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Grocery List

Grocery List



A sample grocery list to help maintain your 3-month supply. Open as a Word file and you can customize the list to fit your own needs.

A sample grocery list to help maintain your 3-month supply. Open as a Word file and you can customize the list to fit your own needs.



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    Grocery List Grocery List Document Transcript

    • Grocery List Ready to Eat – Lunch Foods Dairy/Deli Dry Foods Condiments ____Fruit Roll-ups (4 boxes) ____Block Colby cheese ____Pastaroni ____Fruit Snacks (2 boxes) ____Block sharp cheddar ____Mac and Cheese ____Worcestershire Sauce (2) ____Gold Fish crackers cheese ____Stove Top Stuffing ____Brown sauce for gravy ____Town house crackers ____Block mozzarella cheese ____Rice-a-Roni ____Ketchup (12) ____Club Crackers ____Sliced Mozzarella (24) ____Ovaltine (2) ____Mustard (2) ____Graham crackers ____Sliced sandwich cheese ____Hot Chocolate Mix (2) ____Barbeque sauce (2) ____Peanuts ( 4 jars) ____Sliced swiss cheese (16) ____Pancake Syrup (2) ____Mayonnaise (2 quarts) ____Raw Sunflower seeds ____Cream Cheese (5 – 8 oz) ____Pure Maple Syrup (2) ____Salad Dressing (4 quarts) (2 pkg) ____Sour cream ____Molasses (2) ____Pickles (3 pints) ____Corn Chips ____Parmesan cheese (3 large ____Angel Hair Pasta (12) ____Olives ____Tortilla Chips and 3 small) ____Egg Noodles (3) ____White Vinegar (1 gal) ____Caprisun Wild Cherry ____Romano cheese (3) ____Penne Pasta (2) ____Apple Cider Vinegar (1 gal) (4 boxes) ____Velveeta cheese ____Chow Mein Noodles (3) ____Balsamic Vinegar (16 oz) ____Apple Juice –for ____Butter (1 lb box) ____Breakfast Cereal (Life, ____Lemon juice (2) lunches (4) ____Butter spread Wheaties, Honey Nut ____Lime juice (2) ____Apple Juice – ½ gal (6) ____Yogurt Cheerios, wheat chex, rice ____Italian Salad Dressing (3) ____Cherry Juice – ½ gal (6) ____Eggs chex) ____Ranch Salad Dressing (3) ____Pineapple Juice – ____Canadian bacon (3 meals) ____Peanut Butter (10 lb) (2- 6 pack) ____Pepperoni (3 meals) Paper Products/Personal Frozen Foods Canned Foods Canned Fruits and Vegetables Care ____Frozen Orange juice (4) ____Spaghetti Sauce (12) ____Tomato Sauce (48) ____Toilet paper (54 rolls) ____Frozen Raspberry juice(2) ____Enchilada Sauce (6) ____Canned tomatoes (12) ____Aluminum foil (2 boxes) ____Frozen Strawberry juice(2 ____Salsa (12) ____Stewed tomatoes (6) ____Wax Paper (2 boxes) ____Frozen strawberries (6) ____Diced green chilis (12) ____Pumpkin (6) ____Plastic wrap (2 boxes) ____Frozen raspberries (6) ____Spaghettios (12) ____Artichoke hearts (3) ____Lunch bags ____Frozen blueberries (6) ____Chicken Broth (8) ____Green beans (12) ____Sandwich bags ____Frozen cherries (6) ____Beef Broth (4) ____Sweet potatoes (2) ____Snack size bags ____Frozen peas/carrots (7) ____Vegetable Broth (4) ____Corn (6) ____Quart freezer bags ____Frozen green beans (3) ____Chicken Noodle Soup (12) ____Pineapple tidbits (12) ____Gallon freezer bags ____chopped broccoli (8) ____Cream of Mushroom soup ____Applesauce (6) ____Gallon bags ____Frozen corn (9) (12) ____Grape Jelly (4) ____Paper Towels ____Vegetable medley (6) ____Cream of Chicken soup (18) ____Fruit cups for lunches (20) ____Napkins ____Stir Fry Vegetables (3) ____Tomato soup (12) ____Garbonzo beans (2) ____Bleach ____Quick meals (flautas, ____Cream of Celery soup (2) ____Kidney beans (4) ____Toilet Bowl Cleaner taquitoes, pizza rolls, ____Raman Noodle Soup ____Red beans (6) ____Deodorant bagel bites) ____Chicken Soup Base (6) ____White beans (6) ____Canning jar lids ____Ravioli/ Stuffed shells (3) ____Beef Soup Base (6) ____Pinto beans (6) ____Food Saver bags ____Chicken cordon bleu 27 ____Black beans (6) ____Refried beans (12) Meats