Asset Tracking Training


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Managing assets requiring calibration and / or preventive maintenance.

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Asset Tracking Training

  1. 1. Sunday Business SystemsAsset Tracking DatabaseControl Calibrated EquipmentManage Preventive MaintenanceMaintenance Tracking
  2. 2. Asset Tracking DatabaseControl of Calibrated EquipmentPreventive MaintenanceUnscheduled MaintenanceFix-It-TicketsMiscellaneous Asset Sunday Business Systems
  3. 3. Benefits Control your calibrated equipment  Display your recall list  Track calibration history Prevent damage to equipment from “forgotten” maintenance Efficient and cost effective software solution  Simple, low cost solution  Saves time and improves efficiency  Shows the status of your equipment with a click of a button A vital tool to ensure ISO9001:2008 compliance Paperless system  Scan and link  digital photographs,  calibration certificates,  or other electronic Sunday Business Systems
  4. 4. Features Tracks Equipment (or Assets) through their life cycle  From purchase to sale or scrap  Defines which assets require calibration  Defines which assets require preventive maintenance Controls Calibrated Equipment  Recall reports  Calibration Schedule  Delinquent calibration report Tracks Preventive Maintenance  Maintenance schedule  Delinquent Maintenance reports Tracks Unscheduled Maintenance Full set of reports  To track your assets  To manage assets through proper calibration and Sunday Business Systems
  5. 5. SundayBusinessSystemsDatabase Setup
  6. 6. Setup Set-up is organized by Sunday Business Systems
  7. 7. Enter Equipment Manufacturers and Models Enter the asset Manufacturer information Enter a model This will associate or number and select a link the model to the manufacturer Sunday Business Systems
  8. 8. Enter Departments, Categories, & Vendors Enter the Department which owns the asset Enter the Category to organize assets into functional groups Enter Vendors, including calibration service Sunday Business Systems
  9. 9. Enter Part Numbers and Employee Names Enter Parts that may be used in Employees, or Enter the repair or equipment owners preventive Sunday Business Systems
  10. 10. Sunday Business SystemsCreate a New AssetCreate new assetsSet-up the asset for calibrationSet-up the asset for preventive maintenance
  11. 11. AssetsAssets can be any material owned by the company  Computers  Furniture  Vehicles  Measurement and test equipment  Factory equipmentEach asset has  A unique serial number for tracking  Two additional tracking numbers are available  A manufacturer and model  An owner, department, and location for organizing and tracking  A category such as “measurement and test equipment”Each asset may then be classified as  Calibration required  For Reference Only  Preventive maintenance Sunday Business Systems
  12. 12. Control pane:Create a New Asset controls data entry, filters Fields in YELLOW and links to are required other forms Enter SpecificAsset Sunday Business Systems
  13. 13. Create a New Asset Serial # is the General asset key tracking parameter informationSpecific Asset information Calibration and Maintenance information isorganized into 4 Sunday Business Systems
  14. 14. Create a New Asset – Calibration Details Indicates that Calibration is Click to record a required Calibration Event Shows the past Calibration Sunday Business Systems
  15. 15. Create a New Asset – Preventive Maintenance Indicates that a PM is required PM counter may be miles, KW-hrs, Machine hours, units produced, PMs may be time etc. based… Or based on a count View the Maintenance Sunday Business Systems
  16. 16. Create a New Asset – Additional Sunday Business Systems
  17. 17. Sunday Business SystemsCalibrationRecord calibration eventsReview calibration reports
  18. 18. Asset CalibrationCalibration events are recorded  When was it calibrated?  Who performed calibration?  Did it pass?  If not what was done  How much did it cost?  Next due date  Electronic Certificate is linked to the Sunday Business Systems
  19. 19. Sunday Business Systems
  20. 20. Record a Calibration EventSelect an asset for calibration  Use the filters to find the asset by serial number Date Cal. Next Due drives the recall reports Enter Calibration history Ctrl-K to create hyperlink to scanned Sunday Business Systems
  21. 21. Review ReportsA rich set of flexible, configurable reportsReview Reports to manage calibration schedule  Review all delinquent assets  See all assets due within the next 30 Sunday Business Systems
  22. 22. Sunday Business SystemsPreventive MaintenanceAdd a PMCreate a PM ChecklistAdd a PM transactionReview PMs Near Due Report
  23. 23. Create a PM Enter PM Enter PM Frequency: Description Time based or Count Based PM will be automatically re-scheduled once it is marked complete PM will be due every 1000 running hours Prints a simple PM Sunday Business Systems
  24. 24. Update Asset CountersAsset counters may be  Running hours – the number or running or processing hours an asset or equipment has accrued from an arbitrary starting point.  Unit Count – the number of pieces an asset has produced or completed Enter the current Count (running hours or unit count) Sunday Business Systems
  25. 25. Record a PM TransactionPMs have a status that describes their stateFirst, PMs are scheduled for a future date (Date Next PM) or Count (Next PM Counter) Status = ScheduledThen they are marked as Complete Status = Completed Waived Or Not Done  If the PM Type is configured appropriately, the PM will be automatically re- scheduled for a future Date or Count (Next PM Counter) Sunday Business Systems
  26. 26. Review PM ReportsReview Reports to manage PM schedule  Review all delinquent PMs  See all PMs due within the next 30 days  Review the PM Sunday Business Systems
  27. 27. Sunday Business SystemsUnscheduled MaintenanceCreate a Fix-It-TicketRecord unscheduled maintenanceReview reports
  28. 28. Create a Fix-It-Ticket “Add a Fix-It-Ticket and change the Asset status to “Out of Service” Email a notice to supervisors, etc. Record a detailed description of the problem to be Sunday Business Systems
  29. 29. Resolve the Sunday Business Systems
  30. 30. About SBSSunday Business Systems is engaged in software sales and consulting services.Applies Lean Manufacturing principles to Quality Management SystemsSells software solutions to small businesses which help them implement ISO9001:2008 compliant systems for  Corrective and Preventive Actions  Employee Training  Control of calibrated equipment  Customer Satisfaction Surveys  Communication / Continual improvement  Shop Floor ControlWill customize the software for a particular CustomerOffers full Training services customized to individual Sunday Business Systems
  31. 31. About SBS – ServicesData Import Services  Import employees, departments, Mfg, Models, and Serial numbersDatabase Customization  Modify the standard product to match your process / terminologyCustom Database Solutions  Solutions for shop floor control/order processing and bar code solutions.  Database programming  MS Access  SQLContact SBS for additional details  Sunday Business Systems
  32. 32. SundayBusinessSystems Fueling Small Business Efficiency Visit for: •Additional information •Free product demos •Pricing •Links to purchase software © 2012 Sunday Business Systems. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Sunday Business Systems MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.