Cqc Business Quiz 28 Mar 2010


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Cqc Business Quiz 28 Mar 2010

  1. 1. About me: Name: Sheilendra Bhansali Age: Old enough Day activity: Wondering where the client’s money went Night activity: Wondering where my money went Hobbies: Reading and obviously, quizzing Love: to sleep and dream; idlis and pav bhaji Hate: Hindi soap-operas; green veggies Quizzing since: 1980 with a team called “The Kids” 
  2. 2. CONNECT
  3. 3. They all modeled for Brylcreem
  4. 4. Connect
  5. 6. 1
  6. 7. Barclays Bank
  7. 8. 1   When Carl Sagan saw a French scientist’s brain preserved in formalin at the Musee de L’Homme, he is said to have remarked: “ How much of that man known as ____   ______  can still be found in this jar?” Name the man; and further, give me the name of the book that Sagan subsequently wrote, a name that derives from this particular incident.
  8. 9. 1 A. Paul Broca /  Broca’s Brain
  9. 10. This gentleman is the CMD of Tower Infrastructure What is his connection with the Reliance Group
  10. 11. Vimal Ambani – after whom the Vimal brand of Reliance is named. He is Dhirubhai Ambani’s elder brother’s son
  11. 12. On which company’s logo would you find the the words  Ars Gratia Artis  
  12. 14. <ul><li>Some of the major collections/lines of this brand are called Amadeus, Parsifal, Don Giovanni and Othello, as tributes to classical music, opera and theatre. </li></ul><ul><li>Which brand? </li></ul>
  13. 15. <ul><li>Raymond Weil </li></ul>
  14. 16. The logo/masthead of this newspaper depicts Kamadhenu, the divine cow, representing prosperity, and Airavatham, the divine elephant, representing strength, both bracketing a shield that rests on a lotus. The shield bears an outline map of India with a conch in the centre, with blades of grass sprouting on either side of the crest. Which newspaper?
  15. 17. THE HINDU
  16. 18. 1 In marketing parlance who comprises of GENERATION Z?
  17. 19. 1 Generation Z is one of the names used for the  First World or Western Generation of people born between the mid-1990s and the late 2000s Following Generation Y, they are typically the  children of Generation X; their parents also include the youngest Baby Boomers and some of the oldest Generation Y-ers
  18. 20. CONNECT:
  19. 22. According to a Time magazine article, his total wealth is one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents. According to a book by Don Rosa, his wealth is five multiplujillion, nine impossibidillion, seven fantasticatrillion dollars and sixteen cents. When he topped the Forbes list of richest people in fiction in 2007, his wealth was estimated to be $28.8 billion. Who?
  20. 23. Scrooge McDuck
  21. 24. If the mascot is Moochu Singh and Emerging Media the owner, which brand are we talking about?
  22. 25. Rajasthan Royals
  23. 26. 1 This building in Portsmouth Street, London, was immortalized in a book that was first published in installments in 1840. Which book?
  24. 27. 1 The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
  25. 28. Someone's television group is going to be OWN. Who?
  26. 29. Oprah Winfrey (OWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network)
  27. 30. 1 The title of this book comes from this poem ‘ Golden Journey to Samarkhand’ by James Elroy Flecker. Which book? We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go Always a little further: it may be ____________________ barred with snow, Across that angry or that glimmering sea
  28. 31. Beyond the last blue mountain, by RM Lala. This is the biography of JRD Tata
  29. 32. 1 The name of this drink was a slang for moonshine, which was said to be popularized by an Irish folk song, some of whose lyrics are given below: Distilled from wheat and rye Away with your pills, it'll cure all ills Be ye pagan, Christian, or Jew So take off your coat and grease your throat With a bucket of the ________ ______. Which drink?
  30. 33. 1 Mountain dew
  31. 34. Identify the Logo
  32. 36. Who introduces himself thus: &quot;I was born 6/8/57 and raised in Windham, New York, in the Catskill Mountains. I graduated high school as valedictorian because the other 39 people in my class couldn't spell 'valedictorian.'&quot;
  33. 37. 1 Scott Adams
  34. 38. If KINDLE is to AMAZON; then ___________ is to BARNES & NOBLE
  35. 39. NOOK
  36. 40. This famous advertising slogan for a bank was formulated by the agency Rich, Wells, Greene in 1977. The slogan was inspired by a common statement about the frantic activity-levels of New York city. Which slogan?
  37. 41. The Citi Never Sleeps
  38. 42. What was the one-word campaign name of the International Advertising Association, seeking world leaders to take the right decision during the Copenhagen summit for climate change?
  39. 44. Complete the following verse from the ninth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, which is significant in the context of insurance. Ananyashchintayanto mam ye janah paryupasat; Tesham nityabhiyuktanaam ___________ _________.
  40. 45. Yogakshemam Vahamyaham. This is the motto of LIC.
  41. 46. This Japanese company originated as a musical instrument manufacturer It was founded in 1890 and its logo comprises a trio of Interlocking tuning forks It was founded in 1890 and is also present in electronics and motorcycles.
  42. 47. YAMAHA
  43. 48. This company, founded in 1931 and named after the founder’s son, commenced operations by manufacturing dhoties, sarees, dorias, crepes, shirtings, coatings etc It is now the licensee of many international brands in India. It is the largest denim fabric manufacturer in Asia
  44. 49. ARVIND MILLS, name after the founder’s son Arvind Lalbhai
  45. 50. He studied at Delhi Public School , St. Stephen's College, Delhi and St. Edmund Hall, Oxford Grandson of Dr. Zakir Hussain , the third President of India Minster of State for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs (Independent Charge) in the Government of India
  47. 52. What &quot;is a small non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading&quot;?
  48. 53. TED - Technology Entertainment Design
  49. 55. Tulsi Tanti of SUZLON
  50. 56. He is Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy at the Ross School of Business of the University of Michigan Born in 1941 at Coimbatore, he studied at Loyola College, IIM (A) and Harvard Business School Author of “The Core Competence of the Corporation”, ‘ The Future of Competition’ and ‘Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”
  51. 57. C.K. Prahalad
  52. 58. Which mascot was described thus by its creator: &quot;I gave him a shock of black hair eternally dangling over his right eye. I dressed him up in shirtsleeves and half pants with braces. I made him clutch at a rather over-worked bristling paintbrush in one hand and a dripping can of paint in the other. His unruly lock of hair, his posture, the wide grin on his face were all suggestive of a fellow capable of unpredictable mischief and, at the same time, exuding a mood of cheerful, carefree abandon”
  53. 59. -Gattu, the Asian Paints mascot.. described by RK Laxman
  54. 60. Fahrang & Farzad Jehani, Rashid & Gustad Dehmiri Connect: Smita & Snehal Kharose
  55. 61. <ul><li>Terrorist attacks on Cafes: </li></ul><ul><li>Owners of Leopold Café, Mumbai </li></ul><ul><li>Owners of German Bakery, Pune </li></ul>
  56. 62. Which company has bought Yardley's business in select markets such as Asia, Africa and Australasia recently?
  57. 63. WIPRO
  58. 64. Identify this ‘infamous’ personality
  59. 65. Raj Rajaratham of GALLEON FUND – indicted of Insider trading charges in New York
  60. 66. Who?
  61. 67. Malcolm Glazer – owner of Manchester United; owner of First Allied Corporation, USA
  62. 68. BPL Mobile has changed its name to what?
  63. 69. LOOP mobile
  64. 70. Which company is challenging this logo claiming it to be similar to its own logo? Heights of paranoia??