Lessons for Associates of eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd.


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http://www.souravghosh.com presents 40 valuable lessons from 7 years of experience of Sourav Ghosh. If you get benefited from it, please share with others.

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Lessons for Associates of eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd.

  1. 1. /+Souravghosh /souravghoshji /souravghosh /souravghoshji @souravghosh
  2. 2. What you can learn here: • What I’ve learned in 7 years of journey with eBIZ.com. • Truth, no hype or false motivation. • How to avoid common mistakes. • How to build a sustainable Network for long term success. • Practical ‘how-to’ s. • Scope & vision of Network Marketing.
  3. 3. Disclaimers: • I am not so-called successful eBIZ leader. • I’ve not earned Crores. Been to Highest Earners only a few times. • Doesn’t own expensive cars, homes to show you off. • I haven’t done anything extra-ordinary in eBIZ. • I haven’t ever spoken on National Convention stages.
  4. 4. Disclaimers: • I may contradict with what your uplines are teaching you. You have to decide which one to follow. • All these information is my opinion & experience, eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. isn’t involved in creating it. • I can’t be held responsible for any misuse of this information by you in any manner...
  5. 5. • So if you don’t feel comfortable to learn from me anything, feel free to close this & do what you are doing. • But if you want to know ‘WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME’ check out the next slide. • For starter, If anyone did share all these information with me, then I didn’t have to waste 7 years to figure it out.
  6. 6. Why Should You Listen to Me • I joined on 18th January 2007. Engineering 2nd year. • I gave thousands of presentations within 1st year. • My 20+ immediate uplines quitted within first year. • Group size was nearly 800+ after 1st year.
  7. 7. Why Should You Listen to Me • Got in touch with very senior Diamond upline from other city, who quitted in my 3rd year. • Got in touch with more senior Gold Diplomat upline who quitted in my 4th year (along with other GD+ uplines). • I didn’t give up. I always worked independently whether I had uplines or not. • I got in touch with Dr. Malhan.
  8. 8. Why Should You Listen to Me • Started researching about Network Marketing industry. • Learned from world’s most successful Network Marketers. • Can assure you the information & research I have on this industry, very few people in India have that! • I am successful in my own terms.
  9. 9. Why Should You Listen to Me • In last 7 years I lived my life exactly as I wanted to live. Having enough time & money for my passions, family, love & friends. • I don’t have any doubt about succeeding in Network Marketing. • For last few years teaching about this industry to associates from different companies from all over the world.
  10. 10. Lessons
  11. 11. 1. Read everything before/immediately after joining • Study www.ebizel.com thoroughly. Every single links, pages. Specially LEGALS & FAQs. • Incomplete/ wrong information leads to wrong expectation, which leads to quick failure, and then negativity about eBIZ. • Promote the same to every single associates in your group.
  12. 12. 2. Right way to Sign up • New associate should – Go to bank with registration amount & make his own demand draft. – Register himself online by his own hand. – Take printout of invoice. Sign it. Write DID on the back of the DD. Keep a xerox copy of both the DD & signed invoice. – Send original DD & signed invoice to eBIZ House. • One upline will – only assist, not do it for him. – Show him how to use www.ebizel.com
  13. 13. 3. Never help a prospect with money • If you help a butterfly to come out of cocoon, it will die. Similarly he who can’t take the trouble to collect money for eBIZ business, can never succeed. • How many people can you bring giving joining amount? • Can they all bring people giving joining amount?
  14. 14. 4. Have realistic expectations • eBIZ is not a get-rich-quick scheme. • Look around, how much money & time people are investing in normal jobs & businesses. And what return they are getting. How can you expect Rs. 2.5 Lakh/week overnight? • Most over-estimate what can be done in eBIZ in short term & under-estimate what can be done in long term. • You need to learn first.
  15. 15. 5. Right approach to eBIZ Products • eBIZ provides fundamental 65 self-learning computer courses, without certification, at an affordable cost. • If you don’t know much computer you can build great foundation with eBIZ courses. • If you are computer expert, think yourself as a teacher & help others learn from eBIZ package. • If you don’t like it, don’t join.
  16. 16. 6. Take Proper Training • Proper training consists of: – eBIZ principles/ ethics. – How to use eBIZ Products & www.ebizel.com – Making lists (Why, Dream, Fear, Prospect) – Prospecting (where to find prospects, how to make relations with them) – How to invite people to take a look at eBIZ opportunity – How to Present eBIZ opportunity. – How to followup prospects.
  17. 17. 7. Never break eBIZ Ethics • eBIZ ethics/ Principles: – Truthfulness – Honesty – Generosity – Passion – Love • Long term success can’t be build on lies or cheating. • Avoid those who are unethical.
  18. 18. 8. Don’t follow anyone blindly • Learn the goodness from everyone, respect everyone, but don’t follow anyone blindly. • You can’t take guarantee of anyone else except you. Tomorrow anyone (your uplines or downlines) can quit, no matter how successful they are today. • Focus on the teachings, not on the teachers. • Hope for the best. • Prepare for the worst.
