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Prayer Book of Hansraj Morarji Public School, Andheri West, Mumbai: 400058

Prayer Book of Hansraj Morarji Public School, Andheri West, Mumbai: 400058



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HMPS Prayer / Song Book HMPS Prayer / Song Book Document Transcript

  • . TO THE STUDENTS "Prayer is the very core of mans life, asit is the most vital part of religion. Prayer iseither petitional, or in its wider sense, is inwardcommunion. In either case the ultimate resultis the same. Even when it is petitional thepetition should be for the cleansing and puri-fication of the soul, for freeing it from the layersof ignorance and darknesd that envelop it.He, therefore, who hungers for the awakeningof the divine in him must fall back on prayer.But prayer is no mere exercise of words or ofthe ears, it is no mere repetition of emptyformula. Any amount of Ramanam is futileif it fails to stir the soul. It is better in prayerto havo a heart without words than wordswithout a heart. It rnust be in clear respouseto the spirit which hungers for it. And even asa hungry man relishes a hearty meal, a hungrysoul will relish a heartfelt prayer.n Gand,hi, -Mahatma -,4.
  • T . q€ hor tqrn ikqrdr, H€IIOq-T[[A qiqq mr i{tt qilrar rai g*e b <qqr* qq, qql-qd t .rri Et<-sii.a i qqr s6fir- r qqi +r l$qp1 GriTIiTt nfuq irlqil qf di qt fi, qtt dt arrq arqrc lt o qrq€T i XA flunq €il i, to dt {n;T qiilq A qtcnq<q€irTtr{i, a v&q fi ailq( €€{rnr I seq qiErof t gqra *r- iffq qq g;qr eih or, rqrn €t r$r lrfo E fii"aqr c,T g{ril qrcrr n r q(t El Grn iq grrcr- sTrqqn $* urdi fi, srq-qrt go(Tq I {rnfie*qIfukunnO qqdi dfis qr qo;il t q* tt sffi sT€rq I q [E[qtaq,I.R,tttt Eqt(T r.QaAFo-t s? Rafi geetfi r-A^^silr qqr € {q $i $(fi-qqi frqq qit *qr{i rrsTGr qafi iqaa *{f,r t, gRqa +ii sqqq l" o R I
  • qrd:isrui$i q1sar MORNING PRAYER 1. Om. That is perfect, this is perfect, from e% quinqr qdfht qurt.q&gqEqe r the perfect arises the perfect. Taking quru otot*rqTo qofiier+iiluqt rrln the perfect from the perfect, the perfect alone remains. 1. & Q qA E b; "{t o/rtd tg b; A tE qAqiEl orr ,lg. orrtd qlt"t al{ E; i .1q" ura_ ult{l .1qorcrd stdt eUS ir 1S qA or qt{l ie b. 2. Hari ;*. All that there is, in-formed and enveloped by the Lord; whatever that moving thing that is in this moving world, A 9 €tt eP thou shouldst only enjoy it, by giving it up. Covet not the possessions of any man.{anqrtqf}i c{ qflqg crrTi.Ti qlrEtt eq+ha gqtqr: il uEl: $rqR{q;Tq tt?,lt I t. atr oycldql i sJ l"tqlc.rr E urqfEl i i .r*rql il${ E +rulcr. fqr4 D; ut} drr{ }{ti d Qrrr..t; qa4 qriltt l{kt dG. o 6 t View slide
