Mobile for Today’s Nonprofits (with audio)


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Emerging technologies are changing our lives for the better enabling users to be in "constant connection" with the things they care about. Mobile plays a huge part in this, especially with the advent of smart phones. Already growing at an enormous rate, mobile growth is only going to continue on this upward trend, with smart phone sales beating PC sales in Q4 2010. The key focus of the session is to be a resource to nonprofits in helping them understand and evaluate how mobile solutions will help them grow holistically.

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Mobile for Today’s Nonprofits (with audio)

  1. 1. Mobile for Today’s Nonprofits Presented by Tonia Zampieri & Anusha Sethuraman – Smart Online, Inc. The developers of SmartOn™ Mobile solutions that will help bring your mission further with mobile
  2. 2. Agenda• The Big 4 in Mobile – Overview• Today’s nonprofit challenges – how can mobile assist?• Summary of Smart Online Whitepaper findings• Mobile readiness assessment (handout)• Additional nonprofit mobile resources• Invent Your App Contest Announcement• Q& A
  3. 3. Outcomes• Understand the basics of mobile technology• Know 4 categories of NPO mobile channel & give examples• Identify your organization’s mobile readiness• Create your own mobile roadmap (fundraising, advocacy, program delivery) success• Learn about – ‘Invent your App’ contest – Additional education/resources
  4. 4. The Big 4
  5. 5. • Completely different layout from static site• Available via any mobile device w/Internet• Start w/most critical calls to action – Donation pages, volunteer opps, top programs
  6. 6. Soles4Souls.orgStatic website homepage
  7. 7. Soles4Souls.Org Mobile WebsiteHome Page Donate page Get Involved page
  8. 8. • Stands for ‘short message service’• Use text messaging as form of communication• Text2Give falls under this category• MMS – Multimedia messaging service – video, photo
  9. 9. Text4Baby Case Study (program delivery) GoalTo reach low-incomenew mothers ormothers to be to promotematernal and child health Action Text BABY (or BEBE inSpanish)to 511411 – free weekly texts•Timed to due date or• Baby’s date of birth Outcome Help Moms take good care of themselves – and their babies
  10. 10. • Major device OS (Apple, Android, BB, etc.)• Deep engagement – 2 way• Rich Engagement and Offline capabilities• Integration with external databases – contact management systems (no silos) – Volunteer, gov’t officials, donation systems, etc
  11. 11. National Parks Conservation AssociationPrimary goals: increase email list & engagement w/org.
  12. 12. • Can be Text2Give, mobile website or app• Must be integrated with existing campaign• Marketing is KEY to success
  13. 13. Not mobile optimized Mobile optimized
  14. 14. Big 3 Questions to ask• What is the desired outcome? Define top 1-3 goals for next 12/18 months• Who is the target audience?• What are the channels needed based on the above?
  15. 15. • Idea: understand users – What do they do with their phones? – Causes and apps – how do they react?• Showcase results Surveyed ~300 consumers
  16. 16. Questions we asked• Usage on smartphone vs. PC• Mobile ‘unfriendly’ website – what do you do?• Mobile app or mobile website?• Used an app for a cause you care about?
  17. 17. Smartphones vs. PCs - Sales• Smartphone sales beat PC sales – 100.9 million Smartphones – 92.1 million PCs (Q4 2010) * * International Data Corp., 2010
  18. 18. Salvation Army App• Social Justice ‘The Daily Cup’ App – 190,000 downloads in 6 weeks – Over 10% response rate *This example reiterates the rateof proliferation of smartphones –you want to build your presencehere, and quickly * Salvation Army., 2010/2011
  19. 19. Smartphones vs. PCs –Usage• 72% open emails more often on their phones or equally on their phones and computers• 63% open social networking sites similarly Always on my phone Equally More often on my phone Less often on my phone Don’t open emails on my phone
  20. 20. Mobile ‘Unfriendly’ Websites Get frustrated and disengage Leave the website and forget about it Open it later on a computer Zoom in and read information with difficulty
  21. 21. Comparison: Mobile Website or Apps• 67% prefer app for utility• 62% for social networking• 26% for fundraising events/advocacy
  22. 22. Causes & Mobile – Consumer Reaction• 21% used phones to support nonprofits• 59% want to receive real time updates
  23. 23. World Wildlife Fund - Canada• 10,000 downloads since Nov launch• Promotes org news• Goal – reach 1 million (5 yrs)
  24. 24. The Idea begins with You• Invent Your App• Submissions accepted tillApril 30• Voting begins – May 1 Your Brand. Your Supporters. Your App!
  25. 25. App Ideas
  26. 26. What are your next steps?• Mobile readiness questionnaire• Get informed! (beyond today) • Get buy in, set a strategy, timeline & budget• Develop mobile roadmap – build tiered plan – 1st release, 2nd, etc. + maintenance Mobile is here – doing nothing is NOT an option!
  27. 27. Additional Resources• LinkedIn Groups: – Mobile Technology for nonprofit organizations• Websites – – • Blog on mobile email best practices, causes & mobile, etc.• Notable Twitter handles: – @iheartcharity, @smartonmobile @NPOmobile – @NTENorg @NetSquared
  28. 28. Where do you stand today?
  29. 29. Appendix
  30. 30. Best Practices – Mobile Emails• ‘View on Mobile Device’ link• Single column layouts• Branding and Calls to Action at the top• Read blog article at• creating-mobile-emails/