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  1. 1. To whom it may concern,It is my great pleasure to recommend Raluca Tamboi for the position of MC VP OutgoingGCDP AIESEC in Romania 2013-2014.I have been working with Raluca for the last 8 months and it’s been a great experience untilnow. What I appreciate the most is her strategic understanding and her willingness to alignevery action on the area with the organizational values. Moreover, she has good interpersonalskills that facilitate her interaction within the team.Raluca is defined by a set of own values that represent herself, deep sense of responsibilityand commitment to the team and to the results, aspects that I find essentials for an MCmember. As an MCVP OG GCDP, I am sure that she will have the opportunity to enrich hervisionary and strategic thinking now at the middle of the construction of AIESEC 2015 andalso to develop her Entrepreneurial Outlook, Global Mindset and Proactive Learningcompetencies. Moreover, I consider her a valuable member for the MC team and the perfectAIESEC ambassador for the external environment.Last but not least, she’s the person who can bring energy to the team in times of distress,being able to catalyze the team dynamics into alignment and synergy. I’ve always believedthat Raluca has the potential to overcome herself and she has proven this through results,attitude and a continuous growth in self-confidence and self-acknowledgement. Raluca is forsure an example of what AIESEC stands for and a role-model for generations to come.To conclude with, I truly believe that Raluca Tamboi is a suitable candidate for the position ofMCVP OG GCDP in AIESEC Romania for the term 2013-2014.Regards,Marian KnupMCVP International Internships 2012-2013Marian.knup@gmail.com+40745249562
  2. 2. To whom it may concern, This endorsement stands as a personal recommendation for Raluca Țâmboi to becomethe next MC VP oGCDP 2013/2014 in AIESEC Romania. Raluca has been my colleague and close friend as VP International Internships inAIESEC Galați 2012/2013. She has always been a reliable person and ready to makeeverything in order to improve herself and bring knowledge in her LC. Since the beginning of her term, Raluca has grown up a lot and proved herself a verycapable VP. As a team colleague, she has always been a person that was team-oriented andsupported us personally and professionally. She was the first one to take attitude, the first oneto start an initiative from national level, the first one to contribute to the team’s overallperformance. Raluca was that person that was aware of her strengths and also of the pointsshe has to work on. However, this was something that made her work even more than the restof us and be connected with the other LCs that could help her improve on different aspects. She was actually not only working to find solutions and perform on her area, but alsoto bring knowledge on organizational development. I remember her approaching me manytimes and asking me about how things work in LC Cluj, how we do certain things and whatthe expected results are. Her desire to improve is something that actually inspired the othervice presidents to want more from their term. Ralu was a model for the InternationalInternships area, on different aspects. I haven’t worked with her in the same LC, but as far as I know and heard, she was areliable EB member that supported her colleagues and always strived for more. One thing isfor sure: she will be always willing to learn new things and never limit herself to the commontasks, no matter her main responsibilities. Being a fast learner, bringing positive attitude in ateam, always in search of performance and improvement, Ralu is a person you would like tohave in your team. All in all, Raluca is a person that would bring added as MC VP oGCDP in AIESECRomania 2013/2014, by building up a strong team and striving for performance and unity. Cristina Podaru Vice President International Internships, AIESEC Cluj-Napoca 2012/2013
  3. 3. Indrit Sholla - indrit.sholla@aiesec.net , shola.int@gmail.com+30 698 6292357 - Aeroporou Papanastasiou 22, Athens GreeceTo Whom It May Concern:Dear AIESEC Romania,I am writing this letter to recommend Raluca Tamboi for the position of MC VP OutgoingGCDP in AIESEC Romania. I know Raluca from the GCDP program i participated lastsummer in LC Galati where she had the position of LCVP OG. The duration of this projectwas 6 weeks. During all these period I collaborated with Raluca many times not only in thearea of OGX but for other issues too. Even though I was a trainee there I had a special relationwith all the Executive Board of AIESEC Galati regarding that I have an AIESEC background.I should mention here that i was present in all the LC Meetings