2012 Buyers Guide for Pool Cleaners


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The IPPTS Associates pool cleaners buyers guide provides guidance on selecting pool accessories especially pool cleaners including automatic robot pool cleaning equipment.

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2012 Buyers Guide for Pool Cleaners

  1. 1. 2012 BUYERS GUIDE:POOL CLEANERSHow to Choose the Right Pool Cleaning Accessories AND Save Money! STEVE Symes info@homepoolcleaners.com http://homepoolcleaners.com
  2. 2. 2012 BUYERS GUIDE: Pool CleanersThe Essential 2012 PoolCleaning GuideDon’t buy your 2012 pool cleaningaccessories without reading this! Theworldwide web is an amazinginvention for choice, and every yearyet more new pool cleaning productsappear with great claims. The choiceis dazzling, and CONFUSING! DisclaimerDon’t start looking at brands beforeyou know the basics – you will Reasonable care has been taken toprobably make a bad decision and ensure that the information presented inregret that! this newsletter is accurate. However, the reader by reading this newsletter shall beRead this report and we will give deemed to have read and accepted the following terms:you a grounding in the types ofequipment which you can then decide Terms of Use: No Liability: this book iswill be the best for your pool and supplied “as is” and without liability. Allcircumstances. warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed. The information providedThe pleas which we hear every year at does not constitute advice of any kind.this time are: © 2012 by IPPTS Associates.“Will someone just tell me the basicsof what’s available and what worksbest”!Read on, because that’s what you areabout to learn! 2
  3. 3. “vacuum” cleaner for your pool, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with all of your choices, as we explain in this article.Introduction Article 3 What to look for in an Automatic RoboticInside this report, you will learn: Pool CleanerArticle 1 The Essential With all of the above listed automaticAccessories You Must Buy robotic pool cleaners on sale, it isand Maintain in Order to simply a case of setting your price point, and considering those that youProvide a Safe and Healthy can afford within your budget againstPool a list of the features which you find important to you, as we explain in this article.Before we jump in on the specifics ofpool cleaning, and prior to you racingout and buying your pool for summer Articletime (or if you are an existing pool 4 More Cleaningowner - before replacing cleaningequipment and accessories), there are Purchase Optionsa few things, which we explain here,which you ought to know. If given the space and the budget, homeowners prefer to have anArticle 2 Above-ground in-ground pool, rather than an above-ground pool, but these haveand In-ground differing cleaning equipmentPools: Your Cleaning purchase options which you will learn in this article.Options Article 5 More SwimmingIf you are a brand-new pool manageror if you have actually never before Pool Materials forpurchased a pool cleaner before, you Cleansingmight be speculating exactly whatsupplies are correct for your pool. To Keeping your pool nice and clean isfind the best robot or so-called simpler than ever these days due to 3
  4. 4. the ever before increasing ranges ofquality clean-up accessories availablein our stores. There are many devicesto pick from, featuring skimmers, Article 1 The Essentialbrushes, and vacuum cleaner heads. Accessories You Must BuyThese devices make the necessarypool maintenance much easier than and Maintain in Order toever. But, you need to know which Provide a Safe and Healthyyou need and which to choose, asexplained in this article. Pool Before we jump in on the specifics of pool cleaning, and prior to you racing out and buying your pool for summer time (or if you are an existing pool owner - before replacing cleaning equipment and accessories), there are a few things you ought to know. When you get your pool, your company or salesman will most likely go over just what else you need with your pool. In order to operate your pool, there are a number of things that you really have to get. The first thing youll need is a filtering system. When you get your filtration system, make certain that your filtering system is capable of dealing with your pool’s size. A purification system is a necessity, as it helps to remove little solid material and micro-organisms, from building up in your water. 4
