Online PR and Social Media Training


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Digital and social media training for corporate communications and public affairs. Learn how to maximise the opportunities of online PR and minimise the risks of social media. Custom courses delivered anywhere in the world.

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  • Now a days Social Media Management training is very much essential. Really informative post. Now a days Social Media Management training is very much essential. It's an informative post. Hope, This will be helpfull for us. I have the same business as it is. You can also find some solution from . . .
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Online PR and Social Media Training

  1. 1. DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA TRAININGfor corporate communications and public affairs
  2. 2. DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA TRAININGfor corporate communications and public affairsLearn how to maximise the opportunities of online PR and minimise the risks ofsocial mediaCORE COMPETENCIES COURSES• Online PR driving licence• Online communications strategy• Online communications managementMASTER CLASSES• Modern media relations• Executive visibility and thought leadership• Online crisis communications• Digital public affairs “The comms wunderkind is seriously web savvy, his CV reads like a top ten of all things tech” PRWeek Power Book
  4. 4. ONLINE PR ‘DRIVING LICENCE’Learn all the fundamental digital skills a modern public relations practitionerneedsComprehensive communications competencies course:• Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube from a PR perspective• Blogs, podcasting and live video streaming• Photo, video and document publishing and sharing• Social news sharing and bookmarking• Social media news releases and newsrooms• Pitching online media and blogsThe emphasis is on how public relations professionals canpractically use these tools in their day to day life and help withexisting activities such as media relations. “Stuart is a PR professional who understands the digital age. Hes an expert in word of mouth marketing. Id hire him straight away.” Tom Watson MP, world’s first government Minister for Digital Engagement
  5. 5. ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENTIf you’ve mastered the fundamentals then learn how to manage it day-to-dayIf you’ve already got to grips with social media then learn how tomanage it for your organisation:• Choose the best free and paid-for tools and platforms• Online tactics to ensure success• Monitor, listen, understand and interact• Build and engage communities• Create buzz and attentionThe focus is firmly on how to use social media tools andplatforms more effectively in order to achieve yourcommunications objectives and make the way you work day-to-day more effective. “It was a very fun and informative course. I learned a lot from it and can‟t wait to implement it in my work.” Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  6. 6. ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGYIntegrate online PR and social media into corporate communications strategyOnline PR and social media doesn’t require a separate socialmedia strategy, but should be integrated into your currentcorporate communications strategy. Learn how to:• Set objectives• Identify audiences, influencers and stakeholders• Select and use the most appropriate social media tools and platforms• Develop messages in the right tone and style• Assign resources• Develop strategies for multiple countries and brands• Measure, evaluate and report success “It‟s fabulous getting Stuart to do this as his knowledge and experience shine through. His session got 4 out of 5 for relevance. He is also very engaging.” Andrew Thomas, Publisher, Communicate magazine
  8. 8. MODERN MEDIA RELATIONSLearn how to use SEO and social media to improve your media relationsOnline is becoming increasingly important for mainstream media,newspapers and broadcasters so public relations professionals need tomaster Search Engine Optimisation and social media:• Learn how modern newsrooms operate, work with online editors and pitch bloggers• Use search analytics to create target media lists and pitch your content to mainstream media• Optimise you content for search and maximise the value of positive coverage• Develop multimedia video, audio, photo and infographic content• Use social networks and social media for pitching and journalist relationships• Offer publishers an opportunity for more reader engagement• Become a publisher and use social media news releases, newsrooms and corporate blogs “Stuart is a great instructor and shared all of his practical experience. This was one of the best courses I‟ve had.” Human Resources Development Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  9. 9. EXECUTIVE VISIBILITY THOUGHTLEADERSHIP executives can use social media effectivelyLearn how senior c-suiteLearn how senior c-suite executives and directors can use social mediain their leadership roles:• Improve executive visibility and reputation• Create and enhance thought leadership• Learn which social networks to use and those to avoid• Build and maintain contacts and effective networks• Discover which tasks can be delegated and which can’t• Effective tone of voice and messaging• Make the best use of valuable timeBenefit from our experience working with CEOs and senior governmentcabinet ministers to learn how senior leaders can safely and effectivelyuse social media and social networks. “Stuart‟s evident wealth of experience meant that he made social media relevant to me as a corporate communicator.” Frontex, European Union border force, Warsaw, Poland
