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Galaxy'11 India Quiz


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Galaxy'11 India Quiz

  1. 1. Danish | Manan| Pranjal | Siddhartha
  2. 2. No mobile phones Quizmasters’ discretion finalAsk a stupid question and we’ll give you a stupid answer
  3. 3. Modified Infinite Bounce 10 points flat | 16 questionsOrder reverses after the 8th question
  4. 4. The word X comes from the Samskrit word dhyana. Itwas adopted by Pali and travelled eastwards to Chinaand then on to Japan due to the influence of Buddhism.As a matter of tradition, the establishment of X iscredited to the Persian or South Indian Pallava prince-turned-monk Bodhidharma, who came to China to teacha "special transmission outside scriptures, not foundedon words or letters".What be X? one
  5. 5. X was a popular comedy sitcom, written by comedy writer SharadJoshi aired for the first time in 1984.It was one of the first sitcoms and one of the biggest hit shows onIndian television after the state owned television, Doordarshan,started sponsoring its programs. The title song was sung by KishoreKumar and the show had such actors as Shafi Inamdar, RakeshBedi and Tiku Talsania. A trademark of the show was Satish Shah,who portrayed a different character in every episode of the show. Inlater episodes, Anjan Srivastav also joined the show, playingdifferent characters.Fairly straightforward. What is X? two
  6. 6. As per Hindus, this day is ruled by god Vishnu. It is traditionallycelebrated as the birth day of the Hindu sage Parashurama. It is alsobelieved that on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganga,the most holy and sacred river of India, descended to the earth fromthe heaven.According to Hindu mythology, this was also the day when VedaVyasa started dictating the epic Mahabharata to Ganesha.It falls on the third Tithi (Lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) inthe month of Vaishakha.Unless you live in a vacuum, it is impossible to be unaware of thisday in India because it has been turned into a marketing gimmick.What day am I talking about? three
  7. 7. Born in a small town in Tamil Nadu, India, X grew from humble beginnings. From anearly age, X was different. He loved to sing, to dance and to entertain his parents andthe local community. He pursued his dreams while working in traditional Indianjobs. Yet these jobs would not hold his future. His need to entertain and educateoverwhelmed his career so he quit his day jobs to carve out his dream. Now, X istaking the world by storm and bringing his unique combination of dance, drummingand musical humor to fans around the globe. His approachable nature has allowedmany to find him as not only an inspiration, but a friend.Now with an increasing passion to make the common man, woman, child and cause,an object of extraordinary importance and significance, X has created a growingmovement of social media buzz around the concepts of Cultural Intelligence. Hisdesire to bring not only equality to the globe, but unity has not been matched inrecent history. Watch out for X as he takes the world by storm from Chennai to L.Aand from Tamil Nadu to Tokyo! This man is really one of a kind!This is from X‟s website. His fame has reached the ears of such people as RogerEbert, who tweeted : X wants a Y. Dare you not to like this Indian music video with itssmiling bride.Who is X? four
  8. 8. The film portrays a period in the life of a 19-year-old woman, Malli,sent to assassinate a leader in South Asia through a suicidebombing. Released in 1998, the film was shot in 15 days, withnatural lighting, on a budget of $50,000.The film won a number of awards at international film festivals.Actor John Malkovich first saw the film at the 1998 CairoInternational Film Festival and subsequently adopted the film as akind of post-facto executive producer (the reissued films titles read"John Malkovich Presents"). Critic Roger Ebert has included the filmin his series of "Great Movies" reviews. Ebert concludes his reviewwith the following line: "Every time I see the film, I feel a greatsadness, that a human imagination could be so limited that it seesits own extinction as a victory.“What critically acclaimed Indian movie are we talking about? five
