ATEX and DSEAR Services - Preventing Accidents in the Workplace


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Preventing Accidents in the Workplace is an IPPTS Report which discusses a whole range of workplace safety issues and solutions. It includes, preventing accidents, causes of workplace accidents, and developing a workplace safety culture.

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ATEX and DSEAR Services - Preventing Accidents in the Workplace

  1. 1. Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents In The Workplace The CULTURE of SAFETY and How to Implement ItSTEVE SYMES steve@ippts.comPrincipal and DSEAR Services Co.
  2. 2. WORKPLACE SAFETY – PREVENTING ACCIDENTS IN THE WORKPLACEWorkplace Safety – Preventing accidents about four times higherAccidents In The Workplace than a workplace that is hazardous. To increase workplaceThe Culture of Safety and How to safety, the following will help.Implement It 5 chapters of information and safety improving ideas and suggestions, to help you improve your workplace’s safety record for the good of all. Introduction What you will learn from this document: 1# Principles of Accident prevention: We discuss taking risks, making shortcuts, safety handbooks and other guidance, the dangers of "winging it" at work, and planning for safety.Big accidents are prevented by #2 The Top Causes of 10small precautions. It is also a fact, Workplace Injuries: People falldumb acts are likely to cause victim to very common workplace 2
  3. 3. injuries every day. With simple In our last section and followingprecautionary measures though, the creed that workplace safety isyou can diminish the chances that the right of every employee,your employees will meet whether they are working inaccidents while at work. In this relatively safe environments or inchapter we describe the top 10 workplaces that constantly exposeworkplace injuries them to physical and health hazards. Learn and apply these#3 A Checklist For Making The tips and you will be well on theWorkplace Crime And Violence way to a better safety record inProof: Learn the overall your business.requirement for a safe workplacein which all employees look out for DISCLAIMER: We have taken careeach other has not got a chance of to use only general principles hereworking properly. and avoid Safety Industry and safety professionals language. All#4 Workplace Safety – Tips On readers must ensure that they useManual Lifting: Lifting objects is the safety regulations which applycommon when performing a task locally. The contents of thisand a huge number of hours are document cover generallost due to back injury, so all considerations andoffices need to understand the non-professional opinions only.simple techniques which we allmust use to avoid injuring This information is provided "asourselves. Beyond ordinary files in is". The author, publishers andboxes, there are many items that marketers of this informationare moved around every day in the disclaim any loss or liability, eitherworkplace, often without the use of directly or indirectly as alifting aids. In the section your will consequence of applying thelearn the basic precautions to information presented herein, or inprotect you back, and which you regard to the use and applicationneed to pass on to others at work. of said information. No guarantee is given, either expressed or#5 Top Tips On Maintaining implied, in regard to theWorkplace And Colleague Safety: merchantability, accuracy, or 3
  4. 4. acceptability of the information. 1# Principles of Accident prevention Taking risks This is a fine attribute. In fact, nothing substantial in the world has ever been achieved without some risk taking. However, when risks are taken without a good understanding and a good evaluation of the consequences, risks could be just that, risks. Better not take it. Even when substantial bragging rights will be in order, nothing is better than having all the limbs and parts in the body working well together. It is not worth it. Never worth it. Making Shortcuts Cutting edges and making short cuts are not always efficient aside from potentially endangering the workplace and the people in it, too. Remember that an accident 4
  5. 5. usually involves more than one These are all essentiually safetyperson aside from reputation, handbooks and are excellent aidsinvestigation, reports, litigation, to achieving a better safety record,and other expenses. It is the problem oftentimes is thatunderstandable to finish on time rank and file employees seldombut always the best way to do that reads these documents. If ever,is by being safe. If an employee the employee will likely open thegets a kick from working faster handbook when a problem hasthan time, it may be the already occurred. Never assumeemployees favorite sport. Transfer that an employee knows safetythe employee somewhere else. procedures because the employeeWhen belligerent, you are better was issued a safety handbook andoff without him. make sure. To reduce accidents in the workplace, supervisors must be provided time to discuss the safety precautions and other work related issues with his subordinates. Winging It New employees in particular are on most occasions timid and would not ask too many questions. This is basically the fear of losing face. This attitude is more pronounced with Asian cultures. To assume that the new employee would "wing it" instead of being sufficiently informed on safety measures employed could prove fatal. Disorganized WorkplaceThe Safety Handbook Safe WorkingProtocols and Safe Methods of Working Poor housekeeping is always an accident waiting to happen. 5
