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Preventing cancer step 4 -

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Preventing cancer step 4

  1. 1. Cancer: Step 4 – Detoxify
  2. 2. Detoxification’s Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment of CancerAlarming facts: in 1996 more Americans died of cancer than in World War II,the Korean War and Vietnam War combined, with over 550, 000 cancerdeaths among Americans. In 2002, more than 1.25 million Americans hadreceived a cancer diagnosis and the number continues to grow. Cancerdeath happens every minute.In the early 1900’s, there was very little cancer. It used to be that childrenrarely got cancer. Today cancer is striking children at ever younger ages andcancer has even become the leading disease cause of death for children.Today there is an abundance of cancer. Now there’s colon cancer, prostatecancer, kidney cancer, melanoma cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer,etc. And each cancer type more aggressive and deadlier than the other.
  3. 3. plays an important role in cancer prevention and treatment ofcancer. In the US alone, 77% of all new cancer cases are found in peopleover the age of 55. Doctors believe that this number is attributed to constantbuilding of toxins in our bodies, starting from before our birth. A 2005 studyfound 287 industrial chemicals in the umbilical cord of newborns and 180 ofthose chemicals have been known to cause cancer.A compilation of toxins are held in our bodies and the effect of this slowheavy metal poisoning disturbs our body’s functions, namely our pHbalance. pH balance has a direct correlation to the occurrence of cancerouscells. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and heavy metalpoisoning pushes the body toward acidosis. A cancer diet alone will notbring someone to a balanced or alkaline state. You have to remove thetoxins that are modifying our body’s pH to the acidic side of the scale wherecancer thrives and grows. It is hard to get a balanced state withoutdetoxification because we are loaded with toxins and exposed to even moretoxins everyday. Detoxification is a way of resetting the scale.
  4. 4. can be viewed as a toxic condition and with cancer statisticsgrowing each year and the age of people getting the cancer diseasebecoming younger and younger achieving holistic health hasbecome a top priority in our lives. Any attempts at detoxifying thebody will benefit anyone who is either on a cancer preventionmindset or someone who’s already in treatment for cancer sincedetoxification is considered to be one of the standard non-harmfulcancer therapies used by cancer patients who have been successfulin healing cancer. It is considered by many experts also as analternative medicine for treatment of cancer.
  5. 5. Steps for Cancer Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
  6. 6. Cancer prevention and treatment of cancer step 1: Cancer diet detox.This means adjusting one’s dietary habits to a regimen thateliminates the toxins faster than they accumulate. This will allow aprogressive normalization that will keep the body’s metabolism in astate of natural equilibrium, a balance that is needed to preventcancer from growing. The cancer diet detox means cutting out orkeeping to a minimum all toxin-containing foods, drugs and drinks.The cancer diet detox also means avoiding refined and devitalizedfoods more or less devoid of nutrition such as sugar, white flour andcanned food.
  7. 7. prevention and treatment of cancer detoxification step 2: Get rid of cancer-causing toxins.Shun cancer-causing toxins and do without as many man-made chemicals aspossible – use truly ecological and natural products instead. Avoid chemical toxinssuch as conventional household cleaners, dish washing liquids, detergents, chemical-based cosmetics & hair dyes, drugs and fumes, smog and smoke.Ingest and use only natural foods, truly natural products for body care and herbalpreparations to use only traditional or basic recipes such as oatmeal scrubs, seasalt/baking soda for tooth brushing and gargling.Get rid of mercury amalgam fillings, aluminum pots and pans and other sources ofheavy metal poisoning.
  8. 8. prevention and treatment of cancer detoxification Step 3: Do kidney, liver and colon cleansing.The body’s main detoxifiers are said to be the kidneys and the liver, the former excreting wasteproducts through urine, and the liver breaking down alcohol, pesticides and other chemicals andshunting them out via the intestines, particularly the colon as well as the skin. Proper functioning ofthe liver’s and kidneys detoxification systems is especially important for cancer prevention.There are various ways to cleanse these vital organs of possible cancer-causing toxins. One wayis going on a cancer diet detox, which means eating natural foods which are good for cleansingbody. There are also various health supplements that one can buy from health food stores suchas chlorophyll drinks. Various detox supplements are also out in the market today. One of thesedetoxification supplements that has a record of pulling out heavy metals and cancer causing toxinswith no healing crisis or any other side effects is the zeolite powder.
  9. 9. prevention and treatment of cancer detoxification Step 4: Get Some SunCancer researches have shown that too much sunlight can bring about atype of cancer called skin cancer. But as far as cancer deaths go, skincancers cause only nine percent of the deaths every year and organ andinternal cancers ninety one percent. Survival rate from skin cancer is alsogood – about ninety five percent of sufferers live for five years or more aftertheir cancer diagnosis.
  10. 10. cancer research studies have also shown that a good exposureto sunlight is another natural treatment for cancer. It is consideredthe ultimate detoxifier. Cancer research experiments done byRussians showed that animals exposed to the correct doses ofsunlight were capable of clearing a wide range of cancer-causingtoxins out of their system considerably quicker than those that lackedsun exposure. They found that sunlight speeds up the clearance ofcancer-causing toxins from the body twice to as much as twentytimes. The best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure hadstarted some time before exposure to the toxin.
  11. 11. prevention and treatment of cancer detoxification step 5: The Juice FastPure water or juice fasting may not be recommended for healing cancer or cancerpatients as well as for people holding lots of stored environmental toxins in theirtissues due to their great need of nutrients to help neutralize and flush out thesecancer causing toxins. But one particularly effective way to fast and internally cleansewhile on treatment of cancer is the “Master Cleanser” formula, developed andthoroughly researched by Stanley Burroughs. The Master Cleanser allows one toefficiently detoxify without incurring significant energy loss or discomfort and issimultaneously used to heal cancer and prevent cancer.
  12. 12. sure to detoxify regularly to avoid build up of the toxins thatcause different types of cancer such as colon cancer and kidneycancer. Cancer prevention or treatment of cancer disease is a fivestep process in achieving holistic health. It must not be forgotten thatdetoxification is actually just one part of the cancer preventionprogram. In order for one to truly effectively cure cancer or loweryour cancer risk, it’s also important to have a healthy diet that helpsprevent cancer, do exercise, keep a positive mindset and also havevarious cancer related tests done.