  9. 9. Apart form being erstwhile princely states, what do the following have in common: Jaipur Jodhpur Alwar Bundi Kota Jhalawar Dungarpur Dholpur Bharatpur Jaisalmer Sirohi Bikaner Udaipur Kishangarh six
  10. 10. It was created in 1925 by the city‟s Municipal Corporation, in thedays of the British Raj. Besides being a venue for gatheringsof freedom fighters in British India, after independence in 1947, itwas the focal point of the Samyukta ______ Chalval (the struggle fora consolidated _____) that led to the present _______ state beingformed in 1960. During this period, the legendary writer, journalist,playwright, poet and social leader Acharya Prahlad Keshav led thismovement, addressing crowds of lakhs at this ground, earning himthe title of "Lord of X". On Indias victory over Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, then prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri anddefence minister Yashwantrao Chavan addresseda Vijaysabha (victory gathering) here.Identify X.Hint: If your history‟s weak, you might have heard of it in an entirelydifferent context. seven
  11. 11. "Ravam" is harmonious sound and pleasing to the ears.The opposite would be something that is noisy andirritating. In that sense, the speakers of X use the term Yto denote the language Z.What are X, Y, and Z? eight
  12. 12. Sometime during the late 17th century, Baba Budan rallied thelocals in the Chandragiri Hills in Chikmagalur to challenge achieftain, who with his hordes was devastating the country.After defeating him, Baba Budan announced to his followersthat he had decided to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy City ofMecca. His faithful followers, both Hindu and Muslim, waitedtill he reappeared after a few months. He told them the newsthat he had brought seeds of X that would serve as “food anddrink” for them.Incidentally, Budan had actually smuggled these seedsstrapped to his belly while departing from the Yemeni port ofY.Today, the name Y also implies a variant of X.Identify X and Y. nine
  13. 13. X (a term depicted in this cartoon) has been happeningin India since 1959. The intensity of X has been loweredthis year. What and Where? ten
  14. 14. When the national bird of India was under consideration,the X was a proposed candidate (strongly supported bythe famous Indian ornithologist, Salim Ali), but droppedin favour of the Indian Peafowl with at least one reasonbeing the potential for being misspelt.Identify X. eleven
  15. 15. _____ is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by people inIndia and Pakistan, chiefly in the Jammu region ofJammu and Kashmir. It is now written in Devanāgarī inIndia. Intellectuals in the court of Maharaja Ranbir Singhof Jammu and Kashmir, described _____ as a distortedform of the word „Dwigart,‟ which means “two troughs,” apossible reference to the Mansar and Sruinsar Lakes.On 22 December 2003, _____ was recognized as one ofthe national languages of India.Name the language. twelve
  16. 16. The company X, famous for its mascot Y, failed to impress the marketwhen it dropped him (Y) after a 10-year run. Fatigue had set in as thecampaign had run for a long time, and X felt that a change was needed.Also X was concerned about the negative connotation that Y brought withhimself. From 1997-2004, X spent lots on advertising but thetechnologies its products offered werent registering with the consumer.Moreover, research revealed that consumers thought it was greatadvertising but associated the style with competing companies. Which iswhen the company decided to resurrect Y."He is a next-generation Y, more sophisticated, a techno-person, more inthe mould of Keanu Reeves of Matrix; as challenging, irreverent andmaverick as the old one," says Ghose, Managing Director of X. Post-adresearch showed that the consumers welcomed him back, and marketshare climbed to 11.8 per cent from 10 per cent earlier.Identify X. thirteen
  17. 17. She formed her first band in 2007 and released her debut album inthe same year. That won several awards in its category. Her videosingles TERE ISHQ NACHAYA and AJA VE were featured amongthe top world music videos by music channel named Link TV.Soon she would also collaborate with Australian band INXS for adesi version of Afterglow and with David Bowie for a desi version ofhis classic „Let‟s dance‟.In 2009, she released her video single DILJALE which went on tobecome the highest streaming video in the global Nokia Network,the second was a video by Pearl Jam.Her second single „PAAS AAO NA‟ has been licensed by Close Upfor their advertising campaign in 17 countries.Identify the musician. fourteen