  6. 6. Remove hazards and other itemswhere it should not belong. Keepmaterials, equipment, and tools intheir places and keep it that way.Sooner, even disorganizedemployees would catch on. What ismore, a safe, orderly workplaceinstills pride even among slobs. Itis so easy to add mess to a placethat is already disorganized. Onthe other hand, workplaces thatare properly kept have thetendency to win the cooperation ofworkers to keep it that way.Remove DistractionsThere are jobs that could do withlittle distractions while there are There is no substitute for tasksjobs that require focus. Even so, that are pre planned before thedistractions create downtime. It is undertaking. Well thought offalso a fertile area where accidents procedures and methods savedare caused. In tasks that require countless limbs let alone lives.much attention, even chats mustbe kept to a minimum if not totally #2 The Top Causes of 10 Workplacediscouraged. InjuriesPlanning Not a few people fall victim to very common workplace injuries. The sad thing is, these are very common but are not really addressed because they all seem minor. With simple precautionary measures though, you can diminish the chances that your 6
  7. 7. employees will meet accidentswhile at work. Here are the top 10workplace injuries based on the2009 Workplace Safety Index:1.) OverexertionFinally, is the number mostcommon workplace injury –overexertion. This is mostly relatedto manual handling such aspushing and pulling, carrying,holding, throwing, lifting and otheractivities that require the usehands and limbs. Most commonincidents filed under overexertioninvolve hand and arm strain, backpain and others. 2.) Falls On Same Level This pertains to falls that have happened on same level surfaces. Common injuries filed in this category are slipping on wet floors, falling on snow covered surfaces, and others. Most victims of this accident are elderly employees who have lesser control over their balance. 3.) Falls To Lower Level Falling from stairways, roofs, ladders and other elevated areas are the top three most common 7
  8. 8. workplace accidents in 2009. It treatment in 2009. This type ofhas consistently been among the accident involves car collisionstop three incidents for the past and other accidents that occurredcouple of years. in highways and pedestrians.4.) Bodily Reactions 7.) Caught In/Compressed BySlips and trips are, without a These are injuries that result fromdoubt, among the most common workers being compressed by oraccidents occurring in the caught in any operation workplaceworkplace. These are listed as the machineries. Injuries of this kindfourth most common accident in can also result from exposure to2009 because at least $5.4 billion extreme heat.were spent on giving medicalattention to employees who havetripped or slipped in theworkplace.5.) Struck By ObjectsThese involve accidents such astools falling directly on any part ofthe workers body as well as fallingdebris and concrete objects fromelevated surfaces that resulted tohospitalization. Accidents as minoras books hitting the head of theworker are also included under thiscategory.6.) Highway IncidentsOfficial business trips account for 8.) Repetitive Motionmore than $2.5 billion spent onhospitalization, surgeries and Prolonged repetitive motion 8
  9. 9. accounts for hundreds of forms inside the workplace, andinsurance claims filed every year. unless an employer has aClerical jobs and other types of management system whichjobs that require extended period prevents almost all such eventsof physical repetitive work are occurring, and punishes andoften the cause of job-related neutralises the effects of anycarpal tunnel syndrome, vision digressions which occur, theproblems, and physical injuries. overall requirement for a safe workplace in which all employees9.) Struck Against Objects look out for each other has not got a chance of working properly. For$2 billion dollars were spent on this reason we make no apology foraccidents involving the employee including this chapter.being struck against objects in2009 alone. This category Sexual harassment, coercion,includes accidents such as profanity, raised voices,running into doors, windows, walls, intimidation, threat, robbery,tables, chairs and other concrete homicide and other forms ofobjects. physical harm can happen at any given time. Commonly, it may be10.) Workplace Violence something minor like petty theft, but in some cases, lives are takenIt seems to many that workplace because of a disgruntledviolence is not a reality. Well, it is. employee.Every year, many people arevictimized by violent assaults, Protect your workers from any actsexual harassment, coercion, of violence or crime by carefullyphysical attacks, robbery, planning a series of office checkshomicide and other forms of and monitoring systems. Start withworkplace violence. assessing the vulnerability of the workplace by asking yourself the#3 A Checklist For Making The questions below:Workplace Crime And Violence Proof - Does the workplace have anViolence and crimes take many appropriate security system in 9
