Vitamin d3 and its advantages


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Vitamin d3 and its advantages

  1. 1. Vitamin D3 BenefitsVitamin D3 benefits are the most sought after by many people because it helps them live ahealthy lifestyle. Though most people do not know much about Vitamin D3 benefits, a lot offolks are aware of the sources of Vitamin D3, but they do not just know it. This is becauseVitamin D3 is often found in ordinary foods and sunlight itself.Vitamin D3 sourcesSo what is Vitamin D3 then? It is otherwise called as cholecaliferol, which is Vitamin D’sactive form. What’s amazing about it is that our body produces Vitamin D3, which comesfrom the skin itself. It is manufactured when the skin receives sunlight. Vitamin D3 benefitsare on their way to building you a better body if you get exposed to sunlight for at least 15to 20 minutes a day.You can also get small amounts of Vitamin D3 from cereals, milk, mushrooms, egg yolks,and oranges. To get premium Vitamin D3 benefits, a daily intake of these foods isrecommended BUT the best source of vitamin D is the sun light or vitamin D-3 supplementsWhat Vitamin D3 can do for you?Vitamin D and depressionOne of the Vitamin D3 benefits is that it helps brain development and it is essential in motorcoordination and emotional stability. This is the reason why kids who often play sports andare exposed in the sun tend to have a higher emotional quotient (EQ) than children whostay at home just playing video games.
  2. 2. Vitamin D and osteoporosisAnother benefit is that it prevents people from getting osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, andmultiple sclerosis. The first two diseases are bone-related. It is a wide-known fact thatdrinking milk strengthens the bones, that’s why being able to stay away from these boneproblems is one of the Vitamin D3 benefits. Multiple sclerosis on the other hand issomething that affects the central nervous system. Studies show that people who don’t getenough sunlight are prone to getting multiple sclerosis.Vitamin D and colds, the flu and feverVitamin D3 benefits also include protection from fever, flu, and cold because it strengthensthe immune system. People who eat eggs as part of their breakfast meal are often thosewho barely get sick. They do not catch a cold that easily and somehow, fever does not getthrough them either. This is because egg yolks are a rich source of Vitamin D3.Vitamin D and CancerOne particular gain from the list of Vitamin D3 benefits is its ability to prevent cancer—specifically breast cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate. People who areactive and go for a run or walk everyday and eating the right breakfast afterward have theadvantage of not getting these types of cancer.Vitamin D and the heartVitamin D3 is also good for the heart. It also prevents diseases related to the cardiovascularsystem such as heart fatigue, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Some fish have aVitamin D3 benefit that’s why men and women who make it a point to eat fish regularly cansay hello to a healthy heart.Vitamin D and the skinThe skin is also in need of Vitamin D3 benefits. It has properties that prevent inflammationand it protects the skin from itching and psoriasis, two of the common skin diseases. Themost helpful Vitamin D3 source for the skin is sunlight, and a regular exposure to it keepsthe skin healthy. If the skin does not get enough sunlight, it tends to be ignored of what itneeds and the body system mistakes it for something else, causing it to develop rashes,flakes, and other symptoms of skin disease.
  3. 3. Vitamin D and sleepSince milk is also known to help people get good sleep at night, a sound sleep is also one ofthe Vitamin D3 benefits since milk contains Vitamin D3. A regular intake of milk (usuallymore effective when drank before bedtime) cures sleeping disorders and enhances thesleeping condition. Insomniacs are advised to drink milk daily to alleviate their condition andget better sleep.Vitamin D against decay, cavities and gum diseaseA good smile is also one of the Vitamin D3 benefits. It protects the gums and the teeth fromdecay and cavities which is often the problem of many people that’s why they frequent thedentist a lot. Getting enough Vitamin D3 can even cut your dentist expenses and make yourteeth and gums stronger.The risk of having too little Vitamin D3While there are a lot of Vitamin D3 benefits, there are also a number of risks associatedwith the lack of Vitamin D3. These include hypertension, high levels of bad cholesterol(because the body will eventually not be capable of removing fat from the bloodstream),and as a result, weight gain. These are often the cause of stroke and heart diseases whichare very dangerous and is the one of the leading cause of deaths in recent years.If any of the foods with Vitamin D3 benefits and exposure to sunlight cannot be attained ina regular basis, supplements are available in the market. One is Pure Vitamin D-3 – 5,000IU – Pure Essence, and another is Now Vitamin D and Vitamin K supplement.