  18. 18. It is one of the few surviving forts in Tamil Nadu. It liesin Villupuram District, 160 kilometres (99 mi) from thestate capital, Chennai, and is close to the Union Territoryof Pondicherry. So well fortified was this place thatShivaji ranked it as the "most impregnable fort in India"and it was called the “Troy of the East” from the British.Its name originates from „Sanjeevi‟, the hill mentionedin Ramayana from where Hanuman got the life savingherb, the Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshmana when he waslying unconscious during the warbetween Rama and Ravana.Identify the fort. fifteen
  19. 19. Roza Bal is the name of a shrine located in the KhanyarDistrict of Srinagar. The tomb has been gainingincreasing global popularity so much so that theauthorities have had to ban the foreigners from visiting itsince the local people resented the sudden rush at aplace where they pray.It rose to world wide notice in 2003, after BBC televiseda documentary on it. Ashwin Sanghi, a first time author,wrote a thriller novel woven around it , which went on tobe a success and is being converted into a screenplay.Explain why the flurry of interest in the shrine. sixteen
  20. 20. A, B, C, D… 5 points for each variable4 questions | Written Round
  21. 21. A, a political leader, is remembered for leading the opposition to B.When B was found guilty of violating electoral laws by the AllahabadHigh Court, A called on B to resign.A attracted a gathering of 1,00,000 people at the Ram Lila Groundsand recited a poem written by the poet C displaying his opposition toB‟s policies. A along with many other dissidents were put in detenuon B‟s command, for a while, as a result of this.To divert the country wide focus on A, the movie D was screened onthe national television.Under A‟s supervision, party E was formed, and came to powersoon after this episode.Identify A, B, C, D, E. one
  22. 22. A trained psephologist, A debuted in 1984 as the new centre point oftelevised coverage of Indias general elections. His predictions of theresults proved to be uncanny, which cast him into limelight.A cofounded a news channel B with his wife C. C has a penchantfor „bindis‟ and was the force behind the logo of B.A „s first cousin is D, an author and social activist. After playing therole of a village girl in the award winning movie Massey Memsahib,she donned various roles such as that of an aerobics instructor in 5star hotels, before leaping to global renown through her novel Ewhich was published in 1997.C‟s sister is F, a communist politician from the CPI(M) party who iscurrently a Rajya Sabha Member. F is married to G who is theGeneral Secretary of CPI (M).Identify A to G. two
  23. 23. A was a communist playwright, actor, director, lyricist, andtheorist, chiefly associated with street theatre. He was afounding member of Jana Natya Manch (Peoples TheatreFront; Janam for short) in 1973. He was brutally murdered inGhaziabad by goons of party B while performing a streetplay, C.The 2008 film, (also) titled as C, made by D, was inspired byA‟s life, and also depicts a scene, where a street theatreactivist is shown being beaten by political goons, but turns intoa catalyst for public uprising in the film.The film C starred E in the role of A.Identify A to E. three
  24. 24. A, often referred to as the „First Lady‟ of the Bombay Talkies, wasmarried to producer and actor B. In 1936, A eloped with her costar.B somehow managed to bring her back but the costar did not return.So B cast his laboratory assistant C in the leading role. That begana six-decade long acting and singing career for C. C leapt to renownwith his movie Acchut Kanya with A.C spotted D hanging around the studios one day and gave him abreak in his production „Ziddi‟ costarring Kamini Kaushal. Deventually went on to be one of the most famous actors and formedhis production studio E that still churns out movies.D‟s nephew is F, who is an acclaimed Hindi and English filmdirector. F‟s movie G won 7 Oscar Nominations and its sequel won 2Nominations.F‟s nephew is H who is an Indian model and VJ, and has starred inmovies like My Brother Nikhil, Woh Lamhein and Rock On.Identify A to H. four