  • q EaFlalr;q€qrTaaeeg;qFa .-------a.-n i{6riQaa 3. $alutations to the Lord-Whom Brahma, .r(QA Varuna, Indra, Rudra and Maruta pray to ?fii! tTr{Fl{ficittt;rq{Ttt€lFd q tTI{TT: I with divine hymns, to whom sama chanters turflqfiqaaqqtr ftT{il qEsf}d * ,iiFrfi sing the Vedas and their Angas, with Pada and Krama and Upanishads, Whom qe{Trd a iigr grTgrqqrEqrq ffi} -rq; nAtl the yogis alone see, with their minds absorbed in deep meditation, and whose Ultimate Form neither the gods nor the demons know. s. qQt, cttE, tl4, t( elti t{tt [e4 tit?fe{l &r+.[l rg[c rl E, qtqq.€c: rtt4 3?4til uh&r a{5ir, €, }q ara Qvf+rq ttrQ 4ilEl & ,{tqt- cur.0 tgla tl b, ltrtlDt ttqtfU q3l{la ir{trqlrlii:lr ?Gqr r{4 q} & ecfa sl D *ri ?q.ttilt cqrfllt t,il &qar qGqt4r tla uqdt 4Ei a iettrrtti $ -trrrrt 3t g.IIit. 4. I salute the all-blissful Lord of auspici-1.I qF stR qrqr€ € frrftq I ousness, whose compassion makes the mute1iI "g*t a?isqr aq€ qt q(ITrtqfiETqq llui eloquent and the cripple cross mountains.llij y. i-tt }ur t.tri rlD, xi FrG. Dtq -,lJ,J crR D D.u i ulu4s r{i r{rqqe $ +r+ 3+g.lj,rl{ . O f ll View slide
  • qT sE ggorc{rtuiror {rT gutit€Il€ar 5. May Saraswati, the destroyer of our A,A ignorance, p_rotect us-She who is fair like{Tt qtofiErt{qqflqg]dif,(T zn *aqqtqar I the Kunda flower, like the moon, theqr qqr€d{th<cufttq}f €qr qrtar snow and the necklace of pearls, and who is seated on a white lotus, her handqr Et trrg {rqeqiii rrrT-dai iiriqqrqrqEr iltl playing the vina, and to whom hymns are sung by the gods even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. E. ,i ilqlt,..lGleii1 {rtat 4c GtR i"{l fit.tqo B, iQ.Qc.rilt D, Gr?.r {lEr-rr Urr ise{t gQirleta B, i +rlr bqq Gu hir& D, qar, lrorg, rr[qe{l ql{ti qqr ?Qr &i olr rctQ D, i *tqe ?t{u4 ara o/sdtar 4tt :14tR ?.tt qit.tctl, ql+ l(rE 3ll. 6. I hail Thee, Vyasa, endowed with vast intellect and far-visioned eyes like full- blown lotuses. Thou hast lighted the f,m€ * aqrqfttrrog* flame of knowledge, and fed it with the .A richness of Mahabharata. sEt(iiqrqdqfft:r I t. f"tqrq gfq.trqr, [-,t:ltrc sqtt ictl Oq. ia- a EriT ?€tztt rTl(itif€{lrt qrqt,_trrq r{Grautcr tl{l ieql {tRU{ {u.t}rft! csEltiadi {Iilqqc{iqt llt,u ^A rtor.tlea3ll b A.u G o,tt*r, ctqi aqq Br. a o s
  • 6{Tlqrq f}uguwa E€rreTqqtq iiuurt I 7. I. hail thee, Vyasa, again and again; fhou, God in human frame; Thou, scion ofil] + Eafiqi qrrberq afi rc: nult Vasisthas ancient race; it is from Thee that all knowledge springs. re. .t*rv, Ha{tt4-tt qilq [i[q, o{t+tQ +Rru 6;1,,9 ati [iorg+rqV oqraa arirris .rqrtrl Bt ! L Om I May He (the Lord) protect us both together; May He nourish us both together; May we work together with great vigour; May our studies shine and be effective; May we not hate others. Om, Let there be peace, and peace, and peace !eF a€ r ca * gil*g I flrErirg t. ?4rEr u{-ai a arq lQE r1r. arrrqt ut.ijq€ *{ sqertrt r hsiiq iTrEr*aqag ll i arl rar4 5lr. ?4rq arQ grur:f r{lD. arr.rQqr fueqrqt uerr qrQr. a1q Qr utl"rir iq .r "r!{q4 hort.fl vAA 3{4. e; fliladr {rtfur mFa: t & atDo ! cnFa ! *uGa ! o !o it