  5. 5. cleaning for you. To guard your pool against heat loss at night – and further entry by flying insects -, youll also require a pool cover. Covers are readily available in a few different types, and can be made to different sizes. A cover has the purpose of shielding your pool from particles and the elements, as well as preventing toddling babies and youngA pool “vacuum” type cleaner is also children from falling in and drowning.necessary. You ought to make certain We recommend that you make it younonetheless, that you buy a vacuum priority to consistently make sure thatcleaner that is right for your you buy, and pull over the water everyswimming pool. There are numerous night, a strong and durable cover. It issorts of pool cleaning machines, best to get into the habit of alwaysmanual and automatic “robots”, and taking care to ensure to make use ofyou will want to make sure that you your cover, to cover your pooldo not buy the wrong one. We have whenever you arent swimming.much more for you about that later,suffice it to say that ahead of almost To keep up to date a rolling routineany other accessory after the pool maintenance chart is additionallyfilter, pool vacuums are next in line of important. By having a maintenanceimportance as they are vital to chart, you can monitor what you haveoperating your pool healthily, as they actually done to your pool, the level ofhelp to clean out debris of all types. chemicals that you are making use of, and the readings from the monitoringYou ought to also sure that you get a tools that you have actually used toskimmer basket or strainer also, as it keep track of the quality of your pool’sassists with your vacuum and water. Routine maintenance chartsfiltration system. Skimmer baskets or are easily forgotten by pool owners,strainers will also help to keep your but we think that they are necessarypool clean by catching particles and to recognizing just what you haveinsects that to fall onto the surface of actually done to your pool – even ifyour pool. You should make use of you only write this stuff down in ayour skimmer baskets or strainers diary or mark up on a calendar.whenever you use your pool, as theyare a first line of defence and if set Yet other crucial products youllup correctly will do the bulk of the require are chemicals. They play an 5
  6. 6. incredibly vital role in balancing your the sellers would like you to buy, theywater, and assisting swimmers to arent called for to make use of yourremain healthy and balanced. There swimming pool unless we haveare several different varieties of mentioned them in this articlechemicals available, which including already.chlorine, clarifier, and pH chemicals.All varieties of chemicals are crucial, Article 2 Above-groundand have to be utilized to keep yourwater levels healthy and balanced. and In-groundYou should check your water and pH Pools: Your Cleaninglevels on an everyday basis, as you doyour normal pool routine Optionsmaintenance. When you buy an above-ground pool, cleansing supplies are generally not included. Therefore, you will certainly have to purchase your above-ground pool cleansing materials individually and carefully. If you are a brand-new pool manager or if you have actuallyIn order to monitor your pool by taking never before purchased a pool cleanerand testing water quality samples, before, you might be speculatingyoull require a testing kit. They come exactly what supplies are correct forin either strip or container kind, and your aboveground pool. To find theenable you to exam and understand best robot or so-called “vacuum”the different chemical levels in your cleaner for your pool, you arewater. If you are planning to keep encouraged to familiarize yourselfyour pool healthy and balanced, youll with all of your choices.have to do at least some tests. Theyare very easy to do, and wont take You can use the sand filter pump foryou more than a few seconds of your the vacuum power for most pooltime. cleaners, but when you read the specs of the different vacuums, look out for a statement that both bottom andSo, we have now explained how, to sides will be cleaned.operate your pool and perform theproper upkeep, you should have the Above ground pools differ from thoseabove equipment and materials. Lets’ which are permanent and buried in thebe clear about this. While there is a ground, as almost without exception,huge range of other pool accessories, these are provided with a perimetersuch as toys and pool furniture, which 6
  7. 7. channel. This channel very effectively option. But, when done correctly thisskims the water off the surface along is a time-consuming process, andwith any floating debris. boring to do. But, it has to be done, unless youre willing to invest inAbove ground pools seldom have an automatic above ground or in groundperimeter channels, so you will need a pool cleaner. These pool cleaners willswimming pool surface cleaner, which allow you to enjoy your pool withis called a skimmer which collects all minimal maintenance, making theirleaves, bugs and debris from the investment and your investment in thesurface of your pool. It works in pool itself worthwhile.conjunction with your pool filtersystem. So, the good news here is that you can easily simplify your swimming pool care and maintenance with a good automatic pool cleaner! Most of these work both on