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Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
Against Designer Babies
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Against Designer Babies


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M. McGovern + N. Spiegelberg …

M. McGovern + N. Spiegelberg
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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Against Designer Babies By: Molly McGovern & Nicole Spiegelberg
  • 2. Basic Principles of Genetics
    • Dominant allele is one whose trait always shows up in the organisms when the ally is present
    • When neither one are dominant or recessive.
    • According to the chromosome theory of inheritance, genes are carried from parents to their offspring on chromosomes .
  • 3. Genetic Disorders
    • A genetic disorder is an illness or a mutation caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes. One type of genetic disorder is Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is an extra set of chromosome 21.
    • a full set of chromosomes from an individual which can be compared to a "normal" Karyotype for the species via genetic testing.
    • Chromosomes abnormality usually happen as a result of an error in cell division.
    • Cystic fibrosis is also a type of genetic disorder, because it is a build up of thick mucus that builds up in your lungs and intestines.
    • Another genetic disorder is sickle cell disorder. This disorder is codominant caused by abnormal hemoglobin the protein in the blood that carries oxygen.
  • 4. Human Genome Project
    • The Human Genome project began in 1990The mapping of human genes is an important step in the development of medicines and other aspects of health care.
    • The main goals of The Human Genome Project were to provide a complete and accurate sequence of the three billion DNA base pairs that make up the human genome
    • GINA protects Americans from discrimination based on information derived from genetic tests. It forbids insurance companies from discriminating through reduced coverage or pricing and prohibits employers from making adverse employment decisions based on a person’s genetic code. In addition, insurers and employers are not allowed under the law to request or demand a genetic test.
  • 5. Pro for designer babies
    • One reason why designer babies is useful is that scientists know that they are able to make knew life. Also, the alleles that are injected into the embryo decide what the baby looks like.
  • 6. Why we are against designer babies…
    • Children should be loved and cherished for themselves and not what they can do for others.
    • Who is responsible for genetic modification of a child? The parents? The doctors? Or the Government?
    • Some people find it satisfying only because they think it makes them perfect because their genes have been artificially selected.
    • Designer babies are created by chemical engineering , which doesn’t allow the embryo to receive its heredity , and its just cloning the same embryo.
  • 7. Argument 2 against designer babies
    • Designer babies will most likely have a genetic disease and die before they are born or when they are very young. Techniques used to change the genetic make-up of the embryo allow these parents to have a child or children.