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CV (english)

  1. 1. 12.08.2009. CURRICULUM VITAE SPECIALITY: traumatology, hand and microsurgery PERSONAL INFORMATION Title: M.D., főorvos First Name: Sándor Last Name: Szlovák Home Address: Kalauz utca 31. Postal Code: 1141 City: Budapest Country: Hungary E-mail Address: Telephone (home): +36-01-2201650 Telephone (mobile): +36-30-6688389, +36-20-9764010 Date of Birth:20.12.1969. Citizenship: hungarian Gender:male Marital Status: married Spouse’s profession: medical doctor, ophtalmologist Children: two boy, aged 14 and 16 License to practice in: EU Driving licence: B MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC DEGREES Degree Subject of Speciality, university Year Medical Doctor General medical sciences, 1988- Medical School, University of Debrecen, Hungary 1994 1st Specialisation Qualification of traumatology, 1994- Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary 1999 2nd Specialisation Qualification of hand and microsurgery, 1999- Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary 2003
  2. 2. EDUCATION (Courses and postgraduate training) From To Name and location (city of Subject or speciality Level of (year) (yea Department/Clinic of & tutor’s name course : r) University (degree,diplo ma certificate, etc.) 1993 Microbiological studies Human HPV tipization, use Certificate University of Lund, Department of PCR and RFLP of Microbiology, Sweden 2004 Department of Experimental Basic training course of Surgery, Medical School, microsurgery Certificate University of Pécs, Hungary Department of Experimental Advanced training 2005 Surgery, Medical School, course of microsurgery Certificate University of Pécs, Hungary Clinical skills, techniques, and experience Clinical skill, technique, or type of Medical condition/area of Years of experience clinical practice experience Emergency Medicine Emergency ambulance of the South 15 Pest Regional Trauma Center General Traumatology South Pest Regional Trauma Center 15 Hand and microsurgery South Pest Regional Trauma Center 11 National Trauma Institute of Hungary 6 months Specification of the main experience Unit a number of surgeries/tasks per year Cannulated hip screwing - medial femoral neck frx Appr. 50 Gamma-nailing, Ender-nailing and DHS - per- and subtrochanter Appr. 50 femoral frx Interlocked reamed or unreamed nailing - femoral shaft frx Appr. 10 Interlocked reamed or unreamed nailing - tibia shaft frx Appr. 10 AO screwing, condylar plate, ASP - proximal tibia frx Appr. 15 Fixateur externe - tibia frx Appr. 5 Goetze-cerclage, AO screwing - tibia frx Appr. 5 Pinning, screwing, AO plate - lateral malleolus frx, bi- and Appr. 40 trimalleolar frx Pinning, screwing, tension wire – frx of calcaneus, bones of the Appr. 20 foot Reconstruction plate – pelvic frx Appr. 3 Reconstruction plate - clavicula frx Appr. 2
  3. 3. Tension wire, pinning, ligamental reconstruction – Appr.5 acromioclavicular dislocation, lateral clavicula frx Pinning – proximal humerus frx Appr. 20 Intramedullary nailing, DC plate – humeral shaft frx Appr. 10 Pinning, screwing, reconstruction and AO plates – distal Appr. 5 humeral frx Tension wire, reconstruction and AO plates – frx of olecranon Appr. 15 ulnae, Monteggia-injury Pinning, screwing, resection of radial head – proximal radius frx Appr. 10 Open reposition, ligamental reconstruction, pinning – elbow Appr. 5 dislocations AO DC plate, third tube plate, intramedullary nailing – radius Appr. 20 and ulna shaft frx Supporting AO (angle fixed) plate, pinning, fixateur externe – Appr. 30 wrist frx (distal radius and ulna) Pinning, Herbert and AO screwing – scaphoid frx, other carpus Appr. 20 frx, perilunar dislocations Pinning, AO KFI screwing and plates, intraosseal wire and PDS suture, open reconstruction – metacarpal and phalangeal frx, MP Appr. 50 and IP dislocations Tension wire, screwing, pinning – frx of patella Appr. 10 Tendon suture, pull-out wire, tendon reinsertion – extensor Appr. 25 tendon injuries of the hand and other limbs Tendon suture, pull-out-wire, tendon reinsertion – flexor tendon Appr. 20 injuries of the hand and other limbs Late tendon reconstruction, one- and two staged tendon transplantation, single or multiplied tendon transposition – Appr. 10 tendon injuries, radial and other periferial nerve palsy End-to-end and other anastomosis, ligatures – vessel injuries Appr. 20 Epi-perineural suture – peripherial nerve injury Appr. 20 Combinated injuries of the upper limb, conquassation, seriously Appr. 10 injured hand Replantation and revascularization in the upper limb Appr. 2 Debridement, drainage – hand infections Appr. 70 Exstirpation - synovial cyst (ganglion) Appr. 100 Exstirpation – tumors of the hand Appr. 50 Neurolysis – tunnel syndromes Appr. 40 Partial aponeurectomy – Dupuytren’s disease Appr. 20 Synovectomy, tendon release – tenosynovitis obliterans, De- Appr. 100 Quervain-disease Recent clinical work My current employer is a regional trauma centre with 95 beds. It covers one quarter of Budapest (district IX, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII and XXIII) and the southern agglomeration of the Hungarian capital with 700 thousand inhabitants. Our mission is to treat all types of injuries, which means that the focus is on emergency cases. The second important activity of the department is to cure post-traumatic disabilities and the wide scale of musculo- skeletal system diseases. In addition to the ordinary trauma/orthopaedic section the
