Salary Theorem


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Salary Theorem

  1. 1. S a l a r y T h e o r em Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  2. 2. Everyone knows the Salary Theorem establishes that engineers and scientists can NEVER EVER earn as much money as businessman, salesman, politicians and actors easily make. Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  3. 3. This Theorem can be demonstrated by reducing it to a simple mathematical equation. Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  4. 4. The Equation rests on two postulates: Postulate No. 1: Knowledge is Power Postulate No. 2: Time is Money Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  5. 5. Given that: Power = Work /Time and because: Knowledge = Power Time = Money therefore we have: Knowledge = Work / Money Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  6. 6. On the contrary, when the knowledge goes towards infinity, Money goes towards Zero, even if the value of the work is High. we can now easily obtain: Money = Work / Knowledge So when Knowledge goes towards zero, money goes towards infinity , regardless of value attributed to work, even if the value of work is very Small. Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  7. 7. The evident conclusion: <ul><li>The less you know, </li></ul><ul><li>the more money </li></ul><ul><li>you definitely </li></ul><ul><li>make. </li></ul>Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  8. 8. Those of you who have had difficulty following this presentation make a lot of Money ! Prepared by : Kumar.H.P
  9. 9. Prepared by : Kumar.H.P T h a n k Y o u