Creative Brief 2


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A creative brief for Mr. Clean done for class.

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Creative Brief 2

  1. 1. Creative Brief Mr. Clean<br />Eric Floresca (300507114)<br />Objective<br />We are advertising to raise awareness about Mr. Clean and reinforce our brand image in the mind of the consumer.<br />Target Audience<br />Our target market is a mom she is between the ages of 26-39, she works and is constantly busy, and she is just starting a family may have a child or two and is dealing with the chaos that surrounds her life. She thinks of Mr. Clean as just another cleaning product out of the endless amount of choices. We want her to know that she doesn’t want to buy 5 different cleaners for 5 or more different type of mess. If she wants a product for anything that all she needs is Mr. Clean. No complications just a product that works everyday everywhere. It is not only an everyday cleaning product it is the only cleaning product with an established history of being used for anything. <br />The secondary market is people who may go in to the store and need a cleaning product. These people could be male or female, they would even more influenced by advertising, by keeping the product top of mind when they go out looking for a cleaning product they would be more inclined to by Mr. Clean because they have seen it advertised. This may be a last minute purchase, not something they regularly but so it is important to connect with them just before they are about to buy the product. They don’t think about what they are going to buy like the brand loyal customer and are much more price sensitive usually they will not care as long as it works. In this case showing how Mr. Clean can be used can help to benefit the brand making seem like a logical choice because it can be used is more situations than regular products making it a much more cost effective band as a result.<br />Benefit <br />Mr. Clean is the only cleaner your home needs, saving you time and money. The attribute for the benefit would be that it can be used anytime anywhere any surface, that it is flexible for everyday use in any situation in a way most cleaning products are not.<br />Support<br />It has a long established history of success in handling any mess. It has been a staple in homes for 50 years, cleaning any surface in the home for countless situations. It is a product that has continually innovated over the course of its history introducing new innovations that have kept it relevant to the consumer. It is a hallmark in the home for millions of families an something most people have used at one time or another, it has an iconic brand image and jingle that is immediately recognizable by everyone, that has become a part of popular culture.<br />Brand Personality<br />We want to represent a clean sparkling image with any advertisement that reflects the nature of the products of the line and the history of Mr. Clean. Similarly the use of blues, whites that highlight the image of Mr. Clean and are easily recognizable to anyone. It has to be something that will make the lives of the user easier by simplifying what they need to use and is used daily.<br />Mandatories<br />In radio and television the jingle/mnemonic, the image of Mr. Clean needs to be present like in this ad, the name, for new products in 2008 febreze would be an important touch point and co-branding effort that would need to be highlighted. In this ad the tag line is cleans your whole house and everything that’s in it which could be a necessity depending on if it is a campaign tagline or not. A shot of the actual product may be a mandatory depending on requirements of the brand itself. Finally a disclaimer stating that it is a P&G brand.<br />Creative Brief Blackberry Storm<br />Eric Floresca (300507114)<br />Objective<br />To launch RIM’s newest smart phone the Blackberry Storm by raising awareness of it that causes people to take action to purchase the product.<br />Target Audience<br />Our primary audience is a Professional who needs to be in constant communication because of their job, they are regularly checking e-mail on the device. They have used smart phones in the past and prefer the tackle nature of them. They are between the ages of 25-35, may be married and can be either male or female. They use their phones a lot, it has become second nature to them and they are looking to get on board the touch screen bandwagon. They want a device that has the security of a Blackberry but the look and feel of an iPhone. They like what the iPhone does but don’t like the lack of feedback the touch screen has.<br />Our secondary target is the consumer who loves technology. They prefer the features of a Blackberry and are interested in how they can use it in their daily lives. This is for people who are interested in how a communication device can keep them connected to friends and families more than a normal phone. They would be early adopters of technology and are always looking for the latest and greatest that can meet their ever increasing need to be connected to people through texting and e-mail in a way that Blackberry has become famous for. They love the iPhone but may not want to pay the increase in cost. RIM wants to make this market think of the Blackberry Storm as the next generation of touch screen phone. A screen that is like a key board and gives the user feedback in a way that the iPhone does not, making it stand out from the realms of iClones.<br />Benefit <br />The Blackberry Storm has the flexibility and ease of use with a keypad and a new type of touch screen that feels like a keypad. So no matter no matter what, the Storm has an interface for any person, any preference it can work for you. <br />Support<br />It is the established brand of smart phone for enterprise. Has a firm grasp on the needs of the markets and offers more security than the competition like the iPhone. The touch screen technology brings with it a new interface that expands the functionality that makes the Storm a smart phone for everyone not only business but for everyday people who want to be connected no matter where they are. It is reliable and trustworthy brand of smart phone.<br />Brand Personality<br />It is a clean, powerful and elegant communication device. It would evoke the sense that it was designed for business but built for the consumer. It has a look that evokes a business’s sensibility but showcases its usefulness in everyday life. Advertisements should use of clean lines and classic business colours that match the how Blackberries are used. It is a showcase of technology and how it can be used in your lives. The black focuses the eye on the central image of the phone, the horizon draws the eye to the centre to the tocuh screen and the text. <br />Mandatories<br />A shot of the phone itself, its name Blackberry Storm, the RIM name, and depending on provider the name and logo of the verizon, and the webstie. This phone is exclusive to verizon and that needs to be stated in the ad. The coming soon would also have to be added to make it abundantly clear that it will be out soon but is not out yet. <br />