  25. 25. Choose your Subject10 points for a Direct| 5 points for a Pass 8 Questions | Team One onwards
  27. 27. Scripted by Samit Basu and with art by Ashish Padlekar,X (the name of the comic) talks about the stories of ourchildhood being under attack. Sinister figures nowinvade our worlds, leaving death and oblivion in theirwake.The Editorial Team writes, “ The stories of our ancestorsare dying out as young generations are seduced by thePokemons, the Harry Potters and the Samurai Jacks thatare, for better or worse, becoming our new planetarymyths. X will help you decide what you are willing to fightfor…”. (Contd…) Comics
  28. 28. Identify the name of the comic. Comics
  29. 29. Who speaks? When? Where? What occasion? Spirituality
  30. 30. She first starred in an English movie titled Epistleopposite Shankar Giri, the son of former president ofIndia V.V. Giri, in 1961. Her role was acclaimed.Her first Kannada Movie was named „Chinnada Gombe‟and was a major hit.Her first Telugu film „Manushulu Mamathalu‟ made herfamous.She has acted in only one Hindi film named Izzatopposite Dharmendra.Identify this yesteryear actress. Personalities
  31. 31. Named the India Abroad Person of the Year 2004, she has thefollowing achievements to her credit:She earned All-American honors 11 times, earned 23 individualtitles, and was the first gymnast from her college to be a four-timeAll-American on the uneven bars. As a senior, she won both the AAIAmerican Award and the prestigious Honda Award.In 2002, due to an injury she had to lay off the national team for anyear. Running short of money after her recovery, she couldn‟t affordto attend the US Olympic Trials. Pamela Anderson heard about hersituation and decided to support her. She went on win a silver in theteam event in Athens, 2004.A move on the uneven bars is named after her and is considered tobe one of the most difficult moves to perform.Identify this sportsperson. Persons of Indian Origin
  32. 32. Founded in 1936 in Kolkata, this company (X) recently celebrated its75th anniversary in 2010. The journey started when an Englishmannamed K. Jackson Marshall met a dhoti-clad young man (D. Mehra)selling hosiery, in New Market. Mehra and K. Jackson Marshall latermet at The Great Eastern Hotel and the former agreed to becomethe latter‟s representative.It was started on a Rs 590 loan from Pearl Assurance Company,with the founder‟s residence serving as office. But why X? D. Mehrahad seen a play that had two characters ~ Sona (gold) and X. Mehrathought Sona was too glamorous a name and eventually settled onX. And its logo was designed by none other than the legendarySatyajit Ray. His fee: a few good Y.Identify the company (X) whose motto suggests its impetus atproviding people Y at extremely affordable prices. Companies
  33. 33. In Hindi, ______ means „spokesman of a district‟. It was the titlegiven to a person who was granted a territory of land. The______was in effect the ruler of the territory, as he was entitled tothe collected taxes. It was also his duty to maintain the basicservices in the territory, such as police and judicial duties. It wastypically a hereditary system. For this reason, ______ is looselytranslated as patriot and the name still commands respect today.The title is most equivalent of a duke or a count within the Europeanaristocratic system.The _____ system was mostly abolished after 1947 when thegovernment confiscated most of the land. Some families howevermaintain their status as real estate barons, most notably in Mumbai,with holdover properties that were not taken away.Identify this system. History
  34. 34. The author says about his novel, “…In the west, people tended toread _________as a fantasy, while in India people thought of it aspretty realistic”.One reader who didn‟t care for it, however was A and three yearsafter its publication, A brought an action against it claiming to havebeen defamed by one single sentence. This was it: „It has often beensaid that A ‟s younger son accused A of being responsible for hisother parent‟s death; and that this gave him an unbreakable holdover A, so that A may become incapable of denying him anything‟.Identify the author, his novel, and the person A. Novels
