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Getting started with asset tracking

Getting started with Asset Tracking Software - brought to you by

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Getting started with asset tracking

  1. 1. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 of Asset Tracking Software & Equipment Management Software ABCs
  2. 2. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 LOOKING TO TRACK AND MANAGE ASSETS EFFECTIVELY? It's no secret that most businesses are unable to track their assets effectively. REASON? There are very few tools available that solve this problem in a focused and intuitive manner. 'So, how about my trusted old spreadsheet', you ask? Spreadsheets are an important tool for any business. They may be the Swiss army knife of business tools, but spreadsheets have obvious and well known limitations. So is there a tool that enables simple, cost effective and efficient asset tracking for businesses, a silver bullet (if you may)? The answer is a resounding YES! Specialized cloud based asset tracking software and equipment management software enables you to do that and more, no matter which industry you belong to!
  3. 3. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE Is having an Asset Tracking Software on your high priority list? It should be! According to U.S. Small Business Administration, businesses with poor asset management tend to fail. Employees end up wasting time when the required assets are not made available readily, or face last minute conflicts on shared tools or have unexpected breakdowns due to poor maintenance and upkeep. An effective asset tracking software improves an asset’s Total Cost of Ownership, improves efficiency and minimizes the risk of items getting misplaced. To overcome challenges like low productivity, poor collaboration between employees and business growth, you’ll need a powerful and flexible asset tracking software. Instantly locate your assets, conduct audits, and have your employees use their hours productively.
  4. 4. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 DRAWBACKS OF NOT HAVING AN ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE? It is an alarming situation when expensive and vital items start disappearing from your company’s stock. Poor Equipment Management generally leads to business failure. Expensive assets and equipment being misplaced, lost, or stolen are a common occurrence when employees are tasked with manually updating records in different departments at multiple locations. Another business risk for not having a workable asset tracking software is handling fraud, especially loss of expensive assets or sensitive information. For example, government departments discovering lost laptops that contained secret information, years after they were lost! Of course, it was already too late to contain possible damages. A good asset tracking software will identify such red flags early enough for businesses to arrive at a strategy for handling the situation, and being ahead of it.
  5. 5. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 ADVANTAGES OF HAVING AN ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE Some of the game changing advantages of having a powerful asset tracking or equipment management software are:  Organized collaboration between employees.  Stable and rapid business growth.  A system that enables employee mobility.  Efficient tracking of all your equipment.  Reduced fraudulent cases.  Reduced downtime due to missing assets or low stock.  Painless audits.  Reduction in write offs
  6. 6. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 FIRST THINGS FIRST: CLASSIFY ITEMS YOU NEED TO TRACK Different types of assets have different tracking needs, and classifying the items that need to be tracked is an important first step. The three types of items that can be tracked in an asset tracking software are:  Assets (e.g. laptops, cameras, cars) - Used for a certain duration; tracked individually. Generally need detail tracking because they’re expensive and knowing their full cost of ownership including servicing, warranty and repairs, it is important.  Asset Stock (e.g. chairs, tables, cables) - Similar to Assets; not tracked individually; concerned with stock quantities. Need to be tracked, just from a stock perspective i.e. how many exist and where they are. But you’re not concerned about knowing specific details of a particular item.  Inventory (e.g. water bottles, printer cartridges & paper) - Items that are consumed; concerned with stock quantity; add inventory stock when you get supplies and remove when you consume them.
  7. 7. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 ORGANIZED COLLABORATION BETWEEN EMPLOYEES The major advantage of having a centralized cloud based equipment management software is to enable collaboration between employees. Say, when an employee needs an asset for a conference next month, rather than hoarding on to it, they can reserve it so others can make use of it before the conference starts. With a proper asset tracking software, managing check in/outs, employee assignments, asset reservations and more is a breeze. Collaboration becomes easy between employees of different departments, enabling a business to reduce unnecessary asset purchases. Through collaborative feedback and insights, shared assets can be utilized more effectively. Moreover, employees can provide helpful insights into subject matter related to asset management. This includes references for product safety, skills development and other knowledge base materials that are updatable and referenceable by employees.
