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5. general answers

  1. 1. MCVP Outgoing GCDP 2013-2014 General Questions 1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014? I would like you to know that AIESEC is the best thing that has ever happened to me. In my 2 yearsof activity I have experienced an extraordinary development. Here is learned to think big, to want more,to be great and to change the world. For me the AIESEC experience that I have had this far has been challenging and yet enjoyable. Ithas taught me a great deal and really developed me as a person, but I still believe that I have notlearned and experienced all of what AIESEC can offer me. That is why I have decided to go a step furtherto take on a bigger challenge and apply for the MC of 13/14 as this will in my opinion not only developme further, but also test me to the limits. 2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC? In theory, Leadership is "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal". The leader may ormay not have any formal authority. Students of leadership have produced theories involving traits,situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, amongothers. Somebody whom people follow: somebody who guides or directs others. So, I don’t really believe that World & Romania is expecting a type of leadership from AIESEC. Iconsider that leadership is something that you create through your way of being. For me, leadership isthe growth and development of people, is something special in you is something that you believe in andyou strive for it to become better and better in the way that you feel comfortable. Whatever kind ofleader you are, you should be a good one.
  2. 2. 3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania? Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant? Strong Weak  Subprograms  Decrease of exchange  Numbers of TMP/TLP numbers  The Human resource is working for  Our LCs don’t know how exchange plan (safe / unrealistic  Monthly profit planning )  MC financial stability  Nobody reached their  2 International conferences planned objectives  Network visibility  The Exchange has not been legalized  Quarterly planning  Quality of TMP/TLP  LC consultant  Losing the summer peak for exchange  NPS testing by AI => visibility &quality  Lack of implementation of OGX recruitments  Matching bottlenecks Opportunities Threats  Partnerships with different companies and  A small market of students with second organizations language excellent  Internship accreditation at Universities  Low quality on GCDP internships  Romania – UE Country  Competitive market in the NGOs sector  EVS  Economical crisisAnalyzing the Weak points of AIESEC Romania we can notice that the organization has to be orientedtowards quality and taking action. Considering our exchange orientation I believe it’s time to focus onthe quality of products we deliver and the quality of our members. In order to increase our relevance inthe society I believe we need to open up to the external environment to a higher decree. It’s highlyimportant to know our market but it’s even more important for the market to know us by the quality ofour products.My opinion is that the LCs in the country need to be educated to strive forexcellence not just settle with the concept that volunteering is enough. There is athin line between real development and volunteering just for the sake of it and Ithink that we are all aware on which side we need to be.
  3. 3. 4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievements from 2010 and key things that should happen in the next 3 years. I consider that the most important thing in the next term is to continue what MC 12/13 started. The fact that our final product is Exchange but this should be clear for every member. Every AIESEC Romania member should understand why are we doing Exchange. Also we should continue with One Team vision because this make us believe that we are not singles…we work in a big Team with special people who can always help us. • Growing physical & virtual reach • AIESEC to become a larger platform, to engage more young people with AIESEC, our purpose and our values, through more connection apart from Global Youth directly join in our core programs, thus involving more incredible and Voice diversified youth voice. • Collaborative environment • Cross-generation impact Positive • More focus on product evolution for empowering high-quality AIESEC impact experience • Across sectors • To be market leader in developing responsible & entrepreneurial leadership First-chioce • To have collaborative market presence, common value in relation and active customer engagement partnerEngage & Develop Every Young People in the WorldAs a value-based platform driven by youth, AIESEC 2015 strives for greater relative impact for the youth,for the cross-sector external partners and for the society. AIESEC will become a platform closelyconnected to the world and society through more diverse way, including engaging more youth, drivingcollaboration with external customers and cross-generation impact on society.
  4. 4. Key achievements Things that should happen in the next 3 yearsMindset on Exchange - We need something that is Mindset on Exchange - the results will be visiblepowerful in the Market who makes us more starting April as the education stage took its time.recognized about our purpose and place in the Even though it took a while Im sure education willworld yield the expected resultsEngagement stage - The main advantage of EwA is Engagement stage - the LCs need to understandthe fact that it facilitates the recruitment process the advantages of this stage by analyzing itsthroughout better advertising and early effects in Galati, where it has been successfullypreparation. Better advertising is obtain when applied. Once they acknowledge its usefulness Iinstead of a brief 5 minutes chat over an info-desk am sure they will adapt ityou get to show potential AIESEC members someof the things they are going to learn and the wayday are going to learn it. Instead of losing a coupleof weeks after the recruitment process to preparethe new members you now have to work withpeople who have already been acquainted toAIESEC.NPS – the reason is to provide better experiences. NPS - the implementation of the NPS in all theWe can measure quality in our delivery and LCs and a centralized analysis at National level willunderstanding what people wants. help us evaluate the quality of our organization 5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for2013 – 2014 term (have in mind the connection between our products and external environment).  National preparation plan for TMP/TLP wanna be  Transition plan for every TL  Create relevant projects for the external environment: it fulfills the student’s needs, it’s easier promoted, gets more support. =>AIESEC gets branded as provider of a certain type of projects and TMP & TLP is searched by students for that certain field.  Goal setting system: members motivated,
  5. 5. aware of their strengths, not afraid to take leadership opportunities and prepared to have initiative in the organization.  Engagement stage  ASSESSMENT!  Search for countries that have projects in the same period as we do, in this way we can establish international partnerships both on incoming and outgoing GCDP.  Strategic partnerships at local level (NGOs, cultural center, Erasmus, Work and Travel ) GIP & GCDP  National Cultural preparation, ICPS  Knowledge about supply and demand.  Targeted recruitments.  For GIP Incoming we should focus to know better our market, the platform what EPs are available, with which because we should know what we can. 6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014 term? Describe which will be the key milestones you commit to strive for during next term.Firstly, I see AIESEC Romania as a powerful organization, as an organization recognize by institutions forall the effort it’s determining every day in develop sustainably initiatives in our country.Secondly, I see a country united in action, hardworking who spends time both planning and acting(because acting without planning is as useless as planning without acting), where teamwork helps usbuild the world we want to live in. This can seem a dream but I am sure that starting now and continuingwhat the current MC start we can build this future for our lovely organization.Key milestones:  National direction for intense member preparation with focus on attitude and mindset on exchange  Each LC to have clear and concrete objectives  Individual LC tracking  Recruitment alignment  Orientation on outgoing because this is the sector where our programs should be market leaders
  6. 6. 7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why.In 2014, thanks to a significantly increase on GIP & GCDP both numerically and NPS wise, AIESECRomania received the UBS. We all know that we have been very close to winning this prize for sometime now, as we had excellent results with TMP and TLP experiences, our financial resources wereplentiful and the organization was recognized as the strongest in the country throughout the numerousexternal prizes we had received during the years. The only things we have been missing in comparisonto other countries were the quality and numbers of the exchange, both incoming and outgoing. We oweour previous MC everything, because they were the ones who had to courage to change the nationaldirection towards exchange, Continuing in this direction, we managed to increase the figures, butimportantly not just a few LCs sustain these figures, all our LCs share their contributions, thanks toobjectives and good directions set by each LC.