOOR AT ONE END AS THEY WALK OUT THE DOOR TO THE BEDROOM AND CLOSE IT WHICH CUTS TO BLACKMUSIC: Returns to PLAYFULSFX: SLAM DOOR SHUT