  35. 35. It was one of the Hindi cinemas first rock androll numbers. The words of the song were inspired bykids playing outside composer C. Ramachandras musicroom. The kids were chanting ________, a popularcounting rhyme which inspired Ramchandra and hisassistant John Gomes to create the first line of the song.Gomes, who was a Goan, added some more words fromthe Konkani language which although were genuinewords, but made no sense in the overall scheme of thesong.It also lends its name to the title of a popular DavidDhawan movie.Which song? Music
  36. 36. A nationwide tour10 points for a Direct| 5 points for a Pass 8 Questions | Reverse Order
  37. 37. North (J&K, Haryana, HP, Uttarkhand, UP) South (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) East (WB, Bihar, Jharkhand) West (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa)North-East (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura) South-East (Andhra Pradesh, Orissa) North-West (Punjab, Rajasthan) Central (MP, Chhatisgarh)
  38. 38. Its Inauguration in 1968 was attended by representativesof 124 nations. They brought some soil from theirhomeland, to be mixed in a lotus-shaped urn, now sitedat the focal point of an Amphitheatre. Following is thepopulation breakup by nationality as of Jan, 2011. Whichplace are we talking about? Number of Individuals INDIAN FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN DUTCH U.S. AMERICAN RUSSIAN SWISS BRITISH OTHERS South
  39. 39. Considered to be the best city in India to live in, in asurvey by Business India, this city‟s origins are steepedin Hindu Mythology.Legend has it that after Dronacharya completed thetraining of the Pandavas and the Kauravas, Dhritarashtragifted him a few towns as a token of his gratitude. Thesetogether spawned this city.Identify it. North
  40. 40. Pune is the only place in India to have achieved this feat.It came about when Jayant V. Narlikar tracked down theBrogdale Horticulture Nursery and asked them to send afew saplings by registered post to him.What is the significance of these saplings? West
  41. 41. It is said that the town gets its name from whatthe English told the laborers as they spaded the groundfor crude oil. The towns history begins in 1867 when asmall group of men from the Railway and Trading Co.found their elephants legs soaked in black mud, thatsmelt somewhat like oil. The men began exploringmore, and in 1889, the English started a small oilinstallation. India (and Asia) obtained its first refinery in_____ in the year 1901. ______ Oil Company wasformed in 1899 to look after the running of the oilbusiness in this area.Identify the town. North-East
  42. 42. While building this city, the founder had said, “Be sure to lay widestreets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick growingvariety. Earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosquesand Christian churches.”So well planned was the city that legend has it that in the late 1980swhen the state government proposed a law to end the founder‟sadministration and bring the city under a municipality, the localpopulace rose in protest and defeated the government‟s proposal. In2005, a similar proposal was again put up but was never achieved.To this day, it remains the only million plus city without a municipality.Identify it. East
  43. 43. Jawaharlal Nehru was taking a tour of this placeon 5th March 1955 and was asked to comment on it, inreply he made a statement “Ek Masoom Bholi BhaliLadki Ko Ek Natkat Ladke Ke Saath Shaadi Kiya JaaRaha Hai, Chahe Toh Woh Milke Reh Sakte Hai YaBichad Sakte Hai”.He was referring to the option of a referendum i.e.people can vote yes or no on it, and speaking in theaftermath of a rebellion that had broken out there acouple of years ago.Identify this place. South-East
  44. 44. While the origin of the _____ is uncertain, the _____ clan appearedin ancient India about the time of the Huna invasions of the region.In the 6th to 12th Century, they were primarily classedas Kshatriya and Brahmin, and many of them later convertedto Islam. However, today, they find themselves classified under adifferent category, which is surprisingly ironic considering the abovefacts.English scholars such as V.A. Smith believed they were foreignimmigrants, possibly a branch of Hepthalites (White Huns). Othersclaim that they are related to the Chechens and the Georgians.People like Sardar Patel, Rajesh Pilot and Shoaib Akhtar have beenidentified in this category. Name this ethnic group which has a largepopulation in the North-Western India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. North-West
