Secret step by -step make money in 24 hours pdf guide1


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This guide will make you money if you follow the steps outlined here

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  • An easy system for earning over $250 per day:
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  • This guide will show you how to make money if you can take action by following the steps outlined above
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Secret step by -step make money in 24 hours pdf guide1

  1. 1. Secret Step-by - Step Make Money in 24 Hours PDF Guide THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Follow each STEP below and YOU WILL start making money in 24 hours! ;-) We Promise!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS SHORT DOCUMENT FULLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN.DO THIS TO ENSURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE PROCESS! ;-)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just Been Paid The ONLY program with a $1 MILLION DOLLAR GUARANTEE! REMEMBER TO CHECK THE TESTIMONIALS BELOW!
  2. 2. Step 1 Watch this Video Just Been Paid Explained! It‟s highly recommended to use a Gmail (Google E-mail) account for this program. Click here to get a Gmail Account (Its Free) Watch this video it will show you how to sign up, claim your free $10 and start earning 2% a day. JustBeenPaid Getting Started Video! This is your SIGN UP LINK to JustBeenPaid Register for JustBeenPaid Here!Note:You will need to check your spam/junk e-mail folder as e-mails from JustBeenPaid, including sign upconfirmation e-mails, may end up in there.Remember to bookmark or save a link to the JustBeenPaid websiteKeep a note of your JustBeenPaid Member ID and password
  3. 3. Step 2 If you have Skype, add me to your Skype contacts. My Skype username: freeipodstar Here is where to download Skype if you don‟t have it. Get Skype Here Join our JustBeenPaid Team Members Group e-mail list for additional training and support. Click Here to Join! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for access to support and how-to videos. Subscribe Here!Note: Make sure to „like‟ our videos and leave comments if you found them helpful.
  4. 4. Step 3 Open a FREE payment processor account for the following two sites: Solid Trust Pay Click Here! AlertPay Click Here! Heres a "SolidTrustPay How-To" video for you! Click Here to Watch the Video Heres an "AlertPay How-To" video for you! Click Here to Watch the Video Note: If you live in a country which does not accept your registration at the above mentioned Payment Processors then simply make use of Liberty Reserve. Login to JustBeenPaid JustBeenPaid LoginAdd your payment processor details to your JustBeenPaid profile by clicking on in the JustBeenPaid member‟s area. Scroll down to the “Your Payment Processors” link and click on [Manage your payment processors]  SOLIDTRUSTPAY = your SolidTrustPay username  ALERTPAY = the email address you used to register there  LIBERTY RESERVE = your Account Number (U******) – if applicable
  5. 5. Step 4When you are ready to deposit your own funds into your JustBeenPaid account you will firstneed to transfer funds from your bank account or Credit Card into your payment processoraccount.Login to your payment provider account (Solid Trust Pay or Alert Pay) and follow theinstructions to deposit funds.Funds can take up to 48 hours to process. You will need to be verified with your paymentprocessors before making large deposits. See their website for more details.
  6. 6. Step 5 Once your funds have been deposited and cleared by your payment processor, login to JustBeenPaid. JustBeenPaid Login Transfer your funds from your payment processor to your JSS account (this is your main account in JustBeenPaid).Then transfer funds from your JSS account to your JSS-Tripler account. Here is a video to show you how to do this and purchase your JSS-Triplers. Click Here to Watch the Video
  7. 7. Step 6Here‟s a video on how to compound your daily earnings. Click HERE To Watch The Video
  8. 8. Step 7 Now that you have your own funds earning 2% per day, why not start building a referral business, help others make 2% per day and accelerate your earnings.Here is a video showing you where you can find your JustBeenPaid personalised referral links (URL‟s). So you can e-mail them to your family, friends, co-workers and network. Click here to watch this short video Marketing Resources You don‟t have to have any marketing experience to build a referral business. Visit the JustBeenPaid marketing pages for more information or talk to your sponsor.