  19. 19. 9. Forget about 8190 model • You bring 2 people in 1 month, they both bring 2 people each in next month, those 4 brings 2 people in next… your network is 8190 in 1 year, you earn Rs. 40 Lakh!!! Doesn’t work! • Be realistic. Self sponsoring 2 people, and then motivating others … doesn’t work. • Keep sponsoring personally before reaching desired income level.
  20. 20. 9. Be independent & self-sufficient • This is your business. • Learn everything from your uplines as soon as possible, then start doing yourself. • Then only consult with an experienced uplines regularly to correct your mistakes & improve. • If your uplines are helping you in day-to-day activity after 1st month, then both of you are misguided.
  21. 21. 10. Motivate less, lead by example • Stop motivating your downlines by your words. • Go out & work. • Your task is to go out & self sponsor. Teach them the basics & help them start. Then go out & self sponsor. Teach them the basics & help them start. … Keep doing it. • You can’t drag anyone to success.
  22. 22. 11. Don’t try to convince, find the right people • This is not a business, where you talk to a few people & try to convince them to join. • Your task is to keep sharing with a lot of people & find the right people for your business. • Who are the right people? Those who are teachable & have some dreams. • Convinced today, may quit tomorrow.
  23. 23. 12. Respect those who doesn’t join • Never ever misbehave with those who aren’t joining your eBIZ business. • Never push/ request/ force anyone to join. • If you keep good relationship even when someone doesn’t join eBIZ, you create good reputation for you & eBIZ both. • That person may join tomorrow or recommend someone to you.
  24. 24. 13. Prospecting dos & donts • At first interaction, don’t talk about eBIZ. • Just be friends. Prospecting is just making new friends. • Be genuinely interested in their lives. • Ask questions & listen more. • Think how eBIZ can benefit in their lives. • Roaming in white shirt tie in malls or rail stations creates bad reputation only!
  25. 25. 14. Proper Invitation • Should be precise & quick. • Purpose is to bring them to presentation, not give details. • Focus on benefits, not on features. • Never plead. • Always take confirmation to make it professional. • No tricks & lies please.
  26. 26. 15. Home Meeting or Venue Meeting? • This is Home Based Business (HBB), not VBB. • Every prospect should see your opportunity in a 1-to-1/Home presentation for the first time. • If your group takes prospects directly to venue meetings, then you are creating dependent & inexperienced leaders in your team. Your high rate of joining won’t last long. • HM gives ‘I can do it’ feelings!
  27. 27. 16. Proper presentation • Home meeting shouldn’t exceed 45 minutes. • Pen paper or whiteboard marker. Profile & CD pack. • Laptop & net connection if available. • Focus on benefits, not on features. • Focus on the freedom eBIZ can give. • Comply with information given in ebizel.com • End with honest & simple testimony.
  28. 28. 17. Proper followup • Confirming next meeting with them. • 1-o-1 -> Home Meeting -> Venue meeting. • Give them proper information on eBIZ and Network Marketing they can review at home. • Ask questions & find their doubts (if any). • Answer their doubts. • After giving all info you know, accept only YES or NO. Not ‘may be’.
  29. 29. 18. Be rejection proof • Know from the first day that you are going to hear a lots of Nos. And be okay with that. • From Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, every successful persons had to hear lots of Nos. Cheers!
  30. 30. 19. Be confident yourself before trying to convince others • Are you confident about eBIZ? 100%? About Network Marketing? About yourself? • First work on that. Then and then only share about eBIZ with others. • When a person quits Network Marketing after 2-3 years, one thing for sure he was never 100% confident about this industry himself.
  31. 31. 20. Attend meetings & conventions • Attend meetings & conventions, specially those organized by company & senior leaders. • You’ll get great inspiration and also can find many mistakes in your working strategy to improve. • It’s useless, if you don’t implement what you are learning.
  32. 32. 21. Take it as a serious profession • Look around. See other professionals in different professions. Are you really taking eBIZ that seriously? • If you did a job for as long as you are in eBIZ, did you have to work this much? • Regularly focus on self sponsoring for atleast 2-3 hours. Daily.
  33. 33. 22. Learn about Network Marketing industry • Do you have any idea what an amazing industry you are part of? • Study www.souravghosh.com/networkmarketing • Get the big picture. • Be a Network Marketing professional.
  34. 34. 23. Students: Study vs eBIZ • You can continue both well, if you do it properly. eBIZ requires only 2-3 hours/day time. • If you don’t like to study & want to take Network Marketing as fulltime profession, it should be your own well-thought personal decision that you won’t regret later. • If you discontinue study, do you have a plan on where can you find new people?
  35. 35. 24. Job+eBIZ vs Only eBIZ • If you have some financial backup for atleast 3-5 years, then I’d recommend you to focus on eBIZ full time ( atleast 7-8 hours/day). • If you don’t have such backup, then I’d recommend you to keep your job to pay for expenses. You can quit your job, when your eBIZ income is atleast double of your salary for atleast 6 months regularly.
  36. 36. 25. Save money & buy assets • From the first cheque, separate atleast 25% of your every income into a different account without ATM card. • Keep your expenses in control. • When you have saved a good amount of money, buy safe investments. • Only when you have earned a lot of money, go for risky investment if you want. • Buy properties.