  • EVENING PRAYER 1. Of tranquil form, with the snake as{rFirrifiri gsrTqlqi qililf *aq his bed, with a iotus. (sprung frorn) his navel, the Lord of divine beings, the support of theA...CFteErt€tt( Trrrf,{r€fl Trqqq gTlrsq. universe, (infinite) like the sky, cloud-com-oqdiffd qrroaqf fritftrqirrrqq plexioned, of auspicious,,limbs, the beloved ofqq h.g rrdrrr{i e*tr*oruEq. utn Lakshmi, lotus-eyed, knowable (only) by the contemplation of the ascetics, to such Vishnu I salute, the remover of the fear of rebirth, the Sole Lord of all world. 1. il 3?4ti, +t.tQtgat Ds qra +qrql arq ar{a rfll.tosi g .tutrrr st g. iir *,rrrrt trt-a tri fi.,t b. 11,r{ qr?ir tdrqeft b. a.[[ arleqiql 31ul Gcl-.t atlg S. qtlr ?Qrir i tqrr03. arr.qr fitqir i ortLrrt b, ",rtnr &qt i qfhtr s arl lqar DQr iir "tqf D. i re+rqrr{l qflrqrht B. +tqtt.{[ifu i tqr{l B. sqq &qi i.ri l}r B I. l 4,& arri lpflilr ii tqr.t *,a.* {r} E. 15 t: o: r{ rt, L*.- .-_-__ t
  • gad€r g€Hrg$UE* qteqqr | 2. The Guru is no other than Brahma, the creator. Tle Guru is. no other thang€f {rlqrrd q(qg att atgG ?qf llRll vishnu, the preserver. The Guru is no other Guru is verily Bhahman itseli. To the divine , Guru I bow. F rf Om Peace, Peace, Peace. ,j. f t. itr il or Hfl E, g1 Q or fqoq B, Ur r{64.t D. gr,trlflr(l!*e B; i sft iJi,a $ rurrrl 3g g. d, {ll[.ct I rrtFd ! qtrf:d I o il "1" * qu lv li
  • qFFTq;:N Ertqurq4-sTilirqfi sr€r t rrltirlTFqlaE[Rlt I tsrq ftrq gqftr €(rar, qrfie sena cirr r fotq Rcrqo qgilr fril, scdo-froGrailr I e7 qdE wqq Eqq csqq Eil r aq gq ilh qri, aE grl qdirq cri t a( er€rq, q*a; qrg I I ,Tre ffi srrT-rtt?Ir I .!t, a{ ETq$nq, e*1 guurq t * qflrq-rirroilqs qq E ril(a.rltrqf]ElrcTr I rf errirn<qiiarg r s qcEi sqE I qqEl srq q{T sc E l st minar mfk: {rrFa: I il 1 o leTq ?4t e4-4 tl€ E, 31rrtQt 9{6{tctl b. a Thou art theruler of the minds of all people,arril3 r{l "rrg$efi rqtE rlr. i *rqa g lell Thou Dispenser of Indias Destiny,lrUE *rrtr. i *rlti ?4tgr:4 ati attttrq qt!t. Thy name rouses the hearts of the Punjab, Sind, & su[:d ! urFa ! qrFa I - Gujarat and Maratha, of Dravid, Orissa and Bengal.This food is Pure, lt echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas airdIt is visible (veritable) Brahrnan (God), Himalayas, mingles in the music of JumnaMay it protect us from all sides (directions), and Ganges, and is chanted by the wavosMay it nourish us for ever and ever, of the Indian Sea.May it grant us (bless us with) long life and They pray for Thy blessing and sing Thy Sturdy health, praise. Thou Dispenser of Indias Destily,Om Peace ! Peace ! Peace ! Victory, Victory, Victory to Thee. a a 1q lrg
  • HG[T o [t] t q.r-?Kr, ii"{-iiqar, fl;l{ qra(q Q g<+-ufk-iilaa t r iq * ikdi, {rc t s.ft, rgtr€t gq€i soqqaiiaoi g:<+-<irn-iiarua i raeqtqqtqdi umrq I i qq-aier, iiq-iiqm,gusfrcergeftaqrfuii f g<q-cniia-i**ac € I iitq, e{€q, effi.o, oTctfiSacggh€qqa{iTft*q Igerikdi gegtunQuii wi q-e scrda t, qq-eilryq, st-rft, qq-dqqgqqi q<qi qrdrq ergqq, ersq, iiiea E t 6q qrurqer, ihgsq-cihqrc+, I era<q. Stac + EIGrdwq ir e q{r-Tril, iq,a-i}war, e sc-Erfi)a-fihaa E r 14 1 € h
