Opening Spectrum in South Africa


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A presentation I gave at the Broadband Summit on 25 March 2009 in Johannesburg. In it I make the case for embracing new technologically driven models for spectrum sharing and transparency in spectrum auctions.

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Opening Spectrum in South Africa

  1. 1. Opening Spectrum 25.03.09
  2. 2. What is Spectrum? The range of radio frequencies used in wireless broadcast and communication But. Not all spectrum is created equal
  3. 3. But why regulate spectrum? Spectrum is regulated to prevent interference among spectrum users.
  4. 4. t what kind Bu the sky? f a thing is o spectrum? hould it be S regulated... the ocean?
  5. 5. general In manage we trum like spec l estate. rea
  6. 6. Imagine a conference centre.. ..where each room might correspond to a spectrum band.
  7. 7. Or many conference centres... Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  8. 8. Access to any conference room A anywhere, anytime. Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  9. 9. Spectrum is allocated like slices of a pie. Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  10. 10. Guard bands... Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  11. 11. ISM Band Spectrum Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  12. 12. Which was fine...
  13. 13. ...until the explosive growth of Internet Mobile
  14. 14. ...until the explosive growth of So what needs to happen? Internet Mobile
  15. 15. 1) Independent spectrum audit
  16. 16. 1) Independent spectrum audit to the best nt spectrum g “Accordin A rece y d ata, at an , dit of Dublin available au nd a n y on e h o w e d t ha t a one place Ireland s is the U.S. it only 14% of time in an hat less th le spectrum likely t availab f available . was in usenications 10% o is in usAm” rica e. u m - Irish t: KmymData Report spectruMeinrath, New e Co e Marke - Sascata n h io Found
  17. 17. 2) Standards for transparency in spectrum auctions
  18. 18. 2) Standards for transparency in spectrum auctions um nt spectr R ece d the Unite n auction i 70 0Mh z he tates of t S 0 ulted in 2 band res revenue D billion US ent. r governm fo
  19. 19. 2) Standards for transparency in spectrum auctions um nt spectr ithout good R ece W d the Unite al ance, natur n auction i govern 70 0Mh z s wealth turn he tates of t resource S 0 ulted in 2 r be worse fo band res ou t t o revenue if untries than D billion US ent. p oo r c o se dn’t had tho r governm t he y ha fo all. ources at ottom Billion res B r – The - Paul Collie
  20. 20. 3) Start sharing spectrum
  21. 21. 3) Start sharing spectrum – No v 4 , 2 0 0 8 f ns e d u s e o Unlice ision White Telev es spectrum Sp ac e roved in th a pp es United Stat
  22. 22. 3) Start sharing spectrum – No v 4 , 2 0 0 8 f ns e d u s e o Unlice ision White Telev es spectrum Sp ac e roved in th a pp – p t 26, 2 008 es United Stat Se e 1y-2008 “lit 802.1 g” standard licensin e roved by th ap p IEEE
  23. 23. Technology is often a better regulator than bureacracy
  24. 24. The Role of Industry Television White Spaces Use of television guard bands Digital dividend spectrum Serendipitous re-use
  25. 25. What's missing? You!
  26. 26. Opportunities in South Africa Digital Television 802.11y Dividend White “lite Spectrum Spaces licensing”
  27. 27. So instead of this... Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  28. 28. Let's have this Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
  29. 29. Summary 1) Independent 2) Transparency in 3) Start sharing spectrum audit spectrum auctions spectrum
  30. 30. Creative Commons Hand Holding a Mobile Phone by WhiteAfrican Sky by Robin Jaffray We share this... by Miguel Ramirez Bureaucracy by BostonBill King Farouk in the inauguration of the international telecommunications congress 1938 by KodakAgfa Other photos courtesy of
  31. 31. Steve Song email: blog: skype: steve_l_song twitter: stevesong