  37. 37. 26. Don’t show off paying EMI • Never ever buy anything (bike, car, home) taking loan or paying EMI or through credit card. • Your prospects won’t join seeing your bike or car, they’ll join if they can see their benefits. • Those who’ll join seeing these, will quit soon. • When people know the truth of your EMI, what will they think about you & eBIZ?
  38. 38. 27. Spend daily self-development time • Spend atleast 30 minutes daily to study positive information in the form of: – Books – Audios – Videos – Websites/ blogs ( www.fb.com/souravghoshji ) • Only this culture can remove the need for motivating associates. They’ll learn to be self-motivated instead.
  39. 39. 28. Don’t be misled by negative people • Many people give up their eBIZ business just because they have found someone said something negative about eBIZ online. • Wake up. Name any brand/ company/ celebrity/ sportsman/ politician… I’ll show you negative remarks about them online. • Instead of researching about why eBIZ/ MLM doesn’t work, why don’t you learn how to succeed in it?
  40. 40. 29. Don’t hesitate to contact company • There are many morons in eBIZ (as in every organization) who call themselves leaders. • But Dr. Malhan & the company is very honest & strict about rules & ethics. • Whenever you see anything unethical, don’t hesitate to report to company directly. • Attend company events to be sure you are guided properly.
  41. 41. 30. Don’t bring kids into eBIZ Business • Recruiting anyone from class X or below is illegal. (Read LEGALS) • XI & XII students aren’t very appropriate sorry. Very few stays. • College students better. Professionals much better. • People who have some idea about how much effort it takes to earn money outside eBIZ take eBIZ more seriously.
  42. 42. 31. Involve family • • • • This is a family business. Involve your family directly or indirectly. Never hide eBIZ from your family. Take your family to eBIZ conventions, introduce them with Malhan sir & other senior leaders. They’ll feel great. • If you are confident about eBIZ, why won’t you involve your family?
  43. 43. 32. Don’t be a star, be duplicable • If you are a star, can bring results magically, but your group can’t bring results in the same way, then you’ll fail in Network Marketing. • Your process of self-sponsoring should be so easy to follow, that anyone joining your group can just copy+paste the process & get results. That’s duplication. • Stardom will choke you to death here & duplication will set you free.
  44. 44. 33. Find your own mistakes • When things don’t work, instead of blaming uplines/ downlines/ family/ products/ compensation plan/ universe … find your own faults. • You can’t cheat the world, but not yourself. • You can’t escape any lessons. You have to pay the price later.
  45. 45. 34. Don’t participate in ‘comparison’ game • • • • • • Your story is unique. Learn from others, correct yourself, improve. Be better than your former self. Trust in life. Don’t lose focus. Have long term vision.
  46. 46. 35. Cross sponsoring is unforgivable • If you are luring any existing Network Marketer from other groups of eBIZ (illegal according to LEGALS) or from other companies (ethically shameful), then you are doomed to fail. • It’s stealing. Thieves never become successful in eBIZ/ Network Marketing.
  47. 47. 36. Focus on your earning from day 1 • Focus on money making activities from day 1. • Reach the earning level, you’d have earned in a job of your caliber as soon as possible. Your family will be relieved. • Don’t be satisfied reaching certain level. Non stop to the top. • Money isn’t everything, but regular increasing income from eBIZ will be great!
  48. 48. 37. Your tag isn’t your only identity • Focus on reaching one tag after another regularly. But understand tags are just different levels of eBIZ compensation plan. • People outside eBIZ will judge you by your behavior, knowledge, achievements, service not by your tag. • Higher you rise in tag, be more humble. Don’t boss around. Learn from Malhan sir.
  49. 49. 38. Be a real-life Hero, not a stagehero • It’s very easy to earn respect of thousands of crowds giving a dynamic motivational speech. But real leaders earn respect from the people who live with them 24x7. • Be a great human being even inside closed door, when no one is watching. • Shut up & do some good work for your family & the society.
  50. 50. 39. eBIZ is better, not perfect • Don’t expect perfection from eBIZ or any of your uplines. • Focus on your improvement. • Scopes & opportunities eBIZ is giving in such low cost, can you get anywhere else? – Yes: go there please. – No: do your work. • Set examples for others to follow.
  51. 51. 40. Never stop learning • This training is not the end, but just the beginning of your lessons. • Secret: Lessons you learn is the most important asset of your eBIZ business. • Learn – DO –teach. Don’t skip the ‘do’ part. • Share what you learning.
  52. 52. Before I say Good-bye • If you are thinking about starting or re-starting your eBIZ business, I’d love to be your sponsor & guide you. • If you are already in eBIZ or introduced by someone else, please don’t even think about joining me. You’ll get equal help staying where you are. • Please understand that I won’t be able to reply individually. Follow resources I share at www.fb.com/souravghoshji for guidance.
  53. 53. Follow valuable lessons online from these channels: /+Souravghosh /souravghoshji /souravghosh /souravghoshji @souravghosh