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  • A welcome to everyone and a thank you to DeniseSpivak – been working on doing this for awhile.What does for organizations with cloud technologies to help organizations get online and become more efficient and collaborative. Also volunteer platform – but won’t truly cover that here, but will send out resources.With these tools we have received different deals from each service provider. In each case, there are other tools out there that might be more beneficial to your organization so I invite you to think about these and see if they are the best fit.
  • Snappoll is brought to you by a person within our co-working spot. Explain what a co-working environment isPeriodically asking questions to gauge whether you are using these tools or can these tools help your organization.So to get started using it either by laptop/desktop or a smart phone. All you have to do is grassrootsdotorg to find our private poll.
  • Explain the two different methods of accessing right now. Tell them why I think it is important for them to realize it now so that right when they want to get in they have no problems. Note that I.E. browsers can experience issues.
  • Our recent partnership with and what this means to get a four different services. As I go through this, I will explain which ones are doing this. But the reason we did this was that donors are willing to shift about 5 percent of 300 billion dollars that they give annually to organizations that are high performing which is about 15 in our effort to make organizations to perform more effectively with tools found a good fit with their program. Takes about a week to receive the Silver or Gold Seal
  • Break for a question
  • only. FreeApplying through, you will be brought to this screen where in your email you will take the redemption code and put it into here.
  • A pre-made structure with a lot of flexibility to create a unique website.Explain what a plugin or a module might be like a forum, a profile system or a widget like a facebook newsfeed inside your site.
  • With, it is very easy to go about this. I want to show people the easiest way to get their first site to have a success for their organization. Later, you can get more sophisticated with this.
  • Again this is a only service. is a WYSIWYG editor.
  • The toolbar is no more complicated than putting together a powerpoint presentation on your page. It will then automatically save your website and publish it instanteuously. You can point your domain name to the site. Lots of different templates to choose from, an advanced editor to tweak that template or an ability to change that template. You can even swap out template and not lose any of the content that you have put in there. It saves you from the headaches of losing material.
  • This is a more of a feeling question.
  • Effectively planning, executing and analyzing your social media strategy and other content areas. Your content news stories, blogs and events should be tapped into before and after by the appropriate social media forumYou will see that I have put in multiple different categories and there are a ton more, instagram, vine, even myspace is coming back. But the best piece of advice is that you don’t have to utilize what you are told to, only the ones that you feel most comfortable. It is good to utilize them in a way that the form is intended, so for facebook it is a sharing of warm stories among friends, not press releases.
  • Planning out with a content calendar at a mid to long term view what you have planned so that each story might provide a good map for the next one. Also excellent for your team to have set deadlines to accomplish this and then the form in which it will be pushed or marketed.
  • What Hootsuite allows you to do is to batch your social media activity with a scheduler. There are points when you may have some good content ideas around a certain time or have an event planned in the distance that you know intermittenly that you want to create awareness, so here you can schedule it.For an event, tickets sales usually range for about 6 weeks is the proper time, the times of peak sales are like two hills on the 1 and 6th week and then a wide gully in the middle, properly marketing it with a schedule and a planner can raise awareness during those leaner areas to get more in the middle. This helps to plan out attendance.
  • How to find more people that you are either working with or want to follow. My own list so that I can find what my partners are doing, tweet them, add value to our members and fill content.
  • Hootsuite allows you to track how effectively you are utilizing your different social media.I have focused on only facebook because this is what I understand best. Here are a few metrics, Reach, Engagement, click-through and Likes, explain each and why you shouldn’t only focus on likes
  • Using two different forms of fundraising power through Fundly and
  • There are three different forms of fundraising. Left side the form that goes on your site. Explain how to limit how much information that you need to take in and how many clicks it takes to finish. You don’t want to lose people in the process of donating.Facebook form allows you to capture your followers and it will then post that they have donated to your campaign which will reach to their own followers. For each one person that shares, it averages that another 32 will be reached by this.Final form is the fundly platform campaign, which we will take a closer look at.