  10. 10. place? access to senior staff to be able to talk to them if they are- Do you have phone systems experiencing threateningwhich can be monitored for relationship problems with theiremployee behaviour should own managers and colleagues.complaints occur? What is the policy adopted by your- Do you have office access company when it comes to hiringcontrols to prevent entry from the and firing?street? Your company should prevent- Are there adequate panic and anyone with criminal violence fromemergency buttons, sign-in entering your organization. Itpolicies, good lighting and is should look into employment gaps,safety training given? educational records, and history references before it absorbs someone into the company. What are your company’s termination procedures? Do these clearly define policies on advance notice, placement services, and severance pay? The company should minimized the chances of these causing dissatisfaction among terminated employees. Is there anyone in your organization who can potentiallyThese should be a starting point to become a source of violence orprotect all your employees from crime?violence coming from inside theorganization and outside the Does anyone in your organizationworkplace premises, but ultimately exhibit any of the following?all staff should be given open 10
  11. 11. - Chronic absenteeism- Frequent raising of voice- Depression- Beyond normal impatience Are the doors, windows and other- Increased irritability entry and exit points secured? These should be safe from- Memory and concentration mechanical override. Yourproblems company should also adopt effective policies on reporting,- Other worrisome and unusual maintaining and fixing brokenbehaviors doors, windows and locks. Also, additional security measuresIf so, what does your company do should be placed to guarantee theto prevent workplace problems personal security of every memberrelated to any of the above of the organization within andmentioned conditions from outside workplace premises.erupting? Does your company havepolicies on handling workplace Does your company provideviolence? There should be a equipment that help securesystem in place that encourages valuable objects, belongings andemployees to report unusual information?behaviors among their colleagues.The management should also Are the employees secured inprovide a program that helps in common trouble spots such asassisting employees in distress. reception areas, garages, elevators, restrooms, etc.? Are there areas inHow about the structural integrity the workplace that have dimof your workplace? lighting? These and other problem areas such as blind spots should be properly addressed. 11
  12. 12. Is sensitive and confidential hiring and firing employees, andinformation safe in your workplace employee vulnerability. Lastly, thisor can outside people breach your program should be implementedoffice security that can lead to and supported by all levels ofinformation leaks? employees, from upper management down.Does your company adopt a formaldocument destruction policy? #4 Workplace Safety – Tips On Manual Lifting Lifting objects is common when performing a task. Beyond ordinary files in boxes, there are many items that are moved around every day in the workplace, often without the use of lifting aids. Lifting items carelessly is one of the most common types of workplace injury that has caused from pulled muscles to long-term damage to back, upper limbs andAfter assessing your offices the pelvic area. Because injuriesvulnerability to crime and violence, resulting from lifting are common,take steps to reduce this. Adopt a many companies whose businesscomprehensive workplace involves moving objects includesharassment and violence training sessions on manual liftingprevention program which covers to their workers including postersnot only the most common in strategic locations in the workscenarios involving violence, but area and leaflets for reminders.also the worst-case scenarios that The following are typical manualcould happen within the workplace lifting guides:premises. It should alsoencompass issues such as physical - Tap the item or the box if you aresecurity, practices relating to not familiar with its content or 12
  13. 13. weight before attempting a lift. - Do not bend over as you start to lift. Instead, bend the knees and- Your mind and body anticipates squat your legs. Bending overand are better prepared to lift injures the upper limbs that are farthings when you are standing weaker than the lower part of thedirectly in front of an object aside body. Bending over will also neverfrom providing you the best provide you the strength and thebalance. balance required to lift moderately heavy objects.- Keep your balance in the centerof your body before attempting the - Firmly hold the item with bothlift. The feet must be at equal hands.distance from your center ofgravity. Ignoring the center ofgravity has resulted to sprains andinjuries to the pelvic muscles.- Use the handles of the item whenlifting.- Always know where to drop theitem. This is mundane but liftingitems that are heavy are heavierwhen you lift them a second time.- Do not carry boxes that willobscure your line of vision. Alwayscarry items below your liftingcapacity.- Before the actual lift, tightenyour abdominal muscles as this - Start lifting using the strength ofgives you additional strength and your legs but distribute the weightstability. of the object evenly to maintain balance. 13