in-ground and above-ground pools!As we have already stated a good poolfilter is vital to creating good qualitypool water that reduces the incidenceof algae and helps maintain pH levels,alkalinity, and calcium hardness. The difference between in ground poolHowever, even the best pool filters will cleaners and above ground poolleave extra dirt and debris scattered cleaners is mostly about structure andabout your pool. It will also do nothing range. The basic technology for each isto stop algae growing on the wall and essentially the same. In-ground poolfloor surfaces, and minerals from cleaners are built to facilitate theevaporation from forming at the top submerged nature of the pool and areof the water on the pool edge. often designed to work in depths up to 8 feet. For deeper in ground pools, a higher-end, specifically designed inIt is recommended, therefore, that ground pool cleaner capable of liftingan additi onal pool cleaning method to debris from the deeper depth ofremove this accumulation should be submergence may be needed.used once a week. This can be done bymanually sweeping the bottom using asuction hose and netting The pressure side above ground poolthe debris, and many do take this cleaners work off the return of water 7
  8. 8. coming into your swimming pool. They Dolphin®have their own easy to clean filters Barracuda®which leaves your pool filtration system Sta-Rite®free to eliminate impurities and sanitize Aquabot®your pool water. Pool Rover® Zodiac®Robotic swimming pool cleaners Polaris®are slightly different. They Zodiac Ranger®are completely self contained. These Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark and E-Zcleaners siphon water off the bottom Vac®trapping dirt and impurities in the unit and Dirt Devil®.with clean water coming out the top.Robotic pool cleaners can even be an Another range for above ground pools isaid to your swimming pool filtration that engineered and manufactured bysystem. Best of all, self contained the Australian company Aqua-Quip.robotic cleaners have no vacuum hosesto mess with, and since it is hosetangles and restraints caused by hoses Be sure to check out prices andwhich end up causing the automatic warranty terms for a number of thedevices getting stuck and needing above, before selecting your preferredattention manufacturer and model.regularly, being self-contained helps alot. Tip: Always check that you are buying the right model (eg above ground andFor safety they are low voltage so that in-ground models may vary).you will never get a shock, andcompared with pool filters which feel Article 3 What to look forlike they could suck a finger away if youwere careless, the battery type are in an Automatic Roboticmuch safer, if someone jumps in the Pool Cleanerpool while the cleaner is in use. With all of the above listed automaticHayward markets the “Diver Dave” robotic pool cleaners on sale, it isand “Wanda the Whale” above ground simply a case of setting your pricepool cleaner alternative, astheir automatic pool cleaning point, and considering those that youtechnology to remove the drudgery of can afford within your budget againstmanual cleaning. a list of the features which you find important to you.Well known brands which are availablein the US are: Some of the features to look out for and value are: 8
  9. 9. Truly independent action without that they actually last, before the user hoses, or not? returns for a replacement. Of course, Floor only or floor and walls that’s only worth doing if you trust the Capability of the mechanism (some integrity of the seller. are called computers) which randomize movement to cover the whole pool – this can be hard to establish. You will need to read reviews, and watch YouTube videos. Yes, there are people crazy enough to submit videos showing how well their pool cleaning robot covers the whole pool – or not! Scrubbing action or just jet washing? And, of course don’t forget to look out Size and ease of removal of filter for the warranty period, and balance How large is the filter’s storage any longer warranty period offered capability a small debris storage against price. A longer warranty can capacity means a filter which fills be especially valuable to a buyer who quickly and needs more frequent expects heavy usage, and of course attention to empty it most people will be attracted by a Need for replacement filters, their longer warranty as it usually signifies cost, and frequency of replacement a high level of commitment of the of filters manufacturer to the quality of their Need for replacement of any other product. wearing components Availability of spares in your area Article 4 More Cost of spares. Cleaning PurchaseFor non-independent robots which use Optionsthe filter we would add: In-ground pools are the most popular Does it need any special hoses, of the two pool styles in the United extra hose length, or special hose States. If given the space and the connections? budget, homeowners prefer to have an Will it wear your hoses out more in-ground pool, rather than an quickly above-ground pool.You could ask you dealer to be quite One of the main reasons whycandid and ask how long users find in-ground pools are preferred over 9
