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How to manage your online reputation

Published in: Marketing
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Trip Advisor

  1. 1. Bermuda Travel Summit Managing Your Online Reputation: Part 1 Steven Paganelli, CDME Head of Destination Marketing, Americas
  2. 2. user contributions every minute unique monthly visitors* million reviews and opinions million *Source: Google Analytics, average monthly unique users, Q3 2014; does not include traffic to TripAdvisor members million
  3. 3. people view TripAdvisor content on sites other than TripAdvisor each month 500 million
  4. 4. TripAdvisor mobile: Strong and growing audience 28 downloads a minute 92 city guides 25 languages In Q3 2014, 150 million travelers downloaded the TripAdvisor apps. Source: TripAdvisor log files. Downloads include TripAdvisor, City Guides, Jetsetter, Gate Guru and City Guru apps Traffic includes tablet and phone
  5. 5. 5 Reach potential visitors worldwide Percentage of traffic (comScore, August 2014) Europe 44% Latin America 9% North America 39% Middle East & Africa 4% APAC 22%
  6. 6. Bermuda on TripAdvisor Bermuda Content on TripAdvisor: o 93 Hotels & Accommodations Listed o 303 Things to Do Listed o 170 Restaurants Listed o 6,996 Topics Discussed in Forums o 1,218+ Traveler Photos
  7. 7. TripAdvisor Users & Bermuda 2014 Bermuda Traffic on TripAdvisor: o Unique Users – 2.3 million o Page Views – 6.5 million Top 5 Country Markets o United States o Canada o United Kingdom o Italy o China o Germany o France o Australia o Brazil o Spain Top 10 US Markets o New York o Massachusetts o New Jersey o Pennsylvania o Virginia o Florida o Connecticut o California o Maryland o North Carolina
  8. 8. What is the ROI of social media?
  9. 9. Do reviews really matter? of global travelers say reviews are influential when choosing where to book89% of global hoteliers say reviews are influential in generating bookings96% Source: TripBarometer by TripAdvisor, April 2014 * Data was collected February – March 2014, based on an online survey of 10,370 representatives from accommodations in the TripAdvisor database, weighted equally by country, and 50,637 TripAdvisor website users and Ipsos online panelists who have researched their travel plans online in the last year, weighted to the known profile of the online population. Further details can be found in the TripBarometer global report.
  10. 10. Guests are visiting TripAdvisor more frequently prior to booking Source: “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance.” Chris K. Anderson, The Center for Hospitality Research. Cornell University. December 2012. Overall Reputation Management Impacts your Bottom Line Properties with stronger reputations across all channels perform better overall Higher review scores allow hotels to charge up to 11.2% more while maintaining occupancy rates
  11. 11. Reviews encourage travelers to spend more • If prices are the same, users are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with higher review scores • When prices are increased for those hotels with higher review scores, people are still likely to book • 76% of customers were willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores Source: “The Effect of Reviews on Hotel Conversion Rates and Pricing,” TrustYou, September 2014
  12. 12. Respondents are most likely to focus on recent reviews to get the freshest perspective Globally, half of TripAdvisor users reference TripAdvisor reviews before booking a hotel 80% read at least 6-12 reviews before making a decision Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013.
  13. 13. Reviews matter: When researching restaurants or local attractions on TripAdvisor, 1 in 5 (20%) users read 11+ reviews before making decision. Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013.
  14. 14. At least once a week 12% More than once a week 26% A few times a month 29% How often survey respondents use TripAdvisor Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013.
  15. 15. More than 80% of TripAdvisor travelers feel that TripAdvisor reviews help them feel more confident in their travel decisions and have a better trip Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013.
  16. 16. TAKE CONTROL
  17. 17. Use the Management Center
  18. 18. Step 1 Search for and find your organization. Step 2 Fill in details and sign in. Register to get started
  19. 19. NEW DATA! Factors driving the most traveler engagement on listings pages: Number of photos Methodology 1For the purpose of this study, TripAdvisor analyzed data for a sample of accommodation properties from the 25 most reviewed cities* on the site from 7 July to 7 August, 2014. The study reveals how review ratings change based on management response rates and the level of traveler engagement (defined as page views per session and booking enquiry clicks) relative to various content factors such as the number of reviews, photos, videos and rate of review responses from management. *Cities included in study sample are: London, Rome, Paris, New York City, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Orlando, Milan, Florence, Bangkok, San Francisco, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Edinburgh, Venice, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Dublin, Marrakech, New Orleans. (ranked by level of impact on traveler engagement1) Number of reviews in the past year Total number of reviews Management responses in the past year
  21. 21. Cornell Research: More reviews lead to higher ratings “Online Customer Reviews of Hotels: As Participation Increases, Better Evaluation Is Obtained” • Early reviews for accommodations tend to skew negative • However, as reviews increase, ratings become more positive – Terrible (rating of 1) reviews decrease by more than half – Excellent reviews grow by half • Positive reviews are more common than negative reviews – Examined over 1.28 million reviews • More than 70% had a rating of 4 or 5 • Only 15% had a rating of 1 or 2 Source: “Online Customer Reviews of Hotels: As Participation Increases, Better Evaluation Is Obtained.” Santiago Melián-González, Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal and Beatriz González López-Valcárcel. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. March 2013.
