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Controlling Assets for ISO 9001:2015 compliance


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Managing assets requiring calibration and / or preventive maintenance.

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Controlling Assets for ISO 9001:2015 compliance

  1. 1. Asset Tracking Database Control Calibrated Equipment Manage Preventive Maintenance General Maintenance Tracking
  2. 2. Sunday Business Asset Tracking Database Control of Calibrated Equipment Preventive Maintenance Unscheduled Maintenance Fix-It-Tickets Miscellaneous Asset Control
  3. 3. Sunday Business Benefits Control your calibrated equipment  Display your recall list  Track calibration history Prevent damage to equipment from “forgotten” maintenance Efficient and cost effective software solution  Simple, low cost solution  Saves time and improves efficiency  Shows the status of your equipment with a click of a button A vital tool to ensure ISO 9001:2015 compliance Paperless system  Scan and link  digital photographs,  calibration certificates,  or other electronic documents
  4. 4. Sunday Business Features Tracks Equipment (or Assets) through their life cycle  From purchase to sale or scrap  Defines which assets require calibration  Defines which assets require preventive maintenance Controls Calibrated Equipment  Recall reports  Calibration Schedule  Delinquent calibration report Tracks Preventive Maintenance  Maintenance schedule  Delinquent Maintenance reports Tracks Unscheduled Maintenance Full set of reports  To track your assets  To manage assets through proper calibration and maintenance
  5. 5. Database Setup
  6. 6. Sunday Business Easy Installation Download the demo database Save or copy the Asset Tracking.mde or Asset Tracking.accde to a designated folder on your Network File Server Once purchased, register the demo database (enter the Product Code) Ensure all Workstations have  Microsoft Access or the free Runtime version of Microsoft Access  Read and write privileges to the designated folder on the Network File Server Note: The above graphic is for stand alone Access databases - SQL configurations are different
  7. 7. Sunday Business Main Menu Easy to navigate to the various features of the ATDB using the Main Menu
  8. 8. Sunday Business Setup Asset Categories Set-up is organized by Tabs Enter the Category to organize assets into functional groups Use
  9. 9. Sunday Business Set-up – Calibration Tests Calibration tests are used for documenting detailed measurements taken to validate asset performance or capability Used for internal or secondary calibration / validation Define a test Name Define parameters to be measured Lower Spec Limit (LSL) Upper Spec Limit (USL) Used by the Calibration transaction form
  10. 10. Sunday Business Set-Up - Departments Enter the Department which owns the asset Use
  11. 11. Sunday Business Set-Up - Dispositions Dispositions are used to document the results of calibration failures  Describes what must happen after an asset is found to be out of calibration What is the result of the investigation?
  12. 12. Sunday Business Enter Equipment Manufacturers and Models Enter the asset Manufacturer information Enter a model number and select a manufacturer This will associate or link the model to the manufacturer Use
  13. 13. Sunday Business Set-Up – (Configuration) Options
  14. 14. Sunday Business Set-Up – PM Frequency PM Frequency: how often Preventive Maintenance must be performed  Is used to schedule the next PM (after a PM is completed) 2 Types  Time based PM – next PM is scheduled by adding X number of days to the PM completion date where X = the Default Counter value  Count based PM – the next PM is due when the counter meets or exceeds the specified count. The PM is scheduled by adding X to the counter value where X = the Default Counter value. Used in defining the PM Type
  15. 15. Sunday Business Set-Up – PM Type Defines the Preventive Maintenance activity  Frequency  Specify if the PM is to be automatically re-scheduled once it is complete  List PM steps so a PM Checklist may be printed and completed manually.  Ideally, this would be scanned and linked to the PM event to create a paperless history
  16. 16. Sunday Business Set-Up – PM Parts List Can make a list of parts to be used on the PM
  17. 17. Sunday Business Set-Up - Vendors List Vendors, particularly Companies that provide Calibration services Used by the Calibration Form
  18. 18. Sunday Business Set-Up – Add / Edit Employees Yellow Fields are Required Enter a Password and access Privileges These Privileges restrict user activity
  19. 19. Sunday Business Deleting Sample Data Delete sample Asset data  Open the Assets form  Click Edit Assets button  Right click on the form tab and select Datasheet View  Select Data  Press Delete on the keyboard to delete all records
  20. 20. Create a New Asset Create new assets Set-up the asset for calibration Set-up the asset for preventive maintenance
  21. 21. Sunday Business Assets Assets can be any material owned by the company  Computers  Furniture  Vehicles  Measurement and test equipment  Factory equipment Each asset has  A unique serial number for tracking  Two additional tracking numbers are available  A manufacturer and model  An owner, department, and location for organizing and tracking  A category such as “measurement and test equipment” Each asset may then be classified as  Calibration required  For Reference Only  Preventive maintenance required
