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negotiate your salary in a better way....

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  1. 1. No matter what hiring managers say duringinterviews, theres still room to negotiatesalaries in todays economy.Many companies have no trouble attracting alarge pool of applicants, but finding someonequalified is the challenge.That makes you — if youre skilled and luckyenough to be chosen — at the head of thebargaining table.Have a look at these seven tips to negotiateyour next salary.
  2. 2. Know your value Whether job seekers are new or seasoned, they should know exactly what skills they can offer. More experienced job seekers should not only emphasize their work, but provide specific examples of what they have done in the past to show what they can offer in the future. Less experienced applicants should show examples from past internships or schoolwork to prove their skills. This can include writing samples, letters of recommendations, and presentations.
  3. 3. Research the positions salaryThe key to negotiation is being “SMART”. Research the potential positions average salary and make sure you are coming within a reasonable range. If you have connections at the company or a similar company, ask for advice on what is reasonable.
  4. 4. Ask higher to meet in the middleAfter researching the position, always askfor a little bit more than you expect, so youcan meet in the middle with your employer. If you are just starting out, only ask for asmall amount more than what you expect toreceive, but if you are at a higher level itsgood to ask for a few thousand more andleave wiggle room for negotiation.
  5. 5. Stay confidentConfidence is extremely important fornegotiations. It makes the employee seem self-assured and eager to work at a company.Again, providing specific examples ofwhat you’ve accomplished shows that youare proud of your work and abilities.
  6. 6. Explain previous circumstancesIf your previous salary was far lower anddue to extraneous circumstances such aswaiting for a yearly review or mass layoffs,make sure to clarify. Your new salary may be adjusted basedon your experience and skill level, andemployers often understand these types ofsituations.
  7. 7. Negotiate for more benefits or vacationIf salary negotiation isimpossible, employees should try formore vacation days or personal days orto pick up immediate coverage forhealthcare rather than wait for severalmonths to be covered. This way, they will at least getsomething extra if the salary cannot beimproved.
  8. 8. Compare job offersIf an employee is fortunate enough tohave two job offers, comparing both innegotiations can definitely help.Normally if it is a similar position, therewill not be a vast difference between thetwo, but it is absolutely a goodleveraging tool for more money.
  9. 9. Still, if you are not happy…..Explore following links• 10 ways to boost confidence in a job search• How to sell yourself in an interview• How to fill the gaps in your resume• List of the most unusual resume mistakes• Seven ways to make the most of your new job• Readers share their job search donts‘• or register yourself @ Linkedin By Sugata Chowdhuri