  9. 9. TIPS MOST important tip FIRST in line: Keep Focused! Don‟t look at all the “shiny objects” online and in your email inbox! Just stick with us and you‟ll be on your way to $10,000 per month sooner than you think! Earn as you learn, you may find parts of the JustBeenPaid website a challenged, however, with our support and over time it will become second nature. Make use of your access to us through Skype... Check your Tripler positions DAILY. Why? Because you will want to BUY NEW POSITIONS as soon as you have $10 available in your JSS-Tripler Account. This is how you compound and grow your income SUPER FAST! Make use of the JustBeenPaid 24 x 7 conference room for support Explore our YouTube channel for more “How-To” videos
  10. 10. VERY IMPORTANTYou are part of a global JustBeenPaid team. We work with a highly successful onlineentrepreneur named Lourens Haasbroek in South Africa.We have combined forces with Lourens to share resources with our team. You will find linksbelow that refer to Lourens‟ YouTube clips.If any links give you trouble, simply COPY the link to your browser and press enter.1. My Skype details username: freeipodstar2. Our Team‟s YouTube Channel: (contains all the videos above and more and we add to it continuously) My YouTube Channel: JustBeenPaid Tripler Questions Answered! VERY IMPORTANT JustBeenPaid Tripler: “How is this program Indefinitely Sustainable?” Our Excel Sheet - Team Strategy video: Get the Spreadsheet here -> Tracking Spread sheet7. Need help? 24 hour Support: Be sure to check out the HELP section found on EVERY page in the TOP LEFT corner of the JustBeenPaid Website.My only disclaimer here is that we are still dealing with humans.I fully understand that humans can be influenced by various motives.I still view this business as “risky” in the sense that the owner/s, who I believe to be people of greatintegrity, could shut up shop tomorrow with all our money.However, the fact that they have been around since 2004 gives me comfort.I suggest not introducing any funds into this business which you cannot afford to lose!
  11. 11. We are glad you are a part of our community now. Your life can change RIGHT HERE &RIGHT NOW!Simply LOCK arms with us and lets CRUSH your financial obstacles ONCE & FOR ALL!!SincerelyOgor hopePS. We are REAL and we‟re here to work WITH you if you are ready to work for yourself!
  12. 12. REMEMBER TO CHECK THE TESTIMONIALS BELOW!Normally I would be very sceptical when something promises 2% per day coming with a$1million guarantee if you can fault its mathematical formulas primarily due to the theorythat if it is too good to be true well it probably is.I invested a small amount to see if Just Been Paid allows you to withdraw from the dailyearnings which proved to be correct.Since this time I have invested further monies in to Just Been Paid without many referralsthus far but I am now earning $619.20 interest per day which keeps growing because ofcompounding interest by buying further positions.
  13. 13. To earn this amount of monies in a bank account I would need to have $643,000- in savings. Ihave nowhere near this sort of money invested in Just Been Paid yet am enjoying watchingmy investment grow at a rapid rate.Just Been paid has enlarged my vision to achieve many financial goals with the desire to takemany with me along the journey to experience the abundant blessings that monies investedwith Just Been Paid offers.Shane NProperty Investor and Mortgage BrokerAdelaideSouth AustraliaHi there ,We have finally found that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . I`m am so gladyou introduced me to “ Just Been Paid “ !I am currently earning a little over $130 per day and Its been only 4 months since I joinedyour team .
  14. 14. I have been involved in many online programs over the past decade most of which were slowat paying out or in fact closed shop before getting your hard-earned . None of the otherprograms and I mean NONE have ever paid as quickly as Just Been Paid . It`s quiteincredible that you start earning Real Cash the very next day and you can actually withdrawthat cash into your bank , Thanks again AlbyAlan SutcliffeBusiness BrokerCairns, AustraliaJSS Tripler couldn‟t have come at a better time for me. I have just finished my HSC and amabout to start Uni and like my friends am always looking for ways to make extra cash! Thissystem is fun, simple and easy.There is nothing better than logging into my account each day and seeing how much money Ihave made! I am adding to my account each week to increase my daily earnings.My friends are loving it and can‟t believe the results they are getting!Thanks for letting me be a part of your team.KarlieStudentSydney Australia
  15. 15. I`m so glad that I was introduced me to JBP to be part of your SuccessTeam. Since joining in October I knew we were on a winner!! I`vemade money EVERY SINGLE DAY since. Within four hours ofsigning up CASH had entered my account and let me tell you I hadtrouble sleeping that night! I am currently earning over $300 perweek.This company has delivered on every promise, an established longterm program paying 2% per day AND indefinitely sustainable!!I can`t thank you guys enough....the support here is amazing. I`m noton my own.Happily yoursSteve TelferSelf Employed PainterBrisbane Australia
