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Sai kirana store

  1. 1. COMPARISION <br />FROM PPT SURVEY<br />MARKET POTENTIAL<br />As per research there prevail huge competition among the kirana stores and super market ,so growth of our store in city will increase because of our effective marketing strategy and timely customer services. <br />Thus sales will increase continuously in coming years.<br />MARKET OPPORTUNITY<br /><ul><li>Market is growing with a rapid rate so it’s a great opportunity to enter in the</li></ul>market where demand is increasing drastically.<br /><ul><li>As increase in population from last 10 years,size of family also increases as a result of it demand for kirana products also high.
  2. 2. Country is going through recessionary period so people are on tight budget,</li></ul>which is a great opportunity for our business to offer discounts,low price on seasonable products to attract our consumers.<br /><ul><li>This business sales is high between august to December as navaratri,diwali,rakhshabandhan,cristmas etc falls during these months so they are also known as peak months of business.
  3. 3. Due to the increase in demand of customer now our super kirana store is focusing on storing package food ,ready made packed masala,even our brand products with high quality such as mango juice and shrikhand in summer.</li></ul>I. Barriers to Entry:<br />Market is highly competitive, so no such barriers exist in the industry.<br />J. Regulations:<br />No such regulations except license required from animator of the character which will be<br />used in printing.<br /> TARGET AUDIENCE<br />Since our business is of grocery store,so our primary target audience will be :<br />Demographics<br />Primary target:<br /> Home made and working women.<br />Secondary target<br />All class of society.<br />Our target market for super kirana stores are women.<br />Total population of Ahmedabad is 3,959,432 and our target audience(home made and working women) is 9,89,858 .<br />COMPITITION<br />After the market research for super kirana store location I found very good opportunity in grocery store nearby prahalad nagar area as large number of residential project are under construction and I notice that there is only star bazaar as a big retail store which is too far from that place and no other small or super store still no entered into market area.<br />So as per survey there is no other super kirana store compititior exist .As a result of which sai super kirana store has a great opportunity to expand and establish a good credit among the customers.<br /> <br /> MARKET NICHE<br />Our Niche market is concentrated to all sector or people who buys grocery. But specially targeted to women as they are one who look after the kitchen budget of family. <br /> MARKETING STRATEGY<br /><ul><li>Basic strategy of our business is to launch our own brand products like “Tal papdi”, “Chikki”, Mango Ras, Shrikhand etc at low price and high quality to attract custumers by price competition.
  4. 4. By the coming of the month, we will launch customized products to cater to the need of every individual customer.
  5. 5. Later on we will come up with point system for complementary gifts to regular purchase base customers.
  6. 6. VALUE PREPOSITION</li></ul>Our core value proposition is that we will add value to our product by providing<br />matchless varieties of glocery with all brands with easy mode of cash transactions at comparatively low prices.<br /> b) Branding<br />We position our selves as a brand, which gives quality products at fairly low prices with efficient services and continuous value addition to our products with<br />innovative ideas for sales growth.<br /> c) Marketing Objectives<br />Image ourselves as a brand with competitive edge<br />To offer continuous value added products to our customers<br />To achieve our financial target<br />Set a benchmark in industry as a cost leader through minimization of waste and<br />improve performance.<br />d) Strategy<br /><ul><li>Meet the demands of market and supply demanded goods on time without any</li></ul> barrier or hurdle<br />Offer excellent products at low price<br />Make products according to the needs of the customer<br />Give good hassle-free ambiance for shopping, which will help the business and<br /> give edge over rivals<br />Develop a consumer friendly store environment and decoration, which will attract<br /> People to change their perception and diverted to our store.<br /> MARKETING BUDGET<br />YEARMARKETING & PROMOTION (INR)2009 – 201050,0002010 - 201160,0002011 - 201250,000<br /> SWOT ANALYSIS OF SUPER KIRANA STORE<br />STRENGTH<br />Huge Product Line with variations.<br />Business will have longer hours and better prices as compared to<br />competitors.<br />Discounts cupon are available for repeat buying.<br />Expertise in getting new products to the market quickly<br />Expertise in providing good customer service<br />teleservices facility could be a competitive edge over similar rivals<br />Customization available for individual customers<br />WEAKNESS<br /><ul><li>Stock keeping is difficult.
  7. 7. More Brands are available so customer get confused.
  8. 8. Marketing expense in the start will be huge, to establish brand name required
  9. 9. lot of advertising.</li></ul>OPPORTUNITY<br /><ul><li>Package goods are in huge demand so adding value in this category will be the great advantage.
  10. 10. High population rate since past years is another opportunity for increasing sales of grocery.
  11. 11. To grow as hyper market.</li></ul>THREAT<br /><ul><li>The super store shops are mostly have rented space, the rents are now increasing.
  12. 12. Differences in consumer buying behavior and taxation laws.
  13. 13. People are more conscious for pricing due to recession and going for discounts.</li></ul> MARKETING MIX<br /><ul><li>Product :
  14. 14. We present an extensive range of products that are of different brands. There are package food product with better quality. Seasonable product are also at wide range.
  15. 15. Products are as follows :
  16. 16. Staple food : We offer an exceptional range of rice,wheat….
  17. 17. Bakery products : We offer breads of various forms and brands,which are of good quality.
  18. 18. Pulses : Wide range of different pulses
  19. 19. Dry fruits : There are different types of dry fruits with an attractive packaging
  20. 20. Beverages
  21. 21. Refrigerated Items : Fresh refrigerator products.
  22. 22. Price :</li></ul>Penetration Pricing : will be the pricing strategy for our business, so we try to give good quality at low price to penetrate in the market and try to achieve higher sales volume to set low price and better quality strategy. Once we achieve this objective then try to charge higher price for our customized products for value addition.<br />c)Place : Prahlad nagar garden Ahmedabad<br /><ul><li>Promotion :