  10. 10. aboveground pools is because of their for a higher-end, more expensive poolappearance. In-ground pools are more cleaner, such as the independentattractive than pools that stick out of automatic robot cleaners, with a verythe ground. fast cleaning time. That way, you can easily put the cleaner to work while you change, or while preparing the pool for swimming guests, or before a party. If that is you requirement there are models which are advertised for their quick wholeIn-ground pools require excavation of pool cleaning times, and those wouldthe garden soil and are normally be the models for you to seek out.commissioned from an experiencedswimming pool contractor. These Article 5 More Swimmingcontractors often also provide laborfor cleaning the pools that install, and Pool Materials fortherefore they are a good source for Cleansingunbiased information on the bestcleaners. Most will advise you well, Keeping your pool nice and clean isbut some may not be as independent simpler than ever these days due toas they at first appear as they may the ever before increasing ranges ofhave a tie-in with a particular pool quality clean-up accessories availablecleaner manufacturer, so find out first in our stores. There are many devicesif that’s the case, before asking for to pick from, featuring skimmers,advice. brushes, and vacuum cleaner heads. These devices make the necessarySome people buying a new pool buy pool maintenance much easier thanthe pool equipment, including an ever, suggesting that you can spendautomatic pool cleaner from the even more time swimming and lessinstallation contractor along with the time cleansing.filter as part of a package. In suchcases make sure that the contractoralso takes responsibility for the choiceof model of pool cleaner supplied.If the appearance of your pool isimportant, you will also want to keepyour pool cleaned to the beststandard, and you will probably look The even more focused tools that are 10
  11. 11. used to clean swimming pools consist places on the filter. The normalof leaf skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes, maintenance of your pH balance andcorner brushes, pool sweeps, grids the right levels of alkalinity are alsoand cartridges for the filter, motors very necessary to keeping your pooland pumps, pool filters, and lots clean. You must even make sure thatmore. A few of these accessories are you examine the calciuman essential “need to have”, concentration in the pool as well.specifically for those who have treesaround their pool. Leaves in the water To get the right quantity of chlorinecan be really annoying and disruptive feed, youll need to choose betweento swimmers, and ought to be gotten hand dosing liquid, or tablet serving.rid of on a regular basis. Take care doing this as you need to get it right each time, and when youThe greatest point to keeping your do it will definitely ensure that youpool good and clean is to make get the ideal quantity of chlorine incertain that the care of your water is the water.consistently up to date. There areseveral water care items that you can There are saltwater chlorine electricalpurchase, featuring balancing generators out there as well, whichchemicals, sanitizes, chemicals to make the chlorine on-site, and this istreat algae, tarnish treatment items, one of the most prominent methods towater testing kits, and saltwater get the right amount of chlorine intosystems. You can easily get a pool your pool water and keep it right.examining kit for a little of nothing -which will definitely more than pay for As long you make use of the correctitself when you choose to examine cleaning supplies and products thatyour water. your pool needs, youll be able to delight in fresh and clean waterGenerally, chlorine is the most whenever you decide to go swimming.common sanitizing chemical, as it Keeping your water clean ishelps to get rid of and prevent any additionally healthy and keeping thesort of natural material growth that right pH balance is necessary for yourexists in the water. Ozonation is an skin, and anybody else who gets inalternative which can be good from your pool.the point of view that there is no needto keep chemicals on-site. Finally, don’t forget that you will need to constantly make certain that youBy utilizing chlorine in your pool, you have cleaning materials in stock andare likely to considerably lower the on hand when needed, and don’tload that otherwise the organic growth forget to examine your water on a 11
