30 Home Remedies For Insect Bites: How To Protect Yourself From The Little Monsters


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30 Home Remedies For Insect Bites: How To Protect Yourself From The Little Monsters

  1. 1. 30 Home Remedies For Insect Bites: How To Protect Yourself From The Little Monsters Most insect bites and stings are minor annoyances that drive us crazing with itching for a few hours or days, and produce ugly looking welts, but aren’t really serious. But sometimes symptoms can take a turn toward the more dangerous and here are some natural home remedies you can use to stop the itching and get rid of the oh-so-pretty (not!) red welts. Fly Stings & Mosquito Bite ReliefThese annoying flying critters can make you pretty uncomfortable when they decide to munchon you so here is what you can do. Further, they can carry some pretty horrid diseases – likeWest Nile Virus.#1: Disinfect ASAP!Disinfect the bite. Mosquito’s and flies can spread definitely spread disease so be sure tothoroughly wipe the sting or bite with soap and water and apply an antiseptic.Home Remedy #2: The Lowly Aspirin TabletRub an aspirin onto the sting or bite as soon as possible after you’re bitten. The aspirin willcontrol inflammation and this is a safe preventative – unless you’re allergic to aspirin, ofcourse.Home Remedy #3: OTC MedicinesFly stings and mosquito bites may produce swelling and drive-you-crazy itching for severaldays days and an OTC (over-the-counter) allergy or cold medicine can relieve both symptoms.Home Remedy #4: Famous Calamine LotionCalamine lotion is extremely well known as an itching-relief substance. It’s very commonlyused for poison plants, but you can also effectively use calamine lotion for insect bites andstings. It’s cheap and easy to find. In fact, having a bottle of calamine as a permanent residentin your home is an excellent idea.Home Remedy #5: Icy Counter AttacksThe famous ice pack is a decades-old treatment to relieve the discomfort of any insect raid.You can even use small frozen veggies like peas to relieve the misery.Home Remedy #6: SaltAdd enough water to any kind of salt to make a paste and apply it to the bite. Some say that asalt paste draws out the poison while others disagree. Whatever the truth of that assertion, itdefinitely helps the discomfort.
  2. 2. Home Remedy #7: Baking SodaBaking soda will also relieve pain and itching. Some ‘recipes’ for baking soda seem way tooweak to me – for instance, one herbologist suggests one teaspoon of baking soda dissolved ina glass of water. I prefer a stronger brew. I make a baking soda paste, like the salt above, andapply it to the sting. Dip some cotton into your baking soda mix and leave it on the bite for atleast 15-30 minutes, refreshing it every few minutes.Home Remedy #8: Epsom SaltsDissolve epsom salts in water. Mix approximately one tablespoon per each glass of water andapply like the baking soda above. Home Remedy #9: To Deet Or Not To Deet? Use a repellent so that you don’t get bitten in the first place. Bites supposedly come from the female mosquito who needs our protein to produce their offspring. They are attracted by two things: g The carbon dioxide in our breath … g The odor from our skin …Repellents ‘mask’ those attractors, rather than kill the insect.The most famous repellent on the market is N,M-dpethyl-m-toluamide, otherwise known asDeet. It’s tremendously popular and used by huge numbers of people. Still, there are somesafety concerns, especially for children or pregnant women, so everyone must make their owndecision about whether to use it or not. For the most safety, however:g Don’t use it under clothingg Make sure it doesn’t get into your eyesg For children, it’s suggested that no repellent be more than 10% Deet (personally, Ithink kids should avoid Deet like people in the middle ages avoided the Black Death)Home Remedy #10: Clorox. Clorox?A famous insect repellent is to take a bath of two caps of bleach in a tub of water before goingoutside. If you choose to follow this method, stay in the tub for at least 15 minutes and ‘dab’yourself dry, rather than toweling vigorously. Be careful not to get the chlorine-waterinto your eyes.Home Remedy #11: Famous Bath Oil RepellentsA safer alternative to Deet are a couple of bath oils that flies and mosquito’s seem to seriouslydislike: Alpha Keri and Avon’s Skin-So-Soft.
