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  • 1. CQC 7/2/2010 Session Ashwin Murali’s “ Idhu Namma Quiz” Title Credits : Nutty
  • 2. About Me
    • I’m a Quizzer
    • I’m a Quizzer
    • I’m a Quizzer
  • 3. Rules
    • Usual Rules
    • Nothing New
    • It helps if you know what the QM likes ;-)
  • 4.
    • Round I
    • Clockwise
  • 5.
    • 1. It was first produced by a Japanese Company in the early 1970’s. It was an instant success in Europe and US. It was hailed as revolutionary as its features were much ahead of its time. But it also led to a no. of deaths in the US that many felt that it was a conspiracy by the Japanese to take revenge for the bombings. It was also launched in India in a different variant and it became an instant phenomenon. Though its production was stopped later, it is still revered by people in the field and it is often addressed with the sobriquet “Legendary”. What am I talking about?
  • 6. The Legendary Yamaha RD 350
  • 7.
    • 2. X is well known in his region as a conservationist. He is known to have raised voice for the protection of Sholas (natural Tropical Rainforests) and against new plantations in those areas. He is also known for his controversial views which have often landed him in trouble. He works as a Maths professor in a college in his city and his son is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. Despite all this, he is best known for having conducted over 3000 eco camps for students at Y since 1985 and for this, he was made an “Honorary Wildlife Warden” of his district. Identify X and Y.
  • 8. X - Professor P. Kandasamy Y - Berijam
  • 9. 3.Put Funda
  • 10.
    • This is a Map of Unpartitioned India that has been tampered with. The original map was published in a book by Fowler & Fowler. This map was copyrighted and this meant that no one can use this map or tamper with it. In India, this copyright period expired by the end of 2009 and hence the tampering in 2010. However in Pakistan, this copyright expired by the end of 1999.
  • 11.
    • 4. This movie is based on a 1986 novel by Winston Groom of the same name. This movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis. It won the Best Picture Oscar award and its lead actor also won the Best Actor Oscar award. It describes the life of a man with below normal intelligence and his struggles. At the same time it narrates important events from the country’s history in conjunction with the man’s life. Though a fiction, this film became a cult classic. Which film am I talking about?
  • 12.
    • Forrest Gump
  • 13.
    • 5 . In the 1880s, Harvey Henderson Wilcox of Kansas and his wife Daeida moved to Los Angeles from Topeka and bought 160 acres of land in the countryside to the west of the city at the foothills and the Cahuenga Pass. On a train trip to the east, Daeida met a woman who spoke of her country home in Ohio named after a Dutch settlement. She liked the sound of it and upon returning to Southern California, bestowed the name to the family ranch. What was it called?
  • 14.
    • Hollywood
  • 15.
    • 6. X is a prospective Indian cricket player. X started his career as a bowler. During a Ranji Trophy match, X scored a brilliant century coming in at No. 11, thereby becoming the first Indian and the fourth First Class player in the World to do so. Then on, he was slowly promoted up the batting order and went on to become an opener. He played in both the editions of the IPL and opened the innings in almost all the matches that he played. In the IPL, he plays for a franchise owned by a cement company. Identify X.
  • 16.
    • Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan
  • 17.
    • 7. In the 1960s, Indian Government proposed that Hindi be made the National Language of the Country as it was the most common language among the people. To this, X brilliantly remarked that “If we go by your logic, then the Common Crow and not the Peacock should be the National Bird.” A series of protests followed throughout the country and the Government dropped that plan. Identify X.
  • 18.
    • C. N. Annadurai
  • 19.
    • 8. X once interviewed Pete Sampras in the court. When asked about his idol, Sampras replied that it was Rod Laver. When asked about his favourite match, Sampras replied that it was a thrilling 5 setter in 1972, in which Rod Laver lost and the victor was none other than X. Even today, X recalls this moment as the most memorable of his career as an interviewer. Who is X?
  • 20.
    • Vijay Amritraj
  • 21.
    • 9. This waterfall is known for its rock face which slides down gradually like the slides in theme parks. Once a popular tourist destination, now one has to obtain permission from DFO to go to the falls. One often comes across wildlife in the pathway to falls and the falls is also known to have a lot of leeches. Though originally named after the place where this falls was located, it was renamed after a super hit film of 1984 which was shot here. Which falls am I talking about?
  • 22.
    • Vaidehi Falls
    • It is located at Narasipuram, 18 kms from Coimbatore. Originally known as Narasipuram Falls, it was renamed after the film Vaidehi Kaathirunthaal was shot here.
  • 23.