  45. 45. The folk singing style of musical narration in Central India datesback to the time of Mahabharata.The singer enacts stories from Mahabharata usually from theperspective of Bhima, in Chhatisgarh. The instrument in his/her handis the ektara or the tanpura which can be used to represent themace or gada during a performance.Initially, women were not supposed to sing in this style (their form ofmusical ballad singing was a different kind and they were not suitedto play Bhima), but after the arrival of singer A in this field, this folksinging style has become synonymous with A and also perhaps withwomen.Identify the style and, if you can, the world renowned proponent of it: A. Central
  46. 46. India Mythology8 questions | Infinite bounce
  47. 47. Lord Vishnu, who was broke once, wanted to marryPadmavati. Unable to afford a lavish marriage, heborrowed heavily from Kubera. It is said that he willcomplete the payment of the interest of the borrowedsum at the end of the Kali Yuga. What is believed tobe the source of his income? one
  48. 48. Chitra Subramaniam is an Indian journalistfamous for uncovering the Bofors scandal. Sheco-founded a Swiss watch company BorgeauDSA. In a global first, BorgeauD has launched LaCollection Gravitas.What was so special about this watch? two
  49. 49. X, written by Nandi in 1000 chapters, were reproduced byShvetaketu, in an abbreviated form in 500 chapters and this workwas again similarly reproduced in an abridged form, in 150chapters, by Babhravya. These 150 chapters were then put togetherunder 7 parts bySuvarnanabha, Ghotakamukha, Gonardiya, Gonikaputra, Dattakaand Kuchumara. Thus the work as the parts which were expoundedby Dattaka and the others treated only of the particular branches ofthe subject to which each part related, and moreover as the originalwork of Babhravya was difficult to be mastered on account of itslength, Y, therefore, composed his work in a small volume as anabstract of the whole of the works of the above-named authors. three
  50. 50. According to a story in Kaushitaki Brahmana, alsocalled Śāṅkhāyana Brahmana (Brahmanas arecommentaries on the Vedas), Kavasa Ailusa, aRigvedic seer, was prohibited from doing a vedicsacrifice as he was the son of a maid (dasyah putra)and was banished to a sandy desert with the idea thathe might die of thirst there.What happened next / which famous religious belief isconnected with this story? four
  51. 51. The legend of this is as follows: Rishis found it difficultto appease a particular god and realized that the bestway to „contact‟ him would be through his wife. This isthe reason why in all the invocations to this god, weaddress his wife rather than him directly. Name thegod and his wife. No part points. five
  52. 52. Legends say that Mount Meru and the wind god Vayu weregood friends. However, the sage Narada approached Vayuand incited him to humble the mountain. Vayu blew withfull force for one full year, but Meru was shieldedby Garuda with his wings (he was flying high). What isbelieved to have happened when Garuda decided to take arest? six
  53. 53. Legend has it that Sage Gautama lived on theBrahmagiri Hills at Trayambakeshwar with his wifeAhalya. The rishi kept his stock of rice in a granary.Once, a cow entered his granary and ate up the rice.When the rishi tried to ward the cow away withDurbha grass, it fell dead. The rishi wanted to relievehimself of the sin of „Gohatya‟ and worshipped LordShiva. Lord Shiva pleased with the rishi appeared asTriambaka and helped Gautama cleanse his sins.This legend is said to be the origin of what? seven
  54. 54. Satyavati was married to an old Brahman known asRichika who was foremost among the race of Bhrigu.Richika desired a son having the qualities of aBrahman, and so he gave Satyavati a sacrificialoffering which he had prepared to achieve thisobjective. He also gave Satyavatis mother anothercharu to make her conceive a son with the characterof a Kshatriya at her request, but Satyavatis motherprivately asked Satyavati to exchange her charu withher. What did this lead to? eight
  55. 55. the end next up…
  56. 56. Danish | Manan| Pranjal | Siddhartha 1st April, 2011 6:00 P.M. L16