  4. 4. department has an intensive care unit, a neurosurgery unit, a hand surgery unit, one unit for septic cases and radiology. There is an independent ambulatory department for patient who need follow-up. My title is “főorvos” (it is identical with “consultant” in the UK system). According to the Hungarian system it is the second position under the chief of the unit, which means that has to be able to substitute him/her if it is necessary. In our department the trauma team consists of nine doctors plus the “főorvos” who reports to the chief of the unit. I got my M.D. degree in September 1994. Since then I have been working in the South- Budapest Trauma Centre (In the past the Trauma Centre was part of the Weiss Manfréd Hospital but it was merged in St. István Hospital in 1999). My role is to treat all types of acute injuries. As the leader or vice-leader of the trauma team, I often coordinate all the activities within the department. Beside dealing with emergencies, I often perform operations on the acutely injured musculo-skeletal system, abdomen and thorax. According to my qualification, my profession is to operate the seriously injured hands. Beside the acute trauma care my second important activity is hand surgery. I perform operations on post-traumatic hand disabilities and other chronic hand diseases (e.g. tunnel syndromes, Dupuytren’s disease, tumours etc.) as well. Although my main post is in the the hospital, I have been working at a one day surgery department once a week for two years. I have hand ambulance there, where I examine and in case of necessity and/or possibility operate patients with various hand diseases. I perform 200-300 operations annually. According to the above mentioned the great majority of them are hand surgery (osteosyntheses of fractures, reconstruction of tendon lacerations, articular-ligamental injuries and the injuries of nerves and vessels using micro surgical techniques). I’m an experienced user of AO methods and other osteosyntheses (e.g. pinning, DC-plate and other plates, intramedullary nailing, DCS, fixateurs). In the focus of my interest is the seriously injured hand and the hand infections. I am also interested in the management of the polytraumatised patient. LANGUAGES Spoken Written Mother tongue Native Native English good good German basic basic Other non-exist non-exist
  5. 5. Employment From To Employer (Hospital, xxx, Location Position (year) (year) Section) (City) (type of Job) September December Weiss Manfréd Hospital, Budapest, Trauma 1994 1999 Department of Traumatology Hungary surgeon South-Pest Trauma Center December Till now St. István Hospital, Department of Budapest, Leading 1999 Traumatology Hungary trauma South-Pest Trauma Center surgeon PRESENTATIONS Name of the publication and name of Congress. 1995 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Diagnostics of the shoulder in our practice (oral presentation); 2nd award for young presenter 1996 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Eye injuries and trauma surgeon (oral presentation) 1997 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Ankle fracture and temporal talocrural fixation (oral presentation) 1998 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology How we cure the neglected hand inflammation? (oral presentation) 1999 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Diabetic arhtropathy and ankle fractures (oral presentation) 1999 Congress of Hungarian Society of Podiatry Charcot-foot and trauma surgeon (oral presentation) 2001 Congress of Hungarian Society of Hand Surgery Rare ligamental (DTML) hand injury (oral presentation); 2nd award for young presenter 2002 Congress of Hungarian Society of Hand Surgery Bacterial spectrum in hand inflammation and antibiotic treatment in our practice (oral presentation) 2002 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Functional outcome followed hand inflammation (oral presentation) 2004 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Good functional result followed upper arm amputation by lacerational mechanism (case study, oral presentation) 2004 Congress of Hungarian Society of Hand Surgery Buerger-disease in the hand surgeon’s hand (oral presentation) 2005 Congress of Hungarian Society of Hand Surgery Present financial background of hand surgery and hand ambulances in Hungary (oral presentation) 2006 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Role of CT in the diagnostics of proximal intraarticular tibia fractures (oral presentation) 2006 Congress of Hungarian Society of Traumatology Evolution of tibia (oral presentation)
  6. 6. 2007 Scientific Forum of the St. István Hospital, Present possibilities of hand surgery and the Budapest future (oral presentation) 2009 Congress of Hungarian Society of Treatment of extremely large tissue lack Traumatology caused by train crash with vacuum assisted closure therapy (oral presentation) International experience During the medical studies I had two fellowships. The first was in Soria, Spain, where I worked in an internal medicine ward six weeks long. The second was in Malmö, Sweden. I spent six weeks in the Departement of Virology (University of Lund). I studied the identification and differentiation of HPV viruses there. Thanks to this it was very easy to create the scientific study, which is indispensable requirement of the medical degree. Future plans for clinical work Because of my qualification and interest, in favourable circumstances I would like to work in the field of traumatology and hand surgery as well. In spite of this, if it’s necessary I’m disposed to choose between them. Accordingly the above mentioned, I have more experiences in the “trauma side” of the surgery of the musculosceletal system. That’s why I’m ready to improve my knowledge in orthopaedic surgery. I will be able to start work at the and of this summer. In case of bilateral satisfaction (both of the employer and me) I’ going to live and work at the selected employer for years. Interests and hobbies I am not an “all time doctor”, on the contrary I have got a wide sphere of interest. I am keen on sports: I usually go to work by bicycle, play squash and/or badminton two-three times a week. In holidays we make longer tours by bike in Hungary and abroad as well. I am a fanatic book reader, I prefer historical, geographical books and science fiction. The family is very important for me, I feel myself most comfortably with my wife and our sons. Family
  7. 7. My wife is a medical doctor (ophthalmologist) too, and her plans are equal as mines.We have got two boys, aged 14 and 16. We imagine our future together. It would be great for our children to attend to an english speaking school. Computer skills I am advanced user of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and the internet.