    • 10. X was born on 26 November, 1921, at Kozhikode. X graduated in Physics from Loyola College, Madras in 1940 and then did B.E. (Mech) from the University of Madras. After completing his degree, he joined the Tata Steel Technical Institute, Jamshedpur from where he graduated in 1946. He then went to USA on a government scholarship to earn his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (with distinction) from Michigan State University. Despite all this credentials, we know him for something else. He is the recipient of numerous awards including Ramon Magsaysay award, all 3 Padma awards and the World Food Prize. Identify X.
  • 24.
    • Dr. Verghese Kurien
  • 25.
    • 11. X is known to present books to his friends and colleagues. Y was one such book that he presented to a lot of friends including actors Ajith and Vivek. Ajith said that it was that book which transformed him completely and it was because of that book that he is a calmer, wiser and a more peaceful person now. Vivek said that the book completely transformed his inner self and the way he looked at the world around him. Many other people who read the book had similar reactions. Identify X & Y.
  • 26.
    • X – Rajinikanth
    • Y – Living with the Himalayan Masters
  • 27.
    • Round II
    • Anticlockwise
  • 28.
    • 12. X is a film that was released in 1979. It was a film on an art form that was losing its popularity among the people. The producers of the film were skeptic as to how the film would be received by the audiences. The film opened to an almost empty hall in the first show. Very soon business picked up and people began to throng the theatres. X became the biggest hit of the year not only in the state but in neighbouring states as well. People, after watching the film began to enrol their children in classes teaching the art form. Experts even today feel that it was that film which revived the art form forever. Name the film and its iconic music composer.
  • 29.
    • X – Shankarabharanam
    • Music Composer – K.V. Mahadevan
  • 30.
    • 13. Fill in the Blanks:
    • ______________
    • Uraiyur
    • Pazhaiyaarai
    • ______________
    • ______________
    • (Part points will be awarded)
  • 31.
    • Poompuhar
    • Uraiyur
    • Pazhaiyaarai
    • Thanjavur
    • Gangaikonda Cholapuram
    • They were all the different capitals of the Cholas
  • 32.
    • 14. Name the first Chinese company to be listed in the NASDAQ-100 Index.
  • 33.
    • Baidu
  • 34.
    • 15. Born : 26 th January 1963 at Setubal, Portugal
    • Name: _____ Mario dos Santos Felix ______
    • Wife : Tami
    • Daughter : Matilde
    • Son : X Jr.
    • Contributed £22000 for Tsunami Relief
    • Autobiography : The Winner – from Setubal to ________
    • Worked as the interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson
    • Worked in Portugal from 2000 – 2004; in England from 2004 – 2007 and working in Italy from 2007 – present.
    • Unbeaten at home since 2002.
    • Who am I talking about?
  • 35.
    • Jose Mourinho
  • 36.
    • 16. Val Valentino was born in 1956 at Los Angeles. His birth name was Leonard Montano. He is an expert in his field of art. He is known for breaking the revered oath in his field. His identity was kept under wraps for the fear of death threats from his colleagues. How do we better know him?
  • 37. The Masked Magician
  • 38.
    • 17. What are these?
    • 16 Vayadhinilae - 62
    • Hey Ram -60
    • Nayagan – 60
    • Pudhia Paadhai – 59
    • Autograph – 52
    • Kaadhal – 51
    • Pasanga – 50
    • Pithamagan – 49
    • Anniyan – 48
    • Anbe Sivam - 47
  • 39.
    • These are the marks awarded out of 100 by Ananda Vikatan magazine for these films. The review by the magazine and the marks awarded are held in very high esteem by the film industry.
  • 40.
    • 18.. X is a character in Indian Mythology. X is the son of Veda Vyasa and is the main narrator of the Bhagavada Purana. X narrates it to King Parikshit. The King is sent to X to hear the Purana so that he can attain moksha on his impending death due to a curse. Identify X.
  • 41.
    • Sage Suka
  • 42. 19. Put Funda
  • 43.
    • War of the Currents
    • Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse
    • Vs
    • Thomas Alva Edison
  • 44. 20. Identify and tell me what unique achievement do they share.
  • 45.
    • K.S. Sethumadhavan & Priyadarshan
    • So far only 2 Tamil films have won the “Swarna Kamal” National Award for the Best Film (overall) and these both are the directors of those 2 films.
    • Marupakkam in 1991 directed by KSS
    • Kanchivaram in 2008 directed by Priyadarshan
  • 46.