  12. 12. regular basis. spend even half the priceWrapping up... of its lower rated competitor model?In this report, weve shown you: The answer is yes! The Essential Accessories You Must Buy and Maintain in Order to Provide The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic a Safe and Healthy Pool Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is the top The Cleaning Options for selling (hose free) product of its type Above-ground and In-ground Pools on Amazon.com (May 2012) with 39 What to look for in an Automatic reviews and a 4 Star Rating and costs Robotic Pool Cleaner $279.99 (List Price). Its next biggest More cleaning purchase options selling rival from its competitor costs More Swimming Pool Materials for $565.60 as currently on offer ( $699 Cleansing. List price) and as writing this has only 10 reviews.However, this is just the beginning. Ifyoud like to know more about pool I guess that I know which one I wouldcleaning and ways to then you may go for…find the following article useful: But, there is more good news for the leading product at their officialSPECIAL REPORT: A distributor’s site Probotics. Com:review of the Top "The circulation provided bySelling Automatic Pool an Aquabot robotic pool cleaner canCleaners with Robotic reduce your chemical consumption by up to 30%. They can also reduce thePool Cleaning Capability required running time of main filtration system by up to 60%. InIs It Possible To Get The addition, with reduced backwashing you can realize water savings that canTop Selling Robotic Pool amount to thousands ofCleaning Product with the gallons". Probotics tells us.most reviews and top Also, from the official supplier werating from its learn these Aquabot units that:buyers, without having to “All of the products that we feature 12
  13. 13. are computer controlled, smart of use of this device:cleaners …. All of the Aquabot unitsare self contained and do not rely on “I find it great that you can just dropyour existing filtration system.” him in, set him to go, and come back in 2 hours and all done.... sooo easy!Why most people struggle This year we opened our pool and once again Rover to the rescue forAccording to Probotics, theres a tree leaves and sticks and such fromreason why so many people struggle whatever storms we have had andwith hose connected systems despite normal debris that falls into the pool.so much technical development We have an above ground pool 18".having taken place on the hose His bag and the unit itself are inconnected robotic pool perfect condition. We hadcleaners being offered to them no problems with him at all, andtoday... again dont know what we would do without one. If he ever broke I would"The most common comments from not hesitate to buy again.”our Aquabot customers all seem tofollow the same theme. They just cant Was it worth it?believe how far superior [this] systemis over a standard "hose connected" “i cant tell you the last time i spent $300system in both ease of use and and was glad i did !!cleaning quality". this junior rover is perfect for above ground pools.How Crazy Glue conquered his pool it does what it says it will.cleaner reliability problem by buying cleans within an hour !!one of these it will stop if dirty or runs into a twig. i used it at pool opening earlier this year."I love our Pool Rover. We had took a couple of hours, however, the pool was sparkling and ready to go,purchased the Robo-Kleen the even if it was COLD.season before. inside, is like a polyesterThe Robo-Kleen lasted less than a "diaper". just unsnap the bottom, pull thefull season before it died. We have cloth off, spray it off, and putused the Pool Rover all season back.” - Pauline M. Scogginswithout a problem. This unit is a lotlighter than the Robo-Kleen which And Pauline M. Scoggins is notmakes it a pleasure to lift and alone. There are many success storiescarry.” Crazy Glue] tells us.” that you can read on Amazon,com in their reviews for thisMarisa Nitsch focuses on the ease product the Aqua 13
  14. 14. Products APRVJR Aquabot Pool Provided by IPPTS Associates Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool creators of Cleaner that should, at the very least, the http://homepoolcleaners.com inspire you to give it a try too. website To learn more about Pauline Scoggins’ solution, and his/her story, along with dozens of other stories from people who have also tried this solution, visit APRVJR Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner . What others are saying… “I love this pool cleaner. Sorry I didnt buy one sooner. It works great and was made in the USA something hard to come by anymore.” – Jo A. Timbrook Click here to read the full review “I purchased the Aquabot jr a month ago b/c I was tired of hooking my pool filter cleaner ..." – Deb NC Click here to read the full review "This little device works great ! Sucks up everything. Its very simple as you would expect but then also no complex adjustments or programming." – Don C. Price Click here to read the full review _________________ 14Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)