  22. 22. TripAdvisor reviews are largely positive Source: TripAdvisor. Percentage of all ratings, January 2014 48% 30% 12% 5% 5% Average Review Score: 4.12
  23. 23. Accommodations 4.45 vs. 4.37 3.5% BERMUDA REVIEW AVERAGES: 2014 vs. 2013 Eateries 4.22 vs. 4.17 3.2% Attractions 4.50 vs. 4.46 3.5%
  24. 24. Key factors that influence your popularity QUALITY
  25. 25. Key factors that influence your popularity RECENT REVIEWS
  26. 26. Key factors that influence your popularity QUANTITY
  27. 27. Track performance with Review Metrix
  28. 28. Track performance with Review Metrix
  29. 29. Use the Property Snapshot • Ratings • Rankings • Review, photo and top comments activity Key metrics to measure day- to-day performance
  31. 31. Review Express Easier than ever to ask guests to write a review on TripAdvisor! • Engage with guests after they have stayed to encourage valuable feedback for your business • Use customizable templates to easily email recent guests • Use campaign dashboard to monitor incoming reviews and optimize campaigns • It’s FREE!
  32. 32. • Located in Edinburgh • Started using automated Review Express a few months ago • “Went from 1 review a month to 3-4 per week” • Thistle Residence’s popularity on TripAdvisor has been on the rise Review Express Case Study: Thistle Residence, Quartermile Apartments
  33. 33. • Located in Asheville, NC • Review Express delivers more than half of their reviews • Those reviews contribute to TripAdvisor referring 20% of their customers • Using Review Express takes them less than 10 minutes a week • Moved from the bottom of the popularity rankings to the top 3 Review Express Case Study: BREW-ed Brewery & History Walking Tours
  34. 34. organizations have used Review Express to date 47,000+ 33% increase in reviews overall after using Review Express regularly
  35. 35.  Confirm guests’ email addresses as they arrive or leave  Send Review Express emails regularly every week  Try to reach guests sooner, rather than later (within a few days of visit)  Send earlier in the week and try to avoid weekends and holidays  More you send, more likely you will get a review! Tips for using Review Express
  36. 36. unique domains feature TripAdvisor widgets on their site105,000
  37. 37. SPEAK UP
  38. 38. Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013 Management Responses influence traveler decisions of respondents say an appropriate management response to a bad review improves my impression of the hotel. 87%of respondents say seeing a hotel management response to reviews makes me believe that it cares more about its guests. 77%
  39. 39. NEW DATA! Strong correlation between average review rating and rate of management responses Management Response Rate Ave Review Rating (out of 5 bubbles) 0% 3.81 5%-40% 40%-65% 65+% 4.04 4.05 4.15
  40. 40. NEW DATA! Hotels providing a management response to reviews are 21 percent more likely to receive a booking inquiry via TripAdvisor than those who don’t respond to any reviews. And properties that respond to over 50 percent of their reviews increase their likelihood of receiving a booking inquiry by 24 percent. (Compared to properties that do not respond to reviews)
  41. 41. Management Responses: Best Practices 1. Sign up for review notification emails 2. Read our guidelines 3. Respond promptly 4. Say “thank you” 5. Be original in reply 6. Highlight positives 7. Address specific complaints 8. Be polite and professional
  42. 42. Management Responses: Real Life
  43. 43. Question and Answers: Engage before the stay • Provide timely answers to questions travelers ask before they book – and help influence that booking decision • Introduce yourself and demonstrate your commitment to guests • Set guests’ expectations • Accommodations receive email notification when new question is asked • Questions can be answered via your property page
  44. 44. Q&A case study: The Venetian, Las Vegas • Manages Q&A with the same team that monitors TripAdvisor reviews • Uses Q&A to connect with guests before they arrive • Typically answers within 24 hours • Tries to avoid saying “no” without offering a solution
  46. 46. Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013 73% of TripAdvisor users use photos from other travelers to help them make a decision
  47. 47. NEW! Big Photo display Showcase your property • Photo-centric page layout engages potential guests • Easy upload process • Big Photo must be at least 1024 x 340 pixels • Image can be updated regularly to provide travelers with fresh content
  48. 48. Source: PhoCusWright’s “Custom Survey Research Engagement,” prepared for TripAdvisor. December 2013
  49. 49. New! Just for You feature How it works • Travelers search for hotels by destination and filter results based on travel preferences (style, location, amenities, etc.) • TripAdvisor algorithm factors in traveler’s prior TripAdvisor research and reviews • Personalized results are provided to help travelers find the best hotel based on their needs and interests
  50. 50. New! Just for You feature Benefits to hoteliers Tip: Ensure your amenities are up to date via the hotel listing page in the Management Center • A personalized and convenient way to pair travelers with the hotels that best fit their own travel needs • Another way to highlight your guest amenities • Gives travelers another highly relevant way to find your hotel
  52. 52. How to promote your awards • Add the emblem to your website • Display your award at your business • Issue a press release • Contact your local media • Post your award on Facebook and other social media outlets • Celebrate with past guests
  53. 53. of TripAdvisor members surveyed say they are more likely to use a business with a TripAdvisor endorsement on display 75% Order your TripAdvisor sticker Visit your Management Center’s “Free marketing tools” section Source: "TripAdvisor Member Survey, October 2012
  54. 54. • Received responses from more than 53,000 travelers and hoteliers from around the world • Reveals the motivations behind travelers’ vacation choices • Reports emotional differences at the various stages of a vacation and post-trip • Conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm • Twice-annual study
  55. 55. TripBarometer: The Pre-Trip Phase
  56. 56. What motivates us to travel? “Enhancing perspective” drives 71% of global travelers to vacation. Here’s what sets us apart: LATIN AMERICANS travel to meet new people. AFRICANS want to feel special and pampered. EUROPEANS want to brag about enviable experiences. MIDDLE EASTERNERS go away to experience local life. ASIANS really fall for exhilarating experiences. AUSTRALIANS seek out memorable moments. NORTH AMERICANS want to strengthen relationships with close ones.