  8. 8. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 IDENTIFYING USER ROLES Not all users are the same. Each of them have a distinctive role in your business.  Asset custodian, also referred to as staff user is the end user of the system. Asset Custodians are individuals, employees and partners who reserve or are assigned assets in a business.  A supervisor is similar to an administrator, but is limited in terms of assets and custodians a supervisor can update and manage.  The Administrator is the highest level of user having complete access to the system and the authority of keeping information up to date such as auditing, tracking assets, adding employees, uploading documents, servicing, importing data and coordinating between the asset custodians. You should have more than one administrator to manage your asset tracking software so as not to overburden a single individual and end up with a single point of failure.
  9. 9. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS IN EFFECTIVE ASSET TRACKING You’ve probably noticed most equipment have barcodes attached to them. Unfortunately, they’re of little use since a barcode just stores a serial number. This serial only makes sense when looked up against a database of assets. Having labels with additional information, like the business name, contact information and asset make/model is far more useful. Having professional looking asset labels with business relevant information is both a time saver when trying to identify an asset and an enabler of asset tracking systems. Why you need them? They help you identify items, making it easier to track and update stock status. Physical assets become more accountable with asset labels. Moreover, labels help you identify your company as a brand. When making labels for your items, there are a number of labels compatible with an asset tracking software. Purchasing commercial quality labels isn’t necessary when starting off, rather we recommend going the ‘Do It Yourself’ path. This ensures any errors or improvements can be made before investing on professional labels. Most asset tracking software come with a label designer for such a purpose.
  10. 10. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS IN EFFECTIVE ASSET TRACKING (CONTD…) When creating asset labels, a few things you need to look out for: 1. Size – A label needs to be just large enough to be easily identified. Too big and it becomes unseemly, too small and its utility diminishes. 2. Quality – Once again, we recommend doing a trial run with Asset Labels. Once you’ve tried out the labels on assets, then it is time to go commercial with durable ones. 3. Information – At a minimum have a QRCode in there. That way, you can scan and have up to date information show up on your smartphone. But you’d probably like to add information to the QRCode, like ‘property of …’, and possibly some asset identification number to help with manual lookups also just in case you don’t have your scanning device to scan the QRCode. What information you have on the Asset Labels helps you track them in case they get lost.
  11. 11. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 ENHANCED WORKFLOW WITH SUPERCHARGED FEATURES When choosing an Asset Tracking Software, look for productivity boosters that will help your business grow. For example; if Location Tracking is important to you, go for a software that offers it. You may also want to configure your Time Zone. Some key features to look out for in an asset tracking software are:  Team based Access Control  Availability Calendar  Data Import functionality  Label Designer  Email Alerts  Custom Reports  Mobile apps for usage on the go
  12. 12. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 EZOFFICEINVENTORY – A SOFTWARE THAT HAS IT ALL! EZOfficeInventory is brought to you by a team of enterprise and technology experts who recognize the role of technology in solving common problems with a fresh perspective. Today, most businesses still manage their assets and inventories via excel sheets or by a desktop product. Both of which force a single administrator to own the headache of keeping information up to date such as lending, auditing, tracking, equipment management, providing support documents and drivers, servicing and coordinating between asset custodians. EZOfficeInventory does that and more! Why Us? We feel your pain and understand the need for businesses to focus on core strengths by not only removing technology related inefficiencies, but also enhancing employee productivity through optimal usage of assets. Give EZOfficeInventory a try, and within hours you’ll be tracking assets and will not look back. We’re so confident of this, we give a 15 day free trial! Sign up with us at If our software doesn’t solve your business's pain point, we'd like to hear from you. Email at:
  13. 13. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS…
  14. 14. EZOfficeInventory leverage your assets June 2015 Try out our 15 days Free Trial …and let the experience compel you to sign up for long term