Indian bridal wear following your rituals


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Shehnaai’s merchandisers curate the crème of Indian Couture from the best Indian designers to bring you the most beautiful collection of clothing at their Fifth Avenue Studio in NYC.

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Indian bridal wear following your rituals

  1. 1. Indian Bridal Wear Following Your Rituals
  2. 2. If we consider about Indian wedding then it makes us surprising, as it is full ofmany rituals and ceremony. One will definitely get confused if he/she comesto know for the first time about all these traditions. And of course, it is thepride of the Indian marriages. Nothing to surprise as the rituals is the partsand parcel of the Indian marriages and it makes the wedding more beautiful.If we examine clearly we can see the marriages at different corners of thecountry are not exactly same. Many of the rituals vary with respect todifferent areas and accordingly costumes are varies.
  3. 3. Indian wedding is full of rituals are discussed below.First, discuss about the ceremonies at the girl’s home. It is Chura ceremony,which is celebrated on the wedding day. On that day, the maternal uncle ofthe girl presents gold and a pair of white and red bangles to the bride, whichshe has to wear before and after the wedding. Then everyone wish her a greatfuture ahead. Her relatives and friends tie Kalire on the Chura.On that promising day, the bride wears a Salwar Kameez and during thepooja, the bride wears the Salwar Kameez of red and pink color. No jewelry isworn by the bride in that moment and her hair is tied a bun.
  4. 4. Then a ceremony called Vatna ceremony occurs in which everyone put apaste of turmeric on the chik as well as overall body of the bride. The only aimbehind this tradition is to look the bride more beautiful on that memorableoccasion. She also wears an Indian bridal saree on this auspicious occasion.The same Vatna function is organized on the groom’s place. After this specialoccasion, the sister in law of the groom lines his eyes with kohl. Immediatelyafter it, the groom leaves his home sitting on the horse and goes for thebride’s home for wedding.And after it, Varmala ceremony is started in which the exchange of garlandsoccur between the bride and groom. They take rounds of the fire, take vows,and take the blessings of the family members.
  5. 5. In this beautiful occasion, the bride wears a gorgeous Indian bridal saree.Those are having heavy work with embroidery, zardosi, zari, and mirror. Thecolor generally the brides preferring are red, pink or maroon. Brides arewearing heavy worked jewelries.
  6. 6. Brides also prefer to wear an Indian bridal lehnga. This is also in a highdemand with heavy zari and zardosi work. The most preferable colors forlehnga are red, pink and maroon.Shehnaaiusa is providing a wide range of Indian bridal wear online. It has awide collection of saree, lehnga that it provides at reasonable price.