  3. 3. Home Remedy #12: If It’s Good Enough For An Autopsy ...Some folks swear by Vicks VapoRub as an insect repellent. It’s a very, very strong odor – soawful that police habitually use it under their noses when attending an autopsy. I personallydetest the smell so I can understand why insects might not like it, either. (Maybe I was amosquito in an earlier life? :-)Home Remedy #13: Just Like VampiresStay away from these dratted insects! Flies and mosquito’s love hot, hot weather andmosquito’s particularly love standing water. Some species become especially active at duskand later and they’re attracted by outdoor lighting. If you’re in their territory, you’re fairgame. Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets & Bee StingsThese stinging insects actually inject venom into your skin which is why we suffer from pain,redness and swelling at the site of the staying. The misery can last for quite some time. Ireceived a wasp sting that hurt for a couple of weeks – and the ugly, red welt lasted longerthan that. Depending upon the insect that zings you, and if you are unlucky enough to get multiple stings, the problem can be much worse and of much longer duration. Let’s face it: the insects vastly outnumber us! So here’s what to do if you’re one of their victims.Home Remedy #14: Know Your Kamikaze EnemyKnow what kind of insect just zapped you! That will give you the best clue about appropriatetreatment – and might help you avoid more assaults on your tender little body. For instance,the honey bee is a one-time ninja: its stinger remains in your body and the bee then dies. So,you will need to remove that stinger to avoid the worst pain as well as possible infection.On the other hand, hornets, bumble bees, wasps and yellow jackets have smooth stingers thatcan zap you repeatedly. The best way to handle their attacks is to … run!Yellow jackets are a special problem because they have venom sacs and when they’re smashed,they release a chemical that signals the rest of the hive to attack, attack, attack. If you kill ayellow jacket, get out of the area immediately.Home Remedy #15: Fast Action Against Insect Road RageTreat your sting immediately. The faster you apply some first aid, the less suffering you willhave. When I was stung by the hornet I mentioned above, I was cutting the grass (an actwhich seems to incite them to the hornet version of Road Rage) and finished mowing before
  4. 4. doing anything about the sting. I will never do that again if I’m unfortunate to tangle with ahornet. (Hornet = 1, Me = 0).Just like the flies and mosquitoes mentioned above, these insects are scavengers, and oftencarry dangerous bacteria in their venom. So be sure that you clean out the bite immediatelyusing methods we’ve already discussed.Home Remedy #16: Scrape Out The StingerIf you were zapped by a honey bee, remove the stinger right away because the poison sac willcontinue to pump venom into your body for two or three more minutes.But be careful how you remove this stinger so that you don’t accidentally release more poisoninto your system. The best way it to gently SCRAPE it out with a nail file or the edge of a creditcard.Home Remedy #17: Oral AntihistamineTake an oral antihistamine. Some of the most popular are Dimetapp, Robitussin, Nytol,Sominex, NyQuil and Alka-Seltzer Plus. Since they’re mild sedatives and pain relievers,they make us feel a bit better, plus they lessen the swelling, throbbing and redness caused byinsect venom.Home Remedy #18: Copy The ArcticUsing an ice pack can deaden the pain – but only if you act quickly. If you wait, the poison willspread and the throbbing and redness will have a firm foothold and will last until your bodyeliminates the poison. With cold, the venom is less likely to spread.Home Remedy #19: Or The DesertOddly, heat can also reduce inflammation and the easiest way to apply it is with a hair dryer,aimed directly at your sting. The poison is more likely to remain localized if you use heat.Home Remedy #20 & 21: Aspirin & Baking SodaAs mentioned above, both aspirin and baking soda will neutralize some of the agents in thevenom that cause pain to the human body. Use them as directed above.Home Remedy #22: Meat TenderizerMeat tenderizers, like McCormicks, break down the proteins that make up insect venom.Simply make a paste and apply it to the wound – IF it’s soon after your sting. If you wait halfan hour or so, it will be useless. The key is to neutralize the poison ASAP.Home Remedy #23: Activated CharcoalYou can buy activated charcoal at most drugstores. It usually comes in capsules so open acapsule or two and mix it with water to make a paste and apply to the sting. Activated charcoalkeeps poison from being absorbed into the body, so again, this remedy must be used quickly.It works best when moist so cover your charcoal paste with plastic wrap or a bandage.