  57. 57. Different generations, same motivations Millennials and retirees share 7 out of 8 travel motivators, and are especially aligned about wanting to enhance perspective, feel liberated and immerse themselves in local culture. The one difference: Millennials crave excitement.
  58. 58. Hook travelers when they’re excited 54% of travelers are excited when booking travel. But only 15% of businesses try to make guests feel like the vacation has already begun, and only 27% provide travel suggestions before arrival.
  59. 59. • Optimize the booking email by including list of local events and notes about local culture, local favorite dishes, etc. • Increase pre-trip communications • Segment marketing to tailor to millennials, 36% of whom are looking for excitement Pre-Trip Tips
  60. 60. TripBarometer: The Trip Phase
  61. 61. Trading exciting for fulfillment How global travelers feel during vacation Booking Arrival Stay Departure Home 54% 69% 55% 55% 31% 11% 9% 12% 19% 26% 47% 45% 7% 11% 24% 20% 25% Closer to loved ones Excited
  62. 62. • Incorporate decorations, amenities and services that are relevant to your locale and culture • Offer unique experiences • Customize outings • Provide staff picks for restaurants and attractions • Poll guests at check-out on their favorite aspects of their experience with you Tips for During the Trip
  63. 63. TripBarometer: The Post-Trip Phase
  64. 64. Travel leads to cultural enrichment Returning from vacation inspires travelers to: Be more tolerant of others Learn new language/skill Explore their own city more Focus more on relationships Become more spiritual 45% 49% 37% 30% 34% 41% 23% 31% 13% 16% Global USA
  65. 65. Don’t put away the suitcase just yet 66% of travelers are prompted to plan another trip after returning home from vacation, with the USA the most popular to follow up destination. Travelers most likely to plan a new trip right away: Brazilians Australians The British
  66. 66. Repeat after them Properties with a 75%+ repeat guest rate tend to: Reassure guests about booking Start building relationship Give exceptional service Build lasting relationship 48% 34% 49% BOOKING 48% PRE-STAY DURING STAY POST-STAY
  67. 67. • Strengthen relationships with guests by adding cultural nuggets, recipes or anecdotes to emails to inspire repeat visits • At conclusion of guest’s visit, slip a personalized letter under guest’s door or with their bill offering perks for a return visit • Prompt guests to share stories of their trip, engagement/wedding, etc. on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels Tips for Post-Stay
  68. 68. TripAdvisor Insights 7 0
  69. 69. Key Business Listings Contacts 617.600.0413 Americas Newton Marketing Acquisition Local 888.670.9230 Americas Newton Marketing Acquisition Toll-free 617.600.3498 Americas Newton Marketing Retention Local 866.708.9937 Americas Newton Marketing Retention Toll-free
  70. 70. THANK YOU
  71. 71. Source: “Where do Direct Bookings Come From?” WIHP, September 2014 • TripAdvisor is consistently one of the top sources for direct bookings • Leading source of direct bookings according to study by WHIP Top sources for direct bookings, 2011-2014
  72. 72. Business Listings: Helping hotels convert qualified travelers into paying guests • Direct contact details on your TripAdvisor property page • Special Offers – attract additional guests • Show your Special Offer on TripAdvisor mobile site and app • Exclusive additional features in the Property Dashboard Announcements and Slideshow – highlight and show off your property 1 2 3 4 5
  73. 73. Introducing TripConnect instant booking • Ease of booking – For first time ever, travelers can book with hotels without leaving the world’s largest travel site • Commission-based model – Cost-efficient, measurable way for hotels to share rate & availability information and capture a share of these bookings • No risk – Only pay when travelers stay • Direct booking benefits – Own relationship from the start
  74. 74. Early results on mobile and desktop Travelers are more willing to book when they know they can book on TripAdvisor than when they know they need to leave the site to complete their booking. Source: TripAdvisor internal data