  16. 16. Since joining Just Been Paid, Ive been paid 2% per day on aconsistent basis, day in andday out!In fact, I believe I received a little more than the 2%.Right now I amearning and re-investing at least US$80 on a daily basis.Ive never encountered anything that is as straightforward, for earningcash on a consistent basis, that compounds and escalates on a dailybasis.This program is great!Thanks for all your excellent support.Best regards,John PikeOnline EntrepreneurAdelaide,South Australia
  17. 17. As a single mother of two teenage girls I am always looking for waysto increase my income.At first I thought JSS Tripler was too good to be true – and it is –WAY TOO GOOD! Not only am I earning 2% compound interest onmy money daily but the commissions I am earning on my referrals isamazing!Soon I will be able to make this my primary source of income and notworry about money ever again!GemAccountant And MotherSydney
  18. 18. As you know, I have been associated with network marketing in Australia, in someform or other since 1984; and here we are now and it Feb 2012 and I’m still at it!The birth of the internet made a huge difference in the way networkers dobusiness, and if we’re good at it, there is no limit to the money that can be made.Recently a friend of mine introduced me to a new network. He is in your front line.I was very sceptical when he told me that i could earn 2% compounding daily on myinvestment, so I thought that I’d just test the water to see what’s possible.So I invested just $150 on the 1st November 2011. Well! As at 19/11/11, I hadgained $66.20 or 44% on my initial investment! Simply by reinvesting my dailycompounding interest!! Not bad eh! And that, by the way, is merely 2%compounding daily! The whole experience has been pleasurable.Needless to say, I have now invested far more than my original amount, andhappily I can say without a doubt, that “Just Been Paid” is most definitely a greatopportunity.Peter HawkesPoet of the Year 2005Writer 1978 – CurrentWhose Who of Poetry 2005/2006Documentary Maker 1984 to 1998Network Marketeer Forever.
  19. 19. I am a 19 year old entrepreneur with several online businesses.JSS Tripler is the most amazing system I have come across yet! I lovestarting the day to see how much I have made while I have beensleeping!This is definitely a no-brainer and is so easy that anyone with acomputer can do it! Using Facebook as a marketing tool isphenomenal. Everyone wants to have their money working for them.You have nothing to lose with this system only everything to gain!Sarah ElizabethSydney
  20. 20. Thanks so much for helping me get started with this fantastic business. I startedwith just $300 back on the 13th Jan 2012 and have been reinvesting the earningseach day. Its now the 15th Feb and my account is already $560 and earning $11a day.I have been looking for a way to make extra money for the last few years withvery limited success until now.This is the BEST opportunity you will find full stop. The opportunity and thesupport provided in the members area is second to none. My goal is to keepreinvesting until my account grows to $5000. At that point I will be earning$100 per day.I will then withdraw 25% and reinvest 75% so I will be earning a handy secondincome which will continue to grow with my account. This is not just aboutfinancial security for me. Its about having the opportunity to be able to work less hours in a job so I canspend time with my young family. So go ahead and get started. The opportunitycost of not getting involved is massive.RegardsKen GodfreySoftware EngineerCoffs HarbourAustralia
  21. 21. Sue and Jerry Smart moved to Australia in 1981 with $2,000 to their name. Within two years theywere both successful traditional Business owners. Jerry owned a Graphic Art Studio and Pre-PressHouse for over 20 Years, and Sue a very successful Hair and Beauty Salon for over 22 yearsSue and Jerry have always wanted to spend more time with their four children, but business andstaff were always getting in the way. Looking out for something different, Sue was introduced to atop MLM, where they reached a significant level, earning free trips and bonuses every year for sixyears, but finally fed up with the attrition rate and ultimately lack of real money; Sue saw a smalladvert in the local paper that changed their lives forever!They had the great fortune to find a "Top Tear" online business, seeing the opportunity, but notunderstand everything at first, we just started marketing and in our 4th month made $70,000, wenton to have $33,000 days, $114,000 weeks and a $215,000 USD month! . . . Winning a BMW Z4 in atop sales competition along with a TV and Gold has been some added bonuses.Just Been Paid has been an absolute blast once we understood the true potential of the business,there is just no other business like it out there! We have been in the industry for over 10 years, thisis the easiest thing we have ever been involved in!!Whether you introduce people or not you still make money . . . its totally up to you! But by beingpart of this Team you have access to touch button marketing and support like you have never seenbefore!This is the first business that even our four children are also really excited about. What more can wesay, its free to join and the potential is amazing.SydneyAustralia
