Manchester united soccer club(musc) presentation


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Manchester united soccer club(musc) presentation

  2. 2. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)Introduction: This case is mainly about organizing a big event not merely just an event, but a profitable event. The story revolves around a football club in England (MUSC) Manchester United Soccer Club, which was in its early years of development .The club’s aim was to bring recreational players to a higher level of competition and prepare them for big events. At that time arranging tournament amongst the different clubs was becoming a popular method for fund-raising. Therefore, the board of directors of the MUSC also decided to hold such type of tournament. For this purpose, Nicolette Larson was chosen the tournament directors and was given the responsibility of organizing the club’s first tournament.
  3. 3. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)Situation Analysis – Problem identification: the idea was not bad by the board of directors of the club to host a tournament, for additional fund-raising. The club was running scholarship program .The soccer fields owned by the club at the Rock Ramon soccer complex also needed to be renovated and expanded, besides other expenditures. Therefore the idea was not bad by the board of directors of the club to host a tournament, for additional fund-raising. A meeting was arranged comprising the directors and the tournament organizing committee, and matters were discussed and different opinions were given, about the nature of the tournament which was going to be organized.
  4. 4. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) As the club was arranging the tournament for the first time, therefore there were many matters which demanded people attention. At the meeting, Nicolette Larson, the tournament director, received several suggestions by her members. One member stressed the need of qualified referees. Another proposed that the playing fields of other colleges must be used. There were suggestion on issue like tournament fees, screening of teams and their uniforms. As, this was the first tournament of its kind, therefore everyone wanted it to be perfect.
  6. 6. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) Q1. Make a list of the major deliverables for the project and use them to develop a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament that contains three levels of detail. What are the major deliverables associated with hosting an event such as a soccer tournament? ANS=The list of the major deliverables for the project and a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament is as follows:
  7. 7. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) 1.MUSC 1.1 1.2 Playing 1.4 Match Registration 1.3 Sponsers 1.5 Rewards Fields Officials Of Teams 1.5.1 Medals 1.5.3 1.2.1 1.1.1 1.1.2 Rules 1.2.2 making 1.2.3 Nets 1.4.1 1.4.3 to every 1.5.2 certificates 1.1.3 Entry choosing 1.3.1 T- 1.3.2 1.3.3 Closing 1.4.2 Ball screening and proper for goal Referee(qual Scorers/Tim member of Winning for best Fees proper Shirts Football Ceremony pickers(age limits) Regulations allignment posts ified) e checkers winning trophy performanc ground team e Best Main Match Time Halves Media Goal keeper Walk Top Dee out Sideline scorer Player of the Offside Penalty spot tournament Best Centre ball picker
  8. 8. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)WBS CODING:1 MUSC:1.1 Registration of Teams: 1.1.1 Screening (age limit) 1.1.2 Entry fees 1.1.3 Rules and regulations Match time Walk out1.2 Planning fields: 1.2.1 choosing proper ground Halves Dee Penalty spot Centre 1.2.2 Making proper alignment 1.2.3 Nets for goal posts
  9. 9. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) 1.3 Sponsors: 1.3.1 T-shirts 1.3.2 Football 1.3.3 Closing ceremony Media1.4 Match Officials: 1.4.1 Referee(qualified) Main Sideline 1.4.2 Ball pickers 1.4.3 Scorers/ Time checkers
  10. 10. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)1.5 Rewards: 1.5.1 Medals to every members of winning team 1.5.2 Winning trophy 1.5.3 Certificate for best performance Best goal keeper Top scorer Player of the tournament Best ball picker
  11. 11. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)Q2. How would developing a WBS alleviate some of theproblems that occurred during the first meeting and helpNicolette organize and plan the project?ANS= A WBS provides a launching pad for any project to bestarted. It helps in providing a clear plan and task breakdown. There were different opinions at the first meeting by the members; therefore developing a WBS was necessary in this regard. WBS helped in organizing a clear draft for the tournament. It also gave the information to the members, that where their place lie in the projects besides developing co-ordination between the members and giving a proper direction to Nicolette for planning the project.
  12. 12. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC)Q3. Where can Nicolette find additional information tohelp her develop a WBS for the tournament?ANS= Nicolette could consult the project managers ofthe other clubs, who have an experience arranging afootball tournament. She may also ask the people in her committee or club who have been involved in organization and participation in a tournament of the same nature. Last but not the least; she may also contact the industry organizations. This would be an additional benefit for her as she may have access not only to the referee but to the other tournament officials.
  13. 13. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) 4. How could Nicolette and her task force use the WBS to generate cost estimates for the tournament? Why would this be useful information? Nicolette and her task force could use the WBS to generate the cost estimates for the tournament.
  14. 14. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) To give the estimation to the sponsors, so as to get proper sequence accordingly. To get information about the different stages of the tournament like the awards ceremony, media involvement, T-shirts, drinks etc. As the main purpose of the tournament was to generate revenue, therefore the cost estimations would be very helpful so as to ensure whether it was really a profitable project or not. Yes, this would be useful information because by generating the cost estimates, Nicolette would know her limits and therefore, the resources would be used accordingly
  15. 15. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) CONCLUSION: After the meeting Nicolette, the tournament director, went home with several sheets of ideas based on the suggestions and opinions of the committee members. She then discussed the whole scenario with her husband, who was associated with an engineering and design firm. Her husband, comforted her that the project on which she was working was a big one and comparable to this company’s projects. He also suggested her to develop a WBS for her project, so that a proper platform would be available for the launching.
  16. 16. Manchester United SoccerClub(MUSC) RECOMMENDATIONS: Nicolette must consult the other professionals of this industry, besides going through the feasibly reports of the past tournaments. However, she must not forget to use her resources properly.