Identifying and Igniting Brand Advocates in Social Media


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Presentation about brand advocates and how to identify and ignite them on social media. Created by Esteban Contreras, Social Media Manager for Samsung Electronics, for a Zuberance Webinar along with Kety Esquivel and Frank Eliason.

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Identifying and Igniting Brand Advocates in Social Media

  1. 1. Identifying + Igniting Brand Advocates<br />
  2. 2. 2/3rds of the economy is influenced by personal recommendations.<br />McKinsey& Company<br />20% of consumers are key influencers of purchasing activities of 74% of the pop.<br />Gartner<br />Consumers mention 56 brands in conversation per week.<br />Keller Fay<br />62% of these discussions are positive.<br />Each peer recommendation reaches 150 people on the social web. <br />Forrester<br />Less than 25% of people say they trust emails they sign up for.<br />1 in 3 people come to a brand through a recommendation.<br />Weber Shandwick<br />The most recommended company in any given category grows2.5x the category average.<br />Bain& Co.<br />40% of advocates answer, comment, or give opinions online several times each week. <br />Yahoo! and Comscore<br />
  3. 3. influencer<br />participant<br />connected<br />contributor<br />vocal<br />credible<br />recommender<br />expert<br />aware<br />authentic<br />customer<br />involved<br />adopter<br />Brand Advocate<br />proactive<br />passionate<br />independent<br />honest<br />supporter<br />fan<br />forgiving<br />friend<br />spender<br />loyal<br />enthusiast<br />demanding<br />active<br />engaged<br />consumer<br />believer<br />invested<br />empowered<br />knowledgeable<br />promoter<br />leader<br />CUSTOMER<br />CRITIC<br />ADVOCATE<br />
  4. 4. Social Advocates<br />Advocacy has always been a Social Activity<br />“Social” should be a long-term commitment<br />Increasing advocacy should be a long-term goal<br />How To Identify Existing Advocates <br />Immerse yourself in the social web<br />Be part of the community <br />Don’t be a spectator<br />Truly listen on your social presences<br />Don’t just count comments, likes, @replies, reviews, ratings, etc.<br />Pay attention, find trends, derive insights<br />Actively monitor, measure, track, and adapt<br />Buzz<br />Sentiment<br />Impact<br />Learn from the Recommendation Scores<br />NPS: Likelihood to recommend<br />BAQ: Brand Advocacy Quotient<br />OPS: Online Promoter Scores<br />TAS: % Advocates / % Critics<br />
  5. 5. Igniting Advocacy<br />Advocates Are Not Born, Made or Purchased<br />You cannot create or buy real advocates <br />How To Empower + Encourage + Inspire Advocacy<br />Engage in on-going conversations<br />Provide valuable + memorable experiences<br />Be as human as possible<br />Personality, Generosity, Creativity, Empathy, etc.<br />Think of the 5 C’s from their Perspective<br />Community, Content, Conversations, Collaboration, Connections<br />Enable Sharing<br />Have a service-mindset towards everyone<br />Tell your company’s story with genuine passion<br />Connect with influencers and influencers’ influencers<br />Connect advocates with other advocates<br />Develop Social CRM<br />Nurture relationships<br />Be consistent<br />
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