  5. 5. Home Remedy #24: Red Georgia MudI live in Georgia which is famous for its red clay and this clay works well for fighting thepoison when nothing else is available. There are certainly other types of soils that work well.Simply moisten your dirt into a mud paste, cover it and leave it on your bite until it’s totallydry. At that time, do it again if the bite is still painful.Home Remedy #24: Wear Light ColorsObviously, not getting stung in the first place is your best ‘treatment’ so wear white,preferably, and if not white, then very light colors. Ever seen a beekeeper? There’s a reasonthey wear white. Stinging insects seem to like darker colors so don’t attract them by wearingGoth.Home Remedy #25: Don’t Be A FlowerDon’t let an insect think you are a nectar-bearing flower!Perfume, aromatherapy, aftershave, etc., are nothing more thanengraved invitations to the insect world.Home Remedy #25: Flee The Buzzing HordeIf you’re being pursued by a horde of enraged insects … RUN!The best places to go are inside, obviously – unless they might flyin with you – or head for woods or jump into water.I was personally surprised by the ‘head for the woods’ advice, when researching this article.But researchers at the Cornell University Cooperative Extension service claim that stinginginsects have trouble "following their prey through a thicket of woods".Home Remedy #26: Eau de TurpentineSupposedly, stinging insects don’t attack house painters because they detest the odor ofturpentine. Works for me. It’s not an especially nice smell, but it’s better than insect stings. Deer Ticks and Lyme DiseaseLyme disease is extremely serious – especially if not treated early. Early symptoms are a rash,fever, fatigue, headache, muscle aches and painful joints. If left untreated, Lyme disease canadversely and even permanently affect human joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Sincethe primary source of Lyme disease is ticks, they are at the top of our ‘dangerous insect’ list.The first sign of Lyme Disease is a rash and fever. The incubation time is usually one-twoweeks but can be as short as three days or as long as a month. Watch the tick bite area andseek treatment if you notice any symptoms.
  6. 6. A Lyme disease diagnosis is the only way to treat this condition after you’ve been bitten, soobviously the best way is to avoid deer ticks in the first place.Home Remedy #27: Cool/Cold Weather Is The Only Safe TimeThese dangerous ticks seem to be most active in June and July, but we’re vulnerable to themin all the warm weather months – early spring until fall. So, if you’re going to be outside,especially in areas of high grass (even ocean sand dunes) or in woods, it’s best to cover allexposed skin – even though it might be 100 degrees outside! Wear shoes with heavy socks andpull your pants down over your socks. It’s wise to put heavy rubber bands or straps nearthe bottom of your pants so that ticks can’t crawl up your pants legs.Likewise, wear jackets or long sleeves – no tank tops or bare chest (if you’re a guy, ofcourse! :-)How To Discover If There Are Ticks In Your Area: tie a piece of white flannel to astring and drag it through the grass or underbrush. Examine it frequently. If the little fiendsare in the vicinity they will hitch a ride on the cloth.Home Remedy #28: Slather Permethrin On Your ClothesPermethrin kills ticks and lots of other insects but you do NOT want it on your skin! There issome evidence that it’s carcinogenic (cancer causing). But you can put it on your clothing, andit should kill ticks for about two weeks.If you put Permethrin on your clothes, store those clothes in a plastic bag until your wearthem the next time. And be certain to scrub your hands thoroughly after either removing themor putting them on your body.Home Remedy #29: The Nightly "Tick Inspection"Whenever you come home from the woods or sand dunes, or at least before going to bed, do a"Tick Inspection". Ticks are quite tiny and you need to inspect every inch of your body beforeassuming you don’t have any. They’re easy to miss – although they will get much larger asthey feast on your blood! Yuck.Home Remedy #30: Remove Dracula Jr.Once ticks grab you, they’re as determined not to be removed as you are to get rid of them. Ifyou’re too aggressive, you might leave part of its body in your skin which can cause a dandyinfection. I remember my father getting them off me with a cigarette but it was a very delicateoperation so tweezers can be much easier. Don’t pull too fast, though – we don’t want thedarned insect to pull apart. Well, we do, but not until it’s out of our body.Once you’ve removed the tick, wash the bite area and apply an antiseptic so it won’t getinfected.Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Symptoms: one last horror from ticks is RockyMountain spotted fever. It’s relatively rare but if can be deadly if it goes untreated. The
  7. 7. symptoms are a rash, terrible headaches and high fever. Seek treatment immediately if youeven suspect you might have it.The consequences of insect bites and stings range from annoying to deadly. And we haven’teven mentioned spiders or more esoteric insects. So use the 30 ideas above to keepyourself and your family safe from these miniature predators.Want more home remedies like these? Check out our FREE course which coverspainful miseries like arthritis, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, earache,headaches and hangovers; or embarrassing stuff like bad breath, yellowteeth or gas; and even more serious problems like alcoholism, stress and highblood pressure. We even help you look more beautiful - and thats gotta be agood thing, right? BlissPlan.com/home-remedies