    • 21. X was born in a Dalit family on June 18, 1908 in the village of Thumpaipatti, Melur taluk in the Madurai district of Madras Presidency. X was drawn to the independence movement from an early stage in his life. While in school, he joined the Indian National Congress. When the Rajaji Government brought forth the Temple Entry Authorization and Indemnity Act 1939 which removed restrictions on Dalits and Shanars entering temples, X led the temple entry at Madurai. He also participated in the Quit India Movement and was sent to Alipore jail. In 1946, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly and served from 1946 to 1950. He was an MP from 1951 – 1957 and it was during his tenure that the Mettur and Vaigai reservoirs were built. Identify X.
  • 47. P. Kakkan
  • 48.
    • 22. This place gets its name from a water tank/ lake that is said to have existed there. It is believed that while the Pandavas were in exile, they visited the tank/lake regularly and bathed here. Though there is no historical evidence to prove this claim, the legend lives on and the people there believe it. This legend has been passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth. Which place am I talking about?
  • 49.
    • Thadagam , located at 12 km from Coimbatore City.
  • 50.
    • Round III
    • Clockwise
  • 51.
    • 23. Put Funda
    • 1947-48 - C.K. Naidu - H.G. Gaekwad
    • 1979-80 – B.S. Bedi – Mohinder Amarnath
    • 1982-83 – B.P. Patel – R.M.H. Binny
    • 1990-91 – Kapil Dev – D. Sharma
  • 52.
    • These are the only years in which Mumbai has lost a Ranji Trophy Final. The winning captains and the Man of the Match for the respective years are given.
  • 53.
    • 24.. _______is an autism spectrum disorder, and people with it therefore show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported. It is named after an Austrian pediatrician who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, demonstrated limited empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy.
  • 54.
    • Asperger Syndrome
    • Shah Rukh Khan portrays a character suffering from Asperger Syndrome in his latest movie My Name is Khan
  • 55.
    • 25. Which is the largest company in the World in terms of Market Capitalization?
  • 56.
    • PetroChina
  • 57.
    • 26. X was born in 1947 at Srirangam. His real name is Maadapoosi Krishnaswamy Govinda Kumar. He is known as a writer, journalist and a film critic. He is very famous for something in which he is considered to be the pioneer in the state. He is known for his profound knowledge in various fields. Listening to the music of maestro Ilayaraaja, Jagjit Singh & Mozart, he used to read books till 2am. Despite all these claims, he is best known for his series in a magazine titled Hai X . Identify X.
  • 58. X – Madhan, the famous cartoonist
  • 59.
    • 27. X was born on June 13, 1909, the son of Parameswaran, at Elamkulam, in Perinthalmanna taluk of the present Malappuram district. X fought against casteism and conservatism that existed in his community. He became one of the office bearers of Valluvanadu Yogaskshema Sabha, an organization of progressive youth. During his college days, he was deeply associated with the Indian National Congress and Indian Independence Movement. He was a writer and author of several literary works and his book on the history of Kerala is notable. During the 1962 Sino-Indian war, he was severely criticized for his pro-China stance. He died in 1998. Identify X.
  • 60.
    • E.M.S. Namboodiripad
  • 61.
    • 28. X is a book that was written in the 1980s and was published by Alliance Publications. Though the book was widely read then, it faded away as time progressed. In 2009, the interest in the book was revived due to a TV programme based on that book. Alliance Publications reported huge increase in sales. Name the book and its author.
  • 62.
    • “ Enge Brahmanan?” by Cho Ramaswamy
  • 63.
    • 29. X was born on 20 th June 1978 at Salisbury, England. X began his career at West Ham United, his father's former club. Joining the youth team in 1994, he had secured a place in the first team by the 1997-98 season. He helped the team secure their highest ever Premier League placing in the 1998-99 season. With progress stagnating at West Ham, he moved to ______in 2001 for £11 million. In 2005, X was voted PFA Fans' Player of the Year, FWA Footballer of the Year, also he came second in both the FIFA World Player of the Year and the Ballon d'Or. He is considered one of the best players in the world. Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson heaped praise on X saying: “X is an exceptional player - a huge asset to ______. You pay attention to players who can get goals from midfield and he's been averaging 20 a season.” He was selected by EA Sports to be one of the three football stars to be on the cover of FIFA 10 football game pack globally, along with Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney. Identify X.
  • 64. Frank Lampard
  • 65.
    • 30. Connect:
    • S. P. Balasubramaniam
    • Anil Kumble
    • Lyricist Thaamarai
    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • Gautam Menon
    • Actor Karthi Sivakumar
    • Chetan Bhagat
    • Crazy Mohan
  • 66.
    • They are all Mechanical Engineers
  • 67.