  • Setting urgency by a deadline and a goal for them to reach. You do not want people to feel that they can just put off donating to your organization. I know it feels like that you can wait. If you put a smaller donation goal, you can always create a stretch donation after that.Incrementing is setting different donations levels for different donors. And the impact can help people understand how their specific donation might help for later. Storytelling through content and videos to keep regular updatesFinally the idea of seeding your campaign. The idea of the empty tip jar at a restaurant.
  • is a very passive form of giving for organizations. A person does not need to directly donate to your cause but purchase a good that the company will a portion back to your organization. This is their platform. People might not always go through the portal on
  • So created a browser extension that take a second to download. Once dl it will tell the person that whenever they are visiting a site that is within site.
  • And this is how it looks with It will automatically go back to if I made a purchase.You can use holidays to really market different deals and times when people are doing the best shopping. These services won’t just be tangible goods but services as well such as travel agencies, insurance etc.Now with both and, you will want to be able to reach people and that is why it is important to reach your followers through social media and make them engaged so they are more likely to participate when it comes time to make these efforts. So it follows that your social media marketing efforts ought to come before your social fundraising efforts to make the biggest impact.
  • Finally, my favorite activity with and that is creating a highly collaborative team. Ask question:
  • Idonethis is a service that my colleague and I used before we had it in the toolbox. A very easy way to mark your accomplishments and then the next day people are sent a digest of what all people have done, so that everyone can be in on the loop of activities and how to proceed with them with out having multiple meetings. Not to say that you don’t need meetings, but it sets a more efficient meeting.
  • And what I use everyday a password manager. You may have a lot of sites saved and might get a lot more from For protection, you should be using very strong, unique passwords. With a manager, it will save every site password, username and the url so that when you visit it next, you can auto login without having to remember your password.Tell my father’s notebook.
  • The other three services, All important but they don’t truly need tips on how to use them most effectively.Explain them each
  • center link webinar

    1. 1. The Value of’s Tools Benjamin Cohen Outreach Manager at Email me @ Tweet us @Grassroots_org
    2. 2. Visit
    3. 3. Joining
    4. 4. Checking Your Seal Status with • Go to • Enter Your EIN Name or Organization Name • Your Seal will be in your profile You can update your profile here: g/update-nonprofit- report/how-to-update-your- nonprofit-report.aspx
    5. 5. Website Tools
    6. 6. Beginning with a free web hosting account Only
    7. 7. Building Your Site with a CMS Source:
    8. 8. How to Install WordPress for Beginners • Log in to your cPanel • Scroll to Simple Scripts • Click WordPress to begin your installation Your WordPress site will be installed on your domain. To access your administrator, go to www.yourdomai admin.
    9. 9. Or
    10. 10. Only Doodlekit’s Secret: is Built on Doodlekit.
    11. 11. Website Built easier with Web Toolbar PowerPoint Presentation Toolbar 154 Templates to Choose From Customize Your Own Templates Blogs, Images, Form and Forum Builders
    12. 12. Social Media
    13. 13. Plan, Execute and Analyze your Social Media with
    14. 14. Source:
    15. 15. Follow people you are working with or want to network with to create reciprocity!
    16. 16. Choose Your Metrics Some Facebook Metrics: Reach (Organic and Viral), Engagement, Click- throughs, and old- faithful Likes
    17. 17. Fundraising
    18. 18. Fundly Form Fundly Platform Campaign Fundly in Facebook
    19. 19. 12 3 4 1. Setting a Deadline 2. Setting a Monetary Goal 3. Incrementing and Impact 4. Storytelling 5. Seeding Your Campaign
    20. 20. Also, Avail able for IE!
    21. 21. Blast out by super-engaged social media supporters deals and coupons
    22. 22. Team Collaboration
    23. 23. Share your accomplishments to hyper-motivated teammates
    24. 24. Other Services Only
    25. 25. The Value of’s Tools Benjamin Cohen Outreach Manager at Email me @ Tweet us @Grassroots_org