  10. 10. ONLINE CRISIS COMMUNICATIONSDiscover how to help prevent an online issue becoming a crisisLearn how to develop online crisis communications plans:• Set-up real-time monitoring and early warning systems• Track activists, NGOs and campaigners• Set-up online crisis communications hubs• Creating and distributing content• SEO in a crisis• Message development• Real-time messaging and response systems “Passionate, innovative, responsive.” Simone Bresi-Ando, Global Corporate Communications Manager, Sony Ericsson
  11. 11. DIGITAL PUBLIC AFFAIRSEssential digital and online PR skills for public affairs professionalsLearn how social media and online PR can be used as anessential part of your public affairs strategy:• Identify, monitor and improve relations with online influencers• Use online to engage with powerful offline influencers• Use search to pull policy makers and stakeholders to you• Create compelling, persuasive content that stakeholders will want to share• Use social media to influence mainstream media coverage• Use online advertising for news and policy objectives “Thank you so much for your hard work on the campaign. Your media and comms was brilliant. I‟ve never been so well „Twittered;.” Alan Johnson MP, former senior UK government cabinet minister
  12. 12. ABOUT US
  13. 13. BENEFITS OF OUR TRAINING• Corporate communications focused, not just generic social media classes• Custom content and scenarios based around your business and sector, combined with best practice from peers and other sectors• Mentoring available after the course has finished• Confidential so sensitive information can be shared in private training sessions• Integrated into your existing corporate communications• Cost effective as can be run for multiple members of the team• Save time and money on travel with training provided anywhere in the world to suit your needs
  14. 14. TRAINING FORMAT• Every course tailored to specific needs of delegates• Theory and practical workshops, not just ‘talk and chalk’• One day or a package of days of different courses• Secure online access to course materials• Private courses for just your company or open courses with delegates from a range of organisations• Delivered anywhere in the world at your premises or executive training facilities
  15. 15. ABOUT YOUR TRAINER• Stuart Bruce is an award-winning international communications consultant specialising in digital corporate communications, online public relations, digital public affairs and social media• Extensive global public relations experience in the UK, European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and USA• Listed in the PRWeek Power Book of the top 1% of most influential PR people in the UK• Before starting SBA he was founder and managing director of one of the UK’s leading specialist online public relations consultancies succeeding in less than four years to grow it into a PRWeek Top 150 Consultancy and Top 40 Digital Consultancy “Stuart is a PR professional who understands the digital age. Hes an expert in word of mouth marketing. Id hire him straight away.” Tom Watson MP, world’s first government Minister for Digital Engagement
  16. 16. ABOUT YOUR TRAINER• One of the world’s first public relations bloggers and his A PR Guy’s Musings blog is still one of the world’s highest ranked PR blogs• Recently co-authored two PR business books, both to be published in summer 2012• Visiting lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University teaching online public relations to international post-graduate and MBA students• Founder member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Social Media Council• Worked at the highest levels in UK politics as Director of Communications for two senior UK government cabinet ministers• Worked with the United Nations in New York to publish the world’s first international research examining how FT Global 500 companies use social media as part of their CSR strategy
  17. 17. SELECTED CLIENT EXPERIENCEArts Council - UK Human Resources Development Fund - SaudiAssociation of Business Schools - UK/Global ArabiaBahrain Defence Force - Bahrain Independent Police Complaints Commission -Bahrain Petroleum Company - Bahrain UKBahrain Telecommunications Company - King Abdullah University of Science andBahrain Technology - Saudi ArabiaBritish Library - UK/Global Kingdom Holding Company - Saudi Arabia/GlobalCarlsberg - Denmark/UK/Global Kuwait National Petroleum Company - KuwaitCass Business School - UK/Global Labour Party - UKCentral Office of Information - UK Ministry of Defence - UKChartered Institute of Public Relations - UK Bahrain Ministry of Education - BahrainDepartment for Education and Employment - National Health Service (NHS) - UKUKDiesel - Italy/Global PayPal - UKDiscovery Channel - UK/Europe Samsung - Korea/GlobalFirst Direct - UK Smith and Nephew - UK/GlobalFrontex (European Union border force) - Sony Ericsson - UK/Sweden/GlobalPoland/Europe Unilever - UK/Netherlands/GlobalGlaxoSmithKline - UK/Global United Nations - USA/GlobalGulf 4 Good - GCC VIVA Kuwait - KuwaitHSBC - UK/Global World Vision - UK/Global
  18. 18. CONTACT STUART BRUCE+44 20 3239 1093 | training@stuartbruce.euTwitter stuartbruce | Skype stuartbruceprBlog | Consultancy “The comms wunderkind is seriously web savvy, his CV reads like a top ten of all things tech” PRWeek Power Book