    • 31.. X was born in 1945 and is a Padma Bhushan recipient. X graduated from Loyola College, Chennai in arts in 1964, received a master's degree from Presidency College, Chennai in 1966, and later an M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School. X actively participated in the students politics. X was vice-president of the Students Federation of India (SFI) at the time of its formation in 1970 in Thiruvananthapuram. X played Ranji Trophy for Tamil Nadu as a wicketkeeper batsman. X’s first wife Susan was an Irish lady and they both published the first volume of the biography of R.K.Narayan. X is now married to Mariam of Kerala. Identify X.
  • 68.
    • N. Ram of The Hindu
  • 69.
    • 32.. X was born in a Royal family. X, though a Hindu by birth, converted to Jainism and turned an ascetic, leaving his brother Y incharge of the kingdom. X travelled far and wide and during his travels, he came across Z. Both X and Z admired each other for their linguistic proficiency. They both composed an epic such that Z’s epic is a continuation of X’s epic. Both these epics earned a place among the greatest epics in their language. Identify X. Name Y & Z for extra points.
  • 70.
    • X – Ilango Adigal who wrote Silappathikkaaram
    • Y – Cheran Senguttuvan
    • Z – Seethalai Saaththanar who wrote Manimegalai
  • 71.
    • 33. X said the following:
    • “ The people I admired around the world were into drugs. I felt that good _____ was possible only if I take drugs; but seeing Y changed all that. Y not only produced brilliant ______ but also led a clean life. This made me stop thinking about drugs.”
    • Identify X and Y.
  • 72.
    • X – A. R. Rahman
    • Y – Ilayaraja
  • 73.
    • Round IV
    • Anticlockwise
  • 74.
    • 34. X was born in 1936. X is a popular Tamil language scholar. It is now almost 50 years since X took up the job of popularizing ______. An ardent admirer of Subramania Bharati, his interest in Tamil literature prompted him to join ________. After a long exposure in the field he became a `naduvar' (moderator) for the show. Our CM considers him to be one of the chief authorities in the two lined dialect in Tamil. Identify X.
  • 75. Solomon Pappaiah
  • 76.
    • 35. ________ is a place located at 39º54’12” N and 116º23’30”E. It is the largest city square in the world (440,000 m² - 880 m by 500 m). It had a gate which was steeped in history and was built in 1417. Used as a massive meeting place since its creation, its flatness is broken only by the 38-metre (125 ft) high Monument to the People's Heroes completed in 1958. It has been the site of many events, the most important being in 1989. Which Place?
  • 77.
    • The Tiananmen Square
  • 78.
    • 36. When Malik Kafur invaded South India, news reached the temple authorities in Srirangam that Kafur was planning to plunder the temple. To save the Moolavar idol, they built a brick wall in front of the reclining god. Malik Kafur's army entered the temple and did not realize that the Moolavar was hidden, but they took the Utsavar idol back to Delhi. The princess of Delhi received a golden idol to play with. She became quite attached to it. Apparently, Ramanujar, the Vaishnavite saint, went to retrieve the idol and the princess wouldn't part with it and hence, she followed it back to Srirangam. On their return, the princess’ attachment to the Lord was such that the Vaishnavites accorded her the status of Lord Ranaganatha's consort. How do we know her now?
  • 79.
    • Thulukka Nachiyar
  • 80. 37. Identify and tell me in what list are they #1 and #2
  • 81.
    • Sohail Abbas and Jorge Lombi
    • They are No.1 and No.2 respectively in the list of highest goal scorers in the history of Field Hockey.
  • 82.
    • 38. X (25 March 1899 – 6 January 1978) was a New Zealand motorcycle racer, famous for setting an under-1000cc world record, at Bonneville, 26 August 1967. This record still stands today. X was 68 and was riding a 47-year old machine when he set his last record.
    • Working from his home in Invercargill, he worked for 20 years to highly modify the 1920 Indian motorcycle which he had bought in 1920. X set his first New Zealand speed record in 1938 and later set seven more. He travelled to compete at the Bonneville Salt Flats, attempting to set world speed records. During his ten visits to the salt flats, he set three speed records, one of which still stands today. His efforts, and success, are the basis of the motion picture _________(2005), starring Anthony Hopkins, and an earlier 1971 short documentary film X: Offerings to the God of Speed – both directed by Roger Donaldson. Identify X.
  • 83. Burt Munro
  • 84.
    • 39. X was produced by Motobecane, France, in collaboration with VLB Naidu Group in Coimbatore. They had their administrative office in Coimbatore and their production plant in Tirupati. Though X was already popular, its sales doubled after the release of Thillu Mullu, a Tamil film, in 1981. Identify X.