Baking Needs Oils/Spices Fresh Produce/Breads ____Roast Beef (20 lb for ____Salt ____Flour Tortillas canning) ____Baking Powder (3) ____Grapeseed Oil (4 pints) ____Egg Roll Skins ____Hamburger (15 lb) ____Baking Soda (6) ____Canola Oil (4 quarts) ____Bread ____Hamburger for canning ____Baking Cocoa (3) ____Sunflower or Safflower Oil (10 lbs) ____Corn Starch (3) (4) ____Chow Mein Pork ____Dough Enhancer (6) ____Olive Oil (4 gallons) ____Bacon ____Molasses (2) ____Turkey breast ____Chocolate chips (4) Spices ____Ground Turkey (2 lb) ____Bread crumbs _________________________ ____Chicken Breasts (20) ____Powdered Buttermilk (6) _________________________ ____Chicken pieces (10 ____Canned Milk - 5 oz (12) _________________________ Meals – 2 cups each) ____Coconut Milk (4) _________________________ ____3 cups diced ham (3 lb) ____Slivered almonds _________________________ ____Sandwich Meats (1 ½ ____Almond Milk (8) lbs each – divided into ____Vanilla flavoring 3 packs) ____Almond flavoring
    • Grocery List – Bulk purchases (warehouse clubs, Honeyville grain, cannery) Breads/Meats Refrigerated foods Canned Foods Paper Goods ____White Bread ____Grated cheddar cheese ____Canned Chili (8) ____Toilet paper ____Wheat Bread (10 lb) ____Refried Beans (12) ____Paper towels ____Bagels ____Grated mozzarella ____Black Beans (8) ____Napkins ____Croissants Cheese (10 lb) ____Canned corn (6) ____Ziploc baggies ____Sliced Mozzarella (24) ____Canned beans (8) ____Plastic utensils ____Eggs ____Canned chicken (25) ____Paper plates ____Deli ham (3 meals) ____Butter (8 lb) ____Canned turkey ____Deli turkey (3 meals) ____Sliced sandwich cheese ____Canned chicken broth ____Computer ink ____Deli Salami (3 meals) ____Bacon (4) (15 cans) ____Roast ____Frozen chicken breasts ____Peaches (24 quarts) ____Hamburger (15 lb) ____Mango Salsa Produce Dehydrated Dry Foods Health Food Store Foods/Snacks ____Baking Potatoes ____Peanut Butter (10 lb) ____Quinoa ____Golden Potatoes ____Pistachios ____Jasmine Rice (50 lb) ____Red Quinoa ____Yellow Onions ____Almonds (whole) ____Basmati Rice (50 lb) ____Amaranth ____Avocados ____Almonds (slivered) ____Spaghetti ____Spelt ____Tomatoes ____Cashews ____Egg Noodles (Home ____Pro-Vita Mix ____Bananas ____Pine Nuts style) – 3 meals ____Rainbow Rotinni (10 lb) ____Alfalfa for sprouting ____Apples ____Dehydrated blueberries ____Oranges ____Dehydrated cherries ____Elbow macaroni (20 lb) ____Barley for sprouting ____Grapefruit ____Dehydrated mangoes ____Brown Sugar (20 lb) ____Coconut oil ____Lemons ____Craisins ____Powdered Sugar (20 lb) ____Safflower oil ____Pineapple ____Raisins ____Sugar (180 lb) ____Flax seed oil ____Grapes ____Dried plums ____Flour (150 lb) ____Xylitol ____Pears ____Yeast (6) ____Stevia (2) ____Real Salt (50 lb) ____Braggs Liquid Aminos ____Chocolate chips (4) ____Powdered Vitamin C ____Chicken soup base (6) ____Acidophilus ____Beef Soup base (6) ____Real Salt ____Pure Maple Syrup (2) ____Instant potatoes (2 ____Flax Seed Meal Boxes) ____Pumpkin Seed ____Rice pilaf mix (6) ____Sesame Seed ____Potato Soup Mix (2) ____Chia Seed ____Instant Breakfast (6) ____Bulk Herbs Honeyville Grain ____Sugar (180 lb) Laundry/Household ____Laundry Soap ____Wheat ____Gluten (3 cans) Cleaning ____Pre-Spot Remover ____Rolled Oats (25 lb) ____Dehydrated fruits ____Window Cleaner ____Fabric Softener ____Quick Oats (25 lb) _________________ ____Surface Cleaner ____Color safe bleach ____Multi-grain mix (20 ) ________________ ____Tub and Tile Cleaner ____ Band-aids ____Popcorn (50 lb) ____Dehydrated veges ____Solvent cleaner ____Cracked Wheat __________________ ____Disinfectant (50 lb) __________________ ____Dishwasher Soap ____Honey (50 lb) ____Powdered Milk (150 lb) ____Dish Soap ____Dry Beans ____Multi-purpose cleaner ____Hand liquid soap