  14. 14. - Once the object is lifted, check when that is done, lower the other.your balance once more byadjusting your stance before #5 Top Tips On Maintainingmoving and keep the object as Workplace And Colleague Safetyclose to the body as possible. Theweight should put strain on the Workplace safety is the right oflegs muscles as much as possible every employee, whether they areand not in other areas of the body. working in relatively safe environments or in workplaces that- Stand up slowly and avoid jerking constantly expose them to physicalmotions. Jerking will affect the and health hazards. It is also thebalance that you started with. obligation of every organization toAvoid quick movements while you provide their employees with safeare rising. working environments where their well-beings are guaranteed. This is- Start moving but do it at a why in every country, organizationscomfortable slow pace. There is exist to police the policies ofalways the temptation to move fast companies that are pertinent towhen lifting even slightly heavier their employees safety.objects but that could upset theitem and offset your balance.- If the object restricts or obstructsyour view, ask for a guide.- Bend your legs as you put theobject down. The same process bywhich you lift the object is thesame process used as you ease itdown. Keep your back straight andkeep a firm hold of the object.- To prevent the fingers fromgetting trapped under the item,lower one side of the item first, 14
  15. 15. - Prevent any electrical circuit overload. - When using extension cords, ensure that the cords can bear the electrical load demanded by the products that use them. These are not supposed to be used permanently and are not meant to substitute permanent wires and sockets. - Properly ground electrical appliances. - Immediately report and repair any damaged electrical wires orSome tips on ensuring safety in the outlets.workplace - Always hire certified electriciansThere are several areas that should for installing electric wires as wellbe addressed regarding workplace as for repairing any damagedsafety. These include electrical, fire safety, equipmentsafety, and others. Fire SafetyElectrical Safety - Do not forego the provision of fire alarms.- Ensure that all machineries areinstalled according to product - Ensure that sufficient fireinstallation instructions. Many extinguishers are installed inaccidents happen because appropriate places.someone did not take the time toensure that the office equipment is - Advise the employees about theproperly installed. location of the fire extinguishers in 15
  16. 16. the workplace. protected from risks posed by machineries, equipment,- Conduct periodical fire drills. appliances and other accidents,These prepare the employees for they are also protected from thethe proper course of action in case biggest threats to their well-being.of fire. - Track any violent behaviors of allColleague Safety employees. Put these into record.Workplace safety, although mainly - The management shouldfocused on the structural aspects expressly adopt zero toleranceof the office, is by no means towards violence. Otherwise,limited to these factors alone. organization members who haveColleague safety is also an histories of violence and whoimportant issue to cover. Without possess the characteristics thatpaying attention to this, employees make them a threat to theircould be at a much greater risk colleagues can have a free reign onthan you realize. their behavior. - Prevent the entry of people with violent tendencies into the organization during the recruitment process. The safety of the majority should not be compromised because of one employee. - Advise the members of the organization to always carry withSafety from colleagues ensures them mobile phones. it is also notthat employees are not exposed to a bad idea to have a policy thatbullying, coercion, physical harm will encourage every member ofand sexual exploitation. Adopt the organization to keep tabs ofviolence safety measures to ensure their colleagues whereabouts.that the employees are not only Tailor this idea according to the 16
  17. 17. preferences of the organization Then we dealt with Workplacemembers and the management. Safety with Tips On Manual Lifting, because so many hours are- Ensure that dark areas in the lost due to back injury, so allworkplace are well lit. offices need to understand the simple techniques which we all- Hire security personnel who will must use to avoid injuringguard the entry and exit points of ourselves. Beyond ordinary files inthe workplace. boxes, there are many items that are moved around every day in theSummarising what we have covered... workplace, often without the use of lifting aids. In the section your willWhat you will have learnt from this learn the basic precautions todocument if you have read it protect you back, and which youcarefully, is the following: need to pass on to others at work.The Principles of Accident Finally we gave you our Top Tipsprevention and all about taking On Maintaining Workplace Andrisks, making shortcuts, safety Colleague Safety.handbooks and other guidance, thedangers of "winging it" at work, We hope you found this documentand planning for safety. useful.The Top Causes of 10 Workplace However, many people willInjuries which by knowing what consider this to be just a start. Forthey are you should have become more UK based Health and Safetymuch better able to prevent them guidance, we suggest that youhappening might find a visit to the safety site at to Making Your WorkplaceCrime And Violence which if this is Special Reportabsent the employer has not got achance of improved safety targets Businesses need forms of all sorts,being met. and increasingly they need to be legally written so that they do the 17
  18. 18. job intended when a dispute arises. There is a little known source of legal documents which provides a huge range of legal forms for use in the US which can save businesses a lot of money, and a ton of grief, if internally written agreements and forms turn out to contain loopholes and legal mistakes. The surprising thing is that these documents written and vetted by lawyers are very reasonably priced at the Forms Gateway website, and http://85e53cd-n3vw4t023osew5 can be downloaded electronically for immediate use. BOOK TAKE A LOOK AT FORMS GATEWAY HERE. 18Powered by TCPDF (