Responsive Website: Advantages and Disadvantages


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What is a Responsive Website? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How can it help your business? You will find out after reading this document. And for more info visit our website at

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Responsive Website: Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. 1. Responsive Website: Advantages andDisadvantagesWhat is a Responsive Website? What are its advantages anddisadvantages? How can it help your business? You will find out after readingthis article.It is not deniable that we are now living in a very globally competitiveworld. Our technology has been upgrading every after few months so doesthe softwares that we are using now a days. Having a website was justoptional for businesses but now it contributes a very enormous part in
  2. 2. business marketing. Your website will make your business be knownthroughout the world and you can even get a lot of customers through yourown website. For business personnel it is very important to know the latesttrends so that you will know how to capture the hearts of your customers.Now let’s go back to the topic, what is a Responsive website? Aresponsive website is a site that is flexible and compatible to display indifferent screen sizes, from the personal desktop computers to theSmartphones. Most of the people today are using their tablets, iPads andSmartphones in visiting different websites. That is why it is important toshift to responsive web design so that your website will be accessible even tothose Smartphone users. That is one way of following the inclination in theinternet community to reach your valued clientele.Advantages of Responsive Website:• Better user experienceUsers will have the same experience whether they access the website fromtheir desktop or from a Smartphone. The greatest benefit is that users canaccess the website wherever they are and whenever they want to.• Single site managementYou won’t have to handle numerous websites, but instead you will have toabide the maintenance cost of just one mobile-friendly site. Responsivewebsite will surely make you save money from managing several websites.
  3. 3. • Single-view analysisIn just one view, you can scrutinize the statistics of the site traffic instead ofmaking some custom adjustment for mobile only traffic.• Easy viewing of socially shared sitesA responsive web design makes sharing the website on social networks easy.It also makes it feasible to view the mobile optimized version of a sociallyshared website while using a desktop.• Keep on connected to the hottest trendResponsive web designing is the hottest trend of the web world. It’s theneed of the end users, so avoiding this isn’t possible at all. A website havinga responsive web design will surely appeal to the prospects and customers,so responsive web design is the best approach to have more sales.Disadvantages of Responsive Website:• Necessitates a redesign of your website.With the intention of implementing Responsive Website Design (RWD) on awebsite we have to use a simple adaptive website layout and that usuallyrequires going through major redesign of existing web site.• It takes timeIf you want your website to be launched at an earlier period of time,responsive web design cannot be the best choice as it takes additional timeas well as effort. The usual time of creating a responsive web design is
  4. 4. usually 10% more than the time required for a typical website. Yet whenusing Content Management System (CMS) and frameworks the developmentof a responsive website will be finish earlier but still it depends to thedeveloper.• Your mobile traffic is less than 5%If your website is receiving less than 5% of mobile traffic, then going for aresponsive web design is not a wise choice; it is better to utilize your budgetsomewhere else.• It doesn’t mean to be one-size-fits-allThrough a responsive web design you are not creating a website for everydesign, but for screens of different sizes. There might be some deviceslacking fully optimized experience for the site users.In my own opinion I believe that RWD is very helpful in driving trafficto your websites since most of the people today are using iPads, tablets andother mobile devices in surfing the internet.How about you? Do you think having a Responsive Website is a bestdecision or you are doubtful because of some of its disadvantages? Thechoice is yours.For more info visit our website at