  • th}.],) t , d*k lrl ["] q qzrs, qtn a, ( Erih, d Aerti(qr sU qi qa ;{fllos sl(l €t ciffq ,rddi, q rre $e-qrt tl r tr Icpii-Q .qnt, q. tt eqt -qrqr t alq ( wcrqd eTar.r,qlq fifrlilr cg qi ea qqTos qttt u di silq etrte ciE, eTRa-At iiii{i n R, trU ut urt tr..g, Q. {i urre sadi, qil G a*i .iie, q. ariF(, fr ilqftCI sFKI i q6 A{r qsru I { ekT, rrrf,, ge, sqr q,, ss ftit ig tit u t il(qr qu d qa sqps qI{. ll ^ dll{ TIlr{ ;ild qaifi iilIqq qt rTFi n ^ il cfr tq] ga*{i ano {(?,(KiT qrt tl v H ttl O.sqit eq qq q"I st{ih [q] sciH eiion *rtRnii slt w{it e{€El GdRrt €cRr, sR sait sTi6r I6uft rqtmatwm Eq Sdge t serl, q€ gfuat qaru I ecit gq et Efi{fi qR eait arcsr rR;Eir(i €qnr, sii s€it sr66r llqrrd +,I +aqFIfl qi tITItl r€ ssfr #{r, {ettrtt qwqi 4T, sq A iis ihtiirfi {d {f,{t €{nil, s€ cresi €qt{r I eqft sq qq ...... sit eaifr sTc6r G-ElKt €qrq, sR sait €{"sr ui6Tr€ qrcriT iiie i qi fr{i q *oa t i}sdi aqTfr nftiqt, E(4 qii q€ qqil a ^ i * q*R fu* qqt, 1$ w€i ilrnr*t_nrFt il Eitqrria ? ihrle.riecal ecii slzl GIII ...... t qR w{ft qwr ietqiwi €qrtl, sii e€:t er",ET u qeaq rdl itqlor sTrcsi *r rqar, R.{i t €q sffi t, Riitai €crrr, sii qqfr ET€dr €ifrtoi €qru. qii qaiR e{€ET n Qo r,1 I u
  • r Ir] ihoi i iiu Eal S, .t$t €{ silsr, l"J s(q ?6TTo u.d atl G cta* e iss qr{ fr, eg<e *.t rria rttlt ! r .t sflfil EIII Tg tflt( 09; nroitii i iHs+i slsqT fitil EqtqT, eit ar sq rg Ecqrt l r?si ftsdWi R ch qc.{ gqql ll q(d aqo e.d Eii qrt t tc qoa ed t, tq qae sdit, hr qac.qdi t tt I eRti gir {a gii ,iii; I narft.ii a) ilai Q<ra ar fiat w, I tt qi ifu o-a liri t eft eai *.r ilsi qadi gqr tiqr qr I i rlrqrq kqrdi sQqrlrq llTI=^ CIT II r ildi si ile* Aq i, 9{ isl eRR R<t w, EFqT OE gftui *r iiqi qrqa dti t rTr iiql fl tl qrd sqo qC qfi qi r tq qqq qet i, itr qec q€i t, Aq qac q{i t tt o Ir] [,] sq qrIEJ{r qi, qq ql(d qq, qq qr{f, qq, qlqd qKd cq qq sq I qq e+{T rima iaci q( qi r d.r .qri qo qft g:u iirH rt?irl n!" ll e{Fii qir tiqcE qtdl, rir Ggn a gR ft*tst g<+ urii nr€ sTr?, as iq> ffisr .i.r t{} tor sfl{ii, a{..e{ro Elkq Bri{sidi, qnt-ftm gq t, aror ni ilsdi, eireii sq ft-o iq ggri, lrRd di q tqi {aril I I ;l gr Fa eftr a qw, uTrqr-q$ issit-eT. nln Q;gmn, Q€Krq, qs qai h qdi ensfln ll gTI ((d qtTTliqr, gq ei<iqdi q* eih 6r qq fisq, Ai dt {an ema t q{qfl q{i"{t, gq ss* tqrqi sq }tRd qq, ql{d qzl, EllTfl qlld qq qq sf{tr ll Gtq gq qtqfu qFI(, gr woami ar. fr {r(a, <4o, 6lfl, acr qil ors- sq" ilrtt 1?. 1,R f, !,
  • gq a] ga erriar, w* ctol-ciA Itt ] C$;^r4q IEq lgq. gsE, gq{I TI $qld gft ,ig gii atv, fclEr R{ gi}i sIITil{,qt-q-q;g s:(+-€(dl, 6rFt ge ii gfr gq gff snFo, gfn e BTqd rilqn Iqfr €rsT sarcii, eR sti tt se {g gt arv, fifsr iiq gii qtqn ttffqq-it+rq irasi, wr air t-qr gf* d] eTr{q fro, geJeT} cpr, arsil 1il* taer-qi+6 EEr*r; seocs{i tqt-qq" ttlti elq €ta oltn qa", eTdlq qrq da qcR t o gfr ,ie gft ar*, iiftr Rc gih wun tt Ir"J o aeii q$h trrc, rq} qHi dic, asT) ssa fir cr€i qq t Irq] {b $<r}e flIa, 6st1 u} wgen, qq dl+, sq qlt, aa erciRl, qq qq qq, siq qrB $I{Id; €i qzr, eq €it, eq irs t qsT) qth qir, esri mii slr, €eTt sad niiq qrdi irq t Kfi itqqo aio eilthu"u, Erq qq GIrl, aiHEr dii> qJqr qr{i og <{ta, wfr*, qqdrt qq qdiEq €rq cT.{ qq, qq €i*, qq it di qrtt qic, ng qr€i iiirr aia t t qnt scq gq qriiri giiq, qfi qsdla qrii, erctq . qft, eiiq Ad sqr( sEq, ufi€ t<ii srtrf, sqq I q4ii wrrGe *di, eruta qtft, aeir qHR qlq, atsTl qHi 4ic, el€( ttfi, eTqrrf, qiqq, qq sq E{, eeii s-q-d Erir cT€l qq tt qq dla, qc Ard, a qE q€-ilqq sq qq qq, qq €ja, eq €ia t ?,Y R,