  • 85. Motobecane Mobylette, marketed under the name Suvega in India
  • 86.
    • 40. X is a structure that is believed to be existing in Trichy. It was stated that the structure was first built in 1991. It immediately created a sensation and many magazines and newspapers carried articles on it. It has been reported on and off that the structure has been destroyed and has been rebuilt. People who took interest in this felt that the existence of X is questionable. For their recent anniversary edition, India Today conducted a research into this and they concluded that X never existed and it was all a build up by the local media. Subsequently there were also news about similar structures Y and Z, whose existence is also questionable. Identify X, Y and Z.
  • 87. X – Kusboo’s temple; Y- Nayanthara; Z - Namitha
  • 88.
    • 41. X was born in Chennai on June 6 th , 1976. He did his BE in Mechanical Engineering at a Chennai college. It is said that during his course, he used to solve the problems in his course work by inventing his own formulas and arriving at the right solution. Though his teachers were initially flummoxed by his work, they later began to understand his skills. They prophecied that he would become a great Research scholar in the field of Engineering. But the financial position of his family forced him to join with his father and brother to do a project in a totally different field. Identify X.
  • 89.
    • Selvaraghavan
  • 90. 42. Identify
  • 91.
    • Krishna Bharat of Google News fame
  • 92.
    • 43. So far only 3 movies have won the Oscar for all of the top five categories – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay. Name them.
    • (Part points will be awarded)
  • 93.
    • 1934 – It Happened One Night
    • 1975 – One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    • 1991 – The Silence of the Lambs
  • 94.
    • 44. X is an EPL club which holds records like the most no. of points in a single season (95), the most no. of victories in a single season(29), the most no. of clean sheets in a season(25), the fewest goals conceded in a season(15), etc. Identify X.
  • 95. Go Blues!!
  • 96.
    • SVC
  • 97. 1.
  • 98. 2.
  • 99. 3.
  • 100. 4.
  • 101. 5.
  • 102.
    • And the Answer is
  • 103. Cholas
    • Avlon Hill designed the board game History of the World , which features the Cholas.
    • Sandilyan wrote Kadal Pura set during the period of Kulothunga Chola.
    • Balakumaran wrote the Udaiyar based on the events surrounding Rajaraja Chola's construction of the Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur.
    • Kalki wrote Ponniyin Selvan.
    • Shivaji donned the role of Raja Raja Chola in his film by the same name.
  • 104.
    • MVC
  • 105. 1.
  • 106. 2.
  • 107. 3.
  • 108. 4.
  • 109. 5.
  • 110. 6.
  • 111. 7.
  • 112. 8.
  • 113. 9.
  • 114. 10.
    • “ Never Born, Never Died. Only Visited this Planet Earth between Dec 11 1931 – Jan 19 1990."
  • 115.
    • And the Answer is
  • 116. Osho Rajneesh
  • 117.
    • Osho is a Jain by birth.
    • Was interested in Socialism and its ideologies briefly.
    • Was criticized for his views on Gandhi.
    • Was in the Indian Army and RSS for a brief period.
    • Was gifted 93 Rolls Royce by devotees.
    • Established his Ashram in Oregon
    • “ Live the Moment”, one of his famous quotations is used as a tagline for Maruti Ritz.
    • Osho International Meditation Centre in Pune.
    • His Epitaph reads thus.
  • 118.
    • LVC
  • 119. 1.
  • 120. 2.
  • 121. 3.
  • 122. 4.
  • 123. 5.
  • 124. 6.
  • 125. 7.
  • 126. 8.
  • 127. 9.
  • 128. 10.
  • 129. 11.
  • 130. 12.
  • 131. 13.
  • 132. 14.
  • 133. 15.
  • 134. 16.
  • 135. 17.
  • 136. 18.
  • 137. 19.
  • 138. 20.
  • 139.
    • And the Answer is
  • 140. Maniratnam Films
    • Pallavi Anupallavi
    • Unaru
    • Pagal Nilavu
    • Idaya Kovil
    • Mouna Ragam
    • Nayagan
    • Agni Natchatiram
    • Geethanjali
    • Anjali
    • Thalapathi
  • 141.
    • Roja
    • Thiruda Thiruda
    • Bombay
    • Iruvar
    • Uyire
    • Alaipaayuthe
    • Kannathil Muththamittaal
    • Aayutha Ezhuthu
    • Guru
    • Raavana
  • 142.
    • Thank You All!!
    • Wish you Goodbye and Goodluck!!