they held plus one nationalconference and one local conference i participated as part of delegation of AIESEC Galati.I believe that Raluca is suitable for this position because of her practical skills. First of all,Raluca is an energetic person who smiles every time and spread positive energy to theenvironment around her. Very prepared and organized when it comes to OG affairs. A verytalented, organized and flexible person. Always taking her responsibilities for failures andachievements. An open minded person who scan the environment for new opportunities andready to seize them. At the request of Raluca I had the chance to take part in the promotionplan of the OG GCDP/GIP team for a summer project they were running. There I realize thereal potential of Raluca. She has clear ideas and she knows what she want. She takeseverything step by step and analyze every detail that can affect the project she is working on.After making a detailed analyze she distributed every task to the right person because sheknows how to manage a team. Raluca has a special attribute, she always try to involve newand innovative solution to every problem.Concluding, I highly recommend Raluca as the appropriate person for this position as result ofall I mentioned above. For farther or more detailed information I am available and in yourdisposal in every moment. Do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,Indrit Sholla
  4. 4. To whom it may concern,This letter is my personal recommendation for Ana Raluca Tamboi, applying for MC VPOutgoing GCDP 2013-2014 in AIESEC Romania.I started working with Raluca at the beginning of April 2012 and doing so I got and I am stillgetting the best AIESEC experience, she is a great person, she is there when you need her,and she always has a good advice for everybody. As a leader, as a member in AIESEC Galatishe is one person to be admired, she is professional when she has to be and she knows to havefun also, she knows how to motivate her team members and does a great work with the teamleaders. I remember when I first got in AIESEC, I was just a simple member, 1 month old inthe organization, and I applied for a team leader position, she trusted me that I would do agood work and she guided me through the steps of become a proper team leader, now it istime for me, for all of us to trust her to lead the organization even further.She is one great person to be lead by, even thow sometimes she has her moments when sheacts bossy, but deep down inside she is a good person, and yes those moments are neededbecause sometimes people don’t want to do their job, sometimes she acts like a manager, andpeople think that is a bad thing, well I don’t, sometimes you have to impose yourself in frontof others if you want to get results, I am sure that Steve Jobs didn’t got Apple to be the bestknown product on the market by being fluffy and such.Working with her is a great pleasure everyday, her energy and her sense of humor makeworking with her a joy. I recommend her for MCVP International Internships, and I assureyou that you have made the best choice there is ! You will see AIESEC Romania grow withRaluca at your site.Sincerely,Manea Victor-IonutTeam Leader GIP 2012-2013 in AIESEC Romania, LC Galati
  5. 5. Galaţi, Romania, of December, 2012To whom it may concern. Endorsement letter for Ana-Raluca Ţâmboi It gives me great honor to recommend Ms. Ana-Raluca Ţâmboi for theposition of Vice President Outgoing GCDP in AIESEC Romania for 2013–2014 term. I have known Raluca since she joined AIESEC Galaţi in October2010 and since then she continuously proved to be a competent anddedicated member which has contributed to the growth of the localcommittee. First contact with Raluca was 2 years ago, and my first impression forher was either she likes too much people that are staying near her, eithershe’s in love with me. After working in 3 different teams with her, 2 projectsand 1 EB term, I discovered that she loves people that are around her, sheis determined to change humans lifes no matter how. She believes that’’exchange’’ through AIESEC is the most impactful change in a student mind,but also she is the most happiest person even when somebody has learnedsomething new, and has improved his/her life after a wise-advice that camefrom her. I believe that AIESEC Romania needs a person like her, that has asmuch courage as a person that jumps with a parachute for the first time;that cares much more about people and organization than herself; that isdetermined to search the entire world for an answer; that is sincere andhonest with everybody and fulfill everytime her promises. AIESECly, ----------------------------------------------- Adrian Radion, Local Committee Vice President Communication AIESEC in Galaţi 2012-2013