  • t- qdi Ts qtqf, slq, itt Cq-q qq TrIa I [tv] qlfr et$w elot, qsiE aI{IT, q,ii qrt grt H(T, urqGr q{ sg.*ttr m.<a qt €t*, ,iqa qlq eq, qq qq qq ercr{ cH €TIA ta q6 qr{o th( tRr t A Q6 A eq err, q-q t+, EIq HR iEg dlirr, {rs iqdt rEq ^ ERI lt aq Ertiiqq sq H{ i{q, qq €tm, eq €la tt (fia t{rtr q}qreir sA qr} il * gii}, s{o ?ft {Fii, ni enTrR 6qqi}, e iA qrrr{ q-q+lit, ii sTTcr{ e.qdi} rr Irr] S! gQqR ETrA, $i dfr .rft w({i, ilr,t qrdi e{ITTi{ eTR;i fifr, eTro} gq" $RT, gwftm eda, gA gn hq r qrd qqa frsTr eTIqI{, e{rdi GEq €{T ll oru qlt sc{ Tte cq, q& qg Qq tt gfrc i{rdi cri sTr(;i qri eii *Iti, . qtctt sthc E;ti tt t o qG e{rdr qr} . eii ,{,i, Qqq -iicri cR I tl*l eft erffiRI q) qTol{, ari qTo tlrt ll r EEUIE ^ . qT il d{ +.qN, SI qlg CiTq qM {; eilqn eTrdr t rg:t w*n sit ali, qa eiltqrc q eTTil i.(gs.) erroir iih qro gd A, €iqK reuiR t e*a dmt ugi dA, fh<r c +i iai i; tsilfir teq sa<ii ia, qiba qrcdi t qttl frk- qa iirya {t, rra qc eanl hql i. c sqeiB e Ewearft, c{q1 .? qm ; it tt tiicr sii qtt, srqcl utfia iin, &Ar ffi sRLq ir elb, qtrq cq aft ilaT . r, cnig qKIq arqrt eii rrri, go+ urft dit t TII€ qFII 6sTIq qil Sq, €6 E{I{IT qql rIiIqT (; gt aqic {o sBa, gut f{t fl(I ll cnqrqg ouJi orfr, saa dtq har ead i. 1 errd quiq tt i qc-d{eo b, ialTr frq ltqrqi ; .. , G o rTtrr il{qr ag q{ffi 4{dT, $a {i6Rr{ flrql t. y I c ?,q 1,v L I i i
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  • Iii 1 Beforq the hills in order stood, Or earth received her frame,0 Father, hear my morning Prayer, From everlasting Thou art God,Thine aid impact to me, To endless years the same.That I may make my life to-daY, O God, our help in ages past,Acceptable to Thee. Our hope for years to comeMay this desire my spirit rule, Be Thou our guard while life shall last,And, as the moments fl5 And our eternal home.Something of good be born in me,Something of evil die. cSome graie, that seeks my heart to win, Ir,]With shining victory meet; Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloonSome sin, that strives for masterY T.ead Thou me on;Find overthrow comPlete. The night is dark and I arn far from home,That so throughout the coming daY Lead Thou me on;The hours may carry me Keep Thou my feet. I do not ask to seeA little further fromthe world, The distant Scene; one step enough for me.A little nearer Thee. f was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou o shouldst lead me on; I loved to choose and see my path; but now Ir"] Lead Thou me on. I loved the garish day, and spite of fears,O God, our help in ages Past, Pride ruled my will; remember not past years.Our hope for years to come, So long by power hath blest nle, sure it stillOur shelter from the stormY blast, will lead me on.And our eternal home. Oer moor and fen, Oer crag and torrent, tillUnder the shadow of ThY Throne, The night is gone;The saints have dwelt secure And with the morn, those angel faces smile,Sufficient is Thine arm alone, which I have loved long since and lost while.And our defence is sure. a 1v ?.
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