  22. 22. I have for almost 2 years being involved in online network markting, andenjoyed it. Every day is new and exciting.Also with new opportunities - And thats what I recently got " an opportunity" - for some time ago when I was talking with a really good friend (SueSmart),and through her I got in touch with Alby Koster.And from the day on - I make money every day, and it is only thanks to thisteam - at first I thought it might be a scam, but now that Ive seen it with myown eyes that it actually works, I get money in the account each day.And the best part about this is that you can earn on your earnings .... right nowmy earnings are not much but it is evolving every day, and I owe the thanks toAlby and the team.ThanksDan Linderoth (Denmark)
  23. 23. Thank you so much for sharing with Kelly and I thegreat opportunities to earn real money without amassive commitment!So many investments, whether online or offline, requiresuch a high minimum that it is not realistic for most ofus to get in! You have provided a great way to start witha very affordable amount and we are now watching itbuild on a daily basis into real cash!!We are looking forward to a great journey of successahead together! Your support and updates areinvaluable and we have been using these to share thesuccess with family and friends!Thanks for all the hard work!Andrew and Kelly(Australia)
  24. 24. I just wanted to let you know of my appreciation for being part of thisbusiness and team. My previous background was in the travel industry and after having my2 children, I wanted to earn an income from home while being a fulltime mum. I became involved with an MLM company for 7 years and forthe past 3 years in the Online Home Business arena.I have been blown away with this business and support fromyou. Its sensational how EVERYONE can make money in their first 24 hoursand earn an income every day! And better still is the passive incomeyou earn which grows and grows. Everyone makes real cash every dayand they dont even need to sponsor anyone to make money. I love theincome Im earning, and I know its just the start as theres much moreto come!! Alby, thanks for this awesome opportunity. Janice (SydneyAustralia)Janice McKaySydney Australia
  25. 25. After testing and investing in a number of online so called investments over theyears and coming up short, I became quite skeptical about programs offeringyou the earth and you receiving not much more then thin air.It wasn‟t until January 2012 that my brother-in law introduced me to Just BeenPaid (JBP).At first I thought he had few screws lost when he first explained the strategyand return of the program, however once I‟d seen what was happening to hisaccount along with his openness and the support to the questions I had, Iapprehensively decided to give it a go.Throughout the last month JBP has be contributing to my account daily. Thismorning I received $16.60 in interest and I am intending to reinvest that straightback into the program. Not much excites me more than Albert Einstein‟s 8 thgreatest wonder of the world – compounding.Thanks Bro for the introduction, I really look forward to see what happens.Tim.CPA. AccountantTownsvilleAustralia
  26. 26. I always have been looking for the best opportunities online, I am so very gladand grateful that my good friend Sue has shared this to me and my well-wisherwho gave his honest views and extended his support about this very uniquesystem.Honestly, I had not come across anything like this before. I see the moneyalready multiplying daily in my account without even having to refer anyone.What‟s even very useful is that there are daily conference calls which are alsorecorded and training videos to perform better. I truly hope this opportunity reaches to all those who are seriously looking outfor one of the best ways to earn onlineWishing you abundance of joy and success!VishalIndia
  27. 27. -----------------I have to say that it is a real pleasure knowing you. I have been running multiple businessesonline and been in this industry for 10 years now. I have seen most of the things going ononline and all people‟s failures (including my own).Just Been Paid has caused many people who have only failed online to start making themoney they so long desired.For all your members it should be an honour to work with you as I see you as one of the mostcaring individuals online today.This particular trait is VERY IMPORTANT as more than 90% of other people online are inthis only for themselves and don‟t really care if their customers keep failing.Your drive to have your team succeed is priceless and if people listen to you then theywill succeed together with you. Keep going man, you are doing a great job!I can see your „heart‟ and it‟s a real honour to work with you and mentor you even further!SincerelyLourens (& my wife Heila)South Africa----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. 28. Hope you enjoyed those testimonials and that just proves that people just like you are making this work… and BEST of all is… You CAN too! We Could Carry on And on… But we are CERTAIN you’re getting the picture here…. ;-) This is a Team PDF Guide and is therefore „Copy Righted‟ __________________________________________________________________