  22. 22. Sunday Business Create a New AssetEnter Specific Asset information Fields in YELLOW are required Click to add a new asset Click to unlock the form to edit and asset Calibration and Maintenance info organized into 4 tabs
  23. 23. Sunday Business Create a New Asset Requiring Calibration Check to require calibration Check to indicate the measurement device does not require calibration Interval used to calculate next Calibration due date Option: define calibration data to be collected Specify a work Instruction which details how to calibrate the asset Specify internal standards used to calibrate the asset Define the asset to be used as an internal standard
  24. 24. Sunday Business Create a New Asset Specific Asset information General asset information Calibration and Maintenance information is organized into 4 tabs Serial # is the key tracking parameter
  25. 25. Sunday Business Create a New Asset – Calibration History Shows the past Calibration Events
  26. 26. Sunday Business Create a New Asset – Preventive Maintenance Indicates that a PM is required PM counter may be miles, KW-hrs, Machine hours, units produced, etc. PMs may be time based… Or based on a count View the Maintenance History
  27. 27. Sunday Business
  28. 28. Sunday Business Create a New Asset – Additional Details
  29. 29. Calibration Record calibration events Record data collection Review calibration reports
  30. 30. Sunday Business Asset Calibration Calibration events are recorded  When was it calibrated?  Who performed calibration?  What measurements were recorded  Did it pass?  If not what was done  How much did it cost?  Next due date  Electronic Certificate may be linked to the event
  31. 31. Sunday Business
  32. 32. Sunday Business Select an asset for calibration  Use the filters to find the asset by serial number Record a Calibration Event Enter Calibration history Ctrl-K to create hyperlink to scanned image Date Cal. Next Due drives the recall reports Use filters to select the asset
  33. 33. Sunday Business A rich set of flexible, configurable reports Review Reports to manage calibration schedule  Review all delinquent assets  See all assets due within the next 30 days Review Reports
  34. 34. Preventive Maintenance Add a PM Create a PM Checklist Add a PM transaction Review PMs Near Due Report
  35. 35. Sunday Business Create a PMEnter PM Description Enter PM Frequency: Time based or Count Based PM will be due every 750 running hours PM will be automatically re-scheduled once it is marked complete Prints a simple PM Checklist
  36. 36. Sunday Business Update Asset Counters Asset counters may be  Running hours – the number or running or processing hours an asset or equipment has accrued from an arbitrary starting point.  Unit Count – the number of pieces an asset has produced or completed Enter the current Count (running hours or unit count)
  37. 37. Sunday Business PMs have a status that describes their state First, PMs are scheduled for a future date (Date Next PM) or Count (Next PM Counter) Status = Scheduled Then they are marked as Complete Status = Completed Waived Or Not Done If the PM Type is configured appropriately, the PM will be automatically re- scheduled for a future Date or Count (Next PM Counter) Record a PM Transaction
  38. 38. Sunday Business Review PM Reports Review Reports to manage PM schedule  Review all delinquent PMs  See all PMs due within the next 30 days  Review the PM Schedule
  39. 39. Unscheduled Maintenance Create a Fix-It-Ticket Record unscheduled maintenance Review reports
  40. 40. Sunday Business Create a Fix-It-Ticket Record a detailed description of the problem to be addressed Check to Add a Fix- It-Ticket and change the status to “Out of Service” Print a Fix-it- ticket; affix it to the asset Email a notice to supervisors, etc.
  41. 41. Sunday Business Resolve the Fix-It-Ticket Use the filter to find an asset Document what was done to resolve the issue Document any parts used Change the asset status to “In Service”
  42. 42. Summary
  43. 43. Sunday Business Summary The SBS Asset Tracking Database is an efficient tool to  Document and manage calibrated assets  Track and document Preventive Maintenance activities  Document Unscheduled Maintenance Analyze results with a rich set of reports Create a paperless records system
  44. 44. Sunday Business About SBS Sunday Business Systems is engaged in software sales and consulting services. Applies Lean Manufacturing principles to Quality Management Systems Sells software solutions to small businesses which help them implement ISO 9001:2015 compliant systems for  Document Control  Corrective and Preventive Actions  Risk Management (FMEA)  Employee Training  Control of calibrated equipment  Preventive Maintenance  Vendor Management  Communication / Continual improvement  Statistical Process Control  Shop Floor Control Will customize the software for a particular Customer Offers full Training services customized to individual needs
  45. 45. Fueling Small Business EfficiencyFueling Small Business Efficiency Visit for: •Additional information •Free product demos •Pricing •Links to purchase software © 2016 Sunday Business Systems. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Sunday Business Systems MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.